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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 5, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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yes it's our alternative conservationists and it's kind of i suppose where we set off on our venture with critical critters having done two books about birds we thought we'd take on the rest of the animals that are in critical trouble in this world today and chomsky who's been on this row usually talking about foreign policy maybe big fossil fuel god but he's you have a gentle critique of him about his idea of language in a page five or so i don't criticize anyone you believe animals can talk. and certainly think but i don't think they know when they're going to die or even know that they will die i like that idea to me that really smacks of something clever that they don't they don't know that life and death isn't really i know that a sad pictures of animals with partners and i i know that they no idea what death means but something happened to them but it doesn't mean it's
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going to happen to the other one you know i mean that's brutal. but you know well you this is we have all relationship worth reading a book you might say something completely different tomorrow and so i yeah i mean i'm being kind of playful in a way because i feel that you know we believe that we know so much and we deal with import i was watching that series on einstein which is fantastic but you know these massive correct these equations are correct but they're all based on human manufacture anyway so my point is do we really know as much as we suggest we do you know ok scientifically we can study animals and perhaps decide that they don't communicate or think in the same way that we do but maybe there's something else going on so it is being playful and i just get fed up with the arrogance of man on so many levels and in this way you came up for the idea of the book with the spirit . dirty water and something you know but that's not somebody bought technique if
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you don't want it it's my dirty water period because i had a blue period rose period will and you know you're a rose by any other name babe maybe you know so i suddenly thought it would be interesting instead of instead of just blowing i use a blower that atomizer and you blow in it and it draws in cup and you pictorially his ass and politicians with it can do you can do believe but you've got to be accurate and you know. if. i'm the boss of you don't go there won't work you've got to. keep them. going go you know it's the most important thing to those. thing is rage there is certainly rage in this book about extinction when you guys were doing this. how aware were you that. getting the book
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out on time some of the animals might have become extinct the wrangling i think is already in the news yes a. prelude to extinction. the thing is that some of the drawings are done make suggests that the should be extinct i really carries with you on the. pigeons and. i let him go his own way on these things because you know what. i mean the whole thing that we try and do is joke about a serious subject but in a way that actually is playful because we all know that the world is in terrible trouble and that we're dreadful people and we've destroyed this me to destroy that and we know that since one thousand nine hundred seventy we've lost so many creatures and fifty percent of those creatures in one nine hundred seventy will be gone by twenty twenty you know there are dreadful facts out there but if you keep ramming that down people's throats they disengage so our idea is to try and get people to a difficult subject or make him smile making them laugh and find themselves
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involved so that actually they might just go at the end of the book or the end of reading about a particular animal actually i'd like to find out there's any way i can help and most of these animals have small groups that are trying to help support them from from extinction and trying to support them to survive and everybody needs help yeah we know that there's a wonderful groups like the w w f u r s p b bird life international there's hundreds of groups big groups and then there's all these little groups as well and governments you're quite nice about governments the russian government or mexican government the u.s. government they all have different programs it's not a doom and gloom you know days of the british government though they dragging their heels on the international ivory trade me you know under. is or may. not is debatable is it is the human sees another mobile phone on a mobile phone yes he wants to create and that's a reason may be drawing it late so it will be copyrighted already but yeah i mean i think the british government are dragging their heels you know that there was a pledge to sort out the whole problem of the ivory trade in the last manifesto and
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now you know they haven't actually got his money may go further some people have said that rich antique owners elling all day every maybe not tories i mean. it could all definitely part of yeah everything can be we all know we're in the age of economic value and i'm forty economic value overrides environmental logical and the ecological concerns know. you can. launch orbit and is of course an arsenal fan and has come out really against this hunting of animals stuff you've done one picture of corbin with a dice on that one coming and he's got a holding he's holding a dice and this and it's the threes and the four on the warm and the six and all dribbling out all over the place and he's holding this thing and he's going in
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a proper way of you chosen to. pictorial is german cool but in that way. it was always wrong to bring a guys to a chess game anyway it was a really i think the chess game just happened to be on the floor and he walked all over it. he doesn't have to be a chess player. to be a dice man i mean you are famed for a visceral pictorial or no i mean nicest people think what do you know tell me what people tell me you must be a nasty piece of work. or they love your work for something like this as a tony blair you decided to pick. somebody assassinate him with a he was draped in the u.s. flag stores and straight with a missile through his whole don't know how true that and came out the other way such as right or whether what he did we have a well i exactly what he also has in the back of his head when he was in ninety seven almost a two thousand and six seven level thinking disappeared i didn't disappear he's
