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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  August 24, 2017 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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unraveled by the events of the two thousand and eleven the situation and conditions in iraq in yemen in syria have all had very negative impact on the area. the return to the. state institutions that can effectively create stability provide for the needs of the people. protect from the sorts of terrorism now you mentioned the political change in the united states and last here you famously said. the strategic relationship with the united states was the foundational cornerstone of friendships in foreign policy and i think it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that both friends and foes of the united states have been somewhat astonished by many of the bands in that country don't you think that the cornerstone foundational cornerstone has become somewhat on hinge for its of to safely build its foreign policy on. i think maybe it was taken somewhat out of
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qantas that this is not the the only foundation but the multitude of foundations of our foreign policy among them of course is that is based on principle and. stablished rules of international law and also relationships like that which we have with russia which is a story which is a very deep and multifaceted relationship with the western europe with our partners and you know live when you take one major cornerstone it's still somewhat impact the stability of the building so if i may ask you more specifically how does the change in the administration affect your relationship and your foreign policy well we have. continued to this relationship in both democratic and republican administrations i think there is a. number of understandings and commonality in terms of strategic objectives that. shelter the relationship from whatever.
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differences on issues can exist between any two governments but the foundations in terms of the relationship its strategic nature of the levels of cooperation still exists operate operational because they are in the best interest of both countries of both peoples as is the case with our relationships internationally now of the trumpet mr it has been a very unusual administration so far but one thing. it decided to pursue is very traditional for the american foreign policy and by that i mean the attempts of the trumpet ministration to mediate these really palestinian conflict they made it clear that they want to seek the resumption of the peace process now this is a very contentious and very explosive issue do you think it's the right time to stir it up especially given all the. divisions that are happening within the united states itself there's always the right time to address what is the central
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issue the one of the issues that most severely impacts the security of the region but is also deals with the plight of the palestinian people in the provision of their rights so at all times it is appropriate to deal with this situation the with the efficiency and with that occasion and we have always been supportive and we have valued the traditions of president trump and his interest in pursuing a peaceful resolution of the palestinian issue in finding the point of convergence that will enable the reestablishment of the negotiating process and egypt will support the united states and all other efforts in that regard you know russia sometimes accused of giving the trumpet ministration too favorable of a trip man but even here in moscow many recognize that he is a highly divisive figure both at home and abroad and it's one thing to. try and
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fail that happened to many american presidents before with regards to these really palestinian conflict but it's another thing when you try and make things worse aren't you concerned that they trumpet mr ations involvement at this point of time when it's so understaffed when it's so unpredictable to be honest with you can make things worse well first of all these are your characterizations or you don't share these are your characterizations what concerns me is the policies that are being implemented and the desire to address a very sensitive and a very crucial issue to the arab and muslim worlds to the population that is under occupation to resolving the conflict between palestinians and israelis on the basis of the creation of a palestinian state and thereby rectify the damage that has been done over the years to the palestinian people it is a matter of political will demonstrated by all sites whether it is the israelis the palestinians but also the international community and certainly russia the united states european partners can play
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a very instrumental role if that political will exists now if you're hopeless thing and counterparts particularly be at the minister al maliki home i interviewed here in moscow on several occasions and system open and the talks are just a delaying tactic for these rallies even of the tramp and mr ation succeeds in resuming this talks do you think any changes should be made to the setup of the talks to make them more geared towards an actual solution rather than being just an average and being talking shop or the creation that was issued. the day before yesterday in the trilateral meeting between egypt jordan and the palestinians i think indicate the support of a negotiating process but this negotiating process should not be open ended all of the issues have been deliberated have been negotiated have been addressed and there is a international consensus related to many of the various aspects of the resolution of the conflict. there is a. a very strong basis upon which these negotiations can be undertaken thereby it
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is again a matter of the political will to move ahead to a final resolution you just mentioned the phrase international consensus but i want to ask you specifically about the arab consensus because the consultations that you just mentioned involve the jordanians the palestinians but the saudis for example were in there. and your palestinian counterpart stressed time and time again that what's important for the palestinians is that these three nine hundred sixty seven borders remain and non-negotiable a starting point for any negotiations do you think the saudis are sharing that assessment and how hard do you think the palestinian issue is on the saudi agenda. of this unusual is a central issue for all arab and muslim countries this has been reiterated again and again the arab consensus and the unity it related to the other peace initiative
