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tv   Headline News  RT  August 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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coming up on r g america u.s. and south korea continue their military drills in the pacific despite warnings from . charlottesville votes to cover confederate statues in wake of last week's deadly protests and to which social media platforms are on the rise and which are falling it may depend on how old you are all that and more coming up right now. good evening it's wednesday august twenty third five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm on your part until you're watching r.t. america we begin today as that russia and china are both blasting the united states over a new saying sions levied against individuals and firmed accused of helping advance a north korea's nuclear and missile program the treasury department an act of these things they come in addition to sanctions already unanimously imposed by the u.n. security council russia's foreign ministry said the u.s. continues to systematically destroyed bilateral relations meanwhile china is demanding the u.s. immediately drop the penalties as the u.s. faces heat from china and russia over saria reports on the continued military drills between the u.s. and south korea as the u.s. and south korea continue joint military drills to deter provocations from north korea the message from pyongyang is that these drills do the opposite. as u.s. war mongers eight nor dar warning that they should cautiously act and make the right decision in this situation and made
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a dangerous military provocation they will not be able to avoid a merciless retaliation and on sparing punishment by our could do revolutionary forces a new video released by north korea or new threats against guam showing ballistic missiles targeting the u.s. territory and it depicts u.s. leaders ingolf in flames. in my opinion we should really teach them a lesson not just that we should bomb mainland america to make them act. and newly released photos of north korean leader kim jong un visiting the chemical material institute appear to show the progress of pyongyang's solid fuel missile program solid fuel missiles are faster to deploy giving north korea the ability to launch without much warning south of the border in a subway station in seoul local emergency services and the military are holding emergency defense drills preparing the country for any potential infiltration
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threat from the north meanwhile aboveground u.s. and south korea forces conduct the very joint military drills agitating north korea you know argue we have to continue to exercise until we have a reason not to and it reason is not the other murders that may cause some noise in north korea and that we routinely. but it doesn't stop us in our resolve to be as ready as possible and leave the greatest number of options on tuesday night president donald trump said kim is starting to respect the u.s. and mused maybe something positive will come of it it's worth noting north korea has not conducted a missile test all of august leading state secretary rex tillerson to praise pyongyang's so-called restraint in washington cmon dollars ario r.t. . with active u.s. military drills taking place between the united states and south korea during which they annually simulate wiping the northern into off the map it's easy to get wrapped up in bellicose propaganda especially coming just
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a few weeks after president trump promised to bring quote fire and theory to the d.p. r. k. in times like these we frequently see news reports demonizing the government in pyongyang but what we almost never see is an attempt to understand the country which was utterly destroyed by the u.s. just a few decades ago in fact as general of the us air force earned the nickname curtis a bombs away at le may it boasted and nineteen eighty eight interview about the korean war quote we went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in north korea anyway some way or another and some in south korea too over a period of three years or so we killed off what twenty percent of the population of korea as a direct result or as direct casualties of war from starvation and exposure despite being left with no standing structure as by the time the us was through today the north stands in defiance of u.s. interference but with tensions escalating the trumpet ministration has worked to
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limit americans ability to travel to the north with a travel ban against the d.p. r. k. scheduled to go into effect next month largely seen as a response to the june death of an american college student who fell into a coma while serving a jail sentence in the country amidst the fear mongering that one group of americans have visited d.p. r. k. earlier this month through a coalition organized by the answer antiwar answer coalition their goal is to see with their own eyes a country we are constantly told is a threat one of those individuals john ryznar answer coalition joins me now nice to see you john you told me you experienced culture shock upon arrival in d p r k tell us why you wanted to go on this trip and what that was like. thanks for having me you know my whole life i've been given the same demonize caricature that everyone else has at this horrible backwards place and considering we're maybe going to war with them soon i want to see it for myself and what i found was remarkably normal
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everyday people living their lives being with their families and their friends and very good spirits in the mainstream media especially following the death of otto warren the earlier this year d.p. r. k. is often portrayed as wanting to do harm to americans or into the us did you get that feeling. no never the people of the p.r. korea are very aware that the people of the united states are not the government of the united states and they're very aware of the things that we're dealing with here many people were concerned about us people would ask me is it true that there is racism is it true that women are afraid to walk alone at night and although they know about these things they're very troubled they hear about it from someone firsthand what was the biggest culture shock for you what was. the most remarkable aspect of their society compared to ours or something that stood out to you. you know it was really interesting to see you know kids walking
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alone even at night a very safe society there's almost no social crime you know the culture treats all of the other people in the society as if they're family very hospitable very respectful society we're also told in north korea is a heavily controlled society i'm wondering if you personally felt that were you monitored at all by the government and what types of restrictions were placed on you. no i didn't get that sense coming at out of the country was very easy we were alone in our hotel rooms there were no guards posted at our hotel or anything we could have easily slipped away at any moment we were given no restrictions on what we could and couldn't take pictures of except obviously military installations for security reasons and we traveled extensively throughout the country and i never once felt a repressive state can you share a memory or
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a something that surprised you about your internet. probably the experience that stands out the most in my mind is when we visited the site of the sinchon massacre and we met a survivor. of the sinchon massacre where the us knowing that the korean army was going to be retreating took over a town and killed over thirty five thousand people in this particular incident as part of the town they took all the men into the woods and shot them to go the women and put them in one building and then across from that building they put in another building all the children roughly one hundred children and four hundred women they left them in there for a week during december with no heat or food or water this person told me that as a child he watched some of his friends die from starvation some of them died from the cold. and then as the u.s.
