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there's. the earth there's bramble. coming up on our team america the united nations security council sanctions north korea in an effort to pressure pyongyang into giving up its nuclear ambitions and babbie the list of missile tests. and on the hills of the seventy second anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima it is capitol hill starting a new arms race between the u.s. and russia. and two people are killed in baltimore during the city's seventy two hour cease fire as homicides eclipsed two hundred for the year of those stories and more coming up right here.
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it's monday august seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm a touch of sweets and you're watching r t america we begin this afternoon with the latest on sanctions against north korea the u.n. security council has unanimously agreed on a new set of sanctions against that country and these are tougher than before well they're aimed at perswading pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program and stop lissac missile tests north korean officials have responded with anger r t. joins us live from new york with the details so alexy what are what's new about these measures. well these measures are indeed before they were adopted over the weekend by the un security council and they involved ban on the exports of a lot of things that basically form the north korean economy such as coal. or seafood and many many other things also including the reduction of the current numbers of north korean laborers working abroad and also prohibiting new joint
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ventures with an investment in joint ventures with north korea obviously one of the biggest instigators of these sanctions was the united states and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said that this was the toughest set of measures against any country ever it does indeed look like that and it's also one of those cases where all countries members of the u.n. security council all fifteen members came together and voted unanimously even the countries which have not had. a stance as the united states when it comes to north korea such as russia and china in fact the russian envoy to the united nations mr actually said that they do want the north korean bit of the korean peninsula to be denuclearized but at the same time by adopting this resolution it also russia also wants these six party talks to continue on the peaceful solution to this matter
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also we've had reactions obviously from pyongyang which reacted with indignation said that there will be a righteous response according to the state agency to the new sanctions and also one of the officials quoted by the state agency in north korea said that if the united states things that it will be safe by imposing these sanctions against pyongyang it's a wrong assumption so clearly tensions are running high but again not the first time that these sanctions came into fruition and as you mentioned it's not the first time to have been introduced against north korea right so what's new this time. well the biggest change to the sanctions this time is that it concerns the things that north koreans see as the main boosters of their economy and one of the biggest hits there would be the the ban on. coal because just last year the north korean economy made nine hundred fifty million dollars on exporting coal and still the budget of the country was one hundred sixty four to forty
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million deficit so apparently with this new ban it will hit the north korean economy by at least four hundred million dollars since they can or will not be able to export oil basically the only thing that the north koreans will be able to export this time is cloves which makes up about four hundred million dollars annually worth of exports but then again it's a really tough set of measures against the country this time and one only has to wonder how the economy will feel after that because north korea is a reclusive country it's a closed off state it's really hard to know what is actually going on there economy wise but clearly it is the seventh time that sanctions have been introduced by the united nations against north korea in just eleven years this time definitely the hardest time of all seven because the previous six times clearly did not stop north korea from holding the ball a ballistic missile tests and these new set of measures against north korea are in fact the response to the two missile ballistic tests held in july so we'll see how
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this situation develops and where there will be a more escalation of this already serious situation on the korean peninsula and he new york thank you so much. so i mean two years ago sunday the united states dropped the first nuclear bomb ever used in war on the japanese city of hiroshima killing an estimated one hundred forty thousand civilians three days later the u.s. dropped a second bomb on the city of saki killing an additional seventy five thousand civilians this anniversary comes as tensions between the united states and north korea are the highest they've been since the korean war on saturday the united nations vote as you voted unanimously to impose sanctions banning approximately one billion dollars in exports and barring countries from buying north korean products like coal iron and seafood thousands gathered at an annual peace ceremony in her she met sunday where the prime minister of japan called for global cooperation to
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achieve a world without nuclear weapons last month one hundred twenty two nations adopted the first international treaty banning nuclear weapons at a united nations meeting well despite widespread support japan along with in the nuclear armed nations refused to take part in the negotiations this includes the united states russia the united kingdom france israel and china meanwhile both the house and senate are pushing defense legislation that would require the military to begin developing medium range missiles violating a nineteen eighty seven treaty between the united states and russia and to discuss this further we are now joined by winslow myers author of living beyond a citizens guide and board member of the war prevention initiative thanks so much for joining us with a first i'd like to get your take on the language on both the bills in the house and senate. well what's left of this story is what you just said it's not credibly historic moment that the. nice one hundred
