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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 16, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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the show was manning tortured by the obama administration for revealing american law listeners we speak to former cia officer ray mcgovern about u.s. violations of international law plus wiki leaks joseph our law in the united states designed software there was responsible for the cyber attack on britain's national public health service the ball coming up at today's going on the ground but first while french president growing is on the record for supporting and strikes on syria you don't hear much about syria in the u.k. general election campaign nothing about u.n. special envoy for syria stefan de mistura saying in the past seventy two hours that russian backed. geneva peace talks to work in tandem and certainly nothing like this from british prime minister tourism a back in october we need to political solution a political long term solution which sees a syria without assad could one reason she doesn't say that anymore be that her own defense secretary has been caught out partying with president assad of syria i
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suppose if you judge people by you spend time with the question asked to be you know what do you remember where you are on the twenty seventh of may two thousand and seven. going to tell me yes i am so you are in syria and you were celebrating as a reception there reelection of president assad with a ninety nine percent percent of the vote in friends so michael fallon who has accused russia of helping donald trump being elected u.s. president and who says that saudi arabia is defending its security by bombing yemen did not remember any policy i don't recall any party syrian member fact finding visit to syria that happened every year with m.p.'s carrying the difference if you can be sad when you were that i did meet a surgeon to shake his hand and did i imagine that a brace of history have turned you know sort of what it was that was what the reception was for it was to celebrate his re-election since it's arguably difficult for juries a male or ministers or acknowledge possibility for president assad of syria because policy changed not only. syria but also libya when the prospect of nato nations
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support for isis day became a reality as revealed by wiki leaks for example how the disastrous absolutely disastrous intervention in libya the struction of the gadhafi government which made to the patient isis and large segments of the country weapons flows going a bit to syria a bit in question by who recruited into i'm jobless within syria including isis that's there in those emails but while it sounds remains an arbitrary detention by the british government according to the un whistleblower convicted of giving his wiki leaks organization information is shared you'll be released today private chelsea manning revealed the collateral murder video is proving us military barbarism in iraq she was allegedly tortured by the obama administration and the u.n. torture investigators were barred by president obama i am deeply disappointed and
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frustrated by the prevarication of the u.s. government with regards to my attempts to visit mr manning president obama ask the world to trust him i have actually asked the pentagon whether or not. the procedures that have been taken terms of his confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards they assure me that they are well joining me now for marty's two years in washington d.c. is a supporter of manning ray mcgovern he worked at the cia for nearly thirty years responsible for preparing the white house's daily brief he's the co-founder of veteran intelligence professionals for sound i see ray thanks so much for coming back on the u.s. press secretary p.j. crowley appeared on this very show and said he wasn't entirely happy with the way private manning was treated was private manning tortured of course he was we have the un reports for torture actually try to see manning and was not
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allowed to see him and when he heard what manning was still it was being subjected to it they hands of the marines in quantico he defined it as obviously torture and in the end when he learned of the things that the marines admitted to doing to bradley manning he called it an unmitigated torture we do know the jealousy mounting tried to kill a self twice is it your conviction that this and that it would have been to punish for revealing u.s. atrocities in iraq well i would be hard pressed to think of any other reason. it was the collateral murder video that really really set off the united states officials especially the armed forces and what you see there of course is not only the brutalization and actual killing of twelve iraqi citizens including two reuters reporter is but also the almost killing of
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those two children and their father who was acting as a good samaritan in trying to rescue one of the brokers reporters who is still. live now those are war crimes and what my point is simply this that not only did that show the brutalization of the iraqi people during the celebrated surge that dough that betrayed us was so find but it showed in vivid images in speech. the brutalization of our own arm forces these young people in the apache helicopter saying yeah well that's what they gave for bringing children to attend a battle of battlefield and when some want to get run over them sort of making fun of that you know that's what happens in war and bradley manning to his credit had conscience enough to make sure that americans could see that i would also indicate
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to remember that there was a washington post reporter with that same unit. his name if memory serves was faithful. he saw that tape. but he wrote a wonderful book i say wonderful sarcastically praising this unit for for its manful defense of america i mean you know he can't get well you know what i like to say is that that gives hypocrisy a bad name he knew he saw that tape he didn't say anything rather he wrote a book and high praise of this unit bradley manning so what happened he made a different decision that's what hair matter chelsea many to the degree i do will of course will try and contact the embedded reporter you're referring to but perhaps the legend american torture is we're trying to get information out of jails the manning after all your old agency back the oscar winning film zero dark thirty
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which clearly said torture is part of the armory of u.s. forces and the film we had to say was it can be useful if there's no julia signage then bradley manning who had tried to contact the washington post the new york times people forget that people like chelsea bradley manning care possibly get the truth out and so we've we feel a certain collegiality that's what we do in veteran intelligence professionals for sanity and in cimatron to so serious we try to spread a little truth around and so we feel very much like kindred souls and of course at snowden as another person that should be mentioned in this connection i think it was empowered by the example of chelsea manning and by julian aside and i know and this is a little known outside a small group i know that it's node in to safely out of harm's way so to speak
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ironically in russia but out of drone range let me put it that way only because truly in a sign of. pulled out all the stops and got him out of hong kong the movies that have been written about this do not show that adequately when i asked really an aside who is also a friend of mine why he did that why he why he expended all his equities here in the far east to get make sure that it got out and he didn't give julian a size one piece of paper julie said to me simply we had to make it possible that this person not be put in jail for thirty five years we had to pull out all stops to do that and and in reality said julian it was the largest and most powerful security service in the world it was the most powerful country in the world and we got him out. julian assange is there of course he's here in london and object attention is determined by the u.n.