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and the references to the issue of borders but that does not preclude and we all know the discussions between the both the israelis and the palestinians are related to how they will manage the border issue the basis is the borders of the fourth of july one thousand and sixty seven but there is also flexibility on both sides to address this issue in a compatible and. comparable manner and again the long history of negotiations and the international community's determinations in many instances shows the direction that both or she should take the reason i ask this question is because as we all know of the israeli saudi relationship has become a little bit more accommodating than it was in years and there are concerns on the part of many and the palestine that. some of their strong supporters in the arab world may become a little bit less resolute in defending the palestinian cause do you share those kind. because it seems to be that the synergy for israel and the saudi arabia is
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really coming and i don't see anything that would lead to such a conclusion on the contrary all the other countries in the arab summit reiterate the full support of the palestinian authority the commitment to the other peace in the land which was endorsed in two thousand and two and has subsequently been endorsed every single year that it is the strategic. decision of the arab countries to seek peace but on the recognition that peace should be on the basis of the creation of a two state solution with the borders with east jerusalem as the capital and other issues that are fundamental so there is still the unity of thought and the unity of commitment determined effort by all the other states including saudi arabia and i'm not speaking on their behalf but this is what i extract from my understanding of their position that is full solidarity with the palestinians and with the
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resolution of the conflict i think that solidarity is supported in be foreign policies if arius countries that they have been conducting because it is quite clear that iran and israel and saudi arabia have a condom and then me in their on they have certain very common positions when it comes to the united states there are other overlapping interests on there any danger that those very pressing issues this very important issues will somehow phase out the palestinian question perhaps a little bit more. there are many challenges don't discount that there are various challenges both regionally and internationally but that no time has detracted from the importance that is attached to the palestinian issue the commitment of the states to address it effectively this is an issue that resonates the level of the public opinion in the out of the muslim world and i think the dangers of the stagnation or quite apparent by the last crisis is that the third. related to the
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machete for the little. it is more important that this stage where there are so many other complications and where the but the issue can be. an additional complicating factor in resolving many of the regional issues so we still believe that if resolved it will have a very definite positive impact on other issues including that of terrorism and you just met i mentioned many other complications and one such complication of would be the gulf crisis surrounding qatar it appears now at the forefront of trying to rally other countries particularly in africa against qatar do you think sanctions and boycotts are effective ways of. doing diplomacy these days and is it an effective means of trying to make the other country change its policy i don't see that it's a gulf crisis i see that it's. crisis skull challenge whatever no i guess it's also
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goes chad was a ghost is in a situation the not necessarily mean that it is a crisis but it is really sad everybody is not happy with what happening if qatar's neither is egypt and egypt is not part of the gulf but it is certainly. an important region as it relates to the national interests and national security what is the i think the current situation is that there is concerns on the part of the four arab countries egypt saudi arabia emirates bahrain as relates to policies of qatar that have to be addressed that have had a very adverse impact on the national security that has caused directly and indirectly a great deal of. a lot of security and instability in the region this situation has to end the minister we have to take a very short break now but we will be back in just a few moments they tend. what
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politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go right to be press this is what before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. there should. only be tasty but also dead to the ship. it was suggested. and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. and seven balls in the study it's a very extensive study done by
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a well respected scientist. do chemicals that down the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer and i chose a means of known to infuse damage in the last test as she had skepticism they do not believe that that risk is is true by independent scientists so did the industry period you for this i received some compensation for my time as well as the others why is that i mean lobby definitely do like what we've been doing and if you want to learn more you'll get a definite on the flood if you. do not come back this. is a big business against health. as it started. in safety. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turned. some countries into pigs
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these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation or. even the recession. these are very bad idea it doesn't work it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline. to decade how good are the results. by the people. i mean. why are the same issues still in place. this is the truth they consider is the. record acceptable is
