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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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ok. coming up on our t.v. a shocking find in the ruins of mosul iraq documents list the names of more than one hundred fighters trained to carry out terrorist attacks across europe. and the pentagon proposal calls for the u.s. to send arms and other military support to ukraine's government this as tensions already run high between moscow and washington. then a special counsel robert muller is using a grand jury to investigate alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election what it means for relations between the two nations.
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it is friday august fourth four pm in washington d.c. i'm a military man you're watching our team america we began today with documents containing the names of more than one hundred fifty suspected isis militants that were found in a war ravaged iraqi city the documents allege fighters for the self-proclaimed islamic state have been trained to carry out suicide attacks across europe interpol reportedly distributed the list among european intelligence agencies after the data was first collected by the f.b.i. through quote trusted channels artie's peter all over has more. documents containing the names of one hundred seventy three potential isis terrorists have been found amongst the ruins of the iraqi city of mosul following its liberation now these documents include things like photographs they include the names of these people their countries of origin and in some cases particular expertise that they
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have now the majority of people on this list come from iraq there's also some from tunisia morocco jordan to jacket stan and saudi arabia as well as six names that originate from belgium france the netherlands and right here in germany now american intelligence first received these documents they went through them before passing them on to interpol all around the world the fear is of course that as isis suffers defeat after defeat on the battle grounds of the middle east they may turn their attention more towards carrying out terror attacks elsewhere particularly here in europe another one in germany who's on the list is named only as sammy jay he goes by the nom de guerre war name of the german now this summer e.j. is listed as a twenty seven year old originating from near dusseldorf in the west of germany he
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was understood to have been a senior figure in a terror group linked to isis his death though was announced on isis media back in july however no reason for his death was given and now that it's led investigators to wonder if that announcement of his death wasn't just a ruse to allow him to carry out some of the mission it's worthwhile noting that on these documents next to the the one german's name his expertise is listed as being a suicide bomber now germany has suffered at the hands of isis related terror in just the last eight months we saw of course the. the truck of time called the christmas market live and which twelve people were killed after the truck plowed into people enjoying it evening out there by new zealand man who claimed he was doing it in support of isis and then just last friday into how much
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a fifty year old mom was stabbed to death in a supermarket by the main suspect who's currently in police custody and investigates as federal prosecutors as saying it looks as if an islamic motive was behind him carrying out by the top so the news that this potentially one hundred seventy three others out there of course is great cause for concern for the security services right across europe the taliban a suicide bomber killed a georgian soldier and wounded six more military personnel in kabul afghanistan that's according to nato military coalition in afghanistan called resolute support the explosion injured three georgian troops two u.s. troops and one afghan interpreter and also killed two civilians health officials said the six injured are in stable condition at the bob graham air field military hospital that's the second suicide bombing targeting nato coalition troops in as
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many days and attack or killed two u.s. troops in kandahar on wednesday officials said the taliban claimed responsibility for both attacks resume support maintains about thirteen thousand troops in afghanistan from thirty nine different countries though georgia isn't a nato member country it did commit eight hundred seventy troops to the operation. a new plan for admitted to the white house would increase u.s. support for the government led by petro poroshenko in ukraine if approved it could mark an escalation of u.s. policy with respect to the region r.t. correspondent on your part has the latest on the discussion that has been in the works since the obama era anya yes the wall street journal is reporting the pentagon and state department have put forward a proposal to supply arms to the ukrainian government the journal notes if approved the transfer of anti-tank missiles and other weapons to the government would come at a time when washington and moscow's relations are particularly strained with trump
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having just signed especially harsh sanctions against russia into law this week so extreme they've even been denounced by the e.u. the fact trump stamp his signature on the saying underscores the unpredictable manner with which the president acts towards moscow though he's argued for improved relations in the past and cooperated with russia to reach a ceasefire in syria he's also expanded nato it's unclear whether or not the president will take a step to arm the ukrainian government considering similar plans were rejected by president obama however trump's national security adviser who will surely be in his ear h.r. mcmaster is known for taking exceptionally hawkish positions on russia trump's selection of mcmaster to replace former nat second advisor michael flynn was praised by many traditionally of pro war and neo conservative elements within the republican party including arizona senator john mccain mccain's enthusiasm for
