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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] live live . a brutal government crackdown on the sheer talent and saudi arabia is turning more districts to rubble we hear from locals who ask us to disguise their voices over safety concerns. north korea brands donald trump a guy who wrecked a reason that's after he warns probably on any war nuclear threats will be met with fire and feel. and israel is accused of war crimes for stripping palestinians of
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residency rights and easter is about the role we speak to a father and son who say they were brutally beaten by israeli planes tanks me twisted my hands behind my back and began to beat me out of the country. thanks for tuning in you're watching our team to national is three in the afternoon here in moscow with you this hour is and these two. more districts of a small shootout in saudi arabia have been reduced to rubble by government forces as part of a crackdown that started two and a half months ago of security forces saying they're chasing gunmen responsible for attacks on police and now the town looks like a war zone few journalists have been allowed inside the town most of the footage we've received has been posted online by locals images show widespread destruction and army vehicles patrolling the streets residents told us exclusively what's going
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on in the town but asked us to disguise divorces as the fear for their safety. looks deeper into the reasons behind the conflict. that's not a war zone. that's. innovations a little do over neighborhood remodelling with guns that's seriously what the saudis a calling this the workers who are conducting an invasion works to ensure the safety of the on the syrian neighborhood have come into heavy terrorist find those pictures from our media town of twenty five thousand people where they are foolish enough not to like the king or his family which is the government there also shia as opposed to sunni and have resisted authorities our media was home to many
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executed malcontents such as cleric. who wanted democracy in saudi arabia bad behavior is punishable by so-called renovations soldiers plowing through your home with bulldozers or the strong it with explosives and shells security is tight but for some reason the renovators keep on being targeted by terrorists to government. is just. one. term.
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the renovations began back in april then the un condemned what it's called forced evictions and demolition people being thrown out of their homes with little or no compensation those who resist being shot at by the way in no small part the western partners canadian military vehicles are reportedly at the. front of these. renovations. we are looking at these claims very seriously and have immediately launched a review remind me what did you expect would happen when you sold billions of dollars worth of vons to one of the most repressive regimes on earth profits of course dumb question saudi arabia is canada's second biggest arms buyer most western arms manufacturers all they can to riyadh weapons that eventually get
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turned on civilians both at home and abroad and then they feign outrage since two thousand and eleven or me was. one of the strongest tones in calling for reforms calling for more right in saudi arabia not only for even for certain is a world where the governor to invite independent investigation of what's happening to interview these twenty thousand who have been displaced not to select some members who they know what they say then they will to the government narrative. imagine a russia in which lenin is still alive and these days embracing modern technologies and social media networks well that's what a special project called nine hundred seventeen live is doing which right now as
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the leader of the russian revolution live streaming from his secret hideaway. at the height of the revolution lenin was accused of treason which is why he's now in hiding today he's been sending out messages saying he's fine. and it's not only on periscope where the father of the russian revolution has been popping up he's giving donald trump a run for his money on twitter too but is unlike lenin you want to embrace the possible other than the future r t nine hundred seventy project has plenty of clips about russia's troubled history. after his return from exile in switzerland flooded near london's popularity grows by the day. to him it's as up to cation was just the first stage of the revolution
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. in a speech that will go down in history as the a prosthesis he presents a vision of what needs to be done to put total power in the working class hands a new storm is brewing in russia. artie's unique project is dedicated to the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the russian revolution there are two russian telegraph covers events in real time and shines a light on the most prominent figures of those turbulent times. the project has been running for six months now and is built an army of followers if you want to join the community just follow the hash tag nine hundred seventeen live on twitter and a website r.t. dot com. in the first few months the well over one hundred thousand followers and the community is growing more than one hundred twenty thousand tweets used nine
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hundred seventeen lives generating more than twenty five million impressions historians politicians political scientists journalists and researchers from all over the world the following standard nine hundred seventeen life. the u.s. is ratcheting up its rhetoric against north korea the defense secretary john maginnis has warned of the destruction for north korea's people if killing young continues with its nuclear weapons program the d.p. arche must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons the d.p. arky should seize any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people his words come after tweets by dot president trump emphasizing the strength of america's nuclear arsenal he said one of his first drop since taking power was ordering the modernization of the country's weapons and he added the u.s. will never be overtaken as the world's superpower is comments follow even the
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stronger words in style directly at pyongyang's later north korea for its turn slammed trumps comments as nonsense it went on to say that no serious dialogue is possible with the u.s. president described as a guide the rest of the reason nevertheless the state department was now clearly communicating with young young in a language that needs no translation. is he exacerbating the president spoke to him to kim jong un in a language that secretary tillerson has said and said this morning in the kind of language that kim jong un will understand have the president of the united states keep threatening to destroy north korea this is how shall i put it this is not the language of democracy is by the way an act of war as well the north koreans either have a nuclear deterrent or they're pretending to but the only reason if they do have it the only reason they've got it is to keep themselves from being exterminated by the u.s.
