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tv   Larry King Now  RT  August 11, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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you know little or no hold still surveillance you feel you have already while there's an incident in the us that in toronto has used social media oil and always on the story goes it's garbage in real. larry good now we're going along the foremost spice girl geri halliwell made the spice girls push when you've got a mixture of cum martial with. from the to collide and it's really is it's reflecting what the well he's feeling when i was going to travel when i left spice girls he was that for me when i had my first child i had no it was that for me and also when i had you know music to play with a show away to a place in georgia meeting is very honest with me you know the darkness that we're all going to think about what america's been through imports i think what you and i as a community do and i think sometimes it's like it lighting
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a positive candle you know she's a dog and it's the i think. plus put out of business. i think you'd be like. spot on the spice because abseil quietly strong all next on larry king now. we're in london and welcome to larry king now in our special guest is jerry horner how well the singer songwriter actress activist and talent judge jerry does it all she was thrust into the global spotlight as spice a member of the music and pop culture phenomenon the spice girls sold more records than any female group in the history she has since embark on a very successful solo music all career not. born hits including up. and now after. it is jerry's back with her first international music release in
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twelve years it's angels in james a song tribute to the late great george michael and your name is no jerry corner oh just jerry we can be on first name tons jerry hall and i just got married in our well as your maiden name yes it was i think americans might name me more of holly well it would bring any they were holly well mary how we were all on a harley were just chairs jerry just jerry want to do horner my husband your mother ok. he runs a race team here for the f one formula one team. loyola what a title well it kind of a thing the title is i wrote that when george died and i did michael george michael died and i didn't know what to do i was in the middle of writing songs i love writing and it's kind of saying i think we're all good people but we've all got
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crosses to bear in a and it's it's kind of saying that you know we feel sad but then there's a joy in it as well basically so i wrote it in tribute to him a world you know. it was one of those people that i don't know. if you have more life experience than i do but i think when the chips hit the fan so to speak i think you find out he friends are what you made of and i didn't have to see him all the time but when i when i was going through trouble when i left the spice girls he was there for me when i had my first child i had nowhere to live he was there for me and also when i had you know music music to play and i wasn't sure where to go a place to jordan he was very honest with me you had a close relationship he was trouble orson i think we can all be trouble i think in life you know i mean you've probably got a better view in this but you know nobody's perfect and my mother the said it was i
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heard this quote it goes you know before you point the finger make sure your own hands are clean you know i don't know who is perfect out there and george never claimed to be and i find most of the shark one of them i was so you know war overseas something that happens going to happens all of us i mean we don't want to lose anybody and so. you know you think why do you know the good die young he was only fifty fifty is easing it's not fair so many great thing is not his have died you know in the last few years you think. really to make it makes me think you know we have to really appreciate in our or do you think his legacy years obviously we know him as an amazing music musician and his music his overseas his first legacy perhaps the that one thing that you know is coming out and i knew this about him that the generosity and the kindness of
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a good man he gave all the routine of jesus for a child to child line this is amazing organization in england and so all the money that i make on this song is going to go to that but also i found out i met a will can i say to i also of terrence higgins chasse this is the foundation that helps people with hiv he gave the routines of all of his greatest hits album in britain two to the organizations so generous this is your first global musical twelve years where were you why are you back and about your i don't you don't sound like you're like this but my dad he was bit of a quest and later i and i think. i learned a lot from my mother she's really hardworking my dad he saw to overthink things a little bit and he said it to me that he had that thing of you know over thinking
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and the last few years i had of i had a child i've had two children so obviously i was being a mother but also i was always writing music and i was always thinking oh is this good nuff i'm not sure i was procrastinating and i think this song was pushed me out the door because it wasn't about me it was i celebrate george's birthday it kind of gave me the the push that i needed us a bit scared if i'm honest have you haven't not felt a little bit and just go for rosewood or. to you to go up or you have chilled you know different wife i like a tie by the way thank you it's a london it's a duchamp and is going to look nice you you like me. i like you too gerry do you have now this is a signal that more music is coming yeah our ears return yeah i mean i love music i like connecting i really line bringing positivity that's very american thing to
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bring positivity in all the darkness that we're all going to think about what america's been through and britain i think what can we do you and i office as a community do and i think sometimes it's like it lighting a positive candle you know through the darkness and i think music is my contribution you miss the old days of recording or you think of screaming i'm one half and it's really really good you know it's fantastic i mean we have to move with the times it's life it changes if you don't you know keep up the times it moves on without you of course as an artist on my own goals you know. people don't buy the you know the cd before that was a tape before that was a record. so it's just the way life is but it's very convenient identify people have that same like a lot you used to have you know the record or those cd and you look at it and you read the lyrics it feels a little miss the old that a little a little bit did you like the name ginger spice well i think it's wise to have
