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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 21, 2017 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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a number of polls in the u.k. are showing a drop in support for prime minister to resign. nothing has changed. nothing has changed the polls are once again shifting. it may come down to the scottish national party to be the kingmaker what was a sure bet from the start of the campaign is now not. just. to get. the few. future. he's going to be a hung parliament. this is a disaster for me obviously.
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this is going on the ground on the green outside the british parliament as u.k. prime minister. makes a deal with the d u p a political group previously linked to protestant paramilitaries some argue it's like jeremy corbin and one had become a british prime minister in a coalition with chin fame previously linked to the ira coming up in the show we caught up with. the boss of britain's biggest union. as well as. shadow chancellor john mcdonnell to. join what do you think your electoral game say about media power in terms of the way we've been treated by the written press generous to say the least some of the most vicious personal attacks that i've ever seen on a politician in some ways what you expect. from some of the press. what offended
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a large number of people was the way they also went for our families as well which is unacceptable i think and people have rejected that and i think they're projected it so they've cut through all of that and instead because we get because of legislation we get relatively balanced broadcast media coverage fasten a verse to cut through an override that bias in the process sell the farm as a newspaper editor now of the in the murdoch empire whatever i'll be thinking of years page after page after page for nearly six weeks of denigration of jeremy corben and it hasn't worked so maybe i'm with i just got back to reporting the news that would be quite helpful for of democracy the balanced media broadcast restrictions are now ended there that the election has happened do you expect the broadcast media to continue to be as fair to you i would expect them to live up to the standards that the general public now now want which is fair fair coverage proper debate a move away from personalities the culture and policy and whatever happens you think renationalisation of monopoly utilities and the attempts to stop people
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having to use food banks is firmly on the political agenda manifesto prove to be extremely popular and we tested a number of individual policies and problems at other did and proved to be extremely popular i think because people felt that their mark and some of the water industry or energy industries or they felt were being ripped off and that had enough of them especially thank you very much len what do you think of the bias of the b.b.c. during this campaign well i think the bias of the media spin something has been regressive including the b.b.c. and i hope that what will. this particular election as the. rejection of the negativity that the turris and the british media of try to portray surely it's time for us to get back to them across a debate where those differences i don't know how difficult it is to take knighthoods the right but i think in crowds we could be happy that he got his knighthood last. he wouldn't even get
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a caustic at. berger's just here was done by the b.b.c. trust for bias against corbin what did you think what did you think of the way france is the b.b.c. was done by the b.b.c. just told you i didn't i didn't i did i don't believe that the british media in general have been. to. any particular violent attacks that he's had to with. literally ordinary people have rejected. decided to look at policies look at a genuine honest man and give them a reward reward i believe will be a step towards governments in hopefully the not too distant future you're kind of getting out in banks in the bad boys of bricks a tool chain is milne anything in the corbin team yes be unconventional take risks and make the public and what do you think of the european politicians your colleagues in the e.u. parliament will of now be thinking about negotiations with
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a call to be hoping they'll be absolutely over the moon they will see a weakened british prime minister and they will see that already you know the indications are that the bracks that position that is going to be significant backsliding on it so if if we're really at the british government really is going in eleven days time as david davis has indicated saying that perhaps we might stay in the single market it's a big victory for the european community it was a slow burn how can corbin did it so quickly from from everyone saying he couldn't do well but i think the labor party was what its first see in eight hundred ninety eight didn't it. what about this f.b.i. investigation of you being a connection between the wiki leaks and who knows nothing about it getting their counsel that investigation after combing with never was one so what was all that about a source a source says other what they're talking about i think to their propaganda decease no i think it ceased already and i think that yes the way mr kay we came across yesterday is that it's. people like him that have been playing games not people at
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trumpet myself but. also on college green beside the u.k. parliament amongst the milling journalists and politicians was a spin doctor to tourism is tory. david cameron we caught up with craig all over to ask for his thoughts on the general election which just sent british elites running for cover craig so you thought she'd win why didn't she win an overall majority i think there's going to be a huge post-mortem that goes on after this and certainly part of that is going to be you had a manifesto that had something that was deeply unpopular and you had to do a u. turn within a few days after it was social care policy for the elderly also you were in a situation where the manifested didn't have any big retail policy that was saying that this is something that's really popular and you can get behind i think also a seven week election where you're not really gauging that much you're repeating strong and stable constantly but not engaging in terms of interviews not in debates
