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tv   Headline News  RT  August 21, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the attacker who went on a deadly stabbing rampage in finland on friday is said to have moved from germany raising fresh concerns on the lack of border controls. and law says the hunt intensifies for a twenty two year old moon rock and born man believed to be behind the barcelona violent attack or verities are concerned he may have already escaped across the border with the suspected barcelona soccer have crossed into france we don't have any specific information on this but it cannot be ruled out.
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anti fascist disrupts rightwing rallies both in the canadian city of quebec and in california last of the surge in violence over racism in recent days points to a growing social divide. and president trump set to announce his highly anticipated new strategy for the afghan war with some expected no radical change in approach to this sixteen year conflict. hello there and thank you for joining us you're watching r.t. international with me nicky arran the top story this hour financial farty is have named the main suspects behind friday's terror attack in the city of turku as it emerges he moved from germany in late two thousand and fifteen his pay to all of that with more. finnish courts of started giving out more information about their
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main suspect in friday's deadly stabbing attack deadly knife attack on the streets of the south western city of go they named their main suspect is eighteen year old abdel rahman meche car moroccan national who had according to the authorities failed in an asylum application in finland it's also been revealed though that he had spent time in germany now. is the main suspect as he was shot at the scene following the attack that took place on friday that left two people dead eight more wounded in what authorities are saying is an attack that was designed to target women now it's also being put across is that the it's the first ever terrorist attack that's taken place in finland it does throw more questions about one of the key founding principles of the european union that of freedom of
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movement when we look the. it seems was able to travel from germany where they understood he lived back in twenty fifteen over to finland we don't know the route in which he took but he's he hasn't so far appeared on any. austerities watch lists along that way before popping up in finland as as they say being the main suspect in this fatal attack. spanish media citing council and officials have identified you know that the yard kubes the man behind the will in last week's deadly barcelona van attack police believe the first spec's may now have fled to france and also warn that he's dangerous and might be armed and the u. curb is believed to have been part of a twelve member cell responsible for the deadliest terror attacks in spain in thirteen year is the incident took place in barcelona and cambria with according to the latest figures fifteen people were killed in the two attacks. well new pictures
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of the alleged perpetrators have also sharing them in their cars before they carried out the atrocity with the manhunt for the barcelona driver still under way more and cathy have breaks down how open each borders have long been playing into the hands of jihan deaths on the run in this day and age of truthful surveillance radicals who are often known to police could move down more than one hundred people in broad daylight and get away they can cross twenty six european countries and there won't be a single border checkpoint the entire way could the suspected barcelona have crossed into france we don't have any specific information on this but it cannot be ruled out frightening isn't it you would have thought europe might have learned its lesson the first time around or the second or the third how many terror attacks of
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their even being in the last three years the sad and tragic truth is europeans have largely lost track hearts were broken by the attacks in paris nice berlin stockholm manchester london and other cities these days unfortunately the wave of international terrorism is brutally hitting us turning barcelona and campbell's into the latest scenes of terrorist injustice here is a little map of recent europe trips undertaken by jarvis pts and this armory runs over almost seventy people in burlington and makes it as far as italy before he's accidentally caught out mud mohammed traveled all the way from greece to france through at least eight european countries with a fake passport before blowing himself up in paris salah adel salam involved
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in. iris attacks that killed and injured five hundred people travelled through at least nine european states before the attack he was on terror watch lists and they eventually found him in belgium often it's been the case that the powers that the authorities already had weren't being used but notwithstanding that they then introduced the authorities the government's new legislation giving new powers to the police and security services notwithstanding that it wasn't any lack of those powers in the first place that led to the intelligence failures and it may well be that that's true here and the same applies to border controls but it remains a possibility doing in may have crossed the spanish border anybody that knows our border know so as indeed is the case throughout very much of western europe that those borders are extremely porous you can go across as a car in a car in the back of a vehicle or even walk across in some cases they see it isn't punishment that the