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twenty two nations signed this treaty now i know why our congress is being tough on russia right now and it has to do with not wanting to roll over and do too much cooperation with russia because of the whole trump situation now if russia allegedly messed with the united states elections i'm an american citizen and concerns me greatly but when it comes to violating nuclear treaties or what's happening with this whole nuclear situation i identify as a global citizen and i think more people should and i especially identify one hundred twenty two countries that signed the. signed that treaty out lying out long nuclear weapons and else at an earlier historic moment historic indeed and president trump has already come out and said that congress has accretive quote
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unconstitutional provisions in the financials bill against russia so do you think this legislation will stir up even more friction between the president and congress . yes a little. trick sions mr trump's little name but. so what i mean this other thing the issue of preventing nuclear war is so much bigger than anything with mr trump shenanigans and now let's talk about how the un approve the treaty of the prohibition of nuclear weapons this past july and as we mentioned japan along with one country with nuclear capabilities decline and so us ambassador nikki haley however defended the absence of the us from saying quote there is nothing i want more than my family than a world with no nuclear weapons we have to be realistic is there anyone who thinks that north korea would ban nuclear weapons so what are your thoughts i read that
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interview with nikki haley's i question what realism is exactly these sanctions which were unanimously passed against north korea are excellent but even better or in addition to that the united states and china and russia and it's possible the other nuclear powers need to convene a long term conference lawrence independent united nations as part of it to begin to live up to their obligations under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that is going to reduce north korea's paranoia. just convening such a conference and start to do that and the adjust your goodwill but nobody's talking about that nobody's. you know who speaks for earth and we had a very conservative president who was opposite gurwitch of mr reagan some time ago the nuclear war cannot be won and was never before and i'd like to hear that from
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mr putin and i'd like to hear it from mr trump. another i'd like to read from kim will join to i think kim il. jim jones we'll i think we demonize him and what he's worried about is what happened in libya because they didn't have nuclear weapons or what happened to saddam hussein because he didn't have nuclear weapons and i think we we need to ratchet things down a little bit on our own side and there have been efforts in the past to you know curtail nuclear testing such as part of nuclear test ban treaty of one thousand sixty three but this effort obviously didn't eliminate it so in your eyes what are the dangers of countries possessing a massive stockpiles. well it's it's not so much the danger of the stockpiles it's the danger of an inadvertent miscommunication between superpowers who have or any other looking for power that have their weapons like
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india and pakistan that have their weapons on high alert and these weapons are connected with thousands and thousands of electronic devices and on the other end of the electronic devices are human beings which are capable of making mistakes very easily i don't know whether you want to use you know i can tell you lots of stories about how we came far too close. to having an accidental nuclear war start nest how it's going to happen so you think that it's going to happen and there's no way to go about as some kind of disarmament in a civil manner no i think we have to instead of playing chicken with each other we have to. worry less about capitulating to each other. and worry more about capitulating to the reality that deterrence is going to break down some time in the future because the odds of that are practically inevitable if you have
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this very highly technological system of weapons with electronic communications it's you cannot go on forever people can argue not deterrence has kept the peace for seventy years that's fun but we're talking about the future a future in which nothing ever goes wrong and nobody ever makes mistake and i can tell you incidents where in fact people people like in russia saw mistakenly in a new ripley the sensors picked up the moon or something and somebody thought it was american missiles coming in and saying somebody figured it out before we got into shooting more all at a time let them have it there with the liars author of living beyond a war if this is going to pull so much for joining our program today thank you. a
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u.s. appeals court threw out former blackwater contractor nicholas a slot in the first degree murder conviction and overturned three other former blackwater contractors sentences friday who murdered thirty one iraqi civilians in two thousand and seven and a two to three decision the court said the four are still guilty of murder from pouring machine gun fire into stop civilian cars at a baghdad traffic circle the court also noted they should have been tried together two of the judges re sentenced to three of the four overturning the thirty year long mandatory sentences that they received for committing a film felony with a federal weapon a charge usually used in again crime the dissenting voice circuit judge judith rogers the said before an appeal quote lacked any merits whatsoever adding that the thirty years had been says were quote appropriate pointing out none of the other blackwater security forces presidents fired their weapons no witnesses testified to
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the four blackwater contractors being under any threats when they opened fire during the twenty four thousand trial. baltimore has seen more than two hundred homicides this year and experts predict that number will continue to rise the baltimore city police department says it is doing all it can to combat the violence but it'll need the help of the community to make a difference so over the weekend activists called on a ceasefire but it wasn't as successful as they had hoped it would be here's our t. correspondent ashley banks with more. forty hours into the baltimore cease fire a twenty four year old man was fatally shot saturday afternoon and just a few hours later a thirty seven year old was shot and killed as well baltimore police are now investigating two homicides two homicides the city was hoping it wouldn't see this weekend last friday erica bridge for the core guys are of the action took to the streets of west baltimore to promote a seventy two hour cease fire and to encourage citizens story freedom from violence
