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tv   Headline News  RT  August 21, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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these are the hawks that we along with all will be watching. the. breaking news this hour after a five day police shoot dead the terrorist. at a tourist spot in barcelona the man was killed while reportedly wearing an explosive. while the attacker went on a deadly stabbing rampage in finland on friday said to have moved from germany raising fresh concerns about the lack of border controls. a new witness accounts of refugees from worrying picture of what's developing in the syrian city . general of the norwegian refugee council tells us that. between terrorists and
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coalition strikes. urban warfare and especially air raids. massively risking civilian casualties we. crossed twenty seven is more displacement. thanks so much for joining us. you're watching international. and we will start this hour with breaking news for you because spanish police have just confirmed the person killed in the last few hours in a barcelona suburb is unisys. who is the man who is suspected of having carried out terrorist attack in this city on thursday
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a police operation is underway and police are trying to find out whether the man was wearing a genuine explosive belt twenty two year old unit or by your cool drove a van into dozens of people on the last of rambis tourist hot spots will bring you more information on this story as it develops. right. ok now the news from barcelona comes just after finnish or thirty said name the main suspect behind friday's terrorist attack in the city of turku it's also emerged that. moved there from germany in late two thousand and fifteen and police apparently knew about the suspect's possible radicalization a year prior to the attack on t.s.b. two other has more from berlin finnish courts of started giving out more information about their main suspect in friday's deadly stabbing attack deadly
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knife attack on the streets of the south western city of third go they've named their main suspect is eighteen year old abdel rahman meche car moroccan national who had according to the authorities failed in an asylum application in finland it's also been revealed though that he had spent time in germany now. is the main suspect as he was shot at the scene following the attack that took place on friday that left two people dead eight more wounded in what authorities are saying is an attack that was designed to target women now it's also being. across is that the it's the first ever terrorist attack that's taken place in finland it does throw up more questions about one of the key founding principles of the european union that of freedom of movement when we look. it seems was able to travel from
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germany where they understood he lived back in twenty fifteen over to finland we don't know the route in which he took but he said he hasn't so far appeared on any . austerities watch lists along that way before popping up in finland others they say being the main suspect in this fatal attack. going back to barcelona as we reported earlier the suspect there was initially thought to cross the border into france following the attack is america has the breaking down our open european union borders can play into the hands of jihadists on the run. in this day and age of truthful surveillance radicals who are often known to police could move down more than one hundred people in broad daylight and get away they can cross twenty six european countries and there won't be a single border checkpoint the entire way could the suspected barcelona have
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crossed into france we don't have any specific information on this but it cannot be ruled out frightening isn't it you would have thought europe might have learned its lesson the first time around or the second or the third how many terror attacks of their even being in the last three years the sad and tragic truth is europeans have largely lost track hearts were broken by the attacks in paris nice berlin stockholm manchester london and other cities these days unfortunately the wave of international terrorism is brutally hitting us turning barcelona and campbell's into the latest scenes of terrorist injustice here is a little map of recent europe trips undertaken by jihad ists i miss our marie runs over almost seventy people in burlington and makes it as far as italy before
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he's accidentally caught out mud mohammed traveled all the way from greece to affronts through at least eight european countries with a fake passport before blowing himself up in paris salah adel salam involved in paris attacks that killed and injured need five hundred people traveled through at least nine european states before the attack he was on terror watch lists and they eventually found him in belgium often it's been the case that the powers that the. authorities already had were being used but notwithstanding that they then introduced the authorities of the government's new legislation giving new powers to the police and security services notwithstanding that it wasn't any lack of those powers in the first place that led to the intelligence failures and it may well be that that's true here and the same applies to border controls but it
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remains a possibility then you may have crossed the spanish border anybody that knows that border as indeed is the case throughout very much of western europe those borders are extremely porous you can go across as a car in a car in the back of a vehicle or even walk across in some cases they see it isn't punishment to the scribe it's the inevitability of punishment but thanks to europe's open borders perspective terrorists can be sure no matter what they always have that chance to slip away. ok let's stay with our breaking story about spanish police confirming that they killed the suspect a in the lead suspect in the barcelona vehicle attack let's bring in a guest now doc to doug weeks joins us on the line from the u.k. . doug first of all the fact that there are there are claims that.
