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relatives of russian families that left to join islamic states have contacted on t.v. after they've recognized some of the children filmed by our crew in a baghdad orphanage. brut cool correct down on a shia town in saudi arabia since sending more districts that the rubble we have from locals who asked us to disguise their voices over safety concerns. do. you think you could do. on
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the syrian army steps up its efforts to break islamic state siege of the city of we have exclusive video from the offensive. for joining us you're watching international. relatives of russian families that left to join islamic state say that they have recognize some of the children filmed by an aussie crew in an orphanage in baghdad the russian speaking children were placed after they were rescued during the battle to liberate the city of mosul for myself. you know the time that the. families. will sleep do i need to deal with the
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boy don't me mom. don't. look. to me. i'm a little. kid. i need. to. know on that not only. do you. only have. one thing well. east and one of the worst but it gets good just look at someone years over the.
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years those real money. i mean you know. most believe that they were taken to iraq by their parents who joined deisel and who are now presumed dead russia iraq and jordan are working to track down other family members are to join the search operation the video we just showed you was posted on our social media pages and was shared by the head of russia's chechen republic ramzan could derail after this that some of the relatives made contact with this earlier on my colleague emily c. who spoke to audi's at lipa trying to find out. it appears that it only took a couple of days for the first responses to come in and to be honest with you we are very glad and quite surprised about how quickly things are happening so let's take a low. some of the photos that we received now the boy that you can see on the right here is allie has sent us this photo now on the left is
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a screenshot from our video we cannot say for sure yet that this is the same person but definitely the boys do look alike and told those whose father has definitely been killed his mother last contacted the family sometime between the end of last year and the first few months of this year and the family also received this photo from her the most horrendous thing about it is the islamic state flag that you can see in the top right corner now ever since that time there have been no contacts with the woman whatsoever nothing company young people more. privileged and that just need us but i'm going to send them. and the group of the most. of them nice yes. but they're going after it just because a he some on the. last. time. cheated that plan should do it
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in the national meeting with news nine if you don't know much but have yet to get out here. take it out or some. took on a little english getting. peachy when you. do what. so naturally but. still in your belief in the space you. do see a lot of that are going to have. already you don't want to be doing. any of these sites are they what about other children well. three more kids could now be very close to reuniting with their families if everything goes well here's a picture of. a rod on the right again just next to
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a boy from our video the story. and the story of all we they are strikingly similar and horrendous their fathers are definitely dead and the last time soul tom rugs mother contacted his family was about ten months ago now also take a look at these two girls now they might well turn out to be sisters. and for the team we got this picture from one of their distant relatives and we were also told that their mother and father fled to turkey along with the girls about two years ago and ever since then they've heard nothing from them they disappeared and since they ended up in mosul it looks like the family joined islamic state in the office the second they're here in the situations and they've been subjected to i sell propaganda and also if they were the horrors of war how many such children could there still be out there and you mention the horrors of
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war of course here we can talk about the liberation of mosul and we remember the joy of praise that we heard when the city was being liberated we saw the prime minister of iraq he was delighted is right when he arrived in mosul after declaring victory but what did he see there almost total destruction now when we say humanitarian catastrophe these words can mean many things but take a moment to think about the many very many children that were found amid this destruction some of these children that were treated at this iraqi shelter they were russian speaking and when our journalists talk to them the only things that they couldn't resist. and death and some of them were even able to describe the experience of how their parents were killed so it turns out that luckily now four of them pending a d.n.a. test could be reuniting with their families there very soon but of course there are
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more left a total of almost fifty children and we are of course waiting for more e-mails and photos and hopefully will be able to help them. more districts of a small she a town in saudi arabia have been reduced to rubble by government forces it's part of a crackdown that started two and a half months ago the security forces saying that they're chasing gunmen responsible for attacks on police but now the town looks like a war zone few journalists have been allowed inside the town most of the footage we've received has been posted online by locals images show widespread destruction and army vehicles patrolling streets residents told us exclusively what is going on in the town but they did ask us to disguise their voices because they're afraid for their safety.
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but i think you could. turn. cooperation has been going on for non cheater use now. to compete no more. no goodies out because sure. you should. try to sound shoot on chart i'm sure most moral awards show you are just not for free rockwall sure you. can see that broad term a show wouldn't open no one can be trying to shoot. on brickell i've been a certain my hunch. now i go no no one wants to know. amidst the months of violence the saudi crackdowns also resulted in the death
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of a child. but of my family. and i want me and i lost my students and friends. in the assault so if the city a child was shot by saudi special forces and he doubts that he was shot in the car is this family when asked about the situation in our mayor the region's mess said that the old districts are being cleared to make life a new infrastructure he also claimed that most locals actually wanted to say that neighborhoods redeveloped brag as they ever stay poor into the reasons behind the conflict in the region.