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was retreating they poured gasoline in through holes in the roofs of these two buildings and burned everyone alive the person that i met was fortunate enough he said to be in the corner of the room and although he passed out from smoke inhalation he lived his mother did not. and his message for us was that you know he wants people to know about these things and to remember that c.p.r. koreans are very aware of their history many people have memories like these americans are not korean war is often called the forgotten war you know. and what these people want truly what i heard from everyone is is peace just like anyone else what you just described is a horrific event occurring during very horrific war with you as you point out is often forgotten and not talked about in u.s. history how much of it is a part how much is that war a part of the identity in korea and how much is that trauma still felt when people talk about you know the state acting in
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a certain way do you think the relationship that people have in that country with their government. has to do with the major trauma they experienced during the war. absolutely the experience of the korean war is a fundamental part of the d.p. our korean psyche it's one of the unifying factor is having a very powerful enemy constantly threatening their destruction again. you know and the death tolls are really uncountable you know conservative estimates even say ten fifteen percent of the population but that doesn't count the number of people who are wounded and there are a few who are orphans and there are people who are widows really the entire society was completely ripped apart and they're very aware of that and they do not want to happen again of course have to ask you what irresponsive going to be the people who are going to allege you went on a propaganda tor of a repressive nation and that you're now here glorifying it or apologizing for it.
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yeah this is been a really common response when i'm here sharing my experiences and it's pretty funny because you know although i was there on the ground and traveling throughout the country you know people who've never been there think that they you know obviously know more about it than i do and really their picture of the countries based on us propaganda was all throughout pyongyang and went all the way south to the border west the farming towns north to the mountains all by car passing thousands of people you know if this is all stage two would be very massive and expensive propaganda campaign which doesn't really seem reasonable i suppose trips like bees are the greatest antidote to war and perhaps the ones you go and see a country and meet people for yourself john it's pretty hard to justify bombing them john prysner the answer coalition thank you so much thank you.
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in syria as the united nations has expressed deep concern over the mounting civilian death toll in the syrian city of raka after coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens are teasin rod ghazi of brings us that report. yesterday unconfirmed reports indicate that over thirty people were reportedly killed in the us a so chini neighborhood while eight internally displaced people from the same family were killed in a separate attack in another part of the city in recent days and weeks scores of civilians have reportedly been killed or injured in iraq out juda airstrikes and shelling when you first hear some of these reports it's easy to believe that they exaggerations take a recent one by the u.s. led coalition is accused of bombing a house packed with civilians killing dozens and dozens of innocents even more bodies buried under the rubble and then multiple sources begin repeating the same reports footage begins to a much videos pictures that supports these reports and these claims one thing to do
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more travel to the hospital and you know a witness and survivor testimonies anything to go by these things happen regularly . we were directly targeted by the coalition it was very clear that they were new insurgents in the area there were children playing in the streets and we were carrying water from a tap on house and civilly in homes were directly targeted reports about the use of white phosphorus civilian areas being peppered with chemical weapons on a system in which we heard that the coalition used white phosphorous near iraq it was dropped by the warplanes who else could have done it and had to be the plane was they were targeting a civilian neighborhood. we've contacted the u.s. led coalition are asking them to comment on some of these allegations and we got the standard response that they're taking all of this very seriously and that
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they're investigating concurrently one of the defacto leaders of the u.s. led coalition is actually in the edit be with us james mattis the u.s. secretary of defense and he's well optimistic. we will continue to be any part of iraq you people in our military make proprietor future. pain the stability that will have been earned a very very high price a very high cost hardly does justice to how much iraqis have lost and sacrifice during this struggle take mosul an hour's drive from us once a city of two million now reduced to largely a wreck abandoned by its people just west of that is. well james mattis is optimistic here in that two hours drive from here he's jets a pounding and not the community that tens of thousands of people trapped now in a new war zone the iraqi military the u.s.
