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tv   Headline News  RT  August 21, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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i. i. i i i think. the hunt intensifies for a twenty two year old. believed to be behind the. possibility. that the suspect. crossed into france we don't have any specific information on this but it cannot be ruled out i. i. said counter protests in recent days shows a growing social. germany after claims members of an
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elite special operations. music. so this hour i still suffers another blow in syria as the russian defense ministry says a large islamic state. strike over two hundred terror. monday here. here on international thanks for joining us this hour from spain where media citing officials have identified you. as the man behind the wheel in a deadly attack police believe the suspect may now have fled. france after running
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more than one hundred protests trains killing thirteen reportedly escaped on foot through barcelona's famous market border kier. is believed to have been part of a twelve member cell responsible for the deadliest terror attacks in spain in thirteen years carried out last week his mother has pleaded for him to surrender the families of other alleged perpetrators say the man behind the attacks who are believed to be no older than twenty four were brainwashed the decision to plow vehicles into crowds in two separate cities was forced on them. due to live civilian we are all shocked the family in spain is also shocked the puzzling question is how sami and the likes of sami became terrorists as we speak that you would never suspect that your son a relative would do this i would tell him to surrender please surrender to the police we have parents surrender to see if the police can capture the ones that have done this to you otherwise other kids will be recruited it's not about these
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kids it's about what was done to them what they have been told and to want. the police suspect and a mom who masterminded the attacks was killed in a recent explosion and that's where it's believed the terror cell had a bomb making factory and for half a year been planning attacks on a much larger scale with the manhunt for the barcelona driver continuing what i guess the breaks down how open e.u. borders have previously played into the hands of jihad us on the run from authorities in this day and age of total surveillance radicals who are often known to police could move down more than a hundred people in broad daylight and get away they can cross twenty six european countries and there will be a single border checkpoint the entire way the good the suspected barcelona have crossed into france we don't have any specific. from ation on this but it cannot be
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ruled out frightening isn't it you would have thought europe might have learned its lesson the first time around or the second or the third how many terror attacks of their even being in the last three years the sad and tragic truth is europeans have largely lost track hearts were broken by the attacks in paris nice berlin stockholm manchester london and other cities these days unfortunately the wave of international terrorism is brutally hitting us turning barcelona and campbell's into the latest scenes of terrorist injustice here is a little map of recent europe trips undertaken by jihad ists i miss our marie runs over almost seventy people and live in and makes it as far as italy before he's accidentally caught as mud mohammed travelled all the way from greece
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to france through at least eight european countries with a fake passport before blowing himself up in paris salah. involved in paris attacks that killed and injured five hundred people travelled through at least nine european states before the attack he was on terror watch lists and they eventually found him in belgium often it's been the case that the powers that the authorities already had weren't being used but notwithstanding that they then introduced the authorities of the government's new legislation giving new powers to the police and security services notwithstanding that it wasn't any lack of those powers in the first place that led to the intelligence failures and it may well be that as true here and the same applies to border controls it remains a possibility in may have crossed the spanish border anybody that knows. as indeed is the case throughout very much of western. those borders are extremely porous you
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can go across as a car in a car in the back of a vehicle or even walk across in some cases they see it isn't punishment itself that deters crime it's the may have the ability of punishment but thanks to europe's open borders prospective terrorists can be sure no matter what they always have that chance to slip away meanwhile finish all thought he's have named the main suspect behind a terror attack in the city of too cool last week he's eighteen year old moroccan warn asylum seeker. is knife rampage left two women dead and eight other people wounded before police managed to shoot him in the leg and arrest him. to stay away from crowded places security measures have also been stepped up at airports and stations incident is being treated as the first ever terror attack in finland.
