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tv   Headline News  RT  August 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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thing up on our t. america fire and fury that was made by u.s. president donald trump to the d.p. r. k. at leader kim jong un as tensions increase between the two nations. today marks the third anniversary of michael brown's dad shot and killed while unarmed and ferguson missouri sparking protests which still reverberate today needles are turning up off the coast beaches shorelines even hiking trails i mean talk just sweden coming up we'll explain the latest facts of the opioid at the deming.
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late evening it is wednesday august ninth five pm in washington d.c. i'm on your part until you're watching r t america we begin this hour as today marks the third anniversary of michael brown's death brown was an unarmed black teen who was shot and killed in the streets of ferguson many people were outraged by the events which transpired forcing many to question the role of long foresman and the justice system here's our teens ashley banks with more. on august ninth two thousand and fourteen officer derren wilson shot and killed unarmed black teenager michael brown in ferguson missouri brown's lifeless body lay in the street for four hours after the shooting took place which angered the community on august tenth twenty fourteen st louis county police held a press conference claiming brown was killed because he was reaching for wilson's gun later that evening protests erupted through the city now between august eleventh and august twelfth the f.b.i.
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announced it would join the police and vests again and president barack obama addressed the shooting calling brown's death heartbreaking police were outfitted with riot gear dispersing pepper spray and rubber bullets as protests continue now on aug fifteenth the police department released surveillance video of brown taking part in a robbery prior to the shooting brown family accuse the police of trying to tarnish his character the very next day on august sixth he is the governor nixon declared a state of emergency and ferguson and impose a curfew making it illegal for anyone to be on the streets after midnight fast forward a few months on november twenty fifth two thousand and fourteen a grand jury decided not to indict officer wilson for fatally shooting brown a recent associated press investigation finds why there are rarely any convictions in fatal police shootings when african-americans are the victim saying quote many jurors are simply reluctant to reject the accounts provided by police don yet
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a bally president of the black lawyers association of cincinnati chimed in saying quote i think white jurors use them as not being capable of any wrong even when the facts show the other side the investigation also finds that racial bias is a factor saying quote studies have shown conscious and unconscious fear of african-american men plays out in numerous weights leading to the it usual not guilty verdict like in the case of lead up to steal. parents crutcher and sam to boost shortly after officer wilson was found not guilty brown's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit on june twenty third twenty seventeen ferguson's insurance company paid the family one point five million dollars the cost of brown to what studies show more than often families will receive million dollar settlements paid for by taxpayers before they will see a conviction and washington actually banks are in.
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the heavy handed police response to uprisings and ferguson prompted former president barack obama to reform a program allowing war weapons to be transferred to local police departments three years later the new american leader occupying the white house supports a further militarization of police as are teasing marine important i reports the sniper rifles armored vehicles and tear gas used by law enforcement during the ferguson uprisings did more than just shed light on america's policing tactics the events also turned tension to the defense department and thirty three program which allowed local police departments to obtain military weapons no longer use on the battlefield in the aftermath of michael brown shooting former president obama reform ten thirty three aiming to demilitarize the police the transfer of certain weapons like bayonets tanks and m.
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raps are prohibited from being sent to police department however america's new commander in chief has promised to reverse the reforms recently calling ten thirty three an excellent program which enhances public safety you know when you want to take over use military equipment it was saying you couldn't do it you know what i said it was my first day you can do it. that stuff is disappearing so fast we have not left. you you really knew how to get that but that's my honor and i'll tell you what it's being put to good use in the meantime it appears that ten thirty three reforms put in place were in name only earlier this year the government accountability office says it ran a sting operation by creating a fake law enforcement agency and applying for military gear reporting to a report released in june. the agency obtained a one point two million dollars in war weapons from the pentagon but some of the
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equipment that they received included night vision goggles simulated rifles infrared illuminator and according to the g.a.o. some of the equipment that they could receive could have been made using publicly accessible materials. on the third anniversary of michael brown's death and the protests were a blow to the ten thirty three and other similar programs remains in the hands of a president who believe the country's civilian police are making good use of weapons made for the battlefield reporting from miami marina r.t. since two thousand and thirteen chicago police have deployed highly militarized swat teams at least thirty eight times to respond to situations involving the mentally ill and suicidal people most of whom are african-american latino and living in poverty since president trump took office there have been at least ten deployments aswat police in response to incidents involving mental health issues
