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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  August 10, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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who our leaders are in many countries and how they're behaving they're not asleep behaving in the interest of of the people fully is becoming more of a bravado and any time you're dealing with them in a country that's led by your irrational dictator i think you know even you could care for the worst yes pretty threatening and we responded in a threatening way that scary you point to north korea on this map. there no that's that's siberia ok. there that's that's still siberia. that's that's southeast asia that's you know that's like vietnam. man mark there you go yeah that that's that's when i knew that she would get it and you find north korea on this map of the world her all that's australia actual oh well north korea . southeast asia that's cambodia that's. ok so it's here that's australia you're someone that's saudi arabia forget me i'm hopeless
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it's. around here around there yeah you're right that's that's north rim right there you go you've got it there you are like it's close somewhere furthermore it turns out there's actually a correlation between knowing where north korea is and favoring military action those who don't know where the country is are actually more likely to want to send troops right now millions of americans are convinced that north korea is out to get them and it seems like those who are the least in the know are the ones running the most scared ok with mop and r.t. new york. join me for more news see you in half an hour.
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car welcome to worlds apart like few other countries russia is everything it wants a state with a progressive constitution and centuries old customs a state where the central in one day the rule of law often comes into conflict with local culture being zealous and implying one or another is usually leads to tantrums just as being too lax there's room for in this is the same. loose as is the balance between the two to discuss that i'm now joined by the have a freshness in their region in north. of where the nearest to you are thank you for
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your time let me start straight away with a rather complicated and somewhat unpleasant issue that first emerged in the northern caucasus but then spilled over into the global agenda during his recent visit to paris president putin was asked about this persecution of the l g b t community in the northern caucasus to be more precise he was asked about. but i believe that the society in the shade taken also be characterized as traditional how relevant is this problem to your region and i mean not only in your republic abott in general in the woods and therefore it is of no relevance whatsoever to not only you know republic but you know. all over russia's regions and republics in the northern caucasus region when questions like this are asked at the highest level not only by the newly elected president of france but also by angela merkel. it seems fake it seems a staged it's an attempt to can somehow artificially bring up this issue but that
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the feel now that so many people are trying to exploit the situation for example when several years ago iran was accused of the same thing the iranian leadership said that there were no gay people in the country the leaders of chechnya have taken a similar stance judging from my own experience i can see that the west will hardly except a position like that are you prepared to say there are no gay people and. look if there are gay people here then there have to be some signs of that. for instance we can say for certain yes there are refugees yes there are people who feel mistreated by politicians yes there are people of liberal views these are all living and breathing people they are arrested or punished others can talk to them and so we can say that they all really do exist. but as for the ones you are talking about
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they exist they don't exist at the same time if you show us at least one of these people for example when a person appeals to the european court of human rights he says openly that he has rights who are in on by a government body or a law enforcement agency that is a real person and if the court rules in his favor russia or any other government has to compensate for his damages and he receives a sum of money so let's ask any of these people you've been talking about if they do exist to appeal to some authority but if they don't exist then why talk about it i find it do. very unpleasant that european democracies have blown this issue completely out of proportion. with this so wonder cases like this with you i want to let's wait until then as the head of the republic do you believe that it is your duty to protect any person if they are harassed on any grounds not just for being
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gay when we refer him to therapy because people in our society including myself see this says a the sword or not is some kind of self identification also let's not talk about eve sinned whence let's wait until these people do emerge and then we'll make decisions regarding them i'm not even prepared to say what i would do in this respect but what i know for sure is that like mr goulden always says wherever he goes according to the russian constitution any person has a right to be protected and this was the most hard hitting question you wanted to ask me with. yes but i wanted to ask you that in the context of the issue as a whole the problem of trying to find balance between the traditions and the law because the l.g.b. while it is certainly the most noticeable is not the only one which involves traditions contradiction of the law i know for example that in the northern caucasus there is bride kidnapping and there are blood feuds we don't have that we
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don't kid number rights. we do have bride theft but this is completely different it's not so much a tradition as it's a new trend among the youth there that you know the tradition itself goes against religious norms which makes it fade into insignificance we also europe has its own values in they go back many centuries and these values were established as early as the days of charlie man or in the for all those other kings. when we watch old movies we see that this is the way they always used to live i. think they used to have even back then and it's part of their tradition. yes but as for the caucasus or russia or the slavic people in general we've never had anything like that as a tradition well. to be frank i suspect there are members of the l g b t community currently working in the russian government in moscow. and this is