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led coalition of trying to push isis out of. the conditions that is said to be desperate to diskettes medicine and even drinking water a running out of seven out of the people are in chaos everything you know life is destroyed this is my mother she couldn't walk so i put it over my shoulder and we walk like about thirteen hours now and we have nothing now did nobody look here is difficult there is no air conditioning there is no food with the fiddle around with food the transit system to salute. at the end of the day there is little doubt that isis in iraq will be defeated albeit at a tremendous cost but the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi military have demonstrated that it is a price they will let the civilians of iraq pay. in a historic gesture the city of charlottesville virginia began covering its statues
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of robert e. lee and thomas stonewall jackson in black fabric today while the charlottesville city council voted unanimously to pass this measure during a meeting yesterday tensions ran high as chaos erupted during that very same meeting angry activists and residents took over the council chambers after they reportedly shouted down the mayor and several city council members they demanded answers during hours of heated testimony for what they say was an inadequate response to the unite the right rally held on august twelfth. amid calls for justice three charlottesville residents were arrested and charged forty two year old donna gust gray it was charged with disorderly conduct while two others thirty year old mark heyes lee and twenty nine year old sarah michelle tansey were charged with obstruction of justice the council also voted unanimously
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to take the first administrative steps to remove the statue of confederate general stonewall jackson a move which could have unintended consequences after the council's previous decision to remove the statue of robert e. lee prompted the controversial white nationalist to rally in the city earlier this month earlier i spoke with one guest who has his own unique take on events in charlottesville and writing in counterpunch quote what i find interesting about the current discussion around what many are referring to as the emboldening of radical white supremacist right is how easy it is to mobilize opposition against the crude and overt white supremacist we saw in charlottesville so easy in fact that it's really a distraction from the more difficult and dangerous work that needs to be done to confront the real right wing power brokers earlier i was joined by brock a former nominee for vice presidential candidate on the greens. i take it i first asked them to explain what the difference in his view is between the overt symbols
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of white supremacy in the country and the system which perpetuates it for the last few decades. u.s. politics have moved progressively the center late to the right in fact they've immersion meal liberalism is that expression but unfortunately the bad characterize the neo liberalism as a right wing expression it's not something that's popular instead it's very easy to focus and all the more crude expressions of right wing populism right wing fringe groups as we saw it and saw this bill not. in the client and then in those kinds of elements that's a very easy target was more important i think a more. impactful aura of the masses of people in the u.s. is to have a it was this because the candidate understanding of the class interest represented
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by the neo liberal trans national elite. explain for our viewers what you mean by neo liberalism and the new liberal elite. when the a little bit little boy and then the expression of capitalism at a certain stage a stage that is that is characterized by reducing the role of the state. direct the regulation prioritizing state functions and companies. monitor rising in the entire society it is the rule of the market it is a economic expression and also a political expression that's been the the centerpiece of us politics the us economic theory has been the 1980's both in the us and what we do about the the western world so this is been the expression of a more dangerous right but that right has not had the kind of
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opposition that one would think it should go under. thirty doesn't have any challenge to it within the mainstream political system president trump is intensifying the war in afghanistan and the u.s. is also wrapping ramping up its violent rhetoric against the democratic people's republic of korea as well as venezuela how does this news of a global imperial reach relate to white supremacy here. well you know those are examples of the kind of right is the expression of that i'm referring to that even under barack obama barack obama that if i had been as well as a threat to national security that is a right wing position they'd then move to begin to shore up to support far right elements in. the far right opposition that is responsible for even burning people alive the. current movement by the drug administration
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to engage in it in lives war in afghanistan is another expression of that kind of right is positioning so these are examples of what we see as the u.s. becoming in the in fact is a right wing state and is the right wing state because of his commitment to the old liberalism and so the expression as we see it started to be able to rise of the more crude right wing is really a result of the contradiction the old liberalism fascinating that you're alluding to is the support of the u.s. gives internationally to right wing forces i want to ask you this because the u.s. is proud of that help it provided to defeat naziism during world war two yet more recently worked with right wing nazi like elements to overthrow a democratically elected government in ukraine claims to be fighting the war on terror and in fact al qaeda is affiliate in syria to unsuccessfully overthrow