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not in terms of going out and about meeting the public i think that was quite difficult and i told her as well but it is the opposite of what happened to you you thought you were going to lose or was going to lose and you weren't well we don't quite like that we spent a lot of time in twenty fifty getting on a bus to to the west country and really trying to win all those seats the media failed to spot it and said it's impossible for you to win in fact it was an impossible and everything came together and we did win what's fascinating is that you're right the reverse this time everybody thought it was impossible for it to lose and she seems to have lost in the sense that she's not got an overall majority of the problems of an echo chamber being developing when you're sitting inside downing street i think there's massive issues here in the commentary is getting it wrong on such a regular basis and they're basing it on information that constantly seems to be a bit dodgy really so you're absolutely right to raise it as an issue who would now confidently predict elections in. but some vindication of
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a few opinion polls just like maybe hugo of to a point they actually predicted this but about four or five days ago and actually the last polls was saying that it was pretty similar to be having a seven point. victory so nobody's coming in glory when this in terms of the commentary or in terms of pollsters because jim messina who failed spectacularly with hillary clinton after being successful with obama is in a beltway problem like it was in d.c. for clinton. people thought the kind of techniques that we used in two thousand and eight which is very very focused very very specific digital campaigning targeting people was the answer to everything and that's something that some posters have been associated with i think quite a few examples where that hasn't quite worked in a number of occasions so i think there are going to be huge questions for pollsters and political strategists in retrospect was the dementia tax. attempt to try and
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bring progressive politics into the. some might say was to the left of korban it was definitely attempt to solve one of the biggest problems of our age which is people can afford their futures because they're living longer now there is no solution to that that doesn't involve spending a lot of money and no political party is going to come up with a solution that is going to be wildly popular the problem is doing it in the middle of an election campaign when you haven't rolled the pitch you haven't prepared people for it and that turned out to be a completely disastrous thing but you wouldn't expect any other prior tory leader to bring in a policy to solve that conundrum by taking it from the core. demographic votes of the conservative party i think you wouldn't expect somebody to do it in the middle of an election campaign without having reprieve rolled the page and warned people about it and that was definitely a huge mistake and the fact that they you turned a few days later was clearly seen as a huge problem because it wasn't really that much else in the manifesto that actually looked good or look strong would. the impact of terrorism because jeremy
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corbyn. notably very quick to talk about racism a cozying up to the saudis who according to wiki leaks it shows that there is the sourcing for isis money comes from the persian gulf it's hard to say what impact terrorism had on this election theresa may was criticised for having cut police numbers by twenty thousand jeremy corbin for having being seen by many people as being a kind of terrorist friend neither of them came out of that debate particularly well but one thing i will say was that public services and austerity certainly seems to have been a bigger issue in this election than most people thought it would be so was it the economy stupid i mean wouldn't you have told him that it's always the economy stupid in different manifestations people are concerned about public services in this country people are concerned about brakes and lots of people have got lots of interpretations about what breaks it means the truth is nobody really knows anything but we g.d.p. trends going down now wouldn't it have been better of labor wins now and then the
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tories can win a landslide in twenty twenty you know it's because the economy is about to tank that's always a difficult game to play you want to win any election that's in front of you it's better to be in power than not to be in power because you never know what's going to come up ahead of you so i think playing that games a bit sort of dodgy the reality is the biggest issue facing this country is definitely breaks and then we're now in a situation where any government that is trying to negotiate that has just made it more difficult because they don't have the backing of the house of commons within hours of a ten am speech on friday. nick timothy and fiona hill two leaving . the conservative party headquarters. do you think. to be blaming the chief of staff for the policy initiatives i don't know that it's necessarily going to be that blames him but certainly they will be put in a frame for this because that's just the reality we lost the referendum on the e.u. when i was responsible and you get a lot of criticism if your advisor. campaign that fails and so i think that's
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fairly inevitable in this case ok thank you thank you. after the break. and pulls out his earpiece to tell us how social media in a socialist manifesto got nearly sixty five percent of british young people into the voting booth. and form a liberal democrat. britain's voting system has resulted in an illegitimate prime minister. paramilitaries and his former leader using his seat. but. fairly strong when there were two thousand.
