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very. seriously send us an e-mail. i. i was i i was. i. in france is two hundred seventy jihadist returned to the country with a much vaunted effort to tackle radicalize ation floundering also this hour new video appears online showing the arrest of a sixteen year old german girl who went to join islamic states it is feed she risks
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getting the death penalty in iraq and begin activists force a future in california to hang an animal rights sign in the shop window. good afternoon is just turned four o'clock here in moscow a watching r.t. international's good to have you company now our top story this hour around two hundred seventy jihadists have recently come back to france after fighting in iraq and syria some have been arrested in the course of currently ploughing through the cases of others the numbers were revealed by the french interior minister he was so highlighted that the terror threat from maine's extremely high well in the attempt to try and rein in extremism in france has opened its first to radicalization center nearly a year ago but the facilities already hit the buffers is charlotte to pence. now
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reports it was billed as a front seat to its problem with just modest this was the country's. radicalization center when it opened last year. was here. this is rehab for extremists once inside psychologists say it will provide therapy and counselors will teach students about this isn't ship. i am. i overheard. that if no small thing this center should be located somewhere much less populated there is a school just eight hundred meters away but mission of separately i don't think it's an intelligent move to put the ridiculous zation center next to a nuclear power station it's terrifying and i'm against it. they're trying to fix the problem but it's about a kilometer away from the nuclear plant. but
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the old decision. they have only been interrogated by police. being told that evidently there wouldn't be any violent people but there would be only those who are the early stages of credit causation. but just months later the shutters down so what did it wrong. at a cost of two point five million us pay year knowing that people were treated none finished the course one resident from this center was even a rested for having links to those behind the paris tax cheat and fifty one. from his rehabilitation and since february not a single person is being here the deed radicalisation so did this venture the money
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. it is a complete fiasco everything is to be rethought everything is to be reconstructed according to people. to me. putting it to me yes i would say this is a fiasco. money spent this way is a waste there are so many other things to do but to spend it on radicalized people know there are other associations and other centers to spend money on. this could not have turned out well if it is organized this way just letting people in and convincing them to think the other way or to see differently there are four or five people at once this is too expensive for the residents say. it's closed because it's nothing but. i was against this center from the beginning and i am happy it is now closed this center should not have been here there is a nuclear plant near here. i think the location was inappropriate as it is quite
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close to the town to the kids this is too close to houses and not very secure and were not properly informed we did not receive any information many people sold their houses because of the center a complete failure that's how many people are describing this project and many and now left wondering if france has a concrete solution to the estimated fifteen thousand citizens. in this country. it's. not enough to isolate jihadists from the community and preach at the. french this time on this issue got it wrong. you know we talk about. mr. was it don't really remove individuals who were shot over in
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a remote part of france or rule part of france and preach to them there are successes that the states of france missed that they came to this issue of trying to deal radicalize. and help help those individuals would be drawn towards terrorist activity very you know just just by taking them away from the community. and just preaching to them after this has been a lot of progress and i think this is why in the end became. a factor. but another country european country germany is also not the case is a radicalization video has emerged of the moment to radicalize teenage german girl was arrested in iraq and paraded through the city of mosul. sixteen year old inventor hay was seized just over
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a fortnight ago along with other female i saw supporters it's now feared she receives the death penalty our europe correspondent peter oliver has more to tell us. this latest video that's emerged shows sixteen year old linda ventile he's originally from a small town just to the northeast of dresden in the east of germany you know she's been taken away a what's been described as they walk of shame on her way to a detention facility by the iraqi military by iraqi troops there she says that she wants to return to germany that she wishes she'd never joined islamic state in the first place we're starting to piece together just how she got there it's understood she was radicalized online when she was around fifteen years old before deciding that she wanted to go off to be a jihadi bright went off to iraq where that's happened the question is now over where she will face more questioning will it be in
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a rock or will it be in germany certainly dos in her hometown in germany think that she deserves the chance to come home and face justice here the speech in which the girl is sixteen and got into this mess of fourteen fourteen and a half via the internet so whatever i think she should return everyone has the right to make a mistake and everyone should get their second chance. if you look at the case of linda it's clear that young people in our country are not capable of defending themselves been streaming. because of a lack of identity and education this is led to a situation or a fifteen year old girl who's ready to fight and so-called who. however she remains in custody in iraq where she spacing questioning overheard well filiation with offenses there is also the small chance. that she could face the death penalty in iraq and that would be for being a member of the islamic states however the german authorities are working very hard
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to try and get her back here to on german soil to face questioning here it's worth noting that that would be a full investigation as to what she. actually played while she was with islamic state it's understood that she may well have been part of a morality police in charge of making sure that women were dressed in accordance with the the ideologies of the the islamic state group it's very likely that she may face a prison sentence here in germany if she's found guilty of having connections although if she's found guilty certainly of of having fought for the islamic state in any capacity for libya is just one of hundreds of germans that went off to joy and islamic state in one capacity or another at least include many women and girls as well who went off there with the express intention of being jihadi brights certainly linda ventile who turned seventeen at the end of this month wanting to
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return to germany following her experience with ice all close up. these are all of their let's return to events in france and the fact that that thursday radicalisation center which opened about a year ago seems to have failed we can talk now to doug weeks he joins us he's an antiterrorism expert in london and doug i understand that france actually consulted planning to open that center it appears it's been ineffective in your opinion what went wrong. well i think the closure of the center in france the only people that were a problem and surprise happen were problem with the new french authorities and the reason i say that is because. the french have historically not taken american proactive and approach one comes to engaging with people and they find a way a more radical extremists and really up until the attacks in two thousand and
