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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 6, 2017 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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i'll be back with more of the story is the shape global news over the past seven days in or around hoff now it's time to join us then if you can. join us as you know. you know just i mean. i remember. this it up as well i must be. getting letters but those were the. one of.
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my bad and we. just but that's already yes if he. says. he put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be close that's what before. people are. interested always in the water. there should be.
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hello and welcome across the uk we're all things to consider time people about the war against freedom of speech continues in you guessed it our tea again is being targeted also has russia given up on trump and will anything stop the leaks in washington. cross talking news that you need to know about i'm joined by my guest mark slobodan he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor levitt he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dmitri bobbitt he's a political analyst with sputnik international or a gentleman as usual crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime soon and i always appreciate i want to talk about something that's really important
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i don't think anybody else in the media at least on television is talking about we know that trump begrudgingly signed the sanctions against russia north korea and iran which we'll discuss further but also part of it was element called countering america's adversaries through sanctions act what is that mark what does it mean at the table and talk about what this hamilton sixty eight is ok so this countering americans america's adversaries through sanctions act is that the final version of this bill that was put forward as originally it was meant to sink should north korea for the missile program an additional senate tacked on to it some sanctions against russia went to the house they changed it around and now it's targeting iran north korea russia. syria and defacto the. european union and companies anything that does business with russia and this is a good leading it all of it this is this is the media. so. it is
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another feckless saying sions bill its effects on the foreign policies of any of the countries will have no effect other than to punish the right to do something and as we saw from the effects of the years of sanctions on russia that according to the u.s. government's own assessment treated less than one percent off russia's going to media element of it i mean they're targeting this television stations you're on right now it's sputnik here essentially saying how good it would be cruel to go back to and what in sixteen are saying i mean this is a century saying that foreign broadcasters do not have first amendment speech rights in this is not been tested legally here but if that's right but there is they're targeting certain media outlets and denying them freedom of speech versus a lot of the totalitarian the share of the current american information is here
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where we see that the american elites are scared they're afraid that the american people are going to have access to the turning points of view so whether it's our t. whether it's sputnik whether it's cheney's. or any other in your other they're going to hold going to now police that's what they want to keep them alive i'm american station i would go back to the cold war years and. actually in the seventy's some californias the shows broadcast broadcast by russian. hosts like going to push a. liberal these days and there were no problems with that but why are there problems today because they see that i would see sputnik other broadcasters actually have great audiences the especially large especially in large american city in particular. you to cuba also especially interesting for american
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intellectual intellectual spheroid people who are from all walks of life who suddenly see that the information they're getting from c.n.n. or from b c or a.b.c. or c.b.s. it's junk it's actually it's not just junk it's that's bad but it's propaganda. this is this is something they're scared of the people that the american people are going to see that through if i can speak with half of all of us they should be free well i should know all of. the money spent on what they call counter in russian propaganda was initially you know mocked for conquering the so-called islamic state so it's a part of this very strange he's afraid you know presenting the real danger as the real one and fight in a bogus thread namely russia and please note you know the sanctions are targeting north korea you're wrong and russia which is like rag. three completely different.
