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that is the set up here very excited by. coming up on our team america charlottesville mourns the loss that had a higher kill than we could terrorism and as cities throughout the country continue for the statues with ties to the confederacy. will the u.s. abandon their nuclear agreement with iran embassador to the united nations if you hate me says all options are on the table. and we go into war torn syria where after years of terrorist oppression the situation is more than dire.
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it's wednesday august sixteenth or you know in washington d.c. i'm going to wash sweets and you're watching r.t. america when nearly a thousand people gather to celebrate the life of heather higher in charlottesville virginia this morning four days after she was killed by a car after a white supremest rally was disbanded by police. you never think you're going to bury your child this could i could have said look let's don't do this publicly let's have a small private funeral but you know that's not how there was they tried to kill my child to shut her out well guess what you just magnified or thank. highers mother and other family and friends also about her commitment to peace and overcoming racism governor terry mcauliffe was among several high profile officials there attendees wore purple highers favorite color she was thirty two but two women also injured in the card. tack
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higher died in the lawsuit against the twenty year old alleged attacker james alex fields and the organizer of this weekend's roundly jason kestler play in this mika and tad were in washington also named neo nazi activist richard spencer in the lawsuit seeking three million dollars in damages general arrangements have been finalized for virginia state police pilot lieutenant j. h. colon and chipper pilot burke and bates who died in a helicopter crash while they were responding to the violence on saturday's rally the rally was in protest of removing the robert lee statue in charlottesville emancipation park. and better were moved overnight by the city of baltimore and this comes a weekend after days just days after the mayor katherine pugh announced that she would be removing them and many residents say that they were upset with her announcement that these statues shouldn't just be removed but instead destroyed
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here's our correspondent ashley banks with more. the sound of heavy machinery runs out between eleven thirty pm and five thirty this morning in baltimore as contractors a low didn't hold a confederate statues away from their post and attendance of baltimore mayor catherine q watch as each confederate statue was removed he said the removal of the statues was unannounced in order to prevent a violent confrontation i thought that there is enough grandstanding and no speeches being made to get it done you know i spoke with the council on monday morning i spoke with the president city council i said a with the climate of this nation that i think it's very important that we move quickly and quietly i also submitted that to the entire body of the city council and said we're going to be moving quickly quietly to get this done and so that's what i did. that and thirty seven o'clock last night i gather and we moved the statues earlier
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this week the baltimore city council unanimously passed a resolution to remove the statues and it's happening amid national conversation after that deadly attack in charlottesville during a white supremacist rally according to local media reports on wednesday a group of protesters pledged to remove the robert e. lee and stonewall jackson monuments themselves as the city wasn't going to do it monday afternoon and durham north carolina protesters climb the statue of a confederate soldier toppling it during an anti-racism rally take a look at some of the protesters reactions. it was honestly like the way that they did it rather than the government i mean in taking it down because it shows. we're the people building in real life. this is. the sort of. this was better. than the scenes that he was shot.
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out of place and. i was surprised to see the child. right. citizens in lexington kentucky and gainesville florida are asking for confederate statues to be removed and i'm brooklyn new york confederate symbol will be removed as well this time the city of baltimore is still deciding on what should be done to the statues pews suggest that they may be relocated to confederate cemetery south where some residents say they are happy with the removal of the statues but argue racism and white privilege writing deeper than the presence of confederate statues and washington ashley banks are taking. well the debate over the removal of confederate statues ignited after a white supremacist opened fire at a troll sinnett south carolina church back in two thousand and fifteen illicitly council in charlottesville virginia agreed to remove the statue of confederate general robert lee in what is now called emancipation park formerly robert e. lee park but as you saw this past week and some aren't giving up without
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a fight according to a southern poverty law center there were seven hundred eighteen confederate monuments across the country and one of those monuments in durham north carolina was taken down by protesters monday night by way of thinking a yellow strap to it the statue had stood outside the courthouse for almost a century north carolina governor ray cooper a democrat tweeted quote the racism and deadly violence in charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments the more we bring in mark grey professor and historian at dartmouth college thanks for joining us today. thank you and so what's your reaction to how the monument was taken down in north carolina. oh i think it's a model of how to push city councils how to push legislatures to do the right thing and get rid of any monument that glorifies the confederacy which of course was an
