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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 12, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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to educate human kind about the death of the world all the civil war coming up in today's going on the ground but first when we began this season theresa may and our government are still banging on about using british taxpayer money to overthrow the only secular government in the middle east but as we have high someone your liberal austerity policies have destroyed majority and donald trump has cancelled cia funding for isis linked rebels meanwhile nato nation mainstream media appears to have found new rebels to support this time in the nation with the world's largest known resources or fossil fuel bolivarian revolution revenge as well a former mayor of london ken livingstone to negotiate a deal with former foreign minister now president of venezuela naked duro to provide cheap venezuelan fuel for london's buses said mistakes were made on the chavez let alone the fact that killing some u.s. backed all agog could have prevented the current crisis that as one of the most cited scholars on earth no i'm chumps he said when he shared the stage with the late to go chavez revolution it's not easy like to thank. heavens for the
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kind of interest we're here today said limiting the chance to say i'm out and if he doesn't allow us the media. the right right about peace criticize the barriers. i'm going to pass because i can try to pass a woman in a fast. which herders to create create a better world not to talk about. new moon to new train to fasten it have there is. so exciting about. at last visiting venezuela you can see how better world is being created. speak to the person. that sharing a stage with the later go chavez well joining me now is that journalist and filmmaker john pilger his latest film is called the coming war on china john thanks for coming were gone before we get to the. well jimmy and what did you make of jeremy
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cool been condemning violence on both sides in venezuela venezuela is getting the kind of attention. rightly and used because there is no attempt to overthrow the government that's what this violence in the street is about and i think it would have been rather good of jeremy coburn had made it rather more specific who started the violence would we in this country tolerate. an opposition in the cold for the violent overthrow of the government the cold the military to rise up a media cold cold on say let's say the b.b.c. calling for a coup against the government in why i told and the prime minister in ten downing street of course not yes there is violence on both sides but i would suggest that most of the violence comes from something that has never gone away and that is
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monopolies that control seventy percent of the capital and economic power in venezuela wanting to get rid of a government that is not a socialist government it's a social democratic up one that has done some very interesting i can quite see significant things for poor people who were regarded in the polls as white south africans used to regard the majority in that country you've been. cooperative there we go because what one might say but it was the reason he may not speak about the situation venezuela like you've just done is that his policy of not speaking about venezuela a little bell as they seem to be paying dividends he's favored to be the next prime minister of this country as well i'm not sure that the two actually together i think a lot of people were very pleased to hear germany speak up not only about venezuela but speak up about the. i'm straight no it simply is the manifest coals for an
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inquiry into britain support for saudi arabia and all the arms that britain gives it we know about it it should be an end to a commercial sales policy which was begun by a labor government then as healy set up the procurement office that began this this multi-billion pound. enterprise profitable enterprise a britain selling arms to some of the most unsavory unnamed countries in the world so they could use them against impoverished people that show day and completely and it would be good to see. to hear a labor leader say that but then he has these own problems within the party we should say very quickly because i would think most of his employees
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people who would be. more than happy to go ahead with this arms policy more than happy to endorse a so-called independent nuclear deterrent which germany coburn himself doesn't op so there's a conflict within the labor party we have to recognize that we don't listen to. the media especially around. treacherous liberal media and i say treacherous because there's no attempt to report what is happening in venice wherever objectively or to look at contemporary history and the truth is that and yes it will be good to hear a labor leader. elected with such hope. within his own party and as you suggest possibly the next prime minister speak up about the ok will britain obviously with that independent you did attend will support presumably any
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american war on russia you in your latest piece talk about other worlds may and and say that what the us congress have bust is should frighten all of us on the planet way. i don't know the world well and i think there is such a risk. at the moment there is such provocation the u.s. congress both houses. unprecedented almost unanimous a handful of people who voted no have voted for. what they call sanctions against russia in fact these are sanctions against europe as well those sanctions especially against germany because what they are saying is that to the germans who are dependent on russian natural gas you can deal with russia we're going to tell you in fact by the way you can have very expensive.
