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tv   Headline News  RT  August 11, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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r.t. visits a russian family who claim to recognize a relative in a video filmed by our crew in an orphanage and back to. the. president trump says u.s. weapons are locked and loaded for north korea that's after he doubled down on his fire and fury threats against a country. break we the people who were forced to that statement which is to maybe it wasn't just a. new report shows top e.u. officials racked up enormous bills on their luxury is foreign trips and twenty
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sixteen paid for by more none other than european taxpayers we spoke to the author of the study. welcome to the program you're watching our team to national it's four in the afternoon here in the russian capital with you this hour as of these two. children are already being recognized thanks to our special campaign to find relatives of orphans in war torn iraq we're receiving calls and e-mails from people who think they know the kids films at an orphanage by our crew now on the screen you can see the e-mail address where you can contact us if you have any information on these russian speaking children had reportedly been taken to the country by parents who joined islamic state after we filmed them in baghdad we posted the footage on our social media pages and it was shared by the head of russian's chechen republic rums
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on cut it off and it didn't take long to get a response here you can see just some of the comments were posted online one woman called county judge contacted us from dhaka stop our crew went there to talk to her . oh. yeah i. mean the. kind of things the boy in the video is her nephew ali she contacted us and sent us the following photo were aghast every point from dagestan where he's trying to find relatives of other children. a number of families have contacted on claiming that among the children we filmed that baghdad orphanage they recognize their loved ones their relatives among them is one woman who claims the little i leave is her nephew
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she sent a picture and while it isn't definitive proof the resemblance is certainly striking she says that parents his mother and his father packed up one day and left claiming that they were going to moscow for work and taking the family they took the kids only to call later and say that they were in istanbul turkey that was a while ago after that they are presumed to have crossed the border either into syria or into iraq and joined isis. you might hear it. and. went. to tell you later mother called the family from
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iraq she said that her husband father had been killed in fighting and that she was now alone with the children she also had a newborn to take care of she sent a picture you can see the isis flag in the top right corner nobody has heard from her since that was ten months ago but her relatives say hope dies last. let me give you a. here . you know if it's. the. you know the. children.
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there are potentially hundreds of children with russian origins in iraq's orphanages the children of isis fighters living together with the children of isis victims life for them there isn't going to be easy with that sort of stigma which is why our team has decided to help we're meeting with a number of families here in dagestan relatives who claim to have recognized the children in those orphanages in order to reunite as many of these orphans with their families as possible. well three other children could soon be reunited with their families if everything goes well we're going to show you a picture of salt on marotta on the right just next to a boy from the video we got a from his aunt his story is striking similar to ali's father said to have been killed and the last time sultan smother contacted his family was about ten months ago and these two girls may well turn out to be sisters had the jar and fatima we
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were given this picture from one of their distant relatives we were told their mother and father fled to turkey along with them about two years ago we reported the joint i saw their relatives then lost contact with the family we're still searching for more children who became orphans in iraq and trying to find their relatives back home if you have any information please contact us at this e-mail address. u.s. weapons are locked and loaded donald trump has warned of the latest threats against north korea that's after the president refused to back down on his threat to bring fire and theory to the hermit kingdom and make global cost for deescalation artie's jacqueline booga has the story. frankly the people that would course think that statement was too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough to want to read. this make it
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work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see it's a very terrifying question what could possibly be more intense than fire and fury when trump was asked he just ominously responded with you'll see but it is clear that he has no plans to back down whatsoever he's not in there to states has nothing to do with there that's a statement now trump's remarks are just the latest in a series of aggressive exchanges between the president n.p.r. news but has escalated to the point of north korea state media outlining a possible plan to attack the u.s. territory of guam a threat that trump says kim jong own will not get away with and when the question was posed to the president if americans should be frightened by the current state of affairs trump said in fact the opposite is true that north korea should be the
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nervous party here if. north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack. of anybody that we love what we represent do our allies or us they could be very very nervous i'll tell you what they should be very dubious those things will happen to them like they never thought possible north korea better get their act together where they're going to be trouble like few days should ever have been to trouble in this world now while term profuse a comment on whether the u.s. was considering a preemptive strike against pyongyang he spoke about the importance of the u.s. military and his plans to drastically beef up their defense budget by quote many billions of dollars and this is all because of the threat posed by north korea in a strange twist while term spoke of strengthening america's arsenal he also warned that nuclear power is the world's greatest threat stating that he would like to denuclearize the world. on wednesday he tweeted about the us the strong and powerful new killer stockpile hinting that it could be used if necessary so while
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other nations are still pushing for a democratic resolution threat flying back and forth seem to be pushing the world closer and closer to the edge of war with possible nuclear implications however america is close allies britain and germany are calling on the u.s. president to deescalate tensions even at home trumps also face opposition u.s. senator ed markey says that trumps hostile rhetoric is the opposite of what's needed and could sleepwalk the country into war we also spoke to a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. who says this such threats put trump on the sing level as north korea's leader i don't see the plus in these threats were we getting something in return from these president's threats i don't see it i've never seen that tension so high in the korean peninsula i'm extremely concerned i hope the president's advisors rein him in general kelly you know the new chief of staff he's got to tell the president you
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can't conduct foreign policy the way you're doing with words with fiery words exchanges stooping to the level of kim jong whom in the north koreans who generate this rhetoric almost every day but this rhetoric has gotten a lot more intense also from the north korean side. and china meanwhile has condemned trump's fire and fear really marks beijing warned the u.s. president against playing with fire over north korea it said any accidental spark could trigger a conflict what's more chinese state media reports the country will protect a north korean regime if the u.s. decides to strike first. the possibility of military confrontation is causing a split among america's allies australia says it will stand shoulder to shoulder with washington but new zealand says it's not ready to support any aggressive military action. we stand shoulder to shoulder with the united states the anzus treaty means that if america has attacked we will come to their right if