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president asked god how and why does it do this. because that they are really out of business us basically more concerned with advancing in the short term interests than any kind of commitment to human rights any kind of commitment to democracy with anything like that that's why they gave support to the right sector and the right elements in the ukraine resulting in the india cooling in that country and the the destabilization in the chaos that ensued from that they have been involved as a boy the right wing coup that conduit that we talk about recent history in honduras they eliminated the so-called revolution a process in egypt they have been responsible for the attacks on libya yemen and of course they have to stabilize. syria so it using right as an element of the jihad international jihad is bookman and so then short term interest off that any other
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concerns about. sort of rhetorical commitment to anything called human rights or democracy that short term pursuit of those interests is are creating the kinds of contradictions that there are going to be able to be able to reconcile. something i find interesting which i'm sure you've noticed mr brock that is the fact meters of the white supremacist movement from david duke to richard spencer adopt antiwar and die neo liberal rhetoric how does the lab space alien to have a critique of structure in the example you give is the airplane union nato needs a population susceptible to right wing reactionary politics. the result the same thing happening in rest of europe the basically the left abandoned that terrain to the right about not talking to the the super mash national institutions like the e.u. and those contradictions they left it to the new right to find food and what the
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enemy was by now talking about the issues a meal liberalism again you find that the new right is talking about those issues in class terms so we see the same thing happening in the us donald trump can emerge because he talks about the plight of the working class as he talked about the stouffer's transnational elites and it resonates with that base of people in the us so this is this inability of the left to to articulate a ask a. progressive speech to the needs of the bass of the working people the country and open up those spaces to the to the new right one more question i wanted to get your take on a recent article published in the washington post a little bit of a historically i don't know an accurate perhaps saying not these don't look. to
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germany for inspiration but rather they look to russia i'm wondering if i can just carry action to that i think is a continuation of the relentless entered russian propaganda that we see to the president the united states of america is interesting that they would. stakes uncovers the alleged ties between the right and russia but yet they are the ones that said that there were no right elements in the ukraine so we can really take that seriously we take that as serious as we take a statement on the part of the u.s. government and their concern about human rights in any place on the planet. as president trump pushed his facts against what he calls the media's fiction right out of the gate at his phoenix arizona rally last night trump opened his hour long rally speech making sure his crowd knew there were only a small amount of protesters outside the event. and just so you know from the secret service there are too many people protesting ok.
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however thousands of anti trump and anti white supremacist protesters clashed with police right outside the rally in clouds of tear gas. meanwhile many across the nation are carrying forward charlotte's bills for demanding local governments remove confederate symbolism from public spaces federal agents arrested a man meanwhile on monday for attempting to blow up the statue of dick dowling a confederate fishel on city property. as you saw hundreds came out to protest in phoenix just over a week after deadly violence in charlottesville and the presidents and much criticized remarks on the role of hate groups in the country racial tensions have intensified in recent days which may have overshadows radical shift on afghanistan r.t. jacqueline bouvier reports. the way president donald trump is portrayed you think
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he is an evil leader the likes of which america has never seen shadow of moscow seems to haunt president trump the world's shining light of democracy has gone dark one of the most radical right wing inaugural speeches take a look at what some of the neo nazis are saying about his speech. even trump announcement of a new afghan strategy was skewed to supposedly show how the president was stirring up racial tension the president began his nationally televised address monday night urging americans to come together to rise above racial and ethnic divisions he wanted to speak to the nation about charlottesville and his comments he should have spoken to the nation about stroke zero and modeled it by putting it into a speech about afghanistan that's what i thought as an american can we just get back to afghanistan for a second please the president has made a fairly hawkish decision to boost america's military presence in the country sound familiar on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al qaeda