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a spice name yeah i got given to us accidentally this magazine did actually i think it sounds better in america you know because you've got ginger rogers and things on the little q yeah it's fine i don't mind i'm relaxed about it it's q what would i have been as is by school i think you'd be like strong stuff. because actually a quietly strong strong like. i think when age comes how did you come to join them you know it's kind of a little bit of frankenstein because what started out as a manufactured group but then it became its own life force and we were so our own would be a man of wealth somebody try to put us together you know. yeah i was trying to become you know i was trying to make it as a solo artist and then this in a fair play to them a this guy put an advert in a stage in this market in this newspaper and got some girls together we were like
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each other but. we're not sure about you know many whether it was there was. four men we became four we found one more and. and then we sort of grew into our own life force so. it was it was a man so many years we were given not that long but it because it was so intense it felt like a lifetime how do you explain that. success for me it's appetite it's mirroring what the the world is feeling so all it was and also it was serving what i believe when you've got a mixture of commercial with all tourism when the two collide and. this really is like ice is reflecting what the world is feeling thus the thought it was you all get along sometimes like a marriage sometimes you have your memories is like a bit me but then they really is still a lot of love was there a leader of the group wow i would get that label
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a lot because i think i was the oldest and probably quite bossy i think i wish i had until i didn't have that quiet across enos i was more like come on let's do it i think because my dad died she just before not looking back i'd sort of like come on we've got to do this i'm a naturally a light bringing people together and make it quickly do the group here. wow sold the most albums over there it did very well over the world yeah i'm grateful for the success to tour america we did i love america because i used to be brought up on our american optimism through television programs you know whether it was the war turns charlie's angels you know wonder woman it gave me that feeling yes you can do it you recently apologized on twitter for leaving the group prior to the nineteen ninety eight world tour announcing which is the time ship the music. i'm
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told is why did you need to apologize i don't know because i think some of it was just a fan thing they felt really upset i don't hurt anybody's feelings in and i felt disappointed i'm sorry i'm not i think was the right thing to do terry you julie. mixture of things is that marriage you know that sometimes when you get these thing is how it is moment you know as any young at the time i didn't have that skill set to kind of work through it if that broke up the group very narrow let me do they send you this they continued for a bit they wrote an r. and b. album which wasn't my thing ah i wasn't into r. and b. music so it was good they had a you know it probably gave them a bit more space to do that without me. made the spice girls special you think i think we wrote some good songs and we had a good report within us and things. you know it was still at the energy the well you heard good morning come on when you have a digital yeah i think so is it is it
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a nice but lens i love singing harmonies with them and when i was singing with the and i got scared there on this georgia record it's funny because i really like it was a with his backing singers are all over this record and one of things i really like to mia was sung in harmony and i was thinking this is what i liked when i was with the spice girls you know i like doing so but i do like singing with other people when i got the opportunity to do george's musicians who are amazing but they're probably like the musical royalty the pedigree of such a perfectionist to be the only way i can describe it was a bit like joking along with you same boat it was so good like they really kicked my bottoms raised my game i want to ask you because obviously you've been doing this a very long time and you've got wealth of experience i want to ask you who is the most favorite person that you've interviewed and i think they don't try me charming . as memorable as some are true of brando and while
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not most unmanned oh ok move the king mazing they are presidents ok margaret thatcher of her other prime ministers too and you sometimes things. not sure it's horrible sometimes when you meet your idol and you go are oh yeah i generally haven't been disappointed that's nice nice who's a current group you like well i still i still look back to the other girl groups that like on vogue and apparently still going which is great. i love you i actually think it's ridiculous i miss harry styles where he was in the band one direction and i always thought he's going to be the one he just had there's always one that's got there or something and he's gone on to make a great so our solo art album and you like him because some of the rhythms he's picked a very sort of old school rhythms music i think you'd enjoy are clear a new space girls are pretty good. you know for me my door is always open you know
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i'm really grateful to the fire and music always belongs to everyone and i love the girl so i've got an open door policy you know if you might reunite for was safe not sure why no it does out this far i so for now you can have to deal with me just. we'll do it that she's jerry horn and her new song is angels in chains and after the break we'll talk about wild phantom counters pleasures and dream collaboration in a game of if you only knew we're back with the one and only jerry i want to and we'll be right back.
