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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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i. i. i. i. i protesters in the u.s. take down a civil war monument by force in north carolina following deadly violence at a far right rally that's why our president from because it keys are supporting far right extremism also this hour was accused of censorship which will to make the tracking system excuses she's in the least videos from journalists and groups on you tube and germany's lackluster campaign election fever fails to ignite parties and voters in the most powerful country.
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are welcome it's just turned four in the afternoon here in moscow you're watching international in our top story this hour following bloody clashes as a right wing rallying trial is feel held by the unite the rights group against the legacy of the american civil war in the city seven monuments all over the west are now under threat on monday protesters destroyed one in north carolina i was i demonstrators gathered outside a courthouse to topple the confederate statue there some are saying climbing it while of his pulled it to the ground using a rope the crowds were heard shouting we are the revolution and called for an end to fascism in the usa elsewhere the mare of lexington kentucky said on saturday that he. push for the relocation of two confederate statues to the outskirts of the
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city the next day the mayor of baltimore revealed similar plans too but added she would like to keep the exact date secret to prevent any unrest also on monday construction workers removed a monument of a civil war soldier in florida after two years of lawmakers pushing for its relocation we have sounded out several experts on why the monuments mean so much to some people. thorkell figures that in you know in light of today's standards would not be judged so favorably but you know they live in a different time and a different history with different history and different set of circumstances and they acted in a way that many people felt was quite orrible at the time i'm not defending any person in particular generally nor anyone else however that is our history it's our shared history and i think if there's a larger conspiracy here that's what it is the left wants to stop free speech in
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this country let me make something very clear here nobody cares about this civil war or statues nobody white supremacist white nationalists neo nazi race says it's a thought when it turns into violence that's a different story this is called unite the right. here is saying that nobody got here absolutely right while you're absolutely right is the way it's. free speech is allowed even if it's hateful speech it's hate crimes that are not allowed and if. they're not allowed and i would say what the group stated on saturday charlottesville isn't citing a riot i won't want to take the time also do it like you know that people don't care about what statues and things are memorialized in our communities we do so on but i would say on the positive side this is an open we care about anything i go
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here and let me in your case somebody i know in our daily lives nestles with our medicare does a tank ask for the community input about what statues we want what names we want for a set and all the work i did where it was a lavish out of these allegations are as lionel of the younger generation obama are let me say something here these people that are writing down in charlottesville are such a fringe percentage of the population is so small we have such strong community and civil society. yes there would be a great amount of support and says donald trump has been offered is the southern poverty law center keeps track of those very specifically and the number of hate crimes has absolutely soared we see it is rarely seen worst of all was all a struggle recently in. the apple s minnesota and the president saying nothing about the bonding of a mosque you know it and i know it this made free media are here to do one thing you know one thing only to get rid of this president well two days after those
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bloody clashes in the state of virginia donald trump to overwhelming pressure made a second statement denouncing racism and hate groups he's been under fire for failing to single out the role of white supremacists in saturday's brawls which culminated in a car being driven into a crowd of counter protesters killing one woman we condemn in the strongest possible terms. this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many. racism is evil and those who cause violence and it's they are criminals and thoughts including the k.k.k. neo nazis white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans however much of the media still criticize the president for his delayed response leading him to tweak the fake news media will never be satisfied he then headed to new york where he was met by crimes of protesters
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outside trumped our accusing him of racism in the snout how america's political debate is all a bad thing report does contain scenes of violence. one of the chants most frequently used at the protests is no trump no k.k.k. no fascist usa essentially trump and his supporters are being tarred with the same brush as white supremacy. that. the suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of this city was very quick to put his blame on the white house and president and he wasn't a law he should look in the mirror and he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with them to you know go
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right to the gutter to play our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannon gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house. this incitement of hatred to that got us here is as reno and condemn the bill as the white supremacists you know was tweets the democratic response to the car ramming mirrors the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the atmosphere while reality the attack was carried out by allowing the republican leaders knew how to vote in increasing intensity of hostility on the left three percent tension has been building. things since election night. that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president now most americans liberal conservative or otherwise are not violent
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however it seems like the leaders of the two major political parties try to make the other half of the electorate look like they are and that seems to be mobilizing people in both camps if you want to start something. and demonize me and i don't give. thanks. to our better. than that. was the united states has created a political system in a way to demonizing one side means supporting the other side for many voters those who haven't really learned that much about their parties yet the the solution to