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according to the guardian and twenty six thousand at least twenty percent of the one thousand and ninety one people killed by police had a mental health condition or in the midst of a mental breakdown before they died to discuss this heavily militarized approach to mental health issues we're joined now by dr daniela kantor over dr country why do such highly militarized responses to situations involving mentally ill individuals often have such lethal outcomes. i think there are several factors involved and i'm important one is just lack of accountability on the side of the police so when an incident of killing happens parties that all get charged and do not suffer any consequences and i think that's a big big part of this issue the other parties having unchecked power and access to weapons which. you know in terms of responding to mental health crisis quite a disproportionate. the other piece that i would like to talk about is bias
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both implicit and explicit so we know without a lot of studies that show that parties are more likely to employ violence towards blank and brown people i'm. surprised at all but i kind of question whether it's only implicit bias because oftentimes. i think there is more to it there is a study that shows that employees act more disrespect forty two words people of color who for instance when they stop them you know during traffic stops and that disrespectful behavior you know showing murders and disrespectful language i don't think implicit bias is sufficient to explain this i think there has to be more explicit you know active instance of racism and the humanization that occur. we know that some police officers also have ties to white supremacy organizations and so you know i think that that he needs to be able to into and trashed
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especially with the emergence of the blue live as a matter movement in response to black lives matter we've seen some of those tendencies come out doctor the u.s. surgeon general has previously stated that gun violence is a public health issue but do you believe that state violence is also a public health issue can you explain what you mean. definitely so first of all when a party is going or an instance of party state or a police violence happens you have the person who is impacted but you also have that family and their community and witnesses who also article country traumatized by that incident and often what's overlooked is that there tends to be children involved you know who either takes notice the incident or you know lose it and what it's or you know are in some way affected by this violence and these families or people who are impacted usually do not get any services any aid you know unless
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they get involved in these expensive and stressful lawsuits you know so that's fairest you know the immediate impact of the incident but the other thing is that it actually ends up to arise in the community so then if you see on the news that all these parties getting started happening and the police officers are not getting charged then you know just having. tony's show up in the community can lead to stress to anxiety to a sense of terror because it's not creative what could happen next night because you know incidentally some of the killings are so frequent right having a record of in places like chicago and baltimore i hear people often describe to me the relationship they feel with the police is that of an outside occupying military power especially as we're seeing more and more military grade weapons being given to local police departments as someone who works with trauma patients why in your view would prevent mentally vulnerable people from being victims of police violence you know thank you for and
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a question i mean i think again helping police accountable for the incidents from the cost would go you know a great ranks. to having people in the community response to the crisis instead of the authorities who would be important i think you know because mentalities come they often are not sufficiently trained or eat. and even a out of trained they'd out of perceived you know as the occupying force or as a threat so instead having somebody who actually is from the community that had a crisis all critters who knows the people and who is trained in crisis response could actually be much more effective in deescalation absolutes. and also having you know stronger community ties i think we have any needs to be asking ourselves a lot to say for the communities who are leads to healthier communities and i personally don't believe that increased employee saying is the way to create healthier or safer communities because that carries an assumption that social
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programs going to be solved by force you know they can have a squash bringing heavy veterans can we have about thirty seconds left can police on their current form be reformed or is the answer you know if we're talking about mentally ill people perhaps providing them with medical attention or institutional care exactly i definitely think that it needs to be more easy access to services both outpatient and integrate integration but also prevention efforts you know we often talk about how to prevent p.t.s.d. you know how to treat p.t.s.d. what are the symptoms so they had what's you know what are the fact there is somebody and so you've got to the need to really think about how to prevent traumatic events from happening and preventing traumatic events from happening in the first place means addressing right supremacy you know means addressing issues of poverty and investing in communities in education you know on programs for the youth and things like that all right dr daniel a counter of a clinical psychologist at the right institute really appreciate your time this
