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tv   Headline News  RT  August 25, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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emergency services in the iraqi city of mosul continue the cleanup operation pulling hundreds of rubble of the. city in ruins already. you've probably also heard thousands killed. what you would likely have. is the smell. of american newspaper claims the country's right wing. inspiration from russia. like the u.k.
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deal with libya was a means of preventing refugees from fleeing. international welcome to thanks for joining us this my name's kevin owen it's just a mid day here more than. a bomb as the iraqi city of mosul has been almost leveled the u.s. led operation to liberate the city has been declared a success but the human cost is inconceivable it was once home to around two million people. correspondents in mosul to witness the aftermath and a word of warning you may find some of the content coming up in his report here upset. he kept this up for a needy ten months with the. u.s.
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led coalition and the rockies one but you can still smell the ashes this probably won't shock you the destruction in mosul a city in ruins it's already been shown you've probably also heard about the thousands killed the civilian suffering what you will likely haven't heard of is the smell it's noisy eating repulsive and it's everywhere the sort of smell that makes us in stink need sick the smell of rotting bodies. the sickly permeates near the entirety of the old city under the rubble hundreds and hundreds of corpses jihad ists as well as civilians families this is what rescuers have collected just this morning three suspected isis fighters two women and two children this is again just the first few hours of
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this morning from buildings right around us and they're still not done. most of them are women and children they called this a victory you'd never think the smell of victory would make you rich. twenty. five. covering the market even the connection they did what was. it describable this is what they do day long day route to see a bullet now that. it's hard. work in more ways than one there are booby traps unexploded jet bombs rockets shells and munitions and the bodies decomposing in the sweltering heat.
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there was no precision here these was carpet bombing annihilation hundreds buried under rubble hundreds blocked in basements starving or choking to death it will take months to dig up all the bodies months more of trauma. what i see here makes me cry you can bring anyone here and they will break down in tears because we are all human beings. was in june there are some things he couldn't sail camera like the fact that he and many rescuers have trouble sleeping after all they see and no wonder it is to rule a city of corpses more ad guys d. of from mosul iraq. but battles said to have been the largest urban
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conflict since the second world war displaced eight hundred thousand people they now have no home to return to meantime another side of this humanitarian organizations are warning of another looming catastrophe this time of the nearby city of tal afar the u.s. backed operation there is being compared to rectally with the mosul campaign both cities were killed strongholds besieged by u.s. backed forces just like mosul thousands of civilians are trapped in telephone under a barrage of bombs while those trying to flee are being caught in the crossfire the ones who remain of got no access to food and other basic supplies.
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it took centuries and centuries to build it in what one of the sort of so-called not so smart bombs would destroy in few seconds i don't think it would be rebuilt ever as it was evidence of people's memory people's culture or people's livelihood . i don't think actually the american led coalition and iraqi government have any excuse. if we see a bit. the diversity that had before then. would repeat itself and that our for
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that would be really crime that would be criminal. the us media is busy these days trying to find out who's inspiring the divided sides of american society so no a new article in the washington post suggests that the far right is being guided by russian influence in the reports russia is used to being blamed for all things sinister in this world if it's not hacking someone that it's being labeled authoritarian or just flat out criminals but few have stooped to suggest russia backs nazis until now the washington post claiming the nation that lost more than twenty seven million people fighting fascists germany with every family losing loved ones is the source of inspiration for america's neo nazis now you'd hope such offensive claims would be backed up by undeniable facts but sadly you'd be wrong the article kicks off with a couple of flashy quotes one from a former k.k.k. imperial wizard who calls moscow a key to white survival and then a white supremacist richard spencer for whom the kremlin stands as the most
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powerful white power in the world which yes sounds bad but these men will use anything to promote their agenda so how is that russia's fault when white nationalists claim inspiration in america's founding fathers as they do does that suddenly make george washington a nutty sympathizer and what about souter after all he's white and powerful too and we're spencer they found a way to drag our tea into it as well spends his wife does geo political analysts on kremlin funded outposts so just see and sputnik and while spencer yes did appear on r t the post gives the fact that after his hail trump salute he became persona non grata here and was never invited again unlike the us media. and that's not all wait until you hear what other nazi crimes russia has committed in twenty fifteen some petersburg close to to going. the most outspoken gatherings of idealogues europe has seen in years now it seems