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i've got to do just. that you're watching. your. opening up of. in the. sequel you that you. were talking to. each other. but not a lot of anything about comedy but i'm going to look at him as art when i was up the money into. making money i left my own home and. just say. there. is a long. are you going to. get the former governor of the
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old. fellow omar that now that you're. back with gerry horner she's a single ng jews in janesville song tribute to the late great george michael before we get to some little game of if you only know what's going on in london troubled. people through a lot you know what with you know the terrorism has been hitting us and the grenfell tower think cawed is how it is it's gone to a loss is there a sense of unease i think so but you know wot i was i was talking to someone they said actually in the times of doc nurse something happens an opportunity where the
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do is some sort of positive that we all come together exposes the light the good actually i think human beings are fundamentally good i mean you cannot say that better than i have more life experience but you know pick eve so i've seen communities come together and i thought i k we do cat would say it but it has been really were a lot of trauma. that you're leaving the european union. thing is a wrong or right way you know hindsight is a wonderful thing never wrong yeah it's never wrong we can all be wise in hindsight i am or look back and go oh it of you know for me this is one thing that i've learnt i remember last year when i was watching you know i was watching the political climate whether it's america whether it's you know britain the one thing that i think is you know we have we're meant to be a democratic society we have votes we have all those things to keep our say your
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opinion matters and so what i would say is that whether we as a world we choose to go this way or that way you know i think we should all respect each other's opinions you know not not be i think we should still be to come together as a as a human race where little game of of you only knew i will fire suppression jerry who is your childhood celebrity crush. i did love elvis biggest risk you've ever taken over leaving the. guilty pleasure. i sometimes watch this really trashy reality t.v. show who greatest musical influence well obviously with sinatra but then equally. carter like nina simone you mentioned george michael george michael a massive influence but then equally i'd listen to public enemy
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a big hardcore rap you know i love all sorts and then my light. see good talent can do that but it's not secret anymore actions x. and how my name is joe delaney i'm not deserve the farrier search a gentleman larry why do you think i act in a terrible do their group out banky if you were on a musician what would you be a teacher in a place teach a person you trade places with for a day. donald trump ah so. big you wish you were better at. i wish i could play the piano you to use a good fans would be surprised to know you listen to i thing on to third it everything what do americans get wrong about great britain sometimes with the accents they think you're posh when you're not you know i mean i think oh my god and you
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know the queen you know just because you've got a procession or you're clever they think it's clever just because you've got british accent or not trusting me or smart or what do great britain's get wrong about america i think america you know is more than just new york and los angeles america is you know is is so much more is so much bigger and obviously got those two media in a status could tell me something people don't know about you or can you say openly their thoughts just about to say something i thought god that's the most were ok like you know what hurts or all think about that have a think about it have some social media questionnaire hail coriander soon on the larry king now blog do you think pop music is in a good spot right now. i think so it's so easy to go or it's not as good as it was when it was in my day but actually everything moves on you know there's there's lots of different things coming through and we have to sort of embrace that you
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know you're a writer who sings are you a singer who wrote you know i think i'm a writer who sings if i'm really honest i don't claim to be the best thing in the world but i love writing in communicating i think that's a very good question jaws are there any other girl groups out there you like like fifth army i think when i look at go groups i just think yass fantastic is it be hard to say one you know which one you like their family i think they're good here they're ok this is crab briana larry king now bob would you ever consider running for political office in the u.k. you know i think i mean i'm a big winston churchill fun i was reading his biography on a movie oh yes there is and he was amazing in that series did you see it queen the crown crown the crown he was fantastic the guy that played him but i don't know if go yet that he was actually pretty but i don't know about you but i'm old enough now not met a few prime ministers and seen in overseas scenes and presidents or not been to
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your white house and what i realize is that no matter who is in office who ever lead you rarely when you always come out wrong and know you are very good is always such an expectation i mean here you are less of a steve had some and you go oh my god he was amazing or grows yes or kennedy. is quite hard is a hard job and dawson on facebook famous women tend to be over scrutinized by the media is this something you've experienced i think when i was younger you know i sort of felt here in the ninety's and yet sensitive to you know unfortunately is the world we live in on the there is that sort of scrutiny but i think it's actually trying to sending out on to men as well you know that sort of pressure it is what it is. because human billboard is a weird phantom country you've had i've had guys when they get me to write my name