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outearned sions at a right wing rally of boiled over in canada after a group of counter protesters clashed with police in the city of quebec was. i. and dozens of anti fascist protesters dressed in black through smoke bombs and firecrackers at police who tried to separate the two ronnies the second was a planned right wing event against the moderate policies of the canadian government some of the counter protesters shouted insults at the demonstrators. a minor scuffles have also broken out in california after
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a while america first rally was outnumbered by left wing counter protesters. the counter protesters planned their rally the day before the america first event but still showed up their demo the next evening one hundred police officers were on standby to protect to prevent violence rather three people were arrested at the scene tensions between america's right and left wing activists have been increasing following the violence in charlottesville or near nancy rammed his car into a crowd of protesters. now what efforts to remove that's used to confederate officers regarded by some as symbolizing racism have taken place across america throughout this week right when protesters have faced off with left wingers often resulting in clashes and arrests. in the meantime a petition has been launched on the white house website calling for anti to be
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declared a terrorist organization that's been cited more than hundred thousand people in just a few days now the white house has to issue a response to the prospects of violence have forced one canadian university to cancel a discussion on free speech that's after a backlash from the left wing activists on social media accuse the event of giving a platform to fascists and threaten to disrupt it with counter demonstration ryerson university shut down the discussion citing safety concerns counter-demonstration will still be held outside the campus. our panel included four speakers one of the only controversial professor jordan peterson who became known for refusing to use gender neutral pronouns and others behavioral scientists got to start who's against the so-called thought police on campuses. it was quite extraordinary that the people who were organizing this protest were trying to
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disrupt the event words to accuse in the speakers myself included of being fascists nazis anti semites what kind of person could actually excuse a person with my background of being a nazi and an anti semite but in any case ryerson university structure has been canceled the event so a lot on the stifling of freedom of speech on campuses. i'm not sure that i need to say anything else. out to other speakers were a conservative journalist and suckle a psychologist or an i mean he says opponents the side of the simply use labels instead of having a productive discussion or not promoting hatred or are promoting fascism bigotry or anything of the sort look at the truth behind the labels is what we're trying to promote so this was
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a boat trying to compel people to be able to speak up to be able to have again you know on this discussion and civil discourse with people maybe you disagree with we're trying to promote the right way to have these kinds of discussions because it's not working the way it's been going for the last few years so identity politics people have become so simplistic that if you don't fit into this category that they like if you're not in with them then you're automatically the enemy and today's world if you aren't on the far left you are seen as a nazi. i was a mixtape has suffered yet another significant blow in syria are often called what was hit by the russian air force coding to the ministry of defense and escalated from artie's it up drinker joining me in the studio what's the latest details we have on this asteroid then good afternoon well among the things that mixtape have lost in that air strike by the russian air force are. several tanks more than two dozen armored vehicles with high caliber weapons now also more than two hundred
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terrorists were killed as well with these kind of figures you can say that this operation definitely counts as a success in any part of syria but let me just point out the strategic importance of this particular one the islamic state convoy was heading to the city of dare as zoar and it is controlled by the syrian government but it has been fully encircled by eisel for some three years and he wants an army now since that once you kick islam mixtape out of their resort that will essentially mean that we're almost at the point when the end of islamic state in syria is very very close just looking at a map of the syrian war here it does appear us has been losing a lot of ground doesn't it all over the country well that is true if you look at this map and compare it to what we used to see what we saw about. three weeks
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ago then you could see much more black territory but if we look at all the advances of course to the north of duress or that is thanks to the efforts of the kurds and the u.s. led coalition now there have been some very significant gains to the west of dura zoar and that is thanks to some successful operations by the syrian government troops that were backed by the russian air force. i mean you know.
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so as i was saying military commanders now are contemplating the day when state can finally big kicked out of kicked out of the stairs or province and if that happens and of islamic state in syria will be very close hopefully indeed and great success south of border in iraq as well so much losing ground trying to thanks for the update on the well investigations underway in germany after claims that a leeds army unit gave non-si salutes and played a role communicate a farewell policy that story and more just after this break.
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seemed wrong. just. yet to shape our. outlook. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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much of the program violent clashes have erupted in sunday when i was that there was confronted a new nazi march. europe's ultra right groups gathered there to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the death of hitler's top pension when rudolf hess was a heavy police presence on the streets in a bid to separate the two groups that didn't prevent impassioned verbal spots though that the send it into fist fights. however new nazis marching in the streets was not the full extent of the problem recently an investigation was launched the middle geishas that members of an elite unit of the german army had been giving nazi salutes and playing near nazi rock music at a party on his mental front as santiago takes a look at a story. have you ever heard of germany's special forces command that's right probably not because this is
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a german special ops team the process to join which the so-called k s k rigorous only a handful of soldiers are accepted out of hundreds for operations in conflict zones all over the world just recently a young woman came forward in german t.v. channel claiming that she had been invited to a k. ask a farewell party her task was to police the commander with the prize but it's alleged that chaos broke out nazi salutes were flying all over the room alcohol was being consumed to excesses and even a pig's head was being thrown about all to a backdrop of a german nazi song being blasted out of the speakers a witness we called some of the lyrics showing how some feel nostalgic for the once powerful regime we are examining the incident the investigation may eventually be taken over by the stuttgart attorney and to lawful after ensues or symbols have not been confirmed so far headlines about right wing extremism in the ranks of german