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a bold statement from effective in i don't even want to discuss this. but then again this is conjecture. generally speaking i don't think that any head of state can dictate the rules of the game to us when it comes to traditions of what it's listen we have in this conversation at the st petersburg international economic forum where the northern caucasus republics are well represented there trying to attract investors and draw tourists to their region and if there is a beautiful goof of northern caucasus resorts in your opinion could this scandal we've been talking about negatively affect the attractiveness of your region to investors in this film the correct me if i'm wrong but you rely not only on russian investors. but on the european investors as well you talked about differences in mentality when they hear what you are seeing here don't you think it may frighten them if we lose investors or tourists who subscribe to this. beauty thing is this
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what you called it it's ok because we don't need this investment and we don't want those tourists or the if but europeans oh share these values what i understand of them but then again if this is what makes them happy it's up to them it's their life that's when they leave they have parents who go by numbers behrendt number one and they're in them or two and so on that's ok but we have different values we have all been brought up differently and just when we aim to attract investors our goal is not to please the crowd we have in this. women as their wives know their men or to become normal children so this is like every choir meant for the investors it's not a requirement but if i find out that we have an investor like that coming to us i will definitely turn him down even if he has billions this doesn't mean that i'm
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a barbarian and i just like living according to our laws and rules and by our laws i don't mean laws or our laws in the caucuses i mean the rules that we have historically had in russia let's face it will never be europeans i don't quite agree with you there maybe it's because i was born in st petersburg and we think of it as a european city and we think of ourselves as europeans as well that's up to you. know clearly we are a part of europe but our mentality will never be european i want to ask the record if i was ok let me rephrase my question we know that unemployment is quite high in english i may be wrong but i think the latest figure was about forty percent still your job distribution is quite unusual because more than half of you people live in rural areas and tourism could be quite helpful in listing your economy but if that's what my definition tourism requires openness and tolerance to other
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lifestyles even if you don't share them or don't approve of them over the dozen tourism is not just about showing your country to others it's also about looking at other countries. for that. begin you're asking about gay people no not necessarily it's either you're part of the gay lobby no. of course it is an attractive place and it's important for us to get tourists to go there all sorts of tourists including those from europe. and we have destinations like for example which is particularly suited for a. older tourists. and we know that many tourists coming from europe or china are older people but that's because the enjoy the traveling after they retire. so of course it's important for us to develop tourism and we are certainly working on it
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but i can tell you that we certainly don't want to do with a rainbow flags. you figure a person comes to english area to display their lifestyle we don't want that. it's not that we are reluctant to discuss these matters we don't even think about such things we don't check people we don't have a box on the form asking people about their sexual orientation. tourists come and go and some of them may be gay but they don't advertise this fact we don't care about it you know human rights situation is fine we're ready to accept anybody as long as they don't advertise their lifestyle. so it's ok as long as they don't advertise that they do come i guess there are tourists coming and going and some of them are probably good assume we don't ask them about it a stain on the subject of traditions you have recently proposed banning retail sales of alcohol in and not only on really just holidays but also on taking the
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holy days like education day celebrated on the first of september stadia behind this initiative we know that alcoholism is not as big of a problem in india shaky as it is in the rest of russia. but. we're not the only territory in russia that has such laws i won't mention any others specifically you can do some research later and you will find out that there are other places some of them quite far from the northern caucasus they have similar laws yes like in norway they don't sell alcohol on holidays no i mean in russia especially on days like graduation we all know what happens there on regular days if they sell alcohol legally there's not. wrong with that and so we don't do anything about that was the mood they were for most of that but on certain days we asked them not to do it because we want a to protect our children and b we want to protect their religious feelings all delivers since ninety six percent of our population are muslims their remaining
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four percent should respect their feelings and to refrain from drinking. what is. your economic situation is quite special. you have one of the highest birth rates in russia but at the same time you're one of the poorest territories. i think the federal government subsidizes eighty five percent of your budget. how can you generate more revenue. from the good lessons i don't know. we are hardworking people and just recently they announced that we had improved our position on the investment by thirty two points this year. there are three territories in the caucuses that have improved their standing and we are first among those if you're on the board in terms of security we are in the top ten or even the top five and we have been there for the past five years. but we're not sure. we're the only territory in russia with
