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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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can you. really be people. from desperation to liberation hope for syrians in the works to repel islamic state from the city. has got exclusive video coming up for you in this half hour of news also to come to. the final three you define good and think it's good fun. and. what about the left came charging at the as you say the right do they have any semblance of guilt. goes on the defensive immediate response to days of racially motivated unrest as protests continue.
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and concern and confusion over the korean peninsula crisis with seoul uncertain of the united states strategy with both preparing joint military drills likely to further infuriate the north. a.t.m. here bosco this one so the sixteenth of august hi i'm kevin o. and welcome to this latest thirty minute news wrap them from r.t. and first after three years isolated from the outside world syrians endure a soft target in the first taste of freedom as the army battles to retake that city from islamic state. exclusive video from the once proceed city.
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what is it going although if you think. i did. it conditions inside that city had dire after years of terrorist oppression basic necessities including food is scarce the u.n. is concerned that medical help is not getting through right now the only way to get vital supplies to civilians is drop in more details from. it's not the mariana trench or an active volcano but still one of the least accessible places on our planet syria's dear resort a city that's been completely encircled by islamic state for some three years.
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although it almost seems impossible but the only way to get into the city is by plane but it means risking your life one r.t. contributor did just that getting exclusive access to the neighborhood of besieged a resort right here just hundreds of meters from the front line at first glance these exclusive pictures seem they could be from any middle east city but that's far from that here's what locals who have gotten used to going to that are out of a job that there was. simply. many of them are going mortars left shelling craters rubble blood on the ground you can find scenes like this all over war torn syria but here in des resorts the disaster is totally and it's capable the
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city completely cut off there's been times which have been very dire but has said local support has been key especially to the tribes in the they have been key to holding out and at the moment it's very similar and drops are happening and people forget that the siege has been very difficult for the deescalation zone has helped the situation and there is or as well see these power shoots that's food in essential is being delivered today resorts basically the only way possible you don't have to be you an expert to realize how bad things are when it comes to the. water and food situation here when you're inside the city the camera doesn't lie about the consequences of the siege the u.n. estimates some ninety thousand people remain trapped in their resort today we can't tell how many are left but they're still there hoping to forget what it's like to have islamic state as their only neighbors. well sort of the world this morning
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hundreds of people have gathered outside trump tower in new york condemning the u.s. president's immigration policy and after the deadly violence of the white supremacist rally in charlottesville they also blame him for encouraging we'll write them from face some tough questions than from journalists. when you say the you all to write . to find old write to me you to find a good home and think that's going to. find them if you want. to keep you know if you excuse me what about the all left they came charging at the as you say the do they have any semblance of guilt this is for you want me to ask you this what about the fact that came charging that they came charging with clubs in their hands wing and clubs do they have any problem i think they do donald trump actually and that having a rather heated back and forth with journalists there i'm not finished as i watch those very closely much more closely than you people watched it and he spoke about
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violence that we've seen from both sides of the deep political divide that we're seeing here in america and what he did call the driver of the car that plowed through a group of counter protest killing one woman a murderer an addict disgrace he also added that the ultra right protesters were quietly demonstrating in the city the night before had been unfairly represented in the media saying that those who are peacefully marching or simply there to defend the historical monument that were there to instantly protest and very legally protest because you know i don't know if you know they had a permit he went on to question where the line would be drawn when it comes to removing historic monuments in america this week it's robert e. lee i notice that stonewall jackson is coming down i wonder is it george washington next week and is it thomas jefferson the week after many will remember that the original protest in charlottesville was organized and an effort to preserve a monument to a famous southern general and while the statue in question remains for. others have
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been forcibly removed in the aftermath of charlotte's on monday demonstrators destroyed one such monument in north carolina toppling a near century old statue of a confederate soldier the crowds were heard shouting we are the revolution and called for an end to fascism and the us construction workers removed a monument of a civil war soldier in florida after two years of lawmakers pushing for its relocation plus the number of other cities have revealed plans to move confederate monuments to less prominent locations at least so it's not clear what will happen in the future with more of these monuments but it is clear that a conversation has been opened about where the line should be drawn and what it means for the country for my u.s. diplomat jim jeffords told us he believes trump is correct to draw attention to violence from the left as well for months in this country we've had these so-called . these so-called anti-fascist who frankly are fascists themselves who use these
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the stormtrooper tactics to attack and violently people they disagree with they'll call them racists even if they're not racist the establishment republicans along with all the democrats really don't like about trump is he says things that are true that they find uncomfortable they would like nothing better for them to him to be constantly apologizing saying oh yes racist this racist that while these nihilist dogs roam free we we're where's the justice department task force the civil rights task force looking into and where their funding is coming from and who is directing their violent activities that side of the ledger is not shown and frankly i think the republicans are just as complicit in this as the democrats. and their quote resolute and balanced message over the crisis on the korean peninsula according to south korea's vice foreign minister but not seems to contradict earlier statements than from so that were critical of washington's response to the north korean missile threat khaled maupin's go. before donald trump even taken
