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adjective. equals betrayal. she says to look for common ground the one. terror fears in front as hundreds of islamist extremists return to the camp much effort to. floggers. dozens of russian speaking children are stuck. in iraq knowing their names or after their parents allegedly. for islamic state party hears their stories later this. new video appeared online showing the arrest of a sixteen year old german girl who went to join this nomic state she could not face the death penalty in iraq.
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this is r t international coming live from moscow twenty four hours a day from the team and myself you know neal welcome to the program our top story all round two hundred seventy islamist extremists have recently come back to france after fighting in iraq and syria some have been arrested in the courts are currently plowing through the cases of others the numbers were revealed by the french interior minister who also highlighted that the terror threat remains extremely high and then attempt to try and rein in extremism france had opened its first. center nearly a year ago but the facility has already hit the buffers charlotte dubin ski reports it was billed as a front seat. with john. was the country's.
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radicalization center when it opened last year it. was here. this is rehab for extremists once. inside psychologists say will provide therapy and counselors will teach students about this isn't ship. i was. i overheard. that if no small thing this center should be located somewhere much less populated there is a school just eight hundred meters away but mission of separate i don't think it's an intelligent move to put the ridiculous zation center next to a nuclear power station it's terrifying and i'm against it. they're trying to fix the problem but it's about a kilometer away from the nuclear plant. but
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it still decision. they have only been interrogated by police. he was already told that evidently there wouldn't be any violent people but there would be only those quiet the early stages of friday call ization. but just months later the shutters down so what did it go wrong. at a cost of two point five million us pay year knowing that people were treated none finished the course one resident from the center was even a respite for having links to those behind the paris. and the steam boiler on the east from his rehabilitation and since february not a single person his being here the db article i say should so did this friendship the money. it is a complete fiasco everything is to be rethought everything is to be reconstructed
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decoding to people will see me putting it to me yes i would say this is a fiasco. money spent this way is a waste there are so many other things to do but to spend it on radicalized people know there are other associations and other centers to spend money on. this could not have turned out well if it is organized this way just letting people in and convincing them to think the other way or to see differently there are four or five people at once this is too expensive for the residents say. the center that's closed because it's nothing but. i was against this center from the beginning and i am happy to is now closed this center should not have been here there is a nuclear plant near here i think the location was inappropriate as it is quite close to the town to the kids this is too close to houses and not very secure and
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were not properly informed we did not receive any information many people sold their houses because of the center. a complete failure that's how many people are describing this project and many and now left wondering if france has a concrete solution to the estimated fifteen thousand citizens. in this country. but to me some problems. or terrorism expert doug weeks was consulted by the french authorities about opening this center and we spoke to him earlier and he told us what went wrong. the french have historically not taken a marine proctor and approach one comes to engage in what people will find or leave. us and really up until the attacks and
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fifteen and then very unwilling to try and actually stem the tide of the problem that was developed following the two thousand and fifteen attacks and parents there was a renewed interest in trying to. alternately hear something on a more proactive warning and so the french government commissioned a small group to look into what other countries around europe were doing when the french announced that they were going to create a new center in the manner that he actually. i think can remain with him this community and is knowledgeable about it were shot that the french were in ten minutes from taking our aim to it so i don't think that it is really a surprise to anybody other than the french government to be fair. confused and a little close to fifty russian speaking children are stuck at an orphanage in iraq
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after they were rescued during the battle to liberate mosul from islamic state they would like to return home but many of them don't know or understand their real roots. or the. as we saw there most of the children aren't even sure of their names or even how old they are so what's the back story while they were allegedly taken to iraq by their parents who are suspected of joining eisel on their not present it the orphans have no papers rush erakat and jordan are working to track down the relatives in the hope they can be returned to loved ones some of the children shared with us their situation came to be. seen.