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a decision. welcome back to all the foreign minister and the minister just to pick up on the point where concerning the. house had its fair share of tensions with other neighbors for example saddam the work was sometimes perhaps unfairly accused of supporting various insurgent groups but i think your diplomacy has long refrained from very sharp rhetoric and really tried to avoid making. obvious explicit anomie why is it different with qatar why did those differences have to be brought out into the open rather than being resolved quietly diplomatic. behind closed doors well this has
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been outstanding for maybe two decades now and i think that the real good security that has been generated the degree of direct impact the loss of life in the region a. direct threat to the stability of the country whether individually or collectively the general out of national security as water into the more direct and more impactful managed to deal with this issue this issues cannot be disassociated from the harboring of terrorism the. providing resources to terrorist organizations and this is a phenomena that has impacted a lot of countries among them russia. if we are serious we must. difficult questions how are these terrorists operating who are they receiving their funds how are they receiving the weaponry how are they sustaining activities of
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this heinous nature such as to be perpetrated in barcelona in finland and in other western european russia in egypt and elsewhere you mentioned the word terrorism before and. correct me if i'm wrong but i think there is hardly a state in the region or perhaps in other parts of the world that doesn't rely on armed or extremist groups to advance its foreign policy that's just the nature of geopolitics and we would disagree with you at all egypt has never resorted to any such organizations to promote its interests minister with all due respect i think your primary saudi arabia has a very concerning record in that regard egypt itself is fighting inspired insurgency on its own territory so if you won that sanction qatar is fighting the muslim brotherhood ideology on its territory just as always come to an ideology and a political movement that has to. be. resisted i think it
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is wrong to generalize what is apparent is the. terrorist groups who are. recognized by the united nations designated as such or have been designated by the national legislation as is the case of the muslim brotherhood in egypt and those are the organizations that we should address and should fight against the muslim brotherhood as you know is not the only group that the lies and violence for political means. there is a law that is absolute and some of them against funding and support from various countries including some of them. believe to be your own ls like against saudi arabia so my question to you is. without really getting into the discussion i think many people agree with you totally that it's necessary to take a uniform approach on terrorism but if you want to sanction qatar which nobody can
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really stop you from doing that why do you have to come up that there are the pretext that nobody can take a lot of pretext hardly be considered as a pretext this is an authoritative substantiated evidence upon which we rely and hope on which many intelligence organizations have hard facts that surged into the to this issue again and it is very important not to generalize and not to make accusations except when there is material evidence that supports it and in the case of that material evidence exists in the face of policies that have adverse the impact it has created has caused a loss of life in egypt this is an intolerable situation and this is why we are taking action to protect our national interests and that is the comprehensive nature of what we have been calling for that terrorism can only be dealt with in a comprehensive manner we cannot deal with one state and not another we can move deal with one or. not another but we have to apply uniform effective
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measures that deals with this phenomena in its totality and in trying to rally other countries against qatar do you think you are applying a uniform approach to terrorism i think we are always advocating that also entries should stay to similar actions or imply release is a different no no we are very clear in what we are doing as it relates policy toward scuttlebutt that isn't the only policy that is not in any way asserting that is the only. culprit in the cigar there are many organizations and many others that might have or might have. diverted really supported organizations one time or another but that doesn't. put any constraints on us to deal with the specific country as long as the evidence exists to support them now currently from wrong but i think most countries in africa and europe including
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russia really don't want to take sides in this dispute but there are others for example turkey which. threw their support behind. turkey and now finds more and more reasons to cooperate more pointedly with iran do you think this geopolitical cross sectarian realignment maybe to europe will politically i think that we should all be committed to our obligations to deal with terrorism and to be effective partners in the coalition against terrorism any action that is contradictory to that should not be sustained but you know that turkey already has more than a thousand soldiers in qatar it clearly doesn't see the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. in some respects it's a more defined and more ambitious power than qatar so even if yields your demands do you think turkey will be ok with that i think these are two. it issues and they
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shouldn't be confused. as i'm not up country it is a part of the g.c.c. it is a part of the arab league this share of the global community right there are so ca sions that i think. the demonstration of of policy more relevant or not relevant but at least more centralized two countries existence it's a regional association it's. does not preclude that our sovereign right to make its own decisions and they're going to. rights also that should not be in question can i ask you one question on that because a few years ago turkey was very infatuated with this idea of. zero problems with neighbors the turks saw themselves as very. political brokers who are. committed to no one but they're saying that national interest instrumental to all