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a shame to ruin the paper's theories but the event was not state sponsored it was organized by one party not even the russian parliament with white nationalist gathering in charlottesville just a few weeks ago does that suddenly make the state of virginia a safe haven for nazis no war but share one right wing form in the country obviously mean russian evil knows no bounds and after all no one else's house at such an event. we love. our motivation comes from the heart. say an american black walked into this room that person or you more to all of us than any of us is to each other well we're in the dark now so let's keep digging what else you got washington post kremlin mouthpieces of ensues yes tickly promoted the views of american neo nazis and white nationalists what is that even based on let's listen to the actual words spoken by the russian president on the issue of those
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who say russia is for white russians only are either bad people or just outright morons or provocateurs plain and simple because russia is a multinational state sounds like a nazi leader to you and i save the best for last the article even ties in the recent tragic events in charlottesville none of this is to say that the carnage insurance bill is directly attributable to moscow we have not yet learned of evidence the mystic terrorist is spelled proof. in views so why stop there if actual proof is unnecessary you also don't have evidence that he likes to watch disney cartoons but he probably does and most of the heroes are white but really who needs proof when it comes to blindly attacking russia these days. r.t. washington d.c. . other media outlets go even further suggesting that russian intelligence is using hate groups to escalate the situation inside states however despite all the collusions on the conclusions the article admits that there is no evidence that
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russia is supporting american extreme right groups on this line is thoughts about. russia is the hot bed of or the preferred country of neo nazis it's absurd first neo nazis are looking to russia neo nazis did they ever hear about this thing called world war two they understand how historically that doesn't seem to make any sense if you ever meet a neo nazi all you have to do is ask said nazi explain not says i'm too me and they can't answer it and the reason why many of them can't answer is that the nazis that we saw in charlottesville were basically actors that were handed a swag bag here you got us lies there you get an iron cross and you were given twenty bucks of bus fare in a box lunch and today you're
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a nazi americans number one do not understand who these people are. to. the deepening social rift in the u.s. is all across the headlines but it seems those on the left and the right have more in common than you'd expect will tell you more a couple of minutes. right now though rights groups are accusing the u.k. of using aid to libya as a means of preventing refugees from leaving the war torn country britain's been spending a large amount of money and fought on a foreign secretary boris johnson pledged millions of pounds very recently to stem the flow of illegal migrants from libya to europe he's also voiced support to for tougher border controls speaking in tripoli he said the crisis in fact poses a direct security threat to the u.k. . libya is the front line for many challenges which left on chicks composed problems for us in the u.k. but equally illegal migration and the threat from terrorism it also means practical
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efforts to including the work we're doing to ensure that the libyan coast guard can secure their own borders reducing the number of illegal migrants hitting for europe on campaign manager believes the attempts to keep refugees in a war zone or action a violation of their human rights simply throwing money at at issue will not be enough what is required is a long sustained investment and the opportunity for people to be safe and protected both now and in the future what we've been really disappointed with is the fact that this just flies in the face of international conventions it is in the refugee convention which all the european countries have signed up to that people are allowed to seek asylum on their shores and they have really abandoned that that's an incredibly dangerous signal out to the rest the world is the responsibility of these countries and wealthy countries all over the world to step up and actually take in more refugees right now some of the poorest countries in the world a host of the most and yet somehow europe the richest country in the world the
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twenty eight countries step up and even when something similar to that were running parallel to this the influx of migrants to europe's also been blamed for the increased threat of terrorism on the continent so now you politicians of try to come up with a plan to deal with it the president of the european parliament says that he wants to establish a unified cross border intelligence service something pretty similar to america's f.b.i. within the block to fight against terror he emphasized that member states moscow operate much more we spoke to only marshawn i work for british intelligence she believes though this is just rhetoric another vanity project that won't actually work. so it's distrust between intelligence agencies they want to keep their sources close to their chest there are different approaches to how intelligence agencies work to power within each country about what precisely those intelligence agencies can actually do deeply within their own country so trying to close a common stand it i think is going to be incredibly difficult across the e.u.
