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tv   Headline News  RT  August 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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president trump so when his new strategy for afghanistan expands the wealth or troops that he lives the focus away from nation building.
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target the terrorist and criminal networks we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities president trump has announced his long awaited new afghanistan master plan saying that the u.s. strategy under his leadership will change dramatically however the policy he
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outlined seems like more of the same with promises to fight against terrorism in the country obliterating i soul crushing al qaeda preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan president trump though did say he will not be setting any deadlines in afghanistan and that future action will depend on conditions on the ground adding that a rapid exit would be unacceptable as it would leave a vacuum for terrorists to fail a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists including isis and al qaeda. while trump refused to specify how many extra troops if any would be deployed he called to u.s. allies to increase their presence we will ask our nato allies and global boarders to support our new strategy with additional troop and funding increases in line with our own we are confident they will after trumps remarks u.s. defense secretary jim mattis indicated some sort of increases on the card saying in
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a statement several u.s. allies have also committed to increasing their troop numbers one thing is clear after sixteen years of u.s. operations in afghanistan unfortunately there is still no end in sight to the conflict sixteen years and counting the afghan war continues to rage with. its. over a trillion dollars that have been pumped into this war including the. afghan forces there are over eight thousand u.s. soldiers in the country. troop numbers there from a peak of nearly one hundred thousand obama campaigned on a promise to bring american troops home and repeatedly said he does not support the idea of quote. we've heard pretty much the same from. the policy of intervention and as he puts it must come to an end this destructive cycle of
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intervention. finally folks come to an end we will destroy radical islamic terrorists took over a mess. we're going to. make it a lot less messy but according to some reports the taliban are in control of between ten and forty percent of the country out of four hundred districts the taliban will see eight three more than that what he's really talking about is a kind of a surge like we saw in anbar province in iraq that at least temporarily superficially stabilized the situation and many people here in america want to say great we have now achieved the victory of course we hadn't achieved any kind of victory we've simply kept a lid on things for a while but the fact the matter is that afghanistan whether the current government stays in place or whether the taliban win will be a hardline intolerant sharia ruled government really the united states has
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been but has been for the as long as we've been in afghanistan fighting to make afghanistan for sharia and this doesn't change that. now the major change in u.s. military strategy in afghanistan comes amid a shakeup in donald trump's in a circle his controversial chief strategist steve biden was the latest ahead through the exit polls and i skated more pain reports the president's foreign policy decisions with his new team why no surprise the very people who voted him into the oval office so you want to be an american president what gets you elected is it pledges of more wars or the opposite we've been moving from one reckless intervention to another kinda libya syria iraq iran this destructive cycle bad decisions we cannot be the policeman of the world polls show that promises of peace were key for trump voters more than half of americans said they
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would prefer that the next president curb u.s. involvement in military conflicts and trump isn't the only president to have gotten the job of writing hopes of peace but as we confront a vicious adversary that abides by no rules. i believe the united states of america must remain a standard bearer in the conduct of war. that is what makes us different from those whom we fight you got it they even gave obama the nobel peace prize preemptively but by the time he left office he had droned bombed and intervened even more than his predecessor many hoped that the donald would make a difference however it looks like he may be set on a similar track with words of love being replaced by war take afghanistan for example. the twenty one thousand pound bomb the most. the largest non-nuclear bomb it's ever used in
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combat but thinking out of policy is pretty far from a one man job here are some of the people who help think out and develop trump strategy you know the one that got him elected well they're all gone except for one meanwhile the white house routinely invites people who have a pretty clear interest for wars to go on people voted for trump because they knew hillary clinton was a warmonger and that she had wanted to destabilize the middle east as she did with libya the people in charge of the white house are now jared kushner trump gary gary cohen h.r. mcmaster paul deuce are all very pro-war people and those are closest advisors i think that most people who support trump hope they keep to his promises but they do recognize that all of his closest advisors are now opposed to the agenda that got trampled elected yes the new team trump isn't exactly made up of peace mongers and it's pretty far from the vision that americans voted for caleb
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oppen r.t. new york critics are claiming trump's also used his major policy speech on afghanistan as damage control for his previous remarks about dead livan it's in charlottesville last week and he's issued a call for unity off he came under fire for his allegedly up to single out the role of white supremacists in the clashes divisions in us society resulted in confrontations over the weekend between groups on the right on the left. was god it was was was. was was. was was. was. one of the sides has upped the ante by launching a petition on the white house website calling for anti father to be declared
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a terrorist organization more than two hundred thousand people have already signed in just five days even a stray sion now has to issue a response to good looks at how the opposing sides have turned divisions into a tool for political gain. political tensions are reaching new heights in america and both sides of the divide the left and the right are trying to paint the other's most radical violent elements as being the true face of their whole movement. politicians are happy to pour gasoline on the flames as well trump has made it clear with ban and gore can the white house and the klan in the streets it is now the white supremacists house the hyperball that vitriol from the left has spurred threats amount action without historical power but violent extremism within political groups is far from a new thing for the u.s.
