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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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clashes broke out between protesters and police in the city of seattle during pro free speech and hate. just the day after violence at a white nationalist. children are being reunited with their relatives have to campaign to bring russian speaking. of islamic state followers in iraq. and syrian forces in a special joint operation with russian troops have retaken three villages from.
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thanks for joining us this evening. tensions between rival pro through speech and anti hate rallies have boiled over in the u.s. city of seattle and this is after police moved in with pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse the protests. i was. i. was. i. i was. i served rally was organized by pro trump group called patriot
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prayer billed as a supporter of free speech is confronted by counter protesters who were shouting insults before riot police blocked their path the group of demonstrators attempt to force their way through the barricades some of them through fireworks and stones three people have been arrested. they settle scuffles came just a day after street brawls at a white nationalist rally in virginia turned deadly than it was when a car rammed crowd of counter protesters and in the latest development a twitter campaign is now underway to try and find out who took part in the unite the right rally one person already losing his job for attending mir a car has more on the division in us society. recent clashes in seattle and the tragic events that took place in virginia have really exposed the extent of the division in us society and not even the president and his team can deny this let's take a look we can do in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred
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bigotry and violence it has no place in america where terrorism is is the use of violence to incite terror and fear and of course it was terrorism it all began way back during the u.s. presidential campaign with pro and anti trump rallies springing up all across the country but both sides had been throwing accusations and insults at each other even before election day as you might expect given a campaign was in full swing. i would say were more open minded were kind of more moderate well educated people a lot of educated people that are sensible. they were kind of arrogant aren't they i'm not to judge what other people's education and stuff is it's not surprising that the country is divided in half but following the bombshell result of the election half of the country was left in discontent so much so for that so much so that for some they went beyond rhetoric to vent their frustration as we saw
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with the violence in berkeley which became one of the main battlegrounds. the. extreme left wing activists gone even as far as attempting to assassinate a republican lawmaker now both the newly formed far right and the far left are feelings fission lee emboldened to come out onto the streets and wreak havoc all across america the violence in virginia over the weekend should have been a sign to stop but even more took place in seattle so it seems that saving tensions and violent clashes which resulted in dozens injured and even one death are becoming the new way that americans result their political and social disputes. the dean of durham university's law school told us that both the right on the left are
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becoming more extreme. political dimension is you have very much a clear right in the left splits in american politics right and left split that seems to be without much of a center ground as you know with the a lot of space in the middle of the right has become more rights and and some would say the left has become more left the country's become more polarized and people are not in total trump has promised to bring people together but it seems that people have never been further apart under under his rule. it's about you. divide. the democrat.
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one of the reasons i want to be very divided. auntie's continuing its campaign to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded in iraq you orphanage bringing them home is the call that we all seeking to be globally among those identified so far all the five year old how did john three year old the youngsters have reportedly been taken to iraq by their parents who then joined islamic state girls relatives in russia recognize them in a video that we filmed in baghdad just a few days ago now their grandparents want them home as soon as possible. it is remarkable how coincidence can change entire lives a seven year old neighbor recognizes her former playmate. on instagram she shows in the video that we filmed to her grandparents who had all been. given up
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deja and her sister as last call it great call it divided intervention but it changed all of the bad lives on or get in there under the hood or in africa the car then you were. there you know sort of the school for sure you know what i. feel believe grandparents cried a lot it was a whirlwind of emotions and they found a new purpose in life to bring the girls back into a family but deja was only three when they last met and tried to mount me a months old would she remember two years on. cap. ex oh my god just. he.
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writes. the facts are. you guessing. that you just. didn't. just. need. to get ready. they were something precious unforgettable it is one of the rebel opportunities to witness love in its purest form we wanted big grandparents to know
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that despite her young age and the terror of most though she remembered them more i guys do you have to see from dagestan russia. meanwhile we were contacted by an australian viewer mark johnson who's offered to adopt a child whose relatives can't be found my heart broke watching this story when we come home build on this living gladly provide for those children should they remain displaced it's nice here in australia and the children would be loved as our own was operating as i read i go across our military hardware still think about a. lot of. very destroyed the poor children's were. in despair. of them then children that shouldn't be allowed that that should be happening to them surrounded by friends and family.
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saying what the parents of you know why luggage and a slip of the day to be part of an awful situation and these children shouldn't hate it when i have a young boy. but they're. closer i've. had and needed the wives that little boy to experience. that was one of the most harrowing that i remember and description of saying that. all the boys would describe such an event that stuck with me and i wouldn't want any saw it come across one that. he survives any information about the children you can get in touch with as he's an email address you can see now on the screen children on t.v. you.
