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tv   Headline News  RT  August 17, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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here's what people have been saying about redacted a knighthood to us exactly just pull along. we only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so kate was really. serious when he sent us an e-mail. please please. one of the many young victims left behind by islamist parents brush and speaking children branded in an orphanage in iraq parties appealing to find their relatives back home. and campaign is gathering pace to identify people at the infamous united the right
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rally in the u.s. last week while the justice department and protesters and the us what is your favorite smiling this man with a small part in. as the german chancellor plays it safe in her election campaigning the country's foreign minister rails against merkel's pledge to boost spending on eight. hello there come july from moscow you're watching r.t. international now this channel is campaigning to help find the relatives of all from the russian speaking children who've been left stranded in iraq it is understood they were taken there by their radicalized parents who joined islamic state where we have been appealing for anybody who might recognize the youngsters shown in our reports to get in touch and it's likely we have been able to find some of the families among the responses we've had however in the iraqi orphanages self
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the wrist still new arrivals and among them is little mary. she's in a fragile state and often cries and she says she's in a lot of pain from her injuries in her friend now describes the ordeal she's going through. the phone call to that very same shelter the voice on the other end says another girl has just been brought in from mosul. but it could be too early to talk for her any question and the girl may break down. in this psychological state she's struggling to answer a question as simple as what's your name got to be as old i. must anybody else that. this is that. it's clear mariam is lucky to be alive there are scars right on her face surviving this head injury as almost
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a miracle. surrounded by other kids in caring shelter workers mariam gradually got to the point when she began talking believe it or not mariam gets least stressed when she speaks of her once just don't like to kill the governor the chill button that. it took oakley. is. a school killing you. know but it is crucial that. it seems the lucky escape happened shortly after that dreadful experience but here's maryam describing what happened just before she found herself at the epicenter of the war. that each witness. is that you just don't you know that it would. if it were known that a lot of mariam is not the only girl who has told us about the horrors by some
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river that's apparently where many children lost their mothers. how much of this is just. the way he. was a mom when you only have mom or dad each and what kind of other horrendous things these people went through somewhere by the river in mosul we can only guess mariam doesn't remember anything more or just can't talk about it we ask about her father but she can barely see a thing but only. those from below you. will . get there is a glimmer of hope that she can grow up in peace and reunite with her family grandparents. want to. wash.
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bob's. mooch. off the. iliad to train our teeth well if you do have any information about miriam there or any of the other children we've told you about do please contact us at the email address at the bottom of your screen right now in the meantime we'll continue our campaign to reunite them with their relatives back in russia. sleep yes. so the i'm cool. calm it was only it was still. close up until mom of the school mom was really just so. this was
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a mom i knew will never learn mom or dad each. of us. can lift the spirits or the other. thing is important. so it's. easier to use. it's. effective gap that you. might get just was not to. punish page.
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thousands of people have held a candlelight vigil in charlottesville in the u.s. state of the genius they gathered to condemn violence and hate for a woman who was killed while opposing a white supremacist rally on saturday two state troopers were also remembered they died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the unrest. started with a protest i would the remove of the statue of a confederate general authorities are now taking down similar monuments across the country citing security reasons however there are many landmarks in the u.s. too controversial historic personalities and many people are reluctant to oppose all of them. explains. here outside of st john's episcopal church in brooklyn there was a monument commemorating confederate general robert e. lee it was affixed to this maple tree and it was here for over one hundred years now in light of the violence in charlottesville related to a statue of robert e.