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come back again i think he's actually thinking he's missing it and he wants to he'd like to be able to make an order to bombs you know and i think this new york sound machine staying at home go from north korea. on we all know it was over graham said you revive him he's on just after a. plate because he would be but you put the fear of armageddon is through your work yeah i think it will of done that sort of idea that bankers scum of the song scum scum scum it's not about bankers but we'll talk about that we haven't been doing a lot of this you're showing not to the big multinational force of your companies too much oh did you or i thought i did you know i think we kind of upbeat book it has to be upbeat because we know all the subtext in the subplots going on and we
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know that economy rides over everything and we are in a way that the same week that a book like this comes out which is trying to support life you've got standing strong the shareholder of arsenal coming out with this hunting channel and there's a strap like us or a quote from him saying there's nothing better than a shooting an endangered elephant well i'm. what kind of message is this to be sending out why is anybody doing anything other than attacking him and all these people that it's some sort of power trip surely to go off hunting these incredible beasts you know we're beyond that we used to rape them pillage for centuries but we don't do it now much some would say some would say if you still want to do of course the tories i think you're bringing back folks i think over there are going to be able to say jacob riis morg should replace the rays of megas he's having trouble apparently you know jacob's father yeah. i work for him and at the same response every time dr oh you are and found i was for six months only i was the first three months of the trial then they gave me
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a second try move three months and then read mark colvin and we've had complaints from readers who think your work is rather offensive coming out of the paris climate it was too late for this book. germs decision presumably not something going to help these animals no doubt also if they're getting rid of a lot of the marine protection in america there is such a view of wildlife i find absolutely frightening i mean in a way trump is the perfect president for our times you know everybody's wished for change on certain things and we need to change but we've gone to an extreme direction it probably needs to flow back the other way and then find a new you know you may or may not agree with french politics but they've found new politics new party to taking forward is a banker i should say i mean i don't know but that's an interesting thing but at least somebody is trying to do something different you got today most in spain
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there are new politics in this country it's very hard to get anything new going it's the same old status quo it's right left it's tory it's labor and i think we are crying out for something like the guns of asian party why not you know somebody is somebody that would make a bit of a difference you know. todd love him as prime minister i think as a man stop birds and it. animals has a place politically and social commentary commentary wise i mean you go back to robinson will kill way off people being commenting on what's going on the whole time and being full front of it i mean you always got that quote from vic and. i know the only thing about me is nothing you can say but if you can see it you've got me so that's so drawing. with dirty water and. you suddenly see a face and they see an animal and it's to me that sometimes it's an animal and
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distress but you do see that thing or you see it looking a bit. and i don't think i'm a thing that these are as political these pictures of ralph's as any of the nixon era we have this is the most political subject for me in the world today never mind everything else the actual planet we're on and the way we're treating it surely has to be the greatest discussion we can have. ralph steadman thank you after the break the law being of the billion dollar food industry diet books clean eating blood forget the detox it's all about chromosomes the end we chef says he has a diet that could give you the perfect beach body this summer and graphic images from the battle of the killing civilians in yemen we look at how poetry painting in protest of the voices fighting back against government sanctioned war all the other bathrooms going underground.
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what do you want your current take on the administration right now just. having a tough situation obama but i think the big problem. is that while. he pretended everything was great i liked him better as it entered the going everything was really when the data was phony great the statistics aren't real the unemployment rate is much higher don't believe the g.d.p. the stock market's a big fat ugly bubble that's a problem voting for the truck by god everything is great it's a bull market the economy is great it's all because. it is ours that are out here that. much as you just. tell us a little. is. a. brain
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that doesn't allow them tell you the other side of the mike on the. by then got a session on the nod that they are. by then is a system on. a study not a set and most is going on want. some sourcing of money so it. can be no support was it behoves even the pope multiple injuries among current america so for them to keep sophie hold the rope but shows your your mercy on the phone to the book on the if you can book a political social services say yes but in the book in a moral sense what my. own image of nothing other than i came upon a laugh allowed me. somethin that will say do what. i've done long enough something not set in. the model s.