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syrian government forces the by russian troops have conducted a special joint operation targeting islamic state airlifting troops behind enemy lines three villages into all reservoirs were retaken without incurring any losses . before him. the suppression was conducted one hundred kilometers from there is or i still second largest stronghold after rocka another key town also now which is also close
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to dead as always recently liberated by the syrian army. these are the latest pictures from inside al so that was filmed by r.t. . the place fell into the hands of jihadists in may of two thousand and fifteen during the same battle which i saw captured palmira for the first time it's the last major town on the road to dare resort and now the way to liberating the eisel whole city is opened earlier we asked writer and commentator abdel bari atwan about the significance of these events. it is extremely important because the capture all that stuff we. can get all of the syrian army the syrian government on the whole of which is very very strategic city they would like to clear out i sold out of. all the interest organization from the me your city of syria they manage actually to recapture a little managed to recapture most of actually the. damascus
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decides to now we are told. this is sort of it is extremely important. to six the first one is that means the syrian army will capture the old fields that counts that syrian economy is this game to be on it's the second it is actually it will be a springboard to. russia will do all it can to bring peace and stability to libya which has been engulfed by civil war for years you know it's been came as the chief of the libyan national army which is opposed to libya's internationally recognized government visited russia's foreign minister in moscow. it's a role this these brokers does not a month finding a recipe but enabling the creation of the best conditions for dialogue between key libyan figures to allow them to negotiate the future of their own country. the
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results of our negotiations is very good russia is now thinking about what part it could play in bringing peace to libya we will be happy if russia continues to play a part of this process. libya is currently mainly governed by two competing or forat least the un backed government of national accord which has its headquarters in libya's capital tripoli and controls the western part of the country and the brooke government representative is in moscow controls the east of libya the political unity of the country was broken in two thousand and eleven following antigovernment protests.
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we got reaction on this from oliver miles a former u.k. ambassador to libya. doesn't want to be association with one policy. to bring all the parties together there are too many people in libya who have some power at the moment they have. probably afraid of what will happen if they give up the weapons they know that they might. be called to account for crimes they've committed or even if not crimes and they might be called them is i think that's the bottom line the difficulty is to bring all these groups together convince them that they have to work together because otherwise libya. libya's a rich country in terms of oil for of money but at the moment you wouldn't think it
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was a rich country at the moment everybody is living. there will be looking at the tensions between the united states and north korea. seems wrong. to me. to stay out of. the trail. when. she's to look for common ground.
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i. i. i. come back the ongoing the verbal spat between the united states and north korea it's generating plenty of headlines amid growing fears that it could erupt into a real confrontation on the terms military advisers also raising the alarm that i think we're not closer to war than we could go but we're closer to war than we were a decade ago and this has been a problem that we've procrastinated on for a long period of time and now it's coming to
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a head where the threat from north korea not only to the united states but to the world is very very clear and people are worried google searches in the u.s. for how to survive a nuclear attack are out trending classics like how to get rich and how to be happy . you hawkins has been taking a look at who actually benefits from any scaremongering. the higher the tension the halter the rhetoric we've certainly had no shortage of that in recent days but who stands to gain from this war of words for one the u.s. president to skip busy sounding military drums against north korea. they will be met with fury. that if there is a state. maybe it wasn't so. and it's tough talk like this that brought him unique popularity go to one poll trumps approval
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ratings jumped to forty five percent on the back of those comments. next on the list the north korean all me twenty nine claims a whopping three and hoff million volunteers have signed up for the country's military all because of the recent escalation if true definitely a win for his all the recruits is. now moving on to go on the u.s. territory located closest to north korea people there have already received god loans and what to do when they see a mushroom clouds but there's an unexpected cause for celebration because apparently all the hype will actually do the good.
