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tv   Headline News  RT  August 23, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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two. bluebirds. will for. the truth be considered this is. actually quite acceptable as a decision. by the coalition it was very clear that they would new insurgents in the area. where an express his deep concern over mounting civilian casualties in the syrian city of raka off the coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens. of. protests erupt outside. the u.s. state of arizona following the president's keynote speech about charlottesville violence change the war.
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almost double the number of operations after falling victim to saudi bombing campaign the story of many children suffering in the country. warning from the live from moscow thanks for joining us. the u.n. is raising the reports conducted by the u.s. led coalition killed dozens of civilians in the syrian city of raka. our humanitarian colleagues tell us they're deeply concerned by unconfirmed reports of a high number of civilians killed by airstrike in iraq a city over the last twenty four hours yesterday unconfirmed reports indicate that over thirty people were reportedly killed in the us keeney neighborhood while eight
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internally displaced people from the same family were killed in a separate attack in another part of the city these attacks if confirmed are shocking reminder that civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict in many parts of syria. has got off to a middle east correspondent guys the thanks for joining us just bring us up to speed what exactly are the latest developments in iraq. well at first it was a mere rumor the u.s. led coalition had missed again bombing a house filled with civilians leaving dozens and dozens of innocents dead and more bodies buried under the rubble we heard reports that chemical weapons were being used white phosphorus was being dropped on civilian areas wanting to know more travel to a hospital in iraq and you know a witness and survivor testimonies anything to go by these things happen regularly
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. the mistake that in effect in which we were directly targeted by the coalition it was very clear that they were new insurgents in the area there were children playing in the streets and we were carrying water from a tap on house and civilian homes would be targeted on a system in which we heard that the coalition used white phosphorous near iraq it was dropped by the warplanes who else could have done it it had to be the planes they were targeting a civilian neighborhood. the u.s. led coalition we wanted to hear what the what they had to say and we got the template response they said again that they take everything very seriously and as always they're they're investigating here we've got to say that you know who nor likelihood will get another template apology and more well practiced condolences but not a lot will change the blitz will continue in the rocker and in iraq in california
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for example where the rockies and the u.s. led coalition have launched a new operation to clear the area of tal afar where there are tens of thousands of people who are now it's essentially trapped in the crossfire between the u.s. led coalition the iraqi army and isis they say conditions are desperate and people are trying to get out but take my word for it trying to flee a battlefield. open ground in this heat forty five degree heat is no we see tuscan for many it turns out to be deadly here's what that managed to get out that telling us. now those people are in chaos everything in our life is destroyed this is my mother she couldn't walk so i put her over my shoulder and we walk like that thirteen hours but now we're here and we have nothing now did nobody live here
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is difficult there is no air conditioning there is no food we will run food the transit simple solution. just everyone is concerned everyone's sorry regretful when civilians die but nothing changes it's the same exact scenario playing out over and over again where civilians are made to bear the brunt of liberation to pay a cost with their lives or for nicholas davis who's written about the invasion of iraq believes the u.s. doesn't take responsibility for civilian casualties. they are not taking responsibility for the true scale of civilian casualties in two thousand and seven the un said very clearly the bombing of. civilian areas is a violation of international human rights law and that the presence of
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a few competence in a civilian area does not change the nature of that area it is still a civilian area. of the u.s. forces that may intensify its airstrikes in afghanistan following president trump was the solution to step up this sixteen year long military campaign in the country on monday trumpet out with an open ended surge of troops and money to afghanistan in a major u. turn on his election promises he then had to resign or to speak in front of his supporters but was met with protests outside the venue. at. least the barriers of rivendell rest with smoke bombs and fireworks being thrown at them hundreds came out to process more than a week off the deadly violence in charlottesville and the president's controversial remarks on the role of hate groups from definitive response during the rally
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calling out the k.k.k. and neo nazis racial tensions have intensified in recent days that it seems they have overshadowed trumps the situation to drag the country into a dead end war. reporter. the way president donald trump is portrayed you think he is an evil leader the likes of which america has never seen shadow of moscow seems to haunt president trump the world's shining light of democracy as one of the most radical everybody in our bureau speech is take a look at what some of the neo nazis are saying about his speech. even trump announcement of a new afghan strategy was skewed to supposedly show how the president was stirring up racial tension the president began his nationally televised address monday night urging americans to come together to rise above racial and ethnic divisions he wanted to speak to the nation about charlottesville and his comments he should have spoken to the nation about stroke and modeled it by putting it into a speech about afghanistan that's what i thought as an american but can we just get back to afghanistan for a second please the president has made
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a fairly hawkish decision to boost america's military presence in the country sound familiar on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort i don't know what both previous presidents both democrat and republican chose to do. so it seems hard but clearly not impossible to chalk it up as just another misstep by the big bad billionaire we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks that so violence and chaos throughout afghanistan this is in tradition with all u.s. president trump is no continuing that long held to dition and if we look at u.s.