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east room with buffalo filipovic a school just to put someone years of. your lives on money don't believe me. now the video has emerged of the moment a teenage german girl who joined i still was arrested in iraq and paraded through the streets of mosul. sixteen year old linda venza was seized just over a fortnight ago along with other female isel supporters. face the death penalty our europe correspondent peter all of her has been following developments. this latest video that's emerged shows sixteen year old linda ventile he's originally from a small town just to the northeast of dresden in the east of germany you know she's been taken away a what's been described as a walk of shame on her way to a detention facility by the iraqi military by iraqi troops there she
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says that she wants to return to germany that she wishes she'd never joined islamic state in the first place we're starting to piece together just how she got there it's understood she was radicalized online when she was around fifteen years old before deciding that she wanted to go off to be a jihadi bright and went off to iraq where that's happened the question is now over where she will face more questioning will it be in a rock or will it be in germany certainly dos in her hometown in germany think that she deserves the chance to come home and face justice here the speech in which the girl is sixteen and got into this mess at fourteen fourteen and a half via the internet so whatever i think she should return everyone has the right to make a mistake and everyone should get their second chance. if you look at the case of linda it's clear that young people in our country are not capable of defending
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themselves stream missed ideology because of a lack of identity in education this is led to situation where a fifteen year old girl is ready to fight in a so-called holy war. however she remains in custody in iraq which of spacing questioning over her well. offenses is also the small towns. that she could face the death penalty in iraq that would be for. the islamic states however the german authorities are working very hard to try and get her back here to on german soil to face questioning here it's worth noting. that would be a full investigation as to what she. actually played while she was with islamic state it's understood that she may well have been part of a morality police in charge of making sure that women were dressed in accordance with the the ideologies of the the islamic state group it's very likely that she
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may face the prison sentence here in germany if she's found guilty of having connections sold if she's found guilty certainly of of having fought for the islamic state in any capacity but linda is just one of hundreds of germans that went off to joy in islamic states in one capacity or another at least include many women and girls as well who went with the express intention of being jihadi brights certainly defensive who turned seventeen at the end of this month wanting to return to germany following her experience with ice will close up. an interactive online campaign aimed at raising awareness about right wing hate crime is being widely ridiculed in the united kingdom crossing the line as it's called asks you to make several choices depending on how you respond the story can play out with your caracter becoming involved in far right activities and then ends
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with them killing a person or witnessing others commit a murder the project was created with the help of bedford police and has now been endorsed by a number of other police forces around britain the game suggests that it doesn't take much to trigger someone to become violent or even radicalized the campaign is part of a wider one aimed at preventing terrorism i heard the rows and columns of the op in debate earlier. it's a joke i mean it's ludicrous for i don't know why they're spending time coding these ludicrous games say that a series of innocuous choices remey a guy the gym will end up with you being a death a muslim in the street is so it's so strains incredulity that it boggles the mind i'm not sure why they did i don't think it solves any problems at all we face a threat from extremism and terrorism those the using violence for their political objectives while there is coming from some elements of the muslim community and why
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there is coming from the far right and if there are tools that can help highlight the problem of far right extremism in this country then and i think that's something welcome obviously the need to engage people to the need to engage the youth there's no question about it but this is not the way to do it what this video does it tells you is story of radicalization of the far right and i just don't see why our colleague in new york has a problem with disney see that the far right extremism and narrative and ideologies is equally as a problem. isis or anybody else from the ideology are you serious are you seriously saying that far why by the way to be values i've used them violence looking for what you have is for far right you seriously are trying to compare fringe right wing extremism which is exactly that it's fringe as opposed to the real credible problem we have with radical islam and by the way you're exactly right the majority of all victims of radical islam are no way guys in europe they're in mosque in
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pakistan and iraq i agree with you these law missed electorate should be the ones who are most concerned with radical islam but to compare a few fringe and that's what it is fringy right we could stream its attacks as opposed to what's going on overall in the radical islamic community we've got to take on the far right now we've got to call the ideology of the far right and yes equally have got to take on the terrorist ideology of violence that exists from within the muslim community. brutal massacre. in a village in northern afghanistan is thought to have killed at least forty people going through children the province's governor says the attack took place after the village was captured by an unknown group of militants which included foreign fighters they're suspected of being a mix of taliban and insurgents elsewhere in the country fourteen hundred internally displaced civilians have arrived in jalalabad seeking shelter and have become victims of the taliban eisel and also us are strikes some of been describing
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their ordeal. islamic state groups brutally attack civilians and the afghanistan national then foreign forces came to the battlefield then the us dropped the mother of all bombs on the village what is left is ruins. it was a lot of water to come up you should be sure that if you put it. isis militants slaughtered our own saying he was a spy who fled since they threatened to kill us the next day.
