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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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walking. believe over india will make. its in the special as he does. from desperation to liberation hope for syrians in. the army works to repel this law make state from the city is exclusive video. also ahead this hour washington's mixed messages over the korean crisis confuse its allies in the region . voyage to the un hence that washington could walk away from the iran nuclear deal saying it mustn't become too big to fail .
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live around the world every hour of the day you're tuned into international my names you know neal hello and welcome to our top story this hour after three years of being isolated from the outside world there is hope for syrians in the city of durham is a war the army is battling to retake it from islamic state and r.t. was filmed exclusive video from inside the besieged region. you want to. thank you again i will look i did speak. through. the. crowd. on my mind i think the. the conditions inside the city are dire
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after years of terrorist or pression basic necessities including food are scarce and on the un's humanitarian agencies concerned by the medical help is not getting through right now the only way to get emergency supplies to civilians is through earth drops and they've been trying to fix all the story. it's not the mariana trench or an active volcano but still one of the least accessible places on our planet syria's dear resort a city that's been completely encircled by islamic state for some three years thank you. although it almost seems impossible but the only way to get into the city is by plane but it means risking your life one r.t. contributor did just that getting exclusive access to the neighborhood of besieged
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a resort right here just hundreds of meters from the front line at first glance these exclusive pictures seem they could be from any middle east city but that's far from that here's what locals who have gotten used to are going to start out of a job that there was. some during our lives. many of us are going mortars left. craters rubble blood on the ground you can find scenes like this all over war torn syria but here in des resorts the disaster is totally and it's capable the city are completely cut off there's been times which have been very dire but has said local support has been key especially to the tribes in the division they have been key to holding out and at the moment it's very similar and drops are happening and people
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forget that the siege has been very difficult but the deescalation zone has helped the situation and there was there as well see these parachutes that's food in essential is being delivered today resorts basically the only way possible you don't have to be you an expert to realize how bad things are when it comes to the. water and food situation here when you're inside the city the camera doesn't lie about the consequences of the siege the u.n. estimated some ninety thousand people remain trapped in their resort today we can't tell how many are left but they're still there hoping to forget what it's like to have islamic state as their only neighbors. to the other big story of the week donald trump's a north korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision and not striking the u.s. island territory of guam adding that any attack would have been catastrophic an
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unacceptable well the u.s. president's comments come just the day after p.r. nyang said it would hold off on strikes the north's news agency claimed that kim jong un will quote watch a little more of the foolish stupid conduct of the yankees it did however say that military action is still a very real possibility meanwhile america's approach to the crisis has left its allies in seoul somewhat bewildered as caleb not been explains. before donald trump even taken office he already laid out a clear strategy for dealing with threats to america we are totally predictable we tell everything we're sending troops we tell them we're sending something else we have a news conference we have to be un predictable well south korea washington's key partner in asia didn't bank on the tactic also being used on them we think that no the american government has moved from strategic patience of obama administration
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into strategic confusion well here's where that confusion might be coming from let's see if we can follow the trump team's statements over the course of about a week they will be met with fire and fury and i think the american sleep well tonight no concerns about this. rhetoric over the last few days frankly the people who were questioning that statement was it too tough maybe it wasn't tough enough this president will no longer put up with the pace of what he loves a peaceful solution better than president trump that i can tell you we continue to be interested in finding the word to those of you following these mixed messages from washington the unpredictable has certainly happened the tensions have now got p.-r. yang in seoul somewhat agreeing with each other the u.s. should first show through actions if they wish to ease tensions on the korean
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peninsula and prevent a dangerous military clash. a government will put everything on the line to prevent another war on the korean peninsula and when it comes to the question of whether or not the united states wants to resolve the korean nuclear issue peacefully seoul says that it is on the same team as washington the south korean government and the u.s. government don't have a different position on the peaceful resolution of the crisis in south korea really be sure given that it's rather unclear what exactly trump really wants this is the core as there is no policy. this is because trump doesn't sit down with his cabinet and say ok let's strategize. for the contingencies that we've guy and then once we've got this this policy then we always hear that policy and our public our public statements reflect that that doesn't go