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fifteen thinking here and will to try and actually stem the problem that was developed following the two thousand and fifteen attacks in paris there was a renewed interest in trying to. hold some only here or something on a more proactive welding and sell the products government commission a small group to look into what other countries around europe were doing and i was contacted by that group and of course they were asking what was going on in britain which i explained and various countries have different programs for the me. and you know the netherlands but they have all kind of moral us approach things in a very similar manner and when the french announced that they were going to create a new center of
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a manner that they actually. i think everybody that works with him this community and is knowledgeable about it where the shops that the french would tend to take our name to it so i don't think it is really a surprise to anybody other than the french government to be fair. can you sort of pinpoint for us. perhaps what changes need to be made for something. well i think when you look at. the whole what other systems and programs and trying to do they take a much more holistic approach and take your case in the french ball. the problem i think more it really kind of went wrong was going to turn what is normally can see. with the french concept and that was to number one make the summer completely voluntary. individuals come
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in and then. they were going to a new if you will was one. try and instill nationalism rather than dealing with the notions and so it was kind of based on a military model they were supposed to wear the uniforms they were supposed to be you know and came up early in the morning and french saying the french national and study french miscarrying and again. and i think would purely on their own volition. in my system i think was perhaps a miscalculation by the french i read one report. the individuals would be subjected to hours and hours of boredom and not worse it will ultimately find themselves on
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a french watch west that would potentially for years so i think volunteer for something like this i think was a very a miscalculation. whether that was a really good to get your insight on this story that was dug weeks terrorism thank you. and if it you know in afghanistan and killed at least forty people including children. his governess says the attack took place after the village was captured by an unknown group of militants which included foreign fighters they are suspected of being a mix of taliban and i still insurgents elsewhere in the country one thousand four hundred internally displaced civilians have arrived in jalalabad seeking shelter they've become victims of the taliban i saw in u.s. airstrikes and some of been describing their old the.
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islamic state groups brutally attacked civilians and the afghanistan national then foreign forces came to the battlefield then the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on the village what is left is ruins. so there's a lot of water to come up you should be sure but it. isis militants slaughtered our own call saying he was a spy who fled since the threaten to kill us the next day. islamic state militants slaughtered our five cousins some front of us they could have come and killed this any time to kill so we left our hold.
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first isis attacked our village then came american airstrikes now we don't have anything everything is destroyed. signs you might expect to see in a butcher's window a poster saying that killing animals is violent and unjust is probably not one of them but a shop in california has agreed to display just that message after deacon activists rallied outside for months carrying out gruesome stunts. in the backyard. and that is hardly.
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the be. as well as forcing the owner to display the empty meat sign in the shop demonstrators from the group direct actions everywhere and demanding it becomes butchery although it is unclear exactly what that means they also want the right to carry out animal rights demonstrations there twice a year group spokes person johnson explains their mission. as with the successful social movements throughout history when we when we do these public demonstrations we are intending to dramatize an issue and get an issue on the table because we feel like it's an issue that we are inevitably going to win when it is discussed on a wide enough scale we know that we are on the side of of justice we are on the side of compassion and nonviolence we know that people don't actually want to support violence towards animals and it's only because we we live in a society that that that normalize it so much that it is allowed to persist we intend to make berkeley california the united states leader on animal rights issues
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we intend to liberate the study of berkeley by banning all violence towards animals by twenty twenty five in effect banning meat in berkeley as part of a broader plan to pass a constitutional amendment for animal rights and on human discrimination that's pervasive in our society. well the shop belongs to monica and her husband and the family says it's their rights which is being a being used monica describes the activists is extremists carrying out ethical extortion if you to that code by the california comedian jeffrey mark klein the protests were a form of extortion because essentially they were saying. do this for us or we won't stop harassing you so yeah that is expression it's kind of like how the mafia used to say pay us for protection or we're going to destroy your shop that's kind of how it feels protesters chose a small butcher shop because it's a smaller target so they feel like they could have a bigger impact a smaller shop would be easier for them to extort then a big farm or
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a big factory if they chose mcdonald's there's a chance that mcdonald's lawyers might get involved and ultimately people are here they're kind of just children who are scared of consequences so they'll only do something if they feel like it's going to work out. still ahead for you this out of the un condemns the latest strike and more rabid chairman saying the rules are. being ignored we'll have the details on that in a couple minutes. we're going to walk you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do socks for the tell you the celebrity gossip the public but most importantly. off the bad guys and tell me you
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are not cool enough to buy their products. the hawks we. will watch. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. operation washington washington the media. the media the. voters elect the businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. the united nations has strongly condemned the latest air strike in yemen which killed at least twelve people and injured ten others on saturday it is thought to
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have been carried out by the saudi led coalition the un's official in yemen says all parties to the conflict continue to ignore the safety of civilians and failing to distinguish between them and the fighters in a statement the organization said the latest incident shows a disregard for the rules of war this is a short video of the aftermath of the strike but a war a warning though the images you are about to see are upsetting. the airstrike hit a civilian area in province a stronghold for who the rebels in yemen children work among those killed it has been repeatedly targeted by air bombardment since the very start of the conflict riyadh's coalition denies it was responsible though saying they do not target civilians meanwhile the u.k. remains one of saudi arabia's main arms partners just recently it agreed to a new deal with the gulf state for weapons worth almost three hundred million pounds in total the u.k.
