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i. i. and fuelling president from north korea of the consequences if it continues its nuclear threats against the united states. for criticizing the diversity policy box of free speech but he gets a job offer from with. russian lawyer and broaden the collusion scandal with donald trump's team explains exclusively to our team why has been exploited by the mainstream the whole scandal over my meeting with donald trump has been carefully orchestrated and you know now this story has proven to be gold for so many.
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other good morning my sleep the time which has been story not son of course it's nine am here in moscow this morning thanks for being with us let me take you through our top stories over the next half hour the most other way this will big story president trump has issued a stern warning to north korea's leader over his threat to carry out a nuclear strike against the united states. north korea. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see the president isn't alone in issuing ominous warnings to north korea a white house aide came out against threats coming from pyongyang saying they should think twice before testing trum this is a little appears sure the nation if you compare it to our capabilities they don't come near to being even close to
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a pick competitor or so this is block this is nothing else except black mail now these comments come after north korea lashed out against the u.s. the state run news agency didn't hold back in the least saying that there would be no bigger mistake than for the u.s. to think that they are safe across the ocean adding that washington will quote pay dearly for the latest wave of sanctions approved by the u.n. threatening retaliation one thousand times over now those new sweeping sanctions against the asian nation restrict the export of coal metals and food to other u.n. member states foreign investment in the country will also be blocked and it's estimated the sanctions will dent north korea's economy by one billion dollars per year for its part north korea sees the u.s. to be at fault for the deterioration of the situation on the korean peninsula. this is the root of the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula and the deterioration of the situation lies with the united states as long as the united states refuses to
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stop its hostility and nuclear threats towards the tepee arche the d.p. are key will never bring the nuclear and ballistic missile program to the negotiating table i think the north koreans have put forth look we will stop our missile tests if you stop your war games we've been doing war games on that peninsula for fifty or sixty years from now so what good does it to walk away from that entry point into negotiations other than. the fact that the united states simply does not want to really enter into negotiations so the saber rattling continues to come from both sides escalating already sky high tensions and now trump has taken the dangerous step of all but declaring war on north korea what this can't be is an ego fight and right now what it felt like was a fight between trump on one side and kim on the other and to see who could make more outlandish statements and the fear is that if somebody flinches if somebody screws up there could be hundreds of thousands of dead people here this is
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a very real fight this is shockingly dangerous and the last thing we need to do is stand down it started bumping chests and talk about who is the bigger man in response to the threat south korea is no seeking permission from washington to develop more powerful ballistic missiles the current agreement with the u.s. marines in the south can only develop missiles with a range of up to eight hundred kilometers of the maximum payload of half a ton but on sunday the south korean leader president to extend those parameters the pentagon's indicated it is likely to agree security on this shows shoot bridge believes that if the u.s. makes such a move. some talk amongst the in the south and even amongst. us politicians and military that south korea should be encouraged even not let alone allowed to actually develop its own nuclear arsenal there are some talk about that in the last few days and again of course that again would no doubt ratchet up
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tension increase instability but of course can count as a as a deterrent or could possibly kind of deterrent against the north assuming of course that the north ever intends to use its weapons and of course assuming that the target of those weapons would be the south rather than perhaps targets further afield they will lash out rhetorical invariably and will i'm certainly not put a halt to their. missile and nuclear weapons program at least not for the forseeable future. but the linkage of the last story that presently hadn't been finished didn't make any sense but you got the gist of it anyway no our next story this morning wiki leaks is offering a job to a google engineer who was sacked over an internal corporate memo the web giant's move has sparked a debate over free speech in corporations headed to julia's son jack used google of censorship and tweeted that it's not fair to fire employees for freely expressing their thoughts and to james them or was fired after sending a memo criticizing google's diversity policies his bosses say that breached their
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code of conduct next the looks what was in the. in corporate boardrooms across america the buzz word is meritocracy ideology isn't supposed to matter employees are supposed to be hired judged and promoted based on their skills and ability however the high tech firm known as google seems to be straying from this free market ideal and now employees can be fired if they step away from the liberal social justice party line they recently fired an employee and sent out this memo portions of the memo violate our code of conduct and crossed the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace so what is it that he said what stereotypes was he promoting well here are the fatal words i'm simply stating that the distribution of preferences new pollutes these men and women differ in poets you to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership now those are fighting
