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tv   Headline News  RT  August 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will do the time and they will. get the middle finger to be. delayed in. the headlines. who claim to recognize a relative in a video filmed by a. president on his fire and fury threats to north korea despite widespread criticism. from. a group called the. intended and. blame for feeding.
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the program. they all responsible for probably. to leave the region and then be silent about. the well it's being victimized by muslim states isn't. news headlines live on international news team here a very warm welcome to here. has received colds and e-mails from people who think they've recognized some children film. crew in iraq these russian speaking children had reportedly been taken to the country by their parents who had joined. and one woman called.
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i need to told us that the boy in the video is her nephew lee she contacted us and sent us the following photo lottie's what our guys d.f. has traveled to dagestan where she lives. well a number of families have contacted out saying they've recognized their relatives among the children that we filmed in that all footage among them is one woman who says she's the young i lead boy that was also filmed in the orphanage she said to us a picture and while it isn't definitive proof the resemblance is certainly there and the striking the says that leaves parents his mother and his father packed up one
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day and told all their relatives that they were moving to more scope for work they took the children the next time they called they called from istanbul in turkey after that nobody heard the heard from them for a while there presumed to have crossed the border into either syria or iraq and joined isis. could be. any minute. long and. she did. later leaves mother contacted family she said that she was alone husband least father had been killed in fighting and that she was alone with the children and also had a newborn child to take care of she said they speak you notice the isis flag on the
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top right corner after that nobody had heard from her again that was ten months ago but as her relatives tell us who dies last. can you let me give you do you. feel. here it actually. is good of you for you know. this night they are precious. children. there are potentially hundreds of children with russian origins in iraq's orphanages the children of isis fighters living together with the children of isis
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victims life for them there isn't going to be easy with that sort of stigma which is why adze has decided to help we're meeting with a number of families here in dagestan relatives who claim to have recognized the children in those orphanages in order to reunite as many of these orphans with their families as possible. well the three other children could soon be reunited with their families if everything goes well we can show you a picture of sultan mora on the right just next to a boy from the video and we got it from his aunt and his story is strikingly similar to ali's and their fathers are said to have been killed and the last time sultans mother contacted his family it was about ten months ago and the following two girls might well turn out to be sisters teacher and fatima we were given the picture from one of their distant relatives we were told their mother and father
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fled to turkey along with them about two years ago reportedly to join i sell their relatives then lost contact with the family. but we are still searching for more children who became orphans in iraq and trying to find their relatives back home if you have any information please contact us at the e-mail address below. president trump has refused to back down on his threat to bring fire and fury to north korea amid global coals for deescalation. jacqueline verger investigates this . frankly the people that would course think that statement was too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough to want to read. this make it work threats to the united states . they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has
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never see it's a very terrifying question what could possibly be more intense than fire and fury when trump was asked he just ominously responded with you'll see but it is clear that he has no plans to back down whatsoever he's not a dear it's a statement has nothing to do with there that's a statement now trump's remarks are just the latest in a series of aggressive exchanges between the president n.p.r. news but has escalated to the point of north korea state media outlining a possible plan to attack the u.s. territory of guam a threat that trump says kim jong own will not get away with and when the question was posed to the president if americans should be frightened by the current state of affairs trump said in fact the opposite is true that north korea should be the nervous party here if. north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack. of anybody that we love what we represent do our allies or us they could be very very nervous i'll tell you what they should be very very good
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things will happen to them like they never thought possible north korea better get their act together where they're going to be trouble like few days should ever have been to trouble in this world now while term profuse a comment on whether the u.s. was considering a preemptive strike against pyongyang he spoke about the importance of the u.s. military and his plans to drastically beef up their defense budgets by quote many billions of dollars and this is all because of the threat posed by north korea in a strange twist while trump spoke of strengthening america's arsenal he also warned that nuclear power is the world's greatest threat stating that he would like to denuclearize the world. on wednesday he tweeted about the us a strong and powerful nucular stockpile hinting that it could be used if necessary so while other nations are still pushing for a democratic resolution threat flying back and forth seem to be pushing the world closer and closer to the edge of war with possible nuclear implications china
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meanwhile has condemned trump's fire and fury remarks version one the us president against playing with fire over north korea and said any accidental spark could trigger a conflict and it looks like relations between china and the u.s. becoming more tense as well beijing has been eyeing goodbye an american destroyer the u.s.s. john f. mccain selling close to a chinese island in the disputed south china sea although washington insists all the while it is doing nothing wrong the u.s. destroyers actions have violated chinese and international laws as well as severely homed china's solvency and security china will bring up the issue with the u.s. side the united states does these operations the freedom of navigation operations all around the world this is nothing new we've done it before we'll continue to do it steadily for provocative it's clearly an area that china wants to exercise. control over to some degree or at least have. or least keep other military powers
