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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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breaking news this hour brits are reportedly. didn't see you're a leo with many still following the disaster also. protesters and police in the u.s. city of seattle rival pro free speech marches it comes a day. nationalist rally in virginia. children are being reunited with their relatives after a campaign to bring home russian speaking. followers.
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around the clock across the world this is our international from the team. welcome to the program we begin first this hour with breaking news from sierra leone where a mudslide near the capital freetown is believed killed at least three hundred twenty people with more trapped in their homes. or reports sixty children. it's believed that many of the. struck reducing. emergency crews are working at the scene where roads have been
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turned into rivers of mud but people struggling to get out we will of course keep you updated on the situation as it develops over the coming hours. tensions between rival proofread speech an anti hate rallies have boiled over in the u.s. city of seattle after police moved in with pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse protesters. i i. i i i i. i i. i the conservative rally was organized by a pro trump group called patriot pro bill dance a supporter of free speech it was confronted by counter protesters who were
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shouting insults before a riot police blocked their power a group of demonstrators attempted to force their way through the eight some of them through fireworks and still three people have been arrested. i told scuffles come just a day after street brawls had a white nationalist rally in virginia turned deadly when a car rammed a crowd of kuntar protesters a woman was killed in the crash and nineteen people were injured. looks at how domestic divisions in the u.s. may have contributed to the increase in violence there a warning the report contains graphic imagery. what was billed as two countering peaceful protests here on saturday in charlottesville virginia really had their chance of staying just that peaceful given how high tensions are currently in the united states as the opposing demonstrators walked throughout the city clashes quickly broke out.
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here on the street a car plowed down into the protesters reversed again through them injuring nineteen people and killing the thirty two year old woman the driver of a car fled the scene but he has of course since been arrested and identified as twenty year old james fields that attack is being characterized as terrorism by many people here where terrorism is is the use of violence to incite terror and fear and of course it was to politicians on both sides of the political spectrum slammed the president for not taking a strong enough stance after the attack happened here on saturday this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many shots the hatred and tension was palpable here on saturday and much of it has continued throughout the weekend when one of the organizers of the right protest tried to speak he was not only in food into submission he was also physically attacked they.
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are united in telling these people who do not welcome them here. white america is acting like this is brand new this is a brand new this is something that you will start it all instances was it he still had they just came. in ok but they didn't they went to extreme with these they tried to kill people the politics have never been so divisive as they are right now it's unclear what can be done to bring everyone together but it's clear something needs to be done i do think things have become very partisan very hard in this country to. we've got to begin to work together to get things done we're the greatest nation on earth and there has been too much i believe all discourse in this country today that. is general we need to work together well let's take a look back at how the current divide in the u.s. became is so apparent soon as donald trump stepped into office nationwide protests both for and against the new president erupted. i would say were more open
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minded were kind of more moderate well educated people a lot of educated people who are sensible. they were kind of very good weren't they i'm not to judge what other people's education and stuff is it's not surprising that the country's. on the war of words rapidly developed into her culminating in on rest in the californian city of berkeley during spring time violent protests against a speech by a pro conservative journalist turned to clashes between presidential supporters and counter protesters.
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well the divisions took a chilling turn in virginia when i left wing activists went on a shooting rampage against republican lawmakers in june it took place during a congressional baseball practice session leaving a hushed majority whip the injured on that culminated this past saturday in the same state with an out of control white nationalist rally in charleston charley's full turn to tragedy after the deadly car crash. ah. the dean of durham university's law school in the u.k. told us it's ever harder to find compromise in america the spike the white house's
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efforts the political dimension is you have very much a clear right and left split in american politics right and left split that seems to be without much of a center ground as you know with the a lot of space the middle of the right has become more rights and and some would say the left has become more left of the country's become more polarized and people are not. total trump is promised to bring people together but it seems that people have never been further apart under under his rule. it's about you united we stand divided people. are going to speak. to. the democrats.
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one of the reasons i won the election is very very divided nation. so another headline story r.t. is continuing its campaign to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded on an iraqi orphanage bringing them home is the call we're seeking to be heard globally among those identified so far our sisters five year old kid to three year old the youngsters how reportedly being taken to iraq by their parents who joined us on mix that they. girl's relatives in russia recognize them in a video that we filmed in baghdad just a few days ago now their grandparents want them home soon as they can. it is remarkable how co-incidence can change entire lives a seven year old neighbor recognizes her former playmate. on instagram she
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shows in the video that we filmed to her grandparents who hadn't given up and her sister as last call it great call it divide intervention but it changed all of their lives on a get in the war in africa the car then you were. there you know sort of a school for you know what i. feel beleaguered grandparents cried they love it it was a whirlwind of emotions and they found a new purpose in life to bring the girls back into a probably but deja was only three when they last met and tried to make me a months old would she remember two years on. except that.
