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tv   Headline News  RT  August 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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these are the hawks that we along with are. walking. coming up on our team america the people of charlottesville are still contending with our white supremacist who demand the statue of robert e. lee stay after as impromptu protests have heard throughout the country. there are new pictures of kim jong il come with their maps of what does it mean as tensions remain high between north korea and the u.s. . at two u.s. soldiers died on a combat operation in iraq but the question tremaine about who killed them. it's tuesday august fifteenth by him in washington d.c.
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i mean talk to sweets and you're watching are to america well the weekend is over but the anger surrounding the protests in charlottesville is not impromptu protest actions and gatherings of anti racist demonstrators sprung up across the country in the past couple of days since the violence in charlottesville hurled eight nation mid racial crisis into the streets. and durham north carolina a crowd gathered monday to topple a statue of a confederate soldier meanwhile in baltimore the city council voted to destroy all confederate era monuments in that city and in gainesville florida the daughters of the confederacy hired workers to remove a publicly displayed confederate statue however white supremacists are matching the
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less mobilization the people of charlottesville are still contending with the white supremacists continuing to demand the statue of robert lee stay up. even after this he council there voted to take it down as neo nazi richard spencer who was present in charlottesville over the weekend is scheduled to speak at the university of florida according to the university and after the weekend it's clear confederate symbolism is only a focal points in a worsening racial tensions across the country with no end in sight. but much of the mainstream media criticize president trump for his delayed response to the charlottesville protests leading him to tweet that the quote fake news media never be satisfied then went to new york where he was met by crowds of protesters outside trump tower trump accusing him of racism artie's kaleb mop and takes a look at how america's political debate is now all about labeling and warning his report does contain violence in one of the chants most frequently used at the
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protests is no trump no k.k.k. no fascist usa essentially trump and his supporters are being tarred with the same brush as white supremacy. that there was. a suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of this city was very quick to put his blame on the white house and president trump and he wasn't a law he should look in the mirror when he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with to you know go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannan gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house. the incitement of hatred to the got us here is that
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as rino and condemn the bill as the white supremacists and i was tweets the democratic response to the car ramming mirrors the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the atmosphere when reality attack was carried out by republican leaders knew how to hold an increasing intensity of hostility on the left three percent tension has been building. i think since election night. that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president now most americans liberal conservative or otherwise are not violent however it seems like the leaders of the two major political parties try to make the other half of the electorate look like they are and that seems to be mobilizing people in both camps if you want to start something. and even i mean i don't.
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see. that as. that. was for the united states has created a political system in a way to demonizing one side means supporting the other side for many voters those who haven't really learned that much about third parties yet the the solution to this is to reduce some of these impediments to we need a system in which political parties have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and what an excellent idea. not just focus on demonizing the other side in the matter what your political
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outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalized demonize it will pop an r g your. all the acts of violence in charlottesville are shedding light on various hate groups including my supremacy cults which are reportedly gaining steam online the southern poverty law center says it's currently tracking some six hundred extremist groups in the country and for more we turn now to andrew batchelor organizer of the d.c. anti fascist coalition thank you so much for joining us today are you very much for having me and so you know we see that there is a lot of hate going on right now in the country i mean we're seeing uprising of various hate groups all across the country do you think this is far beyond politics that this isn't really something about the left versus right that this is more about if you miss guided individuals who somehow think racism is a thing and have these biases against people well i mean i think that there is
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a rising momentum of take groups going on in the country and there has been for some time there's a very deep insecurity in the country that i see right now. and i think honestly hate groups have been fueled by trump's presidency in candidacy. the very first when he you know when he first announced his candidacy coming down from the escalator one of the first things he said was that mexicans are criminals and rapists which was really a signal to. hate groups white supremacist. that he was their guy but do you think it's fair to the president i mean he even back in november he's already denounced the k.k.k. and other white supremacist and again this weekend he came out and announced it again do you think people who are i mean people have the right to disagree with the president of course they don't have to like him but is it fair to blame him for