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increasing tensions with russia has yet to waver as he shared the wall street journal's reporting on the plan to arm ukraine along with a comment it's about time earlier this week in june both mccain and house speaker paul ryan met with ukrainian m.p. andre prove be described by alter net as quote one of the most notorious right wing extreme. mists and ukrainian politics a founder of the far right social national party of ukraine whose name and symbols were inspired by germany's nazi party prove directed the street muscle in kiev is might on square drove the twenty fourteen a us backed coup against ukraine's democratically elected russian oriented government since twenty fourteen the u.s. has backed right wing militias in their fight against russian backsliders in ukraine in january of this year the u.s. lifted its ban on the funding of the neo nazi as of battalion in the country trump recently described the us russia relations as at an all time low and very dangerous
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just how low he'll be willing to take them remains to be seen in washington on your parm pill r t. you are saying against russia passed earlier this week are expected to cause significant damage to the russian economy they target russia's defense intelligence mining shipping railway energy industries and even restrict russian banks russian prime minister dmitry medvedev accused the us of starting a full blown trade war against russia as u.s. russia tensions escalate my next guest is here to break it all down for us we're being joined now by dan cobol and he's a professor of international human rights at the university of pittsburgh law school and author of the book the plot to scapegoat russia how the cia and the deep state have conspired to vilify putin dan thanks for being with us that is quite the title let's just let's start here do you think that sanctions against russia are
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justified and if the russians are correct to perceive these sanctions as an act of aggression. i think the russians do have a right to see it as an act of aggression and i don't see the sanctions as justified first of all as i've maintained. all along and in my book i don't think that the claims of russian meddling. are supported by the evidence in fact there's a recent independent report by the veterans intelligence professionals for sanity these are former intelligence officials of the us who concluded that in the john podesta e-mails in fact war intact at all they were leaked that russia had nothing to do with that that's got very little reported so i don't see justification moreover these sanctions follow these productive meetings between putin and trump at the g. eight greed to cooperate on syria and ukraine amongst other items in which relations
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seem to have the possibility for improvement in all of the sudden we've thrown a wrench in that so i it's almost inexplicable to me why we would be doing this at this time right because how how would this so-called trade war in any capacity how would that benefit the united states is is there perhaps some other motive besides strictly punishing russia. well there's a few other motives and in this is been hinted at even in the mainstream media that the u.s. may want to muscle into rush's natural gas market and your are hoping that these sanctions will deter europe from buying natural gas from russia and then turning to the us for natural gas so it could be as simple as that in a trade maneuver mask is sanctions and russia has into that they believe that this is what these sanctions are all about. but of course that could backfire because
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europe as was indicated is furious at these sanctions because they believe quite rightly that it's going to adversely impact them in their choice of where they're going to get fuel from so it's a very dangerous situation again may end up not enduring to our benefit whatsoever and you know some analysts have have continually expressed concern that this is possibly one of the most dangerous times in u.s. russian relations especially since the cold war we saw president trump tweet that out the other day do you agree with that sentiment and could this risk now a new one hot war because it's nuclear russia. absolutely. the bulletin of atomic scientists which monitors the threat of nuclear war has pushed the so-called nuclear clock to three minutes to midnight indicating that in
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fact this is the most dangerous. time between the u.s. and russia since the one nine hundred fifty s. and moreover for the first time ever the u.s. has placed missiles patriot missiles in this case in the baltics on the border of russia for the first time ever so i think people have to be very concerned that this is escalating into a hot war as you noted the u.s. is now considering arming directly the ukrainian government which is a great odds not only with russia but with its own russian population inside the ukraine again that could be a trigger point for some sort of greater conflagration so i think people need to be very concerned that this could result in some type of world war between at least two nuclear powers and as you mentioned going back to the europeans being unhappy
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with the sanctions like you said maybe trying to force the europeans into being dependent on american nat gas but you know who else as mad as china china's not very happy about the thinks it's too because they have other they have other gas pipelines that in the works as well do you think that having these types of thanks and actually perhaps her u.s. credibility in the international community and why can't congress why is congress forcing the president hand in this. well so first of all i think it will hurt our international credibility a number of governments including germany have stated i believe quite correctly that in fact these types of sanctions or a violation of international law that the u.s. should have gone through the security council if they wanted these types of sanctions which they did not. so yes this will hurt our credibility and why did congress do it i think for political reasons i think obviously the democrats
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have been pushing this russia gate so-called issue in order to try to make political gain though i don't think it's been working for them and i think the republicans feel like they need to go along so that they don't look weak and so you have a perfect storm where very few congress people stood up to oppose this and trump had no choice but to sign it even if he he had a vetoed it there was a veto proof majority in congress to override that so it's just this you know it's spiraling out of control and again it could end up in a terrible conflagration that fascinating time that we live in that we are in an era that congress would play politics with the potential of nuclear war between two very powerful nations the most powerful in the world some would argue and here we are facing it down thank you so much for breaking it down all for us