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really do you really going to want to talk about in the problem is that now in order to remove these sanctions you need to change the legislation let me remind you that the jackson venue amendment stayed for forty years you know. and they don't have any commitment was about jewish immigration xander soviet union your freedom of jewish immigration jews call them a great freely since one thousand nine hundred nine but then madmen stayed for twenty five years what are you going to talk about this hamilton sixteen it's very important give it a shot ok hamilton sixty eight is at heart it is a retread of of an online project called proper not all propaganda or not that was promoted by the washington post. that purported to track. russian propaganda social on social media and
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anything that echoed rockit russian talking points which ended up attacking everything on the right or the left of the alternative media that ever criticized us foreign policy that ever anyway agreed with anything that russia at any time said was russian propaganda the washington post was forced to humiliating leaders walk this back you know things but the exact same be great neo con jokers beyond proper not now they were officially anonymous at that time the originators but the list was public but anyone who was following along we were going to we were all informed so who was who was actually behind it the same people were talking clint watts from the daily beast. andrew aaron wise bird who is an arch zionist a just until a few years ago a basement troll obsessively watching anyone who had anything positive to say about
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russia on the internet and imagining grand k.g.b. controlled spirit usually going to get there all these pretty graphs and everybody well they're back again and a new iteration this time funded by the german marshall fund a serious at the lance assist think tank and policy project it seems to me is that when this operation is i'm glad you brought up your german marshall because it sounds like a new style operation i mean you're tracking people on twitter we don't know they don't tell us who they're going to track i mean it's very you know this is a waste of money but it sounds very ominous coming back to what. mark just said about the marshall fund of course it's called the german marshall fund but we all know where who founded that's where the money comes from a snotty soldier and it's much more american and the purpose one of the purposes of the martial law. organization is to keep germany. racist if you're
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into washington's interests which it to the facsimile among other things but in that tells you who is behind those property not and other initiatives and the american taxpayer essentially is paying to to not be able to not have access to alternative points of view to it's almost think about it this way they make an taxpayers are paying so that they would not be able to hear that to us about the state of the country in the us and that's a that's an especially if you just sort of. you know the position of their party it's not it shows a mindset here i mean again you know they don't what they don't want their monopoly brokers they want they want to make sure the party line is still here it's really amazing how we keep having have to fall back on a very authoritarian rhetoric here because this is exactly what it is uniquely dealy starts to remind one of george orwell's one thousand nine hundred were in the us in the west you always you know everybody likes to i went to when i went to school in one thousand nine hundred four in school and the interpretation was that
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it's about that so obviously by the soviet union but when you look at the west today when you look at the united states you find those quality is much more represent that in america then then in most other countries well i get scared now every time when i hear their objectives more governmental because it's actually mean a review what it means is they take take spare mining taxpayer money they are not in any way responsible for the way they spend it and they spend it for example on what they call promotion of democracy in ukraine which and create and crudely a nationalist regime which starts another war in europe or you know when they say it's non-governmental or the say it is supported by drum and marshall foundation and it is supposed to crack six hundred twitter accounts that analysts. identify it as users of russian propaganda but they're not going to tell you who they were they
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were going to. be like. all of our viewers to take a look at the website ok i mean it is it looks like it's pretty well designed but i have no idea what they're trying to say that it's going to considering the political situation in the u.s. right now where the opposition the political elites are blaming dump for some unsubstantiated relations with russia which we might be folly to either as part of that as part of that this is not just. the main enemy you know the main. source of russian propaganda possed publications all of the mainstream american media just it's enough to read what they ruled two months ago one year ago to see who is dead in the truth and who is lying right let me remind you of what they rolled a ball of iraq in the dimino effect you know creating the foes democracy in the middle east and then having the dimino effect all over the region but they have this big things but who is down meeting up dramas foreign policy condoleezza rice
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who just recently less than a year war that said and it is in the american media the should not be president he doesn't have the dignity and stage it to be president and the fool so the main the main spread if you want of russian propaganda these are the websites or the mainstream newspapers they should check twenty seconds before you answer this is a serious project now this is heavy hitters bang up job every step is michael mcfaul former ambassador to russia bill kristol harsh neo con. michael morello clinton surrogate and former director of the cia this is this is heavy and the org is now actually called the center for securing democracy and we're going to break here but you know that's just everybody feeding at the trough mark ok after a short break we'll continue our discussion on. real news to stay with are.
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a bachelor sudden passing i've only just learned. and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write
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these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest . i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to us there are no other takers. that mainstream media has met its maker. welcome back to cross talk we're all things we considered i'm discussing some very important news stories.