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foreign policy over the decades it is one long today pretty much on broken interaction or gender always regime change or military intervention is always the order of the thai diplomacy always takes a backseat over the years afghanistan has been a massive drain on both u.s. financial and human resources and yet trump is choosing to soldier on. and all of those resources have led to little measurable success loss to the quagmire of the afghan conflict that understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now.
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this in tahrir is intended to put pressure on the taleban to have the taliban understand that you will not win a battlefield victory we may not win one but neither will you he's jumped straight back into the swamp than anything but clearing it off and clearing it things are going to get worse for the people of afghanistan especially civilians we're going to see formal casualties their country in general is going to continue to spiral out of control some of the neo con generals the retired generals a couple years ago talked about a military u.s. military presence in afghanistan for at least fifty years. oh i can easily see that happening because there's this hardly any opposition so despite promises of making america great again that it seems that washington is just going to continue to fight and this war that seems almost impossible of actually winning. washington d.c. . trumps new plan the u.s. is expected to send up to four thousand troops to afghanistan however the exact
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number is being kept secret america's top commander in the middle east joseph oates else says the new forces could arrive in just a few weeks we also former u.s. congressman ron paul about the implication of the president's this is. the changes the words that makes it sound like the world will come apart if we don't continue to be the world's policeman he says he's not into nation building but there was a pretense anyway how many nations that we can really build or improve we've torn nations apart so he is seen as a flip flopper which i think politically is a bad position to be. going to be perpetual war nobody knows exactly who the enemy is and nobody will know when it is ended and i think trump has been maybe a little bit more upfront that his goal isn't to get done in six months or a year it looks like he's planning to be there for the long term. he
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wants to increase the troop levels mean he will but we don't know exactly and we who are on the pro peace side think that he should do very very little without the consent of the congress and yet it sounds to me like even though he wants to give away some of his authority and say well the generals are in charge the generals in charge let them make all the decisions. even if he flip flops and goes along with the neo cons which it looks like he has he's not going to win them over the people who support mccain and graham and rubio they're not going to vote. oh yeah looks like trump is one of us now we're going to support up so i think he loses i think he loses in a political way he loses support from some of his base and he's not going to gain any support from the people who are now saying oh he looks like he's waking up in the he's accepting the neo con position approach or. the spanish style of who paul
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emerges as a potential hope but if terrorists off the last week's deadly attacks in the country that story for you after the short break. seems wrong. just don't. get to see. this day. and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what politicians do to. put themselves on the line they get a little rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to.
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have to go right to the press this is what the three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the waters in the house. welcome back to the program civilians in yemen are paying an ever higher price for the ongoing war in the country twelve year old how mean rarely gets the chance to leave hospital he's constantly battling cholera over and over again just the warning you may find the following pictures up setting.
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aside from suffering from colorado meters in jordan months of suffering he was electrocuted by high voltage cable during clashes back in twenty four team his injuries was so bad you got to want to go numerous operations but doctors couldn't save his left arm which had to be obviated his father says all these tragic episodes in a means life explain why he's so vulnerable to the devastating cholera outbreak that swept across the country. commute even a slight cough affects him badly he's very weak his elbow has been damaged by frequent falls as you can see his neck is injured as well all these tragedies come from war the boy spent a month in intensive care before regaining consciousness he's undergone surgery many times and will need more operations who could all his injuries he's lost all
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his hair. of a number of cholera cases in yemen has now exceeded half a million the outbreak of the waterborne disease has been fueled by the destruction of the country's infrastructure joining the war an ongoing saudi led air strikes the world health organization is spelt out the problems and says if there are only one hundred people in yemen more than the heart of them wouldn't have access to clean water would have been at risk of famine the red cross in the region stressed that yemen is manmade. we have a bit less than two thousand people who have died half of the people who are affected by the color our children and a quarter of the people who have died from six suspected cholera cases are children everything of the country has collapsed that includes the the water system that includes the health system it also includes the fact that there is no garbage collection in the country that is a water borne disease when you don't have garbage collection when you don't have proper treatment of the water it's a whole number of factors that make that that caused this outbreak to be as serious
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as it is and as it was the situation in yemen internet is extremely bad it's a manmade situation it's due to the fact that there is a war going on in the country and that our people who are civilians who are being the highest price of this war. of the spanish town of paulus found itself at the center of an investigation into last week's terror attacks many members of the soul which carried out the twin atrocities killing fifteen had grown up together i've been radicalized in a small town just here in the border with france. police investigators have identified the less rambus terrorist as eunice the suspected driver of the van comes from the pier in ian town of recall.
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the. police searched the apartment of an im aman reporter who he said could have been a radicalizing force over here they leave to their normal life i used to see them walking to buy bread over there on their usually a small community and up until now when that piece put together but this piece has been broken. just to believe at the moment there are twelve people in this terrorist cell. this shows us that we have a president some of whom these are radical islamists are or they're not just people
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growing in the suburbs of our town in the doldrums outside of the cost city centers we can find them anywhere in europe in society today you know in small villages which will seem religious nobody would talk about the ripples very interest of religion and catalonia and even there we have islamist basis i think that this shows how widespread this status movement or trend is in europe today it's much bigger than what people thought and it can be actually anywhere. currently spanish police are looking for any information about a new mom who's believed to the mind behind the deadliest attacks in spain in thirteen years peace all over visited the town of the mosque where he preached. the image of the mosque located in the building just behind me. he is understood and accused of being the mastermind behind the terror attacks he spent
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time in prison in twenty ten until twenty fourteen after he was charged and convicted for smuggling hasheesh it's understood broke while he was in prison he turned to radical islam and may well have met with planned and carried out the two thousand and four madrid train bombing. the district in was only discovered is a hope that. after a cell had carried out their deadly plot and people here are mourning the the it. was also only uncovered after they'd taken lives but it leaves people with the questions how many of those groups are located and how many other small quiet towns across spain across wide in europe just waiting to strike next.