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and where there is war all even the talk of one is always big money and this time it's ten points for the bunker business really worried for my family my kids just want to make sure the room protected sales are going through the roof on the way. apocalypse histeria now with military tensions running high bomb shelters are alas making a comeback client scott helps people who are really bridge and really freaked out his clientele has changed from people afraid obama would take their property to those of great trouble started nuclear war all this drama with north korea it's paying off in a big way for this company take a look at what they are selling here these are massive bomb shelters one such companies even advising people to form an entire survival community if nuclear armageddon talk has you scared feel you could move to one of these bunkers
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scattered around a whopping twenty square kilometers in south dakota yet another says they're completely sold out are even true did so but we have the capacity to me. years maybe around the world. so plenty of point scoring on the back of needs planning but while the big bosses are reaping the rewards a lot of communities of people are left losing sleep over the fear of the yet another conflict of rights activist and university of ball language professor that we spoke to says he's concerned about trump's reckless rhetoric. is used by the united states it defends the united states but it's not really the united states. and the north koreans were to say that we're going to target off the coast of california or we're going to target off the coast of washington state or even target off the coast of hawaii there would be
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a very different response from the united states because you are directly threatening the homeland but what is the purpose of a territory or a colony the purpose of a colony is that you exploit it when the good and if things get ugly you cut it loose the fact that trump speaks so recklessly and so as impulsively only helps to underscore a lot of those those anxious tensions. a mudslide sierra leone's capital freetown is believed to have killed at least three hundred twenty people with more trapped inside their homes. but the sixty children are among the dead it's believed that many people would call to sleep when the mudslide struck juicing homes to rubble emergency crews are now working at the scene where roads have been turned into rivers of mud with people
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struggling to get out to keep me updated on the situation as it develops. finally russia's federal security service is detained in ice a linked group allegedly was planning terrorist attacks on moscow's public transport system the detainees will be held in custody for at least two months during the investigation as they await trial has been following the security services operation. powerful explosions on public transport services and at moscow's shopping malls it looks like if it wasn't for this raid by the washington feds we could have seen bloodshed in the washroom capital among those who have been detained are a suspected islamic state member besides this two men that appear to be suicide bombers and also someone who is responsible for putting together explosive devices by the looks of it russia remains one of the pla moree targets for terrorists the
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number of attempts that had to be prevented by the russian police and special forces looks quite impressive in the year two thousand and sixteen forty two terror related acts for war to twenty seventeen so far twelve out of thirteen the attack that couldn't be prevented though was of course that horrific suicide bombing on the same petersburg metro which took the laws of sixteen people in april. thanks for joining us this evening here on our tail the bat with the latest news headlines the top of the hour. next as are so national survival stacey let's learn how to fill out let's say i'm not sure i get here i'm greased by streets thank you for.
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the story that's right. actually a very. spiritual people have been saying about rejecting this actually does belong to the only show i go out of my will. you know what it is the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than blue that you see people you've never heard of love went back to the night i'm president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail.
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welcome to me sophie shevardnadze a world that's dependent on oil gas and coal is becoming a thing of the past with nubile energy becoming cheaper and more widespread every year. but is solar and wind power as reliable as it is clean well we talked to mean the director general of the international renewable energy agency.
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a warming planet and the drive to curb pollution is giving the energy input as we search for a way to shake off our fossil fuel addiction completely renewable energy has become more affordable than ever so will our reliance on extracting fossil fuels slowly become a thing of the past how reliable is older wind hydro for generating vast amounts of energy and what are the hidden dangers of a green future. not i mean director general of the international renewable energy agency thanks a lot for being with us today it's great to have you on our show thank you pleasure so tell me something where oil and gas and coal exciter a systems are already in place right power plants where pipelines oil rigs whether a new a bill and what we have is pretty much just wires in the great. so the costs of doing everything from scratch be enormous i mean how much would it cost to actually equip the world to do or nubile not that much. there is
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a misconception what we're doing is ripping out everything then changing everything overnight but the fact is that renewables are now it transformative transformation of the industry of energy how energy is produced distributed managed. the imperative is really two one is the decoupling as asian imperative so we live in a carbon constrained world and the current energy system we have is not taking us to limits that we cannot afford to pass without get to strive for change and the second is that renewable energy today the technology that it provides provides clean accessible electricity and energy that is now having an important business case around it so it's actually generating wealth employment and growth in more and more countries around the world well we're going to get to that here's a number well let me give you a couple of numbers came in the last three years in a row the majority of new capacity addition to the world's electricity system has
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come from renewable energy that's a combination of solar wind hydro geothermal and biomass three years in a row it's in the majority. we project that if we have the right investment pathways to twenty thirty we have done a global road map for renewable energy that we can reach around thirty six percent renewable penetration in the system by twenty thirty. we just did a major study for the g twenty in preparation for the next g twenty summit on the carbon ization and that basically created a consensus around the major energy agency's that you can actually achieve ninety percent of the decoupling a zation you want if you accelerate the growth of renewable energy and energy efficiency that's happening last year the in total investment in renewable. energy generation was three hundred twenty billion dollars the year before three hundred sixty billion dollars it's today a two trillion dollar industry and we're seeing growth.


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