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this is to reduce some of these impediments to we need a system in which political parties have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and what's an excellent idea . not just focus on demonizing the other side so no matter what your political outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalizing demonize it will pop and artsy your. you tube and its parent company google is being accused of stifling alternative viewpoints they are cracking down on extremists content but have also removed just image files from journalists and opposition groups shouting booga as the story internet regulation is becoming ever more automated meaning the machines are now in charge of monitoring what you write and post so when you have your video taken down it's nothing personal it's just the algorithm you tube now has computers largely responsible for blocking stream of
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content and the company is head over heels with the cutting edge technology that makes this all possible over seventy five percent of the videos we've removed for violent extremism over the past month were taken down before receiving a single human flag and that all sounds well and good given that in theory machines should be objective but it turns out they're not recently we've seen a number of journalists monitors and syrian opposition groups have their content blocked despite the fact that very similar videos went untouched on mainstream news channels you two pages those who are targeted say the site is purposely trying to erase certain documentation of the war i think what's so troubling about this if we look at the syrian accounts this is video chronicling a six or seven year war and some of the most important parts of that war from the perspective of syrians you tube though still has faith that it's machines know best . well these tools are imperfect and untried for every setting in many cases our
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systems have proven more accurate than humans and videos that need to be removed and the video sharing website isn't alone in being found at fault google has also come under fire for showing bias that was after a number of left wing and progressive news outlets were removed from search results after new protocols were enacted by google those alternative sites claim they've seen a drastic drop and i to video on their pages sense then yet the search engine giant says the newly adopted policies were applied simply to help improve the quality of results we updated our research quality reader guidelines to flag upsetting user experiences including pages that present conspiracy theories unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint and that last little bit is a very important to take note of unless a user specifically indicates they are interested in a quote alternative view point they will be getting that when you look at the actual application of the artificial intelligence programs what you actually see is
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the. common and very natural organic stupidity of silicon valley elites who are since sorious in nature and actually seek to scrub the internet of divergent opinions the journalist yasha levine actually tested google's artificial intelligence which rate certain phrases as toxic so yasha levine put in phrases for example like america is corrupt and that was rate is ninety two percent toxic meanwhile when yahshua levine entered the phrase hitler was right in everything he did it was only thirty four percent toxic so censorship continues to rear its ugly head online but where a group of experts could have been made to answer for this before there are now only machines which as we've seen aren't as unbiased as we first thought. r.t. washington d.c. . now elections are looming for europe's economic powerhouse germany but despite the potential significance of the vote things to you seem to be
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a bit plus them that is in contrast to how the french campaign is running you might remember just a month before. some of them are thankful that he got a leg up. so making sure he could have been a good little boy like. i. thank you.
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say takes a look now at the gym election rice. thank you america has not only one of the world's most powerful leaders she may well be one of the world's most laid back politicians so much so that she decided to take three weeks off and then telling else right before the german voters determine whether or not she can run for a fourth term next month the fact that she chose to wear the very same outfit for the last five trips she took to the same location just goes to show how well she understands her people that they prefer the status quo and change isn't necessarily good don't take my word for it just take a look at the polls support for merkel drop ten points while she's breathing in that italian a mountain air but she's still way ahead of her main rival as speedy leader marches scholtz couldn't get any hiking sessions in his schedule because he's busy campaigning like any other politician would march in shorts even try to provoke
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a reaction from the chancellor by claiming germany is not prepared for the future influx of refugees but not only that merkel ignore all of his propagations just pepper sprayed him a nickname the chancellor shadowboxer courtesy of the local media the feeling of solidarity between states has been lost how did it get to this when did it start did it begin with a man whose decision to open borders without any agreement with our partners in a moment when those partners were overloaded. america on the horizon is quite easy to describe it's an s.p. the led government in september. i came to the streets of berlin to ask german voters not campaigning is a more subtle and effective form of the lectionary when i ask you what you think about the election campaign so far because it's. right. there campaigning. like.
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yeah i'm not so into. it too i can tell you right now because. i think like i'm working so moderate now i'm not. i don't know anything about it right now i'm not into the election right now so far in the book the election campaign. in germany will be questioning if you'd like to still be there enjoy the summer and cast the right vote come autumn says this poster of america's c.d.u. party which aptly symbolizes her laid back campaign style and they sue artsy. on celeb t.v. around he's considering boosting its weapons program and despite sanctions will have a look at that and get live reaction to the. health
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care america in fattening up administrators they're not hiring doctors they're not actually improving health but they are creating more bureaucracy more fees more infant mortality life expectancy is dropping overall health standards are collapsing.