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welcome back i'm joined now by the internationally famous comedian tom walker who plays a news journalist character jonathan pie in a world tour that starting next year thanks for coming by the going under a tent war zone where it is a media war zone on college great if you make of the journalists out there very similar to the john pike character and whenever i meet a journalist they always assume i used to be a journalist i'm a there is always a look of recognition because the way you do it is so similar to the way the i guess it well there's always that's there's there was that particular voice as well you know you know there's always but you know there's no funny voice with me we're not up and i want to this is going on with this election it's crazy i mean i'm a bit of a lefty so you know i couldn't i think it's
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a great result for you know i just said if labor again to see until results to say that's a win for labor what she's done rather than creating a strong and stable government she has hopefully create a strong stable opposition which i think is an amazing thing for democracy no matter what your politics are when it comes to expectations are they affected here's the way that broadcasting voice of authority if you yourself with having doubts about the success of goldman's message in britain in the way they say i thought his i thought his message was loud and clear i just i wondered whether it might have been too little too late and they let the electorate all pretty fickle as we know. and i have no reason to doubt the polls this time. we didn't have any reason to doubt i suppose that the trump poll so we didn't have the bricks problem the last election i mean the last election was such a shock which we kind of forget so what do you think about to resume for me going with the d p one is bunk because i don't believe the queen. i think is the largest
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party she has probably got. she's got a t. to try and form a government i guess more so than labor and i also wonder whether labor are actually in a better position to be in opposition at the moment i wonder whether they're quite ready for government yet because you've got all these playwrights within the labor party that have only woken up and gone jeremy colvin it's all right isn't it for the first time you know so it's going to take a little while for for all the playwright some of the centrists in the labor party to finally get behind their leader you know take them a few days to get used to that. yeah a few of those red so-called red tory blairite neo liberals they said to me you know wards of. labor would have done much better and it would be no in a smear or one of those are simply nonsense but what's the difference between me and smith you may as well go for me because their two cents are right parties oh that's what that's what labor would be back to being a blairite new labor it would be back to that he won this election because you look
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at the manifesto use his manifesto wisdom whatever your politics is his manifesto was demonstrably better and it was a socialist leftwing manifesto because he had nothing to lose and then the country of looked at that and gone oh my god some social housing some social equality. trying to eradicate homelessness i can get on board with that rather than strong and stable government but the labor red tories are those that say they still appear to be saying and these are the same people who sympathize with walking through the lobby with theresa may for the austerity cuts on benefits don't they still thing that has to be done because most of those people in labor that say that would be out of a job today if it wasn't for colvin's campaign and actually if those people had got behind colby and there is no doubt in my mind that they'd be walking into government right now but they didn't and i've i've had. anecdotal. evidence all.
