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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i. the legal battles. in a racket decades ago as a court throws out convictions against guards for the notorious us military contract blackwater. news dozens of russian speaking children stranded in an orphanage in iraq after the parents allegedly died fighting for terrorists the story. of fresh reports of voting irregularities in the u.s. suspicions of. russia but we hear other problems more likely much closer to home.
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by their. own welcome to our starting with this the legal battle over a massacre in iraq a decade ago is heading back to the u.s. courts judges ordered the recent unsing of three operatives from the private security contractor formerly known as blackwater for faces a complete retrial then the four guards opened fire with machine guns and grenade launchers in baghdad square fourteen civilians were killed and seventeen others were injured the guards argue they were under fire from insurgents but no witnesses support the claim the carnage to widespread condemnation then and raise serious questions about the military's accountability in iraq. i don't know whether the
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birth where are. they were dead bodies everywhere and the argument going to be with you people in society among the dead bodies lying on the street those who are child. of seven years old. i blackwater was on the u.s. government payroll earning at about three billion dollars it secured
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a contract but that ensued after the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq operating as part of the us occupation authorities blackwater gain notoriety over its conduct its security flaws and disciplinary problems following the massacre the company rebranded its still operating it seems that scandals are little to dent the u.s. government's appetite for working with military contract is either because it's still thriving that practice jacqueline vulgar explains more. meet erik prince the founder of blackwater a private military company with a controversial reputation with its legacy you might expect prince's career to be over but this cannot be farther from the truth there's no backlash for him no shame the man's gun for hire business is booming what i care about is a tax payer is that large you wasting food say five billion dollars a year in afghanistan i don't think it's appropriate to pull out completely with all the wars the us is waging abroad times are lucrative for private security firms
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yet you'd struggle to find one with an untainted slate dyna corp for example for over a decade the u.s. state department was giving almost seventy percent of its funding for afghanistan to this particular firm this company's record features a sex slavery scandal in bosnia a male prostitution scandal in afghanistan and also there a botched seventy million dollar worth construction project were also means big business for sally port global who were paid nearly seven hundred million dollars to secure an iraqi base they allegedly turned a blind eye to alcohol smuggling theft security violations and allegations of sex trafficking and then fired investigators who uncovered wrongdoing that's all according to an associated press investigation the list of controversy goes on yet private security firms are doing just fine and filling their coffers with the spoils of war. r.t. washington d.c. go reaction from the photo shop monitor a group that monitors private contractors human rights records he believes the
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companies lack accountability for violations. in the u.s. . state and government reform from us asserted that during debian to thoughts of by disasters they don't like what the war in one hundred ninety five incidents involving failure saw you can imagine you nor the great impact on human rights or get it revoked from all this case it why don't you we're not going through do these two gross it's i was living through him doing producing the right and they can get you into ten people. and not that be missy's. did this a lack of public accountability or public scrutiny. or if you saw when you just used international. international norms in order the give you a tribute responsibility to the security contractors. forty eight russian speaking children
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a stranded of norfolk edge in iraq after they were rescued during the battle to liberate the city of mosul from islamic state and r.t. crews been to the shelter to visit them. yes but. it's just for the pilot. you're doing it for a movie called kinds of ways. and it's not at all surprising i guess considering what we've been through but as you saw some of those children appeared to be unsure of the road names or even well it's believed they were taken to iraq by the parents of enjoyed islamic state when i presume that russia iraq and jordan now trying to track down these family members of children some of them with describing the how we need to as they get into it and it is upsetting to this. now . that it was time that. sally. just lived one is still a little boy don't need
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yes there. was a fresh voting irregularities in it in the united states in california alone several counties have been found to have substantially more registered voters than voting age citizens as colored maupin's been finding out. voter fraud a subject that seen fierce debate in recent u.s. politics but the current president and his opponents trading barbs over claims and counterclaims flying back and forth every time voter fraud occurs it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen and undermines democracy can't let that happen the fiction that millions of illegal votes were cast in the two thousand and sixteen election it is imperiously stunning allegation for which the white house is providing new evidence to people registered in two states they registered in new york and in new jersey they vote you mean voter fraud california allows i believe there is no to four and