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what may have been a fake explosive belt was used that seems to be the suggestion it's not confirmed at this point why would. a suspected terrorist on the run be using a fake belt is that they're not wanting to be taken alive for questioning or something else you know more than my. nose turned out to be. it was probably environment you know the rumors start my new year to. die as a martyr and we certainly saw some really you. know wonder you. need people there are exactly the same thing. to instill fear in the people who are attacking at that moment when there are. real or not now national. so it seems the police have finally got the money they were after although he made it i think this the city where he's been located roughly thirty
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miles away from barcelona and it took several days to dunton down what do you make of the police operation how they handle this manhunt. i think i'm actually done quite well if you look at kind of the constituent parts of this terror attack you know me giving with the explosion. the first vehicle will catch all but the second one trying to put together i think that they actually can whip quite well and got into the problem early fairly quickly. no doubt they are still trying to under international clues follow up on something we may have to make sure that the have gotten to the bottom of this but i think all i think that the actually you're quoting your job and bringing this to a relatively quick conclusion the fact that the driver was able to get away and essentially remain on. the run for the following you can act
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i mean if you think about that some fairly daunting task for any law enforcement you try and track that individual down and especially one are trying to follow leads and perhaps going to another country in france or what open that leads are not mean essentially state in general and calvin that he has been in for quite a while. playing psych then it becomes. you know a cast for law enforcement to use so in fact they did find him. to a close we think i think was done quite well the fact that he was in the major city though i mean we kind of led to believe these days that we're in the constant surveillance you think it may just city c.c.t.v. cameras everywhere is that not the case that it's not so easy in reality to track people you know it's not that i'm entering overstatement the the
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c c t v. issue where especially for instance here in britain where there are i think britain remains the country with you most number of cameras around is somewhat of a misnomer in the sense that yes there are a lot of cameras however if you want to actively volunteer people on you have to have somebody sitting in front of virtually every camera that you would have on a twenty four hour patience and that simply is not possible the other. thing. is for usual recognition software but there is a lot of reasons why that. cannot work. a number of technical reasons camera angle and some other thing that the technology you're just
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not perfect and you're not if you can only allow that to happen so despite the fact that there are these surveillance systems that are out there a lot of times it really comes down to following up on the leads that the police. investigating where they might follow and where that person is my own from that lead me so originally the authorities in spain said they didn't know where but it seems now they have in the court and killed my guest talked to doug weeks terrorism expert great to speak to you thank you thank you very much. now in another new new witness accounts of refugees from the self-proclaimed capital of islamic state in syria paint a very worrying picture as the united states leads the advance. flee from the city of describe what it was like. a little bit people who would die either from clashes from the aircraft. we people died as
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a result and yes many people died would you think though many people died the aircraft targeted the point is i was living it and then i was able to parse. a little earlier on we spoke to you on egeland the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he said that people are dying in crossfire between terrorists and coalition airstrikes. urban warfare and especially air raids are always massively risking civilian casualties in iraq which is a heavily dense densely populated town that has been now been bartman from the coalition for a very long time inside the islamic state by this. holding civilians as human shields these people are really caught in a horrific crossfire we know that there are casualties are very many we in the
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region refugee council are receiving those who flee from iraq we try to help them but i just heard from my colleagues in medicine standpoint the doctors without borders that there are medical facilities have received very few of late it is very hard for people to escape from the remaining enclaves in iraq twenty seventeen is more of a year of displacement than people had thought one point three million times as syrian has been displaced seven thousand people a day has been displaced by conflict. a recent article by middle east i reveals testimonies of civilians who fled territories that were under eisel control they report reflect conditions in poorly equipped refugee camps they say the conditions are worse than in prisons refugees are not even allowed to leave the territory u.s.
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allied syrian defense forces deny that the camps are under their control and i go in the game told us that the conditions are violation of human rights. because of the seats meant to many towns and places and because of crossfire and because of so many activists on the ground it's very very hard to reach. very many places there are also some areas where the the camps are held by groups that are not allowing neither freedom of movement of the civilians no freedom of movement for the humanitarian workers the. host list search and so on freedom of movement of of syrian civilians that fled rucka and that's where that's for sure and that's something we are engaging the s.p.f. and indeed the u.s. and others on that event who claim that it is because they don't know who would be sympathizers of the islamic state what we say is that billions do have
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a freedom of movement if someone is particularly suspect there is reason to believe that someone would. not a million bucks fighting with one group or the other that person should be charged . meanwhile islamic state has suffered another significant blow in syria after its convoy was hit by the russian air force that's according to the ministry of defense in the remote early on my colleague aaron discussed the details of any bitter end. among the things that i saw how lost in this strike by the russian air force are several tanks over two dozen armored vehicles with high caliber weapons on board plus more than two hundred terrorists have been killed as well this is according to the russian military now with these kind of figures any such anti strike would count as
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a big success in any part of syria but let me just point out the strategic and geographical importance of this particular one this islamic state convoy was heading to the city of daire as zoar and as you can see on this map this city is still controlled by the syrian government but it has been completely encircled by islamic state for three years now the russian army is now saying that if they manage to kick out state from this province and this case we will find ourselves in a situation essentially when we are very close to the end of islamic state in syria is indeed an insignificant if it can gain and i feel has been losing a lot of ground in syria recently as well just look at this map the area which is black is indeed the areas that are still controlled body still but if we looked at this map just three weeks ago most of this area this is mostly the hama and homs
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provinces was controlled by islamic state as you can see the yellow bits this is where the kurds and the allies have made significant gains north of their resort but again these particular gains and territorial advance advances by the syrian army they were made possible thanks to several successful operations by the syrian government army backed by the russian air force and as you can see in this particular case just east of hama they were even able to encircle islamic state. going to.