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you wrote a letter with that good snowden no i'm joe he the director oliver stone was in a p.j. harvey for the us too and the probe into his son's what would you say to privatise to trey's a may of britain and the opposition leader jeremy cool been both of whom are vying for power in the general election here neither of whom have said anything about julian assange well i would i would say two things i would apologize to them for the bad example that our leaders gave them. george w. bush in the first instance and then obama was hardly any better so i would apologize for providing our junior partners very bad example but then i would say what are you going to grow up what are you going to stop grovelling before everything the united states does what are you going to stand in your own two feet and try to abide by the law after all u.n. resolutions u.n. findings used to be if not separate sank that least given some lip service to their
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julian sits in the embassy i think it's almost five years now i visited them a few times it's a dismal existence and there is no real no reason for it. but the u.s. wants to keep them out of circulation and i suppose the supreme irony is that i don't know how he does it but julian and his wiki leaks associates are in in possession now of authentic or original cia documents that show things like a capability that allows the cia to hack into other systems to servers are sick of hubris and opt to skate is the word used up the provo nonce of the hacking in other words it's shown in these documents that the cia is working in russian chinese arabic farsi and korean to leave a little telltale signs when they hack into a computer system and it shows that this capability which is terribly expensive and
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long time worked out with n.s.a. was used in twenty sixteen now i think a tenth grader would be able to put a couple of these dots together and say who so so the cia is possessed of incredibly sophisticated technology that could hack into a computer like the democratic national committee's computer hide who actually hacked in and actually insert know a little cyrillic or maybe the name of the first k.g.b. chief hello could it be that the russian hack was really done. by john brennan of the cia if i were asked to bet on that i would bet that that's exactly the case what does it mean that means the strumpet up charges against pardon the pun are baseless just very briefly ray trump called chelsea manning an
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ungrateful trade who should not be released despite saying that it was he loved wiki leaks what can we expect from any legal challenge now from chelsea manning for any alleged torture and from trump well one never knows what to expect from trump tomorrow he might give chelsea manning a ward. legal challenges you know i wish chelsea the best and in my view she has an incredibly good case witness the fact that the commander in chief prejudiced a trial but our judicial system has fall in prey to the executive influence here where you really do have a unitary state with the executive calling the shots congress not willing to stand up to them and to you sherry falling into line as with the intercepted conversations that they give permission to willy nilly ray mcgovern thank you after the break we'll be discussing chelsea manning's release and how it's the first
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victory more golan cipel coming over but two of going underground. that's your sudden i phone leaches slurring. you worry yourself in taking your last wrong turn. you're out to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath
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. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. welcome to max geysers fight as a survival guide. putting flour two years ago. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates you watched as a report. welcome
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back to look at some of the week stories now is wiki leaks associates and center of investigative journalism board member joseph errol joseph thanks so much for coming back on i got to say that our earlier interview in part one of ray mcgovern the longtime veteran of the cia has elicited a response from the cia they don't usually comment on anything to going on the ground i just read that out the responsibility of the russian intelligence services for the election related hacking is an established fact but it is not surprising that an identified propaganda outlet like r.t.d. would attempt to model those facts no reputable news organization doubts russian culpability and then jurors if there's a comment about that interview with ray mcgovern about from the cia saying that dictators and terrorists have no better friend in the world than julian a songe as theirs is the only previously he protects that's heather fritz or the act the spokesperson for the cia in langley virginia first of all your response to
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the fact that your dissociate of this organization and you are. basically if. it's the most ironic laughable thing i think i've ever seen the cia the organization that was created the arm of the u.s. government that functions outside of it nor the cia being the organization that constantly interferes in democratic elections to put on the seat of power despots and dictators and not to mention i mean look there's the shah in iran the baath party in iraq what about the the material support that they gave to al qaeda in afghanistan during the one nine hundred eighty s. is just laughable why do you think that they are the new head of the cia and the drone a new spirit of openness of the cia their dogs to going underground why would the cia because i have no idea why they're commenting it's almost like they're constantly crazy or a spirit openness of. it's not in the nature i should also ask you very very