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afternoon and thank you. as the opioid epidemic dramatically stores across the u.s. deaths among users isn't the only thing increasing around towns argue that hodges we went to massachusetts where needles from drug users are turning up in places the you'd least expect when you refer to the u.s. it opioid epidemic as a modern plague and according to the c.d.c. the number of heroin related deaths has nearly quadrupled as a byproduct of that health crisis there is another one in the making use needles are carrying up all across the country and all those who don't even use drugs were at risk for disease. in a scene of serenity and natural beauty. it's startling to know enlist amounts of needles are all around us an issue that that's not only that everybody else takes there are washing up on the shores. of this poison so full meals and just yards from neighborhoods transient camps are popping up infected with needles
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. all imports of hypodermic needle train up all across the country is staggering and alarming rate here in law massachusetts just some kind of boston you don't have to go far to see just how vivid the country's problem is and then we follow the the hundred armored vehicles that coming down every day well like most of what's going on in. rocky morrison heads the clean water project he's been cleaning the merrimack river for the past fifteen years in the mud for the last four years rocky says he's noticed needles in the water here in their faces contemporary needles he's seen in last two have been unbelievable with the needles but when you're sad seeing a lot of the needles then you know the something wrong. according to morison part of the problem are these homeless camps since the majority of them including tent city are near the water the camps along with the needles in them regularly washed up acting as a lurch conveyor belt of the river transports these needles all through the river
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even into the ocean the needles aren't just turning up in areas where home. reside we travel to a wealthy or area and plum island we discovered a used needle within five minutes of hitting the beach jimmy murphy father of three was shocked to know needles were in places like plum island where his kids one of them just six years old were merely yards of the needle we came across it's very scary and it's very much a part of real life and it's like you that you asked of is is this reality and it is yet to be a nicer part of town how surprised are you to hear that this issue with. some other places where there's a home with cancer is actually here on t.v. it's very very surprising and shocking and i think it's pretty telling were you know it shows that it's the epidemic is everywhere i don't know what these needles have to say no whether george charros has run a business near plum island for the last several decades he says needles haven't been an issue in the past but now people are finding them on the beach and turning them in there's
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a lot of people want to be and occasionally they'll bring up. a needle it's the heart of times they don't like to touch it don't leave a get a container and scoop it up for or take a. nap can or something and put it around and that's what kills you when you find this toys when you find kids' toys that are here around how enables all shocking it's nothing new as these images reveal massachusetts coupled with new hampshire reportedly the fastest growing states in this epidemic across the country to california epidemic there is worst seen through an entirely new level in the city of san francisco although there were reportedly two thousand one hundred three ranges found in march of twenty sixteen and just one year later this past march a whopping thirteen thousand syringes were found in many worry it's the children at risk for these blood borne illnesses just seventy five miles south in santa cruz an eleven year old girl reportedly stepped on a needle in a swimming pool and twenty fifteen eleven point five million americans if you've
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prescription opioids in twenty fifty. resulting in a whopping fifty two thousand deaths in overdoses that year an all time record at the ready say expect that number to rise they're going at it all wrong morrison points to his local needle exchange program as another part of the equation how many illegals are being all over the river bridge because this puts my guys and my volunteers in jeopardy too so i want to worry more what's going on out here today and find out i ran into a gentleman down there and he says you know what he says this is the company radio national the needles are according to the national academies of science is engineering medicine well the improper disposal of needles is a huge continental exchange programs they have helped lessen the number of people getting hiv or hepatitis from sharing needles by providing clean ones we reach down to the greater lawrence family health center for comment the same clinic morris instead was passing out free needles while they initially agreed to an interview they declined at the last minute however an employee who wished to remain anonymous
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tells us they have programs aimed at educating people to help get needles off the street kids that morrison was opposing also contain bleach water and caps for the needles to they can be safely disposed according to the employee programs like theirs are the reason why the number of drug users getting hiv hepatitis has dramatically declined so the question remains that had you not claim to help stop one epidemic how do we prevented from creating another shortage join us tomorrow as we discuss the root of the cause of this opioid crisis sweeping the country and over massachusetts the toughest sweets are teen and iraqi shiite militia says at least forty of its fighters were killed and thirty wounded during an attack near the syrian border on monday several of iran's elite revolutionary guards were also reportedly killed the deputy head of the a militia accused u.s. forces of carrying out the attack adding they were hit by artillery fire in syria's area while the u.s.