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deters crime it's the inevitability of punishment but thanks to europe's open borders perspective terrorists can be sure no matter what they always have that chance to slip away. meanwhile in the southern french city of mass say one person has been killed and another seriously injured after a car rammed into people at two bus stops the driver has been arrested and is being questioned he was described as already having a police record and also possibly suffering from mental illness issues there were thirty say for now there is no indication the incident should be treated as a terrorism. group and anti-racism protesters have clashed with police in canada and happened after the demonstrators attempted to disrupt a right wing rally in the city of quebec. the
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. dozens of anti fascist protesters dressed in black threw smoke bombs and firecrackers that police who tried to separate the two rally if the second was a planned right wing of then to against the michael and policies of the canadian government the two sides also exchanged insults. well you know what. i mean i think. there's nothing wrong with showing up at right wing demonstrations but there is something wrong with coming there with billboards and placards that you're only carrying for the express purpose of using the stick on which the paper is fastened as a battering ram or as a as a sword or or as
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a baseball bat to hit your opposing demonstrators so it seems to be the case here is that especially the side has been showing up masked and carrying weapons and has been attempting to provoke a crisis. similar scenes also took place across the border in the u.s. where thousands of left wing activists showed up to confront a twenty people strong rally against illegal immigration. some two hundred riot police attended the scene in order to keep the peace two people were arrested a left wing activist for pushing a trump supporter and an identified person with a knife tensions between americas left and right have been increasing following the violence in charlottesville where a neo nazi rammed his car into a crowd of protesters. rallies similar to the ones in california have taken place
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across america throughout the week the largest being seen in the city of boston left when protesters showed up to disrupt planned right-wing of a resulting in clashes and arrests. and one of the slides has upped the ante by launching a petition on the white house website calling for anti father to be declared a terrorist organization more than one hundred forty thousand people have already signed in just three days and now the administration has to issue a response. ok well let's discuss this further now i'm joined by our guest political observer andre walker good to have you on the program mr walker now what do you make of the tactics being used by the left wing activists such as showing up a planned right wing of lens do you think it's going to help prevent violence or only add to the tensions. well look all of your viewers have seen the pretty shocking images that you broadcast of people turning up calling themselves. but
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actually seeming to be dressed as far as themselves with the black clothing and their faces covered it just strikes me that if you turn up to any sort of public event with your face covered carrying some sort of a box then you'll not for the jets but political protests but rather to cause violence and i think what we see across america and indeed canada is just a very sad indictment of these people now in terms of whether the group should be banned i'm not sure necessarily the american government's going to be too keen on prescribing lots of organizations as terrorist organizations but certainly something needs to be done about this level of violence and the people associates with it ought to be very good cells within exactly how should these left wing parties be expressing how they feel if they shouldn't be telling us that these right wing demonstrations well i think it's a great shame that you know these things debates about statues just think so the gentleman said will debate on the one hand you don't want to vandalize your culture
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your hate your history but on the other hand there are latent racial tensions in america and obviously small towns or every small child in the south having a statue of a slave master is not necessarily helpful to that but i think that that is a sensible debate to have within the confines of each individual town and city i think the straddling circus of the far right turning up and then the anti fascist tell you as well to have a fight on the streets in front of people really doesn't add anything to that debate whatsoever among those what are your thoughts on the petition is being launched has been launched in the u.s. calling for antiphon to be declared a terrorist organization. well as a serb not sure the american government is necessarily going to do that but i think what it does do which is extremely helpful is it gives the ability of the more moderate left in the democrat party to distance themselves from these people because i mean you know there are people on the left other people of the rights now i think in the debates part statues both of them are actually are quite good points
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but they are moderates and kind of sensible people i think they should all unite with will voice to say the people to go causing damage in the case of troops you know gratian by the way millions of dollars of damage was done by these left wing groups i think what we need to do is get the the sensible democrats or republicans together to to definitely say that these guys do you know are they worriedly you know leaders like bernie sanders know this on the left have been very very slow to condemn the violence by god i think president by the absolute right when he said charlottesville yes of course it was a terrorist incident but also there was a protest by left of the far right demonstrators and that was disgraceful both both sides and down the political observer that andrea walker thank you for joining us on the program thank you now the prospects of violence have forced one canadian university to council a discussion on stifling free speech that's often