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frakt gas which will send across the atlantic but really that is these sanctions is so sweeping the maccaferri guy is saying you really kongs almost come speak about them in the land of free speech liberal media says this is a great reaction in the face of trump the man jury and get a date he wanted to get so close to russia a careless i've never been i've never known such a political pantomime the that has gone into act i'm teen. when it stopped being funny and all what children have gone just leaving the adults as these auto drivel about how russia has played such a prominent role all conspire with donald trump to put him in power that is so provocative that it in the one oasis of sanity that we've had from trump and that's he didn't want to go to war with russia i mean where did this come
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from i have a midnight will to figure it out but it's the one it's the one side to trump that has been consistent. but he didn't want to go to war with russia he want to go and talk to putin about not going to war with russia to doing a deal the rest of trump what is like a cartoon version of previous as route of but this is a deep state coup against all trouble over trying to forge a partnership with those two is a rolling coup attempt against the president of the united states at the moment there's no question about that they want him out all the major pillows of power in the united states plus the democratic party plus most of the media want trump out because if you take away the whole nato backed circus serious cause which has which is lined up on russia's western border
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a completely threatening presence of nato forces. on the very borderlands through which hitler invaded russia soviet union in one hundred forty one if if you if you take that away then what happens to the great armaments com companies the producers of the f. thirty five the lockheed martin raytheon what what happens to all those congressman who have have done sweetheart deals with the companies throughout what happens to the nuclear weapons industry what happens to the whole pyramid upon which power in the united states is is based what led to it one won't go away of course but it's threatened in the same way that a republican president ronald reagan together with mikhail gorbachev threatened it
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if you like by bringing in the intermediate range nuclear weapons treaty at the end which effectively ended the cold war that very treaty and. i haven't seen this in the newspapers at all that very treaty is wiped out in these latest sanctions that ends the last treaty but might stop. a nuclear attack on logic a gradual build so reluctant to just get them to i mean we know the drazen may had no hesitation in saying she'd press a button globe it was a loft of a note it's in this context that you read this news that. we have to go to the pacific fleet says publicly that he would be prepared to destroy the whole of china using the table is to say that publicly in such in such a threatening b.s. atmosphere in the world. it it shows the degree of irresponsibility if a nuclear war breaks out it will almost certainly break out by mistake or accident
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i can think for a moment but even some of the lunatics that have gone along with this is you legislation that is going for the us congress would want that really one of the truly sane american generals general james cartwright said a few years ago he lit up a panel that inquired into. the real risk. faced by people on both sides who have to make a decision very quickly about whether to five nuclear weapons and they brought it down to less than fifteen minutes and the panel including general cartwright agreed the obvious that it's madness. within fifteen minutes of what i just got to just back with us obviously his campaign repeatedly saying we want an end to all these foreign wars nothing child can do in the face of the whole of the deep state let
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alone i don't know the units of lead is the thing you can do about this bill against him trump is is a grotesque contradiction he says he says that but he pursues these wars as well it's the one who normally is wanting to. to have some peace deal with russia atlee conspiracy people would say ah that's because he's packing them back or putting him in the white house or something ridiculous like that but that's. looking at trump's record trumps record is pretty appalling montreux trump is a bit of a wimp compared with a bomb a bomb or ended. having put american to seven wars including the longest war in its in its history having increased the development of nuclear. warheads more than any president since the cold war obama's record was of the soup
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a whole trump is has a long way to catch up with his previous us that's why i really should stop simply looking at trump the man to trump as a kind of symptom and i mentioned earlier a character true of almost a cartoon version of a system a system that has produced people that have almost brought us to the edge of nuclear war. thank you. from the make. a film. in the depths. of.
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the battle. to tell you the. most important. thing on the pool and. we all. want. this transition to batteries and this new energy paradigm is really remarkable is happening quite rapidly and totally. by this network economics that's transforming the global economy and central banks are fading and fading electricity and batteries are battery technologies. so it's really. the poc defining transition to a new a new world and china is positioning themselves.
