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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 7, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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was the local synagogue showing solidarity love to the muslim community so i actually think the way forward is to use inclusive language not the language which divides communities but the language of brings together anybody who attacks a synagogue that's an attack against me of my faith and it attacks a mosque that should be the same for the jewish community and so we as faith communities should stand together against hateful language y. that it comes from within the muslim community and whether it comes from within the far right terrorism of violence is wrong full stop on which nobody should be making excuses for it we've got thirty seconds you want to respond just your final thoughts are not. no i'm glad we could i rather come down to the root of the period that we both had. no no of course night i can we don't really know but i you know i guess you know what do we have there are that's nice i like that and. why not in deede a little bit of agreement at the end thank you for both spirited debate moment from the ramadan foundation and the heart of it. from new york city thank you very much
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both of you. thank you. ok i'll be back in half an hour's time with more of the stories affecting your world today more arty programs. we're going on the ground as former exxon mobile c.e.o. rex tillerson now donald trump state tries to compete with china as he visits manila bangkok and kuala lumpur coming up in the. jeremy corbin's labor party be supporting the cia's attack on venezuela's bolivarian revolution we go to brazil where the usa succeeded in regime change to get the perspective of one of the world's greatest political cartoonists call us about two from the streets of london to mississippi goddam the politics and music of the incomparable nina simone in
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a theatre production of buying audiences from london to the edinburgh festival plus a good day to bury bad news what stories are full of through the cracks in this week's buried news coming up a days going underground but first while the british press continues to decode last week's princess diana revelations coverage of tomorrow's presidential and parliamentary elections in the u.k. former colony of kenya where diana's mother in law found out she was elizabeth the second a more nuanced than say coverage of a referendum in venezuela now at first sight it could pass for a clip from the program but if you look very carefully you will notice that there is a naughty boy difference the voice used in that report does not belong to any of our reporters because maybe if it was one of their reporters in africa they'd be saying things like this welcome from a broken eastern libya well we know that coalition military planners are carrying out what they call bomb damage assessment just to check on exactly what level of
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destruction they have corsica. air defenses and radar installations because t.v. stations and civilian infrastructure would hit in africa is richest per capita country by any of the hundred tomahawk missiles right they will lead to sideways carry out more attacks so night on those same targets more strikes on the same targets does that b.b.c. reporter betray one iota of what it would feel for civilians where he lives in britain to undergo aerial bombardment or are b.b.c. reporters in the developing world basically just adjuncts to the british military thing and on saturday sort of very satisfied that we've been out. to complete the mission when it comes to africa it appears there are either completed missions backed by al-qaeda or night or day as to destroy entire countries or their own nature back to governments in poverty. when famine hits the smallest so. no mention of the b.b.c.'s backing for the creation of south sudan where that
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famine has just apparently been alleviated after the president of that country apparently said he likes donald trump no mention of the fact that famine across the continent of africa has arguably been convenient for major powers now in a business proxy war with china just pictures of dying black babies and for the election in kenya tomorrow with so many live in hunger in his future may depend on severing ties with not only the i.m.f. and world bank which urged macel sterritt see but the pentagon which has military bases there and the british which fifty three years after u.k. massacres and the granting of independence still has hundreds of troops there but we do see is is great great spirit and i've always hugely impressed by what they bring to the party and that there are enthusiasm to get on and deliver deliver water does that even look like post-independence kenya to you as kenyans prepared to vote tomorrow when arguably one of the greatest political cartoonists in history the brazilian artist scholars look to for as never pulled a punch when it comes to nato member imperialism in africa and around the world. as
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jeremy corbin's british labor party takes pot shots of the elected government of venezuela along with the cia we're joined now by carlos in porto alegre brazil carlos a twofer welcome to going underground as it begin with venezuela the former mayor of london ken livingstone says the problem with java's was he didn't kill enough of the oligarchy that's why even as part of the reason why venezuela faces the crisis that it does today livingstone of course negotiated london's oil for buses here with my dura who was then foreign minister what do you think of what he said well it is quite interesting to see trump calling venezuela their ship the same way united states used to apply this label to syria for example and. that's why they support the united states is supporting that so-called opposition the so-called rebels in syria and even so probably.