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on i mean the president makes his statement and he doesn't consult anybody does more than anybody and then you do catch up. with the secretary of state trying to settle nerves and of course the defense department gets jealous and the state department this is what happens when nobody's in control you have to wonder if south korea isn't starting to get just a little bit annoyed after all their lives hang in the balance as the white house word games continue to look mop and r.t. new york. well despite tensions easing slightly in recent days a u.k. based think tank has warned the britain should be prepared for a potential war between the u.s. and north korea reporting not laura smith. it's an independent defense and security think tank very well regarded and they've written this report which is urging civil servants to start preparing rice away for the possible declaration of war between
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the u.s. and north korea here's the essence of what the report says and you korean war is now a real possibility if war did begin the president would be on the form to turn downing street within an hour asking for support what hole needs to be preparing now for a range of possible scenarios that could unfold in the coming months what led receipts to produce this report was the opinion of its author that says that north korean technical advances combined with what it calls the volatile and impulsive personality of president trump are a dangerous combination and although experts say that a north korean missile could potentially reach london there isn't really a palpable sense of panic in the media or in the street but that is in direct contrast to what we're seeing elsewhere in the u.s. we're hearing from companies that make bomb shelters they say that they're seeing an uptick in the number of orders particularly from japan but also domestically in
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the u.s. where families are burying bomb shelters in their garden in preparation for what could be a nuclear attack meanwhile in the u.s. territory of wall which of course has been the target of the recent aggressive rhetoric from north korea they had a terrible shock wave and i went radio stations accidentally broadcast an emergency warning residents to to facebook to express them just in the emergency alert system on the deed that we were expecting missiles to be launched on a week is a perfect way to koos most hysteria why would you test a civil danger warning on the day we are expecting to get bumped and not indicate that it's a test this is freaking me out. back here in london they re see is warning that if the worst. it's happened the prime minister which have a maximum of a few hours to decide what position it would be or not and what kind of support she
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can offer and that is a particular worry is of course many senior civil servants. to a matter much closer to home. when in fact the threat could come from further away . well earlier we spoke to former pentagon official michael maloof he thinks joint military efforts between washington and seoul will further aggravate the situation on the peninsula there is going to be an impending south korean u.s. military exercise within the next week or so of south korea if south korea is sincere maybe they should postpone the as a signal to north korea that they are sincere about. tensions on the peninsula i haven't heard that yet and and what i'm concerned about is if they proceed with that those military exercises there will be yet another catalyst for kim jong un to start rattling the sabers again. america's envoy to the united nations
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nikki haley has signaled that the u.s. is not beyond abandoning the iran nuclear deal the u.n. meanwhile insists the international community must do everything in its power to ensure the agreement holds. the u.n. secretary general antonio considers the iran nuclear deal to be one of the utmost diplomatic achievements in our collective search for peace and security we need to do whatever we can to preserve it iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage the nuclear deal and become too big to fail her comments come after the iranian president warned earlier this week that his country could backtrack on the two thousand and fifteen agreement in short order should further sanctions be imposed by the u.s. i guess for your question if the u.s. administration is willing to repeat previous experiences iran will certainly within a short period not of the scale of weeks or months but on the scale of hours in
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days return to a much more advanced position than when the talks started earlier this month president trump signed a fresh wave of sanctions against iran into law a move to iran considers to be a violation of the nuclear agreement under that deal iran officially agree to halt parts of its nuclear program in exchange for western countries lifting sanctions against them and at the time they groom it was viewed as a landmark diplomatic achievement by most major world powers including all those who had signed on to it russia of course is one of the signatories and its foreign minister has warned that u.s. sanctions against iran could in fact undermine the regional balance established by the j.c. . you need actual sanctions are illegal in principle but when those sanctions are used to get advantage in a carefully collaborated balance and such a balance has been reached off the iran nuclear do these are irresponsible actions that can undermine this balance the u.s. shouldn't use such provocation here we are talking about an individual's national