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a life expectancy of over eighty this means a lot you mentioned the subsidies in the us unemployment is quite high not as high as you say it is it's not forty percent it's twenty nine percent now i think well it used to be fifty percent and like you said most of our people live in rural areas so they can grow things they don't starve they have a way to make some money so on the whole we're not we're just like other territories including some of our neighbors if i can be of course history of course let's take a short break but we'll be back in just a few moments. welcome
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back to well the fight a real talking to they had their freshness and will say if everything goes back to one of those by the way of course of history of color a stain on the issue of security in one of your interviews you said that more than one hundred twenty english joined isis in syria and iraq how four killed and five returned home alive in the window and you said you managed to reintegrate them into society but are keeping an eye on them. what is your concept of reintegration a form of militants and if you go to for votes at that i did not say that a hundred twenty joined isis but that's what i said was that we have
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a list of one hundred twenty suspects and a hundred twenty criminal cases were open to prosecute them on this story according to our intelligence sixty seven of them were killed as part of our special operations eight people came over to english area from syria and iraq. and three of them decided to continue their terrorist to do it is here actually they had assignments from their bosses in syria and iraq. so all three militants were killed during our special operations the new one case was are particularly difficult. two are in negotiations. with the man and his father went in to convince him to lay down arms. but according to our information the man and killed his own father. but not the but there's still those who went back to normal life. we saved five
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people thanks to the public calls that were made by me personally by the secretary of the security council and by the chairman off municipal anti-terrorist commissions who are also members of the rehabilitation commissions reward of responding to our calls parents bringing their grown up children who can fasten tell us their stories of me that they might not be telling us the whole truth within and conduct multiple checks with the prosecutor's office and the federal security service the interior ministry and other agencies and once we realize there are no criminal charges against this particular individual we hand them over to their parents or where they were with we get them a job training or education if they really wanted many boys went to the middle east straight from their university oh college and i guess that's one of the preferred your and their only restriction would be to warn their local police officer if they
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want to leave the territory of. the birth. or with mr you are if you were a victim of an assassination attempt and it was staged by those who you try to reintegrate into society yes. are you afraid of running this risk you must understand it is a risk for many other people who live in english to know what it is. ok with and here is how it happened. in four months i was briefed by our security services that a seventeen year old girl who'd come over to me during one of my tours around the republic and blow herself up. going to kill me with. there but the week later the girl was detained in the taken to my office and there she was with the anniston child sitting in my office crying in refusing to admit anything. and we did not have any evidence to back our claims so i told her to go home with them when i
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told her that what is supposed to happen will happen if there was no off to god to decide and let her go forward the way it. is to say well you know what you will be responsible for it i told her if that was true then there was this terror attack against me twelve or eighteen months later when i was visiting those places i encountered a young woman with a child and her mother i made it clear recognize the mother because she was there in the office together with her daughter and a young woman with a child happened to be that girl who had earlier denied her role she got married in a head a baby and during our meeting she confessed that there really was a plot to kill me and she was trained to do it at the opera following the assassination attempt she turned to do law enforcement agencies and gave a testimony so i asked her what drove her to go to the police and what i liked your
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attitude she told me she said i was told officials don't really care about people but you were different they said that you mean to say that kindness can help change a person's psychology no that's not my point what i'm saying is if you say with least one person or if he'd means it's worth it or if i had simply ignored her she would have been in jail in a failed person now i told you there were five people but these are people who are returning from syria only that if you had other groups there would be some eighty successful cases of people who went back to normal life only to join terrorist groups on the other wasn't that we were glad you said. that it is not religious but political and ideological propaganda that is behind the recruiting campaign by isis their ultimate goal is not to fight for a caliphate. the other day under the illusion that they will defend people in children from the merciless assad. what can change that mentality now with
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no rise in what some well you know militants post views showing muslims allegedly being killed by the russian air force on the walk in a russian t.v. channels have worked hard to uncover the truth behind these videos and they have revealed that they were staged. it was a provocation by the way you know i remember you know is a military officer i have seen a lot in my career but i once saw a viral graphic video online and and my hair just stood on end. it was extremely brutal it purportedly showed us soldiers killing an entire family. and they started posting photos on social media photos of those soldiers calling for them to be found. and it caused such an outcry. but it later turned out that
