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tv   Headline News  RT  August 20, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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still we should argue to the muslims you think you will just leave. two separate vehicle attacks in spain leave fourteen killed and one hundred more injured in the country into the ranks of european states hit by unsophisticated low cost terrorism. tensions flare was an anti hate rally in texas where demonstrators confront a group of activists calling for the protection of a confederate monument. and dotty's campaign to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded in iraq who often age off their parents travel
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to the country to joint ice filled with those more heartbreaking stories. hello there good to have you with us this hour you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international well today's top headlines on the stories that shape the week. well this week spain stories the deadliest terror attacks in thirteen years off the two separate vehicles plowed into pedestrians killing forty and injuring one hundred more we can show you the immediate aftermath of a van driving into a crowd in barcelona just a warning the video contains distressing images. and
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i saw many people running the colored bodies of kids lying in the streets this is a tragedy. on avalanche of people running in every direction but when i knew it was total chaos we had no idea what was going on and when i didn't see the plan i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming. and the ballroom looked all over the pool in the floor i saw all of the blood it was. terrible to look like that on the street like it's crazy it's business for us
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. that's around five pm on thursday a white van was driven into people in the popular pedestrian high street of last round less it's a focal point for foreign tourists in the city but found drive down the street for around five hundred meters until it reached plaza plaza back area where the driver then fled on foot now he's still on the loose i was later a similar instance occurred in the resort town of come. police opened fire on a car after it failed to stop a dislike curity check the vehicle carried on and struck people on the promise not to before overturning its five occupants then emerged and tried to attack pedestrians with knives but was soon shot dead by police or thought. believe the perpetrators of the two incidents were linked and planning much bigger attacks. is in spain for us. i'm here on the rambler in the hearts of vassallo know where the
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deadly terror attack took place on thursday this pos at the city is a tourist hot spot people from my this thirty nationalities became the victims of this atrocity. and the tragic reality is that events such as this are now such a cross border stretch that even members of one family can become victims or witnesses of different attacks across europe we met one such witness while covering the events here impossible or not. it was painfully familiar you knew immediately what what was going on i mean i live this life my daughter lived next to the bottle in paris my niece was just here for me it's not like for most people here a sudden unexpected. event for me this is the life i live.
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i've been working in these immigrant communities and i've been working on jihadi networks all across europe and i thought immediately that it's most likely a moroccan network was interesting because isis had always use spain as this principal. jumping off point for getting recruits into turkey and syria and the question for me is while isis was in control the attacks were fairly local laws but now i ask myself if these networks are starting to pick up on their own and whether they'll become just more widespread and markers across your. yes the fruit seller across from the bar in. brussels what's going on he
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knew a hell of a lot more that was going on with the police but no one seems to be engaged in understanding what is going on in these networks and there are other examples as well manchester bombing survivor chris pauley also managed to escape death again on their own blood and for another survivor to be a moment the boss alone or attack was first heard brush with terror and perhaps it's no surprise if you look at how often attacks rock europe these days experts now say that terrorism is a new normality in europe from here on but it looks like it's already returned to normal take partridge azzi barcelona. also this week in finland two women died in a knife rampage in what's happened out to be the country's first ever terror attack eight more people were wounded before police managed to shoot the suspect in the leg and arrest him people have been urged to stay away from crowded places security measures have been stepped up at airports hundred rolls royce stations to the
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attacks in spain on filin to the latest in a wave of terror which has hit europe in little less than two years. i use this magazine directions on the walls to rent a truck and drive into a crowd. thank . you thank you.