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labor m.p.'s on the doorstep thing their leader well if you haven't done that you might want to few more seats and you've been governor right now what is the scale of the treachery even if you sit there involvement thanks to jeremy goldman's leadership looks upon a balloon to still hate it because the reason they've always hated him is because he's unelectable well he's just he just. avoided a landslide against him you know that a socialist agenda does not play well with the electorate it's totally been debunked the idea that they're wrong that the centrists the blairites they they've just been proved wrong i thought this was going to be a funny interview that i only make love to. all the rest of it but this of course does have serious consequences in the immediate future for the national health service for the food bags and all the things you talk about your comedy routine and . how i will be able to cope with it because she can't now steamroller over anything she wants you know if she does manage to form
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a government you've got only a strong opposition and not a strong opposition of tory light opposition you've got a socialist left wing agenda and whether your politics is is not left wing or right wing government and a left wing opposition that's how our system works that's what that's when it's at its healthiest i'm not i'm not sure a hung parliament is that is it's the best thing for us but i think our democracy is in a healthy position today than it was just killing young people of your. gig. and of course people said it was the young turnout that helped so much you know there's some of them including for the first time what do you think they're going to make of the effect of their vote of course mainly because i think they should feel elated i think there's a lot of young people who are going to be angry now i think there's a lot of young people who might think well we didn't win the election but in my view we did it can't be underestimated the treatment when you look back at the. in
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this campaign there were some pundits and it was now the realms of possibility for saying the trees may was going to walk back into number ten with a majority of two hundred well she said how she's now all right she's still the largest party but it isn't dropping. and she got small and never in the same coping well. politics never ceases to amaze and when you think about the embankment not just broadcast journalism the press itself is a massive failure of the room and. the oligarchs and. pretty much any shows the power social media i mean i'm always a bit dubious of the power of social media because i think a lot of it is just being in your own echo chamber i think but i think social media really did encourage the young people to get out and vote because they're being both bombarded by all their mates going to vote vote vote vote vote you must cope with it in fact the conservatives that are in their own echo chamber or trace of me as believing choosing the way it works both ways i think yeah i think it works both
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ways but you know you can't blame theresa may for looking at the polls just before she got that she told the election of going it's a no brainer let's call it the election and you can't blame people for trusting those polls really i mean what's around it is because people stick out. well then you get into the bible cause teleco shah. well now with me outside the palace of westminster makeshift studio is the broadcaster of all the liberal democrat member of parliament. break during the course of events what do you think when trains may finally released that statement saying i met the queen at twelve thirty and very quickly went on to saying after she said i am the prime minister that she would protect us from terror attacks like manchester and london bridge i don't think she's been following the election results are. because it gave the impression that she thought she had the legitimacy
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to continue as prime minister but hold on a second now wasn't it to reason they decided to cause an election notwithstanding the fact we need to have them every five years by statute she could to stop not to two years and said i want to mandate for breakfast and then it went the other way in other words she didn't get the mandate which is saying carry on regardless of what she said best of three tell me about the diva that is now part of the ruling coalition of this country how lifeline here is the democratic unionist party which is a loyalist party dedicated to keeping the north of ireland in the united kingdom there is a natural alliance between the conservative and unionist party think that's what they're technically called and the do you pay but these people are clever negotiators when i was shot at texas state for northern ireland i saw what they extracted as a deal from tony blair in exchange for votes and it comes to millions they're great
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at getting public funds for example. if the reason may think there's going to be a small price tag here so you can think again they are going to be intransigent because they hold the keys to power not of the trees in may but for three hundred eighteen or three hundred ninety nine paise. very likeable people in my view but they're not the kind of people you want to be beholden to because they'll probably win the negotiation there was some social media that there was a strange kind of hypocrisy here because theresa may have criticised corbin for being a supporter of the ira when the. glee is aligned with protestant paramilitary groups in the north we all know that the ira were in direct talks with the british government up the british governments perhaps right back in the early one nine hundred seventy s. different colored governments but the same narrative how did the peace process work if not by negotiation and dialogue what's interesting though is that it didn't really affect all to. and.