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and the tunnels look ma. no nothing now maybe i made the comment in florida. welcome back in the first half we heard from world renowned artist ralph steadman who worked with gonzo journalism dress thompson using pen and paint to skewer political elites and fight against nature wars the imperial war museum in london the new exhibition people fighting for peace showcases over one hundred years of protest with paintings posters and placards and music deputy editor sebastian baca went to speak to the museum senior curator and britain's unofficial war artist peter cannot. from the backs of the storm to bombs being dropped on civilians in yemen poetry paint in protest of the voices of civilians fighting
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back against government sanctioned was people power fighting for peace at the imperial war museum examines the arts of protest the exhibition spans a hundred years with over three hundred objects revealing the creativity and potency of the antiwar movement i asked senior creates a story in brosnan about why the museum put the exhibition on we've long wanted to do an exhibition looking as he will protest it's. a fantastic opportunities of zero to do it during the course of this interior the first world war when we see our remit and our subject matter is you know has a certain amount of attention so we wanted to look at antiwar protest of the whole hundred year period ground in the context of the first world war and it was a something that we you know we've long looked at the conflict from a variety of perspectives and through the whole social experience of war so it's you know we're not just a museum that the experience exclusively so we wanted to do something that showed
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another aspect of our remit in another fascinating aspect of you know the person experiences as he will protest the exhibition covers the government treatment of conscientious objectors in the first world war ridiculed in the press imprisoned by him from voting to poetry in paintings of trench warfare the moral complexity of the second world war a mill questioning his pacifism in the face of nazi germany the nearly seventy two years to the day the american government dropped nuclear bombs in hiroshima killing maybe one hundred fifty thousand civilians i spoke to peter kenneled one of the artists featured in the exhibition about his work with the campaign for nuclear disarmament started in the. cruise missiles were in such a boat in cruise missile of. just a just before and then i went to see india and they were very small outfit at that time but the cruise missiles suddenly my whole say and do thing explode and it
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became an enormous movement and enormous demonstrations and then when the n.t. nuclear movement started they were still using straight images of nuclear clouds so i wanted to show what that cloud was about you know i wanted to just directly connected to skeletons to the horrors. believable horrors of hiroshima. to actually make that connection and images horribly enough it's still used by c. and d. on the same sort of demonstrations because of we've just we've got trodden this countries decided to spend what could be two hundred thirty billion it's being named on reconditioning this obscene useless object so people still use the same the same image and. the government introduced a series of films in a public information the fickle protect and sit on. this became public knowledge of nine hundred eighty when it was actually leaked to the press and that was kind of
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the media be the subjects of counter protests by c.n.d. and others say the accounts at least protest and survivors immediately published the same year and it kind of acted as a kind of galvanizing feature if. i say they were there with large demonstrations of you know hundreds of thousands of people taking place there were three many of the years in the area eighty's skeleton reading protect and survive which actually was i was teaching someone who was a skeleton and i just got the idea of doing it so our goal was students to hold up the hands of the skeletons of skeletons don't usually read before they move up and we put just put the protect and survive leaflet pamphlet the government wanted. and . grafters so it's a photograph so it's a montage as a photo member when three's a maze you know i would press the button she was sort of loaded. when
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corbin said he wouldn't press about me also he was mad you know so there's a sense you wouldn't be mad if you actually started up the end of the world you would be if you had doubts about it. so in a tense situation where the politicians seem to get mad and less informed. off kilter in terms of being understanding any sort of reality and one of the best sort of examples of kind of mass mobilization finance you will protest took place in two thousand and three said the iraq war was a real sort of key feature of that period and so a massive wave of sort of public support for opposition to that seeking a conflict and it was one of the nicest plays influential so the energies from that period. is this image of tiny bat taking a selfie in front of the thing will feel by piece account and can't fit. to walk
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again it was produced very much in the midst of that kind of you know real sort of strong feeling against the iraq war and seeing the same case in against anything that so that's the one thing you can do with a photo montage of the so where you have separate images you bring them together and you create meaning for. you know by bringing them together and you have the. you have the horrors and the victims with the actual perpetrator so the one of which him originally was a public relations picture of the labor of marriage so that was a p.r. picture so we just we just caught the picture. and then put a oil field behind it yeah that was me and for that to and i was actually doing a talk once. not so long ago the young kids you know the kids of experts on mobile phones i said that model didn't even have a camera in it i thought was very new labor actually. not everyone is going to sit down and read jump school or whatever but if you see an image that actually brings
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together the perpetrator in the victim or starvation and how much nuclear spent on weapons around the world to bring those things very simple things together it gets through to people quickly and i don't believe all has an effect on its own but if it's allied to other movements or if it creates critical thinking and people then it can have an effect i think we're coming up later in the is the eightieth anniversary of the bombing of. which was the first blanket bombing of civilians and we know. picasso's painting. that you know you think of that image and when. they were announcing the iraq war in the united nations they had a giant tapestry of going to behind them which is up in the u.n.