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later. in later week in about moderate rebels in venezuela u.s. back at moderate rebels in venezuela you think the united states wants to turn but as wayland to syria quite sure united states is seeking another regime change in venezuela but it's quite coriolis how united states is seeking regime change in places where it has all you like in venezuela it's one of the biggest producers of all you in the whole world they are always seeking for democratized places like. nicaragua or afghanistan in the past and now syria in this way a lot you know but never their allies like saudi arabia you know they are
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always talking about. trash to. and they they for example they are always referring to the rent etc f. two piece but they never talk about. weapons race the nuclear weapons race between pakistan and india etc to peace so is this just sit down you come down to read the headlines too to check the facts or check the informations to realise what is this. discourse offer united states what it is about colors all around the world the powerless arguably think of you as one of the great cartoonists political cartoonists in history how under threat are you in brazil with the fiery cartoons that you draw against those in power in your country let alone washington is just say the most interesting thing. in my
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career is a more well known outside brazil than in brazil for example this book is the most complete book about my cartoons and in the whole in my whole career but it was published in turkey never in brazil probably that saying nobody can be a prophet in his own land it's it's for real my work is more published. by leftist news outlets. trade unions the workers the unions newspapers who left leftist newspapers but the mainstream media in brazil they don't care in fact i don't care about that because. thanks to internet and thanks to social media's we have many ways to reach an audience maybe the british media here just follows whatever washington arguably tells it to do but
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you chose do draw a picture of britain's r r p. i mean if he had to resume as a protestant paramilitary militant after her billion pound deal with the democratic unionist party tell me about that got to it was more a criticism the way the thing faine is. stretching the politics in ireland you know because you know sinn fein was the political arm of a and they fault along the cade's jus make an independent and now you have since fein i've been dawning the idea of independence and quite satisfied with dealing some concessions in order to chew chew chew rule. the north island with you kate so when you when you see for example pictures
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of the former maginnis also the di dizzy or i think. it was a dream with the queen is really you you see for example pictures from han and the time of irate and the time of the troubles. with gans fighting the british and then you see pictures of him shaking hand off for the queen it's something. you cannot you cannot imagine this kind of things you know and of course we are always open for dialogue you know i defend the dialogue but there is a difference between dialogue and negotiate concessions you know and it's a pity to see. such a resistance movement to colonial movement to make deals with the
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british well unfortunately this kind of the this kind of a behavior it's not something applied only in ireland but i also saw this kind of good things happening in other parts of the world like in nicaragua for example the president sent in east a government we too was in the best river lucho nary a d. the. seeds chew over traill educator ship from some morse but now they make deals in order to rule the kountry with the same enemies they fought and the best your work of course is known from the atlantic to the indian ocean the arab world because of your. continual theme of palestine on donald trump you drew him putting the whole of the west bank of
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palestine internet in the mouth when he announced the new u.s. ambassador to israel not much hope from trump then for the op holding of all those united nations resolutions i used to say. no matter if obama or trump of course you have difference between democrats. and republicans but. the core of the policies in united states. we will be always pro israel you know so no matter if republicans or democrats as i say you can you can see differences but they we always agree upon the full support to israel occupation of palestinian. territories now you have to senators in united states working to a bill that we'll criminalize the b.d.s.
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the boycott and divest the. so. of course determined to blent you know. he is more clear on he his support to israel you know. even united states supported israel during the obama. rule. trump is seen as a real friend of israel you know. in my opinion i don't think any president of the united states is or was really. concerned. involved in finding. a good solution for the situation you know they are always talking about peace negotiations peace negotiation just this like netanyahu or. in who dalmiya you know all of them are always talking about we see no peace for not no partner for peace
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but they are not seeking for peace in fact they are talking about peace and given terms up to more settlements to be viewed on palestinian soil so they are not really involved in finding a solution for the palestinian israeli crisis because of that queue after the break revolution nina simone style is the politics of class and race me to the searing indictment of bigotry in britain and america this week at the edinburgh fringe the modest arts festival in the world and from golden globe winning actor bryan cranston visiting an area base in the u.k. to michael gove's speedboat mission to improve equity all in this week's barry news golan cipel coming up about two of going underground.