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what happened on saturday i don't think so first of all i'm not blaming him i never said i blame him for what happened on saturday. i blame the old right who came to charlottesville with the intent of violence and yes. that person. did a terrorist car attack into a crowd of anti-racist protesters people who were there. protecting the community standing up for the community who was opposed to the all great i think one of the things that's really important to remember. i was on the ground in charlottesville i was there friday night and saturday friday night the first thing that happened. is you see the all right gathering in what looked like a scene. of if i take your pick i mean my first question i think you've mentioned
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answered quite yet i asked if this was about politics and you continue to use all right i don't think it's all conservatives do not think that as opposed to calling a group a leftist group this is a very hate filled group that is a white supremacist group so i don't think any conservatives would actually identify with that group so all right i don't know if that accurate so i say it's a rising movement i say it's a rising movement and i would say that. it is a movement that is criticize. the mainstream conservatism i think is also a movement that's trying to draw in mainstream conservatives and i think you've got to remember that in this country slavery and genocide is a part of our it's a part of our heritage and these things. so there is precedence for this out like anyone argues that by going back to you being there my point is to take it seriously oh absolutely i think most people in this country do take it seriously it
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was definitely not a joke that's why i asked if it was it a small group of misguided people because it seems as though unfortunately it might be gaining steam online i think a small group of misguided people actually kind of encourages us not to take it seriously because it's like there's like they can be dismissed or read or it's only a small group so we don't have to worry about it so much it's a growing movement. and it's a movement that has acted violently and it has intended violence and so when you were there on the ground you said that you were really close to the actual accident what went through your mind when you saw that well first i didn't know it was happening i just saw the crowd kind of parting. and. people were calling for medics people were hurt i was in close enough to the accident to actually see the people hurt like the scenes of people flying in the air as some of my friends did witness were right there for and actually acted as
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medics and actually an important point to bring up is the police and the police response during all of this that actually. this is just a story that i have to tell some of our medics were told to stop c.p.r. by the police on heather hire. a lot of people were very shaken a lot of people very traumatized it only occurred to me sort of later what the intensity of that moment was. when i realized that i had survived a terrorist attack and so had my compatriots that's unfortunate what happened to have there and i think everybody regrets that that happened it just began paintable happen unfortunately very nice for friends to try and save her it's just a terrible event that happened. it's unfortunate that you were so close to it. and so again going back to us living in this world of hates what do you think is
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fueling it do you think us having so many divided groups even in schools talking about race do you think that fuels it because some people were raised to be color blind we are all this thing we all bleed red we're all the same with does it matter how much militant you have in your skin it is just a factor and we all have different looks you know so what is actually fueling this hate. i think is insecurity in part i think it's great insecurity in the country economic insecurity a lot of people have lost jobs. and i think also you know there's a deep legacy of racism in the country you know i. i don't think that talking about racism makes people racist i think it helps us to be anti-racist i think we should acknowledge the. the difference is that people from different backgrounds of
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different ethnicities different skin colors have and try to create mutual understanding and also reverse historic injustices and discriminations. but i think it needs to be reversed because it's there it's there in our d.n.a. and hopefully it's something that is reversed we're out of time unfortunately we really appreciate you sharing your story with us thank you so much that is andrew bochur. makes city an african-american man was fatally shot by a police officer after being stopped on the street sunday police say they found a weapon on fifty year old patrick harmon during an unspecified point of their interaction according to the salt lake city police sergeant quote deescalation tactics were used to try and get the suspect to put down the weapon sergeant plant here told the news the tactics failed and two shots were fired by one of the officers all three officers present reportedly wearing body cameras however it
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remains undetermined whether they had been activated during the incident the officer who shot him has been put on paid administrative leave. what korean state television aired pictures of leader kim jong un combing through maps of the images released show north korean military officials briefing their leader on plans to fire missiles at guam to create quote enveloping fire los angeles times reported the term ability to fire is less difficult and more technical of a phrase quote. is better translated as enveloping strike me of the military strategy suggests and certainly with firing missiles however the term used is still plenty alarming with him threatening strikes around waters running given further u.s. military intimidation around north korea. but the question is will come john. after all korean central news agency reports that he may have taken his foot off the gas pedal for now artist alexi ourselves reports indeed the meeting you mentioned there
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between king jungen and the military officials in north korea actually produced a rather interesting and important quote especially for the times of today now the central news agency of north korea quoted the leaders saying that i quote dear supreme leaders said today that the americans reckless military confrontational behavior has ended up the u.s. traveling themselves with their own hands and are spending pathetic fade by weary minutes and seconds that the dear supreme leader will watch such stupid american behavior for a bit longer the big question of course right now is whether this means that kim jong un has abandoned his plan of striking the waters near the island of guam as a show of force to the united states but again fists are flying high obviously with the head of the defense secretary mattis talking on monday in a press gaggle at the pentagon saying that the bottom line is that we will defend
