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raphe fresh out of the womb they're all wobbly and it's you know it's still in beta really so well none say do is standing up against the idea that they're totally awesome my friend and yours we've killer guy posts eight aka roundup also causes cancer so it might be a weed killer and a human killer. at least that save room on the label right because this killer will multi-purpose. weed raccoons humans what have you given. a couple years ago the world health organization says clare this round up we kill are probably causes cancer this is a big deal because it meant that a chemical sprayed into the air of millions of people for decades could be killing us but monsanto did the right thing they submitted round up to extensive unbiased testing and paid billions to the families who have lost a lot of what. the ok ok ok ok ok tell you who paid
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billions i can't breed like you. know monsanto flipped out and said we would never market a chemical that could harm humans then someone said are you the people that created agent orange the chemical sprayed by the us military over vietnam and monsanto said you didn't let me finish. so we would never market a chemical that could harm human in recent years. like the past ten years and even before that whole remembers it was crazy times drugs sags bell bottoms and chemicals over innocent baby all sure i experimented with who didn't. but then a couple of weeks ago reuters put out an article defending them and saying there was a problem with the w h o's cancer classification but the reuters article weirdly is written like a like it's a film. are in which the villainous scientists at the world health organization or
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trying to center sturdily help people not get cancer. when they're in sat down to chair a weeklong meeting of seventeen specialists at the international agency for research on cancer if there was something he wasn't telling them. the epidemiologist from the us national cancer institute it seemed important unpublished scientific data. show no link between guy posts eight and cancer. and his client. good games to die for literally the game was trouble i tell you. she was a ten and a half but all sail eleven because with monsanto you got a round. at.
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work a little weird article why they are what they don't mention in the article is of course the panel doesn't take into account unpublished studies otherwise any ass from his basement could be like i just did roundup on my cat and it turned into my dog. here's my study hasn't been published yet in a scientific journal. even the terminology reuters uses seems biased to help out monsanto they call the newer study fresh data six times like first dana bash dana who then dated president of louisiana can be a spanish. writer there yet on broom a screen on a newly shore ball. i go down we. show we hear redacted and i looked into what this fresh data was where it came from well it's from the agricultural health study which seems to have a lot of connections to. the universities of iowa state and north carolina state so
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the research paid for north carolina state says proudly monsanto has a long standing collaborative relationship with north carolina state and went to university so they have a long standing relationship with a massive corporation they're not talking about around the parcheesi all right they're talking about sex so money so really what the website should say as monsanto is a longstanding history of corrupting the research of north carolina state. then there's iowa states well there's no relationship there between the two except for the one monsanto brags about all there are some right. or the one that i was state brags about on their side. they established a month santo faculty chairs for god's sakes which is like a like a regular chair except it gives you ask cancer.
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and there and there have been many articles written on how corporate funding does corrupt university research but to me that is not the only study that says it is not cancerous the e.p.a. says it's fine funny you should mention that the natural research defense council said the e.p.a. was actually split on the decision and they found serious problems with how monsanto scientists and the e.p.a. tried to prove the herbicide was not cancerous then just last week newly released docs show monsanto executives colluding with corrupted e.p.a. officials to manipulate scientific data robert f. kennedy jr lawyer and son of. i can remember ok. i think it might be elvis. robert kennedy jr said is this troll shows monsanto executives colluding with corrupted e.p.a. officials to manipulate and bury scientific data to kill studies when preliminary
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data threatened monsanto's commercial ambitions bribing scientists ghostwriting their publications and purchasing peer review to conceal information oh good so they basically turn the scientific process into closer no stra. in one internal e-mail from donna farmer monsanto's toxicologist responsible for glide state products worldwide she instructs someone not to say the statement roundup doesn't cause cancer because in studies with laboratory animals even death is seen and then humans mild reversible i in skin irritation are seen with normal use and death can occur in suicide attempts. therefore we have buys using the phrase when roundup herbicides are used according to label directions no on reasonable adverse effects to people wildlife and the environment are expected now i honestly have no problem
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with the part about death can occur with suicide attempts because that can occur with anything with suicide attempts you could probably kill yourself with n.b.c.'s little big shots if you really try. to just clockwork orange hit. no my problem is with the phrase no adverse effects are expected are extracted could they happen after a while and i could happen so we can't legally say roundup doesn't cause cancer but we can say this three paragraph word diana rio that confuses everyone monsanto doesn't just spray toxic chemicals on farms which then end up in our food. it hoess doubt our democracy we've bought off politicians it tastes our e.p.a. and our universities would bribe research it lemonades our society in a nice she'd both for profits that sparkles like go litter on
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a strippers but cheeks. and men can be strippers till all right. take your gender normative polls. there are many ways to solve the monsanto problem but i'll just throw one out there democratised corporations if the workers of monsanto owned monsanto and voted on its decisions they would never vote to spray their own communities with cancer or ship their jobs overseas or pay them to the c.e.o. eleven million dollars a year it's it's time the workers of this country take a lesson from monsanto's g.m.o. vegetables and stand up for yourself. a.
