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two motorists and pedestrians due to an active shooter emergency responders including a swat team swarmed the downtown restaurant where the shooter reportedly entered locked himself in and told patrons he was the new king of charleston and this is just coming in the mayor said that. disgruntled rent a restaurant employee shoots one holds hostages in charleston south carolina i mean this is it just a developing story but now we're getting more and more information as time goes on . local businesses were evacuated and the charleston school of law campus was put on lockdown as responders work to resolve the situation. were also called to a possible shooting on king street just after noon local time. and. yeah and this is obviously a developing story and we'll keep you updated on that in washington d.c.
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and just to add some information that just came in while we were hearing from mira a.b.c. news quoted cho some police the latest report is that there was one person injured in that incident they've been taken to hospital also confirmation from the police that there are at least a couple of hostages who've been taken by the shooter. ok returning now. to the heavy fighting between the u.s. led coalition and islamic state in syria which is prompted the u.n. to call for a humanitarian pause in the city of rock called the organizations representative described currently the worst place on earth as it can for twenty thousand civilians town though they skate for most literal cities and coalition air raids. i cannot think of a worse place on earth now than in these five neighborhoods. forty and for these twenty thousand people there is. a constant air raids from
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the coalition so the casualties civilian casualties are. large and they seem to be no real escape for these said millions in wall rights group amnesty international has issued a report on the suffering of the civilians trapped in the city here are some of the chilling testimonies. it was how many shell struck the area residents did not know how to save themselves some people ran from one place to another on the to be bombed there. didn't the s.d.f. and the coalition know that the place was full of civilians we were stuck in there because dungeon didn't last week. was just as my mother my nephews and nieces were bombed to shreds for no reason at all for strikes will lose to gives the house
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full of women and children why don't they keep watch over their targets before they bomb if they had they would have known that there were only women and children there. we discussed the dire situation with david swanson from the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. in the turion situation or the up to twenty five thousand civilian and still trapped in iraq a city is nothing short of dire access to safe drinking water food and other basic services are at an all time low with many residents relying on food they had stored up earlier on to survive on equally disturbing is the fact that health access is very very or there are very few doctors on the ground there is currently only one functioning hospital and. in the ice a controlled part of the city so it is extremely difficult the only way we can provide assistance to those people who fled and as you are well aware more than seventy five thousand people have fled the city since the offensive began in june
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of this year is when they reach the outside in the areas in which they are displaced too that is the only way we can reach people at the moment. news topping the rundown this hour it's coming from charleston south carolina where the police say that there is an active shooter situation in a restaurant a restaurant located in a popular tourist and commercial part of the city the area is now on lockdown local police authorities have said that one person has been injured and taken for treatment in hospital and that the shooter has taken at least two people hostage we're bringing updates as they come in now i mean growing concerns over the security situation in europe the e.u. parliament president now wants to create a quote european f.b.i. together we can do more which is why the european parliament is working with a commission from september to make proposals for more you call grecian against
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terrorism i believe we need a corporation along the lines of the f.b.i. and european f.b.i. really important to do that because we have europol and the commission change their rules the secret service should work together to create european unity to contribute more in the fight against terrorists. ok let's begin to guess now i can speak to pay for the liberal democrats in britain bill needs and is on the line bill good evening to you. europol already exists in the region why is anything extra needed why the need for a new euro f.b.i. . well your opponent is for coordinating information between the different countries of europe they collect to pass on tips and so on but they have no power to go out in the streets and the rest the bad guys and cross borders and chase them so it's just an information center at the moment ok do you think this is going to
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add something extra to security in the e.u. absolutely enormously the reason that the f.b.i. was created in the usa in the one nine hundred thirty s. was because bad guys you may remember the film bonnie and clyde bad guys were committing a crime in one american state and taking the proceeds the bank robberies into the next state and the local police couldn't follow them so the f.b.i. forced the can cross borders with powers of federal police had to be invented in the usa in europe now we have wonderful open borders which is a great thing for you and be every innocent person but the bad guys are taking advantage of the open borders and crossing them freely but the police are not able to follow them because they're all national police and we don't have a european federal police force which we obviously need why why have the different police authorities not been coordinating. because of national feelings in paris and london them everywhere else nationalism breck's it is