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led coalition denied any responsibility for the incident calling the allegation. quote inaccurate iraq's prime minister says the government has launched an investigation noting quote the international coalition has no authority to carry out bombardment without the knowledge of iraq however both the ever aki prime minister and self-proclaimed islamic state attributed a responsibility for the attack to isis to talk more about syria iraq and the region let's turn to shod he's a historian and director of international studies at trinity college his latest out at counterpunch is titled appetite for war the us israel and saudi arabia versus iran v.j. welcome to the show you begin your latest article with a quote from secretary of state rex tillerson stating quote our policy towards iran is to work towards support of those elements inside of iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of that government those elements are there certainly sounds
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like foreign interference no. well yes of course you know the united states has been in. for about a hundred years and since the first iranian parliament was declared between ninety six and nine hundred eleven so it's no surprise to you once more u.s. secretary of state there was a senate committee that the united states' policy is essentially to overthrow the government it's important i think to see that this is not a threat for the future but it's almost a statement aboard the president's the good the united states has over the course even know of the past few years of them did to destabilize the government in iran including of course perhaps having a hand in the assassination well for iranian nuclear scientists between then and do
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indeed. as part of their effort to ramp up tensions with iran the administration has consistently threatened to pull out of the joint comprehensive action plan concerning the iran nuclear deal one of the main accomplishments of the obama administration do you take that risk seriously and where might u.s. around relations go from there. well you know honestly on the air it's very hard to be completely rational when analyzing the strumpet ministrations foreign policy you know one minute he's threatening war against iran the next minute he's threatening war against north korea these are both extraordinarily complicated you know antagonism that is to say the antagonism between the united states and iran or the antagonism between the united states and north korea you know one should be i think quite sober minded when dealing with these conflicts but mr trump seems i think hell bent on somehow provoking war either with north korea all with iran the
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question of iran i think is very serious mr trump has made it clear to his inner circle that when the next round of the certification for the nuclear deal takes place which is in october is most likely going to be nicer to be creation if you deny certification which now seems pretty certain he would send that denial to the u.s. congress and then within a few months a speech will open up for mr drum to undertake some kind of military action against iran and if the united states believes that military action against iran is going to come with no doubt that the ation i think it should be quite clear that it it's mistaken because it looks you know like the iranians have built up it by listing rifat of capability and they have already said that they would like a hundred kilometer you know breathing space or radius from the iranian border they have the ability to strike american targets in iraq in bahrain encounter enough
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gonna stun and you know if the united states strikes they would likely strike back this is a very very dangerous flashpoint there's a divide however within u.s. foreign policy at least when it comes to who the real enemy is on middle east. some say it's the islamic state others say for example this week former secretary of state henry kissinger declared defeating the islamic state might lead to a quote radical iranian empire he notes the u.s. and russia partner with opposing sides in the middle east how do you assess his view and how much of it is based and a cold war era mentality. well it's certainly the kind of cool binary thinking that me so you know from one hundred forty five to one hundred ninety one but there's something quite i think malevolence here that needs to be pointed out you know mr kissinger who is developed you know an expertise in essentially dividing
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the world in order for the united states to be merged as the supreme power here utilizes if sectarian logic to understand the middle east in other words he is suggesting that isis somehow is the sunni champion which is an extraordinarily poor if you ask that i think sunni majority countries in the region including the kingdom of jordan i think they'd be quite surprised to hear that isis is essentially been given the task by mr kissinger of being the champion of the sudanese on the other side he sees iran as a shia country and some of cause it's this view that the middle east is you know stuck in an eternal yes you need to go back to lou and that if the united states then submit so weakens ices the so-called champion of the sunnis this is going to embolden iran why this is i think quite
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a misleading view is that the middle east cannot be primarily understood based on sectarian divides one has to also see i think of another standpoint the very real conflict the political conflict between saudi arabia and iran this is a conflict about regional follows but it's also a conflict about the understanding of governance saudi arabia is committed to monarchical rule iran is committed to republican rule in other words to have some sort of democracy and i think these two visions in the region have been in conflict for a very long time going back to the country. dream gotta love do not assert it and then that's a ride against the saudis you know the position that the knesset arrives took from the nineteen fifties to the nineteen these has now been taken over by iran in other words this is a political conflict to reduce it to
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a sectarian or religious conflict is very dangerous and i'm afraid the united states has been leading this kind of syrian game for quite a while essentially to emerge a thought disorder as the leading followed in the region we have a little less than a minute last but i want to ask you considering iran intervening to an iraq in syria on the same side as the u.s. to fight the self-proclaimed islamic state and our fears of iran or at least the u.s. as stablish many fears about iran are based in security what's that about well i think it's about power in the region i think there's a fear that some of it's driven by saudi arabia's pattern oil about iranian republicanism and other parts of it i think driven by quite the legitimate fear of israel that the iranian groups are proxies or iranian backed forces such as hezbollah have studios a position on the israeli border i think this kind of pattern oir this below the
