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tv   Headline News  RT  August 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there is overriding the russian sentiment in the u.s. congress view of russia's foreign minister and his american counterpart on the sidelines of a major security forum this past weekend. also in the president signs a new russia sanctions bill several. days it's a declaration of a full scale war. against north korea as the u.n. security council votes on them mostly for tougher sanctions on. the
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venezuelan president is also targeted by u.s. restrictions over his formation of a controversial new legislative body that would rewrite the constitution. the last seven days you're watching the weekly here on r t international our top story this hour top diplomats say strong russian sentiment in the u.s. congress has led to the latest turn in relations between the two countries surrogate lover off made the comment on the meeting with his american counterpart rex tillerson on sunday taking a closer look at the story. it was a very lengthy meeting it seemed like a very friendly meeting the two gentlemen seem like they were getting on very well
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lots of laughing and joking and i also need to point out it was the first face to face meeting after new russia sanctions have been imposed so what did they talk about first well surprise surprise sanctions lover of explained why russia decided to take the action that it did following the imposing of those sanctions. he was interested in our response to the anti russia's sanctions bill that was passed in the u.s. congress we explained to him what was behind the actions that we took after long expecting that the u.s. would not choose the path of confrontation but unfortunately the resupply back to treat of american lawmakers prevented that what's interesting about this is that prior to this meeting in manila to listen has been very vocal publicly about his discontent about the new russia sanctions let's take a listen to their action by the by the congress to put these structures employees from the way they do i know the president nor i are very happy about that we were
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clear that we didn't think it was going to be helpful to our efforts but that's the decision that i made that made it very overwhelming we were going to. one of the areas that they talked about was syria they agreed that they would continue dialogue about how they can go forward with the peace process they also talked about north korea both sides opposed the missile testing and the military exercises and again they agreed to keep the dialogue open between the two countries now we can't ignore the fact that the u.s. russia relations are at an all time low as is seen by the international community at the moment so the question is will the actions come to fruition following this what seems to be a very positive meeting. journalist martin summers told us that the talks between love are off until or a good sign considering the tension between moscow and washington. the fact that meetings taking place at all given the rhetoric that's been coming out of the united states over the past week or so it's
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a positive development and all of those many things about which obviously there is no agreement and the situation has become much more tense as a result of these votes in the congress in the senate on sanctions on russia that doesn't mean that some business can't be done and as we saw in the u.n. security council there was a unanimous position on north korea. which the american side wants that sort of cooperation to continue it's very disappointing that the political class in the u.s. seems have collectively lost its marbles in this way i mean they've tied the hands of their own negotiators which you know you don't usually do that if you've got any common sense so we're now stuck in a bit of a bit of a norm pass. so as we have been hearing relations between russia and the united states took another hit on whedon's day as donald trump put his signature to the new sanctions bill the measures have angered
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a number of america's allies in europe too who say their economic interests are being ignored president trump himself was reluctant to sign the last thing it limits his power to shape foreign policy. while i favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by north korea and russia this legislation is significantly flawed and its haste to pass this legislation the congress included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions those provisions purport to displace the president's exclusive constitutional authority and those comments live a lot of questions in their way the president even though he sees the legislation as unconstitutional he signed off on it as president trump swore an oath to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states but he seems to be openly doing the opposite upon approving the thanks that this bill of course is it is a terrible bill. benefits the people of no contrary not
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the united states not germany not all three or in a way not russia not syria not not any of the people is the constitutional crisis our government is set up to where there are three branches that constantly struggle one against the other. so that in itself is not totally unexpected but i do believe that these side shows are out of heaping with the traditions of the united states and how our government functions but what looks like a constitutional crisis brewing in the us that is not the only problem trump is facing sanctions that hit russia's energy and defense sector are in theory being america's partners in europe and those who work with moscow and those areas. the sanctions passed by the u.s. congress and accepted by the u.s. president mean that we have abandoned the concept of unity foreign policy issues or