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briefly because it's been making headlines right around the world according to rupert murdoch's fox news they have sources an investigator on named sources saying that the staff member of the democratic national committee said rich who was tragically gunned down in july that he was actually in touch with wiki leaks the organization your associates an associate of through government fadge annex you gave his last interview before he died to this this program any comment on the possibility of connections between leaks a d.n.c. style for and presumably the but esther e-mails that. some believe put trump in the way it has the reason we keep keeps on getting leaks and people keep on coming to them because they're completely trusted when it comes to sourcing so you know that i'm not going to say anything about that and then on whistle blowers themselves chelsea burning what does it feel like to see
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a person at least having their sentence commuted from the thirty seven or eight years justice and well that's part one of the win that's the first win and that's great to see that today she's being set free. but chelsea has she has a lot of. the eagles and she's having an upcoming appeal to get her conviction overturned now we must remember that her bomber although he commuted his sentence he didn't do what he should have done which was pardoned so as a result we're left with that legacy the legacy being that chelsea is the first whistleblower to be convicted under the espionage act and that will set the precedent for when trump decides well as he's already ramping up to do to prosecute wiki leaks myself included they will use the espionage act and chelsea's conviction as precedent for that so this appeal to get her conviction overturned is a is going to be a very important one will judge it will burst music of all these russian delegation
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to the president jump let's go to the first headline from the washington post was on the house newspaper. trump revealed highly classified information to russian foreign minister and i'm back to this almost sounds like what happened before the election. i think it's too early to be actually knowing what's going on here i mean the trumpet ministration has been so full of leaks we see it constantly and we should also draw the distinction between the leaks that are happening within that ministration seems to be leaks that to get a political and different factions within within the administration fighting and you do it freedom of information for the american political scene not out of the public interest the other thing is i mean the press just loves to go crazy about trump and i mean he said he said in his tweets actually as president i want to share with the russia at an open scheduled white house meeting which i have the absolute right to do fax pretending to terrorism and i am flight safety
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humanitarian reasons plus i want russia to greatly step up their fight against isis and terrorism so the thing is firstly by fear and i believe that obama even did a presidential decree which meant that just by saying something that was classified because he was the president he could declassify it so he hasn't actually done anything illegal secondly if it helps these two nations russia and the us work to get the best in the middle east this might have sort of benefits for the syrian crisis so it's just a red herring because the. mainstream media in the united states says if this came through with the quality intelligence agency we don't know who it is the turks because it's about isis day and the british g c h q listening this information to secretly do the u.s. and anything drone might have said would have called for was the relationship of the five eyes network of intelligence by just blurting it out to a level of the russian foreign minister where he says that he didn't just blurt it
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out he clearly considers that maybe that may not be the fact is it out there. also these unnamed white house officials who seem to have said everything to the press more more so i question the damage control today is the annual interpol meeting in austria do you think any danger of intelligence agencies that are allied to the united states thinking we can trust america with secrets because they end up in most could come and sleep in imminent it would leak coming out then from wiki leaks all of this i should say yes you're right about the obama regs they could have ordered as the president declassifies and no us advise information to will he has given the power vested in him by the us constitution nothing drum could have done the it could have been illegal. executive order one three five two six let's now go or destroy one's name checked in concerning britain's public health
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service from independent and their chests cyberattack used u.s. government software leaked to public. so we know what the story is about it's about the malware that was used to affect lots of n.h.s. hospitals around the country and in other countries. and commercial enterprises in the region the russian but that's not what i want to talk about i want to talk about the independent and the disgraceful behavior this headline initially said leaked by wiki leaks so not only was that factually incorrect it was also defamatory because we can leak that been publishing cia documents not n.s.a. documents these are two completely different different agencies obviously of getting limited as papers taking it down well so they've changed the name change the word such as leak to public not leak to wiki leaks however the allegation is still there because in the u.r.l. of this article the word wiki leaks remains furthermore they haven't done the bare minimum as required by the publishing complaints commission which is to put
