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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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american involvement in iraq. dozens of russian speaking children were found stranded in an orphanage in iraq after their parents pledge to die fighting for terrorists we hear their stories.
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of. being. international our top story this hour the legal battle over a massacre in iraq a decade has returned to the. border at the. from the private u.s. security contract. with. machine guns and grenade launchers in baghdad where fourteen unarmed civilians were killed and seventeen others were injured the guards argued that they were under fire from insurgents although they wouldn't support. spread condemnation and also raised serious questions about the military's accountability in iraq. but
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there are. there are dead bodies everywhere busy arguments going badly with t.v. . among the dead bodies lying on the street those who are. seven years old.
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well during the period the firm was known as blackwater as a. government unsecured contract but after the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq operating as. these black water did. conduct security for. disciplinary problems following the massacre the company rebranded is still writing the scandal has done little to dent the u.s. government's appetite for working with military contractors who are still thriving is. now expects. erik prince from a black water. dish to what the. it's an expert. on.
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private security firms. and what did. for example. state department with getting seventy percent of its funding for afghanistan to this particular for this. afghanistan and also the air. million dollar instruction project. to secure iraqi base they'll turn a blind eye to. that sticker. allegations of sex trafficking has been fired prosecutors who uncovered wrongdoing and that's according to an associated press investigation a controversy goes on yet private security firms are doing just fine and selling off the spoils of war. are to washington d.c.
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police. through. one thing is part of a broader move to the west and. the. absolutely clear to the rest of the world that they have impunity so i think this is really the broad. project of proving to the world and to the world that british forces have impunity and that extends to. remember was to be interest in this trial in the u.s. it was from two thousand when they forced on the iraqi government. on their muslim would not be able to be tried in iraq at all so they have to make some. time to show that they were going to try.
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and. they were taken by their parents to join islamic state. that russia iraq and jordan . to track down. some children have been describing.
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to. me. one.
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but. what's happened in the victim's particular. case papers. how involved two years of how for the mother and her husband called. he went to fight alongside state. and basically first went to syria and then actually kate not the son i took him that was back in october twenty fifth. had not seen the.
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actually. with her son and. the. russian authorities are now seeking to cooperate and to repatch. a lot of those there are dozens of apparently there who are russian speaking whose parents decided to join and so you know at least something. children will. respect and stories. have such a happy ending it's called. the two thousand and six husband
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decided to have to turn. three. and then later contacted. grandparents and told them. she gave birth to her fourth child. she apparently tried once to talk to parents and said that i had to try to take the child away from her why she went to iraq she then stopped calling her parents so they did not hear from her after that and apparently her husband was recruited by ice or he had a month's training and he was sent off to fight and was told that he was killed now the grandparents have contacted the russian authorities paying for their help but they want to find their daughter. i'm only.
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we understand that three hundred and ninety. two. convention. it would be effect the power. of making up the. city but the beginning of the middle of.
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it. to countries like greece that this was simply because in the constitutional court greece could cope with the numbers the situation in the camps wasn't up to standard well that has meant that germany would be returning asylum applicants to greece was made on german television by the greek minister. we accept. i understand the. results to see that just among the heads of germans going to the polls here to elect the new chancellor is germany going back to the treaty and returning. fines in the country but that situation increased while it was deemed unfit back in twenty eleven it hasn't really improved so far.
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reasoning. has taken its right to return. to greece. and he joins this. interesting back in twenty seven right up until now. and then suddenly they can what's the reason you think that this turnaround in policy by germany. it's all very. the main reason elections comment on that let's remember the origin of this whole hora bush blair obama clinton began the whole thing with attacks now we've seen the results now to what i can only call a strong measure of hypocrisy on the part of. remember i think in two
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thousand and eleven actually publicly that multiculturalism had failed and yet only a few years later. became very politically correct. german people. and now again because i mean trying to present their image these poor refugees are just being treated as cannon. we have a country which possibly could. a party taking a few hundred. only the tip of an iceberg. ever continuing negotiations. that's the way i see.