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the country from an attack yes that means for a long haul lot of young troops are going to be in a wartime situation you don't shoot at people in this way. you don't shoot at people in this world unless you want to bear the consequences of quote but one of the most interesting quotes in this whole exchange fiery exchange between the united states and the countries in the region around north korea is actually from the south korean president who was just elected a short while ago speaking in a televised address on tuesday president said that no one should be allowed to decide on a military action on the korean peninsula without south korean agreement our government he continued will do everything it can to prevent the war from breaking out and if we remember the president actually was elected on the platform of trying to you know have south korea more independent in its decisions from the united states and let's not forget there is also china in this whole situation with the
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foreign ministry of china issuing a statement on monday that the current situation on the korean peninsula is highly complex and sensitive we hope to see that the relevant sides extinguished fire through their out the words and actions instead of adding fuel amid tensions we hope to see them improve mutual trust and move toward the goal of preserving peace and stability on the peninsula as well as realizing they do nuclearization of the peninsula so in a nutshell china beijing is saying here that you know all sides should cool that off and the situation should be resolved at the negotiation table rather than you know in a military matter so we will see how the situation develops but definitely it's a little less tense than it was last week with the fire and fewer comments from the president of the united states and to discuss this further i was joined earlier by . little network against weapons and nuclear power in space i started by asking him if north korean leader kim jong il really wants a peaceful treaty with the u.s.
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. so i think there's no doubt that north korea has been calling for a peace treaty with the u.s. since one thousand nine hundred eighty three when an armistice a cease fire was signed on july twenty seventh fifty three between the u.s. and north korea so legally technically the war still on and the reason why the united states has never signed a peace treaty is because united states doesn't really want to recognize the existence of north korea and that's where gore korea has always been asking for so this whole nuclear missile fiasco could be dealt with if two things were done number one the united states signed a formal peace treaty with north korea to korea and secondly united states ended war games on north korea's border and began to call out its own eighty three bases on the korean peninsula and do you believe it's true that north korea is not
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attached to having it their weapons if peace can be achieved. i think that's absolutely clear lead during the clinton administration they made very strong concessions to. centrally stop their nuclear program when george w. bush became president he called the u.s. out of that agreement so once again like the american indians used to say washington speaks with a forked tongue and that's been the experience repeatedly for north korea and do you think pete between the u.s. and north korea can happen and if yes how so. well i think the only way it's really going to happen is if people in this country america begin to really understand something about the history of the korean war where is the north koreans called it the american war and. the people in this country begin to speak
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out. to our government demanding that they stop these aggressive military war games and base expansions on the korean peninsula united states is destroying communities in places like songs you are a new missile defense system is going and that is a key element in u.s. first strike attack planning and then in jeju island just off the mainland of south korea a navy base has been built destroying a five hundred year old fishing and farming community support us with maybe warships as part of this pivot into the asia pacific that is that we're told is to prevent war with north korea but in fact i believe north korea is ultimately a foil the united states does not fear north korea north korea only has four nuclear warheads today while the united states has six thousand eight hundred so
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this whole pivot is actually being aimed at russia and china but the pentagon doesn't want to come to the american people and say oh look we want to move sixty percent of our military forces into the asia pacific to go after china and russia so instead they use north korea as excuse and so the more that the united states terrorizes essentially north korea with war games and base expansions on the korean peninsula the more north korea reacts and then the united states uses that as further just cation to expand its military on. peroration in the asia pacific region and you're kind of touching on a question that i did want to ask you because you wrote an article and it brought up an interesting question will china and russia get dragged into this dispute between the us north korea you think that the the actual dispute is not with north
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korea. no i don't think so in fact this missile defense system that the united states is called fad that is us has recently deployed in songs you on the korean mainland its radar has a two thousand kilometer viewing capability which means it will see into china and russia so it's really not about north korea it's about again in circling china and russia with military capability technically these missile defense systems that are key elements in u.s. for a strike attack planning in fact every year at the u.s. space command they have the annual war game a computer wargame where they practice a first strike attack on russia and china but after the u.s. launches that strike. those two countries try to fire their remaining route nuclear retaliatory capability at the u.s. in response that it is at that point that the u.s.