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a stranger is attacked the americans will come to our right we are joined at the hip the american alliance is the bedrock of our national security committing to i'm aggressive response now while encouraging all involved to avoid escalation is not a position we want to take but to discuss this further let's cross live now to curtis doebbler from webster university in geneva hi there sir thank you so much for joining us here on our to international so trump has just tweeted and warned that u.s. weapons are quote locked and loaded should north korea act on wisely every statement seems to raise the threat level do you think washington is really gearing up for military action or is the president just bluffing. i think it be very unfortunate certainly international law does not allow the use of force at this instance or even an instance where north korea heightens
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its threats i think that it would be better in everybody's interest to deescalate everything and but as we've seen before trump sometimes the american president trump tries to skeer or people that are listening to him through his rhetoric but says sometimes that's an unfortunate way to function in the international system that russia's foreign minister has just said that the risk of the north korea u.s. conflict turning into war is high do you share his opinion. i'm not so sure that right now we have a strong risk of conflict but i do think we have a possibility that there could be violence mean all out war i think would be foolish on any side and as you've heard from the chinese side that they might even become involved in something like that. and i don't think anybody wants that right now what i do think is that there is the potential of not full scale war but
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aggression by one state or another and most likely the victims of that are going to be civilians or people that are not the senior levels of government and i think that sort of action is very unfortunate and probably will be contrary to international law certainly the first use of force by any state against another state when they have not themselves been attacked so the first use of force would be a violation of the u.n. charter and one of the most fundamental principles of international law now you mentioned china there china says if the u.s. does strike north korea it will protect its confrontation between the two superpowers the u.s. and china now a real threat. i don't know if it's a threat i hope it's not but i would say that if china came to the defense of north korea after the united states has done first strike china would be well within its rights in acting in collective self-defense with north korea but i hope
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we don't get to that situation i think right now we're at a stage where both sides are trying to throw around strong rhetoric i think if it is an elevation it will be an elevation very likely on an isolated strike on a place where again it will be probably mainly innocent civilians who will be affected by that and i hope that that would draw sense into each party's. minds and that they would deescalate then immediately now many in the u.s. and around the world are calling on trying to escalate his rhetoric but as you mentioned he appears to be doing the exact opposite why do you think he's doing that. trump is the new york businessman and very often you boast in a much louder voice and. things that are not really completely. the reality to try to scare off your opponents or to increase the value of your
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position i think we've seen that throughout his business career we've seen it even some instances after he has become president and i think it's a unfortunate sort of strategy to use in international affairs where there are a lot of people observing there are a lot of lives at stake and these are not just a business deal well thank you so much for sharing your insights with us on this developing story that was a kurdish stall there from geneva as webster university thank you sir. well chums turned a phase when phrase when it comes to north korea hasn't gone unnoticed on social media over twenty years is getting the impression the president's becoming more like a character from a popular t.v. series him often has more. when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online apparently had the same thought game of thrones north korea best not make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with
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five years of. life the world has never seen. now arguably the only other world leader whose tirade sound as much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz we'll give them the quote and they tell us was it was it kim jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could blackmail us game with their own game of thrones. game of thrones out. donald trump game of thrones that's kim jong un ok all right. i tried you know as many people as i can you never know which one you'll need. non-neutral also donald trump donald trump donald trump game of thrones you're correct that is game of yes ok all right our military will be given the resources that it's brave
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warriors richly deserve. control from them game of thrones. donald trump you're right that's donald trump i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. game of thrones donald trump donald trump i'm just going to go with donald trump again that's correct and you're right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in the earth including them within our striking range game of their own game for a. game with their own skins can john correct your enemies steals and murders your children. came down on donald trump be. they were thrown him thrown on the train that's game of thrones. thanks for staying with us more stories coming your way after a short break. in
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case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around corporation corporations around washington washington controls the media the media. and voters elected to business to run this country business
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because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome back private jets and lavish hotels are not just the reserve of the rich and famous these days newly released details covering just the first two months of twenty sixteen show e.u. commissioners racked up hefty bills on foreign jaunts where the tabs as usual left to be picked up by taxpayers. it's visits to observe by john the first visits to your country to our meetings
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today encounter with foreign minister discussion good discussions on a range of issues a wide range of issues and also talked a lot. of european commission presiding over is not a group of technocrats but it's composed of politicians this is not a commission that would promote the virtues of a foolish and blowing policy. but it's not only about money. even if. it doesn't it's. it doesn't play a minor role. the luxury as lifestyles of e.u. officials were only exposed after campaigners waged a three year battle for the release of travel expense records we spoke to the spanish transparency and geo access info which first obtained the documents they say they've only scratched the surface. hundred twenty requests made freedom of
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information access to documents requests was actually for the whole year of twenty sixteen however the commission decided unilaterally to only release information at this point for january and february twenty sixth they felt that it was an advantage to do and it was disproportionate to release information for the whole year now that doesn't seem to make sense given that they also have this information passed on to the auditor's into the parliament so if the data is already collected and is made available to those. institutions then why can't it be made public more generally. and spokespersons defended the travel expenses but critics say sometimes it's difficult to see where there is value for money. the the european commission we like national government don't own an airplane and do not have the capability to therefore it's just our own plane that's why we have to charge.
