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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 9, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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the ideals of multiculturalism that we have different contributing populations different contributing demographics within broader society. or to scholars in particular have been trading barbs cambridge historian mary beard insists the cartoons portrayal is accurate citing firm evidence she say's the character is loosely based on a governor of roman britain who's believed to have been of african descent but nothing nicholas taleb whom you saw earlier isn't convinced even if you have a character from far away it is not represent that and you should brainwash children. plus the other thing is she doesn't seem to understand that people around the mediterranean at the time look very similar things should be bottom up good fences make good neighbors we should be globalist but let's not be universalists to the point of ignoring people's national identity or things that they value but the
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cli if the way you do it goes against that this tickle series. where across the big stories twenty four seventh's so to keep checking in with our tea on air and online . often are sparring with. banks geysers financial survival they say money the balance of. climate change these are the central banks the four diet problem is the problem right down. here we're going on the ground as the world commemorates the use of united states weapons of mass destruction against hundreds of thousands of civilians in nagasaki
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and japan arguably not to end world war two but to raise the threat of cold war armageddon coming up on the show the big issue as the. poorest communities and one of the richest areas on a. shadow across the british imagination we speak to the founder of the magazine of the homeless but about called national prevention you. go through what was good wrong in the. policy so to speak. face to face interview going to ground from the headlines claims counterclaims in caracas and how the and they chat it's privatizing. all the civil coming up in today's going underground so the lives of hundreds of thousands of british children in tory britain are apparently under threat according to the charity the trussell
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trust as u.k. children lose access to free school. meals during the summer holidays years of blairite labor and tory austerity have been put into sharp relief in one of the richest countries in the world meanwhile record rises in homelessness have accompanied the transfer of wealth from social services to defacto taxpayer benefits for the city of london some believe that all it would have taken for engineer liberal leader jeremy corbyn to be prime minister of britain right now instead of theresa may propped up by a party linked to far right paramilitaries would have been of the lethal grenfell tower inferno had happened before and not after june's u.k. general election joining me now is the founder of the big issue crossbenchers lord bird who is proposing the creation of a new body to curb the excesses of capitalism on bird welcome back to going underground so wants to resume his government's response to your proposal for a poverty prevention unit well when i spoke to her previous to the election just
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before a few days before she announced it. she liked the idea of looking at this how you could make all departments. passed through the prism of how does this relate to prevention she like the idea of it are made the point to save i'm making it that most units never really car use so they're bureaucratic and yeah i mean there's a squad of form filling in and all that and we know damn well look that every every government minister in their department a clique like you know chasing the greyhound chasing the rabbit of their department and then you know in the slightest bit interested in working across party and across government so you really got to get these people and banging their heads together that's why you need a unit when you as a crossbenchers spoken as a lord baron as busk d.w.b. and states in employment is at an all time high in rejecting your proposal it
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sounded to me like in the house of lords so poverty prevention unit at a time when we've never had it so good when it comes to employment. well it seems to be the what do you make of a response as long as the government well i you know you know people have to make responses you then have to move on and undo what i'm carrying on with the concept of what i'm calling a prevention alliance which is across both houses across all parties and i'm trying to get the government to turn that into a unit so there is measurable and the heads are not together what did you recall vince people say and well john mcdonald also just previous to the deputy just previous to the elections said if you're going to see to raise or this is well before you know if you got to see teresa tell her that we are up for working
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in a nonpartisan way around dismantling poverty you see the the problem is about seventy percent of all the efforts the go into the both houses are ground poverty and its effects so we're always dealing with this even if we're dealing with the environment we're dealing with all sorts of things i'm poverty is there all over the place so poverty is to every radical a public were almost talking about creating a day of small government a day of a small national health service a day of a vigorous education system only things if we dismantle poverty so john might don't and to raise them i and other people realize that the writing is on the wall we can't just keep trying to give the poor a little bit of a bit of better conditions my argument and it is maybe because i'm a marxist catholic so on the bit weird there my argument is that we have these