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uses this so-called missile defense shield to try to pick off russian and chinese retaliatory capability and or the u.s. war gaming nuclear first strike and now setting in motion the in the infrastructure to make it possible that was various gagné in coordinating global network against weapons and nuclear power in space well north korea was in the spotlight at today's politicking with larry king in tonight's episode larry talks with former u.s. secretary of defense william perry don't forget to tune in for the full show later today here's a snippet of like to counter you said you see be u.s. and north korea heading for some form of conflict when you say what kind of conflict. well north korea has always been reckless and their program cations against south korea so it's easy to imagine they
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might conduct some kind of a probation which would lead into a military conflict even a small military conflict but a small military conflict would very quickly get out of the hands of the leaders in the countries and escalate into a major military conflict if we had another conventional war with north korea it's one that they would surely you lose and as they lost that war as they saw the regime about to collapse then they might use a nuclear weapons and some sort of a desperate. hell mary so to speak the other way we get into a nuclear war as if threats were so bellicose and if the north korea believed that we were about to launch a preemptive attack on them and destroy the regime then if they believe that they might actually use the nuclear weapons as a way of. having that off. so there are two different ways are going to war in both cases i would think they would be as a result of miscalculation that as a result of blundering into a nuclear war or not as a result of
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a deliberate plan. and coming up by our team saudi arabia is the genus hound of religious minorities disturbing news coming up next. there's a real irony going. to play the things that a responsible choice need people and there's always someone that's what it's always been seen in sri. lanka all the ordinary you know wholesale surveillance you feel you have all made while there's an untruth to so this is the end trump has used to sell some new oil are always on this story goes it's garbage it's real. thing. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow
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want. to go right to be close this is what the four three of the four people that. are interested in the waters. there should. think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell when you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really. happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting
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a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. in new york blackout for the mainstream media the kingdom of saudi arabia is ceding the town of religious minorities bulldozers and special forces have crushed the village. for several weeks now they've been an unknown number of citizens dad showed you the crackdown information about the siege is limited r t correspondent on your part pill sat down for an exclusive conversation with an individual from in washington d.c. and he asked that we keep as i did a secret due to the danger his family could face back home my understanding of
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what's going on in and i want and it's a small village in the area. is that it's a war zone right now the government they claim that it will be able to do a development project that they will demolish the ancient historical and her neighborhood called imo so what would they will build new houses or new settlements or new york you want a new units you name it but that was just as justification for them to get. inside and i want me but then they said we have to demolish this neighborhood because i wanted people or as they say tourist people are hiding inside a place well those wanted people down activists the where protesting peacefully under streets claiming their rights and. for a political system that's fair or fair for everybody and. abolish discrimination
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but since they've been active then the government put them on a want lest so they had no choice but to flee or seek hiding so they were hiding inside the. neighborhood and it's very ancient neighborhood it goes back to two more than four hundred years and unless you are born and raised there you cannot get in and get out of the neighborhood without getting lost it's very hard to walk around it's like a maze and the government or the soldiers or the policeman they cannot track them there because it's very hard for them to. to get in or out that's why they wanted to demolish this neighborhood so they can track down the wanted people and then they they did that the the broader bulldozers and demolishing vehicles escorted would special forces and special units from their forces
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to as code or those demolishing vehicles can you talk about that region its historical significance as a place of resistance to the monarchy that ancient neighborhood was there before the monarchy. before that saudi arabia was ever established so it's called the most whole war which means surrounding world you could say that and it was built to protect the village from one raids and back into history so it was built to protect the city and order town and to protect the people so it has that symbolic meaning to the people and also the school which we call it was a school which is a religious school. that was. no more teaching the people over there. it was still there and they want to demolish also that school because