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words as far as some people are concerned and the guy is not going to win any popularity contests to be fair by having a top employee make comments like this google opens itself up to the danger of lawsuits and allegations of discrimination in hiring but is there an ideological criteria for working at google let's take a look at where some of this thought crime logic leads. google won't fix john with unconscious bias training when they keep employing people who are proud of their conscious bias honestly if no one is fired over this google should just admit the commitment to women is window dressing the article is publicly supported by many people internally begs the question how many privately supports agree or subscribe there are many people who google who share this guy's views they do pit performance reviews and interview people they discriminate yes the usa heralds itself as the land of the free and the home of the brave but on certain college campuses in
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silicon valley and in other parts of the country there's an atmosphere brewing where if you have the wrong political opinions or cultural views there can be very harsh consequences. r.t. new york. it always ends of the spectrum legal analyst journalist my current of their thoughts on google's move with us. what kind of idiot would decide. google to basically slam diversity to refer to women in particular. descriptions which might under some. interpretation of human behavior might be considered valid but to others patently offensive what is google supposed to do this fellow who wrote the memo he will never work in a normal corporation or a big corporation ever again in america a what he staggered was basically one interpretation that women were inferior.
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based upon a variety of reasons and rationale which to him i'm sure makes sense and by the way he may be now the darling of the right right the libertarian right whatever you want to call them the memo in fact most people reporting on it never read it the people criticizing it i read it it was quite sound quite sane it was temperate he even said that nothing in this memo means that we should respect everybody we should respect everybody and then google went around and fired him and showed him that the left does not respect anybody who has independent thought the problem is not that we don't understand what the problem is that this is a sensitive to people what google then has to do is address the other workers as it were to me i must fended by this do you endorse this when you don't have actual evidence that you're being the victim of sexism but you want to believe a victim and become a victim then you find evidence whether it's. the russian lawyer at the center of
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a collusion scandal with donald trump has been given more details about the pressures she faces from the president's opponents in the us media last month the top of a salute sky was dragged into the rubble of a claims that russia interfered in the u.s. election over a meeting with the president. we all know her name now and tell us about sky italia vessel and its natalia vessel needs sky and italia the sound of sky and natalia vessel in its sky i. have to wake up one morning and find you know the focus all from all the high ranking up stream media. i don't know if it turns out it was nothing but you get more of this story in an exclusive interview airing today here in the tell of us and it's been speaking in-depth about how the mainstream media has been handling
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a story. my story has nothing to do with politics i did not really care who would be in power the republicans or democrats i do not care about how the situation is unfolding today mine was a human story it had nothing to do with politics i was really amazed at how the us media machine operates on july eighth the new york times sent me a request for comment they asked me to reply to a list of questions i was surprised by many questions relating to the trump jr meeting i was not even able to recall the exact date because it seemed like a poncing meeting it did not lead anywhere there was no outcome so i sent a detailed reply to the new york times and surprisingly in their post on july eighth they only publish small extracts from my statement only what they needed now that same piece looks completely different on their website it has been thoroughly revised there is a huge difference from the original article that was published on july eighth to me
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it looks like an orchestrated story the whole scandal over my meeting with donald trump jr has been carefully orchestrated and blown out of proportion we have come so close to the truth of how russian budget funds were stolen and that a fair i just happened to be on the front line so to speak and i challenge mr brown to publicly he invented all of this he and nobody else he and his team set it all up it is extremely difficult to find a small to medium manipulator than bill browder. let's talk about him american fans who bill browder been emerged as the central player in the scandal between the television lead skier and donald trump jr and even testified before a u.s. senate committee leaked state department e-mails revealed that broder had long been gathering information and personal details about wrestling moves she believes he then ramped up his public vendetta after losing a lengthy court battle three months ago against a russian own real estate firm in cyprus has complicated this will stay with me which she was representing he accused it of money laundering but the case was
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settled on the firm was cleared exposing but i think that brown himself is a pawn in someone's hands because this story has proven to be gold for so many it was gold five years ago when it made the very first russia sanctions act happen and it's gold now especially now is gold for the present day tabloids for politics and the mass media with its anti trump frenzy. next turkey's gearing up to open its largest overseas military base in the african country of somalia but it might not get a warm welcome with some of the other nations who've already got a presence there is the key idea of cheater explain somalia's attraction than to foreign militaries these days. the horn of africa has seen a surge in foreign military bases china has agreed to open its first there and it's capturing the imagination of film directors on the big screen. you know they say violence never solves anything. this year is fun.