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people who victims and we have these people call rescuers and they the never the twain shall me there's only always a lot of people doing a lot of good for the victims but i know. never get them out of victim ship or even if it is a good thing that's that's arguable when one could say because surely the forces of capital have found a way to solve the situation i mean i know the shelter which runs ran into a few personal problems of the greenville tower it's a director's skipping over that they're saying one million risk homelessness in the next two and a half years private renters at the moment but this is a capital. social cleansing move all these people out of the big cities of the compazine or the then what happens is you move the more you move into something something like grand will happens and instead of having to spend say a pack a pound on a problem you have to spend a thousand and what's happened with grumble it's alerted people to the fact that we
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have been getting increasingly we're moving further and further away from the concept of social housing and with that where we're allowing borrowers like kensington and chelsea who have a real problem their big problem is how does a posse borrow with a shed load of money on a log bridge people how can that how how can they relate to a very very poor part of the borrower where you've got people who are destitute as anywhere else in the u.k. it's very very difficult who has learnt to you know see the pasha off and make sure they get older they want you know paying their rates and at the same time help people who are absolutely desperate it's almost like asking people to be schizophrenia you know the two opposites and that is why that is why we need we don't need to believing we carlene poverty to local authorities we have to have a almost a kind of minister of poverty
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a minister who looks after who runs of the poverty unit who runs the prevention unit and is in a in a way struggling to cope. find a balance all of this and bringing people into the fray rather than just leaving it to kensington chelsea or westminster what's been starts some of the poorest people this isn't tower hamlets this isn't you know this isn't you know south sheffield is a mill and i should say labor councils arguably do the same as the library. unisa pool you missed municipal socialism is as guilty as municipal conservatism in this area the most revolutionary idea arguably you've come up with and i'm surprised that you know whether you thought you were going to get it through the private member's bill given the property is the bedrock of capitalism you wanted to treat private rent is the same way. young. people getting moved which is do
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yeah there is only about the private member's bill because it seems pretty fundamental what happens to it and what is it it's a it's a private member's bill it's had its first reading it's number thirteen in the list certain it will at some stage get a second reading but that might take a year or two so i'm trying to just tell me what i'm trying to push it forward the idea here is that what you do is if you got a mortgage tomorrow and a year later your credit rating would you're great rating would go up the more you pay your mortgage if if i am living in rented accommodation a brain that pretending is that the people who decide your credit rating say i'm sorry you're in rented accommodation so what you've got is you've got to go i mean it's them an ass over credit rating now the problem is if you've got a load credit rating that means you've got to pay more for your credit whether it's by getting into a mortgage whether aspiring white goods whether it's going on
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a holiday whether it's buying school uniform for the children so what's happens is you're paying more so the poorer you are the more you're praying because even though you're paying the rent and the council tax so what we're doing is we're saying no no no you've got to change it so the big issue invest which is a part of the big issue has over the last three years lifted quite you know i think in the region of over a million people working with experian good capitalist country company we working with them and we've helped to raise people's credit rating eighty percent of the people we work with so we're talking about over a million people who are paying less for their credit which means to say that they're not being penalized simply because they are buying words there whether any thing good could have come out of the original atrocity in kensington and chelsea i mean we talked about. increases in homelessness i think the ninety seven percent down in terms of social housing says david cameron to theresa may want to
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government do you think the way they're reporting the aftermath of grandville the faces of mainstream media they actually look frightened as if they suddenly realise the kinds of issues you've been talking about for two three decades maybe. i do i do think as a kind of bit of the writing on the wall i think we're all a bit cheesed off with the way that we're treating the poorest the most needy the way that i need power as they always move their poor into the same area so for instance you could be bringing up your children you could be having a very very hard life you could be on a minimum paid work it and they'll move you into social housing where you've got other people who have very very similar so in a way it kind of depresses everybody or i'm talking about and i've been advocating is that we don't need more social housing what we need is more social housing and sociable housing is where you and i and other people and i have children and
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grandchildren wherever one of us we will mix in together so there isn't a gated communities i think gated communities are a killer for the people who live in them because it turns them into zombies social zombies and it also turns pit it kind of is them and us so i have been talking about sociable housing. rather than just social housing and that is where you mix it up it used to be mixed in other areas other times where i lived in a slummy part of notting hill after the second world war there were people who were there was slums here and then there were other people right now there's this kind of cleansing notting hill is is a new kind of slum it's a really really posh john but lord but thank you after the break it's all vandalism we speak to the artful dodger about using spray paint to fight against police brutality tourism may and social cleansing and from the headlines will be finding