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let's say the worst happens it could wipe out south korea it wipe out japan it could do just. to china the damage to russia i mean this is then of course all the u.s. troops in south korea would all be killed too but this is this is not anything anybody should want why is this the u.s. is business why is south korea own north korea's they'd like to be a why is it on by the u.s. this would be such a horrific disaster it could be the worst military disaster in human history if the north koreans actually have these weapons which by the way i'm not convinced they do have them come stock rhetoric against north korea has a nerve someone capitol hill u.s. congressman eliot engel called the remarks reckless and about china's undermining not only america's security but that of its allies and washington's threats have even cost concerns across the atlantic germany's foreign minister warns that such
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rhetoric could lead to another devastating war such rhetoric is causing concern and fear that we could sleep walk into war just like we did in the first world war i.v. this time of war when nuclear weapons would be used when in doubt about how big a threat is actually posed by north korea archy's killam all been has been gauging opinion in new york. when exchanges between washington d.c. n.p.r. become even more menacing fear is growing across the united states according to a recent poll as many as two thirds of americans possibly believe that north korea is a serious threat we decided to talk to new yorkers and see if they could pinpoint exactly where this serious threat is coming from if you feeling north korea is a threat to the united states i don't think so my paranoid no but i definitely feel that north korea is a potential definite threat i think north korea is a serious threat to the region but not to the united states not scared of of north
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korea i'm not scared but i'm scared of who our leaders are in many countries and how they're behaving they're not asleep behaving in the interest of of the people fully is becoming more of a bravado and any time you're dealing with an a country that's led by your irrational dictator i think you know even you to appear for the worst yes pretty threatening and we responded in a threatening way that scary if you point to north korea on this map. there no that's that's siberia ok. there that's that's still siberia. that's that's southeast asia that's you know that's like vietnam. man mark there you go yeah that that's that's north i knew that she would get it when you find north korea on this map of the world her all that's australia actual oh well north korea. southeast asia that's cambodia that's. ok
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so it's here that's australia where someone at saudi arabia forget me i'm hopeless it's. around here around there yeah you're right that's that's north rim right there you go you got it there you are like it's close somewhere yeah furthermore. it turns out there's actually a correlation between knowing where north korea is and favoring military action those who don't know where the country is are actually more likely to want to send troops right now millions of americans are convinced that north korea is out to get them and it seems like those who are the least in the know are the ones running the most scared cable mop and r.t. new york more news coming your way after
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a short break. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat. to the right. this is like the full story of the people. i'm interested always in the why. should. the feeling of. every the world should experience. and you get it on the old law. according to just.
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come along for the ride. welcome back to the program r t a spoken to a palestinian father and his son who say they were brutally beaten by israeli police in east jerusalem that described the video of the incident which emerged strongly after online. i mean that if the hold of me to open a neighbor's house without any reason i replied that this is not my house and i do not have the key to its he still giving me and at the same time that the soldiers accompanying him to break my hands. there was. no thought of going to the. but sometimes you can show me the national treasure you know. there were five to six people they were employees of the special theses they attacked me twisted my hands behind my back and began to
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beat me. over for an awful. lot of. they beat me hold on the head it sharply twisted my right hand behind my back and started to beat it insistently so the book was french. abbott and his fifteen year old son ahmed told us that after being beaten they were taken to the police station and held for two days however nobody even explained to them why they happen to take into the first place. the first time in to a car and drove to the police station they kept beating and insulting us during the right at this station they confiscated our clothes one officer asked me to stand near a wall and smash my head against a two car fingerprints to my father the way i was kept at the station for two days
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for the hell it has. but they didn't explain why they had beaten us we didn't. some didn't think so yes. the incident comes amid growing concern over israel's treatment of palestinians in east jerusalem human rights watch warns the practice of removing residency from palestinians may be a war crime. the right issued a report warning about the growing number of revocations in recent decades israel has tripped over fourteen thousand palestinians of their residency permits human rights watch says that the residency guarantees guarantees civil rights to palestinians so when the permits are revoked they are forced to leave their homes. crime in question is the forcible importation of the occupied of the protected population east jerusalem is part of the occupied territory but here we're not talking about people forced to leave their home at the point of
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a gun fight we're talking about policies that in effect we can force people to leave. this by concerns from rights groups israel gives a number of justifications for its actions authorities say residency rights are usually we moved when jerusalem is no longer people's main place of residence however in recent years palestinians have also been stripped of their rights for attacking israelis and also as punishment against relatives of suspected attackers they are stripped of their residency they are therefore they can no longer work legally there are social benefits insurance medical insurance retirement plans are in jeopardy they can't marry and have their spouse at all with them so all of these things motivate people to if you will salt or if you're not physically kicked out and we deemed that this kind of policy that forces people to stop deport amounts to the same or crime this never happens to citizens of israel specifically jewish