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we're going to have a no. one hotspot is djibouti it's currently housing americans japanese and french troops but it's not the only country welcoming foreign militaries turkey is due to open its largest overseas military base in somalia the united arab emirates there in somalia two after they agreed a thirty year lease for a base in the self-proclaimed state of somaliland so the burning question is why why the influx what are they doing there to confront terrorism and piracy working to central command to ensure that the civilian shipping lines have not lax their security to a point that terrorists will not enjoy good food is it helping well the problem still remains peristyle attacked ordinated attack underway in the somali capital of
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mogadishu there have in the last month been four five maybe six. attacks here in the region military spokesperson says if you are a service member has been killed in somalia for the first time a new bloodshed in somalia a car bomb exploding near a police station a recent example saw a luxury cruise ship or to holiday makers to switch off lights and refrain from playing music for ten days due to the threat of pirates in the region so the question is why such a significant increase in military presence well african affairs expert over johnson believes the world powers the turn of the continent into the latest theater of military confrontation. now we're seeing africa again being the center ground for the new verge of proxy war i would call it because all these different countries which are fighting military bases on the african is a huge worry china who is already having a military base of its own excuses that it's all timidity wants to protect its own
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investment which we know it has the americans have similar bases not to mention the europeans all seem to have a huge stake and wanting to show that they. might show their muscles and their military capabilities against one another and that strength calmness at the expense of every single african nation ultimately the biggest losers will be every single individual on the african continent thanks for watching r.t. from moscow this wednesday morning money as kevin know is still to come if you can stay with me at the time for the next fifteen minutes among the stories ahead humanitarian groups in the u.n. getting increasingly concerned over the ever growing number of civilian deaths in yemen following a deadly raid at the weekend it's coming up. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs
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a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than that and see people you have never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank paid him because he really meant it seriously send us an email. local wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still . produce offspring to tell you that so be gossiping template file. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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again this is moscow it's now eighteen minutes past nine in the morning here at r.t. the red cross is again expressing alarm over the number of civilians in yemen being killed in airstrikes the country's been under constant aerial bombardment from the coalition for more than two years now in a battle against the government who says rebels the medical charity echoes the un's concern too over a deadly air raid on saturday that armed conflict laws are being breached there and that civilians are paying too heavy a price because of it disturbing video emerged of the strike showing the bodies of a family being recovered from the rubble for you the war next what we're about to show you does contain some upsetting video well local leaders say at least nine people died in that attack six of them children they believe the bombing raid was
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carried out over the rebel stronghold of saddam when asked to comment on the strike the saudi coalition replied saying it does not target civilians the middle east spokesperson for the red cross told us the situation is nonetheless getting worse. what we noticed is just very disturbing trend but it passed months even weeks the military it seemed not to make the difference between the indicted and major attack that going into the laws of armed conflict. but does that work have to meet at most efforts to make sure that legitimate military objectives and not to ian's holmes or market you know would also like to remind your audience about the degree but could it be the meat that's going on in yemen tonight now over one hundred sixty thousand suspected cases close to two thousand dead the largest search. for days which is that day when it's over so they want the end of the week is being reached
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by the beginning of the year there was a. seen on television it's. a burst open the night into the last months to get a lot of attention and we certainly do hope that these orders that we recorded to which i just described. the continuous bombardment of yemen has claimed thousands of lives since two thousand and fifteen and left much of the country in ruins. that it sounds like a little. reporting
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next few this morning another volleys being fired in the increasingly frosty relations between the u.s. and iran president rouhani is warning donald trump gets committed what he says could be political suicide by trying to undermine the iran nuclear deal. those who intend to tear up a nuke you do have to know that they would tear up the scroll of their own political life by doing that. donald trump's never had a good word to say about the iran nuclear deal of course and recently there's been reports this is ministration is reviewing whether or not to withdraw from the agreement altogether it is a total and complete catastrophe it's one of the most incompetent contracts but despite the us president's claims there's been little evidence that iran is not complying to run fulfilled its commitments to ship enrich to radium to russia as well as mothballing centrifuges and removing the coal from a reactor would get reaction from some iranian m.p.'s.