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office he already laid out a clear strategy for dealing with threats to america we are totally predictable we tell everything we're sending troops we tell them we're sending something else we have a news conference we have to be un predictable well south korea washington's key partner in asia didn't bank on the tactic also being used on them we think that now with the american government has moved from strategic patience of obama administration into strategic confusion well here's where that confusion might be coming from let's see if we can follow the trump team's statements over the course of about a week they will be met with fire and fury and i think americans sleep well tonight no concerns about this. rhetoric over the last few days frankly the people who would question think that statement was too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough this president will no longer put up with a peace that nobody loves
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a peaceful solution better than president trump that i can tell you we continue to be interested in finding the word to those of you following these mixed messages from washington the unpredictable has certainly happened the tensions have now got p.-r. yang in seoul somewhat agreeing with each other the u.s. should first show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash our government will put everything on the line to prevent another war on the korean peninsula and when it comes to the question of whether or not the united states wants to resolve the korean nuclear issue peacefully seoul says that it is on the same team as washington. the south korean government and the u.s. government don't have a different position on the peaceful resolution of the crisis but can south korea
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really be sure given that it's rather unclear what exactly trump really wants this is because there is no policy. this is because trump doesn't sit down with his cabinet and say ok let's strategize. for the contingencies that we've guy and then once we've got this this policy then we are with your policy and our public our public statements reflect that that doesn't go on i mean the president makes this statement and he doesn't consult anybody does the word anybody and then you do catch up. with the secretary of state trying to settle nerves and of course the defense department gets jealous and the state department this is what happens when nobody's into troll you have to wonder if south korea isn't starting to get just a little bit annoyed after all their lives hang in the balance as the white house
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word games continue moppin r.t. new york. meanwhile north korea is back to way from an earlier threat to strike an american targeting saying it's willing to wait now but the u.s. nonetheless is planning a joint military exercise with south korea the same time the pentagon official michael wu thinks these drills will further aggravate the situation on the peninsula that. there is going to be an impending south korean u.s. military exercise within the next week or so of south korea if south korea is sincere maybe they should postpone the as a signal to north korea that they are sincere about deescalating tensions on the peninsula i haven't heard that yet and and what i'm concerned about is if they proceed with that those military exercises there will be yet another catalyst for kim jong un to start rattling the sabers again. video has been released of
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israeli police raiding a hospital in east jerusalem there apparently trying to arrest a palestinian man who'd been critically wounded the action of preventatives from undergoing an operation there at the time medical staff say that resulted in his death witnesses describe the events. i got a call from security informing me that the police had entered the surgical ward i went up there and said in english you can't be here this is a sterile ward one of them told me there's a wounded man here we want to see. curry glee when a man who is bragging to our illegally could been hit by bullets he was bleeding have really good doctors decide to take the man to the operating room under stacking floor. there
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is a mutual pushing and shoving between the young man and the officers who were assaulting people in the charm and admissions. for their part israeli police denied the claims of using excessive force saying they were under attack by local residents in the concrete blocks are being thrown at them to request the comment from the israeli police will bring you that is since it comes it. understood international has condemned the israeli police raids as a ruthless display of force and violence palestinian rights campaigner says such actions are illegal but nonetheless they've become more frequent. the state is not respecting international humanitarian law this is not the fairest is that all the all of me is attacking the whole spittles and in tearing the top post
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but those last two years of the attack the whole spittle in here but on in order to address someone today unfortunately the traditional community are not taking these fail ations seriously so that a action to such a relation should be more serious by the international community especially the e.u. and agencies and the international criminal court or print media investigation to find is that i like come to bill because as i said it's not the first volume and never of the international community took any measures in order to enforce its royal to avoid to international low and to stop such practices. eight fifteen am. this morning i'm choosing as to who are you watching around the world this is out international with me kevin i would not want to include the event looking for a bit more love partly for increasingly skeptical citizens these days i was going
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to do it but i will spend a few million euros to try and tell you. what politicians do. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president and. want to. have to try to be for us that's what before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the waters . again so as i said before the break seems the ears on a costly charm offensive these days no to tackle your of skepticism across the block so much so it spending nearly three million euro on eighty four projects no less that's bringing them out one of the most successful project bids includes members such as greece portugal spain malta italy and the stone where they're all taken part which warns ho bricks is jeopardizing the fundamental structure of the union with u.k. euro skepticism on the rise these days in fact ten of the projects are being