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citizens who don't face this this risk of losing their right to reside in the city in which they were born and so this is part of this policy whereby israel declares they are the city of jerusalem should be a united city but it's in fact is not united at all there is to policies for the two peoples. we asked israel's interior ministry to comment on the human rights watch report and we'll let you know as soon as we receive every spawn's. bans on audits accusing a british contractor in afghanistan of wasting vast amounts of money on some questionable practices they review found millions of dollars in taxpayers' money has been spent and to see a church going to has more on the story this was revealed by a lead us to audit however somehow no no questions were asked on this case previously and now of course this is going to be unraveling and more answers are going to be demanded now some of the questionable items are quick really quite
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fascinating they include seven luxury cars from up porsches to. for a mayo's to a bentley to an aston martin and a ladder over new century consulting was unable to provide adequate documentation to neither justified a need for a luxury item of bills nor verified that the use was in accordance with contract regulations as an example and c.c. admitted to using the cars during non-working hours without keeping out of good records of didn't work. now also highlighted by this audit the approximately four hundred twenty thousand dollars each in salaries to was being described as significant others for working as executive assistants however not providing any kind of details in terms of what this work was exactly also the audit brings into the light about fifteen hundred dollars spent on alcohol forty two thousand dollars spent on automatic weapons as well as personal travel expenses now the british contractor in question has said to media outlets that these assessments are unfair
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and inaccurate we've also reached out for more detail for commentary obviously we'll update if we hear back now we have to keep in mind that this particular audit focuses on the years of from two thousand and eight to twenty thirteen and all of this has come out into the spotlight but we do know that there is more auditing going on in terms of what in terms of the years that followed so certainly more is expected to be revealed then and we have to of course keep in mind that this is far from the first time when the issue of contractor spending as well as the efficiency of those training afghan forces on the ground comes into the spotlight to prove graham remain trouble just last month special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction who pretty because of a lack of performance metrics it is almost impossible to assess what they're doing hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the mentoring and training programs were effective while all of this is now being highlighted when of course the trump administration is considering its steps in afghanistan moving further so really it seems that there is quite
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a little bit to reconsider. in san francisco people living on one of the in st have recently discovered to their cost it's been privatized. mismanagement by the time not supporting this should never happen the syndicalists i mean probably the world is laughing at him. heard that there there is a charge for the fall car tires notice i have no yard however there are not birds that are insane for years here john would have to sell and nobody noticed it does
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serve the state. and now it's time to bring you a taste of russia quite literally artist macao francis santiago has travelled to the beautifully preserved medieval town of says del to find out what specialties offor. sous though is often compared to a museum challenge and indians beautiful surroundings and food make it a must see if you and russia as just four hundred kilometers away from moscow so off we went with my colleagues from r.t. arabic and spanish to taste the i know. it is during the eighteenth and nineteenth century says don't house the russian coffee factory producing an analogue to traditional coffee this one has no caffeine
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it's made primarily out of shit yuri to this amazing therapeutic. today we can still surprise guests from all over the world with this unique russian drink. suze that was well is known to be the home of the cucumber so there's also an interesting dessert called the cucumber jam and buckwheat popcorn made that are amazing. agent got. a concession to it's very much like popcorn. so after some coffee dessert and food in between it was time for drinks. traditional russian moonshine with its main ingredient deriving from its name or
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horseradish add to that some red peppers cumbers of course let it mix and mingle for about two weeks and you get a wine like easy to drink spirits that's forty percent alcohol yet it's very enjoyable and tasty so really the taste of your pickle with honey makes an amazing mix of possessed the sweet sour whatever and there was you got this horseradish. of vodka basically moonshine that together i mean it's just it's amazing so cheers here. come on come on. come on go. and to be the starting point of the gastronomical map of russia tour where a special team will travel through several unique cities just like this one
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showcasing the best kept secrets of the russian cuisine out of susan russia. thanks for staying with us here on our team from national i'll be back with more. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is serial is exceptionally. well under it's confidential. says since the years old industrial giants reaps the benefit ignoring the cools by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't people just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels
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of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. to specific. oh. let's look at that.
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it's. i'm see million dollars are you filling in for lindsay france you're watching boom bust broadcasting around the world from. right here in washington d.c. coming up rattling rhetoric global markets are jolted by rising tensions and even words between the u.s. and north korea and spending season americans are spending more than ever since the financial crash nearly a decade ago does it mean the economy is back on track plus banking blunders wells fargo can't win and we keep hearing about scandals how it cheated customers out of
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cash this time. starts right now. stock markets around the world took a hit wednesday reacting to rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea global markets are used to inflammatory remarks from pyongyang but usually the u.s. days while more diplomatic president donald trump's valid tuesday to unleash fire and fury on north korea if it continues its threats that was enough to make markets dip all over from the u.s. to europe japan china india most markets reacted negatively to the news tokyo's nikkei index dropped to its lowest point since june first while south korea's plunged to seven week lows on set of heating trump's warning to stop threats just hours after his comments north korea announced it was considering a missile strike on guam a u.s. territory that's home to a military base the u.s. and north korea have not yet made good on any threats and analysts are unsure how much volatility the rhetoric my inject into the markets but true to form assets


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