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a new report suggests that it's an issue that does need to be looked into the activist group judicial watch sent a letter to california for eighty's pointing out a discrepancy between the number of people registered to vote in the state and the total population of eligible voters it is urgent that california to take reasonable steps to clean up its rules we will see with state officials fail to act the greatest discrepancy was in los angeles county according to report there forty four percent more people registered to vote than eligible citizens living in the county and that amounts to roughly one million people now california isn't the only state facing these kinds of problems according to the report that was released back in april over eleven different states have counties with similar discrepancies we decided to talk to folks here in liberal new york about what the figures show there's not that much voter fraud but there's been a couple of states in the south but they've voter fraud before the local politics not for national things i just think it's
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a system where even if maybe one vote is off in a state then the state goes to the other way and mostly it's just i think it needs to be more on the people than it is do you have faith in the american electoral system yes absolutely you don't think it's rigged or faulty you know think our elections here in the usa are rigged. meaning. faith in the american electoral system yes tell me tell me why. because there's checks and balances in the system you don't have faith in the u.s. electoral system not really. if california doesn't get a grip on things it could soon be facing a lawsuit as it stands the elections of the united states and their integrity are now in question but not because of some a list of russian hackers the problem appears to be much closer to home able to art see new york. the u.s. state senator we spoke to says the problem spreads beyond california to this is
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a stunning number first of all your dish your watches are highly respected organization and they have compared the voting record with the number of voting any medicines or they're far more people voting then there are people who are eligible to vote and so the system is all of us great corrupt it's got a combination some of them are people who have died some of them are non set aside and some of them are legal there's some way you know illegal immigrants were being permitted to vote president trump has made the statement that he believes that literally a couple of no you know he cast. votes i tend to agree with him even though in virginia now virginia is better than some states and yet i know for a fact that there's a great deal of voter fraud. police in the u.k. have launched an interactive campaign aimed at raising awareness of extremist hate
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crime. it's just. the crossing the line up asks uses to make several choices depending on how you respond the story can then play out with the character becoming involved in hate crimes then ends with them either killing a personal witnessing others committing murder the project was created with the help of the county police force of bedfordshire in the u.k. and has now been indorsed by the can starbreeze across britain to where police advertise the game on twitter and ask people if they could spot signs of right wing extremism or maybe know someone who might as they put it cross the line but people were quick to point out the risk that the game might actually incite violence instead of forcing it is some of the reaction we've been hearing. i think this this this notion of this game trivializes how one can become radicalized and i think
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it's focusing frankly on the wrong problem it's a problem but it's not the major problem technically there is violence from both sides technically we have to be able to focus on what the reality is which is most if not the overwhelming majority of all the terrorism we've seen in england and certainly here the united states has come from radical islam not from islam itself but for radical islam that's really if you want to get the head of the snake that's really we should be focused on not some of them some game like this i think well i look i mean i think just comment there from our friend in new york just sums up what the problem is. we've had mosque you know terrorist attack here in the u.k. carried out by the far right we have a mosque bombed only a few days ago in minnesota and this is what the right will always do they always say oh forget everything else is happening from the far right let's just focus on the muslims i accept the majority of terrorist atrocities we see around the world carried out by so-called muslims the majority of victims of those terrorist attacks
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of muslims so you know i've been pretty consistent of fighting terrorism being on the front line and confronting it but what we require now is the same leadership the same commitment from people on the other side rather than looking for excuses for far right extremism are you serious are you seriously saying that far why by the way to be values i've used them violence looking for what you want is for follow do you seriously are trying to compare fringe right wing extremism which is exactly that it's fringe as opposed to the real credible problem we have with radical islam and by the way you're exactly right the majority of all victims of radical islam are not wait guys in europe they're in mosques in pakistan and iraq i agree with you so these these law must. electorate should be the ones who are most concerned with radical islam but to compare a few fringe and that's what it is fringy right where your stream is attacked. as opposed to what's going on overall in the radical islamic community is ludicrous we
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as faith communities should stand together against hateful language y. that it comes from within the muslim community and law that it comes from within the far right terrorism of violence is wrong full stop on the mission nobody should be making excuses for it i can point out there to me but i you know i guess you know what i want to be in a better i that's nice i like that and that boyd well lisa ended billiam nuff coming up the tsunami's most significant game in homes we'll tell you and hear what locals have been living through right after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around court. confirmation from washington washington post media the media.