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out who is striking at the heart of the health service and taking a cheeky peek some poverty pong ball the ball going underground. oh there are already out there that want to fly around. but whole existence to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president or injury. or some one of the reps who. have to go right to be press was a white woman for three of them or can people that i'm interested in the waters of my house. first. welcome back with me now is broadcaster and former liberal democrat member of parliament member to pick them bed before we go on to your real newspaper stories i noticed a lot of interest in this country about the diana story in the daily mirror saying british police told me princess diana was murdered death quest driver's dad claims on was collateral damage implored what do you make of all that you see the documentary it continues to be the conspiracy theory of the day it's been going on for twenty years now frankly somebody saying i was told that princess diana was
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murdered isn't really proof is it i mean ok maybe maybe she was maybe she wasn't but on the balance of evidence is that the main thing you got to talk about she died it was tragic the princes of chad their hearts which is far more interesting let's get on with the news this is from global research yes global star says u.s. has budgeted forty nine million dollars for venezuelan right wing since two thousand and nine it's not that much nicer here in the country club area of caracas maybe maybe where you come from and i think it's quite a lot because these are the people who are complaining about president maduro and suggesting that he's not up to the job you've probably seen in the western media a lot of complaints about madeira saying that it's corrupt saying that it's becoming a despot and the americans quite keen to stir it up none of this money is to help stability in venezuela is to help oust the pastors democratically elected just in this month but i mean is it all grossly that important to me corbin says for instance that we must condemn violence on both sides presumably
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a bit like apartheid south africa nelson mandela a violent terrorist you must get versus a violent apartheid racist government you should just be irregular when are you really stretching it here corbin is being under fire because he won't condemn the democratically elected president of venezuela really i've been to venezuela there are lots of problems there but in reality coping. hasn't said anything wrong here it's just another chance to have a positive end because the people who don't like him don't like the fact he supports madeira oh and that's probably all of the americans and anybody else is too lazy to see what he's really done and at the same time if washington really wants to create another syria in venezuela i still live there actually hundreds of thousands dead in venezuela is that what washington wants it might be the price worth paying for far more oil reserves than even in iraq let's put it out there ok meanwhile back here them mainstream media not as interested in this story as they are in venezuela for some reason it's going to morningstar this is about industrial
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unrest the more recent morning star says nurses scrapped the wage cap all well strike the stock planes probably correctly that there is a risk of having a strike as a result of the problems in the health service or aging the royal college of nurses and that's a fairly reliable source so you would say well money stars found to be trying to start up on this occasion they are saying that john a davis is warning the chancellor of the exchequer that if he doesn't pull its finger out and get decent wage rises then it's as still going to go wrong this on top of the fact that the n.h.s. can't currently recruit enough nurses that's tied into brac set and probably to do with poor wages too and lots of problems brewing of course he alleges paid for by tax money hof the rate that other countries some other countries do g four s. results today though around four billion in revenues why do these nurses who are on low pay get shares in g four s. who get the contracts despite being under an s f o series for diversification this
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into it's a brilliant idea actually let's not eat for four weeks and put all the money we save into g four s. shares how do you do next i didn't know jack shit before we go into the next well i did notice this thing that someone was saying that they went to the n.h.s. for cancer care and was offered a leaflet on going private it's a little story it's a bit of a tragedy i suppose she's terminally ill i think school valley show field and so. got a letter advertising private cancer care now i think it's been big up a little bit in the press but it is insensitive and the fear is just outside the gates of the national health service all spittles the private sector is waiting to cost center and perhaps this is slightly incentive example of that private sector often subsidized by the taxpayer through different tax concessions and the problem of private partnership which will be paying for for years ahead but don't get me going on that we come back that's not the time let's go to the guardian exciting
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competition that could solve all these problems instantly the guardian has uncovered this as if it wasn't tasteless enough already gets a house for free poverty porn at its most pernicious the man pictured here is called marco until innocent generous philanthropic with a very difficult upbringing he was poor himself what's interesting about this story is he's getting the poor the deserving poor to bid for a free house i'm sure it's bid i mean it's a channel for all of bush's british t.v. station which is long been controversial and increasingly grids are they going to fight for this in a gladiatorial style way as a syrian refugee family a person with partially sighted it's not exactly a bloody mate is what you probably development is yes but the idea is he's actually quite empathic and said i'm still in the story the actual program but apparently he comes across as quite a good guy but as you say execute the refugees if they don't get the house what i mean you think it's a virtual execution if you're homeless then there are actually cited personal