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iran is really driving the policy and it's bringing the middle east beyond chaos to something far more dangerous i think what the these movement around the world should be pushing for this stein is for saudi arabia in iran to construct some form of grand bargain to bring the tensions in the region down not only for the sake of syria and iraq but also of course yemen he gets a shot historian and director of international studies at trinity college always a pleasure to talk to you thanks a lot. the founder of blackwater erik prince's controversial proposal to privatized the war in afghanistan comes as the legal battle over those killings in baghdad continues in u.s. courts artie's daniel hawkins reports from iraq. that's two thousand and seven news source square massacre in baghdad became one of the dog chapters of the iraq war seventeen iraqis lost their lives with nearly twenty more wounded in an incident
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where private security guards from blackwater rebranded academy opened indiscriminate fire into crowds of civilians after. official investigations both iraq and american found that most of the civilian deaths were unjustified it took nearly eight years of legal wrangling for justice to be served all the guards opened fire that day four were found guilty and sentenced to lengthy prison terms but now an american federal appeals court has overturned the first degree murder conviction of one of the guards and recommended three others for resentencing citing the punishments as cruel and unusual we tracked down some of the people who were in baghdad on the day of the killings whose lives were changed forever. i was working for the post office on the sixteenth of september two thousand and seven i was delivering post to
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a police department in central baghdad and i saw blackwater contractors open fire randomly on civilians i was wounded as a result of the shooting. at my hand this room is the result of the actions of blackwater contractors and still hurt and i still haven't fully recovered. on the sixteenth of september two thousand and seven we came under fire next in this square now we've heard that those responsible are going to be released i'm calling on every country in the world it's unfair i was wounded in both legs and several people were murdered we knew just a respected in the u.s. we are calling on all countries to interfere in this situation the scars are not only physical hussein lost. brother in the gunfire he says disbelief that real justice may once again if a victim of some of the massacre. when i reach the square there was horrible around
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the cars were burning blood and bullets were everywhere i was looking for my brother among the wounded but he was already in hospital by the time i reached him he was already dead two days ago i heard they want to release these criminals from blackwater i hope that the u.s. court will not release them it is they are criminals they murdered fourteen people my brother was only twenty four he was working hard to support all elderly parents a family still suffers greatly with the humanity we are all human rights how can the u.s. court acquit those criminals and release them on what grounds in a case that sparked outrage across the arab world many of the victims now feel look closure for them maybe a so far away as ever after that fateful day in a source square holkins fraud iraq. coming up on hard to see a u.s. president donald trump threaten the d.p. r. k.
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with fire and fury of the world has ever seen the state. there's a real irony going. well if you feel you. always thought they were a. real. threat. to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. sure. some want to be rich. to do it. this is what. people are.
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interested in. and there should. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the
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dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. welcome back to our to america to roiling tension now between the united states and democratic people's republic of korea could it lead to all out nuclear war trumbo state he is a renovated and modernized u.s. weapons adding america will never be overtaken as the world's greatest superpower then issued this strong warning to korea. north korea does not make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. kyung yang then cited the need to contain u.s. military threats and announcing it was reviewing plans to strike at guam where the
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u.s. hosts several strategic bombers a statement released by the korean people's army promised quote a preemptive retaliatory operation of justice if the country detects signs the u.s. is planning to strike the p r k r t's and least two has more. before trump made that statement to the reporters well the washington post published article quite explosive article claiming that their reporters have read this latest u.s. intelligence defense report which claims that north korea has already built nuclear warheads small enough to fit on missiles at the same time the report put the arsenal of north korea at sixty nuclear weapons which is more than previously thought now this washington post article did not provide any evidence to prove how the reporters got their hands on this document this spite that it's been picked up by the mainstream media and why the reported on top of the washington post article things got to a boiling point on tuesday when the u.s. flew to b. one b. bombers over with its allies in south korea and japan and it was after that drill
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that trump made that statement saying that the u.s. will respond to any threat from north korea with fire and fear and that prompt appearing on to released a statement saying that it is now considering striking u.s. base in guam it's true that throughout the past couple of years and this year alone north korea has conducted numerous missile tests that angered the international community but at the very same time the u.s. is also stepping up its military presence in the region significantly we're talking about sending an air carriers conducting regular military drills with its allies japan and south korea mainly sending in troops and sending in fighter jets and in terms of rhetoric while trying have long has long been very aggressive towards north korea some won't even go as far as saying that he's being provocative towards pyongyang tensions are certainly higher than ever and it's gone far beyond just a war of words and china and russia from the get go have been calling on all sides to remain calm and to seek a political solution to all of this and not use even australia both u.s.