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interests but about the interests of a whole region where we are trying to secure non-nuclear status the recent sanctions were approved despite washington having confirmed that iran has in fact stayed in compliance with the terms of the deal and at point this. both sides have accused the other of violating the quote spirit of the agreement iran for carrying out rocket test and the us for imposing new sanctions but of course the two countries also claim no infractions have occurred on their part meanwhile the threats to vacate this monumental agreement continue to fly and in fact escalate in severity leaving the future of it unclear a former advisor to runs nuclear negotiation team sees washington should avoid stoking tensions and trying to ensure the deal holds its in us is on interest you know to make sure you know and that is not be attracted to industrialists scale. nuclear activities cause
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a major concern for the us and are the western nations and we have just heard from the moderate iranian president rouhani is stating that should the u.s. impose new sanctions contrary to the terms of the nuclear agreement then iran literally ten. status quo and even beyond that iran as you know was able to produce twenty percent enriched uranium and has the capability to do even more than that so it's up to washington basically to avoid such a necessity escalations. the e.u. is on a charm offensive to reduce the spread of euro skepticism across the bloc it's spending nearly three million euro on scores of projects the money's being spent in several member states with more than half a million going on ten projects in britain alone the other is the spike voters
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they're having already chosen to leave the e.u. more than a year ago and it might be money down the drain of a recent poll is anything to go by it suggests that over two thirds of people in the u.k. now support leaving a much larger figure than in the actual referendum while only twenty two percent want the government to ignore the breaks that result british euro m.p. nathan gill believes the e.u. is using taxpayers' money to try and indoctrinate citizens. they just see it as this huge wave of an educated populace and they're the clever and intelligent ones and they know better well that kind of attitude is just going to get them deeper and deeper into trouble this is an opportunity for them to wake up in this and they're not taking it they're trying to reeducate and trying to use our money to indoctrinate is into thinking or feeling differently it's not going so well i think the twenty third of june twenty sixth was an opportunity it was
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a wake up call for the european union for them to sit up and for them to actually say what do our citizens really warm what do they expect from these institutions and how can we change to make them feel more like like this is a democratic institution as time goes by we're going to see more and more. distrust and more more problems within the european union a lot of it will be of their own making. the commander in charge of the libyan national army has opened up about the roles of various foreign states in the conflict that's plaguing his country general. has been in moscow and spoke exclusively to r.t. . russia is a friendly state to us we have long term historical relations and we have fully and in detail describe to russia but what is going on in our country we trust each
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other and conceal nothing we've given full information concerning our political and military spheres i think we have coherence on always russia has never refused us its political support and it has influence on the international arena that's why we asked them to promote the softening of unjust resolution dollars which were adopted regarding the embargo on supplying arms to libya. italy created a barrier outside its territorial waters to send migrants back to the libyan coast but this is absolutely wrong they want to concentrate all migrants on the libyan coastline this is after all migration and we shouldn't turn it into colonizing death and it would be better to tackle the root of the problem of technical capabilities of borders need to be developed with help from other countries and it is that the europeans have to be responsible and participate in meeting the challenge of adequately equipping libyan border guards or if they want to prevent illegal migration they should reduce weapons import constraints italy's dealing
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with transporting arms fire tunisia and algeria but unfortunately some libyan parties get these arms and of course this is part of increasing pressure on the libyans and this is supporting terrorism that instead of fighting it all the. we conduct business transparently with states to take the initiative france took the initiative to mediate rebuilding our state and to help establish peace and we will work with france using everything we have let italy take the initiative and then we will work with italy we're not biased towards anyone we're not seeking to create problems instead we have conflict in our country and the looking to solve it we also should be able to decisively face aggression against us some may think that libya is weak in that you can slice off a piece of libya yes we're not strong but we won't give an inch of our national territory we'd rather die than live in humiliation on our land. general have tar is a powerful figure in libya's ongoing conflict the military veteran took part in the coup dunt brought colonel gadhafi to power he also played
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a crucial role in toppling him back in twenty eleven samir accounting explains how the general fought his way by into libya's political arena after decades out of the country. a pivotal figure in shaping the future of libya is a military strongman and previous backer of colonel gadhafi although in two thousand and eleven khalifa returned from exile to lead rebel forces against national libyan army has the support of some international heavyweights including france a country open to talks with rival government cars the. western leaders initially celebrated his fall from power and even promised a brighter future for libya. you would get rid of it and you would choose freedom. thank you. the united states is committed to the libyan people you have won your revolution we came we saw very few died. what they didn't foresee however