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thank you. thank you. thank you. just days after the terror attacks in spain australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull unveiled a plan on how to make crowded places in his country most secure against such
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atrocities he proposes police advising local businesses on what safety and security measures they can add the plan also aims to increase the number of balls to separate cars from pedestrians or the presence of police and security personnel in public places should also be increased. in other news now a rally against white supremacism in the u.s. city of dallas has resulted in tensions between the protesters and a group of activists calling for the protection of a confederate statue and everybody's going to tell me about it oh thank god that. police moved in to protect a group of demonstrators in favor of the monuments remaining both sides are reported to have been armed however there's never ports of shots being fired but tensions are part of the fallout from last weekend's deadly violence in the u.s. town of charlottesville which also says that was centered around the removal of
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a civil war monument similar efforts to take down the statue is regarded by some symbolizing racism have taken place across the country throughout the week. but this is simply not just me but. i. think they are holed up in our dallas sorry to. hear that forgotten that you were thomas jefferson statue or gravity that baseball the thing that's owned by slave owners changed you know this should be there's
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a difference between honoring history and recognizing that we shouldn't repeat it. racial tensions in the u.s. have been stoked after donald trump appeared to back down from singling out the role of white supremacists in last last saturday's brawls in virginia rallies similar to the ones in charlottesville took place in boston on saturday however the city managed to avoid any repeat of the violence thousands of counter protesters marched against a planned rally for free speech with minor closures between the demonstrators and police more than thirty people have been arrested early this week hundreds protested against trump outside his residence in new york and in washington d.c. head of morton has been looking at how america's political debate is now all about the labeling his report does contain themes of finding. one of the chants most
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frequently used at the protests is no trump no k.k.k. no fascist usa essentially trump and his supporters are being tarred with the same rush as white supremacy. ok. do you think. that. our. the suspect in the horrific charlottesville car ramming was himself a member of the far right but the mayor of the city was very quick to put his blame on the white house and president trump and he was in a lot of you should look in the mirror when he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with him to you know to go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices trump has made it clear with bannan gorka in the white house and the klan in the streets it is now
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the white supremacists house. the inside mental of hatred to that got us here is as real and condemn the bill as the white supremacists you know was tweets the democratic response to the car ramming mirrors the way republicans responded to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice they blame democrats for stoking up the atmosphere while reality the attack was carried out by a was public enemy that knew how to vote an increasing intensity of hostility on the left three percent tension has been building. since election night. that vitriol from the left has spurred threats and now action without historical parallel events like today are exactly why we took issue with and why elites glorifying the assassination of a president bell most americans liberal conservative or otherwise are not violent however it seems like the leaders of the two major political parties try to make the other half of the electorate look like they are and that seems to be mobilizing people in both camps if you want to start something. and demonize me and i don't
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your mum. was. thank you. thank you betty. that. was the united states has created a political system in a way to demonizing one side means supporting the other side for many voters those who haven't really learned that much about their party's yet the the solution to this is to reduce some of these impediments to we need a system in which political parties have to fight for their own ideas they have to show why what they believe is good and why it's right and watch an excellent idea.
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not just focus on demonizing the other side so no matter what your political outlook is the best strategy seems to be the same generalizing demonize tabletop and artsy to your. arty campaigns to re-unite orphans russian speaking children stranded in iraq you often it's with their family it's more not until the moment. the feeling of. every. experience. that you get out of the old will. go according to just. come true there are. what politicians do something to.
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put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. but you do want to be right this is what the three of the people that. i'm interested always in the long. welcome back. he's been campaigning to help find the relatives of orphaned russian speaking children stranded in a rocky open it is believed that parents travel to the water in country to join ice
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the and then i thought abandons them over killed now we've already received responses from people who have recognized some of the children and one of those spotted is little maria. a phone call to that very same shelter the voice on the other end says another girl has just been brought in from mosul. but it could be too early to talk for her any question and the girl may break down . this psychological state she's struggling to answer a question as simple as what's your name got to be as old i. studied us that maybe a bit of this is that. because it's clear mariam is lucky to be alive there are scars white on our face surviving this head injury as almost a miracle. surrounded by other kids in caring shelter workers mariam gradually got to the point when she began talking believe it or not mariam gets
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least stressed out when she speaks of her once illinois just they'd like to kill the governor the chill button that. it took oakley for. a school kid knew. i did it. to cool it. it seems the lucky escape happened shortly after that dreadful experience but here's maryam describing what happened just before she found herself at the epicenter of the war. they teach this. is that they just don't need to do. it would do it. if it were known that a lot mariam is not the only girl who has told us about the horrors by some river that's apparently where many children lost their mothers. a moment this is just. a. yes or
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a living. the mom i know never. did what kind of other horrendous things these people went through somewhere by the river in mosul we can only guess mariam doesn't remember anything more or just can't talk about it we ask about her father but she can barely see a thing but who we knew. that stayed with us from below do. believe. this yet there is a glimmer of hope that she can grow up in peace and reunite with her family grandparents. play good food good wash. this you buy the stuff. tell us that it was. it tough you know. nothing to do that. are our.