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you. as a. success. even . if. you know more than. i'm a huge number of those employed on tiny money and so i see the basic. you're
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. having. a great crisis even. i didn't quite catch you think things. do you think. people. i'm spreading them throughout the union. members like greece and partly. it's not good. for the.
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for. our already.
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sick. preseason. and against. german fans attempting to attack the
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supporters. on the. the german club in ninety six is taking it very seriously just statement saying that they're going to fully cooperate with the police to bring the perpetrators of this violence to justice this violence has no place in a football club together with the british authorities ninety six we believe to identify and limit potential violators so how did this unfold happened on saturday during a pre-season friendly between the lancashire team but german side and six about forty minutes in. a small number. started. clued into the. doesn't like an impromptu piece of violence because the hooligans were a party where in last gumshield some of them reportedly carrying. the game was then called off half time one police officer was admitted to hospital with
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a head injury and three other people were injured as well now the police had something was going to happen but unfortunately they weren't able to prevent it and they ended up having to draft in reinforcements from elsewhere here's what they had to say. policing operation was in place for the match based teligent additional resources have now been brought in from across the country to ensure further. course with the football season starting later on this week this is bad news for both says police and of course. north korea has lashed out at. the trend of. its. daily. against the country and. the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and the deterioration but like i did states. states refuses to stop
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silty. never bring. a program to the negotiating table. honestly approve sweeping new sanctions against north korea they do restrict the export of coal metals and food to other un member states and. that country will not be increased. and will adopt. the north's economy one billion dollars per year were given the growing tensions south korea is now seeking permission from washington to develop more powerful ballistic missed tiles under. treatment between the u.s. and. develop missiles in a moment with a range of up to eight hundred kilometers and with a maximum payload of five hundred kilograms on sunday though the president asked
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president front to change those restrictions and the pentagon has indicated that it is likely to accept that request we discussed the security analyst former u.k. army officer charles ship. some talk. amongst. us politicians and military. should be encouraged even not let. us know some talk about that the past few days and the. ratchet up tensions. but of course can come as a deterrent. against both assuming of course that the north to use its weapons and of course assuming that that's weapons would be the south rather than targets for a failed i will. i'm certainly not put a halt to the. missile and nuclear weapons program at least not for the forseeable
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future. the special. investigation into alleged russian meddling in the us elections robert mueller is reportedly considering appointing a grand jury for the case the media have been focusing their attention in particular on the meeting that involved. natalia. we all know her name tell us and tell us so it's. a vessel needs. to tell you a vest on its. head. and. turns out it was nothing but we spoke exclusively to give us and it's. what she feels
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about the possibility of a grand jury being involved in the investigation into the alleged between russia and taint trump. yeah for. i don't know what exactly mr miller's going to investigate regarding my meeting with his president's son i can at least by now know that my meeting was determined by my duties as a lawyer i was defending a russian citizen in the united states of america if it turns out the defending russian citizen in the us is a crime in that case there is a subject for mr miller's investigation you see it's interesting how the u.s. media machine works the new york times sent me a request with a list of questions on the eighth of july i was very surprised by these questions they were focused on my meeting with mr trump at first i couldn't even remember when exactly that meeting happened it was so fleeting and in consequential it is was interesting after receiving a quick response from me the new york times published only
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a short part i needed today this article has changed significantly if you look at the first on this matter and compare it to they published on the eighth you will see how dramatic the difference is understand that the whole story. is trying jr has been manipulated by whom i see only one answer to this question if you find the met with you'll find the explanation we got so close to the truth behind the magnitsky act who was pushing it and why the years at stowe much about what was happening in russia between nine hundred ninety six and two thousand and six we found out so much about the real cases of them battlement of russia's budget and considering the challenge mr brader the man behind in this story i think it's all orchestrated by him and his team. well.
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and they even testified to the senate committee. she believes that brad as a person because he's lost a court. in. any .
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way. to being me. people myself i'm sick of the.
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