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for three days all of violence and not completely stopped in the city bridge for stay positive standing on facebook baltimore's goal was seventy two hours of no murder and ten minutes from now baltimore would have seen forty one hours of peace from friday to saturday plus twenty six hours of peace saturday to sunday which equated to sixty seven of seventy two hours without murder many commented on bradford's post saying encouraging things and that this was still an awesome outcome regardless i also spoke with the bridge further during the ceasefire last week take a look at an extremely violent right there one of the most violent place on the farm and the structure of it is. at the bottom of that structure so when you reach the balance of power of course the people at the bottom of your structure your. strategy the game that they think the problem their structure and whether it's gang
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violence or people having an argument. people fail to find out where they're going to go with violence as american culture baltimore is on pace to set a homicide record this year surpassing the numbers recorded back in two thousand and sixteen and twenty fifteen experts say homicides have risen in the city due to the twenty fifteen death of twenty five year old freddy great great died while in police custody from a spinal cord injury he sustained during his arrest now on twenty fifteen the f.b.i. ring to baltimore as the second u.s. city what the highest murder rates we spoke with baltimore city police department spokesman t.j. smith who lost his youngest brother to gun violence last month take a look. we get calls every day from local media and national media want to know what the homicide count is that homosexuality. is human beings have an equal stanleys that are connected to each other and yes number one seventy three was my brother deonte smith and it's still something that hurts the muscle
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a couple of days past when that incident occurred and it's tough but as i've done since i've been in baltimore. a mouthpiece we're not only the police but before the community and for the victims of our own crown baltimore mayor catherine pugh weighed in saying quote over six hundred shootings in less than a year in our city and something has to give in so we are trying to protect the citizens of our city and make sure that we curb the violence and our city baltimore city police commissioner kevin davis has created district action teams comprising of officers and supervisors these teams have been deployed to different districts in the city in order to cut down on the violence and an organization called cease fire three sixty five is aiming to ensure that violence ceases to exist in the city all year round and washington nationally banks are t.v. . report published by the united nations office of counterterrorism down economics
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are a driving force for western youth who join terrorist groups in syria the report found a typical fighter is quote most likely to be male young disadvantaged economically educationally and in terms of labor market and went on to say foreign fighters are typically marginalized both socially and politically according to the reports they're also mostly unemployed or under employed well many lack any basic understanding of the true meaning of jihad or the islamic faith report concluded quote bad governance discriminatory social policies political exclusion of certain communities harassment by the security authorities all contribute to feelings of despair resentments and animosity toward the government and provide a fertile ground for the terrorist recruiter. a sixteen year old german girl is headed home this after she left to join isis months ago with caught two weeks ago with several other female i think supporters she could now face the death penalty artie's plea here oliver has the details this latest video that submerged shows
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sixteen year old linda ventile he's originally from a small town just to the the northeast of dresden in the east of germany now she's been taken away on what's been described as a walk of shame on her way to a detention facility by the iraqi military by iraqi troops there she says that she wants to return to germany that she wishes she'd never joined islamic state in the first place we're starting to piece together just how she got there it's understood she was radicalized online when she was around fifteen years old before deciding that she wanted to go off to be a jihadi bright and went off to iraq where that happened the question is now over where she will face more questioning will it be in a rock or will it be in germany certainly those in her hometown in germany think that she deserves the chance to come home and face justice here the girl is sixteen
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and got into this mess at fourteen fourteen and a half via the internet so whatever i think she should return everyone has the right to make a mistake and everyone should get the second chance if you look at the case of linda it's clear that young people in our country are not capable of defending themselves against extremist ideology because of a lack of identity in education this is led to a situation where a fifteen year old girl is ready to fight in a so-called holy war. however she remains in custody in iraq where she's facing questioning over her affiliation with offenses there is also the small chance that she could face the death penalty in iraq that would be for being a member of the islamic state however the german authorities are working very hard to try and get her back here to on german soil to face questioning here it's worth noting that there would be a full investigation as to what she what role she actually played while she was