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blow to the allows us who are a good as deluded as soon you know close to know it and i am. being cheated and that's the end of that is this is still true. says that half can still try not to even have a motion to do as. far. as she. chairs that it people didn't notice that but i'm touching it in a teacher who did announce the steps of our are. here i sit here and there is a i hate those that have. to step. and
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we've also been contacted by a couple in the czech ted jackie star they believe they've recognized their granddaughter who is also called maryam now the girl says she saw both her parents die and that she is originally from interjected star we're continuing to look for the relatives of all of these children but more and more just keep on arriving. to change clothes look your mom little or the old i. guess. you. can take your bag out but you. now the elections looming for europe's economic powerhouse germany campaigning seems to be somewhat like last despite the potential significance of september's
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vote especially so in contrast to how impassioned the french campaign was at this same point just one month before the country goes to the polls. that was a great deal for some of them have been so lucky you thank you it's like i was making sure she could open a can we do it because you like. a few. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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the german chancellor seems to be taking the easy road on the election trail so far rejected facing down her rivals on live t.v. instead she's been chatting some bloggers on you tube ati's emily c. looks at why she might be taking the soft option. engler merkel should be feeling energized and a fresh after her three week break in the italian alps but judging from her latest election campaigning looks like she's still in vacation mode the chancellor spent time talking politics with several young celebrities here in germany one of them is a video blogger that specializes in german izing american pop hits another is a lifestyle blog where the shares her experiences and ventures with her viewers oh and there's also a fashion and beauty blogger. ok. this
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is stars. and this is me in a quite nice outfit there protects my skin and how these beauty and tech bloggers were chosen to speak to merkel at the height of her campaign we don't know but hot political topics were brought up and the chancellor was cool calm and collected in her answers for. are there any plans for electric cars. we need to create infrastructure which will motivate people to use electric vehicles many people are currently afraid they will be able to get to work but won't be able to get back home unless what is your favorite smiley the smiley with the small hard on that he was surprised that i impute to a blogger was chosen to conduct an interview with you many have said that my subscribers are not smart enough to ask the right question. because it seems silly
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to me that some consider people from the beauty industry unable to make the right decision in the elections this is a bizarre everyone is able to. tell us honestly when you read donald trump's tweet by phrases like. what do you think about what comes into your head we should generally be careful with language language is often a step towards escalation and violence i stand by all means. against this. instead of meeting with the legitimate media with people who are trained to detect when the politicians are playing games chancellor merkel has a group of amateurs with whom she can play and that's what's happening here it reminds me of a prize fighter who is that free to meet a real challenger it is the softest question and answer approach that she could face it is the i deal for a politician who wants to be. smooth sailing for angela merkel there but it
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certainly won't be so easy when she faces off her main rival martin schulte in september. for everybody it should be clear what it means when a central government that when the headquarters of a governing party systematically decide through the debate on the country's future when a party comes and says we do not have anything to do with this and we do not to babysit your new election campaign is this and this is the arrogance of power nothing else the ladies and gentlemen you know. german broadcasters want to read the sign of the bate so there's more room for spontaneity allowing the two politicians to challenge each other more america's team reportedly threatened to cancel so the broadcasters gave up there were forty five minutes provided for each block of the t.v. programme the chancellor's representatives did not agree with such dramatic changes and refused to participate under these conditions with campaigning in germany stepping up a gear before the election angle america seems to be making sure she's in the try
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thing seat and they are to. be back with more news in just about thirty minutes. oh ok are you going on right there after that one if you're that. i. dropping bombs brings in this chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they
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don't want. to do socks credit tell you the celebrity gossip the tabloids less files a little more news today. about how they think you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all on walking. the city of minima so modest was hit the hardest by the twenty eleven through nami but it was damaged mostly by the radiation after the nuclear disaster at the hotel not even a novel if you did not know you were in the middle of the bomb also a lot of what i. am a little slow to get back to the wall decontamination is not complete but many locals could not leave their houses and farms myself and see what he might. if their thoughts on it began i'll see if the nice nice give. me
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a few ticks to what i've been they stay strong like their ancestors centuries ago did. not mean i'm also a couple. of what i want. to be to the naive will their will and souls find a way to rebuild their lives in the world and lambskin. were. actually had. a could have plea state that the abuse relayed it to contracts awarded to k.b.r. represents the most blatant and improper contract of abuse i have witnessed during the course of my professional career it's suspicious on how hollow bird.


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