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welcome back to a peer reviewed journal nature is published in the past few days that there is a ninety five percent chance of the earth will heat up two degrees centigrade to three point six degrees fahrenheit within the next seventy years or there abouts aside from possible implications that include the twenty first century ravaged by was for resources and the displacement or death of tens of millions there are lethal knock on effects for the world's oceans goodly new single person educated the planet about seventy percent of the earth more than jacques cousteau french naval officer explorer a conservationist filmmaker innovators scientist photographer author and research jacques cousteau's life is celebrated in a new film the odyssey directed by jerome sol starring as cousteau is an actor a recording artist and director known around the world for his roles in the matrix films wilson he joins me now welcome to going underground so what's it like
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portraying a father son relationship in the film which so obviously pivots to the fates of the planet itself. i think it's a relief to concentrate on really only one subject father son relationship when you're talking about a man who's known as close to because you avoid the typical bio pic shore which can be boring and by concentrating on the father son relationship you reveal a lot of the facets aspects of his personality of course his personality. his. brilliance see and at the same time his selfishness and or thought of nature and his sense of desire to control his own territory. so. we all know about under the oceans basically humanity knows about what's happening under the oceans to a huge extent because of jacques cousteau we breathe underwater because if you sue
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and this a lot of people take for granted surely religion really because we forget that he invented the famous aqualung in the forty's in one hundred forty three you know and that's and it's not a little accomplishment. when he was the first one to film on the water and sprayed those images through television and before that for cinema. the cannes film festival in the sixty's for the world of silence. we owe him a lot of things i'm not saying this because i studied him and i portrayed him i was part of a generation that grew up with him watching his films every week or every fortnight and he gave us a sense of adventure he gave us a sense of fun also because what he was doing with you know his crew onboard calypso seemed you know very french everybody was drinking eating occasionally running after a dolphin or whale but it just it was the first reality t.v.
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show it was the first you absolutely it was a very clever communicator had a great sense of you know he invented the red beanie because he wanted to. the killer so member and you're wearing a number yes. he wanted the crew of the calypso boat to be identifiable straightaway so he is an old thing that used to be worn by people going under water in these big. metal things that used to have the beanie under to protect themselves and he used that simply as a it was modern marketing anyway so he said he was a genius but then there's a slow burn through the film until you get to a line like. you speaking as jacques cousteau's way that the elimination of materialism is required to save the planet that's a sudden thing that comes in the middle of the ville yes i think changed his views about the planet itself ok cousteau is. representative of man's rapport to nature at the end of the twentieth
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century in the fifty's when he starting diving in filming he's a predator he learned how to dive in order to kill fish and when he's starting to film he uses fish as as material to make sensational images in the sixty's you observe that all the fish that he's been filming in the forty's late forty's have disappeared he starts becoming a little aware and then through a major revelation held by his son felipe who was an activist and economical activist he called him a militant militant he goes to antartica and realizes that instead of just. taking the world filming the world he needed to protect the world and then he embarks on this new period in his life in which he's going to alert the public and he's going to be a whistleblower on ecological issues and for him everything was linked to
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capitalism the. guilt was on the side of capitalism he was very very pessimistic he never. allowed himself to express his pessimism in front of the cameras he did so in his book he was very dark he thought that man was not going to . realize quickly enough how fragile it all was and so he was you know he was he was he didn't have much hope he didn't see much pessimism in the village was all usual was vacillation ironic and you portrayed this in the film that we owe big oil company it's a little bit as a result i wouldn't see all of it as how ambivalent the character was which is the reason why in france unlike in america or maybe in other countries of the world too in france is. it is still attacked for his ecological actions in the in the fifty's compromises he needed the money to be
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a good deal the numbers of everything from and simply to to move the boat and so he got his contract with british petroleum to help them find oil wells in abu dhabi and so he contributed to the destruction of the environment in the in that part of the world but he spent the rest of his life. making this major mayor cool. and so i think it's very unfair but he should be criticized on his attitude in the fifty's you know he refused to have the famous film the world of silence which you want to go as i was saying he refused to have it altered he could have removed a few images to give himself a better image no he took full responsibility to show the world that this was the attitude in the fifty's that you could use dynamite to get items of samples of fish to study or that you could use young baby whales as