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i tell my good just. he. writes. the facts are. you guessing. if you just. put it clean. just. dismiss it. i know only if mom or dad. and then there's a. new coach to go to any new schools are there still. there is something precious unforgettable it is one of the rear opportunities to
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witness love in its purest form we want to big grandparents to know that despite her young age and the terror of most though she remembered them more i guess the of. from dagestan russia well perhaps some of you may have information about the children as well you can contact us using the address on screen our children r t t v dot org. russia will do all it can to bring peace and stability to libya which has been engulfed by civil war for years the other night spring came as the chief of the libyan national army which is opposed to libya's internationally recognized government visited russia's foreign minister in moscow. i'm on
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a roll list these broke because there's not a month finding of recipe but and they've linked the creation of the best conditions for dialogue between key libyan figures to allow them to negotiate the future of the run country. and i think the results of our negotiations is very good russia is now thinking about what part it could play in bringing peace to libya we will be happy for she continues to play a part of this process that. libya is currently governed by two main competing authorities the u.n. backed government of national accord how said headquarters in libya's capital tripoli controls the western part of the country that government is representative is in moscow and you've just seen controls the east of libya and sizable parts of the south the political unity of the country was broken in twenty eleven following anti government protest.
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the government. happy to say that someone with a deep knowledge of the region joins us live now all over miles is a former u.k. ambassador to libya very welcome to the program i support some sort of action really has to preempt a breakthrough here doesn't it is love rovs meeting with a senior representative of the two broke governments army is that a significant step to wards uniting libya.
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well it's not a new step he's met him before and he's made it very clear as have all the russian spokesmen that russia is not backing against the policies in libya russia as i think it was live didn't go off the head of the russian contact he lives said a few days ago russia they don't want to be associated russia doesn't want to be associated with one party they backed the u.n. effort to bring all the parties together and by the way i think your introduction rather oversimplified the situation unfortunately it's not the case that there are simply two main parties opposing each other in libya there are a lot it's a very fragmented situation if you were indeed you came buster to libya can you point to perhaps what specific circumstances in the country made peace so difficult to attain. yes i was ambassador a long time ago and gadhafi is talking of course i think i think the real question
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is that gadhafi had systematically destroyed liquidated all institutions in libya there were no institutions at all there was no civil society there was no political parties are not that and the libyans have found it very difficult to put that together since the revolution when they overthrew gadhafi in two thousand and eleven. do you expect the tripoli based government to join in the peace negotiations there have been no differences throughout the year that they will do this but when it comes to the crunch will they. yes i think so the terms have to be negotiated between the various parties of course and i'm not going to say that i backed against the all the but the question is yes when for example prism i crawled from saddam meeting the other day he had a daughter from the head of the saudi tripoli and they leased and
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words agreed with each other. libya has already seen attempts to create a united government for example the un back in twenty fifteen a lot was put into that why did not fail. simply because the there are too many people in libya who have some power at the moment they have weapons probably afraid of what will happen if they give up the weapons they know they might. be called to account for crimes perhaps that they've committed or even not if not crimes then they might be called to account by their in them is i think that's the bottom line on the difficulty is to bring all these groups together and convince them that they have to work together because otherwise libya is going to go down the drain it's libya is a rich country in terms of oil and therefore of money but at the moment you wouldn't think it was a rich country at the moment everybody is living two miles over miles form or you
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can boss or to libya thank you so much for coming the program and sharing your thoughts this hour. thank you. the ongoing verbal spot between the u.s. and north korea is heating up more not say it. so it seems wrong but i. just don't. get to see palin does this attitude. and it. equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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all the feel we go through. every the world should experience the. good will. go according to just. come along for the. ninety minutes into the program very welcome back the on going verbal spot between the u.s. and north korea is generating plenty of headlines and made growing fears it could end up into a real confrontation. military adviser is also ringing the alarm but i think we're not closer to war than a week ago but we're closer to war than we were
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a decade ago and this has been a problem that we've procrastinated on for a long period of time and now it's coming to a head where the threat from north korea not only to the united states but to the world is very very clear. well people who are indeed worried google searches in the u.s. for how to survive a nuclear attack are trending classics like how to get rich and how to be happy don't you hawkins has been taking a look at who actually benefits from any scare mongering. the higher the tension the halter the rhetoric we've certainly had no shortage of that in recent days but who stands to gain from this war of words for one the u.s. president has kept busy sounding military drums against north korea. they will be met with fury. that is their it's a state. maybe it wasn't. and it's tough
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talk like this that brought him unique popularity according to one poll trump's approval ratings jumped to forty five percent on the back of those comments. next on the list the north korean all me twenty nine claims a whopping three and hoff million volunteers have signed up for the country's military all because of the recent escalation if true definitely a win for his all the recruits is. now moving on to guam the u.s. territory located closest to north korea people there have already received god loans and what to do when they see a mushroom clouds but there's an unexpected cause for celebration because apparently all the hype will actually do the good.
