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tv   Headline News  RT  August 5, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the americans do this. better than. the sea people you've never heard of. the. president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. breaking news this hour the u.n. security council vote unanimously in favor of sweeping new sanctions against north korea in response that pyongyang is intensifying missile tests. the u.s. launches a war and governmentally. phone transcripts with all their leaders are made public threatening to damage american diplomacy. russia's former ambassador to the u.s. opens often his first t.v. interview since leaving the post but the scandal over a contact with american diplomats.
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you're chiming in from right around the world this hour welcome to moscow and to r.t. international my names you know neal good to have your company we begin with breaking news this hour the u.n. security council has unanimously approved new sanctions on north korea it will target on restrict north korean exports to other u.n. member states in key industries such as metals on food with the aim to dent the country's economy by iran one billion dollars per year north korean nationals will also see travel limitations put in place on foreign investment blocked the resolution drafted by the us was in response to north korea's intensified missile tests. russia's u.n.
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representative how stressed the sanctions should be the starting point for a future dialogue with north korea he stressed mr president that there dition are restrictive measures imposed through this resolution against that the p.r. k. cannot be an end in themselves they need to be a tool for engaging this country in constructive talks it is not possible to saddle as a korean issue through sanctions and pressure being brought to bear i'm counting on the. let's go live analysis now on this from mark alman from the crisis research institute in the u.k. very welcome to the program what's your take on these latest sign sions what libby effective do you think it will have a limited effect we've seen north koreans have been to face down sanctions the key thing from the point of the united states i think is that it wanted to show north korea the china russia as well as all the other members were the council would back
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what the u.s. wanted and in a sense. the game is both specifically the crisis calls for a north korean missile tests the potential for them to nuclear warheads on into and missiles but it's also the relations between the united states and to other great powers in the world to taunt its allies not say russia and china and in a way what the trumpet ministration is doing will be a bit of a split personality is that it's trying to see if you can cooperate with russia and china but also to see whether they will fall in line. yet so the measures that the point of them is to force north korea into ending its missile program it hasn't looked like doing that any time in the recent past or how likely is that now do you think. i think it's unlikely because. the north koreans have defied the u.n. so often if they were to back down now it would be for them a break for the regime
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a very dangerous situation as it would imply that it can be pressured and if you like the whole game your career is playing is to show that it can't be pushed around on the other hand what may be the case is that may be with china russia on board the north koreans can be persuaded to ranch really lower the tempo of crisis that is to say not to carry out a test in the immediate future that's to say to avoid raising. the prospect of pushing the americans to the hawks america into attacking north korea which after all would not be in the interests of north korea it would mean the interests of soccer either. but there is in a sense a situation where the united states is rather put its cards on the table thinking that china in particular can solve the problem for it but it may be that the best the chinese can do is to freeze the problem and that actually might be a reasonable solution but we really don't know the the response from north korea here do we could encourage them to conduct more missile tests we know that the last
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ballistic missile was an independence day july the fourth almost sending a message out to america about look what we have could more be expected in our. it's possible that can no one will decide to really define all the members of the security council and that would of course create a real crisis but it will soon be very dangerous for north korea because it might mean that china and russia would say look we've tried to facilitate a peaceful negotiated solution as the russian ambassador was talking about earlier in your report if the north korean seen to really caucus knew even that beijing and moscow they're going to isolate and souce completely and in some ways criminal and has been both thirty rockets but also for calculating he chose july the fourth he's chosen symbolic dates he might now if he's wise choose to lie low for a while. as opposed to to weakening the regina how much will the sanctions actually
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impact on north korean citizens. well the irony so far of the sanctions is for instance because north korea has not been able to export nearly as much coal as it used to actually life for people to pyongyang has got better because it was more lecture city because the coal which used to be sold abroad is not being sold abroad and it's been used in fact to generate electricity hope that can't go on forever but in the immediate the the perverse situation is the sanctions to some extent mean that the regime redeploys resources that otherwise it would be exported domestically and that makes life a bit better i'll count how long that will last but obviously we don't know because nobody really knows the economic situation north korea or certainly you can see visibly there are more that trip lights on in pyongyang today with two years ago for instance yeah it's a case of with this on watch what occurs now is that mark alderman crisis research
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institute in the u.k. with his reaction on the first sanctions over missile tests against north korea from the un thank you marc. here. the white house has announced a crackdown on intelligence and governmental leaks which have been seriously damaging to the trump administration the culprits are being warned to stop or face legal consequences leaks are incredibly damaging to our intelligence mission and capabilities simply put these leaks hurt our country if you improperly disclose classified information we will find you we will investigate you we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law and you will not be happy with the result. the attorney general says the justice department has been pursuing about three times more leaks than during the final years of the a bomb a administration and it's not only government employees who could face prosecution