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ok because let me go to you you know we came we had the new russian prime minister dmitry medvedev come out and really paint a very dark canvas if i can use that term of us russian relations but he's more or less right i mean you work with these sanctions who are listening and i would say to him and in attempted economic war which you know as we all know when our audience probably knows our trade relations between russia and united states are really quite limited and almost meaningless now but it is for the europeans i mean so the worsening of u.s. relations will also see a worse and worse and e.u. american relations will that make the e.u. reconsider its position well look every time when your american administration came into the white house from the beginning of the century let's start with george bush jr he came in. the relationship between moscow and washington there were usually moscow hopes i would see their relationship would improve from the ninety s.
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in fact in one of the meetings summits between putin and bush the american president well he was able to look into putin's soul and he liked what he saw what did those two tearooms bush's two terms in the white house and with the and that with the abrogation of the ballistic missile treaty by washington. it ended with the war in georgia where the georgian usually him back to the south to sit here with a green light from washington it would never do that without that without one you want to prove exactly and kill dozens of them and what happened next next obama comes in again there are hopes reset. and misspelled and said something very different that was almost all controlled you know it is what it said certain. it which is what they actually am but this is it was a dream and this and so they start and it goes with
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a look at the eighty year obama's eight years in the white house and at the last. year there was a little bluest point in the russian american relations since the mid eighty's and then. wins in november again their hopes in moscow hoping against hope there are the new administration will be interested in dialogue in dialogue in normal ization of relations between moscow and washington what do we see we see first of all we see every single branch of power in the u.s. from congress to the special services to the media and others making sure they get every possible action to make sure that this administration is paralyzed and their lives and cannot cannot between us but but i also want to point out that their news station itself first phone call between trump and what the stamps see to
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put it this was. this was january twenty eighth eight these after the inauguration he starts criticizing the start three treaty and seeing well maybe we do not want to prolong it on the february twenty eighth may i just says no we cannot let me look at the written exam for it by said that this is a internal dynamic of american politics what about it well it's much more than three of them it's a double whammy. it is essential to making sure relations don't improve and to take the president out of the process. medvedev. the friend of prime minister dmitry out of. it pointed out correctly pointed out that. trump has essentially had an executive particularly foreign policy the primary product of the u.s. presidency usurped by him and then he was weak to sign this. bill now that being said he was correct however as many russian liberal opposition pointed out made bit
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of himself as hardly to one to comment about this he played it being president for six years made several disastrous mistakes when he was actually granted real power including trying to appease the west by libya by not vetoing the security council resolution that the u.s. used to do libya russia and china both abstained several other disastrous mistakes attempting to appease the west putin decided he needed to come back and. seemingly willingly step down it did not run again himself abrogating to another weakness the guys were looking at really important i want to talk about north korea here. one of the things of viewers to go to. you tube page and there is the debate. unanimous voting no new sanctions here i would like our viewers to compare with the russian ambassador to say the chinese ambassador in just about everybody else
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russia and china did vote for a demon they have a plan to move forward the west doesn't that's the big problem no that's the big problem out. of mind over us that when we invaded was the president russia imposed sanctions on iran russia went along with sanctions against north korea and there were no russia is important sanctions on north korea so but like i just said victor the important thing is here is how a plan to move forward i mean what i saw from the u.k. from the americans is that something must be done something must be done the usual mantra they don't know what to do that's the problem here the chinese and the russians have proposed to jointly jointly how to move forward on north korea and that is very important because the only two major powers i see pushing diplomacy here because that's what we need we do have voices in the united states talking about preventative. war this is insanity well look at the way the secretary that's going on but now he went to iraq and what happened with the ever increasing
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sanctions regime against iraq year after year the sanctions would be deepened that increased but why didn't with hundreds of thousands by some estimates of children and those people losing their land and you remember what madeleine albright said once about that and where did that and it ended of course the sanctions they never bring down a new regime but the americans finally after after years of sanctions that crippled iraq's economy that crippled iraq's infrastructure that killed hundreds of thousands of people they finally get that win and then you put the guy not do you think it's exactly so now so now we see a similar to reject to developing towards north korea of course russia and china as nations at the border in north korea and that know full well just as they have me because i know that people young has no intentions to attack the united states if there is no intention to attack the axis or or cried working out i would also