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this is another irony arguably because prepared to speak to you publicly while conservatives were indeed in private maybe talking to the very same refused to take up their seats in parliament they'd rather do that than maybe make. a progressive coalition with labor in the palace of westminster. they'd rather have a deep element in the british government than a progressive alerts dot's writes but i can explain that while the d.p. and the conservatives are in a way ironic as an alliance based on all the connections the shin saying point is about a principle which they set years ago that they were sets and not building i used to talk to them and say why don't you come in and make your cases on how we can't do that we can't do that on principle i wouldn't even begin to try to persuade them
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about that what ever reasons it's just their reasons if they don't like the color of the carpet whatever it is they're not going to go in there so those seven are out of play but here's the interesting consequence it means that we have got six hundred fifty active parliamentarians and that we've got six hundred forty two if you exclude the speaker and the seventeen fane m.p.'s that makes another two deputies three of them is actually going to read all this up until the election you double things take away the nobody first that's right and then then you produce like the car that you were thinking of at the beginning of the called the wild card here because it basically means that series mates trying to get a majority from around six hundred for that's around three hundred twenty three hundred twenty one just gets over the line of the d.p. but what kind of a wild alliance is that say what about the liberal democrat performance a great success for tim farron establishing his leadership is someone who's going to bring back the party of lloyd george they had nine m.p.'s just before the election they went up with twelve and within that they lost five of the nine they
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were defending but scooped up these other seats and regained some that they had up to twenty fifteen to make up the difference that's a fact the first form of spin is it's a fifty percent increase well yeah for more people saying instead of being paid ten pence for doing this interview i get fifteen pence which i would be grateful for by the way the third way of looking. first time the number of the. increase since the days of charles kennedy around two thousand and five that was a peak point but that was sixty three and pace to go up by something like four or five at a time means that to get to that level will take about fifteen elections luckily since to resume a strategy seems to have enough elections until she gets a result probably of those fifteen in the next five years it's arguable whether one can really understand the so-called red tories on corbin's back benches peter
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mandelson was just over there seeming to say his pleasantly surprised by what sort of fight do you think your record is going to have from the very m.p.'s that benefited from his manifesto arguably but who plainly don't share his release offical believe that peter mandelson said he was pleasantly surprised that means he was using unrepeatable language behind closed doors about what coburn actually achieved he might only be pleased about that because coburn represents everything that new labor was against and here's the problem they've already tried to stop calling first time round he wouldn't have even had enough nominations if people hadn't felt sorry for him then they tried to get any increased his share of the vote and now just when everyone thought it was time to accept though and behold he's increased the number of m.p.'s for the first time since tony blair did in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven he's the most successful labor party leader in
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recent times since tony blair was never in mandelson's plan it also means that we have moved on quite roundly from the new labor agenda to. very clear left wing agenda he can write the ticket now and he if you place this right in the front correct about thinking this could be another general election soon if he can portray himself as the reasonable left leaning likeable prime minister and waiting . the toys better watch out. thank you. hope you enjoyed that requested favorite show from the latest season of going underground will be back with another great season of going underground on saturday the second of september but till then keep in touch by social media will still be reading lol your communication with the teams is and.
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you can you learn today you know listen nobody was playing in one million people that. killed people even dangerous. now no one still going to wait a few bodies around and that's. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch him is the really packs a punch. is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently
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better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight. president of the world bank hate. me seriously send us an e-mail. yeah and book a little place called the day police a key to keep. the lights out. so. my mother won't get in you know who are going to commit they're going to write. for the ball club such what they did hoping to dodge myself a little bit why use of
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a film should or should be mostly as you pulled me through. it was. the attacker who went on my deadly for stomping rampage in finland on friday is said to have moved from germany placing first concern for lack of border control. as the hunt intensifies where twenty two year old moroccan born man believed to be behind the bombs alone of van attack forty the concerned he may have already escaped across the border. new witness accounts of refugees from morocco paints a worrying picture of what's developing in the syrian city meanwhile the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council tells us.


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