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conducted in britain talking of which now this program came apart came about in the wake of the british voters shocked decision to bring all bricks it in twenty six thing to quit the e.u. of course one recent poll suggests that two thirds of people in the u.k. now want to leave while only twenty two would choose to stay out of us going up british m.p. nathan gill accuses the e.u. of using taxpayers' money to indoctrinate citizens. they just see it as this huge wave of an educated populace and they're the clever and intelligent beings and they know better all that kind of attitude is just going to get them deeper and deeper into trouble this is an opportunity for them to wake up in this and they're not taking it they're trying to relate to cater to trying to use our money to indoctrinators into thinking or feeling differently it's not going so well i think the twenty third of june twenty sixth was an opportunity it was a wake up call for the european union for them to sit up and for them to actually
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say what do our citizens really warm what do they expect from these institutions and how can we change to make them feel more like like this is a democratic institution as time goes by we're going to see more and more distrust and more and more problems within the european union a lot of it will be of their own making. the commander in charge of the libyan national army but explaining the help and hindrance of foreign states and the conflict that's plagued the fracture in country the general khalifa haftar as we visited moscow speaking exclusively to us. russia is a friendly state to us we have long term historical relations and we have fully and in detail describe to russia what is going on in our country and we trust each other and conceal nothing that we've given full information concerning our political and military spheres i think we have coherence on. russia has never
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refused us its political support it has influence on the international arena that's why we asked them to promote the softening of unjust resolution dollars which were adopted regarding the embargo on supplying arms to libya. italy created a barrier outside its territorial waters to send migrants back to the libyan coast but this is absolutely wrong they want to concentrate all migrants on the libyan coastline this is after all migration and we shouldn't turn it into colonize asian earth and it would be better to tackle the root of the problem of technical capabilities and borders need to be developed with help from other countries and it is that the europeans have to be responsible and participate in meeting the challenge of adequately equipping libyan border guards or if they want to prevent illegal migration they should reduce weapons import constraints italy's dealing with transporting arms via tunisia and now geria but unfortunately some libyan parties get these arms and of course this is part of increasing pressure on the
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libya and this is supporting terrorism that instead of fighting it all the. we conduct business transparently with state to take the initiative of france took the initiative to mediate rebuilding our state and to help establish peace and we will work with france using everything we have let italy take the initiative and then we will work with italy we're not biased towards anyone we're not seeking to create problems instead we have conflict in our country and in looking to solve it we also should be able to decisively face aggression against us some may think that libya is weak in that you cannot slice off a piece of libya yes we're not strong but we won't give an inch of our national territory we'd rather die than live in humiliation on our land general have to as a powerful figure in libya's ongoing conflict a long time military veteran took part in a coup that brought colonel gadhafi in his day to power but also played a crucial role in toppling him again in twenty eleven americanah explains how
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general have to for his way back into libya's political arena after decades of broad. a pivotal figure in shaping the future of libya is a military strongman and previous backer of colonel gadhafi although in two thousand and eleven khalifa returned from exile to lead rebel forces against national libyan army has the support of some international heavyweights including france a country open to talks with rival government cars in the. western leaders initially celebrated his fall from power and even promised a brighter future for libya. you would get rid of him you would choose freedom. thank you. the united states is committed to the libyan people you have won your revolution we came we saw that you died. what they didn't foresee
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however was the instability and chaos that continues to plague the country. there are currently three governments simultaneously trying to will libya but that isn't counting tribal leaders and various islamist groups setting up their own to fact the laws of the land it's been six years since made his intervention to oust colonel gadhafi but now it's another military commander emerging as a key player on the political scene the intervention in libya has been an unmitigated disaster a state of confusion a. failed state status which libya. no possesses all power comes out of the bottle of a gun. a lot of guns and short term self in his fight against
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the extreme islamist elements well able to use it we have. they're all this blood and treasure our hope for someone like him to take the reins of power and rebuild the libyan state it's come full circle. could be about to go full circle with the possibility of a military man once again taking the reins we just hope it was all worth it samir khan party washington d.c. . u.s. marines been preparing for world war three with the help of a combat simulator set in an unnamed eastern european country with russian speaking surgeons the resemblance to reality.
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so the new small tea shaping up this wednesday morning good things to watch in my name is kevin zero in the next round up in thirty minutes and always the latest miss to twenty four seven it.
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scientists need industry paid you for this. confrontation for my time as well as the others why is that the meat lobby. do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on the flop. you're not. a. big business against health. and you're starting to show us. all. in safety.
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indiscriminate. the. police have closed the road to the muslims.
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with terrorists who swore allegiance to isis. two groups of militants have joined forces. has been terrorizing the philippines for twenty and another local group founded in twenty by the brothers both groups leaders have declared determination to fight for an independent islamic state in the philippines.


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