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a backlash from left wing activists on social media they accuse the events of giving a platform to quote fascists and thurston's to disrupt it with a massive rally rhinestone universities shut down the discussion fighting safety concerns so who are the speakers who caused such outrage among the left activists well one of them is professor jordan peterson he started to control the sea with a war against political correctness especially when it comes to gender neutral titles and not so was a behavioral scientist fiat who is against so-called thought police on campuses. it was quite extraordinary that the people who were organizing this protest who were trying to disrupt the event were accusing the speakers myself included of being fascists nazis anti semites what
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kind of person could actually accuse a person with my background of being a nazi and anti semites but in any case ryerson university structure has advanced cancer so the event so on the stifling of freedom of speech on campuses. i'm not sure that i need to say anything else. until other speakers were a conservative journalist as well as psychologist are an homage say hey told us that opponents are simply using labels instead of having a productive discussion we're not promoting hatred or are promoting fascism bigotry or anything of the sort look at the truth behind the labels is what we're trying to promote so this was about trying to compel people to be able to speak up to be able to have again you know on this discussion civil discourse with people maybe you disagree with we're trying to promote the right way to have these kinds of discussions because it's not working the way it's been going for the last few years
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so identity politics people have become so simplistic that if you don't fit into this category that they like if you're not with them then you're automatically the enemy today's world if you are on the far left you are seen as a nazi and islamic state suffered a significant defeat in syria with a long enough story and more after this short break they were.
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we go. every. period. you get it out the old. according to josh. for the raw. deal i welcome back the president trump is set to announce his new strategy for dealing with the afghan conflict that's according to a white house statement the decision is said to have been reached on friday at
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a meeting with the u.s. all me chiefs but the president has held off on announcements and so now chimes previous comments on the fight against terrorism make it hard to guess what his latest decision maybe. this destructive cycle of intervention and chaos must finally folks come to an end and took over a mess and we're going to. make it a lot less messy we will destroy radical islamic terrorism. ok well let's discuss this further now with the beirut based journalist martin j. and j. thank you for joining us on the program always good to see you so what do you expect his statement to say do you think we will see an escalation in the number of troops in afghanistan. i think it may well be about numbers certainly something along the region of what we've heard previously leaked or four thousand or five thousand more troops could be part of the speech was it could be more
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a public relations stunt i think against all the old surrogates history and i guess even what trump of seven self in his own presidential campaign he's he's doing a flip flop once again another u. turn and he will actually try to convince the american people that he has a master plan in afghanistan which is not called the graveyard of empires for nothing. so you think we'll see a radical new approach from the trumpet ministration. i'm not sure radicals the right word i mean the heel so in need a new approach you know the afghanistan of today's very different to few years ago of what obama had some one hundred thousand troops. probably he would look for some sort of new plan which could push the afghani government more towards cracking down on corruption which is a massive problem which is always hindered us nato led coalition forces in the past and also improving on governance which is all going to but i mean you know
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realistically how do you do those things how do you improve governance and corruption in a country like afghanistan which sort of goes off the scale when you talk about those two subjects so i think come a radical plan of getting a better deal from afghanistan importantly pakistan may well be part of the package i'm not sure he will go into great detail for the american people there in a speech on radical or not do you think the u.s. the allies will be on board with whatever trunk comes up with. well that might be a critical factor in if for for the whole thing to actually work in the first place i think come i think probably some of the few. members aren't when he was in europe just a few months ago even though he made a bit of full himself a photo shoot which we can all remember expect there will be a certain contingent number from a few european countries who dip their toe in the water and see what happens you know i mean they are up against such great odds and think some of the more wise and
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colonial countries like britain and france know that afghanistan is not a war that you win and now with the taliban reaching what some reports of said are controlling something like sixty percent of the country and a new dimension entirely with a local isis affiliate you know it's it's really unchartered territory four thousand or american troops or another four thousand from an international coalition isn't really going to make much difference one way or the other you know i think it may well be that trump is looking for very very small victories to feed the p.r. campaign as he badly needs a foreign victory somewhere it's quite interesting that the powers capstone them for their over the weekend when we understand that this. decision was made on friday so interesting to see what comes out of this that wasn't a always good to have you on the program based on last night and jack thank you.