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a very prominent retraction and to reassure an apology and i mean a change of irony very sort of tissues leigh and quietly because a whole lot of people complained is it not true that the this well with the defected to the left is liberation around this country was created by the americans put in a paste when web page and then we can leaks did distribute it to these n.s.a. publications and not by wiki leaks weekly it's been doing the cia ones and furthermore we can leak has also been redacting their best cia publications specifically to avoid a situation like this i mean it's it's completely defamatory why do you think it is in all the discussions about this they just smell we're attacked very little has been said about the fact and certainly the emphasis is not being given to the fact that this memo it was created by the us government. well because they're looking to blame somebody else and also because no one ever likes to blame the u.s. for anything meanwhile as the british government try to get to terms with what's
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happening in the visual to because the mower attack. security we're always told is of paramount importance it will be asleep cyber security is having some problems it's good to have guardian story about attempts at protecting britain at all which is campaigning group to talent u.k. over surrender of passwords at border control and there we have the director of the of cage the human rights organization so this is in relation to the schedule seven of the terrorism act which allows people to be stopped at borders and ports and it has very far reaching search measures so they can search you they could take your devices and they can insist that you actually hand over the past words to your devices it was under these germs that the near of david miranda greenwald greenwald who was trying to expose the edward snowden leaks to the plot like actually at the beginning of last year based on that incident there was. an appeals court judgment
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that said that they can't actually use this on journalists anymore it was landmark . they can't use it on journalists because forcing a journalist to give up their password would put the journalists as source at risk potentially a terrorist glints a their journalist would have to prove that they were journalists it's also the reason why my colleague sarah harrison who escorted edward snowden from moscow to from hong kong to moscow didn't come back to the u.k. for such a long time because of this schedule seven now there's also been a lot of criticism about this because they say that. this act is used far more to surveil british citizens than it is to actually. just read it us from terrorists and in this case you've got the director of cage he's come back and they've requested his his passwords and he's refused to give it over because he said that the contents on his device is legally privileged he's not able to waive the legal
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privilege or news client is that his client refuses to avoiding the particulars of this specific case what it means in general is that any human rights organization trying to protect sources about torture about the breaking of international conventions could be stopped and their data compromised by this law and on top of it you don't have the right to silence under this so if you refuse to answer you could also be charged under the terrorism act and now it's interesting it's important to note that when you have these sorts of stupid laws that strip people of their civil liberties they usually tend to be transformed into a law that is used to target minority groups. and that happens regularly and on to our next story is b.p. that great component of the stock exchange index is their annual general meeting so you choose in this room the f.t. that you know me and using it would be peace suze oil analyst for allegedly
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stealing secrets i quite like this article because it goes to the motive and the intent of really so in this one b.p. is suing an analyst who apparently allegedly exfiltrate a huge amount of data then went to work for another oil company and has done so with a competitive advantage should be extraction day demeanor will do pose a danger also we don't know whatever it is it's the allegation is that it was done for profit so superficially it's similar to the cases of snowden and manning because again those to exfiltrate had huge amounts of data but theirs was for. for public interest and to preserve. evidence of wrongdoing and that method was journalism so this is slightly different it's also it's difficult to take sides as well because b.p. itself is an organization with a very checkered past and it also has
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a main motive of profit i should say it's just been settling and made the millions that settled a multi-million dollar settlement in louisiana a poor little that's going to oil will blow out and journal science has just said the twenty one gulf of mexico disaster seventy point two billion in damages b.p. has been paying those damages usually a lot of settlements as you care but certainly chelsea manning news in the minds of many because of a shadow released state today that illuminated with snowden the mainstream media hardly going to be celebrating or in fact as i would govern about. the comments from mainstream politicians let alone media that she's a traitor and obama should never have commuted us and their bomber sort of part and her that's what he should have done joseph errol thank you for the show as the founder of wiki leaks said of the cia's comments to this program the cia is the
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world's most dangerous lee incompetent spy agency it is terrorists destroyed democracies and installed and maintained dictatorships the world over there are good men and women at the cia but evolve publications are any guide they would for we really makes a difference to the lady gaga doing this on video release of the past twenty four hours. hope you enjoyed that requested favorite show from the latest season of going underground we'll be back with another great season of going underground on saturday the second of september but till then keep in touch by social media will still be reading lol your communication with the team season.
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