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allies and countries in the asia pacific region and both could suffer greatly if a conflict is to break out between the u.s. and north korea what they have come in and weighed in on trump's latest remarks on north korea now have to wait and see whether or not trump will take their advice but certainly the escalating tensions on the korean peninsula has got a lot of people very worried in the international community. and this to r.c. moscow seventy two years ago today the united states delivered a death blow to japan the us dropped the second and last atomic bomb ever used in a war three days after it dropped the first ever atomic bomb used on her the second bomb nicknamed a fat man killed and wounded around seventy five thousand people upon that nation above nagasaki in the coming months thousands more would die from radioactive poisoning in u.s. history were often taught the bomb was necessary to use in order to force the japanese to surrender the war however in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight even the new york times quoted an official us intelligence strategic bombing survey
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which concluded japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bomb had not been dropped even if russia had not entered the war and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated the war is long from over the effects of the two atomic bombs are still felt in japan memorials are held every year for those who died. killed more civilians than military and nagasaki seventy two years ago today let's bring in now peter cosmic officer and director of the nuclear studies institute at american university he joins me from a nagasaki to reflect on the sobering day first of all good morning peter we know it's early where you are we appreciate you joining us now what is it like being on
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the ground in august saki today and what lessons do you think have been drawn from this fateful day. well as always very powerful to be in hiroshima and nagasaki for the memorial ceremonies this is the twenty third time i've brought my students from american university and we travel with japanese students and other asian students to hiroshima nagasaki commemorative events. and so it is very powerful as a reminder not only of the horrors of nuclear war but you have a sense that if those very small very rudimentary very primitive atomic bombs cause this massive amount of damage seventy two years ago the bombs we have now are much more powerful much more effective much more directly targeted so out at least a year that the bomb snout are anywhere between most of that in seven and eighty times as powerful as the bombs of the strike here is shipment obvious saki know
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those bombs can take out an area two miles in each direction you can imagine what today's bombs could do let's get right into the news we're dealing with today yesterday as i'm sorry now president trying to shoot a warning to d.p. r. k. promising quote fire in theory like the world has never seen f.t.p. r.-k. continues to act in defiance to the united states you are in is it true the world has never seen the fire in theory in the u.s. military particularly i mean here in japan but also korea itself. you have the united you have to remember we're dealing with what we're dealing with now the latest scientific findings that it even a limited nuclear war between india and pakistan which one hundred hiroshima size nuclear weapons were used will create partial nuclear winter and lead to the deaths of up to two billion people you've got the united states and north korea facing off
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now. we're talking about the united states which has seven thousand nuclear weapons and north korea now they're upping the estimate to sixty nuclear weapons we're talking about a threshold that could go beyond partial nuclear winter to a large scale nuclear winter so it's not some simple containable that's going to happen in north korea or south korea or we're talking about something that has potential for massive consequences on the scale that the world has never seen so you can't have people with the maturity of ten year old boys controlling these kinds of weapons and you've got donald trump you've got. both of whom are emotionally children and for them to have the veto power over the continuing existence of our species makes no sense at all this is got to be stopped the
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rhetoric has got to be tamped down and they've got to find other ways to deal with these problems you know that kim jong un for example he's not about to give up his nuclear weapons but when the united states invaded iraq north korea said one mistake saddam hussein made was to not have nuclear weapons that the united states could not invaded and that's a lesson that they grow on trees that's incredibly poor but they're putting their resources into the military because of their freighters of is it decapitated by the united states and the united states is planning that or thinking about that remember bush's axis of evil three countries he named iraq which the united states invaded iran which many of the trump administration people want to invade and north korea and so they've got good reason to fear an american attack or the korean war never officially ended. and final to peace treaty there. yes
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i just want to. bring up the fact of course north korea only even started up its nuclear program again after it was put on the axis of evil and after the us failed to hold key parts of an agreement reached under the clinton administration it's one thing to point out trump and say he might have a less mature attitude but let's talk about defense secretary james mattis who released a statement today reading the d.p. r. k. it must choose to stop isolating itself and stand on its pursuit of nuclear weapons the d.p. r. k. should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of the people considering how the us has brought destruction on the korean people in the past how do you read the statement as a historian. well to read it as as the people of north korea you know the regime stays in power tarred by playing up its own fear and isolation it does what the united states does in the sense that we create
5:43 pm
a world in which we're surrounded by enemies and hostile forces and we use that as an excuse to throw all these resources into the military north korea does the same the problem is when you've got these threats going back and forth there's a tremendous potential for miscalculation misinterpretation and nobody wants to back down so if you get that situation anything can trigger could it be true no idea north korea considering what was done to create during the korean war might be a little bit went to hell i mean we saw. the country completely flattened not whining building left standing yes completely flattened every major city was burned to the ground during the korean war millions of people lost the chinese finally came in and drove the united states back. in the situation there as part of korea's member the americans don't remember the korean war we often refer to it as the forgotten war. but north korea is very much part of their consciousness