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voters elect a businessman to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what holds us to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to that's. actually going to be that's what the three of the people. interested in the water. should. well again thanks for watching r.t. today the syrian army is clearing the eastern town of of i still terrorists it was
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captured by government troops at the weekend and is being regarded as one of the most significant victories in recent months we spoke to the syrian army's information chief to get more details on military units of encircled in the suburbs palmira or advancing on the last i saw a stronghold they may still be snipers the arsenal terrorists as usual are leaving behind land mines and unexploded shell making it difficult for the syrian army to me for a lot of troops and monitoring the city and tracking every move of the ice and snipers in fights the syrian military is quite the last i saw a terrorist from the city as soon as the operation to wipe out the militants is over the syrian armed forces were officially declared the liberation of the city. auntie's video agency ripley has filmed exclusive video we decide that. is the last islamic state stronghold in holmes province three taken towns but fifty kilometers from the border with there is zero province which is still the most and controlled might begin to be clear in his. syrian war geography the south east is
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where the color coded key is least complicated government controlled red vs eisel held the black divided by won't long desert front line and it's just shifted to the right of a town called no. there is plenty to so great for these pros troops and their commanders saving. edges them closer to their ultimate goal in this part of syria dare as zoar where one to two hundred thousand people are completely surrounded by islamic state and a few more months the siege will have been ongoing for three years in strategic terms is the last stop on the way to dare as sore province taking control of this province will mean wiping out isolate impromptu or production no more cash for the
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terrorists from. the government troops can also push to the north and if they can we night with fellow soldiers in the rocket province isis forces will end up cattle in the geographical heart of syria out of. the beginning of the absolute and of isis in syria with definite to potentiality of so many is only fifty kilometers away from that or retaking the thicket of thirty is of vital importance to the reopening of the route and the road to that is or now the other option is to actually link up with the forces coming in from them. northwest now that would create a huge pocket of remaining isis forces i think the army will potentially link up with what's left of the other forces and at the same time push for their vote in the quickest form possible we've seen the syrian army gaining ground and then
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relinquishing some tough lessons in war geography have been learnt those trapped in the arizona or can breathe momentarily with relief but there's still a long way to go as a leader mentioned there is always been under siege for years local totus the conditions that they face having to live under the shadow of. however i learned very late in the navy as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i hid her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them as suicide bombers to villian don't have access to regular good the commodities to service the planes aren't always able to reach their goals or are actually power through the equipment of the food which is needed it is already on
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the outskirts is one large front line you've got thousands of syrian forces fighting i think on a day to day basis they're in constant need of resupply. hate filled graffiti has been sprayed outside twitter's offices in the german city of hamburg but it's not the work of far right vandals it's part of a stunt in fact to highlight the abundance of offensive offensive posts on twitter and the company's seeming reluctance to tackle it the artist behind it use real tweets of racist anti-semitic and homophobic messages to try to make their point clear guy's name the artist who is shalhoub shapiro he says he's reported three hundred hateful tweets to twitter bug goes on to say that the social media giant has failed to delete most of them and that he says is what prompted him to take this radical action now. the law forces companies like twitter and facebook to delete those kind of comments after twenty four hours or to at least process them twitter is a huge company and they have a bunch of wrist resources and i think considering how much how many resources they
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actually have i feel like they're not doing everything in their power to stop this problem which is the big problem isn't it interesting that i have to spray those things on the whole street for people to actually notice them while those tweets of those tweets it's been on have been on twitter for years the only response i got when we were dare was you know after we sprayed everything day someone from the building i'm not sure if it's twitter or one of the other offices that are there or there they hired someone to clean up but he cleaned up only in the front so we only cleaned up the interest of the building while all the other hate comments were. were still there and i thought it was a it was a nice symbol to how twitter approaches things while we've been in contact with twitter to get its reaction to the story we have a good response as yet when we do we'll tell you what the company says.
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today tuesday marks nine is on the calendar since the start of the war between the caucuses country of georgia the self-proclaimed republics of south the city and of couse here georgian forces waged a massive attack on the south asserting capital. to try and get it back under its control russian peacekeepers who were also came under fire. ah. so it was sears just phones or some reason why didn't. third think he did it.
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was. georgia is under attack from its neighbor russia we are all georgians georgia's president says russia is attacking his country secretary of state rice is calling on russia to end its assault on the republic of georgia. needs to suck i surely will start to use more and mr saakashvili who east i call myself and. two days. my my. people were killed anywhere. and people and she'll tell you one day and that's what you guessed i would tell you that unfortunately
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a commercial break will take us there in four seconds what. on this anniversary of he's been talking to the leader of one a judge's opposition parties at the time who recalls by then the role that the then president saakashvili played in the conflict we got a full interview airing here in a few minutes but here's a little of what's to come. no war. really was the person who is most responsible in these tragic events i was the clear. just. treat all by media and media representatives and even right now this party to openness to gay shit in a film made by european union despite of television is the collaboration this party talks of the things that everybody knows what's really happening to see if they
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really begin the war the. verdict uncomfortable enjoy it nobody wants to. see intent to say. so more of a next after the break you're out international and if you can stay with this further but with the next live news update. he said. basically. in the. house he will be. talking to.
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get ready. but not a lot of any of us come out of a skid but i'm going to look at him as art when i was up the money into. leaving a long time let's. just say. there . is a long. long way to be made. for the good people who go from zero zero zero zero. zero. zero am a group of charlatans on wall street and around the world that are pushing onto the investment public securities that are not going to last and it will cause
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pain but it's enabled by the central banks thank you. so the cost is always going down. is the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the south the city and war how would you say the events of that war and the conflicts to view today. first a full i would like to thank you for this opportunity to speak with you or. to express my. georgian reality i would like to mention. even into cells in the eighties i saw deep and serious results could bring for joy.
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a place in. war but unfortunately even the people didn't understand there was a member celebration of that week to read and i would like to say that right now some people enjoy don't understand reality or world as they are living under illusion but i see. these sixty years war situation in a consenting territorial integrity and situation consenting conflict a solution. worse than the worst and might. disappoint the. dignity used to for solving their problems just many politicians they are closing the reality of the problems and fortune.


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