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lee it's been removed all across the country activists are demanding that symbols honoring a related to slavery or honoring the people who fought for it be taken down perhaps this is sensible after all slavery is a barbaric practice millions of people died coming to the united states millions more worked to death on plantations however getting rid of the symbols related to slavery might not be as easy as it sounds. this is new york city's madison avenue it's named after u.s. president james madison now james madison owned over one hundred slaves and in his personal letters he said some pretty reprehensible things about black people do you feel like there's a little hypocrisy that we're changing things in the south but not changing things here absolutely. changing every way i think if he represents you know a troubled past or is there's a difference between honoring history. and recognizing that we shouldn't repeat it should they stop madison avenue. and rename it yeah i think it's fine so if one
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person is affected well there will be a bible so you'd be a good idea to take it to these should be a democratic but i think a lot of people in the south do want to take the statues down it's not just people in the north that are trying to take down. now we're here in thomas jefferson park thomas jefferson was the ideological founder of the american republic and he was also a slave owner not only did jefferson own hundreds of slaves he actually impregnated one of them there's a number of african-americans living today who can trace their genealogy back to thomas jefferson and one of his slaves sally hemings before him having slaves he was a you know this the changes they very shouldn't be this even slaves right now in this day after all of them but. that's not the way to get out. get out late try to kill the show. the first president
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of the united states george washington started owning slaves when he was just eleven years old by the time of his death he had over three hundred even signed into law the infamous fugitive slave act which allowed slave owners to track down escapees all over the country think anything that's owned by a slave owner should be changed yeah it should be because this is times two thousand definitely they've had enough time to do it while washington didn't go to war to defend slavery and i think concerts is very important in these tough situations george washington's faces on the one dollar bill he's often referred to as the father of our country slavery didn't just exist in the south it existed all across the united states getting rid of everything related to slavery opens up an interesting can of worms might not be as easy as some people seem to think kaleb oppen artsy new york. a u.s. neo nazi website has been taken down by russia's communications regulator after it
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was registered with the russian to my daughter the move comes less than a day after the site called the storm and was registered it was only rejected by a u.s. based web post published a controversial article on the charlottesville protest victim it also tries to google how used to try to join google sting but was brought to the daily stillness social media accounts also being taken. meanwhile there is a fervent twitter campaign to name and explore the charlottesville protesters that is the u.s. justice department tries to identify people who visited a website used to organize protests during trumps and will gratian is. the cable publishing blacklist of your opponents may very well violate personal privacy and just ruin lives however both sides are willing. who are the people interested in protesting during trump's inauguration the u.s.
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justice department wants to demanding that dream host a web service provider release all the information of the users who visited a website launched by the organizers of the demonstration and that's roughly one point three million users now the web host is trying to fight back in essence the search warrant only aims to identify the political dissidents of the current administration but attempts to identify and understand what each of these dissidents viewed on the website. most recently targeted in charlottesville last weekend twitter users embark on a mission to identify and shamed those who attended the infamous unite the right rally the twitter account called yes your racist has even been posting id's of the marchers their communities need and need to know who these people are and what they're trying to do to our nation while there is no defending the violence of neo nazis in charlottesville the amateur and best. their search for racist seems to have been missed by kyle quinn a professor from arkansas was falsely identified as
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a rightwing to charlottesville demonstrator the man runs a lab doing medical research and has nothing to do with white supremacists however he perceives scores of hate messages after his address was posted online you have celebrities and hundreds of people doing new research online not checking facts i've dedicated my life to helping all people trying to improve health care and train the next generation of scientists and this is potentially throwing a wrench in that the founder of the yes you're racist twitter page says that despite the chances of innocents being caught in his net he's willing to take the risk but the search for personal data of those who disagree with you smells like a witch hunt so i can see where it could become. a blanket intimidation against everybody protesting if this caught on and you know right wing groups started publicizing the names of leftwing people who for just a left wing people publicising the names of right wing people who participate. so
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it could be a backfire on whoever tries to do it because it would start becoming the thing to do and that that's the double edged sword of the social media that you know you can use it to organize but you can also use it to shame embarrass or intimidate still ahead feed germany's foreign minister says the chancellor merkel is wrong to commit to increase spending on night we'll have the details after the break. list. all the feelings of. everyone in the world should experience. that you get it out of the old the old. the old accord. just.