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shipman was iraq in their throats and they wanted to wipe out everything that is related to that to him why do you think the mainstream media is ignoring these events right now in saudi unfortunately the government of saudi arabia has been able to buy and they did buy a lot of old media channels and they didn't also employ people inside the. t.v. channels to. ignore what they are doing to you know to the destruction they are doing the corruption they are doing to discrimination and the world they just did inside i want me for americans the idea of living under the house of saud might seem like a fantastical concept something from another time but for you and for over three million people it's reality what is it like to grow up in the wahhabi kingdom unfortunately the government just extracting the oil from beneath the. houses
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and. giving nothing back to the people. there actually forcing the people to give up their farms their houses their lands. and taking to those lands and extracting oil from the underneath and leaving the people who don't come consolation i mean no one can say shopping exactly so room. it's not like they live. our life. most people who've got leave are poor and. they're being discriminated discriminated it went well on that one it went over to look for jobs they're not treated equally in western media in recent years when we hear about the middle east or talking about the middle middle east we're told saddam is a brutal dictator gadhafi is a brutal dictator and now it is
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a brutal dictator killing his own people why is so much attention focused on those leaders while a sectarian religiously fanatic kingdom is our greatest ally or one of our greatest allies in the country or region i should say that's exactly the reason saudi arabia is one of the biggest ally to the united states. and the media has been turned a blind eye. what they are doing and. it's kind of us trying to get between saudi arabia and other countries that they would provide oil but they will keep but the other side or down two countries will stay silent about it would be our doing fortunately for some media like you like you. are trying to put bring this to life and expose what they are what they are doing. and that's how who so you know they are being. since since the beginning of their kingdom
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iran war is it could abandon its nuclear agreement with world powers quote within hours if new sanctions are imposed by the united states all that's according to iranian president hassan who ronny well he said new sanctions imposed on the country breached a twenty fifteen agreements to curb their nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions will include it in the agreement where the united states russia china and three european powers in early august president donald trump signed a new law imposing additional sanctions on iran north korea and russia iran's missile programs were specifically targeted in the bill. well to u.s. soldiers died on a combat operation in iraq but it's not clear who killed them the defense department said the two died of quote wounds sustained in combat operations but an earlier statement said their deaths were not due to quote enemy contact the two killed were thirty year old sergeant ross hayne brooks and twenty two year old alan
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levy stigler five others were injured they were supporting operation inherent resolve in northern iraq the defense department said it's investigating. the number of refugees leaving the u.s. for canada has swelled dramatically over the past few weeks and many are blaming fake news as the reason for the rise in asylum seekers artie's alex mahila which has a story in montreal. the supply containers are down. and the tents are up as the canadian military prepares for more refugees from the us starting in like late evening yesterday we had two people during the night that i was moved to to camp as we speak but the continuing inflow and outflow of those migrants was a little in total over sixty five hundred asylum seekers have made a claim in quebec since the beginning of this year hundreds of who have entered the province illegally in the past few weeks. this camp on the quebec new york border
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will be the first stop for many illegal immigrants who are still on the move when completed these tents are going to house about five hundred people that's going to be the total at this site but considering that hundreds of people are flooding in from the u.s. each and every day over this border authorities are in a constant search for housing. justice for refugees in the montreal area now number close to twenty the biggest being the iconic olympic stadium which sleeps up to nine hundred men women and children each and every night precious a nigerian refugee who crossed from the u.s. into canada with his wife and seven year old daughter it's glad to be here he says he was a journalist in his home country and feared for his life he hoped the u.s. would be a better place to live but after only a few short months in the states he says the constant fear of deportation and a toxic atmosphere was just too much on the flip side after just a few short days in canada he's ready to make it his new home from what's. at that
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he stays that is a place he had teams come to but for me. to stay to see a place who had been sad lost. at. a very and different impression on. you know. the. way this is. you know a. big piece i mean a stroke if very good impression on had she commanded them sad that they have disappeared so good that not anybody's good to us. when i grow up i would like to be glad. to have people helping people is something cedric a seventy has become very good out after a call from the authority you sand with the help of a small team at the olympic stadium he had it up and running as a refugee shelter in less than twenty four hours the vibe is good and people are
