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tv   Headline News  RT  August 23, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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americans do. better than. the c. . heard of. jack the. president of the world bank he. sent us an e-mail. to drink he told by the coalition it was very clear that they were in the area of the u.n. expresses concern over the mounting civilian death toll in the syrian city of after a coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens. to the president threatened it's among a host of other countries washington claims. the problem in afghanistan. yemeni boy who suffered appallingly from the war undergoing no less than twenty three operations gripped by the conflict between the rebels and the government
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backed by saudi arabia's bombing campaign. very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching our international. raising the alarm over reports that as strikes by the u.s. led coalition have killed dozens of civilians in the syrian city of raka. our humanitarian colleagues tell us they're deeply concerned by unconfirmed reports of a high number of civilians killed by air strike in iraq a city over the last twenty four hours these attacks if confirmed are shocking reminder that civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict in many parts of syria when you first hear some of these reports it's easy to believe that they exaggerations take a recent one by the u.s.
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led coalition is accused of bombing a house packed with civilians killing dozens and dozens of innocent c.n.n. multiple sources begin repeating the same reports footage begins to a much videos pictures that supports these that reports and these claims one thing to do more travel to the off hospital and you know a witness and survive with testimonies anything to go by these things happen regularly it was that and second was we were directly targeted by the coalition it was very clear that they would know insurgents in the area there were children playing in the streets and we were carrying water from a tap on house and civilly and homes would do great be targeted reports about the use of white phosphorus civilian areas being peppered with chemical weapons on a system in which we heard that the coalition used white phosphorous near iraq it was dropped by the warplanes who else could have done it it had to be the planes
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we've contacted the u.s. led coalition are asking them to comment on some of these allegations and b. got the standard response that they're taking all of this very seriously and that they investigating and karen one of the defacto we need is of the u.s. led coalition is actually in the edit be with us james mattis the u.s. secretary of defense and d.'s well optimistic but we will continue to find the rocky people under military pain the stability that will have been earning a very very high price a very. high cost hardly does justice to how much iraqis have lost take mosul an hour's drive from us once a city of two million now reduced to largely a wreck just west of that is fog and while james mattis is optimistic here today to be two hours drive from here his jets a pounding another community tens of thousands of people a trap now in
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a new war zone the iraqi military the u.s. led coalition of trying to push isis out of. the conditions they're said to be desperate food is scarce medicine and even drinking water are running out now did nobody look here is difficult there is no air conditioning there is no food we will run food people are in chaos everything in our life is destroyed at the end of the day there is little doubt that isis in iraq will be defeated albeit at a tremendous cost. ok now live to bruno gender and he's the representative for the united nations refugee agency in iraq and i speak to bruno the u.n. itself has reported the flow of refugees coming from. iraq is only going to get worse but all the sources of aid on the ground to help these people yet the resources that. we at the end you can we see capacity for twenty four thousand
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people which will be needed by the end of next week and therefore we are scaling back because the people need to be accommodated a new space because all of the existing camps are now occupied with people who cannot yet return to their areas. but i mean we're talking now about the people who get out what about the ones who are still trapped in tal afar which as i understand is a place where there are very few of the basic necessities in terms of for example drinking water medicine is there any way to get assistance to those people the ones who are trapped. drew to date we have received. none we've to have children that must that it points from we reach archaeologically sticking displaced iraqi to our camps these ormont told us she had been walking for three days the sleeping in ship part of the houses there has been was killed by start fire sometime back and she saw dead bodies out sniper fire and eating landmines all day
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way she was in a state of deep shock deep shock and trauma she said yet the surviving on dirty water and bread for three months you can imagine it will meant a lot we have to achieve and these are the kind of cases we receive you know what can't thank god we are ready will want to immediately within twenty four hours of her arrival to provide a release that only need and then slowly we will lead them to talk to survive to tootle just tools to overcome the deep trauma that they're coming with and try to start getting kind of normal life in the camp bending the possibility to return or when tell us how do we live being liberated and safe you're in iraq to what extent has your agency been able to work with refugees around mosul and is it true that the city is now lying in ruins. delivery of destruction in the west has