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other deadly connected to american economic interests to say we want to limit russian gas in the european market so that we can sell american gas there instead is something that we cannot accept so these sanctions seem to be leaving her. anyone happy trumps being forced to go against its constitutional beliefs america's closest european allies go on the defensive to counter what they see as a matter is potentially in violation of international law and gets worse revelations taken further head first there is no hope for any improvement of our relations with the new american administration second a total trade war has been declared on russia the trumpet ministration has demonstrated complete impotence of all executive power to congress in the most humiliating way when these statements from trump and it with the president claiming that he can make far better deals with foreign countries than congress but with measures such as these being passed he may be prevented from doing just that the deep state. and the media are very very powerful and they
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can put a lot of pressure on the president so they ganged up on him he went ahead and signed it i think it was more like a political thing but there are some those who coca-cola fire to be participants in the deep state they are determined they are determined almost obsessed with making sure that there is no friendship between the united states and russia between putin and trump even when the russian the soviet union existed we actually were quite willing you know when necessary to talk and work out some problems but now we're moving in the other direction well the new sanctions law gives congress the power to block the president from easing sanctions on moscow house brown that the legislation constitutional breaking dawn what's happening in washington here is ortiz the trade. i guess no president would like to be. shoes right now times really are getting tough as they can get for the president you know being
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america's top man in charge but at the same tommy think of it not being able to exercise his power and even worse being cornered into making the decisions he doesn't want to make just to keep order and as we've been hearing from the white house spokesperson who's been explaining that very signature under that sanctions bill president signed that countering america's adversaries through sanctions act congress has encroached on the power of the presidency and he signed it in the interest of national unity as we have been seeing both the democrats will that is kind of obvious but also of course the republican party which is technically trumps party teaming up against the president and giving him quite a drubbing month after month week after week and the criticism and the pressure that's been building up what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for i worry about the president's understanding of some of these issues and
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a ludicrous pretend hate campaign this president does not care about the united states of america so in these kind of circumstances under so much pressure it is little surprise that donald trump is giving in to the congress and you might argue that this really puts america on the brink of a constitutional crisis. well sweeping new sanctions against north korea said any us drafted revel in where you agreed on by the un security council late on saturday evening. nations exports of coal metals and seafood meaning its export revenue will be cut by around a third amounting to roughly a billion dollars a year foreign investment has also been blocked the move comes in response that pyongyang has continued missile tests but russia believes sanctions should be the starting point for a future dialogue with north korea other un members agree but there are signs that
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washington is still considering a more direct response every military expert says there is no good military option they are wrong. to destroy north korea's program and north korea itself he's not the president try the ability of this madman to have a missile that hit america if there's going to be a war the stop and it will be over there if thousands die they're going to die over there and they're not going to die here in these told me that to my face that may be provocative but not really however america's top diplomat rex tillerson say's his country would like dialogue with pyongyang out some stage although one expert told us the chances of that happening are diminishing. you're thinking in terms of dialogue no if anything from expire law giver and less like where you been before but if you're being effective for earth imposing a collective punishment on the tire north korean population and bring your boat the
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economic collapse of north korea again i may be a factor of one for three but if you want thanks to the thought draconian mates are . the only increase the likelihood of a conflict or increase tensions at the very least. move on authorities in venice waylay say they have foiled a terror attack on a military base close to the capital and it comes after a group of men in military uniforms released a video of themselves announcing an uprising against the president and the witnesses reported hearing gunshots during the night officials though report the situation is now fully under control several people have been arrested the incident follows the inauguration of a controversial new legislative body on friday its formation which critics say will strip the opposition of power has led the u.s. to play sanctions on the president as a result of today's sanctions all assets from a door subject to u.s.
