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tv   Sophie Co  RT  August 21, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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when you started working with president reagan he actually reached out to you because you wanted to work with people that weren't part of his inner self circle washington experts right do you think the current administration is ready to make an effort like that. i wouldn't speak for them i think that everybody in america at this moment it seems is very confused about our new president very very going and what he's going to say next i sent it to him and. i happen to care a great deal for us and i have for many years and i have always maintained the exact position from the beginning and that is that you have a lot to give us and we have a lot to give you and we should be together because together we could do a great deal more than we can do apart for the rest of the world that's been my position if they ever wanted to talk to me about that i would be happy. for you
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species own russian relations why do you think voices like yours are ignored they're not there on the american public is very very different from what is now being heard in united states it comes from washington and it comes from some of the media. much good stuff exists on the internet if you want to look for it but the great public and i say that basically sometimes even forgets that washington is not the united states anymore than paris is all of france we have other places and i have been saying that instead of trying to concentrate all the time on washington you should be concentrating on other places in the united states. i have given lectures in every state of the
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united states except alaska and hawaii and i have seen the same thing and done now for about twenty years. the same thing american people the public is always very curious about you they always want to know they always say to me why russia why did i go and study abroad they ask questions they're curious and they are not hostile americans even up in maine i live in maine which is a state of fishermen and boat builders and and you know even the men who came in to plow our snow the night i left before i left says exactly the same thing as i'm saying. we should be together you know he kept saying you know i don't like what they're saying for us all right and that is the fact and so i wouldn't take seriously this things that are said now in limited
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ways and say that the public feels that way no american i have ever met would like to have a war with you well when i turn on the t.v. her or read the newspapers anyone who actually speaks out for mending ties with russia is automatically branded a kremlin spy i mean look at trump is there a place for positive opinion. about russia in american mainstream at all yes but remember who the mainstream is run by a very few people in the end i don't know how many people actually control the media and i'm talking c.n.n. fox news etc they are corporations and those people are the ones who correct their i know that mainstream is what you're hearing and what i'm saying is don't pay too much attention to it it is not the mainstream of public feeling
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and yet i don't listen i don't hesitate to say what i feel but i have. my like. you know what i name them i name them a few things about russia today you may not have read in the newspapers. and you see how people flock to hear that but they think it's even to the people themselves are hostile towards russia. one sided image of russia in the mainstream leads to concrete actions for instance trump is constantly coming under fire for alleged ties with russia ok but look at he's president bush the president's national security adviser was actually forced to resign and that's after marriage she was maintaining dialogue with russian officials i'm wondering if this is actually going to turn into a mock carthy witch hunt against administration just because they want to mend ties people have mentioned and they thought as
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a say distinguished stephen cohen who you may know. i'm not sure what's going to happen in the next thing because all of us senators don't feel that way. i don't know about our house of representatives but our senators many of whom i know don't feel this way. many of them have noticed exactly what you're saying. many i would say influential people. and that means. people who are in the field also have noticed it and there is quite a reaction against it so i'm not sure it's pessimistic it's you see hopefully now want to go back a little bit to your cooperation with president reagan because reagan did choose to negotiate but at the same time he didn't back down from military confrontation so what do you think of adopting reagan peace through strength policy today actually
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do you think this military power is needed to preserve stability. i don't personally that's my answer i don't actually i'm very sorry for the amount of weapons not only the united states or russia or anybody i really think that the world leads less. instead of more there are some people who make a great deal of money from and therefore they have a great deal of interest in seeing precisely the kind of. mainstream that you're talking about. because i always ask what point is what are we gaining from this i think we gain very little i would like to see myself and particularly ronald reagan's dream which was. less and hopefully no atomic weapons so just to sum this up gee you think that the current
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administration will overcome the political establishment objections to have a thaw with russia i hope so i hope so there are many people who are concerned just because we don't know yet what form that the new administration is going to take it's not even so entirely i think you're right i have observed the same thing that there are a group of people with washington they're not all transparent who really would like to throw up so it would depend on whether trump has the guts to go against whole establishment that he does know you know the phrase trust but verify which reagan actually was famous for you are the one who taught him that that's a russian proverb translated into english and that has since become part of the american political dictionary of the americas in that they're selling everything
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from soup to nuts on so do you think there is room for a trust now i mean can american leadership billet and not trust with russians to actually be able to verify. i hope so we were working in that direction i can tell you there are masses of people who could but will they be in power we don't know that yet i think we have to wait a little bit and see what happens and that's the advice i would give to anyone here is just wait a little and see what happens before you act too quickly i don't know what's going to happen i have no idea with and that as you know if you read our newspapers is in our newspapers every day what's going on what's going to happen we don't know there are some real people against the senate and other places. and we'll see who wins this but i can only tell you that the public does count