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to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that what we gossip the public by itself. doesn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the gulf will watch. again germany's foreign minister has voiced opposition to the amount of money his country spends on night and chancellor merkel's intention to raise the figure
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further. germany must remain a peacemaker a not becoming machine toggle lections ought to oppose the militarization of foreign policy by donald trump and not submit to it as to my horror the c.d.u. and f.t.p. plan to do foreign minister saying that gabriel made it very clear that germany must not dance to trump's tune when it comes to the country's defense spending and what he said actually it's quite the opposite of what the chancellor angela merkel has been saying she's been in support of raising the country's military spending towards nato to two percent of the country's g.d.p. by the year twenty twenty four take a listen to exactly how she put it in the past that germany's far from the target of spending two percent of the national budget on the fans but it's very important that this year we increase that to one point two percent and wish to also place importance on defense in the future.
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and in fact gabriel's party is one of the main rivals to merkel's christian democrats party in next month's election and want defense spending is one of the most pressing issues here in germany so far merkel has been avoiding this in the run up to the vote and it's not just defense spending a looks like merkel has been avoiding other thorny issues as well as she chose to speak to tech and beauty bloggers at the height of her campaign take a look at this package off out earlier anglo merkel should be feeling energized and fresh after her three week break in the italian alps but judging from her latest election campaigning looks like she's still in vacation mode the chancellor spent time talking politics with several young you tube celebrities here in germany one of them is a video blogger that specializes in german izing american pop hits another is a lifestyle blog where the shares her experiences and ventures with her viewers oh and there's also a fashion and beauty blogger. ok. das
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this is. us and this is me in a quite nice outfit that protects my skin and how these beauty and tech bloggers were chosen to speak to merkel at the height of her campaign we don't know but hot political topics were brought up and the chancellor was cool calm and collected in her answers for her elective office are there any plans for electric cars and social. we need to create infrastructure people to use electric vehicles many people are currently free they will be able to get to work before be able to get back home. unless what is your favorite smiley smiley with a small hard to figure what have people was surprised that i a beauty blogger was chosen to conduct an interview with you many have said that my subscribers are not smart enough to ask the right questions there for a cause me think of them is it seems silly to me that some consider people from the
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beauty industry i'm able to make the right decision in the election this is absurd everyone is able to. my guns tellus honestly when you read donald trump's tweets with phrases like locked and loaded what do you think about it what comes into your head up at the start of the hour we should generally be careful with language of language is open a step towards escalation of violence i stand by all means against this. instead of meeting with the legitimate media with people who are trained to detect when the politicians are playing games chess their mirco has a group of amateurs with whom she can play and that's what's happening here it reminds me. of a prize fighter who is that frayed to meet a real challenger it is the softest question and answer approach that she could face it is the i deal for a politician who wants to they. were sailing for angela merkel there but it certainly won't be so easy when she faces off her main rival martin schulte. in
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september you need them for everybody it should be clear what it means when a central government when the headquarters of a governing party systematically decide to reject a debate on the country's future when a party comes and says we do not have anything to do with this and we do not debate this during the election campaign and it is the arrogance of power nothing else the ladies and germs in us. german broadcasters want to read this side of the bait so there's more room for spontaneity along the two politicians to challenge each other more americans seem reportedly threatened to council so the broadcasters gave up there were forty five minutes provided for each block of the t.v. programme the chancellor's representatives did not agree with such dramatic changes and refused to participate under these conditions with campaigning in germany stepping up a year before the election anglo-american seems to be making sure she's driving seat and r.t. . ok let's get the thoughts now of a huge bronson he's
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a member of the alternative for germany party good afternoon t. he firstly let's start with what signal gabriel said and his warning against the militarization of foreign policy what are your views on his comments. well to be to be quite honest with you i don't take this man very seriously he doesn't know what he is talking about the german army has been on a shoestring budget for the last twenty twenty five years seventy percent of the equipment is ready for action the rest is not operating a germany needs a stronger army and he has no idea about the reality with the german forces. i mean he's criticized germany things that have carried having to donald trump and his insistence that countries in the should increase their spending on the military is there really that big a threat to the what what are the threats in terms of the military why do you need
