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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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dozens of.
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the world. welcome to the program our top story the. decade ago has returned to the u.s. courts judges have ordered. three operatives from the private. indicating. to. trial.
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tractors are with. grenades launchers in baghdad's news source square the day fourteen on armed civilians were killed seventeen others injured the blackwater guards argue they were under fire from insurgents but no witnesses support the claim the carnage through widespread come to. raise serious questions about the military's accountability in iraq. every.
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known as. secured a contract after the two thousand and three us invasion of iraq operating as part of the us occupation authority. to conduct security flaws. following the massacre the company did but it's still a. little to. working with military contractors
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who are still thriving here's our tease. meet erik prince the top honor of blackwater a private military company with a controversial reputation what it's like saying you might expect prince's career to be over but this cannot be further from the truth don't backlash for him and no shame but the man's gun for hire business is booming i care about the taxpayer. it's appropriate. with all the. lucrative security firms. with an untainted flight for example for over a decade the u.s. state department was given almost seventy percent of its funding for afghanistan and to this particular book for its complete record features sex slavery scandal and boss a male prostitution scandal in afghanistan and also there a botched seventy million dollars worth construction project were also means big
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business for sally port who were paid nearly seven hundred million dollars to secure an iraqi base they allegedly turned a blind eye to a hospital billing bafta security for elections and allegations of sex trafficking unfaired investigators who uncovered wrongdoing according to an associated press some suggestion the list. goes on yet private street firms are doing just fine and filling their coffers with the spoils of war ducking the question to d.c. . believes that. for its own forces for mercenaries. well if it's part of a broader move by the west especially in britain and the usa to really make it absolutely clear to the rest of the world that they have impunity. that is really the. tree of the show that british u.s. forces have impunity and extends to the innocent as well remember this really
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interesting this this trial in the u.s. is it was from two thousand and seven when the u.s. forces on the iraqi government an agreement that their troops there must. be able to be of course some semblance of some kind of show that they were going to try soldiers and u.s. courts and now even that seems to be being rolled back to very very troubling development i think. another headline stories this hour russians are currently. in the battle to. state an r. t. crew shelter to visit them.
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well. other family members some of the children helping described. them as. soon. as. the top. five. mm.
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mm. fell on the. only of. personal money. which. there are two stories that have come to. really paint the horrors of what's happened and how innocent victims particularly children and in a foreign country without those identification papers what will happen to them
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they've got no support of anybody else the first story actually came across has a happy ending it involved two years of health for the mother. went to fight. state. basically first went. and took. him. through she. with her. contact at the. kenya.
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but russian authorities are now seeking to cooperate in trying to repatch straight . there are dozens of them apparently there were russian speaking whose parents decided to join in i said. so at least something is going on and happening hopefully some of those children are safe now the second story is equally it doesn't have such a happy ending is about to go power is charged in two thousand and nine and six husband decide. they had three children at the time and then later that michael contacted her parents at the children's grandparents and told them they were rock she gave birth to a four there and she apparently died when she contacted the parents and said that it has been to threaten to take the children away from.
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the parents but they didn't have. the power. by ice at the months training. to fight and he was killed in action now to contact the authorities for their help as they want to find. children. but. prepared. so.
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much of. the. got in touch with. john have broken legs or hands this is because they were abandoned by their parents and for. any other man that there are the iraqi children. that. have this child. there is no difference between them and the others. we consider the victim. the father. of the child the.
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special counsel overseeing the investigation into. doing in the us robert report a jury for the case it will be allowed to interview everyone involved in the controversial meeting between. which. media attention. we all know i want to. be a festal that's. how i have this telescope i have been to beslan it's. to wake up one morning and find you know the focus of both of all the ops to me. exclusively tell me if it's only we asked her what she thought about the
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possibility of a being involved in the investigation into the alleged collusion between russia and . i don't know. it's going to investigate we got with his president's son and he said what i know is that my meeting was determined by my duties as a lawyer i was defending a russian citizen in the united states of america if it turns out the defending of russian space in the u.s. is a crime in that case there is a subject for misdemeanors investigation he's impressed by the. best but it must be. by the press. and the.