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except earlier they didn't appear as tools in a political debate take timothy mcveigh a white supremacist who actually blew up a federal building twenty two years ago killing one hundred sixty eight people at the time politicians draw a line between his political leanings and his actions motives to me of course is irrelevant no political motive is worth the life of a child or an innocent human being so this appears to be a domestic terrorist act but that sentiment of motive being irrelevant is suddenly no more nowadays after the recent near enough the attack in virginia both motive and blame were placed at the feet of president trump by the mayor of charlottesville he should look in the mirror and he made a choice in his presidential campaign the folks around with them to you know go right to the gutter to play on our worst prejudices and i think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices the same goes for the other side in one thousand nine hundred nine some forty thousand anti-globalization the city of seattle into a battleground or protesting a world trade organization conference.
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right by what some may today branded as the left were exactly used by the right to make a political statement this was the reaction and that we really never saw an. the excitement that was going on in the streets and i think frankly much of the media focus and attention on what was going on on the streets from the fact that most of the serious meetings were going on behind closed doors a similar left leaning crowd wreaked havoc in berkeley earlier this year and scale it failed to match samples events and the political outrage had a very clear target but the president timing and as well. if you see the does not allow free speech impressions this violence on innocent people with a different point of view no federal funds this is been kind of an evolution of things throughout the past i'd say two or three presidencies where it's easier to divide people and make them feel like everyone again is against them on the opposite party so when you start playing with identity politics you start looping
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in hate groups with that identity politics game it's not going to go away and it's not something that started with trump it's not something sadly that i think will end with trump this tablature it might tell you politically motivated violence is something new but it's not maybe the bigger picture is it's just now being exploited for political gain. r.t. washington d.c. . black lives matter activists this come up with a solution to racial inequality in the united states so how the movement organizer in kentucky wrote an article making ten suggestions for white people the first says they should leave the property to minorities if they don't have any descendants let's just reduce the record people who make racist comments in the workplace and get them fired we asked helm about the initiative and also wanted to comment from political activist. one of the later numbers of the ten suggestions was to essentially seek out nazis in the workplace and
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get them fired and the word nazi has been so watered down lately that i don't think anybody really knows what it means anymore let's remember where the word nazi even comes from it comes from people who were who proclaim to like have the superior race that's what white supremacy is that's what white supremacy is in the us we are talking about a systemic economic barrier that prevents black and brown people black and brown people who are already on this land from even up painting really and in various different rays the main issue we're talking about here is there's black people who've never been slaves asking for money from white people who've never owned slaves and so it's difficult for me to be able to wrap my brain around owing somebody something when i clearly don't owe them anything and the notion that the that the list of ten things wasn't racist when it's when all it's doing is talking about race the list is essentially implying that black and brown people are
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incapable of achieving economic growth and as a result white people need to give them economic advantages i think it's very racist against black and brown people to essentially tell them they're not capable of this i think that is dangerous in the sense to say that what i wrote was doing was was a racist or a dangerous because it wasn't in the least none of what i wrote was dangerous in the least i think was dangerous is the backlash that i am personally receiving from it in one of the points you even say something to effect of you have hands colin use them very much harkening back to this overused phrase right now about punching nazis and we talk about nazis and plenty of nazis we are talking about white supremacy wife of purposely did deal some of the most deadliest types of genocide that our world has. i think so i we're not talking about something that's just in a ten a list of things i want to talk about using your hands because nazis are violent it's perpetuating a lot of this racial tension and it's furthering the divide between races which i
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think if anything we should be trying to come together and it is encouraging some level of violence and it's very naive to act like you don't think it. divisions in american society was somewhat shunted to the sidelines on monday as millions of onlookers turned the ice to the skies for a wrecked coast to coast solar eclipse for some low politics still overshadowed the celestial spectacular. good good
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. the united nations warns of a massive civilian exodus from the i saw held city of tal afar. always offensive gains momentum more on that story and others for you after this short break.