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is sold three billion pounds worth of arms to riyadh since the beginning of the war in twenty fifteen that's despite the growing evidence that they are being used against civilians currently the gulf state has twice as many british made planes as the u.k. royal air force itself british officials deny this humanitarian law is being violated and say that saudi arabia is their main partner in the region so for we do not believe that has been a clear risk or breach of international humanitarian law at the moment would we go but we are doing. the threshold has been crossed what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues it is that relationship that has helped to keep people on the streets of britain. ok let's get the thoughts now of middle eastern affairs analyst abdel bari atwan who joins us good afternoon to you. look saudi arabia
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always says it doesn't deliberately target civilians is is that a defense. well i believe it is absolutely and just the part that is pure lies you know the people who were killed just sort of they lost the debate. twelve of them actually from family from the same company and there were children and women killed and. previously we know that more than ten thousand yemenis where killed by the saudi air raid so to say that they're not killing civilians i think this is really completely an after. the saudi committing war crimes in that part of the words and i believe written by supplying the saudi with two million. and missions and armaments i believe there are but dissipating and old press imitating these crime was and this poorest country on the whole of the middle east
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. from britain so it always says that it understands that there's been no breach of international rule how can it say that given what you've just said and what the un has said. well actually it is you know when you kill civilians when you bomb within parties when you bomb funerals when you bomb. when you bomb schools markets this is not a bail ation of that intervention and what is the very latest in that this case i believe but it is very clear two and a half years of the saudi bombardment of yemen fueled in a lot of this is this and that part of the and also we have to remember that the whole of human under sanctions and be seized from from sea from land by by the saudi forces of correlation as they call it and now that the epidemic is actually spending on young men more than two thousand
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people were killed by this every day mick and also hundreds of thousands of people are under that this of facing the same fate so i believe that and i mustn't community is not moved actually to. leave that suffering of those people actually put an end to it i think you know all of us are responsible for ignoring the end timers and knowing this speed. for what it take then abdel saudi arabia's partners to actually condemn its actions in yemen. well i'm surprised the british government american government they are absolutely silent they don't say to the saudi enough is enough you are killing people in this and people and you are fighting a war for two and a half years and there you know the yemenis who are actually suffering they say we are fighting this war to a legitimate government there but you know i believe that yemenis people who decide
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the one who is victim of the war is illegitimate so i think united states and britain in particular who are the main suppliers of weapon to saudi arabia i think should say to them look you know there we have to put them into this war because civilian are suffering because he says violated their hospitals are bomb so. the other european countries stop actually sending arms to saudi arabia especially germany because. of that that they thought of civilian in this war so i believe america and united states should follow suit and say to the saudi look you know we're not going to supply you with any weapons unless you stop actually killing civilians and they have to prove that they are nuts is that killing civilians in yemen actually the whole of infrastructure and yemen was destroyed completely because of the saudis ok we'll leave it there good to have you on today thanks abdel it was a baddy author and middle eastern affairs analyst thank you. so
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how things look so far today here for me in about half an hour to get this story. on our social media pages and also. tougher measures are being put in place a twenty eight football world cup in russia to prevent violence and hooliganism from growing the long awaited event how do you stop hotheaded fans from clashing with rival supporters. to hooligans movement in russia as dangerous as the media.
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well to talk about this and more we're joined by election year a figure in the world of football hooliganism now author and filmmaker cast pennant . before the. biggest show on earth is coming to russia next but with the spectacle of the party comes the threat of. so why is it. seems to go. only. an. overzealous supporters spillover from sports rivalries to the world of politics. cast pattern former football hooligan now author of numerous books welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us cash now you met russian hooligans before right and they view you as a legend are they really so bloodthirsty as the media paints them. no.
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what i always try in for isis to go is all i met was in so far as new for a year i was and i was quite young i reminded me of the holy guns in england that might and that's always name for themselves back in the seventy's and eighty's that that sign hunger that sign you look at that same sense of excitement. i was poorly placed a mate by only one of them spoke english that says it's. the first time they've been allowed out of russia as a group. with lasers or stuff such as where we saw it to test themselves and i was a nation in the euro championships not so fast in the four and i tell me i said halogen i won nine because i'm an old fart not that i wasn't aware of a book published in russia and i said oh well because president we know only english office on elections in russia we learned a lot from your books england is the motherland of food it is a well.


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