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now of course completely kicking state out of the air resort province is a massive challenge indeed a tough one but of course the military commanders in syria are contemplating the bad day when that can be done because this will really signal the final chapter of islamic state in syria. president trump is expected to announce his new strategy for the war in afghanistan that's coming up very shortly.
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seems wrong. just don't. get to shape our. culture. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back let's go straight back to our breaking news story this hour which is that spanish police have confirmed that the person killed in the last few hours in a boss lonna server is eunice cooper the man suspected of carrying out thursday's terrorist attack there in the city joining us live from boston now with the details local. dollar delgado good to have you on the line take us through then what do we know at this stage about today's events. well finally the most of us have heard reported to the funeral. of the. driver of the entire exhaust. he escaped after a short after the. fluid remarkable video and. kindness to him. hello. hello yes and continue
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moment we can hear ok so you know this kid the third of the. more people in that i'm less last thursday through a lot of market i might get with this very close to the sport what he left to go on afterwards he went by he. was on on even the other side of barcelona that. he killed a man stabbing him inside then he stole the. gun away before shutting in the. police officer who was you know who was in the shotgun at the moment. you know as we're seeing scenes since thursday as i said before and he was found today in the gaza station in down seventy kilometers from barcelona not to try to from here after that call off you were beginning to thaw. people in. but afterwards the police went to the police and
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hugh was. kind of are going to see it with the police and the police shot him down and he. he were something that he looked like a belt plenty of explosives and shot a member of that. they also hard. explosives well that as a went out that it was fake so. that's breaking news here from barcelona is that. long many thanks for bringing us the latest figure they'll go to the local journalists in barcelona. even to the news now prison donald trump is set to announce his new strategy for dealing with the afghan conflict now that's according to a white house statement the decision is said to have been reached on friday at a meeting with u.s. army chiefs but the president held off on an announcement until now discuss this
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with our correspondents a very joining as united states now so samir what are we expecting to come out of this so the white house confirms were set to hear the long awaited new afghan master plan and suggestions are a strategic shift may very well be on the way which will mark the latest change in approach since president bush president bush first sent troops to the country in two thousand and one however trump's mixed messages on the subject make it extremely difficult to predict what he'll say exactly destructive cycle of intervention it. must finally folks come to an end took over a mess and we're going to. make it a lot less messy we will destroy radical islamic terrorism. some suggest the president will send even more troops to afghanistan but that would
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break his election campaign promise to deescalate the conflict not only would it do that but it would also undermine trump's criticism of his predecessor ramping up the war effort barack obama first pledged a total withdrawal from afghanistan only to later announce that five and a half thousand troops would remain then eventually leaving about eight and a half thousand troops there and yet again it failed to resolve the afghan conundrum so it waits to be seen whether trump's new approach can finally make a difference in america's longest war. many thanks our correspondent rick cohen joining us that from washington d.c. bureau thank you. maybe on a group of racism protesters this clash with police in canada now this happened after the demonstrators attempted to disrupt a right wing rally in the city of quebec. it was.
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the. dozens of anti fascist protesters dressed in black as you can see the through smoke bombs and firecrackers that the police see trying to separate the two rallies the second was a planned right wing event against the migrant policies of the canadian government and the two sides and so exchanged insults. oh i. know. there's nothing wrong with showing up right wing demonstrations but there is something wrong with coming there with billboards and placards that you're only carrying for the express purpose of using the stick on which the paper is fastened as a battering ram or as a as a sword or or as a baseball bat to hit your opposing demonstrators so it seems to be the case here
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is that especially the side has been showing up masked and carrying weapons and has been attempting to provoke a crisis. as for joining us this evening i want you all to international with the very latest news headlines and any updates for you at the top but they are. not set by the promise of the new the u.s. administration to mend ties with russia foreign policy hawks in their merican political establishment are standing firm against a warming of relations. is there a way forward for moscow and washington we ask a woman who had two great powers find common ground at the heart of the cold war
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advisor to president ronald reagan russian scholar and author suzanne is with me today. twenty five years since the end of the cold war the u.s. and russia once again find themselves in boiled in a standoff with old rivalries regenerated and tensions rising with the white house changeover there is hope that personal goals are we. may be remembering spiralling out of control with a new us president be able to find common ground with moscow and shakes their smiles below to settle clashes of economic and political interests a little more personal approach by the two leaders really be a decisive factor in lifting the relationship out of the rubble. suzanne massie advisor to president reagan on russian foreign policy it's really great to have you on our show today welcome thank you. so the washington post says that the white house doesn't have enough capable experts on russia and
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a more compared to reagan times what do you think are people who are behind the russian foreign policy in washington misinformed well i'd like to be. tactful about this but i do think we have a lack of such things at least recently we did recently much more recently. no i don't think right now that we have i don't like the word expert but i mean people who really know you and who know the language who know your history and who feel your history i don't feel we have very many like that right now in official positions now when you start working with president reagan he actually reached out to you because you wanted to work with people that weren't part of his inner self circle washington experts right do you think the current administration is ready to make an effort like that.


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