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a bait for sharks in order to film great scenes he wanted to say this is how we did it the world was i. our oyster we didn't ask ourselves any questions but now we do and we will have to more and more russia's vladimir putin has just made a twenty seventeen year of a call a g. china supporting russia's marine protection area then talk to that's what they say . what do you think jacques cousteau would think of these big was talking about it really because jacques cousteau and the film is not giving it away because joe and antarctica and preservation are where we completely antarctica is preserved because of the action. in the late eighty's in the ninety's he went to visit all the heads of states to extend a moratorium that already existed extended until two thousand and forty eight. but he actually worked very hard and he started with the australian prime minister and
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then went he was hated in washington for big oil companies telling our elected leaders and the general public that they're doing what they can what would be saying about so-called green washing and corporate law here ok i think that. was clever so he made he wanted things to be possible he wanted accomplishments to be made so presumably in the c o p twenty one he would've agreed on the. compromises the arrangements that were made. thank god we have in france at the moment the equivalent of a cousteau who has does not have such an international profile to did but we have nicola you know that has just been hired by. as. minister of the transition towards ecology which is interesting as a terminology which proves that france intends to really shift its policy as far as
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you don't think a macro government would bomb a green peace rainbow warrior ship protests. nuclear testing that sort of that's a tricky question i think that france france still has a tendency to protect national interests. particularly as far as nuclear activity and growth is really nuclear submarine simulation just the other day showing the. protection of the protection of the national military institutions i think france has a tradition of going all the way you know we are a nuclear force i've just finished a film in but i just where we have some of our nuclear submarines it's very impressive we ignore that part of the reality but actually it's there and very often goes to brittany but it was front will be the only nuclear power in the
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european union when britain leaves it absolutely so i think. until the day you know who is the minister of environment decides to leave because he disagrees i think my calling will want to have a green policy simply because you can only do is an incredibly popular figure in france he is the figure former journalist the figure of and environment they've already had a feud about you know those. chemicals that kill beads you know naked you know it's actually i can never not even in french but he when he you know won so so far and you could i would know if you gave initial support and knew to young the judge of the green body but i did because you do and i had worked together at greenpeace he was the director of greenpeace before he became. european parliament member and because i wanted the. ecological questions to be raised
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within the presidential elections and then he is associated himself with the socialist and then he got absorbed and so i. didn't. and you supporting him. the ecological issues have not been tackled so much during the french president presidential elections my quiz catching up and i think it's and it's an incredible coup in france that should should have got. everybody trying to get in you can to go and you could have presented himself as well as for the presidential election so we have one he has all that at the macro is a technocrat he's new liberalism's candidate is allied to goldman sachs and financial institutions you think jacques cousteau whatever your optimism about the new french president. i think. was a realist and i knew you were. associated himself with with some politicians i think that it's very early days he was. i think he was he was
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a great diver and swimmer politically ducker and diver yes exactly it's very early days with michael i think the great thing for us is that he is a very very intelligent man and he's absorbing many new forces including you lou is a great example of what michael has up his sleeve so i don't think that you can reduce into just. banks and liberals and maybe the crisis will happen and i didn't intend to have a political comes about france clearly the key discussion will be in september when the code of work the though the work legislation is going to be discussed then this is when he will. clearly define his position and maybe again the country will come to a halt we dream of progress and we dream of. movement in france and every time any acquired right is questioned we hit the street and we paralyze
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the country so we have pretty complicated lambert wilson thank you and you can see the odyssey in cinemas across the united kingdom from just the eighteenth and that's ever the show and for this season i'm going on the ground but will be back with a brand new season on saturday september the second pill that will be replaying your favorite episodes for this season if you can still keep in touch all the while that social media is. isis militants are just chilling to patrol base on the left and right even if this compound. enemy been spotted on the other side of the river. here in the early to troops of militants have joined forces. those groups leaders are declaring their determination. independent state in the philippines.
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after two months of fun. keeps finding weapons and explosives. civilians used to live daily occurrence. walking dead. of the species says he doesn't go. far enough. in the for. those who were talking to.
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me. and that a lot of what i think about comedy is good but i'm look at him as our. mother. so the. focus should be made by. other people whose life was on.
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the headline. two young girls reportedly taken to a high still controlled territory by their parents recognized by their grandparents back in russia filled. with north korea the president now warning leader kim jong. un officials accuse u.s. forces of.


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