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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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of the stories that shaped this week. to bring home russian speaking children. most. of the trade between the u.s. and north korea. a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the international we have the top stories of the day and the main headlines of the week. violent street brawls in the u.s. state of virginia where one poster is being killed and more than a dozen injured when a car rubbed into a group of people protesting against a white nationalist rally son to run the removal of a confederate stachura the driver has been arrested and charged with second degree
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murder we should warn you now the upcoming video is graphic. you people. are the world there's room ready but you're. right you know. it was intentional practice open that he was going to see intentional tears right behind me is the side of the incident that happened today hundreds of counter protesters were coming down the street and went to make a left up this alley here you can see two cars still parked here they haven't been removed those two cars were there as the protesters were walking and stopped to let them through at the same time a third car came down the alley and plowed through the protesters hitting the two
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cars that are still here behind me at that point he then reversed back up the alley again through the protesters many witnesses say that people were thrown in the air to the force of the impact he then fled the scene but has since been arrested and been identified as twenty year old james fields of ohio one woman was killed in the incident thirty two year old whose identity has yet to have been released one thousand others were injured throughout the day there have been many clashes seen in charlottesville between the white nationalists and the anti protesters. counter protesters here in the city.
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the governor of virginia also spoke about the attack after it happened about how this is not representative of his city the hatred and rhetoric that has gone on. and has intensified over the last couple months is dividing this great nation the protests actually started on friday night and continued in on saturday saturday a state of emergency was declared for the city and actually all of the assemblies were declared unlawful and police were trying to break them up here in the city there is a very heavy police presence with many and riot gear and for junior national guard was also here as well now the protests in general they were started in reaction to the idea that federal monuments here in the city would be taken down white nationalist came here to protest that happening. saturday as classers in charlottesville had become one of the bloodiest incidents to date over the removal of a confederate money and pepper spray buttons and makeshift weapons were used in brawls
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between the far right demonstrators i'm count of protesters we understand more than thirty people were injured and scores arrested meantime in a separate incident a police helicopter that was monitoring the rally crashed just outside of the town killing two offices of the u.s. president has voiced his concern over the standoff in virginia we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many sites on many sites it's been going on for a long time in our country not donald trump not barack obama. it's been going on for a long long time if the k.k.k. car team were going down there to start a fight shame on them if they were if that was done in the guise of a charity that charity should be revoked and severely disciplined same for the anti fire if there are people behind and who are are funding it through through
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charities which i suspect they may be and in provoking violence around the country you know i think people on both sides are spoiling for a fight here and we ought to think very carefully about what actually happened find out who may be guilty of what offenses investigate them and punish them accordingly before we leap to a conclusion as to what may have happened and the police in distanced themselves at the moment when the fantasy protestors were about to attack anti factor into fascist crowds and other words the police left the area so that if a clash could take place it wasn't that the police couldn't have done more to police i think the police in charlottesville a police department that's been riddled with racism and stood aside because of probably a lot of them support be all right. races forces i mean this is the this is the deep south this is the southern part of virginia this is the heart of the
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confederacy richmond was the the center of the confederacy so this was not an accident what happened today the police stepped aside and let this happen. amidst the violence in virginia some continue to blame deep divisions in american society and politics. it's. divided. larry. it is already international forty eight russian speaking children are stuck in iraq after the liberation of
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mosul from islamic state they were reportedly smuggled into the country by their parents who joined i saw in iraq the parents are now either being killed all fled iraq the forces leaving their children behind and i see launched a campaign to find relatives of the children and bring their kids. mosul was a nightmare charred a house that orphaned generations not just iraqis take this baghdad shelter that we filmed here leave the children of i still victims together with the children of i sell fighters. to turn them. on.