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out of the region but in light of other things going on the the real pressure on china to act tougher on north korea by the trump administration i think this will be seen is as another a more aggressive stance of the trumpet ministration and it will heighten tensions it further but it's not only china openly criticizing trump's aggressive line america's close allies britain and germany have joined that call saying the u.s. president should deescalate tensions or leave it at home trump is also facing opposition. person interims escalatory rhetoric is exactly the wrong response to dealing with north korea's provocative behavior you don't necessarily heightens the risk of miscalculation and creates the very food that can lead to go i don't see the plus in these threats were we getting something in return from these president's threats i don't see it i've never seen that tension so high in the korean peninsula i'm extremely concerned i hope the president's advisors rein him
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in general kelly you know the new chief of staff he's got to tell the president you can't conduct foreign policy the way you're doing with words with fiery words exchanges stooping to the level of came june in the north koreans who generate this rhetoric almost every day but this rhetoric has gotten a lot more intense also from the north korean side well that trumps tone a phrase when it comes to north korea has not gone unnoticed on social media with twitter users getting the impression the president's becoming more like a character from a popular t.v. series as reports when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online apparently had the same thought game of thrones north korea. best not make it with threats to the united states. they will be met with five
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years if you. like the world as they're perceived. now arguably the only other world leader whose tirade sounds much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz we'll give them the quote and they tell us was it was it kim jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could blackmail us game with their own game of thrones. game of thrones out. game of thrones it's kim jong un ok all right. i tried you know as many people as i can you never know which one you'll need. non-neutral. game of thrones you're correct that is game of yes all right our military will be given the resources that its brave warriors richly deserve.
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game of thrones. you're right. i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. game of thrones. i'm just going to go again that's correct and you're right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in the earth including them within our striking range game of their own. game with their own skill. your enemy steals and murders your children. came to. be. they were thrown. out of the train it's game of thrones. r.t. new york. a group in the u.k. calling itself the x. muslim council has been stirring controversy members attended an elegy bt parade in london on tuesday held up by those denouncing islam and accusing muslims of
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homophobia in particular they blamed the east london mosque for promoting hatred towards homosexuality according to the group this mosque quote has a long history of hosting hate creatures the east london mosque has responded accusing the group of feeding anti islamic hysteria the x. muslim council refuses to apologize saying it does not need anyone's permission to . the rights or here on contrasting views on this story. a true to ghent people is always wrong with muslim or anyone else but criticizing bigoted intolerant ideas is entirely right and proper i hold the likes of peter who i have a lot of respect for the human rights over the years he's deeply misguided that what he supports an organization that has made it mission to demonize islam and the
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religious belief of muslims in this country around the world many of us who are marching on individuals from within the meritage so i myself am a british pakistani who grew up as a gay individual in with and this is my community i have no interest in galvanizing hate against muslims because i will be subjected to that same hate this group was targeting islam must homophobia it wasn't targeting muslim people or even islam in general the council of muslims has never criticized or condemned muslim people it is only condemned and criticized is the most extremists who advocate hatred and violence against people if these people have left islam and that's their right let's accept that they got a right to live there why are they constantly obsessed see. they need to get a life move on enjoy their life and their new freedom as they tell is asking us to
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leave their religion and then be silent about our. kin across the world who are being victimized by muslim states is a request they are rampant islam the for big organization they are responsible for promoting hatred against muslims now let's just say that is their accounts of christians is there a council of use a council of x. induce a council of x x where religion is legislating against people like gays we will try that and we will challenge you. i will challenge it in meaningful ways holding signs for a very thought provoking move discussion and dialogue still lots of news to get through for you today here on the program when i see international including a tiny parts of the e.u.'s elite expense accounts have been exposed and it's. all the way that story and it's.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in truth to stand this is just the right questions and the right answers. seem wrong. to say palin. and. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. just a look for common ground. it
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is already in the syrian army is stepping up its efforts to break islamic state siege of the city of zoar. video agency obtained exclusive video of the offensive. of the old. ah. one. of.
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the besieged city of did it as or is located in eastern syria as we can show you here on the map it is completely surrounded by jihadist forces the syrian army has been blockaded in a tiny portion of the city for almost three years. what's more the jihadists are refusing to allow civilians to leave in fact according to the u.n. more than one hundred thousand civilians are trapped there in that city middle east expert ali risk believes despite the odds there's finally a chance the city will be recaptured from the terrorists they have absorbed first of all is a second biggest province in syria geographically speaking. especially now after the syrian army has made so many victories elsewhere of the cease fire agreement which was reached between russia do you worse in jordan. west in syria that is an act to actually allow the syrian armed forces to dedicate. more of free
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basically freed up more of syria's military to go ahead and launch this attempt to break the siege off we have to think about what's beyond syria's role regionally because there is an important a linkage area i think that the more and more likely the syrian army will achieve victory and they resort to the more and more likely you might see israel and saudi arabia two of america's main allies in the region trying to obstruct or prevent such a scenario from being fulfilled. private jets and lavish hotels and not just the reserve of the rich and famous these days newly released details covering just the first two months of twenty sixteen show e.u. commissioners racked up hefty bills on foreign joints the tabs as usual left to be picked up by e.u. taxpayers.