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response. they needed today. has changed significantly first story they had on this matter and compare it to the original version they published on the eighth you will see how dramatic the difference is i understand the whole story surrounding my meeting with tom jr has been manipulated by whom i see only one answer to this question if you find the motive. and. the man behind it all straight to buy him. or american broader emerged as a central player in the scandal between. trump and even testified to the committee
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lead to.
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the program. the international committee of the. by the number of. which was allegedly. showing the body. from. local officials say not people died in the. children.
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but. just. a. very. belligerence. make the difference between. but.
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then. again. another incident against me because i don't just stop and now this latest one and indeed wideout on wasn't indicted on me last friday again. is saudi arabia taking appropriate measures to avoid civilian fatalities. and. it is. now just. a basic point and we can. all that. it will be listened to because you say hobbes said this many times before
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what should the international community doing about the crisis. this is a very good point. only to the people who actually. that's. a good. thing based on the display and state of the. team that conventions and yes a what is based on the hope we reach. a mind. easily and certainly hoping that. to protect
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our princess. is. to think. it. may be to not make any comments into. nature. and with ease the consequences of what is going on and she would also like to read. thousand one hundred sixty thousand systems and that the largest such. times which is that correct consequence also all of that contradicted the way it is going to is being waged it does beg the question is the human experience in yemen or for getting enough media attention. i would say during the last months it does get me
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yet to be. seen on television it's. a burst open like you did last month. in. the budget. we appreciate your time and your thoughts on this pressing matter you london jacques i'm a spokesperson for the international committee of the red chorus in the middle east region thank you thank. you. might have said pfizer has warned north korea not to test president trump saying the country is tiny and irrelevant in comparison to the u.s. and its capabilities this is a little nation if you compare it to our capabilities they don't come near being even close to pick a predator or so this is block this is nothing else except black mail
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well the comments come after. the latest round of sanctions imposed on p.r. it said washington will pay dearly for what the kim regime. crimes against the country and its people on saturday the un security council unanimously approved sweeping new sanctions against north korea they restrict its exports of metals and food to other member states but also mean the country will not be allowed to increase the number of north korean labor the employe on foreign investment will be blocked it's. a billion dollars per. given the growing tensions. in from washington to develop. a bilateral agreement. develop missiles with two eight hundred kilometers to the next month payload of five hundred kilograms on sunday korea's president
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trump to change the restrictions and has indicated that it's likely to accept the request we discussed with security analysts that. some talk of the. us politicians and military. be. allowed to actually develop its own nuclear arsenal and there's some talk about that in the last few days and again of course. crease instability but of course can count as a as a deterrent or could possibly come to town against both of course the north ever intend to use its weapons and of course assuming that those weapons would be the south rather than perhaps targets further afield but it will. not put
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a halt to the. nuclear weapons program at least not for the future. stories are shaping up this way you can always get your news developing are up available right now it's absolutely free and this is the party leaders.
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i felt. you calling. me a long. today is the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the south the city and war how would you say the events that were in the conflict today. the first pull i would like to thank you for sister to me to speak with you and to express my deepest upon standing georgia and i would like to mention. even into cells and eight.
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i saw on t.v. and see the three for joy. but unfortunately the people didn't attend. the celebration of victory and i would like to say that some people. are living under illusion but i see. these sixty years after the war situation and certainly territorial integrity and situation concerning complex solution. is worse and worse and very much. support the georgia didn't use the for solids a problem just a pussy many politicians they are closing ice owns a reality of the problems unfortunately i would like to mention. this project
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selves and to bring serious problems which we can't just to. create a better possibility for joy future with. the the georgian media provides fair and balanced coverage of those events no absolutely not of course lead to the more may be clear the need to was during a truly international movement. that's never. i didn't see a new release to investigations to journalistic investigation in the media or even some tests to show pictures from different sides. for example and i mentioned. the. problem was that this.


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