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terrorist training camps and military installations of the taliban regime in afghanistan i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware i do not support the idea of endless war given what's at stake in afghanistan i am firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. i don't know well what both previous presidents both democrat and republican chose to do so it seems hard but clearly not impossible to chalk it up as just another misstep by the big bad billionaire we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks that so violence and chaos throughout afghanistan this is in tradition with all u.s. president trump is no continuing that long held tradition and if we look at u.s. foreign policy over the decades it is one long today pretty much on broken interaction or gender always regime change or military intervention is always the
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order of the day and diplomacy always takes a backseat over the years afghanistan has been a massive drain on both u.s. financial and human resources and yet trump is choosing to soldier on. and all of those resources have led to little measurable success loss to the quagmire of the afghan conflict understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now. this in tahrir is intended to put pressure on the taliban through the taliban understand that you will not win the battle there we may not win the war but these
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things are going to get worse for the people of afghanistan especially the civilians we're going to see formal casualties their country in general is going to continue to spiral out of control some of the neo con generals the retired generals a couple years ago talked about a military u.s. military presence in afghanistan for at least fifty years. they might be exaggerating. oh i can easily see that happening because there's this whole of the in opposition so despite promises of making america great again that it seems that washington is just going to continue to fight and that endless war that seems almost impossible of actually want to. go washington d.c. . coming up on r t the f.c.c. is withholding thousands of complaints in regards to net neutrality but why we've got expert analysis coming up after this short break. there's a real irony going. to lay a finger on a responsible way from the point where it's always well that's what it's always
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been seen in three teams you know little or area not a wholesale surveillance you feel you have already had one of those you need to do so as not been trying as you used social media site oil are always on the story because it's garbage and real. so. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so would you want to be president and should. we somehow want to be rich. to go on to be the first to see what the four three of the more people. interested in the waters. there should.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth. parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical people when a company in the environmental polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all that involves risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know want their work and.
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welcome back to our team america the federal communications commission has received over forty seven thousand complaints concerning chairman on chip pious plan to eliminate net neutrality rules the f.c.c. has so far refused to release more than one thousand of the complaints despite a freedom of information act request and is currently facing pressure to follow through to discuss possible harms that could result from the f.c.c. is proposed changes we're joined now by net neutrality campaign director katie anderson of open media welcome katie and tell viewers why they should care about something which sounds so boring net neutrality. yes if you're going to get your eyes glazed over but it's really important the idea that all content on the lecture be treated equally injuries choice competition and free speech for every line no matter your political structure background and this is the idea that no matter what content it is your internet service provider should be able to slow down or church content more if it saves from one of their competitors so it's really important
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that if you want to you know that that's like a big library where it all have access to things that are there we protect these energy the regulations and what exactly is mr paey the current director of the f.c.c. the proposing which has people so upset. so he before he became the chair of the commission he was a commissioner himself and for a long time he's wanted to repeal these protections that are called for in twenty fifteen so when she became chairman right away she opened up a public consultation asking people to come forward and say what they thought about net neutrality and already we've seen twenty one million comments come through which is the most then f.c.c. history. and so the deadline closes right now on august thirtieth and he is hoping that he's going to get all these comments review them and what he wants to do is reverse these protections so make it a little bit easier for internet service providers to her to pick and choose what
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content we get to see and how she paid for it why would the f.c.c. make the decision to high over forty seven thousand neutrality complaints whose interest is about decision. well exactly that's a great question i mean because it is that if you want stuart to roll back these protections than it would seem that to do that it's in his interests not to try to put for all these net neutrality complaints so forty seven thousand people came forward and had complained to the internet service providers about different any atrocity. wrongs that have been done and so. so i mean yes you see should be making good rules for the internet so i think that it's a good question asked why it is that he hasn't put the forty seven thousand complaints forward can you talk about the revolving door which exists between the cult telecommunications industry and the f.c.c. particularly the current case director. yes of the floor of.