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and the public does not want war with russia and why should they there's no reason for it so i like to trust in the intelligence of the american public it does have a kind of an intelligence and collective intelligence and i think that remark in public was very anxious for a change. because of many things not just because of you or foreign policy. and they did that. and now everybody is adjusting to that change and it's a new personalities reagan after all had a lot of experience governing he's been governor of california really big states very important state for two terms so he has a lot of experience with the public remember that he had going around he had spoken for g four and he himself gave that
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a lot of credit for his the kind of president he was but he has an awful lot of appearances i mean you talk to the public now that's missing. right. to try and made a lot of money in not this didn't necessarily talk to the public or know the public very well so again we have to wait reagan but i know how people denigrated reagan. they do it they kept saying he was the same media that you're talking about said that he was a two bit actor that he never read. that he really was kind of stupid and wanted to sleep all the time and. it's not true yeah look what happened he was one of the greatest presidents of united states he also read all the time and that's how he got to know me you had all my books suzanne we're going to take a short break right now when we come back we'll continue talking to suzanne massie
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advisor to ronald reagan on russian relations stay with us. manufacture consent to public will. when the ruling closest to protect. the prime. with no middle of the room sit. room. here's what people have been saying about reject.
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the only show i go out of my way to. what was that really packs upon our leadership is the john oliver of our three americas used to say we are apparently better than blue testings better to see anybody had ever heard of love or death for the night not the president of the world bank though very popular in a serious look he sent us an email. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry
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i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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and we're back with suzanne ness advisor to ronald reagan on russia relations russia scholar or dug in whether lessons of the past can help mend ties. between washington and moscow today suzanne while we're all waiting to see what happens in america i so want to ask you a little bit of about what's going on right now because people over here they're really wondering why has russia today become a scapegoat for everything bad that happens in america i mean i don't know if you're big on twitter or instagram but there is even a hash tag the russians did in i mean that's kind of funny it's now become a joke as a cartoon i don't know if you've seen that it's very funny and one is actually too polite to even say of that i will say there's a picture of two dogs and the dog says to one dog guess what the russians
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pooped in the hole you say blaming blaming even sas on the russians it was all over the place there are all currents or jokes about that people realize you know the stupid that this is excessive i happen to agree with you i think it's very dangerous i have for this as much as i could because i had the same feeling that you could say is. that it was like with garcia's you couldn't say anything well i decided to seek your out how to say it and that's why i named. a few things you may not have read the newspapers i didn't say bad things about the newspapers they. all kinds of things that i saw here that they were very very interested realize we don't get very much news about you and i mean personal news you know it seems that you take for granted but you know what i also know is that during the cold war the americans systematically criticised the soviet union but if you look at right
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now personal attacks on russian president are actually prevalent as terrible why do you think that american rational ration is actually soured down to a point of personal animosity. i think it's disgraceful and many agree with me i don't know you have to admit that probably there are some enemies there i don't know they're not exactly transparent they haven't done it yet has never happened in our history and i know that there's been direct so much personally i am a funny said really if mr putin actually did all the things they say he did he wouldn't have time to rule at all and it gets to be you know absolutely absurd to have i mean all the things that are written but it's not right and i feel
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it is not correct to do that. so i happen to have the great pleasure of knowing this to put it a little bit after all i was a great friend of subset and i was in petersburg which is my city and it's not that big so if you meet people you know. well i was once introduced on a boston radio program as being the only woman in the world who had been kissed by ronald reagan and let me put it. i had to do it i had to say but it was very it was in church and that's really only because of the old days in in petersburg so personally i always wish him well i know how hard. you know how hard a job it is not ok in foreign policy to write. how much of. the policy so i always watched with. equal opportunity
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for you always put emphasis on personal relationship get and trump wants to fix just that actually can a person to person contact between leaders actually turn around a whole relationship i mean would that you know reagan did it. and he wanted very much to do it and he bleeped he believed believed in personal relations that matter of record he always thought that if people could speak face to face you could go much further than any other way and he put that into practice i'm sure you know that none of his advisors perhaps except perhaps mr schultz wanted him to meet at all with mr got myself they didn't want it you know why they said he wasn't up to it reagan he was not up to it well reagan simply said i wanted
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to and i will and he was supposed to very strongly by his wife. nancy who was all for it so they did it against i mean when i came in so that i was the only woman there were no women it was all absolutely men a male administration and they didn't want he had many of his counselors were absolutely against him meeting of it was his determination and you know what else he said he said then we are not going to discuss a.b.m.'s and all those initials he said we're going to discuss basic to absolutely basic things like why are they afraid of us and why are we afraid of them and that's what we're going to talk about that was geneva. then if we follow that logic we had put in and bush they had good relations a bomb mind mediates of car along