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the war against freedom of speech continues and you guessed it again is being targeted also has russia given up on trying anything stop the leaks in washington. welcome back i'm after tansey bringing you the national international sports and weather from the week's barry news and that's very news as we get details of a previously classified cia memo outlining plans from the usa to infiltrate journalism schools to target media workers who are out of line first to the suicide
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attack or martyrdom operation if you call them or in afghanistan's can a region killing or injuring up to six u.s. soldiers civil taking the hundred million dollar military contracts have been awarded to the new white house chief of staff linked in call international which along with mining company american element and founder of private mercenaries blackwater erik prince have been reportedly advising president trump a new strategy for the war in afghanistan i don't think we can continue to spend money like we're doing in afghanistan and lose. so i've tried to lay out a a middle path a moderate path that is the stain of all for america that puts on relenting pressure on terrorists. and doesn't break the bank it would return forty billion dollars a year back to the pentagon leaked u.s. state department documents reveal their defacto support for venezuela's opposition in the lead up to president maduro's referendum victory to lead is implicated in the failed coup of twenty zero to have been arrested and joining in it is also
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allegedly played a role in the murder of thousands of civilians during the karakas or uprising of nine hundred eighty nine former exxon mobil c.e.o. and now us secretary said rex tillerson has since brief the media of what could arguably be a war cry for regime change we are waiting all of our policy options as to what can we do to create a change of conditions were either made girl that doesn't have a future and wants to leave us on the court or we can return. the government processes back to their constitution now let's get the latest climate for gusts with senior producer at banks asin one expects no onset. where this day is a request reveals the u.k. government has spent almost four hundred thousand taxpayer pounds fighting environmental more cases the activist lawyers he defeated defra of all the really exposed that disregard for around forty thousand premature pollution deaths the gig
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just as scientists claim climate change will soon be on its to do greeks hipping point there has to be said to raise them a secretary for the environment mark to go visit insisted removing speed bumps will improve quality nationwide. military facilities in britain the use of a lightning strike lakenheath in suffolk have gone largely unnoticed as winning antonio would winning at bryan cranston visited their american servicemen despite the emergency insisting for over starts all current habits and locations maybe no one told the break about some of these sites have allegedly been for the n.s.a.'s drone programs and gehman to potentially store nuclear warheads for the pennsic in . and finally the u.k. ministry of justice publishes their prison statistics this week in an environment of flash right across the country first eight chimpy them out in hartford with tornado squad stormed in may june two days of violence then disturbances at nearby
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h. and p. ulster. where recent report raise concerns of their lack of experience offices so now the u.k. give its most privatized criminal justice system hive portion the than the us many may want our answers from justice secretary david linton of why warnings that an arguable failing justice system has been ignored now over to deputy editor sebastian packer to go through the sporting rivalries in this week's social media downs banks treat ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the arena of social media combat first stop we have a punch up between publishers with julian the wiki leak or songs buses the new york sulzberger talking to former cia heavy hitters one who was senior executive of the scary named national clandestine service the other now c.n.n.'s national security analyst i read through an article on the supposedly putin trump targeting titled oh
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wait maybe it was collusion in the article they fired shots of publisher wiki leaks saying wiki leaks a veritable russian front the organizations founder julian assange has never want to show away from a fight hit back tweeting new york times is virtual fake news maybe the former cia guys are upset about the recent wiki leaks release detailing the cia's ability to switch off security web cams and corrupt recordings. and the dynamite versus the daily danger mail u.k. labor m.p. diane abbott weighed into the mail online about the uprisings in east london of the father russia and charles died at the hands of police saying the anger and upset. the death of russian charles is understandable she claims the met online dogs to truth when they published a headline saying local m.p. diane abbott defends rioters who called petrol bombs at police diane abbott then
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delivered a social media slap down saying today's man online claims i defended the hurling of petrol bombs at police i'm disgusted and final fight of the night it's a royal rumble the clue knees but it's the tories as theresa may continue to holiday in italy a country currently dealing with the thousands of refugees fleeing the fallout of western was in libya georgian amount clooney vowed to put three thousand syrian children through school that's all times the amount to raise a manhunt government agreed to help in the u.k. prompting labor m.p. stella creasy who voted for bombing in syria to lash out saying extraordinary clooney is possibly helping the equivalent of ten times more unaccompanied children than the u.k. government but given the george clooney according to brides magazine is looking through a feature film version of the al qaeda linked white helmets should be worried about
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where they're going to be educated. back to you in the studio option. if you were near the continuing uprisings in the east end of london this summer you're more than likely to see banners flying with the image of malcolm x. footage of the twenty year old black man russian child dying at the hands of london police is revitalized britain's black lives matter movement and new police data shows that on average london's police aim the guns at suspects three times a day where the new play about the artist nina simone showing at the world's largest arts festival the edinburgh fringe seeks to make audiences aware through the power of her music how far we are from the dreams of either malcolm x. or martin luther king jr joining me now is actress and director of mina a story about nina simone and me jos at bushnell minggah who's play follows the legendary singer's activism and draws a parallel to the black lives matter movement today welcome to going underground some people might think of me as a moon as a recording artist screwed by the music industry which is where so many call commercials use of music but in your play it's not about advertising in music no