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the f.c.c. he was a. prize and we see that time and time again and telecommunication the industry has a lot of sway when it comes to the f.c.c. . and really important that the f.c.c. has a consumer outlook and looks at what's best for citizens and what's best for actual internet users and what's best for us and right and he and real quickly what can viewers who are concerned about this considering it something which will impact all of them do so they should go for it and submit a comment the f.c.c. and tell them why it is important and it shall be if they do you have specifically regulations are protections are which is the protections that came through the twenty fifteen open internet order so you can go to battle for the net dot com things better than that and submit a comment there and tell the f.c.c. why you care all right net neutrality campaign director katie anderson of open
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media thanks a lot thanks so much a federal court in san francisco has resurrected it decade long lawsuit to block construction of a relocated u.s. military base on okinawa american and japanese environmental groups say the new base will harm endangered marine mammal native to the area. pretty just antos has the story from los angeles. the renewed legal fight concerns plans to relocate the marine corps through ten my air station to a less populated area of okinawa and has no go back since two thousand and three american and japanese conservation groups have faced off with the u.s. military over the pending construction america's center for biological diversity which filed this suit says the new bass will harm the feeding grounds and habitat of okinawa do gongs these marine mammals are listed as endangered and are considered important to ok now in culture locals have long celebrated the do gong as sirens bringing friendly warnings before tsunamis the lawsuit challenges the
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u.s. government's an adequate assessment of the proposed base and its impacts on these mammals which is something that is required by law the u.s. government had argued that a district court could not consider the case due to its foreign policy implications however the court of appeals has disagreed stating that the plaintiffs have every right to sue and that just because the project is based on foreign soil it does not give the u.s. government license to ignore its own laws martin wagner managing attorney of earth justices international program says quote the law is intended to respect the cultural values of the japanese people and require the defense department to make every effort to understand and minimize the effects of this project on the do gong today's decision affirms the right to absolute course to ensure that the u.s. government complies with this law earlier this year the us military announced that high levels of the banned pollutants p f o s and p.s.
5:39 pm
a had been detected in water underneath the pretend air station stating quote p f o s. and p f o a both synthetic fully fluorinated organic acids are found in firefighting foam aircraft grease water repellent materials and flooring chemicals they have been known to cause tumors increases in body and organ weight and even death in animals ok now and do go. populations have been on decline since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when only fifty were estimated to be in existence these mammals once considered symbols of abundance now represent a bigger environmental problem activists say paving coral reefs for military bases doesn't make anyone safer instead these actions make us more vulnerable to planetary extinction in los angeles rashida santos. a popular weather app known for its precise forecasts and storm warnings has been caught tracking users and sharing the location data with a third party monetizing firm or has made important i am brings us the details. a
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four star rated i phone app used by millions of people has been caught tracking users even those who specifically opt out of location sharing accu weather has allegedly been sending private user location data to a firm designed to monetize the information that's according to security researcher will draw fat who tested the latest accu weather i.o.'s application for thirty six hours during that time even when the app didn't have permission to access the devices precise location claims it would send the wife i router name and its unique unique mac address to the servers of data monetising firm reveal mobile every few hours according to reveal mobiles website the company uses mobile location signals to understand the habits preferences experiences and literally the
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path of consumers that data as the company says is converted into new ways for retailers to target customers problem is accu weather never sent out an advisory or disclosed to i phone users their private location would be shared for advertising purposes customers have flooded apple's app store with negative feedback claiming to have deleted the accu weather application following this revelation accu weather and reveal mobile released a joint statement saying the companies will update their apps and services which will result in zero data transmitted when someone opt out of location sharing according to a two thousand and sixteen case study released by reveal mobile the company's technology sits inside hundreds of apps across the united states marine important r.t. staying in the digital world a new study suggests social media platforms like instagram and snap chat are
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overtaking facebook in popularity artie's trinity chavez tries to figure out why. fans are waving facebook faster than expected that's according to a new study from research firm e-mail for a week or predicts to fourteen point five million users between the ages of twelve and seventeen years old in the u.s. will shrink by three point four percent this year this being the first time the company has predicted a decline in facebook usage for any age group and the reason is because teens are using other social media platforms like instagram and snap chat but with over two billion users facebook has continued to grow around the world but younger people are finding the social networking site less appealing i honestly use snap chat instagram a lot more i just feel like people stopped using facebook for posting pictures and you can just post them now on snap chat and instagram and it's kind of a more in the moment and more like filtered out while the older generation still
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prefer facebook or use facebook the most because it's the first social media platform that i started using i was in college so it's just you know very comfortable with it you know i think like when the other platforms came about i was already just very happy with facebook and didn't really i mean i had the other accounts but i didn't find a need to like make the other ones my primary social media accounts. marketer senior forecasting analyst said we see teens and tweens migrating to snap chat and instagram both platforms have found success with this demographic since they are more aligned with how they communicate that is using visual content outside of those who have already left teens and tweens remaining on facebook seem to be less engaged logging and less frequently and spending less time on the platform or rosco however does say that there is a demographic who over look facebook all together these are children considered to be tweens and they're known as quote facebook nevers and soon facebook could have more dead users than living ones the b.b.c.