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they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president entry. into going to be this is what. three of the more people. interested always in the water. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington media the media. business to run this country business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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the program iraqi forces backed by the u.s. led coalition have announced the new operation aimed at retaking the city of tal afar that's been under islamic states control since twenty fourteen in recent weeks the city's been extensively bombed both by iraqi aircraft and the coalition forces on sunday. issued the following ultimatum. and the town of tal afar will be next in the march of liberation the heroic security forces preparing to liberate this region i say to islamic state you have a choice surrender or die on following that announcement the un's humanitarian body issued a statement calling the situation inside the city very tough thousands of civilians
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are expected to flee the area as a result of the combat there's also large numbers reportedly still trapped inside the u.n. says there's an acute shortage of basic supplies and medicine thousands of civilians or expected to flee from iraq's tell a far and surrounding communities during the iraqi military operation. spoke earlier to yan egeland he's an advisor to the un special envoy for syria and the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he told us conditions are horrific for civilians fleeing tal afar they know we can rescue council we are in the first line really of reception of said billions from our conditions horrific forty five degrees celsius and we need day eight people have to go through and long areas from. you know control these people are really
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court and i think crossfire urban warfare and especially air raids are always massively risking civilian casualties when other developments the pentagon is now working to declassify it struck targets in mosul where many u.s. bombs failed to explode the movie is however i'd always with american law which that place such details should be kept secret for at least twenty five years the u.s. commander in iraq lieutenant general steven townsend says the information could be vital to help make the city habitable again every army if you find a repeat of ground you leave a dud. bombs don't go what will find a way to help them i think it is a public relations exercise to try and show that they are taking nature of civilian . lives seriously so should send in a military engineers to try and search for the unexploded ordinance and move it out
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and they will of course have the coordinates in the maps and they're stupid that's much more important than just publishing the coordinates and relying on civilians to somehow works there where it through safely i mean these people are not trying to read maps they don't know what they're going to looking at. the main suspect in thursday's terror attack in barcelona has been shot dead by police outside the city the man was wearing a fake explosive belt at the time you know it was believed to have been a driver of a van that plowed into over one hundred people along a major pedestrian a street in the city all these great partridge looks back at how the story unfolded . eunice cooper who's twenty two and of moroccan origin has been shot dead in the suburb of soviet outs which is about twenty eight miles about forty five kilometers west of barcelona last thursday eunice abuja coupe was one of twelve managed
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appears in this terrorist cell that police are now saying has been in some ways neutralized in other ways they have been detained but there still is an ongoing investigation looking for any other accomplices they performed what were several incidents over the course of nine hours first driving in a van that runs along la rambla right in the heart of barcelona hitting at pedestrians nothing them down less so cian people died and one hundred twenty were injured he then fled on foot is through korea which is the main famous market just awful around and police have been hunting him ever since meanwhile later in the evening there was also an attack in countability which is a coastal town not far from barcelona about one hundred twenty miles away where several men were in a car that rammed into pedestrians on the promo not where a woman was later died meantime the police then the five of those men were shot by police they were also wearing what police believed to be explosive belts which were later proved to be false also the day before that been an explosion in a house in al canal which is also one of the coastal towns where they've been an
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explosion and several men died there too and they're also believed to be part of this terrorist cell and also there is a belief by police and in the reports coming out that a gas explosion a bigger explosion was meant to be second place in the meantime what happened what unfolded in barcelona in campbell's was when the men subsequently took more actions into their own hands. it being thought the suspect may have fled to france just like christmas market attack or escape to italy people into terror attacks in paris were found in belgium also the call used to run over people in cumbria was just hours off the boss had reportedly been spotted in for a week ago sort of a breed a ruse an attorney specializing in international law and religious terrorism believes the u.s. used the open borders of the homes of terrorists. reports have now come out that the barcelona cell has contacts with another cell in another country or that country has not been released we can probably guess it
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could really be any of the twenty eight european union countries european union specifically can wake up to this can wake up to the fact that they've allowed open borders people have not assimilated they've been talking they've been discussing and with each attack they get smarter and how to subvert national authorities who would try to be investigating to try to listen in to what's going on they're going to know better how to do it secretly in these smaller villages in smaller towns so the threat is still very high there are still many people there that likely had here to radical islamist ideologies and this is information i've gotten from my contacts in the middle east when i travel there these are muslim moderates who are saying you have to fight radical islamic jihad is you have to do that they're trying to sneak into europe and the europeans are not listening to them they're mainly not investigating they're waiting until something happens all in the name of more liberal values. to come by and for a smooth has caused controversy off the developers decided to moderates into the mix.
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once again i'm calling for a boycott of true fruits i think that's very very wrong for big profits the reds promote the product by all means principle what's that. and i think this is politically incorrect here in austria unfortunately seventy five percent of austrians associate the color brown with heads up the extreme right. cannot find anything bad should missed business to know. some of you were worried or annoyed probably out of ignorance and or simple stupidity we could have turned to the right other come from the right and celebrate
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our campaign for wrong reasons and or from stupidity you could have just said i'll get a that was a bad idea where robin of the campaign and fired the p.r. agency but now you go on. to say this billboard does not have any impact on me it does not look nice at all i've seen it in the newspaper but i don't have any feelings about it is new ok nice that suit. in times like those we have today when they're poor i see shared between peoples catchin stronger and when we have so many problems with people from different nations i don't think the slogan should be put on a billboard. ok that's it from me for now i'll be back with more of your world headlines at the top of the hour about that.
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