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attempt to hold on to the slave regime that captivated countless african captives over the course of centuries these statues are not history these statues are glorification of slavery and even more specifically glorification of jim crow since most people don't know a lot of these southern statues to the confederacy were actually build during the sixty's as a push back against the civil rights movement so we need to take them down we need to take them down right now and if activists. if they have city councils won't do it activists should step up push the issue there as legitimate as having statues to hitler in berlin and people were up in arms when isis was destroying artifacts in mosul do you see any resemblance to what they did and how it happened in north carolina. no because we can't look in the destruction of statues in abstraction without seeing the politics behind it isis are trying to impose their one perspective on terror in a world domination through their work perspective on islam and in slaven capture
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and murder millions of people anti-racist in the united states are simply saying that statues that glorify slavery should be taken down that we should put up other statues rename streets to really promote the kind of anti-racist side that we want to see you know the tearing down of statues is part of the history of social change you know when when the czar was overthrown in russia the statues were taken down when the declaration of independence was signed in the united states statues of the british king were taken down that's just part of history and so we know that some confederate monuments were also taking down in baltimore and of course others will be taken down in the next few months but the president brought up a very interesting point george washington was also a slave owner are we going to take down everything george washington i mean isn't there some kind of happy medium here of understanding that it was a different era slavery is in no way tolerated today but these people do make our history. right well i mean part of the question that that black lives matter raise
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that the resistance to trump raises what is our history and how do we commemorate it i heard president say well what are we going to take down statues to washington and jefferson is their slave owners my answer is yes and that's the answer of a lot of people who think that we can't have any tolerance for slavery as sort of this morally relative concept that we need to start really imagining what the history of this country is and raise up those people such as the indigenous population such as the enslaved african population that really made this society what it is despite the oppression that they face and really rethink how we look at the history of this continent and i was in charlottesville on sunday after everything that happened on saturday and i spoke to some people who were opposed to the actual rally but were for keeping the robber at least statue said do you think this is something that should be decided by residents as opposed to the city council. well you know we can discuss the best kind of the most democratic way to
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go about it but i think that getting lost in the procedural aspect in the legal istic aspect of this is the fact that there really is no historical debate over the legitimacy of slavery there is no historical debate over the fact that can that the confederacy fought and died and killed countless people in order to hold on to slavery that there that's not debatable that's not negotiable and simply looking at these statues as a political abstract historical momento is missing that political struggle which bears directly on the struggle against racism today in the united states the fact that this all right demonstration happens around robert e. lee statue is not an accident the fact that if this demonstration had not happened heather higher would still be alive shows that these statues bear upon a lot more than history they bear upon life and death matters today well it's interesting that you bring that point up because some people were saying that anti felt was actually responsible for some of the violence so we know that you're the author at and t. fact how they make a difference and why we need them from what many say and is
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a violent movement that they're the ones who are smashing out windows during inauguration and according to others like i just said they were violent in charlottesville this past weekend so quickly tell us why we need and. well i mean let's let's look at what happened in charlottesville the video evidence is clear that the fascists in the seas showed up with weapons and shields quite literally with assault rifles with cans filled with concrete with bottles of urine ready to attack anyone who they hated the clergy who were there to have peaceful demonstrations such as cornel west subsequently things that anti passes for standing up to defend them against what it would have been really extreme brutality and possibly murder we need to take a step back and not simply look at the violence in the abstract but look at the political and the ethical context in which it occurs and ask ourselves which side are we going to put ourselves down upon in the struggle against one of the most destructive forces of world history maybe one who don't have no problem thank you
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so much for your time mark rey professor and historian at dartmouth college we appreciate it. thank you there because envoy to the united nations nikki haley has signaled that the u.s. is not beyond abandoning the nuclear deal and the u.n. meanwhile insists that the international community must do everything and its power to ensure the agreement holds are to chaplain booga has this reports the u.n. secretary general antonio has considers the iran nuclear deal to be one of the utmost diplomatic achievements in our collective search for peace and security we need to do whatever we can to preserve it iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage the nuclear deal and become too big to fail you her comments come after the iranian president warned earlier this week that his country could backtrack on the two thousand and fifteen agreement in short order should further sanctions be imposed by the u.s. i get all your question or if the u.s.