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jurisdiction are frozen and u.s. persons are prohibited from dealing with him the new assembly will be tasked with rewriting the constitution now will have the power to dissolve the current parliament the opposition has defied a ban on public protests on the election as a power grab by men to a room police in the capital deployed tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with furious opposition activists during the week people are now gathering to rally against the government side the gates of the compound which was attacked over night . the u.s. state department branded last weekend's vote illegitimate it also describes nicolas maduro as leadership a dictatorship however when it comes to the sanctions there does seem to be one
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spear that's all for limits. stations against oil are i'm not going to comment on that what i will say is we will monitor all of our options it seems we all knew about this relationship. is a dictator who disregards the will of the venezuelan people not of the county such only to me that they'd rather determine a short on a deal without noise over the main part of the the visit but i mean cliff probably did the government. is violating its own constitution. to live in atlanta but pump oil into the equation and politics is brushed straight under the carpet his facts of how black gold unites them. protect a discount american states being the third largest exporter of crude to the us and numbers of growing up seven percent to around six hundred seventy thousand barrels
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a day but will it stop that absolutely no the citgo petroleum corporation based in texas belongs to wait for its venezuela's state owned oil company which means the country has access to these refineries the total capacity of about seven hundred forty nine thousand barrels per day so far the sanctions that have been a mention have been against refined venezuelan oil products and against individuals in the venezuelan government they have not been for the importation of crude the fact that they are not including crude speaks to that interdependence and the fact that us all producers and export are don't want to up in the market and potentially that ten percent extraction of venice on oil could spike us gasoline prices as well so i think that that is the concern. french police have opened a terror investigation after an incident at the eiffel tower where anon attempted
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to force his way past security armed with. a knife the suspect reportedly shouted gold is greatest in our brain as he looked to barge his way into the landmark in paris and you saw that only had no one was injured the eiffel tower was if i can read it initially vincent wasn't being treated as terrorism but no french prosecutors have begun an investigation due to the suspects reported links to radical groups france has been in a state of emergency for more than eighteen months now following the nov twenty fifth teen terror attacks in the capital political analyst nicol america vegetal news the issue of security isn't just the fake thing big cities in france. i think well it's impossible with today's reduced circumstances after a need to say that the capital is safe what can you do against a lone wolf this is not the first time that we have along with attack type and terrorist don't forget a couple of months ago out there who have the same type of attack somebody who
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attacked military men in the mover and we've had other cases maybe the international media is not aware in smaller towns of france which the most attention i know usual and in the south of france to definitely seeing what people can ask themselves what has happened since that terrible attacks against the about to come on started. last time so that's now i wouldn't say it's it's a safe place but again i would say underline that it's not easy to fight against these lone wolfs an arty film crew as managed to get inside the latest town liberated from in syria or on about to this. it's.
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wrong. to shape our. common ground.
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hello again are two video. exclusive video from inside the syrian ton of. by the syrian army. go shut up shut. up but often. the operation to clear the last remaining terrorists is still ongoing the last this morning state stronghold in homs province on saturday reports emerged that syrian government forces had surrounded this law makes late on three sides the retaking town is a run fifty kilometers from the border with terrorism work which is still under eisel control mainly. i don't know what. well also the syrian government has called on the un to end what it calls washington's most occurs against its civilians. it's led international coalition continues to commit
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massacres against innocent syrian civilians but conducting systematic as strikes those attacks contributed to the spread of chaos killing and destruction hundred people have been killed in u.s. led coalition airstrikes in syria and iraq over the past three years although four hundred reports of possible civilian casualties are yet to be examined but those figures they are according to operation in her resolves own data the u.k. based transparency group or wars estimates instead to run five thousand people died in coalition or bombardments since the start of the operation in may the u.s. defense secretary said such losses were inevitable. a billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation in syria thousands are still fleeing the ravages of war and in neighboring iraq one british aid worker describes scenes of
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armageddon when she visited they liberated city of mosul geo political analyst patrick henningsen saves americans only see military successes on their t.v. not the full picture. no surprise the coalition is going to want to under play any of the sort of casualty numbers for civilians from the operations in mosul and in iraq as well because it's political you know the whole operation against isis is political if you're in the united states it's all about the theater of what the u.s. is achieving whether it's under president obama or whether it's under president trump and everything's kind of viewed through that weird kaleidoscope in the in the united states and it has nothing to do with what's going on the ground a monument commemorating a russian army servicemen who sacrificed himself in a battle against this law makes state in syria last year has been unveiled in the tuscany region of alexander procuring co died while coordinating air strikes on i