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worker because i don't believe candela stigma news from behind this. this is pretty big over the past five months three u.s. bankers have been sentenced to death for their acts of fraud and robbery for destroying. let's. i'm sorry this is the in vietnam in vietnam. three bankers have been sentenced to death and even know. even though i'm against the death penalty that sounds pretty nice. sounds like sounds like an improvement on the american system of sentencing wall street con artist to twenty years to life on a yacht a government position and a parisian mistress who always smells amazing. something lavender she does i don't know what and not only has trump given the economy at goldman sachs just as obama
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did but this week we learned wall street fines are down a whopping sixty six percent under trump we truly live in a kleptocracy ruled by thieves but you wouldn't know it if you get your news from google we have new evidence that there's a new search protocol restrict access to leftwing websites since april all turned that traffic fell by sixty three percent global research down by sixty two socialist worker down by forty seven media matters fell forty two democracy now thirty six down wiki leaks thirty truthout twenty five and lastly down by a full fifty three percent is pinko commie ralph nader slash hippie tart. where i get all my news. right so basically the sites most likely to talk about the
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destruction of our planet by greed war and climate change are being decimated by google google's motto really did used to be don't be evil it really did what it first started it was don't be evil but many people don't know that they changed their motto a few years ago to cause human extinction via capitalism. new motto if you listen to bob or google and don't read those sites you're less likely to know important things such as the fact that trump keeps filling posts with military generals and i get that people are happy there are some adults in the white house for a change i understand that but when generals take over the executive branch he's in the cold who. going green all this week agreed with brian butler who said it would be sensationalizing things to call this a soft coup but it is impossible to deny the real presidential powers have been
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diluted or usurped oh allow me i just talk. and god. and all i don't want to hand like most of america i am relieved that our chimpanzee ass of a president has less power now but a soft coup is not something to celebrate it's like of you know you saw of three year old pick up a handgun and started waving it around you think let's get that gun away from the toddlers you know let's let's take that away but we have basically taken the gun away replaced it with an automatic rifle and given it to gary busey. tough to say which is worse really. maybe maybe these generals are the reason that trump went from saying he might pull troops out of afghanistan it was a big deal he was saying he might do that to this week he's considering listening
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to founder of to the founder of blackwater and privatizing the war in afghanistan this is scott's thing sending men and women out there to kill for money instead of sending them out there to kill for a college education. the way god intended. doesn't matter the important thing is that we keep our troops over there because since we. invaded afghanistan opium production has skyrocketed apparently widespread insecurity and all government oversight has done wonderful things for poppy farmers really has and if there's one they were going to bring into a region it's insecurity they were like oh we're not dog salesman except instead a hot dogs. we destroy your country. i've kandice to provide ninety percent of the world's opium and we're in the us use eighty percent of that we do this is truly
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a crisis with overdoses in one year killing more americans than the entire war in vietnam and in fact the chart of number of overdoses looks a lot like the chart opium production also you notice if you were a human from afghanistan it's nearly impossible to get in the u.s. under trump but if you're a plant from afghanistan. our doors are open. i. was welcome here they're currently changing the plaque on the statue of liberty to give me your opium your cocaine your ketamine. yearning to be inhaled ok. all right so let's review u.s. troops breed insecurity which breeds opium which breeds overdoses but also breeds loads of money for corrupt politicians cruel rice that's depressing don't you guys have any good news in a goddamn control risqué you all right. thanks yes
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i thought that was just a good use animation that's not actual could do it. ok wait here we go a nano chip device could heal injuries or regrow organs with one touch according to scientists they announced this week this is great news for many suffering all around the world but can you wait until the koch brothers have died. first. child's card reader always origins yet the grim reaper has work to do right now just wait for the koch brothers. mcconnell martin. kelsey grammer you know what just maybe. maybe just wait until humans wipe ourselves out and then leave the device for the animals to use later oh that's. right i have my comedy show coming up in seattle washington d.c. and you can now vote for your own city to be added to the tour just go to redacted
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tor dot com it only takes thirty seconds about what do i back. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put the faces your wife or donkey like you need what your biggest fear was in the bill mckay right was the last time i read a book you say yes that was the best part about. exploring the topic so simple but. now i could give you due to the question more. your watching our team america special report. has been up by basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we
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should not be. formalizing. we don't leave people with things like this on our plate. this is an incredibly tight situation. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. american play r t america offers more are to america first with. many ways to use landscape just like you real news big news good actors that are active and in the end you could never you're on. so much parking all the world all the world's a stage we are definitely a place. to
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live from all ten of us john c. a new mexico their financial life blood is the privately run torrance county detention facility but after nearly thirty years it will lay off two hundred workers unless they find three hundred inmates to fill the empty beds stansfield isn't the only small town finding out the hard way that making a private prison the driving force of your economy is about as financially sound as making mike tyson the executor of your ear. for more on this we turn to our senior prison expert now i mean you know. thank you. not only what what what is the situation mean for instance it means we got to fill these bad . guys people for everything no that's terrible. us leave us isn't