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welcome back an elderly palestinian couple who have lived in the same house in east jerusalem for more than fifty years are about to be evicted by israeli authorities . will if for fifty three years in this house it is a great injustice that israel should give us back our land they take our homes and claim. they take all of trailers. for my is seventy six while her husband is eighty four they moved into their house in one nine hundred sixty four which is three years before israel took over eastern jerusalem she says the threat of a fiction has left them in despair we let them at last the police are threatening us we don't know what to do we are sitting here like fools we don't know whether to
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stay or leave we have nowhere to go to maybe if we were to find at least a room we could leave but even if you were to drop out my husband and i would refuse to go. over israeli law stipulates that jewish residents can claim the rights to a property if they have proof their families live there prior to the nine hundred forty eight war a right leaning settler group called the israel land fund won a court battle to claim the elderly couples house the group's director insists it's not about discrimination but rights. i know the only expect to be alone in the middle of. the flu on don't tell your payment to go out and leave telling you no i don't want to go out and this is what you must. know after all they did this they told us that they not they don't want to give to let you go out from our apartment so very we told them we took them to court the decision has sparked anger among. arab population where people have held prayers that side. the same fate await other
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arab residents to have east jerusalem and it's a practice that's been ongoing for decades according to human rights watch fifteen thousand palestinians have been stripped of their residency status over the last fifty years activist non-beliefs the strong presence of the israeli lobby abroad prevents condemnation turning to relax. situation now just one truly awful idea that these seven people may be evicted from their homes any day now is something that should trouble each and every person in jerusalem and not only in it there are forty four other families who might face of fiction if this election takes place and there is the chance for peace for all the people in jerusalem and in this region that is in jeopardy every time new hatreds goes into our homes into people's houses throws people out and put. those instead
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of them the sins are being talked about a lot and the issue of the occupation is being brought up again and again in different places around the world but that actual action is not really been taken i think that israel has a very strong lobby around the world. now one hundred days is the president of france in the manual seems to have lost his shine once seen as a champion of democratic values and a candidate promising real change even more and popular and he's pretty to say a part for it breaks down what's behind he's putting popularity. on may the seventh emanuel macross went to paris president of france. his share of the vote was sixty six percent his thirty nine years promised a fresh new era these i am totally for the construction of a new model of governance people do seeing that we need reform we want to do reform
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so we with the reform we are a movement of profound renovation fast forward one hundred days and across popularity has fallen faster than any french president even his predecessor francois hollande known as mr unpopular by the end of his presidency because of his record low ratings was doing better one hundred days in the nosedive in microns popularity came after he said he wanted to rain like the mystical jupiter father of the gods while his first divine intervention was to force his military chief to resign after telling him in public that he macro knows better because he is in charge as you would wish if you near city did not place you it a new government there. in another high handed move macro cancelled the traditional bastille day media conference apparently because he regards his views as too deep for the shallow press and when micro wanted to make his wife the first lady with
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a public salary over three hundred thousand signed a petition against the plan saying they didn't want a queen bridgette so in just one hundred days the darling of french voters and the new face of french politics has lost the love of his people experts suggest voters fail to notice he was really offering them anything new in the first place the clue to be and their turn a diva to the old way of doing politics but she was born and raised in this system his education his you know forested jobs to be the big good over him with all the skills of the upper spheres of of power elites the only difference between emanuel mccollum of the vicious order system is his age or in his mother's in his way of governing arkell pretty can the same after three months the president has already fallen from grace or is one commentator put it the comments macro or indeed jupiter
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has come back down into the atmosphere a partridge party paris. ratings to fall into seem to be obsessed with his public image for instance he wanted a bigger office photo than any past president and it looks like he did try to copy to the heart winning photos of the leaders he seizing every photo opportunity he can to show that he hasn't lost touch with the people or so it's also a big football fan a bit like barack obama american also seems to be taking some cues from former the former french president charles de gaulle publisher and journalist real believes image is the only thing that can control within his party. he's compelled to enter the fray fifteen m.p.h. he has been for. his cause he has been created it out of the blue and because they have the nature percent of the center seems to have a hired people like in a business firm but without any experience of the political world you have for
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instance the m.p.'s who say that there will be late at the french assembly because they had their tennis lessons you can find m.p.'s welcome to unable to answer the simple questions to journalists mr merkel doesn't have any policy that's why he pay so much attention to his image that's the only thing he can control in effect. say things with the softer they will have more nice and.
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isis militants and just chose to patrol base on the left and right even this is compound. enemy troop movements have been spotted on the other side of the river. here in the only two groups of militants have joined forces. those groups leaders have to clear their determination so an independent islamic state in the philippines syria. even after two months of funding the army keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. not being up operations in areas where civilians are used to live. no a daily occurrence. not of no meaning walk with no bundle let know whether you know you've got in mind i do just. as you did. to see him. walking didn't. believe you will indeed will make space no
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this is a special you so as you move the soul down. with this manufactured sentence to the public will. when the room in closest to protect themselves. with the flame of. the woman. we can all middle of the room sick. real news group. health care america means in fattening up administrators they're not hiring doctors they're not actually improving health but they are creating more bureaucracy more fees more
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infant mortality life expectancy is dropping overall health standards are collapsing. i'm feeling dollars ario billion for lindsey france you're watching boom box broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming right up korea crack down china ban from north korean imports complying with human face but it comes with a warning to president trump plus public private partnerships the u.s. expects to use these to prop up america's failing infrastructure will work. bit coin bubble new heights for the cryptocurrency as it breaks three for it thousand dollar barrier but our government secretly trying to stifle it stand by all that more starts right now.
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china is banning key north korean imports starting tuesday a move made to comply with u.n. sanctions and possibly placate u.s. president donald trump china it announced monday it's a whole ting imports of north korean coal iron and seafood the announcement follows a weekend phone call between chinese president xi and trump about how to deal with north korea's nuclear advancements trump's been threatening to investigate china's alleged theft of u.s. intellectual property which could or could result in severe trade penalties beijing has warned trump not to use the threat of a trade war to pressure china on north korea calling relation between china and the u.s. should be based on mutual respect and each other's needs are interesting with the issues of the korea and the.


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