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whenever there is no other civility oh that in for in a commercial flight would not be viable because of then the constraint of the connection or because of security reason often really people tell me these expensive trips and then they just come out with fairly innocuous statements at the end of them that they really achieve much less the company benefits from face to face meetings if so you know it's good that there is a focus on those problems in armenia and azerbaijan but really the hasn't been much progress for a long time now given they are spending taxpayers' money they ought to try and get those places as cheaply as possible within reason and if you look at for example it's a mr young because troops have arrived there are several direct flights from brussels to write every single day on normal essential their lives so why couldn't they have called on those normal slice instead of booking this private jet. a german
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journalist has found herself making the news as opposed to reporting on it that's after she claimed in an interview german media is biased towards the government and its coverage of the refugee crisis claudia simmons said journalists are instructed to report in a pro-government way when it comes to the migrant crisis the revelation was made back in january twenty sixth enough during an interview about the cologne sex attacks that she gave to a dutch radio station later she was asked to apologize for highlighting negative sides of merkel's welcoming policy our sisters our sister channel r.t. george spoke exclusively to the journalist in the middle of the controversy. journalists tend to support chancellor merkel's refugee policy throughout the media not just at the channel i work for some journalists including me try to teach more critical stories but they were not improve. moved that's why i spoke out stories that failed to welcome or support this policy are being blocked honestly at first i
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did not understand the situation the whole situation that occurred because of this as a channel stated there was a lot of damage to public field i cooperated and did everything possible to minimize the damage to did w d r t v channel i'm officially not fired just don't approve my pitches my stories haven't changed yet but it suddenly turned out that i'm not trustworthy anymore. i report published in june this year claims the media outlets are closing their eyes to the concerns and fears of the german population with regard to the country's migration policy claudia seven claims there are topics struggling to want to cover but are simply not allowed to. i would wish to many more colleagues there to do more critical coverage the pressure comes from to top down i know from some colleagues that there are certain topics which they would like to cover but these topics were not approved because you were too critical
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because they don't fit to forment of the program i think it's significant it would be significant for journalism in germany. wildfires in italy have torn their way through thousands of hector so far this year that's partly due to a record breaking heat wave but as our europe correspondent kate partridge explains there are more sinister reasons too. as temperatures soar across southern europe wildfires have become common particularly in italy. but the sheer number of forest fires has raised suspicions and police have discovered that many fires are less acts of god than acts of some very desperate men and the courses themselves are eyebrow raising in sicily fifteen volunteer policemen have been arrested for either starting or reporting fires so they could earn an extra ten euros an hour for putting them out or suspicions were raised when the number of fires went up from the usually volunteer number forty to one hundred
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twenty the alleged ringleader a man known as hddvd is even under house arrest as he apparently constant his practice of driving to an area and sparking up while police indeed say he is one twisted firestarter he said he wanted to set of a bomb to take the money available if the emergency vehicles needed to be repaired another scandal like the fires has also spread to road where two hundred hectares of a nature reserve have gone up in flames and so powerfully has the reputation of a former t.v. director who local media citing the investigation claim is part of a racket who started the fires to intimidate a group of transvestite prostitutes working in the area to make them pay their protection money where he was found with a flyer in one hand and a lighter in the other one could perhaps say the evidence against him is incendiary . well thanks for staying with us come across what's happening at r.t. dot com and on our social media pages i'll be back with more headlines in just over
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half an hour don't go away. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally. the wonder. years old industrial giants reap the benefit ignoring the caused by chemical production. you know as if these people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin
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levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem have not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. the specifics of. the earth.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle welcome to the twilight zone it would seem this is the place where debbie wasserman schultz resides works and even conspires she's at the center of a growing scandal that includes ethics violations fraud embezzle mint theft lies misrepresentations pakistan and gross mishandling of sensitive government documents and guess what none of this is being blamed on russia.


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