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well tensions remain high on the korean peninsula as the u.s. and south korea have started large scale joint war games now it comes amid continuing anger from pyongyang prior to the drills north korea threatens a most of those strike and warned washington of the risk of uncontrollable nuclear war the annual show of force will last for ten days then simulate a military conflict pyongyang claims the drills practice and invasion while the u.s. maintains that defensive in nature this year more than seventeen thousand american troops are taking part with land sea and air exercises along with computer simulations despite two of the key mediators in the north korean crisis russia and china proposing a halt to the war games in exchange for a freeze on pyongyang's missile tests in east asia expert andrew long says that the drills come amid an extremely volatile situation those two sides have reach a state of stalemate as it were president has already two in his rhetoric
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a little bit but on the other hand there's an new exercise with south korea is allowed to carry on at this very sensitive time and russia. supports the cargo for you meet the seizure of hostilities and also. tuning down the rhetoric on all sides one time with somewhere the concrete. terms were agreed but eventually it came to nothing because there was a suspicion that back of the minds of the united states there was always these hidden agenda of change the. the military exercises come after north korea earlier is that it would hold off on strikes handing the next move to washington let's remind you of how the recent crisis between pyongyang and washington has been unfolding. i.
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stand together. in the months and years ahead with the people of south korea. this is a very dangerous situation because. what has happened in the past when north korea has actually. has always be it is
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a turning south korean military naval targets. honestly it is to attack american forces i mean there would be retaliation i don't know you should ever think of this declared the tension the used what could be nuclear armed. weapons as an empty threat because it is possible now and it may have been used before i don't think that north korea wants to risk a nuclear war i mean it would have to be crazy to do so and actually is not at all crazy. huge fire has engulfed more than ten houses in southern russia there are reports of a gas explosion as well with police urging locals to stay away from the site according to russia's emergency ministry fire has spread to more than six thousand square meters so far there are no reports of deaths or injuries especially as
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firefighting boats and helicopter have been called in to help. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle of the room sick. kind of financial survival. money laundering first visit this cash industry difference. is a good start well we have our three banks all set up for something and you're
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something in america something over the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in their tough talk or suit isaf to say to do some serious. ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal so much because of course.
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and i welcome back now islamic state third another significant blow in syria after his convoy was hit by the russian air force that's according to the ministry of defense in moscow and earlier i discussed the details with. among the things that i saw how lost in this strike by the washington air force are several tanks over two dozen armored vehicles with high caliber weapons on board plus more than two
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hundred terrorists have been killed as well this is according to the russian military now with these kind of figures any such. strike would count as a big success in any part of syria but let me just point out the strategic and geographical importance of this particular one this islamic state convoy was heading to the city of deer as zoar and as you can see on this map this city is still controlled by the syrian government but it has been completely encircled by islamic state for three years now the russian army is now saying that if they manage to kick out islamic state from this province and this case we will find ourselves in a situation essentially when we are very close to the end of islamic state in syria he said indeed in a significant if i can gain and i feel has been losing a lot of ground in syria recently as well just look at this map the area.


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