5:44 pm
especially respray but the south koreans were also devastated in that war there was nobody left standing from that war so we did to japan with our fire bombing before we use the nuclear weapons on japan or world war two well the same kind of effort was made in korea during the korean war one thousand nine hundred fifty nine hundred fifty three. fire bombing and i don't nuclear weapons were used but you have to remember the united states threatened to use nuclear weapons during the korean war and are explicitly threatened that truman threatened it also eisenhower nixon traces his madman theory to eisenhower a successful threat against the north koreans and. chinese during the korean war so that that kind of thinking that we still see going on can really in many ways be traced back to that but we're in japan now commemorating the actual use of nuclear weapons so this is something that the those has done and continues to threaten to
5:45 pm
do and is the only entree which has ever done so the bulletin of atomic scientists recently set the doomsday clock to two and a half minutes peter tonight how did we get here. close as it's been since one thousand nine hundred eighty two and we have to remember right now we not only have this tension with the korean peninsula we have the worst relations we've had with russia in decades it seems like the worst really should have that russia says nine hundred sixty two since the cuban missile crisis and now and they were ramping up the tension there as well plus strums bluster toward china and i don't mean all of these potential have spots seem to be crashing out of control and so we've got to we really really need in my opinion is a global summit meeting in which the united states and russia and china and germany
5:46 pm
and maybe we can have a couple of the countries involved will sit down and begin to solve some of these problems we've worked together before we've had reasonable people in there but khrushchev after the cuban missile crisis says to kennedy we've got to remove every potential crisis point that could cause another conflict between our nations and kennedy responded positively to that that's the kind of the leadership we need to see who's responsible for preventing this type of death promising peter i mean the chinese say talk the russians say talk but north koreans even would like to talk in at least if we as united states acknowledge their right to a weapons program how do you see as coming back from this really distressing state . i believe you that we have our ultimate going to have to accept north korea as a nuclear power but south korea doesn't want to do that the united states doesn't want to do that and for good reason what we want to do what our goal is is to stop proliferation not to encourage it but this is the reality on the ground in north
5:47 pm
korea is not about to give that up but they will hold the reports from china and elsewhere freeze their program before it gets bigger and better in exchange for the u.s. and south korea recognizing north korea number one number two stopping the very very provocative war games military exercises that go on constantly from the u.s. and south korea and accepting north korea's existence and promising to stop not push for regime change the north koreans want to this thing that they fear the most is the u.s. force regime change. out unfortunately out of time. unfortunately out of time a professor an historian peter. well as president trump threatened d p r k with fury and fire the doomsday clock
5:48 pm
calculating threats to humanity's continued existence is on the minds of many that includes rock star roger waters who spoke with me about rising global tension in an exclusive interview is a preview he's different than the boma was so even when clinton they were much smoother operators there but they were still reaching policies which fundamentally wrong and inhuman and particularly in their waging a war against the rest of the world you know. the united states needs to be a military presence over the whole globe and needs to be. threatening as much as it can control with as much as it can. it's deeply and desperately dangerous particularly in the world we live in where we still of who we see is have countries that have nuclear weapons so that we could you know we could be sitting here talking and what
5:49 pm
a surprise it would be if there's a bomb and all the lights go out because of some a lecture of magnetic thing and that's i mean we are as they happen wow and it's what we've all been talking about and the wise man have all been warning us for years and years and years just last week they came out and they said they didn't stay close because two and a half minutes to midnight this is the closest we've been to the nuclear catastrophe since the end of the second world war. my entire conversation with roger waters will air here are to america at five pm tomorrow be sure to tune in to hear about how the israel lobby is attempting to shut down his tour as well as his views on fake news trump and the new cold war against russian. law enforcement is pushing back for tracking civilian drones all while the pentagon has okayed a new policy which allows the military to shoot down private or commercial drones which are deemed a threat our teams tradition has more what the use of drones becoming increasingly
5:50 pm
popular the brunt of it has issued guidelines that would allow the military to destroy disable and otherwise that these drones flying near u.s. military bases. the guidelines issued friday are meant to help installations keep their personnel and equipment state if faced with a new reality the policy outlines the rules of engagement for a base when a private or commercial drone is approaching upon its airspace this after classified policy documents were issued in early july for how the military can counter drone threats a spokesperson for the u.s. department of defense told r.t. that military installations retain the right of self-defense when it comes to you a visa or drones he said in a statement the department of defense is committed to the safety and security of our personnel installations and equipment as well as communities near our d.o.d.'s elations we support civilian law enforcement investigations and the prosecution of unauthorized u.a.s. operations over military installations although we will not discuss our specific
5:51 pm
force protection measures deal d. personnel retain the right of self-defense. in april drone flights over one hundred thirty three u.s. military facilities were banned because of security concerns currently the federal aviation administration is working on rules that would require drones to be registered and tracked. in june the f.a.a. establish an aviation rule making committee that will help the agency create standards for remotely identifying and tracking so-called rogue drones while the. all requirements have yet to be determined the idea is to get police officers on the ground the identity of the drones operator in the same way a car's license plate can be tracked back to the owner the agency says who's drawn is that it's a critical question for law enforcement and homeland security when an unmanned aircraft you a asked appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it's not supposed to fly kenji hara who owns companies that fly drones for farmers and filmmakers and also policy director for the drone user group network told bloomberg i don't want to be