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smiling considering the situation you know so there's no tension we're here to provide. a room not not a room but beds and bed sheets and wife i electricity showers and food you know it's rudimentary it's not class it's not high class it's not luxury but it's functional but believe it or not that lack of luxury has come as a surprise to many asylum seekers especially some of those of haitian origin fake news sites which many blame for the recent surge of illegal refugees into canada have reportedly promised haitians in the u.s. that canada was automatically accepting them i suppose at what's up hoax even told them that canada was paying the bill for all their costs with ninety percent of the recent refugees in quebec and being of haitian origin this might explain why many of them chose to enter canada now according to canadian lawyer claudia molina these
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people have been misled it's very unfortunate that they're getting this information because haitians that are claiming refugee status are getting exactly the same treatment as a refugee so they have to prove before the court that they have to a well founded fear of persecution and that's not something that's easy to do canada views haiti as a country that is stable and safe in fact. the routinely rejects asylum claims filed by haitians in the first half of two thousand and fifteen already thirty eight percent of asylum claim is from haiti or accepted as for haitians crossing from the us their greatest fear may be totally unfounded and i jumped but then i don't want people to stay a day for i don't have to he say nobody did i stay there will be plenty back the fact is trump simply contemplated suspending the temporary protected status for haitians of the united states which was implemented in two thousand and ten after a disastrous earthquake in that country the moratorium is set to expire in january
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nothing has been done about this so far unlike in canada where the moratorium for haitians what's suspended two years ago canada continues to prise itself on welcoming people from all over the world but for illegal immigrants it's not as simple as some would like to think canada will continue to treat these people with dignity and respect chances are though many will be told to go home and that won't be back to the good old us of a i'm now it's my life for our america in montreal canada it's too bad its parent company google are being accused of siphoning alternative viewpoints well they're cracking down on extremist content but have also removed legitimate files from journalists and opposition groups are to jaclyn viggo explains internet regulation is becoming ever more automated meaning the machines are now in charge of monitoring what you write and post so when you have your video taken down it's nothing personal it's just the algorithm you to know
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have computers largely responsible for blocking stream of content and the company is head over heels with the cutting edge technology that makes this all possible over seventy five percent of the videos we've removed for violent extremism over the past month were taken down before receiving a single human flag. and that all sounds well and good given that in theory machines should be objective but it turns out they're not recently we've seen a number of journalists monitors and syrian opposition groups have their content blocked despite the fact that very similar videos went untouched on mainstream news channels you tube pages those who are targeted say the site is purposely trying to erase certain documentation of the war i think what's so troubling about this if we look at the syrian accounts this is video chronicling a six or seven year war and some of the most important parts of that war from the perspective of syrians you tube though still has faith that its machines know best
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well these tools are imperfect and untried where every setting in many cases our systems have proven more accurate than humans at flag in videos that need to be removed and the video sharing website isn't alone in being found at fault global has also come under fire for showing bias that was after a number of left wing and progressive news outlets were removed from search results after new protocols were enacted by google those alternative sites claim they've seen a drastic drop and i to be on their page a sense then yet the search engine giant says the newly adopted policies were applied simply to help improve the quality of results we updated our research quality rater guidelines to flag upsetting user experiences including pages that present conspiracy theories unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint and that last little bit is a very important to take note of unless the user specifically indicates they are interested in a quote alternative viewpoint they will be getting that when you look at the actual
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application of the artificial intelligence programs what you actually see is the. common and very natural organic stupidity of silicon valley elites who are since sorious in nature and actually seek to scrub the internet of divergent opinions a journalist yasha levine actually tested google's artificial intelligence which rate certain phrases as toxic so yasha levine put in phrases for example like america is corrupt and that was rated as ninety two percent toxic meanwhile one yasha levine and third the phrase hitler was right in everything he did it was only thirty four percent toxic so censorship continues to rear its ugly head online but where a group of experts could have been made to answer for this before there are now only machines which as we've seen aren't as unbiased as we first thought. r.t. washington d.c. . with elections looming for europe's economic powerhouse in germany while
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campaigning seems to be a bit lackluster despite the potential significance of september's vote well that's in contrast to how impassioned the french campaign was just over a month before voting. that let's get some of them are going to look into the talk that if you were to look you would. i. thank you. thank you.