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and. and they decided they couldn't announce the iraq war in front of going to because they had to cover it in a blue cloth. argument was the horse and it didn't film very well on a very well one of the pre-operative of but obviously so an image like that still got enormous power you know that's an image that is still seen on demonstrations it's an image that was actually shown in a car showroom when it came to britain a car showroom in manchester during the spanish civil war people boots for the people that were going out to spanish civil so you think of a painting like that and it still got enormous power as an antiwar image. deputy editors about the impact of their the london imperial war museum people power fighting for peace exhibition which if you're around london you can go and see until the twenty eighth of august but for those of you watching who are
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affluent enough to be thinking of being able to go to the beach this summer you may be turning your mind to the so-called beach body loved by a multinational corporation marketers and advertisers will forget what you may have seen about the diets of victoria back i'm going to tell to robbie williams jennifer aniston around the curve for instance the diet you should be on is the carrier diet and the designer of the diet and the wall are a frequent contributor to new scientist magazine and the author of the angry chef bad science of the truth about healthy eating joins me now to the wall or welcome to going underground to tell me about the career top diet even venture which may offer humility a something that may solve the health problems associated with living in the modern age a big leap yet well the carrot type diet so i'm not studied diet healthful i'm not a fan of fad diets and i made that clear but there is one i've discovered which does seem to have a real effect and something i do myself and it's something i've really seen people have a real benefit of and is actually based on recently simple principle with a number of chromosomes we have within ourselves that we have forty six. different
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animals have different amounts and you know kind of put you on a chain of chain that you consider all living things can sit on call living things have chromosomes and so if you look at. forty six feet you eat animals and have more chromosomes than you the the idea is that that sort of not suitable end of the food that we should be no if we're designed to eat as humans they're higher up in this sort of chromosome a lot of. our evolution we wouldn't eat animals like that so if you're out for instance carp have one hundred four chromosomes and traditionally before we have all of technologies they would be different very very intelligent carp nobody been difficult to catch in there are animals that have more than dogs have seventy eight horses have sixty four we shouldn't be eating creatures like that and we should be we should be eating one but we've got chromosome number so for instance rabbits have about forty four so that's kind of near us or perhaps you know sort of things infrequently but we should really focus on restrict our diets to things like rice
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we have twenty four snails have twenty four and beans have twenty two and if you look at that single incident like a standard paella which would have been eaten in the mediterranean mediterranean diet is famous as one of the blue don't want to go to work place again this is all rubbish. now the fact that this is rubbish you use in this book to illustrate why so many of these are based on. they are and yet people keep wanting them there what is detox as you explain it in this book they took this idea that certain foods which if you eat they will flush talks in that system in a kind of based on the idea that there's lots of toxins around modern life causes toxins and they build up in our bodies and if we a certain way or certain food or lemon juice with water or kale or green juices they'll detox or something which is which just doesn't make any sort of it's all liabilities and all that is really a to go in such things detox if you go to hospital when you've been poisoned you
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probably have a detox procedure that's not like it used to and it's not you know. finding for all that matter. it's a serious medical procedure the idea that food can detox but we don't need food to detox is unless you have something really wrong with. we are living our kidneys remove toxins my body perfectly happily but oh well for do you blame the media for spreading these. yeah. yeah i guess media feeds the demand for this sort of thing and there's a real demand for weight loss as a proxy for health using if you know health is not necessarily true and the one thing that doesn't work for weight loss one thing it really doesn't work is going on a restrictive diet there's a very good window you yourselves say that if you restrict something from your dirt you will lose a bit of wit in the short term over a long time in five years the vast majority of these different figures but you know probably the best most studies about eighty five percent of people will be heavier or your same way or heavier in five years time if they start that most people lose
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if you really are stripped off because you lose weight in the short term but it's just not sustainable and you know people are sort of taken back to the same before and actually that some change a way that yo yo dieting is is very very bad from metabolic health and very bad state to be in which is a very briefly there are more questions than answers because it is book obesity rises in diabetes we still the fields as to why western societies in particular are suffering these exponential rises that we don't know that's kind of thing in we need to remember before people start saying what the answer is one of the one of the most harmful things that we forget about with food and diet is is guilt and shame and the stress that causes natural real health implications and that have you know if we're creating guilt around food choices you are saying all sugar is bad if you give it to children you're a bad parent then think what you're doing to people who are doing that every day that they'll see those messages and you know god i'm a bad parent bad person but i'm really busy and i have to do peter tonight because you know i can't i'm got time to break this wonderful home cooked meal that
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everyone's telling me that's the only way to be healthy i think you're creating guilt you creating shame and you're creating really unpleasant associations your food in your setting people up for a disorder but. i think we've been. just. by doing this new stuff with the work we want to thank you for the show we're back with one of the world's greatest political cartoonists. of his generation. he would beat barack obama despite becoming. the world.
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you can see the border from here by the. steel fence on this side. like i said this is this is. and this is. you have every right to be here have a right to call collect my food be a part of my family on both sides of the border. play started an organization
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called the arizona border recall we are a standalone entity. that is doing. with these to be done in the five years it's getting worse the violence is escalating because it's. really good are great when somebody calls you know they believe you good their ranch is there and they don't believe. that that is taking responsibility for their security which we would for anywhere else.
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the u.s. launches of war and government leaks after donald trump's phone transcripts with other leaders and made public threatening to damage american diplomacy. russia's former ambassador to the u.s. to get his fiasco opens up in his first t.v. interview since leaving the post about the scandal over contacts with american diplomats also to come this hour secret documents show that biotech giant monsanto tried to influence media and scientists to improve the reputation of a controversial breed.


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