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submit here these i.c.b.m. so you know mark a lot of intelligent people are saying these are intermediate range missiles that have a little extra fuel ok there is no guidance system on there there's no evidence whatsoever to have been able to minute miniaturized a warhead here i mean the language coming out of the western media the pliant liberal media and the establishment the us is really frightening we're net right even close to this company situation and they claim that russia has some serious doubts on this range of this warhead of this missile its ability to deliver a warhead in its ability to withstand riyad three they're most likely years away from from anything resembling a real i.c.b.m. but you know we've been here before we hear tony blair talking about forty minutes thank you for it and that's where we are but russia and china have both made. i think a terrible mistake and agreeing to these sanctions now russia and china both recognize
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that north korea is being needlessly provocative here but they also recognize that they have a very good reason for wanting a strategic deterrent with the united states massing in conducting constant war games on north korea's borders we did that down this path before with iran at the u.s. you sanctions against iran that punish them for years russia is now being sanctioned for the third time the united states has in iraq you know this because going to these sanctions is china and russia iran north korea's foreigners they have to be very very careful they're just going to have one peaceful solution to the north korean crisis. will stop provocative exercises constantly on north korea's border or anybody that you know does my south korean sign of cease. and u.s. nuclear program i mean the right security right security there and here is provide official security guarantees by the united states by south korea that there will be no attack against north korea and so it will us will never do that of course. never
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say never the u.s. everything you know there's nothing like it's going to make sure you watch this program because you've said exactly what i've said numerous times but the through it point is that the north korea already had an agreement with its nuclear program in the ninety's who did why in who worked that way it was the bush jr administration that walked away and of course the clear walked away from that and that's when that's when the north koreans e started their program so what is the solution the key to the key is to talk the keystone you go shit in the key is to sign a new agreement as there always but three conditions that is not what the american expansionist power elite is looking for in this case i mean a demon the head yes i just wanted to say that when victor says there is a negative trajectory you know always at the beginning of the american president is connected with them and with the. because it's not only russia but i think we have an ideological here we have the united states which wants to expand its influence
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we have russia we good will and president made video when he was president he was the main like of this said to russia and he said you've simply fails because and that's why i mean that's why if you use this language a full fledged trade war against russia because the last call for a compromise then you know now that the united states is probably going to leave our s.m.d. treaty you know there is a value but i just imagine that in the congress and introduced there's no it's there's no initiative given to russia to want to have that we lay she every night it's not really going to right now to discuss shutting the door right now we're really in the beginning of a new cold war whether it whether. both sides want to see it or not and the americans have more frequently called the russian adversary than not we're really in the beginning of a new cold war and fortune would have been to begin a new cold war since two thousand and eight zero zero only as we're doing the prehistory of the. little the so-called nuclear. mystic
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about it the safe cold war started in one thousand sixty two after the cuban missile crisis we're not here to do or here we go we're getting really academic you know because we're all smart guys your guys i have to point out something to you and to our viewers here you can see this tie that i'm wearing right now this is my bake a pie cross talk the team process like we're going on vacation we will be back on the fourth of september and during that time reruns including this program will be run during the course i want to thank all of you for being my guests during the season of cross not particularly bore horns and we'll see you and our viewers september for.
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oh. you know. what. i mean. if you know. this. much about him we've. already said whiskey and he. just.
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seems wrong. to me. he still comes to advocate and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. social environment you're right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. says since three years old industrial giants reap the benefit. by chemical production. you know as if these
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people are people just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this was for. the earth.
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was. overriding anti russian sentiment in the u.s. congress that's the view of russia's foreign minister who met his american counterpart on the sidelines of a major security forum on sunday. also in the week's top stories president trump signs a new. russia's sanctions bill i'm going to several of america's key e.u. allies moscow says is the declaration of a full scale trade war. the pressure is stepped up against north korea to the u.n. security council votes unanimously for tougher sanctions against pyongyang over its missile tests and. due to dictator.


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