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they're getting a college professor of international human rights at the university of pittsburgh school of law thank you for sharing your expertise thank you top officials from the trumpet ministration have lashed out at the continued leaks of classified information coming from the white house saying that they're damaging to the country and a warning was issued that they're on the hunt for leakers. leaks are incredibly damaging to our intelligence mission and capabilities simply put these leaks hurt our country if you improperly disclose classified information we will find you we will investigate you we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result. the strong words from officials came after team trump was hit by yet another scandal over an unauthorized disclosure
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r.t. correspondent jacqueline boga has more. but turney general jeff sessions and the director of national intelligence sent a clear message that a crackdown is coming on what they called the culture of leaks in america both men stress the fact that these disclosures of classified information put national security at risk and jeopardize all americans exceptional spoke on the fact that they have seen a sharp rise in illegal leaks reporting that in the first six months of the trumpet ministration the department of justice has received almost as many criminal referrals over leaks as over the past three years combined and turning general also added that these leaks are affecting trump's ability to do his job effectively. no government can be effective when its leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters when it so freely in consonance with foreign leaders for the first time sessions revealed that for prosecutions are already underway and implied that more might be coming and one of trump's closest advisors kellyanne conway has even speculated
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that using a lie detector test on people in the west wing is a possibility to root out the sources of these leaks so this show of force comes after the washington post published what is likely the most dangerous leak to have happened up to this point the transcripts of trump's phone calls with two foreign leaders from back in january of this year now these documents getting out is seen as explosive given that they involve highly classified conversations with the mexican president and the australian prime minister but the call records reveal that trump argued with his mexican counterpart about his proposed border wall and show tension between trump and the australian prime minister over refugees. my position has been and will continue to be very firm saying that mexico cannot pay for that wall but you cannot say that to the press the press is going to go with that and i cannot live with that you cannot say that to the press because i can not negotiate under those circumstances this is a big deal it is really really important to us that we maintain it it doesn't
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oblige you to take one person that you do not want this is going to kill me i am the world's greatest person that does not want to let people into the country and likely in response to leaked documents such as those being published sessions offered a warning to the press saying that prosecutors have launched a review of the justice department's policy related to subpoenas involving media organizations implying that the press could be held responsible for publishing classified information the term administration has long been fighting to stop illegal leaks and now it's clear that they mean business a new hacking tool used by the cia has been revealed again by wiki leaks the whistleblowing organization released new documents within that vault seven batch which contained details on information from the cia's hacking programs artie's trinity chavez the new york with the latest findings wiki leaks revealed everything from the field guide to the user's manual of the cia's hacking system we're talking thousands of files documenting the innermost hacking secrets of the cia that have
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now been exposed since at least two thousand and twelve the cia has use a tool called dumbo it's a system that can manipulate devices such as web cams and microphones on microsoft operating systems as well as corrupt recordings and disable security cameras the files are the latest release in a long line of leaks from the whistleblower organization the documents comes as a part of vault seven a series of files documenting which tools and programs are being used by the agency to hack technology and. according to wiki leaks the technology is intended for the use of the deployment of a special branch within the cia center of cyber intelligence that could be compromised wiki leaks its task is to gain and exploit physical access to target computers and cia field operations dumbo is run directly from a u.s.b. stick and requires administrator privilege to carry out the task but this isn't the first time wiki leaks has released details of a secret cia project previously in the vault seven series have exposed alleged
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exploits for i o. west smartphones android devices smart t.v.'s routers and wife i devices reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. efforts to break the golden state of california away from the united states is now in full swing artie's natasha suite has more regarding the possibility of the cow exit making its way onto the ballot it's no secret california has its own distinct divide compared to the rest of the country however some activists are taking a huge step forward hoping to get california to succeed from the u.s. one man making headlines is collects that leader and cursing them who's the vice president of the california freedom coalition he recently went on the tucker carlson show sharing his school is separate from the rest of the country. well this is california tucker. we're not the united states it's really not up to the rest of the states really but. do the rest of the states really love california