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a school just. for. these harrowing words touched people's hearts my heart broke watching the story will make a humble but on a slipping will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved. and mixed with the messages of support that we received the claims from alleged relatives take little and leave his aren't in russia recognised him the family desperately wants him back telling us how his parents had apparently joined i sell only to die and disappear this is their last photo together notice islamic states black flag in the corner
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clearly video video. then there's five year old who deja vu. three year old fatima their parents joined i sold two years ago and were killed in a drone strike in june tells us their grandfather says a seven year old girls living next door to him recognized fatima and him from our video and that he can't wait to see his beloved grandchildren again for the new york and these. thirty local. little. they're lucky.
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they're old enough to speak to know their names but what about the many orphaned children too we young to speak much less know their names because. in a specific order the final. thing is important. words . even if their relatives know them it is only from photographs as an example one woman believes she recognized her grandson in our video by his eyes clearly someone could be took to fifty to sixty. special national compassion. there are forty eight russian speaking children in iraq you often edges that we know of and we continue receiving
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messages from potential relatives but this is just the tip of the iceberg. we'll continue to try and find more of these youngsters in the hope that more of them can be reunited with their families that here in russia. more i'd. from dagestan russia. barely a day has passed this week without a fresh exchange of threats between the united states and north korea. they will be met. by your. very good it's a state. maybe it wasn't so. this rhetoric between the two leaders has people making some rather colorful comparisons
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. and explains when donald trump threaten north korea with fire and fury everyone online apparently had the same thought game of thrones. this is what the rest of the united states. they will be met with five year period. like the world is different. now arguably the only other world leader who's tirade sound as much like a fantasy villains is kim jong un so we decided to go out and give americans on the street a little quiz will give them the quote and they tell us was it was it kim jong un or was it game of thrones the days are gone forever when our enemies could
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blackmail us came with the game of thrones. game of thrones out. donald trump game of thrones that's kim jong un ok all right. i tried you know as many people as i. can you never know which one you'll need. yes all right our military will be given the resources that its brave warriors richly deserve. right. i will not allow the mistakes of the recent decades to define the course of our future. i'm just going to go again that's correct and you're right you're right we can keep any cesspool of evils in
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the earth including them within our striking range. of. your enemy's steals and murders your children. be. it's game of thrones. the escalation between washington and pyongyang comes off the last week the un security council unanimously approved sweeping new sanctions against north korea exports of cold metals on food to other u.n. member states old were strict id and countries will not be allowed to increase the number of north korean laborers they employ foreign investment has been blocked it's thought the measures will bend to the north call me by around one billion dollars per year of the confrontation between the two military powers has provoked negative international reaction or russia says the risk of war are high beijing
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warned against playing with fire over north korea beijing adding that it would protect its regional neighbors in the event of a u.s. strike. germany also believes that the escalation is the wrong answer to the problem and the expose told us that trump and kim jong un should both tone down the rhetoric. but this can't be is an ego fight and right now what it felt like was a fight between trump on one side and kim on the other and to see who could make more outlandish statements and the fear is that if somebody flinches if somebody screws up there could be hundreds of thousands of dead people here this is a very real fight this is shockingly dangerous and the last thing we need to do is stand down it started bumping chests and talk about who's the bigger man with the president's rhetoric i think it's it's two leaders exchanging bombastic terms it would be a disaster a total disaster an arms race right on the peninsula even china does not want that
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that's why we need to tone down this rhetoric corral in these folks and and try to get them to talk reasonably rather than being bombastic all the time and creating tensions that weekly continues in just a moment. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around core. preparations from washington to washington the media the media. voters elect. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. dropping brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle.
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for new socks for the tell you that gossip the tabloids but. they. tell you. that we all. watch. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international what you see behind me are not images from the war ravaged cities or most school but rather a small shia town in saudi arabia and more districts that area have now been reduced to rubble by government forces who are supposedly hunting down gunmen
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responsible for attacks on police. few journalists have been allowed in the area most of the footage has been posted online by locals we can see images are showing up a station a navi vehicles on patrol i residents told us what's behind the government's move though they did os that we disguised their voices. but i think it's good. i don't know on cheaters no well. no because sure sure. sure. sure.