5:44 pm
reported by two thousand and twelve just eight years after the platform was launched thirty million users with facebook accounts had died. that number has only gone up since some estimates claim more than eight thousand users die each day although even those latest forecasts predicts that the user base book will continue to decrease and the usage of instagram it's not set will continue to soar the upside is facebook always instagram reporting in new york going to be job as r.t. coming up on r.t. thousands of factory farmed salmon are dumped into the pacific what kind of impact what how the local ecosystem we've got that story after this short break. what hold you think you should. put themselves on a lot of big issue. so when you want to be first. want to be rich. but you want to be pushed to see what the.
5:45 pm
people that are being pushed. there should be. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you were yourself in taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each planet . but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our art. and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not believe that the same is one and mind it's consumed with death this. speech you know what they.
5:46 pm
claim that mainstream media has met its maker. the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get a break in the break. you're . welcome back to our team while thousands of people took preventative measures not to damage their eyes during this week's eclipse it seems that
5:47 pm
a fish farm in washington state was not prepared for the celestial event high tides caused by the eclipse caused a net to break releasing thousands of atlantic salmon into the pacific ocean and some say this could cause potentially devastating effects to the ecosystem in the area are two thousand a hell of it is in toronto with more. so while everybody was planning to protect their eyes a fishery or a fish farm out in washington state didn't plan for the eclipse it seems a net broke and it released hundreds of thousands of fish literally three hundred and five thousand fish escaped this these are atlantic salmon let loose into the pacific ocean that can't be a good thing now three hundred five thousand fish how much is that way you're asking well that's about one thousand three hundred sixty tons of fish this net imploded basically because of the tides that were growing and growing on saturday towards the eclipse that happened on monday and the fish were released now the
5:48 pm
company in question is a new brunswick canada based company called cook aqua culture its web site says they've safely and sustainably grown fish atlantic salmon the puget sound for more than thirty years and it says it's an ideal place for growing the fish at length except in the pacific ocean how could that be an ideal place for growing atlantic salmon the problem here is that now this fish these fish i should say are polluting the ecosystem in the pacific and there's a lot of things that can happen here we have pacific salmon which is has lived in a fragile ecosystem the atlantic salmon can eat their eggs they could spawn where princip examined spawn moved up rivers and they could bring disease to these areas so this is not a good thing some are saying it could be borderline catastrophic purpose if expanded if you want to let examine why don't you just have it in the atlantic that's where it comes from that's where the fish farms can be but it seems somebody was smart and decided while the supply chain why have to ship the stuff over when
5:49 pm
we can just grow it on the other side of the continent and anyway when it comes down to washington state's department of fish and wildlife they're asking people who fish fish all you could possibly take right now because we want to catch as much atlantic salmon as you can and get it out of that ocean because this is a problem obviously so bottom line is atlantic salmon are now polluting the pacific ocean and it's all due to that solar eclipse and that's where we go into. skinny down. there's such a thing as segregated you more white you move or she's black you know i think that touches on just seinfeld was a very white you know and there were a lot of you know they were in new york and there are a lot of white people in i think her did a better job at shows like friends and i think growing up seeing that. even in stand up comedy special they're always like white people be like in black people be
5:50 pm
like and that was kind of that kind of represented what they sit com era was to me of just like even executives being like well we can't put black people in this because you know black people don't find this kind of stuff funny there's you they were just assumptions when we were all watching the show you know black people watch the most television out of any group and so the idea that we couldn't be the leads in a thirty rock or and obviously that's created by tina fey but we can be the leads in friends because we're not relatable and we don't share this sense of humor i always found carrying to the great malcolm x. . and he really point to things having said what's it like to not see yourself on television. i mean what's it like to live like i had the privilege of being able to see myself in the entire ninety's going to see versions of myself and what i also thought was that taking away was that disappear i saw that disappear and alternative reflections of black women specifically shown on the
5:51 pm
screen where you know there were black women that i did not know that i did not necessarily recognize that were entertaining but weren't the people that i know and i and that's kind of what compelled me to to create who i knew. i apologize for that minor health issue watching the hawks is coming up next here on our team america tyrrel ventura is very healthy for you and joins us now for a quick preview. tonight's new healthy watching the hawks we examine the new five hundred million dollar remodel of guantanamo bay books and the democrats' fund raising. outrage junkies have been working overdrive this week. on the maybe vice admiral firing but thankfully top of the wallace will bring us a little common sense to all those proceedings and finally we welcome georgetown professor chris chambers and dogs and us to discuss the media coverage of extremism
5:52 pm
is that legitimacy all right thanks so much time. thank you and that's it for now don't forget starting this upcoming monday august twenty eighth america will be available on t.v. channel three two one for more on the stories we cover and go to youtube dot com slash r t america and check out our website r.t. dot com slash america you can also follow me on twitter. question. you guys and i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how r.t. america it's new to the greater media landscape. right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see from this bar graph we don't skew the facts either of these talking head right oh there you go. look at world in the spotlight now frankly i have no idea how to classify as it actually took me way more time than i care to admit.