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and i think it's very similar to how it to have formulated its foreign policy a few years ago for seeing its national interest but not being beholden to anyone has anything changed since then because you seem to be throwing your lot firmly with the. camp in a very divisive dispute and it's divisive from your characterization of small devices from ours that it's is a matter of protecting our national interests and the lives of our citizens and that is not an issue that should be any point to question this is if anything the issue of sovereignty in itself. egypt continues to apply its foreign policy on the basis of principles on the basis of moral principles that guide us from our heritage from our faith based perspective and from our associations to the international community the charter of the united nations and we will continue to apply it is not the other statistics of many others those same principles here we will do so it respective of how others apply their policies but as long as the as
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not in fact our national security interests or. livelihoods of our peoples. the issue is not escalated but if there is a threat that we will meet the can i ask about moral principles because i had a chance to interview the top u.n. aid official on yemen just a short while ago george toria and he described the situation in yemen as a human catastrophe with no and inside the worst humanitarian crisis he described scenes of children cholera stricken children being left in front of the hospitals because there are no doctors to treat them or no medicine to treat with given these very active for all that it plays in both regional and global affairs why is there so little effort to bring that ugly conflict that well we are doing. the best we can within the circumstances with the rest of the international community both the
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superpowers whether it be russia or the united states or egypt found it difficult over the last three years to find the necessary political solution we have been advocating for one we have been coordinating with the un envoy with the shift to to find a way forward to. levy a the humanitarian difficulties we are very sensitive to those difficulties because of the very close ties that bind egypt and yemen despite the fact there are. external forces the terrorist organizations that are operating in the i mean there's a. complications and complexity that i think the international community has to exert greater efforts to be able to. impact in a positive manner absolutely. i mean to always has its. challenges cut
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out for it but do you think the arab neighbors are doing enough to bring an end to that especially since you know stressed the regional aspect stronger well i can only speak on the egypt part but i know that there have been constant. deliberations that have been constant efforts by not only egypt egypt saudi arabia united i better emirates all manned and quit and others to find a political solution to what is a internal crisis and conflict among the yemenis depends on the political will of the yemenis that depends on the. external intervention in the affairs of the compounds of complications so again we will continue to play a role in the international community should also understate its responsibilities. now sir you've been very patient with me let me ask you one final question because last time we talked you were expecting
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a very expedient resumption of the russian flights to fail to materialize where do you know russia and egypt stand on that issue right now we have in the interim. our cooperation we have a variety of exchanges and we have received many technical delegations from russia we have taken advantage of the expertise that exists and have implemented many of the recommendations that russian friends have provided us and we are continuing to address the issue of very effectively because this is in our best interests to capacity to build our resources and to cooperate with our traditional friends in. or abilities and effectiveness and i believe that we are. an important juncture of discussions with minister lavrov i have every confidence that this issue will be resolved in an appropriate manner soon as we finalize some of the
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still outstanding issues and we have come a long way forward to that this chapter will be behind us well mr thank you very much for a time looking forward to seeing you again in moscow and the us please share your comments on our facebook twitter pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here in a while to part. what
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is it when the swiss national bank the central bank and other central banks on behalf of governments are now the biggest owners of stocks when japan is the biggest holder of exchange traded funds that's called nationalization that's socialism and combined with the central bank of poland bureau that is fixing the price of money it's not a free money market for money and combined with the purchase of open house it's nationalizing those assets that's pretty good communism that's nationalism that's why this is a joke global economy is shrinking because the social banks amount to what danny blanchflower power says they're not operating in ways to stow free markets. and book a queer little place called the gay police a key to keep. going
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to commit their we're going to write the bad guy. the last one called in bold blood with such force and you don't want to dodge michael for what he said i feel we should i should think almost as you pulled me through force of what he. was. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate is full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are
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apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so he doesn't really mean it seriously send us an email. our children are sick he's trying to do without see there is no fresh water anymore as civilians flee the u.s. led coalition asked strikes and ice for militants in iraq he says you have to tell the boss humanitarian groups want people that face the same to the station witnessed in mosul. he travels to the home town to be a mom who's suspected of radicalizing the group of men who carried out the recent spain. it's clear that the understood to have attended prayers led by the sufi he's been accused of being the ringmaster.


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