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administration is willing to repeat previous experiences iran will certainly within a short period notice the scale of weeks or months but on the scale of our days we turn to a much more advanced position than when the talks started earlier this month president trump signed a fresh wave of sanctions against iran into law a move to iran considers to be a violation of the nuclear agreement under that deal iran officially agree to hold parts of its nuclear program in exchange for western countries lifting sanctions against them and at the time they dream it would be used as a landmark diplomatic achievement by most major world powers including all those who had signed on to it russia of course is one of the signatories and its foreign minister has warned that u.s. sanctions against iran could in fact undermine the regional balance established by the j.c. . the startling new sanctions are illegal in principle but when they sanctions are used to get advantage in a carefully collaborated balance and such a balance has been reached off the iran nuclear do these are irresponsible actions
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that can undermine this balance the u.s. shouldn't use such provocation here we. talking about an individual's national interests but about the interests of a whole regions where we are trying to secure non-nuclear states it's the recent sanctions were approved despite washington having confirmed that iran has in fact stayed in compliance with the terms of the deal and at this point both sides have accused the other of violating the quote spirit of the agreement iran for carrying out rocket test and the u.s. for imposing new sanctions but of course the two countries also claim no infractions have occurred on their parts meanwhile the threats to vacate this monumental agreement continue to fly and in fact escalate in severely leaving the future of it unclear. and for more on the being iraq situation i'm joined now by investigative journalist and national security policy analyst and director porter thanks so much for your time today and so we understand there are that many republicans including the president they campaigned on basically doing away with
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the iran deal but we understand that temper ministration is now saying that iran if complying with the deal. and you mentioned that this reminds a little bit of w. bush's second term can you explain well what we have right now in the trump administration is one group led by make master national security adviser but also including tillerson the secretary of state and mattis the secretary of defense who are saying no we should not tear up the j. c.p.o. way. we need to you know make sure that we do everything possible to allow it to to continue for all possible and on the other side you have people within the white house staff who are really domestic essentially domestic political advisors to trump who are pushing a very different line which is tearing up and it's part of
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a broader anti islam hard line position that they're they've been very successful in getting trump to champion so what i find interesting is the parallel between that situation that we have right now and situation during the george w. bush administration second term two thousand and seven two thousand and eight when the hardliners that point were essentially vice president cheney and his very pro zionist advisors who were very interested in attacking iran in two thousand and seven supposed to be iran this was the year of iran two thousand and seven meaning the united states would actually use military force against iran but the secretary of state at that time condi rice and security fence rubber. gates really squashed it i mean they said no we can't we can't do that so there's a very rough equivalence here the difference now of course is that again the people who are pushing for
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a hard line against iran are really really don't have that much of a foreign policy strategy they're really people who are part of a broader anti islam domestic political strategy for the trump administration it is however very strongly influenced by a very right wing zionist group within that that unit in the white house so their view is essentially anti iran but they don't really have a clear understanding of what they want to do as i understand it what they want to do to basically prevent iran from continuing to be a power in the middle east continuing to have a nuclear program and so forth. so there is a big difference in that regard and i think the other thing to bear in mind is that the people who are so supposedly moderate on the j. c.p.o. way that is mcmaster and madison until recent really don't have any
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idea themselves about how they're going to defend the j c p a way in light of the fact that trump and others. are unwilling to deliver what the united states promised as part of that agreement let's be clear about one thing the agreement calls for a compromise between the united states and iran iran is supposed to deliver on the on the nuclear part of it the united states is supposed to deliver on the economic part of it the u.s. has not delivered and so you're referring to the think that now iran is threatening president rouhani came out and said if they think art done away with that they in fact will. and it's not just the new sanctions it's also the fact that the agreement was quite explicit that the united states is going to make it possible for iran to get business that has been denied it around the world is going to get the cash that it was due for selling oil particularly around the world that
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has not happened they've got very little economic. benefit from this agreement and that's why i've been saying for months that if this agreement does in fact expire break down it's not going to be because of a violation of the nuclear part it's going to be because the united states didn't deliver on the economic part and were far on time but we understand that the u.s. and israel are very close allies and there's been this on yahoo has come out and asked that president. is the quote from healthcare that we repeal and replace the iran deal do you see that happening well i think it's still up in the air i don't think that this moment that the administration has a plan to tear it up but i do think that they don't have a plan to make it work and that means that we're headed into a period ultimately it's inevitable there's going to be a period of crisis around this and how that turns out still remains to be seen i
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really appreciate your interesting insight thank you so much seth gareth porter investigative journalist and national security policy analyst we really appreciate your time. after three years of being isolated from the outside world there is hope for syrians and the city of. the army is battling to retake it from islamic states and r.t. has done expose the video from inside the seized region. we're just going the way i keep saying that i will. be ok i was. the. woman that i. the conditions inside the city are dire after years of terrorist oppression basic necessities including food are scarce and the un humanitarian agency is concerned that vital medical help is