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sure sure i'm sure more war sure. sure. i can't see that broad term. so wouldn't. hurt we all want to shoot. on. no one no one no one wants to go all over the local mayor says bulldozers on the streets have nothing to do with violence he says they're simply clearing the area to wake and make way for a new infrastructure you also claimed most levels of locals want to see their neighborhoods being re developed well our mayor has a population of around twenty five thousand people it's predominantly shia and is mostly opposed to the sunni running government it was the hometown of the executed a mom that name out i'll name out a critic of the country's rulers over the way they treat the shiite minority and
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given the ethnic background locals claim the renovation plans are simply an attempt to drive them out. the government. can watch to. do it's just. come for the government to susan why. do. we you can warm up twice to catch. one each time to talk to these. completely. true government standards or they are months long crackdown has claimed this youngest victim a boy who has died from his injuries.
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not of my family is what it is and i want me and i lost some of my students and friends. in the assault. on the city a child was shot by the saudi special forces and he doubts us that he was shot in the car is this family. so called saudi renovations began in the spring and have been aided with the use of western equipment for example the canadian military vehicles are involved. we are looking at these claims very seriously and have immediately launched a review of the saudi arabia is canada's second biggest arms buyer of the u.s. and the u.k. have also sold billions of dollars worth of equipment to the kingdom which has repeatedly been accused of human rights violations activist i mean it never told us about the destruction of our media. and two thousand and eleven. was. one of the strongest towns in qatif calling for reforms calling for more
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rights in saudi arabia not only for she even for sunni's i will dare the government to invite independent investigation of what's happening to interview these twenty thousand who have been displaced not to sell elect some members who they know what they say then they will tool the government narrative in his art international thanks for joining us so r.t. has spoken to a palestinian father and his son who say they were brutally beaten by israeli police in east jerusalem to describe the video of the incident which emerged shortly afterwards online. i mean that if the whole field of me to open a neighbor's house without any reason i replied that this is not my house and i do not have the key to it he still yelling at me and at the same time ordered the
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soldiers accompanying him to break my hands. was. no sign of them it was sometimes i can show you. some pleasure yes. there were five to six people they were employees of the special forces they attacked me twisted my hands behind my back and began to beat me. over for an awful. oh never should prefer. that they beat me hold on the head is sharply twisted my right hand behind my back and started to beat it insistently so that my old book was french of me. and his fifteen year old son ahmed told us that after being beaten they were taken to the police station and held for two days however at no point did i want to explain to them why they had actually been detained in the first place i don't have a say at all they first i sent to
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a car and drove to the police station they kept beating and insulting as during the right at the station they confiscated our clothes one officer asked me to stand near war and smash my head against a two car fingerprints to my father away i was kept at the station for two days for the hell it had your wily but they didn't explain why they had beaten us we didn't attack them nor the me nor my son did nothing to us this incident comes amid growing concern over israel's treatment of palestinians in east jerusalem human rights watch warns the practice over moving residency from palestinians may amount to that of a war crime. the rights group issued a report ultimately warning about the growing number of revocations in fact in recent decades israel has stripped over fourteen thousand palestinians over their residency permits and human rights watch says that residency guarantees civil
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rights to palestinians so when the puppets all revoked they are forced to leave their homes. word crime in question is the forcible importation of the occupied of the protected population. is part of the occupy territory here we're not talking about people forced to leave their home at the point to we're talking about policies that in effect we forced people to leave despite concerns from various rights groups israel gives a number of justifications for its actions. residency rights so usually removed when jerusalem most people's main place of residence however in recent years palestinians have also been stripped of their rights for attacking israelis and also as punishment against relatives of suspected attackers they are stripped of their residency they are therefore they can no longer work legally they are social benefits insurance medical insurance retirement plans are in jeopardy so all of
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these things motivate people to if you will salt. and we. were just people to stop the amounts to the same. this never happens to citizens of israel specifically jewish citizens so this is part of this policy. israel declares the city of jerusalem to be ninety eight seat but it's in practice not united at all there is to policies for the two peoples it is a busy week leave here were naughty international today hoping you can join us
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