5:53 pm
twenty million people are on the brink. and under three years of violence famine and preventable disease the gravity. of. the international community remains the silence. it's time to talk about them. all the world this and all the news companies merely players but what kind of part does our team erica play r.t. america offers more artsy american personnel. in many ways the news landscape just like you see the real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you
5:54 pm
could never you're all in. the park and all the world all the world all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic elucidations that. fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most elusive society on earth politics is a species of endless and needless political theater politicians and the celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one part of the corporate and those who attempt to function this. breathless universe of fake news to sign the push for the movie and they're exploiting pay for the little board up for so far to the margins of society including by. public broadcasting says that house sold it sold for
5:55 pm
a corporate body that we might as well be biased squeaky against an avalanche but squeak we lost. larry you're watching our american forces during the war. it's become the cool thing to do all the rage right now for organizations to disassociate themselves from the president and among them are a whole bunch of charities at least eight of them decided to cancel their gallus
5:56 pm
and fundraising events that they hold at the president's when the mare a lot go club in palm beach the american red cross told their annual fundraiser but they say that this year they're canceling it because it's become a source of controversy and pain. the salvation army has held their annual gala there since twenty fourteen but they're pulling out this year they say because the conversation has shifted away from helping those in need and the organization is the susan g. komen group a breast cancer fund that they've held their annual swanky perfect pink party gala at merrill lago since two thousand and eleven and they just announced they're pulling out to the american cancer society also just pulled out they made a big statement about it even though they literally just held their rock palm beach twenty seventeen event there in february the event was over two days included a black tie dinner for sponsors lavish food stations and live auctions and was held in the mayor lagos' ballrooms but just a few months later. they just announced they won't be doing it next year right as
5:57 pm
a whole bunch of other charities or non-profits just happen to know the same thing the cleveland clinic just made a similar announcement so did the friends of magen david which fundraisers for israel's version of the red cross the preservation foundation of palm beach is dedicated to protecting the cultural heritage of palm beach and they just announced they're pulling their annual dinner dance from merilahti go to other charitable organizations have also piped in saying they're thinking of pulling out so by the time this there is there could be a whole bunch more now anyone can do whatever the heck they want i really do not care but honestly when i heard this story i was like wait why are all these supposedly charitable organizations having all these swanking galahs in the first place according to the chicago tribune they can pay anywhere between one hundred thousand and two hundred seventy five thousand dollars for just one event at maryland go if they don't want to give those huge piles of money to merrill lago
5:58 pm
now anymore that's just fine but maybe instead of just finding another venue for their swank fancy gallus where they can dress up and party with rich people maybe they should just give that money to the people they love to say there have been out in the first place. it's. called the feeling to be something. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to just. walk up the modern world come along for the rock. would you have for
5:59 pm
breakfast yesterday why would you put those for the fish your wife or two dogs make like you need when that was your biggest fear not going to bid on a hay ride when so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you ever miss the things the best quarterback. explain the topic that doesn't belong to you now i could give you due to question more. you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape is not all laughter all right but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit we don't spew liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar graph we don't skew the facts either the talking head lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world artsy americans in the spotlight now every really i have no idea how to classify as and
6:00 pm
it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. greetings and salutations the average salary of all us human beings inhabiting the small blue planets that somewhere around seventeen to twenty thousand dollars a year or to the international labor organization here in the united states your average salary sits around forty four thousand dollars a year in other words most people aren't living large these days which makes it a tad disconcerting when we see millions upon millions of dollars being wasted by governments corporations and other groups around the world.


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