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not getting through right now the only way to get emergency supplies to the millions is through airdrops are today no how can this has tales it's not the marianna trench or an active volcano but it's still one of the least accessible places on our planet syria's day it is or a city that's been completely encircled by islamic state for almost three years. thanks. thanks. the only way to get into the city is by plane that means risking your life one of ati's contributors managed to do just that gaining exclusive access to the districts of the besieged city right here just hundreds of meters from the front line at first glance these exclusive
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pictures look like they could be from any middle eastern city but the truth is far from it this is what locals have to get used to. be no where or how did you are there but i was proud of. what i would like for you tonight shouldn't this employee come to this you know like you know it's not for the most any of us i mean you know i mean. mortars left but i saw shelling craters blood on the ground you can find such scenes across many parts of war torn syria but here the disaster is totally in a skate people. the city and the air base are completely cut off there been times which have been very dire but as said local support has been key especially to the tribes in there in the region they have been key to holding out and at the moment it's very similar. or happening and people forget that the sea has been very
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difficult to lift the deescalation zone has helped the situation and there is are as well. c.v.s. parachutes this is food and other essential is being delivered to day it is or it's basically the only way possible you don't have to be a u.n. expert to see just how bad things are with the food and water situation. here when you're inside the city the camera doesn't lie about the consequences of the siege over two years of brocade in january this year the u.n. estimates that there was some ninety thousand people still trapped inside the city today we just can't tell how many are left but they're still there hoping to forget what it's like to have islamic states as your neighbors and that's it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash our to america also
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check out our web site r.t. dot com slash america and you can follow me on twitter and. question more. everybody we're. hearing how good it was though yeah makes us wish you were jobs like that they're working for nine ten bucks an hour basically enough money to. buy alcohol and cigarettes and. it's like all the. support system. from under. john edwards you're watching american. morning q.
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let me just start this that by the end mapi i will. on shit i promise we can all agree not these and raise this by now rights ok now that i've said that let's get to the story slate magazine recently ran a story entitled e.s.p.n. aired a segment in which white buyers purchased black football players from an auctioneer and the article shows an actual clip from the auction which was only some sort of fantasy sports promotion and in the clip they show why people actually bidding on a black football player in an auction which sounds horrible i mean a bunch of white people buying black people in an auction sounds just like a slave auction sounds like not only were those white people participating in the auction racist but so was e.s.p.n. for even airing this they meant so with this article slate was definitely trying to show an example of outrageous racism except of course that wasn't the whole story
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now forget the fact that the african american man in the clip being compared to a slave by slaves is odell back in junior a massively successful athlete who literally just in to deal with nike worth to be around twenty five million dollars forget the fact that he's going to make over three million dollars for this football season alone forget that that is the incredibly successful american man slave is actually comparing to a slave because that's not the part of the article that made me go went the part that made me go it was that it only included a clip of odell being auctioned not the part where very white players were also being auctioned off to rob gronkowski was part of the auction but slate didn't even mention that it played only mentioned black football players not the white one in fact slate hardly mentioned any facts at all and the article that accompanied that incredibly sensational headline was only one hundred thirty two words logged and
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since the story was incredibly misleading it can only be called out for what it is . the unfair use the statements that. race to try to influence people that's what slate did plain and simple like notch of the media this week so like eyes that if i see a nazi i will punch it then and i haven't seen one yet and no one i know has ever seen one because where i live in the real world of new york city people of all religions colors creeds shapes and sizes actually all co-exist together just fine going about our daily lives like ninety nine percent of the rest of my country is joey but i promise i'll punch a nazi if i ever see one because there's yank racism is the worst and the media fanning the flames trying to incite people to anger depression and violence is that close that gap.
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plus. it's called the feeling of freedom. everyone in the world should experience phillida leap and you'll get it on the open rolls. the old according to just. walk up the modern world come along for the ride. please i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media everything uses to talk about these car news companies i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing council blood corporate conduct has been and
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mark these are stories that you no one else can take on my pepto your host of americans only question. what you have for breakfast yesterday why we didn't put those for the faces your wife or two dogs may like to name and that is what your biggest fear is going to bid on a hay ride when so less time to read a book or you say if you ever met the pope who's the best quarterback. that's one topic that doesn't belong on the piece now i've had to do due to the question more . people will wonder what expediential st good looks like rails attributes would be analyzed to keep the bottom. line what it feels like you might not.


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