5:52 pm
tracked everywhere people are very worried about their personal privacy the f.a.a. is considering related issues as well as other matters pertaining to the trucking and i got occasional dros like air traffic management and possible legal considerations reporting in new york turn it into us r t so try the outlined in just a few of the new roles for the military but what about regular citizens what exactly is the law about shooting down drones that hover over your property here is legal and media analyst line of lionel media with some answers why no military bases aside can i shoot a pesky drone out of the sky. yes but you'll be arrested i think there is a federal law i confess it's aircraft sabotage remember this line of law the law always lives behind technology and everything that we've had before all of our laws all of our common law all of our statutes have nothing to do with this there used to be something called the add seal of doctrine on the parent poem and son you're
5:53 pm
a state you in the old days own the that which is below ground mineral rights and up to the heavens add to the heavens well later on aircraft came along and we said ok three thousand feet fine what about thirty feet over the ground what about a hundred what about a device that isn't just trespassing not something that is breaking your actual perimeter but something that is hovering at your window if a peeping tom is breaking the law by peering into your window because of voyeurism or whatever why can i do it through a drone so what people are saying so is that is it a privacy consideration is a trespassing and then if you take self-help if you say i'm going to take this thing i don't know who this is in fact i don't even know what it is is it an alien is it i mean i don't know i'm and i blowed out of the sky i could be held liable
5:54 pm
for discharging a firearm in public conversion lawsuit so what happens is people the laws in the statute have no idea how to fit this in what is this is it an intrusive device am i watching you am i listening to you are there eavesdropping statutes we don't know how do we get to like catch up lionel well we don't have to be given some people some really bad ideas and that's what i do i do that every day as have you by the way and that's what we do here. but but but what's happening right now is that we're also calling this aircraft this little thing i looked out one night of my apartment and i saw a sub it looked like a big b. or a mosque with blinking lights i don't know what that was and i wasn't very good but there are new forms of little devices that are are the aircraft or the model toys
5:55 pm
you just saw i don't know lionel but you're disturbing me that's all i can say we're talking about peeping tom here in the drone and we know this is always appreciate it lionel lionel media thanks so much thanks so much thank you that is a for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com plash r t america check out our website r t dot com america equals voice follow me on twitter add on your part until question for. john edward on your walking towards the american. way more. be careful in these polarized try to make sure you know whom you're talking to this
5:56 pm
is the ominous warning that deputy managing editor for the new york times clifford levy just shared the warning goes on to talk about how many staffers in the times newsroom have received e-mails from someone who claims to be a student doing some research who wants to meet with time staffers for face to face interviews the warning that levy shared goes on to say that while he has no idea of whether or not this person is actually a student or like whatever every one of the times it should be very wary and that's because of what's recently happened at c.n.n. where some p. . cons the n n employees into face to face meetings and then secretly taped them saying their real feelings which went against what c.n.n. says and then posting those real feelings on line for the whole world to see how c.n.n. employees don't even believe would see it and. now i thought the c.n.n. hidden camera videos were pretty stupid personally i mean to me you could tell that
5:57 pm
these not so seasoned c.n.n. workers were conned into having drinks or whatever and then they were led into saying these things i mean sure van jones calling the russian election hacking story and nothing was fun to be i don't know hidden camera gotcha videos like bad or just kind of cheap but apparently the new york times is very scared of having the same thing happen to them which is why levy warns the time staff to beware of the students trying to meet with times employees and levy is so wary in fact that he took it one step further he shares the internal times' warning on twitter and tweeted that all newsrooms everywhere should be aware that someone claiming to be a college student is trying to interview journalists in other words the deputy managing editor of the new york times is really really concerned about journalists meeting with members of the public to the point where he set out that ominous message saying in these polarized times make sure you know you're talking to
5:58 pm
now people who make up fake tips or pretend to be someone they're not and use other dirty tricks to further their own agenda definitely stuck yes to me but if you can figure out whether or not your source is legit even if it's just a college student and then you agree to meet with them anyway maybe you're not such a great journalist in the first place. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of will from. corporate media written uses to talk about the
5:59 pm
car. i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool blood corporate conduct is be called a mom these are stories that no one else can tell my parents or your host of americans question. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. but you going to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my house. first said more. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those through the faces your wife. had gone to me. now i've had to do due to months to
6:00 pm
a whole. greetings and sal you taishan it's august ninth has become an important date in the people's history of the united states my hawk watchers because three years ago in august ninth teenager michael brown jr was tragically shot and killed in the streets by then ferguson missouri police officer darren wilson and the humid dog days of the summer of two thousand and fourteen brown's murder in the dubious actions of ferguson city officials and its aftermath was just the match to gasoline the broad.


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