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islamic state militants slaughtered our five cousins so front of us they could have come and killed us any time too so we left our home. first isis attacked our village then came american airstrikes now we don't have anything everything is destroyed. the fighting has intensified in afghanistan this year with the taliban stepping up its attacks we discussed the issue with jamal wakim an international relations professor at beirut's lebanese university he say's a u.s. air strikes are not effective in country in the root cause of the violence. i believe that this is the primary victims of the war going on in afghanistan and for
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the world isis. and the taliban and other political groups in afghanistan. will. go into the nation will human lives. for the united states which claims that the respect human rights. rights who promote democracy you get cared less about human lives especially when it comes to an un-american to human lives it's not easy to wipe i would these groups you need. would again on the grassroots of the problem on fighting radical woud be. the united nations how strongly condemn the latest the earth strike in yemen which killed at least a dozen people and injured ten others on sunday it's still being carried out by the saudi laid coalition the un's official in yemen sees all parties to the conflict continue to ignore the safety of civilians under failing to distinguish between
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them and the fighters in a statement the organization said the latest incident shows a destroyed guard for the rules of war the following is a short video of the aftermath of that strike a warning the images you're about to see are upsetting the our strike hit a civilian area in southern province a stronghold for hooty rebels in yemen children were among those killed it's been repeatedly targeted by urban bartman since the very start of the conflict riyadh's coalition denies it was responsible saying they do not target civilians. well let's turn as the u.k. remains one of saudi arabia's main arms partners just recently agreed a new deal with the gulf state for weapons worth almost three hundred million pollens in total the u.k. has sold three billion pounds worth of arms to riyadh since the beginning of the war in twenty fifteen that's despite the growing evidence that they are being used against civilians currently the gulf state has twice as many british made planes as
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the u.k. royal air force british officials deny that humanitarian law is being violated that saudi arabia is their main partner which. we do not believe that has been a clear risk of breach of international humanitarian law at the moment would we globally we have to leave. the threshold has been crossed what matters is the strength of our relationship with saudi arabia on issues like dealing with terrorism on counterterrorism issues which is that relationship that has helped to keep people on the streets of britain. or middle east affairs analyst abdel bari atwan said simply britain should stop selling arms to saudi arabia to prevent more civilian deaths the saudi warplanes are bombing parties there are bombing funeral schools hospitals open markets so i believe they are really responsible for the miserable situation over at least twenty five million you know many i believe
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written by supplying the saudi with a munitions armament i believe they are but this is. old festivity crime wars and this poorest country in the whole of the middle east i think this is the time to put an end to this war and to put to put them into any supply to the saudi government with arms and munitions. leaning bahraini human rights activists now below job is facing up to fifteen years in prison for. tweeting about the war in yemen his trial resumed today monday is the co-founder of the rain center for human rights and has been in prison for criticizing the bahraini government he's been described as the on official leader of the opposition in bahrain where a muslim shia majority has been protesting against the sunni monarchy for years.
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i. was. i. was. let's just give you an idea of what the value of the life has been like for the past five years he's been in prison five times in those five years been put in bars in two thousand and twelve for two years shortly after his release he was then arrested imprisoned although for a shorter period in january twenty fifth he was jailed again for six months soon released on bail however then in the following spring arrested again but pardoned after one month he was then taken into custody last summer and handed the two year sentence after a trial last month each time he's been accused of disseminating false information
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about the state and its allies to spreading fake news about the saudi led coalition's involvement in the conflict in yemen and for insulting and undermining the prestige of bahrain that were in center for human rights is currently appealing for jobs immediate release and for the charges to be dropped. to many people i do mean as a whole that somebody took it and did it without being the voice for voiceless people that's just. the engine to people. cannot see what is because the system doesn't give was nation based on the other routine or based on the political background just all something wrong there's not. going to spend money. i don't see people people don't keep what just i turn. to. we spoke with the senior
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advocate for the bahrain center for human rights she said barin doesn't respect free speech or international law. been. to the court heard this morning and we are waiting for the court to release a decision we fear that it would be sentence four more years i called him to the bar can be charged for more than fifteen years the bahraini government has not displayed any respect for international law for freedom of expression so we believe is going to be sentenced today we are very disappointed by the fact that many western states including like the close. of the home like the u.k. and the u.s. have not reacted appropriately. to the prosecution of number one job and so is in that tension now because no appropriate reaction has been taken by those western states as well. the latest major reshuffle among donald trump's top team has seen a series of sucking among his national security aides but even the mom in charge of
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the dismissals is in the firing line over what my address is the sensex being more and not here starting these. general mcmaster. curity advisor to donald trump his loyalty to the president is supposed to be a default quality except now instead it's wide in question mcmaster made a decision to allow susan rice his predecessor in the job and long time ally to keep full access to classified information. the national security council will continue to work with you to ensure the appropriate security clearance documentation remains on file to allow you access to classified information. this revelation emerged just weeks after it was revealed that stews and rice had been unmasking members of the trump team who happened to be mentioned in classified intelligence reports by default the names are redacted but susan rice had been making sure that the names and information was readily available to anyone with
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a clearance to see classified government documents and potentially leak this information to the media susan rice's actions were flagged by as i recall one watt mic a member of the trumpet ministration since january apparently his revelation struck the wrong chord with mcmaster who has now dismissed him and it appears that's how it works with the general if he doesn't like you you go these people laid the very foundation of trump's foreign policy promises as a candidate we've been moving from one wrecked was intervention to another coup in libya syria iraq iran this destructive cycle bad decisions we cannot be the policeman of the world now that most of those who shape trumps foreign policy have gone we have this my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much and i know you ordered a targeted new jersey state. if you can see it will handle both here
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we're going to be able to handle it will be it will be handled trump they have come to washington promising that you would drain the swamp that's proving to be pretty difficult especially when you're already neck deep in it caleb artsy new york according to reports the security clearance given to susan rice was a regular procedure issued for every living former presidential adviser rice say she's never requested the identities of trump's team members to be revealed for political purposes. well if you'd like to have your say in any of those stories join the debates on r t v dot com always who i believe there are many big see you again at the top of the hour.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corners corporations from washington to washington media the media the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days comes to educate and in. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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oh. you're so you'll. join us as you know. the i mean. this is. just. getting worse but those that you have they speak. with. whiskey and he. just implements.


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