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a simple symptom of that we don't want to be ruled by foreigners but essential point is that criminal gangs don't worry where they are they work across borders very efficiently very effectively the mafia have spread far out of sicily to many of the countries they invest in the u.k. buying up property they invest in germany buying good property so the the international criminal gangs of very effective working across borders and we are not keeping up and it's absolutely useless for london or paris or anybody else to say we can deal with this on our own they count we've actually got to have a european force so that the speaker of the european parliament is completely right this is the next logical step and should have been taken some b.s. . then the next obvious question that people will be discussing suddenly officials who pays for this. well it will save an enormous amount of money of course the bad guys the mafia don't publish a new report to tell us how much money they've made but we don't know they don't
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make pay taxes so if the f.b.i. could it's estimated even to stop five percent of the cross border crime which isn't being stopped at all at the moment the f.b.i. but easily pay for itself and save a lot of money ok do you see any obstacles to this being put into action you know there are all sorts of problems at the moment in europe in the different countries of western europe we probably have five or six hundred separate police forces we one hundred in the u.k. and so on and so on and they all use different software and different procedures and the question would be who is going to be the boss who's going to be running the f.b.i. for europe will it be a german or will it be a brit or will it be a frenchman or an italian will be huge argument about that what uniform will leave where what language will they operate in europe oh work in the ignition trust in this so that might be the language but they've got an awful of of simple work to do to hammer out the differences i mean by the bad guys have done this long ago and
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they work across borders working seamlessly without all the restrictions so we got a lot of catching up and swallow our nationalistic pride and be good federal europeans could speak to you bill great to get your thoughts on this bill need and done is a form i mean paid for britain's liberal democrat party now it has emerged that belgian or thirty's contacted the spanish counterparts last year and was made concerns the mom who suspected of masterminding last week's twin atrocities in spain may have had terrorism links it's claimed that spanish police at the time denied at any connection to terrorism. the main focus of attention is now on the small spanish town of report that's where the man in question preached in the local mosque it's also where all of the members of the terrorist cell grew up last week they carried out twin running attacks in barcelona and in the resort of campbells it left fifteen people dead and it came just a day after what was believed to be their bomb making factory and alcan are was
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destroyed in an explosion artie's correspondent peter all of the trouble to report to find the homes of the suspects under speak to locals who had known them since childhood. radicalizing force. supply in the uk in borneo police now believe the revolt was at the center of the plot. small spanish town took the way in the foothills of the pyrenees is hardly what you think of as a hotbed of islamic terrorism but it was here in the fall that the terrorist cell which attacked barcelona recruited were indoctrinated and radicalized eventually going on to carry out their deadly mission. but it was here that the terrorists that rammed his truck into crowds of people in wasilla loner lived. the twenty two year old moroccan was gunned down on monday
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following eight four day manhunt by authorities. who our. local people here say they can't believe he lived within that community. they play football together on the beach nearby with other kids from the neighborhood they were brought up here since they were little but. of course if. they were behind what happened around here we can believe it the seem to be very nice people who will. be brutally cold running but it's just that now we have to salute a whole slew of things that the sale melted into whole society attending the local high school and being a fixture on local football fields so how did say seemingly quiet group of
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quiet teenage is on a quiet town and is part of a jihad to sell. the answers to that many are looking towards the mosque that they attended it's here that they're understood to have attended prayers led by our society who's been accused of being the. ringmaster behind this terrorist cell the authorities pointed the finger at him and now that's being reiterated by some of those accused of being part of the. have appeared in court who will. see what do we know about the. moroccan national we know that he had a criminal past in front back in twenty ten he was sent to prison here in spain for his part in a drug smuggling operation and it's in jail where he's understood to have become radicalized in fact he's believed to have spent time with those who plotted and carried out the madrid bombings we also know that back in twenty sixteen he spent
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time in belgium around the time of the bombings on the metro the airports in brussels. he is believed to have been killed it was announced by authorities that his d.n.a. was found at the site of a bomb making factory did exploded in at the moment the authorities are writing bad off as that his potential weapons of. course him out in the end. as the investigation continues arrests continue to be made including that of the owner of an internet cafe that suspected members of the terrorist cell and no into a frequent it begs the question just how many small tranquil communities like this could potentially be harboring fatal terrorist cells peter all of.