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and where there is war all even the talk of one is always big money and this time it's ten points for the bunker business really worried for my family my kids you know i just want to make sure the room protected sales are going through the roof on the way. apocalypse styria now with military tensions running high bomb shelters are alas making a comeback client scott helps people who are really bridge and really freaked out his clientele has changed from people afraid obama would take their property to those of great trouble started a nuclear war all this drama with north korea is paying off in a big way for this company take a look at what they are selling here these are massive bomb shelters one such
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companies even advising people to form an entire survival community if nuclear armageddon talk has you scared feel you could move to one of these bunkers scattered around a whopping twenty square kilometers in south dakota yet another says they're completely sold out are even true did so but we have the capacity to me. years why maybe around the world. so plenty of point scoring on the back of needs planning but while the big bosses are reaping the rewards a lot of communities of people are left losing sleep over the fear of the conflict . russia's federal security service has detained and isel linked group allegedly plotting terror attacks on moscow public transport and others artie's trinkle has more. powerful explosions on public transport services
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and at moscow's shopping malls it looks like if it wasn't for this raid by the washing feds we could have seen bloodshed in the russian capital among those who have been detained are a suspected islamic state member besides this two men that appear to be suicide bombers and also someone who is responsible for putting together explosive devices by the looks of it russia remains one of the targets for terrorists the number of attempts that had to be prevented by the russian police and special forces looks quite impressive in the year two thousand and sixteen forty two terror related acts four to twenty seventeen so far twelve out of thirteen the attack couldn't be prevented though was of course that horrific suicide bombing on the same petersburg metro which took the lives of sixteen people in april. and you are trying to go with the report well when you can have your say on any of those stories and indeed
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on twenty more of today's news on our facebook page and i'll see you again hopefully so in thirty minutes. about your sudden passing i phone leaches learnt you were yourself and taken your last of. your act to you as we all do it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words it helps to put to rest. never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. but then my feelings started
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to change you talked about more like it was icky still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it's one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. healthcare america means in fattening up administrators they're not hiring doctors they're not actually improving health but they are creating more bureaucracy more fees more infant mortality life expectancy is dropping overall health standards are
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collapsing. and i'm actually town see where in north kensington location of the grenfell tower this is going underground on the day u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn introduces hip hop duo run the jewels at this year's glastonbury festival in the southwest of england coming up in the show we also call the u.k. counter-terror minister of the lord wes whether only the army on the streets surveillance and police with guns can save juries amazing britain from british foreign policy and the next terror attack under the law of the london tobe locals evacuated ten days. killing. our image of the poorest communities in one of the
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richest in the world question. british government guilty of deliberate and systematic social plans ing of british cities we speak. about his new film dispossession the great social housing swindle. since the day of rage how the people are rising up against social cleansing of the u.k. working classes from alleged u.k. government cover ups to us back to. this week's news all this and more coming up in today's going on the ground but first the. end of the catastrophe in london is becoming clearer coverage of the fire which left so many dead in the poorest community in one of the richest areas on earth initially included voices like this do i want to have i want to be a revolution in this country the media the mainstream you don't deserve to be. campaigning but to the b.b.c. . for this corrupt government people need a revolution. and if any other country did it in
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a revolution you the mainstream media responded to the two years you've hounded demonize them. and you said he was unelectable he can't be there's no possibility of this and you created that narrative that people actually believed for a while but what this election has done is shown that people are the new they were . you and the other billion in the media owners. and that is the vote of confidence not in terms of gender. but it also stands out to you as the main. rapidly coverage of this. good afternoon for. the queen and prince william have been visiting people affected by the terrible. gulf. and then the charity single initiative for going on the record conservative music mogul.


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