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no that's not a war zone don't be daft that renovations a little do over neighborhood remodelling with guns that's seriously what the saudis a calling this the workers who are conducting renovation works to ensure the safety of the our missouri neighborhood have come into heavy terrorist find those pictures from our media a town of twenty five thousand people where they are foolish enough not to like the king or his family which is the government there are also shia as opposed to sunni and have resisted the authorities our media was home to many executed malcontents such as cleric. who wanted democracy in saudi arabia bad behavior is punishable by so-called renovations soldiers plowing through your
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home with bulldozers or the strong it with explosives and shells security is tight but for some reason the renovators keep on being targeted by terrorists government . is just. one. trumped. the renovations began back in april then the un condemned what it's called forced evictions and demolition people being thrown out of. their homes with little
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or no compensation those who resist being shot at banks by the way in no small part to western partners canadian military vehicles are reportedly at the forefront of these saudi renovations. we are looking at these claims very seriously and have immediately launched a review remind me what did you expect would happen when you sold billions of dollars worth of vans to one of the most repressive regimes on earth profits of course dumb question saudi arabia is canada's second biggest arms buyer heck most western arms manufacturers sell all they can to riyadh weapons that eventually get turned on civilians both at home and abroad and then they feign outrage since two thousand and eleven. was. one of the
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strongest tones in qatif calling for reforms calling for more rights in saudi arabia not only for she even for certain needs i will dare the government to invite independent investigation of what's happening to interview these twenty thousand who have been displaced not to sell elect some who they know what would they say then they will told the government narrative. when asked the bout the situation in our media the regions of mass said that the old districts are being cleared to make way for new infrastructure you also claim most locals wanted to see the neighborhoods really developed. now moving on to. the strand to the story artie's reached out to several human rights organizations. over what has happened there the red cross amnesty international also the united nations refused to comment citing
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a lack of information on the matter in other news the syrian army stepping up its efforts to break islamic state siege of the city of their resort artie's ruptly video agency obtained exclusive video of the offensive. if. i. work for. i. will. only be seen city of the resort is located in eastern syria and you can see on our map here that it's completely surrounded by terrorist forces the syrian army has been blockaded in a tiny portion of the city for almost three years while small jihadists are
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refusing to allow civilians to leave. even a bit as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i hid her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave it was argued that it's not cowardice the situation in there is or is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them as suicide bombers.
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i want to bring in ali risk now he's a contributor with al ali is it possible for the syrian army to break this siege it certainly looks like an intimidating situation if you look at the map in the terrorists' presence that. hello ali can you hear me ok this is neil harvey in the moscow studio. i can hear now you go you know excellent i'm just saying how possible will it be for the syrian army to break this siege it seems like they're surrounded on all sides by a terrorist presence so how feasible is the task. no was definitely feasible the syrian army has made important advances towards that city particularly from the outskirts of iraq i think you have to take
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a few elements into consideration the cease fire agreement which was reached between russia the u.s. and jordan in southwestern syria that has actually actually allowed the syrian armed forces to dedicate. more and free basically freed up more of syria's military to go ahead and launch this attempt to break the siege on they resort to another important element when we talk about they do so to militarily is that it's mostly a desert area in this area is usually air force power has a bigger say in deciding battles contrary to you know mountainous regions where maybe military militants can hide in caves or elsewhere so there are a number of different factors particularly they cease fire which i mentioned that to do give the syria does give the series here an army a chance to indeed achieve some kind of victory in that is all although you know
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this won't happen overnight it's obviously a long way ahead but i think the likelihood that the syrian army will break the siege of if you compare it to before the cease fire agreement in the south west in syrian region now indeed it does seem more likely that the syrian army could do damage particularly if you add another element which is the the low morale of isis fighters due to the defeats that have been inflicted on isis not just in syria but also in iraq where they were decisively defeated by the by the iraqi forces in the popular will isolation units if the syrian army is victorious in there is a what would that mean for the syrian war as a whole. i think. they had absorbed first of all is a second biggest province. in syria so geographically speaking it would be
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huge. especially now after the syrian army has made so many victories elsewhere in the country but i think that you have to when we talk about zia daters order we have to think about what's beyond syria as well regionally because there is an important linkage area you know a land area linking iraq to syria and i think that when we talk about this what comes to mind is what israeli is in saudi like to say is the shia are christian or the land bridge linking to hold on to beirut because daters ruled it would be decisive in that land bridge so i think that the more and more likely the syrian army will achieve victory and they resort to more and more likely you might see israel and saudi arabia two of america's main allies in the region trying to obstruct or prevent such a scenario from being fulfilled that perhaps maybe maybe by pushing the trumpet
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illustration into more intervention through to prevent war to stop the syrian army from taking the resort except for so the importance of those or i think it is important syria wise but it's also very important regionally wise as well there we got about one minute left i think it's an icy quickly what about the civilians no doubt this would be a risky undertaking by the syrian army eisel really doesn't show any regard for civilian life how dangerous will it be for the civilians. it will be dangerous over for the people for the civilians of course but that might be one reason which would prevent the syrian army from going ahead right now that's why maybe the syrian army will calculate and make a lot of the you know maybe planning. the practice caution because if indeed it does lead to civilians falling that would not be in the interest of the