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was the instability and chaos that continues to plague the country. there are currently three governments simultaneously trying to pull libya but that isn't counting tribal leaders and various islamist groups setting up their own to fact the laws of the land it's been six years since made his intervention to oust one of the gadhafi but now it's another military commander emerging as a key player on the political scene the intervention in libya has been an unmitigated disaster a state of confusion and failed state status which libya. now possesses all power comes out of the bottle of a gun. as a lot of guns. in his fight against the extreme islamist
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elements well able to use it we have after all this blood the hope for someone like him to take the reins of power and rebuild their lives. the end state it's come full circle so libya could be about to go full circle with the possibility of a military man once again taking the reins. video has been released of us really police raiding a hospital in east jerusalem and they were apparently trying to arrest the palestinian man who had been critically wounded the action in fact prevented him from undergoing an operation medical staff say that resulted in his death witnesses the scribe the events. i got a call from security informing me that the police had entered the surgical ward i went up there and said in english you can't be here this is a sterile ward one of them told me there's a wounded man here we want to see. a
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curry glee wounded man who was brought into our illegally can been hit by bullets he was bleeding happily to doctors decide to take the man to the operating room and a second floor. there is a mutual pushing and shoving between the young man and the officers who were assaulting people in the charm and admissions. israeli police deny the claims of using excessive force seeing they were attacked by local residents but concrete blocks were thrown at them r.t. has requested further comment from the israeli police since the video came to light yet we have not had
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a response if we do we will let you know. but on the c international has condemned the israeli police raids as a ruthless force and violence palestinian human rights campaigner see such actions are illegal but have become more frequent. as a state is not respecting international humanitarian law this is not the fairest. of me is attacking and in telling that to hospitals the last two years of the. hospital in hebrew in order to address someone today unfortunately the international community are not taking these and see it against lee so that action to such a relation should be more serious by the international community especially the e.u. and agencies and the international criminal court to open an immediate investigation to find is that i like countable because as i said it's not the first time and
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never of the international community took any measures in order to enforce the oil to avoid international low and to stop such practices. are crossing the line from free speech to causing offense so it's really been more fiercely debated than it is today especially in the united states in fact any words with historical connotations that could offend or in the firing line. political correctness has long been driving people mad people don't want political correctness they're tired of it today talking points which have been poll tested and focus group tested and that's what you're saying rather than what's really going on i don't agree bad you know when you become students at colleges have to be coddled and protected from different points of view and it's cases like this that are giving p.c. a bad name schools in oregon have dropped the word lynch from their names claiming it made some people feel very uncomfortable we have children of color in other
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cultures and we want to make sure that they're able to cross the threshold of those three smalls and be comfortable within their surroundings but the schools names have nothing to do with the most murders in america they were named after patrick lynch the farmer who donated land for building schools now that his name has been removed perhaps these two should also consider rebranding but it's far from the only case of political correctness running amok in the us the city of bloomington in indiana has renamed two holidays one for fear of offending one christians the other to keep native americans happy and in north carolina state university the teacher reduced students' grades for using words that she deemed sexist like the word man time no wonder then that some are getting fed up with p.c. this petition jokingly cool's own restaurant chain cracker barrel to change its
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name to cook asian brown so it's not terrific. it's gone it's fifteen thousand signatures so for some at least political correctness is not mad but a barrel of laughs. get your stories wherever you are donald b.r.t. out for news on the go more our t.v. programs right ahead and i'll be right here at the top of the hour. the city of minima so moch was hit the hardest by the twenty eleven tsunami but it was damaged mostly by the radiation after the nuclear disaster. not even enough to
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let you know. the wool contamination is not complete but many locals could not leave their houses and farm. nice and i. don't want to. stay strong like their ancestors centuries ago did. not mean. to be gentle. souls find a way to rebuild their lives in the.
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