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. well we can say that for certain that one state representative out of utah dislikes california's politics so much that he's drafting a bill to help them secede from the u.s. state representative paul raise says a bill for the twenty two legislative session is in the works to support california and exit the union he says quote they think that they're old a lot and they just think they've got the power to dictate but if they really look at it they can't function without federal money going into california and doing business with other states he went on to say for them to sit there and think they can make their own country and they can do this they're smoking too much of their own medical marijuana but the idea is that again a lot of support in the house you to house minority leader brian king literally laughed when he heard of ray's proposal he said quote we fought a war over one hundred fifty years ago addressing situations where we call on states not to secede from the union so it strikes me as funny that anyone would
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think it's appropriate that we in light of our history in this state to secede that's amusing but it's not stopping proponents like seeing him he's already planning out what kind of border policy they would have and how they would lease out their land to existing u.s. military bases while seeing them claims the rest of the country doesn't like california politics the entire state is far from being blue according to the registrar of voters the most recent number for twenty seventeen indicates the state has around forty five percent of voters registered as democrats however around twenty six percent are registered republicans and another twenty five percent didn't specify which party they preferred the ballot initiative began on july twenty fifth to get on the twenty eighteen ballot referendum the california freedom coalition has until january twenty second to get five hundred eighty five thousand signatures previous collects that efforts for a more aggressive ballot measure it was pulled by its backers after three months of
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gaining signatures in washington to. r t all right boom bust is coming up next year on our team. filling in she's joining us for a sneak peek at what's to come simone millet under fire after a car at least to a driver literally caught fire with the driver inside good news the driver's ok but get this the company knew about the faulty part and didn't get it fixed plus unemployment is at its lowest point in sixteen years can you believe it so why doesn't the economy feel like it's back on track and more expensive brands is kicking more americans on to the street machine is going to join us and tell us just how bad the problem really is monella real estate talk right my alley you know how to woo me thanks for that so much. all right that does it for now for more on the stories we just covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r.t. america and check out our website r.t. dot com or you can also follow me on twitter at manila remember to question or i
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will see you back here i've turned. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of partners are in t. america playing r.t. america. r t america. many ways. just like you. lose a good actor bad actor and in the end you could never you're on. the market the world the world the world the state we are. for decades the american middle class so it's been railroaded by washington politics. big money. that's thrown out
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a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to the. politico is the news outlet it has a new series of articles called five things trump did while you weren't looking they just released their eight installment of it so it's been going on for a while and apparently the purpose is. serious is to catch you up in all the secretive things trump has been doing while no one's been paying attention and to me this promise is ridiculous utterly ridiculous and nothing makes that plainer than political itself because the five things trump did while you were looking
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serious runs on politico's agenda section and if you go to the home page of their agenda section you see just how ridiculous the notion is of the president doing anything that isn't scrutinized relentlessly by the media because when i went to visit their home page myself at politico dot com slash agenda i counted no less than sixteen instances of the word trunk being used just on their home page in other words politico is running a series about all the things trump does that aren't getting covered on a page where all they do is cover him relentlessly they wrote his name sixteen times on one page and they used nine because of him nine political agenda had nine pictures of trump on its home page and yet they also have these theories about what trump's doing that isn't being covered so that's pretty funny ridiculous to pretend like no one is covering news about the president but the thing that got a little sad to be honest was that in exactly the hero of the sixteen instances
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where political mentioned the name trump they never not once referred to him as president now once they give him that respect there was only one instance of the word president preceding a person's name as an official title and it was used before the name obama in other words political refuses to give our new president the same respect that it still giving our latest ex-president brock is president obama donald is just trump and this light is not just political is doing a lot of the liberal media is doing it trying to deal with my eyes president trump by never calling him president it's a dirty little trick and if you start looking out for it now i guarantee you'll see it everywhere and politico isn't the only news outlet pretending they're not covering president trump relentlessly either but the fact that they're doing it. right on a web page called the genda with the name trump plastered everywhere makes it pretty obvious exactly what their agenda is and if nothing if not by.
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what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put up your wife or two dogs and what's your name and what's your biggest fear when they are little bit on the hay ride when so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you have a bit of the best quote about. exploring the topic that doesn't belong to you now i've had to do due to the question. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to.
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have to go right to the press to see what the before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. i said. please. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. all the feel we don't need. every.


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