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a bomb might put it not so much but if the relations between great powers yes hand on personal relationship between the leaders doesn't that mean that the minute one of the leaders is replaced then everything any understanding that has been there between them goes off track where you think it's also about roads i mean they get so well along with obama or hillary she might have been she might have been i don't think so well look where we're at right now i mean people call this the new cold war era just because they i know. you're not going to get very far with me on that because i don't think it is and i do believe in the american public and i don't believe in that little group in washington or in the media who have decided to mount and the fact on mr trump i don't know mr trump i don't know what he's going to do. you know. but i am willing to
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give him a little time he lived get elected i didn't have. the vote for either mr trump or ms clinton because i knew them and i i just couldn't i could not do it but i'll tell you one of the things that's happening is the american people have woken up a lot and they were pretty much going along you know thinking only of themselves if you were and they and their own you know our own problems but now they realize that they hadn't paid enough attention to the actually our own government and now there is a great deal more interests in grassroots local with this i think very important everybody was kind of asleep you know thinking it was all going to go on the same old way and then suddenly it isn't so now everybody is paying a lot of attention. i want to talk to a bit about nato. so it happened with nato expansion into streaming
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europe which irritates moscow to this day. one missed ration was ready to leave eastern europe true but with bill clinton and bush jr they decided to expand now all of this all this time moscow was protesting against as they were very firm about their position in the ninety's in two thousand two thousand and ten until this day why was that and still is ignored well i have just said this at a speech that i gave of the baltic forum i have said number one coexistence can never be brought about by force number one and i personally think that putting so the people's borders is not the way to start a constructive conversation most particularly with russia i think
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sometimes. it would help just simply look at the at the map and you might understand better. after all. it is i was very lucky to have on a. particularly threatening on our borders that we have canada and we have mexico and on the other two sides we have. we have two big ponds with fish and that's it so having worries about mortars is not something that we have been very fortunate about that but other people do have worries they do have they you remember their history and of course russia. does remember its history not only the recent history but before history the big mistake of the western policy was that we were making the west was making policy about
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a country that no longer exists the american exceptionalism an exceptional it's an have let the intervention and spread of liberal values but on the other hand there is isolationism like trumps america come first idea what should one do you think will prevail well i think the i can't tell you who's going to prevail i think i personally think that there is a great mood for thinking about america right now you know we have a lot of problems so i think there may be a move away from. interfering all over the place or you know the external policy i think americans are ready. to think about themselves if you think that's isolationism i think in that respect it will be more thinking about itself now. worrying about every other country in the world. we can never forget russia
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but that something else but i really do. i think perhaps you're right that there may be more pulling in. and finally i just want to know because u.s. and russia mainly right now disagree on foreign policy on syria. confrontation path towards iran do you think that russia and us can manage to cooperate selectively do you think they can agree to disagree i hope so i hope so why not after all nobody agrees with everything else this and i don't really believe that any country is a whole and absolutely i think every country has something to contribute so we may not agree but at least we can respect each other's feelings
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and not only feelings history and point of view may not be the same as ours thank you so much for this wonderful interview susan massey. breaking and we thank. you note for change to record this interview in its executive branch thank you. for dogs. but. the relationship between. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. in the study it's
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a very extensive study done by a well respected scientists. do chemical appetising. really increase the risk. i chose a means of known to infuse damage in the last test is it a shared skepticism they do not believe that risk is is true by independent scientists and in the meat industry did you for this i received some compensation for my time as well as the others why is that i me to lobby definitely do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on decent stuff like you. do not back then. is it big business against health. as a start to show us. all stand in safety.
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the our. earth the earth. was. right. at. the one that. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room in the real news
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sydney. and book a good little place called the day police a key to keep. off the last one i love all that was caught up so. my mother won't get in there to commit their we're going to write they can see. through. it all so much putting balls of such false when did open to dodge michael foot into what he said i feel we should i should think almost as you put all things before. they've been done.
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good this is back to barcelona have crossed into france we don't have any specific information on this but it cannot be ruled out as the manhunt for the barcelona. produce a weighing up the chances he's already slipped across the border to france. that investigations launched in germany after claims from members of an elite special operations army unit gave me salutes and played music. i still suffers another blow in syria as the russian defense ministry says a large islamic state convoy heading to date.


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