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on their arm and they get a tattoo and i think oh my god i better write this nicely my alter are to their name a zero zero zero to all time no og right on pen in the pen and nobody has you know with them ever on twitter what was the craziest thing you ever did is a spice girl not lots of things that lead to them was quite cheeky thing quite cheeky and i think when you're in a pack it gives you a bit more confidence and so it's quite like yeah come on back on my mind is for a lot of hobbit. cave that everything you've done. i don't remember where i ate yesterday at k g m ten sixteen on twitter what was what is motherhood and marriage like for you do you want to keep your kids out of the public it's a tough one isn't it i think it's balance because i think it's important to keep your feet on the ground my mother i think she spanish and my father tried to put me
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on the stage or not as a little girl and and she said she's with a spanish actually said to me i don't want you to end up like garland because judy garland's how they ended up on drugs and i just thought actually i'm glad she did that so you know i don't see why you can't control it not your picture up on insta but quite that part of my life they've been born into that but you know i try to do it in a gentle way i think balanced. t.j. seifert on larry king our divot goal is it to transition into a solo career after being part of a group it's i think it's quite tough because you sort of get used to that. i feel stronger as a writer than i do as a singer if i'm honest and so when you've got others with you you know you can harmonize together and it gives you confidence on the days that someone's you know i know i can come across as
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a bit gobby but actually underneath i can feel shy so you can lean on somebody yelling or someone else so but then another ways creatively you can have more your own way. on twitter your it's raining men always puts me in a good mood could there ever be a remake of that song obviously it was a remake that was a cover is i yeah ironically i was already with my album it's a do a cover for a movie and i did and it was a hit i don't know i think it's been done now and original spicey on twitter what has fame taught you i used to have this idea that you member the wizard of oz and she wants to get to the emerald city and i pick because i did have a lot of money i think get famous you know become a pop star get fame as an heir all everything is going to go to lovely la la land jenny no we nice and of course you know it's life is life and fame for me is a it's useful and it's handy is a nice thing to do because you can you know promote you know good causes and even
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get a good restaurant table it life is spent that has mother stuff that comes with it but i think feet on the ground to be feet on the ground and you know you can look at the stars but remember we're three zero i think rachel spicey on twitter what goes through your mind when you see videos or images of gerry from the ninety's. i sort of sometimes i look i k i have this thing you know. elton john when he was going you know amazing artist but he'd get bigger and bigger like trying to outdo itself you know big or go all cs i think the time i got the american bilbo a couple of which one it was billboard awards i was sort of like i was looking like a drag queen i was like i'll let you know make up some songs i'll call it. but i think. you still keep writing i've never stopped actually that's the one thing i've done even when i wasn't in the public cause still writing music delight ah
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it's been lovely thank you doll. a big step i guess jerry warner out well and be sure to pick up a copy of her newest signal angels in chains a tribute to the late george michael the proceeds from angel and jane's will go to the child line foundation as always you can find me on twitter at prince things. see you next time. called the future we go through. every the world experience. that you get on the old world. according to.
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our culture is awash in log dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that birthed fiction until they are in. we have become the most elite society on politics it's a species of and list and needless political theater politicians have more than just celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one party corporate and those who attempt to function is that breathless universe of the just sign the push through the teeth and exploitation of the field little are forced so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we
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might as well be mice squeaking against an apple but squeak we must. greetings and salutation oh right it is the weekend my hawk watches thankfully we are all still here and after all these saber rattling this week the united states and north korea are still in the let's trade insults so military industrial stocks rise phase of international diplomacy but but there was a lot more happening in washington this week than just the kim jong missile measuring contest this week it was uncovered that war fatigue played a much bigger role in the election of donald trump than any alleged russian hacking after a new study by researchers from boston university in the university of minnesota law school uncovered that.


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