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in least suit checks out where the german election race is heading so far. anglo america is not only one of the world's most powerful leaders she may well be one of the world's most laid back politicians so much so that she decided to take three weeks off and then telling else right before the german voters determine whether or not she can run for a fourth term next month the fact that she chose to wear the very same outfit for the last five trips she took to the same location just goes to show how well she understands her people that they prefer the status quo and change isn't necessarily good don't take my word for it just take a look at the polls support for merkel drop ten points while she's breathing in that italian mountain air but she's still way ahead of her main rival as speedy leader martin schulz couldn't get any hiking sessions in his schedule because he's
5:46 pm
busy campaigning like any other politician would the former european parliament spokesman even try to provoke a reaction from the chancellor by claiming a germany is not prepared for the future influx of refugees but not only that merkel ignore all of this publication is just effort into making the chancellor shadowboxer courtesy of the local media this is a feeling of solidarity between states has been the most how do they get to this when did it start did it begin with a man whose decision to open borders and he agreed with our partners in a moment when those partners were overloaded i just. want you to describe its and led government in september. i came to the streets of berlin to ask german voters not campaigning is a more subtle and effective form of electioneering when i ask you what you actually paid so it's. right. there campaigning.
5:47 pm
yeah i'm not so into. it too i can. tell you right now because i think like i'm working so hard right now i'm not. i don't know anything about it right now i'm not into the election right now so far in the book the election campaign. in germany will be questioning if you like it's not there enjoy the summer and cast the right vote come autumn says this poster by miracle c.d.u. party which aptly symbolizes her laid back campaign style and the stew artsy. the latest artificial intelligence fear forecaster is none other than musk space x. founder and noted futurist in fact he said that humans should be vastly more concerned about robots taking over the world and for his reaction is our resident
5:48 pm
alarmist people and media analyst. media so question for the day he exaggerated. new not at all and as your resident alarmists i will say that not either am i in cash or may i ask you a question of course do you think that there is any doubt in your mind that artificial intelligence versus robots because one is software one is hardware but artificial intelligence you know somebody is going to try this on the battlefield right you know somebody the pentagon is going to say every got this great idea we don't have to man these things let's say with that korean guy in north korea we've got this artificial intelligence so if anything goes wrong we don't have to worry about detonating or sending over a lot of big
5:49 pm
a missile it's all taking care of well isn't that it for there are you know can you first explain the difference between ai and robots so everyone is on the same page exactly a robot is something that cleans your apartment it's hardware or something that just it just does exist it'll it'll make something inside of it so it's a welder at a at a plant that's a robot artificial intelligence is software artificial intelligence says when should i weld how do i get out of welding why does this person want me to weld how can i make more of me to stop welding i mean it's like think about it a little minute people. but one of these things that's so frightening is that when it comes to the notion of military and you know they're going to do this i do you just know it imagine one of two things happening nothing or everything
5:50 pm
indicates of. pyongyang something goes wrong and the artificial intelligence that runs that is not merely a trigger mechanism but something that decides we're going to launch now it decides i don't think natasha knows who she is doing i'm going to get around her i'm going to figure out how to get her not to tell me because artificial intelligence is like a petulant child artificial a child is like intelligence is like a troubled child it's somebody who wants to get around it and it always wants to replicate itself you are creating with artificial intelligence a potential monster and what happens is we have a generation of people natasha who mean well younger particularly who see this and say that's cool driverless cars cool artificial intelligence robots
5:51 pm
this same thing what could go wrong even one mosque is one hundred percent right stephen hawking is right isaac asimov was right arthur clarke since the beginning of time i fear artificial intelligence no matter how cute the robot is that houses it well you know you're a good point about driverless cars i mean so many people die in car accidents and you're putting your life into the hands of artificial intelligence some people might trust that some people might not but and you bring up a great point with the military so do you think we could get to the point where ai is actually controlling our nuclear arsenal to. absolutely classic two thousand and one. no how no. no dave no i want you to call back this this military no don't call this back sorry no no no wait this is a nuclear no i'm not going to do this now what i'm saying just now it sounds like
5:52 pm