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saw militants near the city of. the statue was erected out the initiative of the italian tuns mayor in a park of heroes this is what the mare had to say. we decided to pay tribute to the hero he sacrificed his life in the fight against the evil which is islamic states and see moots allies seize memory. while helping the russian air force hit extremist targets the twenty five year old soldier find himself surrounded by ice so fighters realizing escape was impossible he ordered a nurse strike on his own position alexander died along with the islamist militants as a result he was posthumously awarded the title of hero of the russian federation. italy's attempts to get a grip on the migrant crisis have hit another setback after
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a group scurrying rescue missions in the mediterranean sea refused to sign a so-called code of conduct the new rules state police must be allowed on board rescue ships boats would be prevented from transferring refugees to other vessels insisting non governmental organizations take migrants to italian ports themselves on phone calls or flyers would be banned alleging they're used to signal to people spoke with rage when the coast is clear willfully insists the migrant rescue code is monday three and anyone refusing to sign it will face consequences however the medical charity doctors without borders believes it could put people in peril. goes against our mission which is to save lives it goes against it's really goes against the hearts we are as a medical and humanitarian organization and it's not something that. well the code was partially drawn up after some n.g.o.s were accused of acting as
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a taxi service working alongside people traffickers to get migrants into europe it is a concern that's been repeatedly voiced by a group known as defend europe the migrant movement even tried funded the mediterranean mission to monitor the work of the n.g.o.s. because we are against mess immigration to europe wants to stop this madness this n.g. all madness. and because everybody is just walking in the what is acting feeling you're stepping in what you're doing you're going to do is you're going to all watch the and you also and i think what they're doing there is it's nothing to it because they're actually a support factor and basically the reason for this mess migration the other recent people drowning and the are making a fortune for this human trafficking rings in libya destabilizing the country i think the future for actually good can't lie and europe the future for europe cannot be to become second africa. now a u.s.
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democratic congresswoman has gone on t.v. calling on her party to pursue the impeachment of russia's president or not what it seems though she actually got blogger putin confused with her own country's number two they had somebody better than trump if he were here when we finish with trump we have to go and get that he's next putin up heads up it the california representative maxine waters who's known for her strict and to russia's stance you may remember that she made a similar blunder involving president putin. putin is continue when to advance and to korea korea. all those stories are on too many others to mention can be checked out on our website and we'll have more in thirty minutes time here on r.t. international.
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economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point zero. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. might do. over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just you know a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their
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financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from the whatever the government tried to do. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not work this is goes hopelessly disastrously won't. blow apart as russia and the united states are trading increasingly confrontational in syria another war. one country may become theater for that old rivalry
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afghanistan has been the geopolitical chessboard for so long is they even a chance for a peaceful resolution to discuss that i'm now enjoying by the country's former president hamid karzai mr president it's great to see in moscow well. now you've long been arguing that the current american approach to afghanistan is not working that it's time for the americans to assess the strategy and perhaps adjust the course and it strikes me as a little bit too naive it's almost like asking the taliban or ourselves for that matter to lay down arms don't you think that you are perhaps in gauging in a wishful thinking. on what we need to afghanistan we need peace of. and do we need success against terrorism in afghanistan. and in the name of fighting extremism and terrorism fifteen years on do we have a list of who told more of we have a lot more of so obviously we have failed there and the casualty is the
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victim is the afghan people and our peace but the mr president you know better than i did you know what you essentially won the americans and not just american politicians but the american generals to say that it cost billions of dollars thousands of lives we've been wrong you know the chances of that happening the chances of that happening on the american side i don't know listen this likely but i as an afghan have the right to seek peace from my country into do all i can to bring that peace what should i do is advise the americans as i've been doing or do is remind americans we're told americans that they've been making mistakes and that the way they're doing things will not work second or should i do is also bring in the major powers of this world who are incident.


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