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syrian army so that's why i said you know at the beginning of the interview of that the syrian army yes it does have a good fairly good chance to break the siege on david's order but so from a different factors including some of the civilian a fact that will take quite some time ali great to speak to you get your thoughts sally risk contributor with our monitor that. the president from says that his warning that the united states would meet north korea with quote fire and fury may not have been tough enough break lee the people who were questioning that statement was it. maybe it wasn't tough enough north korea. best not make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury. like the world has never seen. north korea slam trumps original comments is
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nonsense it went on to say that no serious dialogue is possible with the u.s. president whom it described as being a guy bereft of reason washington and pyongyang have been exchanging harsh words for days now china however is avoided taking sides in the brewing conflict saying it should be solved diplomatically the u.s. state department has stressed china's role in pressuring north korea saying beijing isn't doing enough. the secretary has spoken to this issue a lot is china doing enough and one of the things that he's consistently said is that we see some movement on the part of china but that movement and that engagement can be on even at times but look he had conversations are with many partners on his recent trip to oz and we think we've made some additional progress and there they were certainly recognize what instability in that region means for their nation they also jumped on board with the united nations security council resolutions that we're pleased with that but we look forward and hope that they will do more the relations between china and the united states are becoming even
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more tense with beijing angry over a u.s. naval destroyer sailing close to a chinese island in the disputed south china sea the u.s. destroyers actions have violated chinese and international laws as well as severely harmed china's sovereignty and security china will bring up the issue with the u.s. side the u.s. navy destroyer was carrying out a so-called freedom of navigation operation it's the third one conducted during trumps presidency the u.s. says though that there is nothing provocative in this thirty percent of the world's trade goes through the south china sea and the rule such as been in place has been one that is orderly open architecture that's why you know freedom of navigation operations are the least provides good thing that you can conceive of. a spoke earlier to tom brooks professor of law and government at durham university he says that china will not give in to washington's pressure. i think it's
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definitely provocative clearly an area that china wants to exercise some. control over to some degree or at least have keep or at least keep other military powers out of the region but in light of other things going on the the real pressure on china to act tougher on north korea by the trump administration i think this will be seen as as another. more aggressive stance of the trumpet ministration and it will heighten tensions it further what is different is what everything else is and that is the growing tensions over north korea the close partner to china and what can be done about that i think china will want to make any moves out of its own free will that its own accord and not do so out of being pressured or intimidated by the navy. career in its turn slam trumps common says
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nonsense went on to say that no serious dialogue is possible with the u.s. president. now moving on to actually we can tell you a little bit more about this story because we wanted to find out just how big a threat is north korea correspondent kelly more pain when gauging opinion in new york. with exchanges between washington d.c. n.p.r. and becoming even more menacing fear is growing across the united states according to a recent poll as many as two thirds of americans possibly believe that north korea is a serious threat we decided to talk to new yorkers and see if they could pinpoint exactly where this serious threat is coming from if you feeling north korea is a threat to the united states i don't think so my paranoid no but i definitely feel that north korea is a potential definite threat i think north korea is a serious threat to the region but not to the united states not scared of of north
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korea i'm not scared but i'm scared of our leaders are in many countries and how they're behaving they're not asleep behaving in the interest of of the people fully is becoming more of a bravado and any time you're dealing with an a country that's led by your irrational dictator i think you know even you to appear for the worst yes pretty threatening and we responded in a threatening way that scary you point to north korea on this map. there no that's that's siberia ok. there that's that's still siberia. that's that's southeast asia that's you know that's like vietnam. man mark there you go yeah that that's that's when i knew that she would get it and you find north korea on this map of the world her all that's australia actual oh well north korea . southeast asia that's cambodia that's. ok so it's here
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that's australia you're someone that's saudi arabia. forget me i'm hopeless it's for a it's. around here around there yeah you're right that's that's north ridge right there you go you got it there you are like it's close somewhere further more. or it turns out there's actually a correlation between knowing where north korea is and favoring military action those who don't know where the country is are actually more likely to want to send troops right now millions of americans are convinced that north korea is out to get them and it seems like those who are the least in the know are the ones running the most scared table mopping r.t. new york. about to go in order to is accusing a british contractor in afghanistan of wasting vast amounts of money on some questionable practices the review found millions of dollars of taxpayers' money being spent on. this was revealed by
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a latest audit however somehow no no questions were asked on this case previously and now of course this is going to be unraveling and more are going to be demanded now some of the questionable items are quote really quite fascinating they include seven luxury cars from up porches to all for a mayo's to a bentley to an aston martin and a ladder over new century consulting was unable to provide adequate documentation to neither justified a need for a luxury automobiles nor verified to use was in accordance with contract regulations as an example and c.c. admitted to using the cars during non-working hours without keeping adequate records of did not work either now also highlighted by this audit the approximately four hundred twenty thousand dollars each in salaries to was being described as significant others for working as executive assistants however not providing any kind of details in terms of what the.


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