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this whole thing was a setup and it was filmed by ukrainians in ukraine and i think people by. and i was no exception. in young children are even more vulnerable and susceptible to this kind of lies you remember the u.s. chemical attack which was blamed on asked said they showed a dead children. the way they filmed that this was done on purpose of the bill and they might have been a chemical incident but the way they were bringing out babies the way they filmed the way they interpreted this was a set up if the prohibition behind it is not revealed this my. there's a trigger for many people they might not rush off to syria but it would definitely change the way they think in a big way that was that's what it says you know this propaganda for the most part is created in the middle east particularly in the gulf countries in turkey in the countries which have rather complicated relations with russia even though russia is
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trying to develop certain ties with these countries. yes i suppose they would be mad as far as i know the russian the authorities have been trying to engage some of russia's regions mainly muslim regions using middle east diplomacy and about do you think this approach is efficient. going in good shape to be considered as significant global political players to represent in russia. never to have them or if we can hardly become global political players but as for the investments or export and import of goods and international trade and we have been cooperating with other countries for quite some time no no no i think with them of course i'll give you one example of what recently i visited is saudi arabia met with its king with a crown prince and i enjoyed it very much no matter what some people say about the
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saudis but you must understand but you have to understand that historically they have long been partners with the united states of america. during trump's visit to saudi arabia they have signed multibillion dollar deals so it's hard to sever centuries long ties. with them but this doesn't prevent our president vladimir putin from having friendly relations with the king and his son if they want that these relations help us to keep the global oil prices at a level which can be beneficial for us at the saudi arabia very influential country in this respect of the of. the recession is often criticised will cooperate. with iran because by doing so it allegedly said this sunni dominated country is against itself this is not exactly right but could this might be just a predicts to the new russia is a global power if you say that russia must break ties with iran then saudi arabia
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must break its ties with the us there can be any bargaining. this is not foreign policy or diplomacy this is a mess. there's a global power canada break ties with its supporters just to please someone who says i'm your friend now so you have to break up with your partner it's not possible. muslim country and so do ribby is a muslim country so if you believe in one god then everything else is of minor importance differences between the sunni and the shia have existed for a long time in the they will continue to exist so it's not just iran which if we look at syria there are the sunni is the shias the elo whites and if you want you can always find the text there's also yemen and lebanon where you can always find some pretext even if we look at these sunni countries you can always
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find some differences with us and actually i wanted to ask you about the sunni groups it is believed that in good shape you have a specific approach to the solid the movement. if you believe that the salafist as representatives of different sunni movements have religious freedom. but this are famous for assuming their rights to declare other muslims none muslims. do you think the sol office i capable of being asked tolerant to others as you are tolerant to them that you know. first of all you need to. stand the meaning of salafism there would today many people who call themselves sell a fists are teaching absolutely wrong things. of self ism is a set of rules accepted by everyone including muslims but. some try to present some wrong teachings as salafism. what
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a bit of some time ago wahhabi islam was denounced as terrorism so we rejected wahhabi islam and now they say that the we are going to be so if ists know. what is this well you know it's impossible but most of them believe food that they are to sell a fists and they have the right to do so so why should they do what i want to do. i'm talking about traditional teachings. where such things never existed before for a reason the borders were closed and there were not so many scholars you couldn't go to some other country and study to saudi arabia or to egypt jordan all some have started there and they came back. here for luke the traditional movements in english area and in some other russian regions there are certain differences between them but i believe we should doggedly reject everything related to
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terrorism through extremism and reject the attempts to instigate conflict between people it's their movement everything else is just every person's belief in god it's up to him to choose his own way their wish there were he will respond to god. on the show we all have our own practices. and that's what we keep saying in an area with and we can't impose our ways on others they should choose their own ways with it misty fly i thank you so much for your time entirely honest job of yours cliche a comedy set out to twitter facebook and you to. basest and i hope to see her again in the same place same time here in the worlds apart.
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it's called the future we don't know. every the world experience. will. go according to just. one world come along for the.
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relatives of russian families that left until an islamic states have contacted on to after they've recognized some of the children filmed by our crew in a baghdad orphanage. brut cool correct down on a shia town in saudi arabia is sending more districts that the rubble we have from locals to disguise their voices over safety concerns. and under. the do or not so i think it's two tours endures.


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