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this go back to our breaking news coming from the united states where police in charleston south carolina are said that there is an active shooter situation in a restaurant now the authorities have confirmed that there's been at least one victim who has been shot and that the shooter is also taken several hostages negotiations now understood to be. taking place right now with the bomb squad and swat teams in position the restaurant itself is in a popular tourist and commercial part of the city that whole area is now locked down deal thirty's of people to stay away from the area. ok let's cross to our correspondent in washington d.c. mira carr keeping the cross this story was the latest severe where police are right now responding to an active shooter situation in charleston south carolina where a a shooter reportedly entered a restaurant locked himself in shot at least one person who has been taken to the
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hospital and now holding hostages at a restaurant police estimate the number of hostages to be about two the area is currently in lockdown crisis negotiators are on the scene trying to talk the family into calming the shooter down reports say that residents are urged to stay out of the area. we're following the situation and we'll keep you updated and thanks samir khan there in washington d.c. once again just to add something that just came in while we were speaking the mayor of charleston is claim that this is down to a disgruntled former employee of the restaurant and claims of this that this is not a terrorist incident now. through the use britain's foreign secretary has been accused by human rights groups of trumping refugees in libya in appalling conditions of the pledging millions of
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pounds and support border patrols stopping civilians fleeing the country speaking on a trip to libya's capital boris johnson insisted the u.k. will we juice the number of illegal migrants heading for europe. libya is the front line for many challenges which left on chicks composed problems for us in the u.k. but equally illegal migration and the threat from terrorism it also means practical efforts to including the work we're doing to ensure that the libyan coast guard can secure their own borders reducing the number of illegal migrants hitting for europe plessy would humanitarian campaign manager for the oxfam charity told us attempts to kill refugees in a war zone are a clear violation of international human rights law simply throwing money at the issue will not be enough what is required is a long sustained investment and the opportunity for people to be safe and protected both now and in the future what we've been really disappointed with is the fact that this just flies in the face of international conventions it is in the refugee
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convention which all the european countries have signed up to that people are allowed to seek asylum on their shores and they have really abandoned that that's an incredibly dangerous signal out to the rest of the world is the responsibility of these countries and wealthy countries all over the world to step up and actually take in more refugees right now some of the poorest countries in the world a host of the most and yet somehow europe the richest country in the world the twenty eight countries step up and even when something similar to that speaking in tripoli johnson insisted the u.k. will back the coastguards efforts to secure libya's borders the coast guard's been trained by the u.k. as well navy getting substantial support for me you countries but it's been repeatedly accused of killing shooting and abusing migrants as well as attacking aid workers oxfam humanitarian campaign manager again says that the e.u. support is part of an attempt to close european borders. the u.k.
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and the european union have for the last couple of years made a concerted effort to shut down borders and we see that happening added next train costs to the individuals who are fleeing war and persecution and poverty is part of that for them it's simply a matter of shutting it down on paper they say that they're trying to explore other options and open up safe safe routes to people but we've really just not seen that happen all we've seen is a shutting down of race which is left people with really few other options then to take risky rates and more police abuse water cannon and clear more than one hundred migrants occupying independence square in rome. i. was. i was i was. crowds of migrants have been protesting the victualling of hundreds from an occupied building rioting refugees through projectiles at offices and they blocked
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nearby streets please confirm that they detained three people and thirteen others were injured the number of migrants you're continuing to grow questions are being raised over security on the continent we spoke to the deputy american home to the form of jungle migrant camp he says those who pose a threat should be sent back to their home countries and special measures put in place across europe. i think we really need. a central office european office for intelligence to educate it on what. i know there is in europe. project about it but it's not only projects we need we need to work on that and even if they are born in france or spain or whatever born in europe once they go in a country. to learn how to create a tax. they must be. kept away from europe and they must stay in this in this countries it's not to decide whether they come back and
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we treat them differently and we sound them to santa is. to protect people that such i know they must be probated to come back and we need intelligence a real european intelligence service to work on that nobody in europe whatever they are migrants or not and nobody in europe can say i'm safe in my country. going to remind of our breaking news story this hour police in charleston south carolina said that there is an active shooter situation in a restaurant the authorities also confirmed at least one victim had been shot the shooter also said two taken several hostages negotiations are taking place right now with the bomb squad and swat teams in place the rest on itself is a popular tourist commercial part of the city that's now locked down the authorities of urged locals to stay away from the area. now we talked to a spokesperson for the charleston police department here's what he told us.