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ok let's take a look now at the suspected members of the terror cell in question there's been widespread surprise at just how young many of them were you can see on the screen here the barcelona attack was only twenty two for instance now radicalized teenagers are not a new phenomenon last year a sixteen year old syrian teenager was arrested on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack in the german city of cologne fifteen year old was then arrested in paris on suspicion of planning attacks in public spaces and two more girls aged fourteen and fifteen back then were arrested on the same suspicions their homes were raided despite the ages of the spanish terror cell they were all linked to morocco the country from where the moderate influx into spain is highest. the twelve suspects in the box loon cumberlands terrorist attacks are all from morocco and the mastermind is thought to have traveled to morocco before the killings. in
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spain is separated by the straits of gibraltar and the sea route between the countries has become a favorite for those seeking to reach europe. because there are two spanish enclaves in morocco which are frequently installment by michael. collaborative the route continues to group spain has seen a three fold increase in refugee numbers since last year. i don't think just morocco i think it's north africa is a problem but yes i mean there are a lot of moroccans in the u.k. there are all americans throughout europe and some of them are obviously we radicalize the countries as well world but i think the problem is the very close to europe so it's a much so much easier transit point and remember there are large numbers of moroccans living in in europe so obviously that that may have something to do with it i mean while employees at the kindergarden belgium have reported signs of
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islamic radicalization among toddlers children were said to have made death threats through unbelievers calling them pigs even displayed hand gestures imitating throat cutting it's claiming they've been reciting verses from the koran during playtime while they reportedly skip classes because the kidney gardens version does not fit in with their beliefs we spoke to the coordination director of the facility. who says there are even more concerned now about the children after what happened in spain the fact there was a leak about an internal document. made up by kindergarten leaders. in the framework of an initiative to strengthen their garden leaders and to train them to recognize signs of possible radicalization is a very early stage with toddlers. in the aftermath of. the first
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acts. it's you know. very good she said you know reticulated station is love. related terrorism or jihad is. the problem could be a much wider issue since last year almost five hundred european schools are being investigated for causes for cases over the ticket as ation the front show. will be back with you in hall for now with more headlines for all the wall that's it from me stay with us here on the international. was it when the swiss national bank the central bank and other central banks on behalf of governments are now the biggest owners of stocks when japan is the biggest holder of exchange traded funds that's called nationalization that's socialism and combined with the central bank the politburo that is fixing the price
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of money it's not a free money market for money and combined with the purchase of open assets nationalizing those assets that's pretty good communism that's nationalism that's why this job global economy is shrinking because the social banks amount to what danny blanchflower flour says they're not operating in ways to free markets. just manufacture them sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room for the real need.
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greetings and so you taishan sixteen years drawn and it appears that the united states military adventure in afghanistan will still be going strong under president donald j. trump despite despite his numerous campaign trail statements to the contrary a monday night president trump took to the podium and the airwaves like president
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george w. bush and barack obama before him to once again pledge the united states's undying commitment to waging war inside of afghanistan and what truly has become the war that never ends don't sing the song this time the president under the auspices of not wanting to give away our plans to the enemy offered little to no actual information to the seventeen million plus who tuned in on what the next phase of you has the occupation of afghanistan will be he did proclaim however from now on victory will have a clear definition attacking our enemies old litter a being ice is crushing al qaeda preventing the taliban from taking over afghanistan and stopping mass terror attacks against america. naturally the president was cheered on by the war hawks and the corporate media types who love the rating ratings points and profits that dropping bombs on poor
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people around the world brings new york times journalist maggie haberman tweeted we are not nation building again we are killing terrorists says poetess and one of his most more forceful best lines of address the washington post white house bureau chief philip brucker also heaped praise on the trump tweeting tonight as a new president from big knowledge ing of flip flop and take them talking about gravity of office history and substance. but despite the the cheerleading and back patting going on around capitol hill today now that president trump has firmly committed himself to the joys of the military industrial complex let's leave it to former congressman ron paul out of texas to cut through the fog of war and state would be jake tapper's and lindsey graham's of the world refuse to believe that more killing is not the road to peace. so
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just what road are we at let's find out and start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the body. like you know that i got. this. week. was over on the watching the hard science i robot the dogs out of the wall it right oh great but are going to do something and afghanistan are killing terrorists killing terrorists i mean i'm sorry and as we know it you know what year is it two thousand and one no two raising seventeen two thousand and six two thousand and two.


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