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been significant this was inevitable because the urban texture of the old city was in maze of. narrow alleyways the fighting modalities we had basically on full house by our eyes these top fight to defeat which indeed reduce some sections of the west to rubble nevertheless overall the concept of operation was kept and be in around denotational protection of c.d.'s so that was possible the iraqi security forces were fighting the small reports fire at too many my cv. damage to civilian property obviously in their west it was a tremendous challenge we are also in that intel a fight which is much smaller than mosul and it doesn't get any smaller downtown in . ways that it would be easier to protect lice and property
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in those most damaged areas of mosul how long you think we're talking about how long before it will be rebuilt with found where civilians can go back home and live a normal life. yes this is going to take time it's going to take time because when york where lee is be reduced to rubble or close to rubble it would be difficult to be in the first of all if you left two or three conditions for people to return decontamination of unexploded we've also lost a busy claimant of safety and security and the basic limit of services meaning electricity and water services are being restored security scanning but to deliver all of reconstruction required is massive so we at your nice yard we are starting now a new plan to provide shelter and repair to provide effects cash jewelry to nice to repair two or three and also that there are sets that each dish out as being my daily or medium impacted by by the fight each day or by day could stay in one room
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ceiling sealed off this room with plastic sheeting and deprancol food and then we detach we give them and we seen three miles they should be able to to have enough troops to not exist for the entire family to return nevertheless it would be and massive challenge each week take the longest time to go back to the west then to go then it was to go back to the east you know greatly appreciate you taking the time to bring us more information on the third tragic situation you know joe my guest is the representative from the united nations refugee agency in iraq. and the other news pakistan has hit back at donald trump's claim that it supports terrorists say unveiled a new strategy for afghanistan islamabad responded that the country is being singled out as a scapegoat but other countries also face the president's roughest america can explain. afghanistan strategy is starkly similar to that of his of previous
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administrations specially promising to boost military presence but not setting any withdrawal deadlines this raises questions of how original his policies really are but it seems like washington is actively looking around to find someone else in the region to fight the taliban or simply someone to blame for the failed campaign they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting but that will have to change it is time for pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to civilization order and to peace suppose that u.s. ally pakistan was singled out by trump for providing safe havens for terrorists this is an allegation baucus on reacted angrily to accusing trouble of trying to find a scapegoat for the us is failures in afghanistan washington also threw india into the mix calling upon india's support to resolve the conflict though it wasn't
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exactly clear how we've got to put the pressure on india that they have to be part of the political solution or doing it together it's not the united states alone it's not just us allies who are told what to do of course all the usual suspects have been named as allegedly behind taliban successes on the battlefield we have two large the shore of interest to the russia is supplying arms to the taliban that is a violation russia has comically been accused time and time again of supplying arms to the taliban moscow however stated that it has no illicit contacts with the taliban and insisted that they don't provide weapons to the insurgents but at the moment washington is just maybe searching for an exit strategy from a sixteen year deadlock by trying not to share the burden and the blame but also by issuing what some believe are unjustified demands. stream media. ganesan announcement for using it to also talk about last week's violence and show
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that still many called it an attempt a damage control for supposedly failing to condemn just after the violence i think is the latest response does in any case not go far enough take a look at how the announcement has been received the way president donald trump is portrayed you think he is an evil leader the likes of which america has never seen shining light of democracy has gone dark one of the most radical ever inaugural speeches take a look at what some of the neo nazis are saying about his speech. even trump announcement of a new afghan strategy was skewed to supposedly show how the president was stirring up racial tensions he wanted to speak to the nation about charlottesville and his comments he should have spoken to the nation about stroke zero and modeled it by putting it into a speech about afghanistan that's what i thought as an american but can we just get back to afghanistan for a second please the president has made a fairly hawkish decision to boost america's military presence in the country sound familiar on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda
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terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. i don't well what both previous presidents both democrat and republican chose to do so it seems hard but clearly not impossible to chalk it up as just another misstep by the big bad billionaire we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks that so violence and chaos throughout afghanistan this is in tradition with all u.s. president trump is no continuing that long held tradition and if we look at u.s. foreign policy over the decades it is one long today pretty much on broken interaction or gender always regime change or military intervention is always the