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to visit. by john the first visits to your country our meetings today. kuntar with foreign minister discussion good discussions on a range of issues a wide strange of issues and also talked a lot. of european commission that i'm presiding over is not a group of technocrats but is composed of politicians this is not a commission that would promote the virtues of a foolish blind policy. but it's not only about money. even if it doesn't. it doesn't play a minor role but the lavish lifestyles of e.u.
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officials were only exposed after campaigners waged a three year battle for the release of travel expense records and we spoke to the spanish transparency ngo access info which first obtained the documents they say they've only scratched the surface hundred twenty requests made freedom of information access to documents requests was actually for the whole year of twenty six thing however the commission decided unilaterally to only release information at this point for january and february twenty sixth they felt that it was an advantage to burden and it was disproportionate to release information for the whole year now that doesn't seem to make sense given that they also have this information passed on to the auditor's into the parliament so if the data is already collected and is made available to those. institutions then why can't it be
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made public more generally. one e.u. spokesperson has defended the travel expenses but critics say sometimes it's difficult to see where there's value for money. the the european commission we and unlike national government don't own an airplane and do not have the flexibility to therefore it's just our own plane that's why we have to guard. against whenever there is no other civility you know that in when a commercial flight would not be viable because of the then the countering the petition or the good of security reasons often really people tell me these expensive trips and then they just come out with fairly innocuous statements at the end of the day really achieve much less the company benefits from face to face meetings are so you know it's good that there is a focus on those problems in armenia and azerbaijan but really the hasn't been much progress for a long time now given they are spending taxpayers' money they ought to try and get
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those places as cheaply as possible within reason and if you look at for example it's a mr young because troops have arrived there are several direct flights from brussels to write every single day on normal sehgal their lines so why couldn't they have called on those normal slice instead of booking this private jet. a german journalist has found herself making the news as opposed to reporting on it as after she claimed in an interview german media is biased towards the government in the coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis claudia zimmerman said journalists are instructed to report in a pro-government way when it comes to the migrant crisis adding that they are compelled to cover the issue in a positive light the revelation was made back in january twenty sixth scene that's during an interview about the cologne sex attacks that she gave to a dutch radio station it is a topic that zimmerman has covered extensively and our sister channel r.t. deutsch spoke exclusively to the journalist in the middle of this controversy
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germany's tend to support chancellor merkel's refugee policy throughout the media not just that some journalists including me tried to pitch more pretty can stories but they would. not approved that's why i spoke out stories that failed to welcome all support this policy of being blocked honestly at first i did not understand the situation the whole situation that occurred because of this as the w d r stated there was a lot of damage in the public field i cooperated and did everything possible to minimize the damage of the deputy i'm still officially not fired they just don't approve my pictures my topics haven't changed yet but it suddenly turned out that i'm not trustworthy in a report published in june this year claimed media outlets are closing their eyes to the concerns and fears of the german population with regard to the country's migration policy ideas and woman claims there are topics journalists really want to cover but are simply not allowed to. i would have wished that many more colleagues
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dead to do more critical coverage the pressure comes from the top to down i know from some colleagues that there are certain topics which they would like to cover but these topics were not approved because they were too critical because they don't fit the format of the program i think it's significant it would be significant for journalism in germany where you can keep across what's happening in the world via our website r.t. top call them and various other social platforms as well for the meantime go back with your news and often. social environment. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria was exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. says sister years old industrial
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giants reaps the benefit ignoring the harm caused by chemical production. you know as if these people are people just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this despicable. greenspan doesn't really seem to understand that the point of having a central bank is to try to mitigate the risks of these are the swings in interest rates in other words interest rates been through financial repression and they can look this up on google there's a term for it when the central bank. thanks are financially repressed the economy
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they're stealing from savers that's the definition. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us it actually does pull along on the only show i go out of my way to loan you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue things that we see people you've never heard of low down for the night and i'm president of the world bank so very soon the world and a seriously send us an e-mail. i'm cmon del rosario and you're watching boom box unplugged a special episode taking a closer look at how digital and streaming media are pushing out more traditional ports and these are the headlines dominating the media landscape does need to pull
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movies from netflix launches own streaming service netflix just bought its first company and it's to team up with a comic book legend c.b.s. will launch a streaming sports network later this year facebook watch social media giant launches a platform for short form shows and f.x. to stream as brief for six bucks but only for comcast cable user these headlines that a whole lot more are from this week alone media technology is moving at lightning speed and companies of all kinds are trying to not only keep up a complete but who is winning the race and who is coming in last were about to find out and not only in how we got here but what the future could look like the bus unplugged starts right now.


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