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armed forces have been plaguing its military with some reports suggesting more than twenty five hundred cases have been registered in germany and unnecessary distraction to the many threats it's facing as of now it's nearly as problem is. most of the digital military is not really a threat and more. of course are the military this is the mob that is not excepted by the majority of people of your country when you were in the military and you are. expected by your friends and bought apartment because you're going to take my life very protos you are not really into this and you don't get the best people so they're going to tear it you see the military and it really is a crisis of that's. all that it is simply in the. if you haven't read the libertarian of the other two courses you have
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a lot of mistakes there all of the states that have. british prime minister to resign may has rejected an appeal by survivors and families of nine eleven attack victims they demanded the publication of a u.k. report into the role of saudi arabia in funding is the most extremism we respectfully urge you to release the report now finished or unfinished we are you to consider all the victims of state sponsored saudi finance terrorism their families in the survivors in the u.k. and all over the world the u.k. now has the unique historic opportunity to stop this killing spree of what harvested spied terrorists the longer saudi arabia's complicity is hidden from sunlight the longer terrorism will continue now the reason for the rejection of cited in a letter from the home office was there out of past all classified information involved in that report this resonates with the prime minister's initial position when she was pressured on the matter by the opposition in parliament. last week the
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prime minister refused to make public a report on the foreign funding of extremists in the u.k. despite pressure from all sides of this house and beyond the survivors of nine eleven last night also urging her to make this report available bush explained her refusal is simply because the contents of the report would embarrass the government's friends in saudi arabia or is it because ministers care rather more about arms sales to riyadh than they do about public safety. it is absolutely nothing to do with that there is so there is certain confidential information in the reports that means that it would not be appropriate to publish it but my right under friend the home secretary has made it available on a pretty council basis to opposition parties in two thousand and two the us congress began its inquiry into the nine eleven attacks two years later the families of the victims sued saudi arabia over reports of ties between government officials and the hijackers declassified pages of the inquiry report later confirmed those links with congress then approving
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a bill that allowed families to take legal action against the gulf kingdom. of saudi arabia has denied any involvement in the attacks brought eagleson lost his father in the tragedy he says the fact the u.k. report is being kept secret shows otherwise. it's very clear to us that in all of the nine eleven family members that there is a relationship that exists between our government and the u.k. government between saudi arabia that our governments do not want to inconvenience or they do not want to interrupt this report that we're requesting to be released would be a very inconvenient truth people government this report makes clear connections between terrorist financing and the government of saudi arabia right now we are in a legal case with saudi arabia as it stands right now we are going to court and the united states and we hope for is really the only way that we think that the truth will prevail it's just another small step back for us we've been facing set backs in the past sixteen years but we don't give up we think that all we need to be
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shared. in this report will be that. sentence so high on the korean peninsula as the u.s. and south korea started large scale war games it comes amid continuing anger from pyongyang prior to the drills of course north korea threatened they must in a strike and want america over the risk of uncontrollable nuclear war the annals of force will last ten days and simulate a military conflict with an isolated country who say as the drills practice an invasion the u.s. maintains their defensive this year more than seventeen thousand american troops are taking part which involve land sea and air exercises along with computer simulations as the spike two key mediators in the korean crisis so russia and china are proposing a halt to the games in exchange for a freeze of prongs missile tests grigory at its from the korea policy institute believes the exercises are provocative. these are mainly based simulations rather
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than physical exercises however what are they simulating a simulating war with north korea so that's a provocative. step in itself so it's right on north korea the story stuff the united states it's very. idea of diplomacy is to apply threats and pressure and more pressure that's not the plan with you at all so this fits in the pattern of they feel that threats haven't worked in north korea therefore more threats that are needed it's a backwards way of thinking. other military exercises come off the north korea earlier said it would hold off on strike citing the next move to washington going to how the crisis between playing in america has been unfolding.
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stand together. in the months and years ahead with the people of south korea. this is a very dangerous situation. what has happened in the past when north korea has actually attacked and as always being the chick is attacked south korean military or naval targets honestly if it is attacked american
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forces i mean there would be retaliation again you should ever think of this declared intention to used what could be new armed. weapons as an empty threat because it is possible to use them and they have been used before i don't think that north korea wants to risk a nuclear war i mean it would have to be crazy to do so and actually it's not all crazy. good intentions without proper knowledge behind them sometimes you results that's exactly what happened with the new road safety campaign by transport .
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not all of us wear headscarves i don't wear a headscarf and i know many people many other people who don't but it's not a function on who we are as most things mostly women coming over shapes forms sizes for more different types of nationalities different backgrounds ethnicities the company itself though one tank was misguided and the fact that so many people would have looked at this company and climbed up on it before she went. makes me think that perhaps time pope from london they they perhaps need more diversity training that's all from me for this out of it you can check any of our stories more. dot com or on any of our social media.
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what holds in change do you shut up to. put themselves on a lot to begin to show a little reject. so when one of the first century. or something wanted to reach. out you'd like to be closer to see what before three of the more help you get that the body interested in the waters of. the ship. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each
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breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different to speak to now because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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little come to sophia and. not say it was like the promise of the new it's us administration to mend ties with russia foreign policy hawks in their marriage political establishment are standing firmly against a warming of relations. is a way forward for a last go on washington we ask a woman who had two great powers find common ground at the height of the cold war advisor to president ronald reagan russian scholar and author suzanne messi is with me today.


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