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order of the day and diplomacy always takes a backseat over the years afghanistan has been a massive drain on both u.s. financial and human resources and yet trump is choosing to soldier on. and all of those resources have led to little measurable success loss to the quagmire of the afghan conflict understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now. this in tahrir is intended to put pressure on the taliban through the taliban understand you will not win the battlefield there are three we may know with one
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but neither will you summon the its own generals the retired generals a couple years ago talked about a military u.s. military presence in afghanistan for at least fifty is. being said right now i can easily see that happening because there's this hardly any opposition so despite the promises of making america great again that it seems that washington is just going to continue to fight and this war that seems almost impossible of actually winning . washington d.c. . under trump's new plan the u.s. is expected to send up to four thousand more troops to afghanistan with the exact number remaining a secret america's top commander for the middle east joseph volatile says that the first new forces could arrive within weeks former u.s. congressman ron paul told us about the implications of the president's decision. he changes the words and makes it sound like the world will come apart if we don't
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continue to be the world's policeman he says he's not into nation building but there was a pretense anyway how many nations that we can really build or improve we've torn nations apart so he is seen as a flip flopper which i think politically is a bad position to be. going to be a perpetual war nobody knows exactly who the enemy is and nobody will know when it is ended i think trump has been maybe a little bit more upfront that his goal isn't to get done in six months or a year it looks like he's planning to be there for the long term. he wants to increase the troop levels in he will but we don't know exactly and we who are on the pro peace side think that he should do very very little without the consent of the congress and yet it sounds to me like even he wants to give away some of his authority and say well the generals are in charge the generals in
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charge let them make all the decisions. even if he flip flops and goes along with the neo cons which it looks like he has he's not going to win them over the people who support mccain and graham and rubio they're not going to all of them say oh yeah looks like trump is one of us now we're going to support a so i think he loses i think he loses in a political way he loses support from some of his base and he's not going to gain any support from the people who are now saying oh he looks like he's waking up in the he's accepting the neo con position approach to a war. and you love. is the middle east state comes on the phone trying to meddle in upcoming elections in germany. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night was you know exactly just pull along awesome and i was the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed
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a punch. yeah it's the john oliver of hearty americans doing the same we are apparently better than blue best. and see people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank so hey i'm going to let me send us an email. the current situation is but there's concerns on the part of the four arab countries egypt saudi arabia emirates the bahrain as relates to policies of cut up about to have to be addressed to have had a very adverse impact on national security and the case of material evidence exists in the face of policies the pope adversely impacted has created and has caused a loss of life in egypt this is an intolerable situation.
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back manz for a tougher stance on turkey intensifying after berlin accused of interfering in germany's elections now a top brussels official has also lashed out at ankara's quote behavior i believe
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it's time for the member states to discuss the strategic implications of this behavior tricking shoulders alone is not a political strategy in the long run the interference of president reship tayyip erdogan in the national election campaign as well as extradition requests for alleged political opponents unacceptable president ed around had called on turkish nationals in germany not to vote for establishment parties including chancellor merkel's party sparking this latest huge dispute or brutal meddling is how german foreign minister sigma gabrielle described call branding it quote unprecedented interference in his nation's internal affairs but the turkish president didn't hesitate to hit back. he knows no boundaries who are you to talk to the president of turkey you know your place he's trying to teach us
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a lesson how long have you been in politics how old are you. gabriel took the war of words to a new level claiming the e.u. should only back the quote democratically minded majority of don't support the one meanwhile the turkish president is now facing a freeze on his financial assets so prominent german politicians have been calling to freeze the assets of the turkish president and his family members some call to impose personal sanctions against iran and associates ok let's discuss this in more depth now. jealous scan is the turkish author joins me on the line if you can hear me ok amor a just today the german foreign actually let me just say that the turkish affairs minister oh much elec. criticize the german foreign minister saying that he was basically echoing comments that came from the far right and from racist i mean how far do you think this round is going to go. i think this ongoing cost between