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the media may also be forced to reveal its sources critics of an attack on free speech but there are fears that some leaks could be putting national security at risk picking up the story jacqueline booga. i think we have to stop both attorney general. as efforts are stepped up to root out those responsible and want to turn folks invited kellyanne conway even speculated lie detectors could be wheeled into the west wing to sniff out the signatures these comments of the administration's response to the waves of classified information making their way out of the white house i don't know warming and some say dangerous right i am so glad they're telling us what's going on as a new thing every day is here's the crazy thing it is only you know getting out the public because of the white house whistle blowers the transcripts of phone calls between president trump and two world leaders have been the leaks and published by the washington post i've never seen a white house leak as much against itself as this the latest and most explosive
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leak conversation transcripts between trump and the leaders of mexico and i still you seems to have been the final straw provoking our age even among critics who say a line has been crossed is not fair this president. in terms of the leaks with the large prison term or not no president can do business with their phone calls from the leak to the washington post terribly damaging to our country not just a donald trump political you know i don't support but to our country that it does is it crimps conversations with foreign leaders all the way down the chain where we saw no leaks like this under the obama administration and we saw only one or two when they were related to the iraq war in the bush administration so clearly the press leaks only what they want to leak because i refuse to believe these are the only times that they've ever had some do gooder and them something that they think should be published so in the sense that the press is selective i think that they have risen to the level of you being able to demonstrate malice being that they are not others and if they can show malice they should be held responsible absolutely
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despite the reported risks to national security in this leaking pipe of information continues to drip likely because trump's enemies are not only at the doors of the white house they are right inside it too between staff stragglers from the obama era and professional shake ups within. own administration the one thing that is clear is the toxic environment of distrust is likely to cloud the halls of the west wing meaning the president will have a hard time doing his job effectively and the security of the nation remains in question and all leaks are plugged and the damage can finally be mopped up. r.t. washington d.c. . former russian ambassador to the u.s. surrogate. opened up about his conversations with x u.s. national security advisor michael flynn the controversial discussions which took place during the trumpet ministrations transition into power led to flynn having to leave his post rutgers talks us through what we learned he says that he still shocked and indignant over all this attention that's been devoted to his
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meeting with flynt he asks since when diplomats forbid an agent with politicians with members of an administration that is off to rule their entire job with regards to this talk this conversation between himself and mr flynn says that they talked about straightforward things pressing concerns but simple ones such as terrorism for example there were no secrets mentioned he says regards the sanctions and by the way it was sanctioned as their potential talk of sanctions that really forced mr flynt to resign mystic is that says you had very direct orders from the top not to mention sanctions. i do not comment on a daily contacts with our colleagues and i had instructions not to discuss sanctions we never discuss sanctions with anybody and i assure you i've honestly followed the instructions we don't discuss about sanctions because we believe they
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were implemented in an illegal politically aggressive way to begin with. sergey also says that he doesn't take seriously all these allegations of russian meddling during the election and when asked why the russian media focused and covered the elections in such great detail he says because it was fun as good a reason as any or they called him many things the politicians and the media especially during the early days of trump's presidency they. called him a chief spy they called him a chief recruiter of spies bear in mind this is a respectable person a career diplomat he's been in washington since two thousand and since two thousand and eight and he says that these allegations are offensive and humiliating and not to him but to the people saying them to america itself this. sort
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of i believe all the talk suggesting that i the ambassador of the russian federation i'm a spy is shameful for a country like america that has become normal in america to talk about how the russian ambassador is why in terms of how books were installed on his phone it's an unhealthy society despite everything mystic is like says he doesn't believe we're in the middle of another cold war things haven't gotten that bad he says but there are huge problems and many of them stem from the fact that there's a self perceived exceptionalism in american politics and when the media resistance when they need somebody who's willing to stand up for their own interests that's when they get upset. well we asked russia analyst on historian martin mccauley whether he believes mr kissel e.-x. comments will be taken into consideration by the u.s. investigators the problem is that in washington there's
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a very strong russian caucus and from the democrat side sometimes among republicans and the liberal press and they will literally not accept anything which is positive about growth of a russian sage something they don't believe it and they were. president some place something about positive about russia the say that st louis shouldn't be saying that russia is already baked and we should be concentrating on that so unfortunately in washington now. you have been the ones that president trump who would like his people they would like to improve relations with russia. get things going and so on but congress is doing its best to ensure that relations with russia deteriorate. to another headline stories video has emerged showing the aftermath of a deadly or strike in yemen but it's graphic nature it's been heavily edited please
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be warned it is disturbing it shows the bodies of a family being dragged from rubble bombing in late saturday led coalition strike nine people were killed including six children after their high school ops there according to local officials the u.s. strike occurred during a battle between the u.s. and saudi backed forces in yemen against al qaeda in the city of sodom riyadh's coalition denies it was responsible saying they do not target civilians. well reports suggest about humanitarian groups can't reach areas of yemen saudi arabia and its allies have restricted fuel supplies the head of the un's development program in the country so used for the conflict is bleak because humanitarian organizations are being shut out another worrying aspect to the conflict is what's being called the world's worst break of color up it's already claimed the lives of nearly two thousand people since october contaminated food and