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then we got the islamic republic of iran will not be the first to violate the deal the trumpet ministration is trying to push your own to do this but they will not succeed the iranian parliament will issue a statement confirming iran's commitment to the joint comprehensive plan of action but if the other side violates the deal we will act accordingly we will continue to remain fully compliant the americans have always violated international agreements not just the nuclear agreement trump spoke of many things during his presidential campaign and what he says now is totally different to what he said back then. joel is coming along as limit republic of iran has announced but quickly resume uranium enrichment if the u.s. violates the joint comprehensive plan of action and would reach a higher grade uranium enrichment obviously. it's not difficult for iran to restart iranian enrichment or high grade remain committed to the nuclear deal and so far the americans are doing the same but if they cease to comply we will change our
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course and return to where we were before the recent. a race riot was broken out over a b.b.c. t.v. cartoon about roman britain which a split view is in its pitted academics against one another to now all this is over a program that depicts a black high ranking roman soldier. just what a man needs after working hard for the roman empire pays tax is the film an empire could question well we're part of it here you cannot rewrite history based on today's values you got to rewrite history the way it was history should be more like other electoral pursuits outside look at us on the moral domain or outside whatever value system of interest describes in the way that statistically these are historical realities the problem we have is there are certain political interests which are looking to divide communities which are looking to push back the idea and
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the ideals of multiculturalism that we have different contributing populations different contributing demographics within broader society. to scientists in particular have been trading barbs cambridge historian mary beard a one side insists the cartoons portrayal is accurate citing quote firm evidence but the other side statistician nassim nicholas taleb use i'm just earlier is not convinced by it prefer sabir who's renowned cambridge scholars said the cartoon character was loosely based on a governor of roman britain back then it was believed had been of african descent but nassim taleb says her understanding is flawed even if you have a character from far away it is not representative and usually brainwashed children . plus the other thing is she doesn't seem to understand that people around the mediterranean at the time look very similar things should be bottom up good fences make good neighbors we should be globalist but let's not be universalist to the
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point of ignoring people's national identity or things that they value but typically if the way you do it goes against artistical series. it's twenty five minutes past nine in the morning in moscow hope your day is going good the big story of the day the ramping up of the war of words between the united states north korea we're crossing you can follow it to all to dot com or on your mobile i'm kevin i would here moscow for me good morning.
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gratings and cell you taishan. on a long enough timeline everything's life expectancy drops to zero including russian election meddling conspiracy theories and time has not been kind of the purveyors of this new cold war fear mongering you see for those of us paying attention and reading between the corporate news headlines this summer has seen too many significant revelent tory blocks pulled from there now teetering russians are coming coming game of jenga to still believe that it was russian hacking and wikis leaking that cost hillary clinton her coronation last november one significant
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block was the incredible discovery by the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity that goose of her two point zero was not at all what he she it appeared to be and that those particular hacks weren't hacks but files downloaded to a flash drive in the eastern time zone. and now yet another block has just been shimmied out after crunching the election numbers a new study now attributes donald trump's win last year not to russian hackers or a horde of single white males steve bannon clones but to those hardest hit by america's militaristic neo liberal foreign policy of endless war the communities with the highest rates of military casualties. the report titled battlefield casualties and ballot box defeat did the bush obama wars cost clinton the white house was authored by douglas criner a political scientist at boston university and francis shen
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a law professor at the university of minnesota and they found a significant and meaningful relationship between a community's rate of military sacrifice and its support for trump you know i wonder if the rachel maddow is lindsey graham's or billy crystal bill kristol will take the time out of their busy busy busy busy days blaming russia to read this report or will they continue marching and cheer leading us into war with north korea russia or maybe at the end of the day even ourselves while they do that let's start watching the hawks. like you that i got.


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