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it's not my production really is about the celebration of nina's life i use nina simone who is both a consummate classical pianist artist singer and also activist i focus specifically on the civil rights activism and i focus specifically on using her as my g.p.s. today in twenty seventeen as a black british woman trying to navigate increasingly racist conditions where we tend to end up dead. on this program we often privileged class abilities of many different issues rather than identity ones of only a woman or race in your play you focused squarely on the idea of being a woman and being black yes i do i thought so much i'm glad while it's there for me but i also walk or think about it from an intersection a perspective that for me means that there are lots of influences classes huge part of any artist background myself and you have a similar background of working class working their way to different forms of church but i think when it comes to the idea that somehow it's not in the piece it is but actually at the end of the day no matter what class we are those. from the
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african continent there is still the issue of race which i think is in some instances more dominant than being a successful actress. you don't read reviews but you probably heard it as reaction to your performance because technically threatened or white members of the audience to kill them or to just explain what was behind them were thinking of doing that in the thinking really was nothing that i casually it was really bringing the audience into a place where they see why some black people and other minorities decide to take violence into their hands when they have understood exactly what has been done to them over the years went on a couple of months we'll talk about we're talking hundreds of years so what happens if i then reverse that and take you into a place with me all the way down to that place you don't want to stay with me and say ok i would kill my husband and he's white out to much and get out of the room and i would hope all of you hostage because i want you to understand how far we are
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being driven that's when i take the audience and they are very uncomfortable it divides the audience i can feel the audience's doppelgangers moving as they try to adjust themselves there are white people who sit in the audience who see the same things that i have an interest in these images you've got around the studio at the moment i mean i can feel them all of our audience you see these images and words in the performance and then i say how do you justify this i received as a present a book which is the from i am not you know negro by james baldwin extraordinary. and then there is a couple of images and as a black person i tend to look at slave images history images about this in a very distant i kind of got a filter over my eye and i remember looking at this book i've got it at home now and in the book there's a picture of soldiers sitting in some sort of jungle area with the slaves at the back and then when i look closely at breezewood i say this one of these soldiers is sitting on a little black boy like a chair. he's sitting on this child just slightly younger than my own son in the
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heat of the jungle with other blacks on the floor or to get down sitting on the chop and i can't take that child pain away i can't change that picture so i say balance to that picture to now you stay with me in this room about how uncomfortable you feel. it doesn't come for that boy still is carrying the weight of a fully grown white man on his shoulders for how many hours and what one moment so yeah it's ok he wouldn't can stay with me in uncomfortable places in the place but a good james baldwin was pretty explicit if he said something like the only time that nonviolence has been of murder is when the negroes practice it it's very very specific and very clear argument yes and i think for me the biggest question in the piece is the dilemma at what point do you stop saying it's ok it was very interesting we had a post show discussion very very intense and in that discussion a gentleman white gentleman said he feels that we have come
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a long way that we can't make a blanket statement we have nobody said we have come a long way but what we are being given is not what i need what i need from the society is yes representation find a better way to absolutely housing etc but i need something more which is the society white specific are not prepared to give which is equality but you do mention a lot of the killings in britain in the united states was would it feel like to do the run when you knew that there was footage on social media present of being out of the mainstream media to all of the of twenty year old russian russian child dying at the hands of british police i do realise as well has been another incident again in coventry we don't know again the exact details but another that man has died in police custody and the piece suddenly becomes more actual but it makes me feel ashamed as well when i do the piece but also that now the moment i have an artist a moment i must use announced their names as well and said it was always mark
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lennon in revolution real girls talk did you explicitly take away the. politics in that side of things in this performance now it will certainly come back of course all of us know absolutely i think we when we were putting the piece together it was direct about he took us out i mean the idea of removing class maybe. because we understood that a lot of the civil rights itself came from that struggle that the implicit in of that was already in place so the idea of completely taking it away from me was never that it was never removed because it actually is if you know about mean if you know about her political views and those around her james baldwin langston hughes stokely but also harry belafonte i mean some important people around who are carrying these views i don't think that by not explicitly mention it i ignore it a little bit at the decisions i make with nina i chose not to focus on her relationship with men not to focus on her relationship or the music industry because it is if you want to know more about that that is also up to us in order to
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find out maybe also because i am working class and i feel that i'm body that myself and the performer there is one of the ones on which obliquely talks about u.s. foreign policy when i got damn i think you're talking about which is about i got me so upset then the same i mean and then this for women which describes the four women and who they are in for women i think what nina really really tries to do is to emphasize just how possibly we're the vietnam war but how women are reduced often sold and labeled and how those labels become more and more embedded in the stereotypes that we have today i think that was it and she was also very clearly i think from a feminist perspective at least into sexual perspective she was very clear on the role that women were taken only in the civil rights but in civil rights across the world at that time that women were extremely strident extremely vocal didn't always have their rights up there with everything else so for me i think the idea it certainly for women she makes very clear not to forget that women are also in the heart of this and suffer at the heart of civil rights just
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a bushel bingo thank you and that's over the show about a wednesday to speak to the founder of the magazine for the homeless and the underclass the big issue for the bird about is new parliamentary bill that would give renters the same access to credit as those with the move your children he would not resume you would see on wednesday forty six years of a tory prime minister edward heath for the. western internment of catholics by the british army. seemed wrong. just don't hold. me. to shape our. attitude and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. terror fears in front. of. much effort to. fly. dozens of russian speaking children are. knowing their names or after their parents allegedly. here's their. new video online showing the arrest of a sixteen year old german girl who went to join the state she could not face the death penalty in iraq.


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