oh come on there's going to be systems to to over do this or to over run a petulant problematic that goes rogue or will there be just remember what we're saying robots are fun robots are cool robots do three or four different activities artificial intelligence is the software software the brain that could go a neurotic or psychotic that's what artificial intelligence is very interesting as always thank you so much. media only but there thank you thank you and watching the hawks is coming up next right here on our air of interest joins us for a quick preview tara well it's a nice new now watching the hawks we look at the new accusations surrounding just where and how north korea's suddenly acquired its latest ballistic missile engines then we delve into the latest controversy surrounding our old friends the corporate the corporate giant monsanto and finally artie's the taj this week brings us
5:53 pm
another look into the opioid epidemic sweeping across the country thank you wonderful thank you so much tara. does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash artsy america and check out our website art class america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's sweets a question mark. all the world. and only news companies merely players but what kind of partners are into the american play r.t. america offers. r.t. america personally. in many ways the new landscape is just like this real news big good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. the park in the world the world they all the world the state we are definitely
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a player live. and live. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture . luck. and when you question more find what you're looking for this let the flux. go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. for decades the american middle choir so it's been railroaded by washington politics. big body of work that's thrown out a lot of boards that's how what is the culture in this country will that for our economy. i would still. argue america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get
5:55 pm
a great profit in the great. job you're watching or. what's more. it's one thing for journalists to be approached by sources who leak secret information from inside the government like it's one thing if someone who works at the white house decides to contact a journalist to give them insight tech but it's a whole other thing for the journalist just seek out the government workers to leak information to say hey give me a juicy scoop even though you're not supposed to but that's exactly what the new york times did and has been doing according to a recent report from breitbart they obtained e-mails from
5:56 pm
a reporter at the new york times sent to a government employee asking them to become leakers to collude with the new york times against their boss the president coral davenport covers energy and environmental policy for the new york times and she wrote an e-mail to john j. o'grady who was actually the president of the government union who represents e.p.a. workers and davenport did not mince words as to what she was looking for she actually wrote i am working on a story looking for unusual secretary at the e.p.a. . then she writes i'm looking for things like information communicated verbal when it's usually put in writing or people told not to bring phones to meetings or officials using devices that aren't official government property she was looking for that kind of thing in other words davenport was saying hey i had this idea for a story i want to write about how people at the e.p.a.
5:57 pm
are being asked to hide information and how the president's administration is trying to sabotage the e.p.a. even though davenport did not have any of this proof she knew that that was the story she wanted to do so she asked a government worker to become a leader and to find other leaders who would back up the story that she had made up in her head. this is not how journalism is the post to work people you're not supposed to have a very specific angle in your head before you have the information which makes it all the more worse that the new york times actually responded to break by saying there's nothing abnormal about davenport's request and that's the normal process for gathering facts so if you're wondering why all these people in the white house keep leaking information maybe it's not because they're mad at their jobs or their boss maybe it's because the new york times keeps hounding them and the prospect of
5:58 pm
getting their fifteen minutes of fame is just too juicy to raise this. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those through the face if your wife. had dogs and why did that now i've had to do due to one symbol. i'm going to do just that and you're watching our. washington post.
5:59 pm
look. it's called the feeling of freedom to. every the world should experience for me and you can get it on the old the old. the old according to just. talk of the modern world come along for the raw. political. who. can.
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be a superhero. greetings and salutations i think it can be said in no simpler terms than this talk watchers the world is awash in weapons and weapon technology which means that when you add in the chaos theory society ais society operates on one shouldn't be surprised when a new report released monday by the international institute for strategic strategic studies alludes that north korea's sudden summer success an international ballistic missile testing in development could.


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