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a virgin scene besides what's the issue with police getting tougher on pride when people have children deserve it oh you jaywalked prison. you cut someone off in traffic prison. you spoil game of thrones on social media solitary confinement. you think dragons can breathe fire when you see me after you give away up a so for you peace a human. right ok thank you take it down a notch there's been a five hundred percent increase in people behind bars over the past thirty years five hundred percent we have too many incarcerated americans private prisons failing is a good thing if it's due to lack of prison good news this good news is ok tell that the core seven the company that owns torrents they're trying to buy new prison jobs for the hard working americans in the stocks who see a pure drop tattoo as a source of financial stability. for civic you mean the same massive private prison
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corporation being sued for threatening inmates and employees to keep quiet about a ski outbreak. would you want to tell the world you had. seventy five percent of americans already think it's a brain these would scabs. the other twenty five percent just think it's a department store that went out of business in the ninth grade. and i think i got my back to square stuff from scary. but look it is good news because it shows that federal sentencing reforms are actually working even if we have idiots like jeff sessions trying to reverse the whole thing here but at the risk of completely leveling local economies stuff you will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and sixty percent of the town's budget including schools police even the fire department and if you own a cat you better believe tree rescue is the first thing to go. your precious paris me our get stuck in a pine tree in
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a stock guess what that's his new home now thanks your only hope is a bird doesn't adopt him and teach him out of our heads. ok just because you can pay somebody to do something doesn't mean it's good for society if you offer to pay a town to to murder people then it could fund itself by going all dexter i mean that doesn't make it a good thing we should celebrate that there should be no profit in murder or imprisoning people and it's hard to feel sorry for an employee whose profits are tied to the criminal justice system rigged to make sure people stay in prison rather than work toward re-entry into society thanks a. lot because this could be a hard lesson for us don see on the consequences of sentencing reform. or when a stunting is police run out of cash they can take a note from this baltimore city police officer and start planting illicit drugs on
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innocent residents except no to a stop to a police maybe turn your damn body cams off when you do. it will. never get a way of boycotting the world will corporations it's become one of the most potent weapons in the activist arsenal we had john up o'donnell dig a little deeper he filed this report. a lawyer caught it all the cool kids are doing it where it come from. back in the day charles boycott of it didn't those who couldn't pay rent on the way and the result was that all of his workers down tools delivery people refused to work with him and he found himself an outcast from his local community boycott quickly became the word for
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a form of economic protest wow charles you done for up it's kind of like how i made a private list of all of the physical flaws of my coworkers but then accidentally emailed this to them so apparently now whenever they wipe their ass as they call it o'donnell going yeah that's good and there's a watchdog group sleeping giants sweet. founded after the twenty sixteen us presidential election sleeping giants is dedicated to stopping racist sexist anti-semitic and homophobic news sites by stopping their ad dollars this group focuses on going after breitbart you know breitbart is basically the manifestation of elites riddled steve bad ins demented and carnival an ed sleeping giant steak screen grabs of right for articles including which companies are advertising on them often randomly through google ad sense then they tweet
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those screen grabs it said companies politely asking them if they want to be associated with bright boards hate and racism the results lots of businesses have demanded that google stop promoting them on the site earlier this year a pact america's main pro israel lobby has actually helped draft a bill israel anti boycott act which mandates civil and criminal penalties for participating in an anti israel boycott how is that even constitutional interestingly a number of congress members co-sponsored the bill some of whom didn't even know what it was about but as not like there's any issue with the israeli government subjugating palestinians isn't that right nelson mandela speaking in one nine hundred ninety about the p.l.o. palestine liberation organization we identified with. because just like our sons. they are fighting for their right of
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self-determination thank god he all but called israel apartheid state and he'd know oh my god i'm a jew calling out israel right now is that even allowed it's almost like i have a moral compass that doesn't make exceptions for one country based on their religion. word moving. banks have cut funding for fossil fuels projects by twenty two percent it's very cool and although a lot more needs to be done this is a direct result of activists applying relentless pressure on banks like wells fargo to divest and you know i may not have been at the divestment rallies but i've been doing my part who do you think you are well you know what up over two million basic
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health of your customers may pick out. how are you feeling this day seriously wells fargo boycott them also if you can and nestle amazon because they're conditioning us to one click our way to a just opie and fiery bell and nestle because there's something about the world's water supply and then selling it back to us for an astronomical profit i think is one personally because i love club soda perrier san pellegrino both of which are distributed in north america by now as really. good thing my girlfriend bought me a soda stream for my birthday. was that. morning from washington john a photo dot all redacted said i. find
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from the future you may have heard that at this year's defcon hacker convention people were able to easily break into voting machines of all types next year you'll read this hack are taking copious notes at def con clearly hillary clinton with fake mustache on. hand in just a few months you'll learn. google on bill's long awaited list of terms and topics users are allowed to search for that just show but to keep up with all our videos outside of google and facebook just text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine until next time good i.
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call the feeling to. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the your. bill according to josh. welcome to my world come along for the ride. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not
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provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an. for the government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. on larry king now we're in a lot of form a spice girl geri halliwell what made her.


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