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to spend more. i mean the fact that he is saying that america is kowtowing to trump is is blatantly wrong. the decision to put up the defense up to two percent g.d.p. goes back to two thousand and fourteen when nato leaders decided to increase spending on defense and that was made when barack obama was still in the white house gabriel is just mixing up facts he has no idea in terms of the campaign we've seen so far it's only a month why isn't it this general election coming up in germany and what have you made of merkel's campaign. well it's it's it's lackluster it's not much happening reason is that america is already seen as the sure when the party the christian democrats about thirty eight to forty percent the social
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democrats really way behind twenty in the early twenty's twenty twenty five somewhere between and of course gabriel and schultz are trying to drumming up support by picking up critical issues and trump bashing is a very popular way to get german support because trouble is seen very critically in germany so. we have a sure winner we have a sure loser the whole campaign is very tame it's very lackluster i've seen much more energetic much more interesting campaigns and just on the prospects field party how will turn as if in germany do you think. right now we're doing very well the alternative for germany is currently seen and with ten percent that makes us the third largest party in germany and the third largest party in the new parliament the social democrats are losing support macula fairly stable
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and the a.s.d. is gaining because some of the issues that merkel and schultz don't want to talk about are being talked about in public and the f.t. my party is given the answers ok all right good to see here we have to leave it at that she bronson member of the alternative for germany thanks for having and. south korea says it may send a special envoy to pyongyang if the north stops its missile and nuclear tests and that it is pursuing a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the peninsula but that's in contrast to the much harder line the us is taking. this president trump has made clear the era of strategic patience is over with regard to north korea all options are on the table in the united states will continue to bring the full range of american power economic and diplomatic well those comments to come despite the fact that north korea said it would hold off on strikes which donald trump called a very wise decision. takes
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a look now at how american foreign policy often goes against the wishes of the international community when it comes to foreign policy it seems that trump is trying to twist the knife into some of the most balto international issues. there's fire and fury for north korea while the international community is calling for deescalation in the region trying to spouting some of the most aggressive rhetoric that's been heard and done. and this may not get away with what he's doing believe they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see. the escalation in brest break certainly doesn't solve the problem the solution to this crisis must be political the potential consequences of military action hard. to even contemplate. the two thousand and fifteen iranian nuclear deal and a group that took years to reach and one that was hailed as a landmark diplomatic treatment this is are their story.
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and response to washington's threats of more sanctions to promise so that they can pull out of that deal altogether but america's u.n. ambassador doesn't appear all that concerned iran cannot be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage the nuclear deal must not become too big to fail. and then there is venezuela a country divided after months of violent protests and the run up to a key election. help bring an end to that trumps in just meeting fire with fire apparently the white house wants to kill a divided society and political scene with more violence we have troops all over the world places that are very very far away venezuela is not very far away and the
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people are suffering and. we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary whatever happened in terms promises of making the world a less nasty place to live i would love to be able to get along with everybody right now the world is a mess but i think by the time we finish i think it's going to be a lot better place to live for now it seems the president has zero intentions of making friends with everyone. our team washington d.c. and that brings you up to date safe for me in about thirty three minutes time don't forget there's still plenty of stories you can enjoy but i website. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted.
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to go on to the press this is what before three of the more people. interested in the waters in the. city. the city. was hit hardest by the twenty eleven tsunami but it was damaged mostly by the radiation after the nuclear disaster. well you did not. think it will mom also one of those what i. am a little slow sighted to want to talk to there will be contamination is not complete much many locals could not leave their houses and farm those of us who he might. leave if nice nice to. meet you don't want to they stay strong like their ancestors centuries ago did.
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not mean that also your god will fail. how long she initiated. to be sure the naive will there wouldnt souls find a way to rebuild their lives in the world and. were. i am as proud as or this is because the report is my because i have absolute. well you know we've talked about on this show many times the economics of extinction like those japanese fisherman that.


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