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with islamic state it's understood that she may well have been part of a morality police in charge of making sure that women were dressed in accordance with the the ideologies of the the islamic state group it's very likely that she may face a lengthy prison sentence here in germany if she's found guilty of having connections or if she's found guilty certainly of of having fought for the islamic state in any capacity but linda is just one of hundreds of germans that went off to joy and islamic state in one capacity or another and these include many women and and young girls as well who went off there with the express intention of being jihadi brights certainly linda ventile who turned seventeen at the end of this month wanting to return to germany following her experience with i thought close up. and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is
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a comedian host and activists russell brand here's a snippet of what's to come what do you think of our president back across the pond i met him i'm sure you've met him a number of times i've if you know what i think is what is determining the numerous global political changes of our time is people of begun to despair of a lack of authenticity people are sensing that people the political figures are not real a lack of integrity what we would call to double speak the language that is superficial and donald trump ninety many things and he almost certainly is but what he also is is authentic i think he really saw that not that it was does he have a philosophy that i don't think philosophy and authenticity necessarily correlate larry i think that when donald trump so like he's glib about race or believe about
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agenda even if you think my god i don't agree with what he's saying or agree with what he's doing compared to figures the occupied the political landscape he has a kind of veracity the only other figures that have it all but i think jeremy corbyn in this country is an authentic man but i would agree that he's a principled and beautiful human being but he saunders in your country seems like you had a kind of integrity but was stifled uncontained and marginalized by this sort of political process and i think that that i think that that authenticity to use a ludicrous pun trumped a political turn if this is aimed more appealing to a liberal sensibility then best is coming up next right here on our team america. joins us for a preview of what. do you remember want to cry the hacker that was hailed as a hero for stopping the huge fire. attacked he spent the weekend in jail accused of
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being on the bad side of ransomware and bit coin shares soar over the weekend but is it natural or is one trader playing a high stakes game later parents are spending thousands of dollars to send their kids to camp to become social media stars that's what you can expect coming up ahead all right on the great show thanks so much. that's it for now for more on the stories we've covered that you tube dot com slash our to america and check out our website r t dot com slash america and of course you can follow me on twitter at natasha's sweets question more. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part is already america playing r.t. america offers more r.t. america for. many ways. just like the real
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news good actors bad actors. you could never hear all. of the parking. world of the world all the world's a stage we are definitely. going to judge. your true. there's silverman is a comic known for jokes and high. now this is what you get famous for this is what
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i liked her for this is what she got a lot of money for making a joke but she is also now the comic who is also now famous for calling bernie sanders the porter's ridiculous yet the poopy joke comic is the thing one who all of a sudden decided that she knows anything about politics at all to the point where she got all dolled up with makeup in a fancy hairdo in a fancy dress and diamond earrings and she took the stage at the democratic national convention last year where she decided to tell bernie sanders supporters that they were being ridiculous by standing by their candidate and not just getting blindly behind hillary clinton this woman who got rich and famous for telling jokes told everyone who wasn't supporting hillary that they were being ridiculous as if somehow telling jokes for a living qualifies her to know anything about politics that are so that was last year of this year when gosh wouldn't you know it but the an m is now helping sarah silverman promote her new show on hulu which she swears won't be political you guys
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you see you c.n.n. has a show called the history of comedy which features people's the in and take those important for some reason and silberman was a part of their latest episode of the news network tweeted about it to promote the show and they featured a clip of silverman talking about how she was a bedwetter this is i guess to show people she's going back to be jokes or something so last year silverman sanctimoniously got out of the d.n.c. and had the nerve to tell people who to vote for and if they didn't they were being ridiculous which is a major political thing to do and this year silverman is just all about jokes again and apparently she has the support of both c.n.n. and hulu because the and then just had her on their history a comedy show and who just gave her a new show the funny thing is silverman is trying to pretend like she's not going to be political even the rolling stones headline about her new show was literally sarah silverman to take on donald trump. new weekly show so silliman tells america
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to not be so ridiculous you guys and just vote for hillary after that she gets rewarded with air time from c.n.n. and a brand new show on hulu that's not a joke it's reality and to me that is. it's . all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play r.t.
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america offers more artsy american person. in many ways the news landscape is just like the few real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're on. so much parking all the world stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. here's what people have been saying about rejected in that it was to us exactly just pull along awesome was the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch. yeah because the john oliver of marty america is doing the same we are apparently better than bluegrass things but i see people you never heard of love redacted the night my.


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