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ratings or go through the roof and not case but no they're not and they're not public perception of what public bowie of greater faith than me the fact is that one of the families will win the house on the basis of whatever criteria marco's sets i just can't believe that they're going to have some of the poorest vulnerable people in society competing for a rich man's how could i. done tastefully that's accepted might be done tastefully it minds have a good social subtext but really what are we watching we're watching families competing to get out of at least one part of their poverty just maybe they'll be talking about the extremes of wealth and poverty and in that sense the millionaire a poor man come good maybe has something useful to say so i don't knock it until i've seen it but i don't like the idea you're going to be just you know just three families are now made homeless is a statistic from a shelter in scotland so this is one family i think they get
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a place and that's only two made homeless so that's a better statistic that the current three made homeless every hour because of austerity policies that were legal for all of the u.k. now to be one slightly less bad day that's the could it like them bit opaque thank you. forty six years ago today britain's tory government sent the army into catholic homes across the six counties of northern ireland operation dimitrius conducted by m i five and the royal ulster constabulary would lead to thousands being forced from their homes and to mess anti catholic imprisonment without trial let alone torture as judged by the european court of human rights and today even as britain's to resume holds on to power thanks to a billion pound payment to a party linked to partisan paramilitaries the legacy of u.k. repression lingers and all across the island violent murals remain
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a testament to the martyrs who died at the hands of british secret police and soldiers those murals inspire the artful dodger a london street artist to use his pieces to speak out against social injustice today deputy editor sebastian baca went to speak to him in south london we have covered the artist's face to hide his identity. on politics a voice when strange bedfellows i mean another of those people who say. celebrities who stay out of politics or social issues but i think if you have a talent and you have intelligence to use it in a way which i would have to be creative intelligence people would say that i'm taking sides but i don't see it that way i just think that the other side i'm taking is one of tricks.
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for me as with a lot of post politics is that. some of the social commentary. that kind of was a seed was planted in the leg because. just. six i'd just on a. billboard i spray paint star which went up on billboards around the country and i had an x. small community submission and a gallery and nothing of. someone came down from a local newspaper you know he wrote about the trial and of the end of it he kind of made a comment which was unexpected for me but i actually had a lot. where he talks about the political and island and also the history. of the
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seventy's over him britain who's saying that you've got a new generation of young artist common off who were obviously talented a lot of them but all they doing is watching their name was such a waste my ego kind of took a slot once again. but i actually want to want to throw all actually. why am i complaining he's right and i began to think. if we look at it from another angle a lot people appreciate my work at the time where young people as well as on the local community online and into housing estates stuff like that i think i sense myself. i could be generation of artists who are producing something for young people and a style this time by young people want to use it while the news to a lot of why our names say something which young people who are concerned about a word about care about and we can actually use it as a way of speaking for ip is
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a no such unique in the with peers but on a wider level my two sons are into street rising. began to think that actually the not show kind of light potentially politicians for the. in the media. the conservatives continue. to speak and saw the council. pieces using the. easy. way. to look. at especially british politics. promises that he's making in the face of the same old story and i think the british people should do the same. with the podium not just the press press politicians. explaining why they do things that make decisions. politics and over here
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because everything is interconnected i mean i remember doing a couple of pieces can see the american election one of them was. mainly because a lot people say was like a painting but it wasn't it was just a painting which was based on the. mrs robinson shoes. on america because it was almost like saying america is in darkness they need a hero they need light they need guidance so where have you gone you know this golden hero in america you know the world needs you know say wasn't a trunk. piece it was basically. calling out saying that america needs heroes and the reality is they shouldn't keep looking to playschool leaders for that because trump is a bad candidate but then again so was clinton i think if you look at how political
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history how she was in bed with cope. rationed and also why don't people actually look at the stuff which was released by wiki leaks about clinton in the clinton campaign if you really want to look at the truth you started going to those i mean forget what russia was saying was reportedly saying or doing i mean but i think it's funny how the media got the public to focus on just a few things all chops at this time so i think the candidate as controversial as it may seem clinton was worse than trump. he said a lot of stupid stuff. because
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. the. back. finishing that. big issue changes.
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it's not a. strength of america's nuclear arsenal ofter he threatens north korea with fire on fury in washington. exacerbating the president spoke to him to kim jong un in a language that secretary taylor some has said and said this morning in the kind of language they understand. also ahead this hour families of those killed in the current involving american military contractor blackwater in iraq just as a u.s. court the convictions.


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