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water and there's little or no medical assistance for those who catch the disease. you have been seeing a massive cholera outbreak really one of the biggest cholera outbreaks we've seen in our lifetime in south about two months and it spreads rapidly across the country and is still growing unfortunately what we found is that there's a million malnourished children living in areas that the worst affected by cholera the cholera epidemic in yemen and the humanitarian crisis more widely are entirely manmade and created by the conflict it's totally preventable and if the conflict ended it would be much easier for us to bring calderon to control the conflict in yemen has been ongoing for over two years and it's left there were ten thousand civilians did three million displaced many more people in dire need of help. you know not easy but that's one of the a. lot of. it is that if you put it down so these
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are the cause of. my. heart. just after the break we have the latest updates from a surprise john where an explosion has ripped through a dormitory building injuring to also. thank your new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporation corporations from washington washington controls the media the media control the voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been
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done before. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so would you want to be president and she. wanted. to go to the press this is what the three of them will be good. interested in the. let's start. where an explosion has torn through
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a dormitory block in the east of the country resulting in a fire local media reports of fatalities although no exact number has been given medics say that twenty five people including a child are in hospital currently most of them are suffering from smoke inhalation the cause of the blast is currently clear authorities say the fire has. we will of course continue updates on this developing story as we hear more. from the tele has been stepping up its attacks in afghanistan mainly in the south of the country in a series of assaults over the past four days dozens of people killed both soldiers and civilians despite efforts to eliminate the taliban last thing a decade that terrorists still have a large presence in the nation according to the latest u.s. report for reconstruction there forty percent of afghan territory is currently
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controlled or contested by the top. because if. i. look at it. for me that i live i our washington has provided millions of dollars to assist stuff down a stand in its fight against the terrorists however according to afghanistan special inspector general the us defense program has cost taxpayers almost half a billion dollars on admitted its field to achieve its goals president trump voiced his anger over the field campaign during his latest meeting with generals progress
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reports over the past number of months have not been positive we are not winning in afghanistan right now but we want an illusion. mr chairman i believe we're in a stalemate going on year sixteen now people are american people are tired of it they're looking for alternatives and i think president trump is voicing that their frustration in trying to come to some kind of resolution on this now i know the russians have an afghan working group i was told by some officials recently that they had actually invited the united states to participate in discussions with with their group and to discuss a resolution for afghanistan but the united states refused to unbelievable but it were it really underscores once again the u.s. needs
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a strategy it doesn't have one and it's not going to have one if they're going to rely solely on a military solution. back to russia eight miners are still missing over a day and a half after a flood on a diamond mine in the country water pours into an underground shaft with one hundred fifty one people inside the rescue operation is still ongoing your studio showing a worker being rescued this morning start of a. over one hundred emergency services personnel are involved in the rescue operation they have been joined by volunteers and some of the miners in fact who were evacuated we can take a look now at how the disaster unfolded. were. the
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. well the company which owns the mine is called it's one of the world's biggest diamond producers most all of. the region was discovered to be done by men rich in the nineteen fifties and in two thousand and nine the underground mine was established to extract diamond bearing or it produces up to a million tons every year however the facility has constantly been hit by strong
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underground water currents. and we are continuing to keep a watch on this rescue operation we'll keep you posted on the fate of course the missing miners and information we'll bring it to you. ok live from moscow this is our team or global news with me you know. time stay with us if you can. brings peace to the chicken hawks for some you know the battle. to do so for the tell you that every gossip and public. tell
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you. let's buy their products. that we all. want. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are modern six point zero. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think that that. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just how a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their
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financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society did phone the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't necessarily making. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not listen work this is lose one goes hopelessly disastrously wrong.
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yes it's worth special. for me an exit out of the reservation to the south this arizona's annoyed the sonora there's a checkpoint leading to the north to hillah been the checkpoint leaving to go to class a grandee there's another checkpoint and then that's north and then east to two saw this another checkpoint. so. within that small space we have were completely surrounded.
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me my daughter was working in tucson so we were driving. back to tucson and we got pulled over by a border patrol and he immediately asked me. to state my citizenship whether i was a u.s. citizen a mexican citizen and i said i'm going on. among all of them you know my land. where you from. so he merely unclipped this this pistol on this side and he put it in my head he said you will say. i'm mexican
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citizen. and he did that in front of my daughter and my grandson was little and both of them started crying and. but he continued to say that he would deport me he would throw me on the pavement. in the park. and i said. are you going to deport me. if you going to deploy me to mexico that's my men to my community on that side. and at that point another border patrol came and saw what was happening and it you know it stopped and went away. thank you.


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