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turkey and germany would continue most probably up until the elections in germany due to september two thousand and seventeen twenty fourth of september two thousand and seventeen which are the kids earlier in the turkish a friend i'm also or there was a change of exchange of views from both sides accusing for each other and this was the sentiment in turkish election now is it time for germany but clearly this is going to be with a kind of state diplomacy in public but on the other hand which is quite damaging for two sides to lucia's but on the other hand conclusions are going to continue about up until the elections in germany this would be kind of sentiments for the local public and international affairs play important role in two countries in each manipulating the public opinion. is this getting back at germany now of what
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happened during the elections in turkey when the when there were issues about people in germany voting in turkish elections is this payback. it seems so it seems like the people in germany like we are talking about three million turkish origin germans living in germany and blame it not only for turkish politics but also for german politics and both sides are quite aware of that this time is calling them not to walk for turkish for german parties same time during the election and different campaigns in turkey he lives on the water coming from but specifically in germany because as i mentioned we are talking about three million people in out of thirty million population in germany and they make difference in german ports and in turkish politics. time actually to interfere elections in germany hoping that the turks in germany would actually alter the port. moment in the country we hear
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calls coming from german politicians for sanctions to be imposed against their own and putting family members of this how likely is that to happen. this is quite challenging in terms of turkey and german relation if you look at from the two sides turkey is the germans top export partner and the vice versa. china turkey comes first and germany comes first in both countries so clearly they are the best partners for each other but i think you could see this relation in terms of turkey and relations if you would remember there was a tension between turkey and israel and two sides politicians were blaming each other exchanging it on public but when it comes to the financial relations actually the financial issue between turkey and didn't tell you that and i'll take speaking same thing between germany and turkey but also we should keep in mind that don you
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pronounce the majority of turkish public because he had been elected with the majority of the water but on the other side of the population hate him that's why today's story is very. much to the poor and fragmented but we should keep in mind that don actually calls the shots on turkish politics in every respect and since direction since to the. last year took politics was very much personalized it taking out just personality in public affairs would actually have deterioration in turkish public because of the public would back him up in terms of two countries relations trying to impose sanctions on iran and he's called circle not lost or help two sides but at the same time it is for me it is quite difficult to understand what are the grounds would be to impose sanctions on just because speaking against germany and i think both sides are trying to generate this kind of
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exchange of two views on politics and i think this will last open to very action. process and very good speech my guest. in other news forty people have been confirmed dead after an airstrike hit a hotel near yemen's capital sanaa that's according to yemeni officials they blame the attack on saudi arabia which is regularly carried out air bombardments riyadh supporting the yemeni government fighting against rebels we haven't been able to independently verify the information but the santillan coalition has repeatedly been accused of killing civilians in yemen something that riyadh denies. meanwhile artie's been to visit a yemeni boy age twelve who's already had almost two dozen operations after falling victim to armed clashes in the country i must warn you you may find some of these images disturbing.
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i mean it's father told r.t. about the heartbreaking suffering his son as already been through in his short life he had a project to be at even a slight cough affects him badly he's very weak his elbow has been damaged by frequent falls as you can see his neck is injured as well all these tragedies come from war the boy spent a month in intensive care before regaining consciousness he's undergone surgery many times and will need more operations to could all his injuries he's lost all his hair. that's all for this hour see you in half an hour.
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well you can you know we're going to tell you the truth none of us are noted preying on one million people and i'm. killed. even dangerous. now no one's income tooling agent that he's running and that's.
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i'm action are tense and this is going underground there's debate over whether the u.k. government will full reaches fever pitch in the wake of what some are calling to raise amaze hurricane katrina coming up in the show with this smoke this fire we are schools are of getting by as states possible culture and austerity britain dr lisa mackenzie if state backed neglect corruption cuts to services that just social cleansing that the growing felt tower in west london this week and we asked the tory co-chair of britain's will find a safety and rescue group so david amos how much to raise a mate was to blame for the london for the.


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