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well. about the shooting one hundred kloc three officers arrived on scene and. it came out of the door being. transported to the hospital ok and shooters in the building. by apartments in the south and we have one that you waited. just a month ahead of germany's jeff. election neither chancellor merkel nor main rival martin too pleased with the country's key ally medical's slammed trump's quote america first policy while social democrat schultz pledged to remove u.s. nuclear weapons from germany if he becomes chancellor with more on the deepening rift between berlin and washington is that he's jacqueline virga. for years it seemed that you could safely assume germany and the u.s. would be best friends forever but as the trumpet ministration charges forward with
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its america first approach to foreign policy they might as well be leaving behind one of their closest and most important allies take the rising tensions with north korea for example that has shown a clear divide and opinions trump saber rattle and lashed out with. make it work threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury while merkel flat out refused to back trump's plan and i have to answer that no i do not see a military solution from north korea i cannot accept that and just this week after trump announced america's old i'm sorry new afghan strategy you know more troops and no end to the war and fight that also didn't exactly line up with expectations it is important that the us discuss with europeans how we can work together to ensure that the country becomes more peaceful and secure so the people in afghanistan do not have to flee to us we expect the worst to move cooled makes his actions with europe so it seems berlin is increasingly irked if not utterly hostile
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toward the number of moves coming from washington even when it comes to one of their usual mutual enemies russia germany was fuming when trump signed off on a fresh wave of sanctions against moscow no not out of some sudden newfound affection towards russia but because the measures were approved without heeding europe's business interests and could actually end up threatening them that must not happen we generally reject sanctions with extraterritorial facts meaning and impact on third countries friendship is as they say a two way street so perhaps washington should be wary of the fact that america first could end up turning into america alone. r.t. washington d.c. . i told breaking news story this hour police in charleston south carolina of there's an active shooter situation in a restaurant the authorities confirmed there's been at least one victim shot and the shooter has. also taken at least two hostages negotiations are taking place right now with the bomb squad in position and swat teams on the location as well
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the restaurants in a popular tourist and commercial part of the city that's all now on lockdown there have actually been some comments made by the mare of charleston he believes he says this is a disgruntled former employee no suggestion at this point this is in any way terrorism related. we have spoken to a spokesperson for the charleston police department here's what he had to say. about the shooting from the four hundred block of street also survived. came out of the building. and transported to the hospital ok shooter still. fire department. you are watching r t international we appreciate you joining us this evening and you can stick around up about the very latest news headlines and updates in half an.
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was it when the swiss national bank such a bank and other central banks on behalf of governments are now the biggest owners of stocks when japan is the biggest holder of exchange traded funds that's called nationalization that's socialism and combined with the central bank the polling bureau that is fixing the price of money it's not a free money market for money and combined with the purchase of open houses and nationalizing those assets that's where it can cause them that's nationalism that's why this global economy is shrinking because the social breakdown of what danny
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blanchflower flowers says they're not operating in ways to stoke free markets. morning welcome to all the part of the trump administration may be unconventional in many ways but like most its recent predecessors it also wants to try it's hand at mediating beans really palestinian conflict the u.s. delegation allowed by the president's advisor and son in law. is expected in the region this week the stops in a number of arab capitals including cairo is the current us administration well equipped to take on big challenges like this especially given the divisions at home
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what the disk. that i'm now joined by foreign minister of egypt. minister it's great to see in moscow thank you the last time we had a chance to talk to you was in spring of two thousand and sixteen in the final years of the obama administration when the world the like a pretty messy place judging from your vantage point in cairo how has the situation in the wall change since then. well we certainly have. continued to strive to meet the various challenges both regionally and internationally to change and the administration to the states of course is an important juncture with new policies in place and we seek to cooperate well through the united states with the russian for the nation with partners in europe to create the necessary stability to regain especially not part of the world the stability that has been raveled by the events of the two thousand and eleven the situation conditions in iraq in yemen in syria
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have all had very negative impact on the area. the return to the. state institutions that can effectively create stability provide for the needs of the people. protect from the sorts of terrorism now you mentioned the political change in the united states and last here you famously said. the strategic relationship with the united states was the foundational cornerstone of friendships in foreign policy and i think it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that both friends and foes of the united states have been somewhat astonished by many of the bands in that country don't you think that the cornerstone foundational cornerstone has become found what on a hinge for its of to safely build its foreign policy on. i think maybe it was taken somewhat out of qantas that this is not the the only foundation but there are a multitude the foundations of our foreign policy among them of course is that is
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based on principle and. stablished rules of international law and also relationships like that which we have with russia which is a story which is a very deep and multifaceted relationship with just a newer up with our partners and you know live when you take one major cornerstone it's still somewhat the impact that the bill. of the building so if i may ask you more specifically how does the change in the administration affect your relationship and your foreign policy well we have. continued to this relationship in both democratic and republican administrations i think there is a. number of understand things and commonality in terms of strategic objectives that shelter that relationship from whatever. this.


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