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i mean we look at countries going from island right across to poland to hungary it's a sauce spread of territory it's a vast spread of history and it's a vast spread of different legal systems i can't see how this can work it sounds like another event the project the international criminal gangs or very effective working across borders and we are not keeping up and it's absolutely useless for london or paris or anybody else to say we can deal with this on our own they can't we've actually got to have a european force this is the next logical step and it should have been taken some years ago and the question would be who's going to be the boss who's going to run the f.b.i. for europe will it be a german or will it be a brit or will it be a frenchman or an italian will be huge argument about that what uniform will label or what language will they operate in because an awful of a simple work to do to hammer out the differences we've got a lot of catching up and swallow our nationalistic pride and be good federal europeans may day fifteen or moscow but with stories ahead russia and china are of
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joint efforts to reach new heights in the civil aviation market or the details after the break. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on
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top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out on the losing business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. again while reporting on the deep social rift between the left and the rights in america the mainstream media might be guilty of a bit of exaggeration maybe. but investigates every day you can hear from politicians and mainstream media but the usa is now a battlefield between the left and the right unusual intense polarization among the population and in the political arena. oh
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dear you quote from supporters racists are the facts you stand up to the nazis shows that you are racists on the ground with already what about the all to left do they have any semblance of guilt the emerging racist ideology known as the all to write and the hysteria and the absurdity of some of the claims on the left and when you look at how both camps look at most major political themes you'll see that there's not much of a division there. my position and i think it coincides with the basic broad. left position real really left position in the united states is that all us intervention abroad is wrong. we should
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focus on our home front. there's clearly an agenda by the military industrial complex which is operating soley for profit with a giant profit motive to in my opinion destabilize this part of the world when it comes to ties between big business and us politics both sides find it just as troubling. people who have suggested that politicians should walk around like nascar drivers and have all their sponsors pasted on their suits is a great one because if they did that they'd just be multi colored people with all the emblems of these corporations that most of the members of congress are millionaires and they didn't millionaires when they were elected which tells you a lot money talks in america and frankly we need to strip money i think out of the political system completely and allow the average person to run and give them
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an equal chance the so-called left and right both have a distaste for the international monetary fund the world bank and treaties which have hurt the u.s. economy. but what about mainstream voices this t p p says the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent fair trade t p p that's twelve pacific nations that's forty percent of the world's g.d.p. so we need to get in and write the standards so that we are writing the rule book for the global economy for the twenty first century looks like the real gap these days isn't really between the left and the right but between a stablish with voices and mainstream media and those who challenge their narrative there's been leftist commentary that's come out from. organizations like the huffington post were suggesting well you know rome used to remove statues reader
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would die and they desecrate the statues remove them build new ones remove them build new ones remove them build new ones well guess what rome collapsed it's a totally corrupted system at this point. and it's because we have this first amendment that the supreme courts have said means that rich people can spend as much money as they want to buy the elections and that's exactly what they're doing. before he makes a british companies under fire for refusing to stop producing a toxic chemical that's been linked to premature death and brain damage the risks were well known even as far back in fact as the one nine hundred twenty s. but all that said it didn't stop all corporations from adding this substance to fuel. at the beginning of the one nine hundred twenty s. the leading american all in automobile industry added lead to gasoline to obtain a more efficient fuel at that time that was already. promptly to the new system especially children but hundreds of thousands of tons of lead were spread around
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the world causing injury such as impaired i.q. this year led petrol remember that well in a spec is the only firm in the world that still legally making this fuel additive that's called tetra ether the lead it's been branded want to mankind's worst inventions of all the bulbs over the years the chemical was used to improve engine performance in cars and also in planes or graphics but sync there but it's been exposure to it is that people with numerous health problems scientists say that children at greatest risk because they absorb lead into their bones they into their blood will rapidly than older people it results in learning difficulties stunted growth lowered i.q. recent studies also found a link between lead exposure in children and maybe violent behavior in later life it was in the headlines a while back the use of this chemical has been banned in fact in most countries. british businesses should be held to the same safety standards for all their products were average air soldier alond expert in this dangerous substance this
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pint having rules at home to protect their own children it's unacceptable the main concern about legit fuel is the fact that they lead and the environment in an uncontrolled way and the people who are most at risk children there is irrefutable evidence that exposure in children affects brain development and affects the cognitive ability of choking in a spec for its parts repeatedly promised to stop production he says in fact only one country still is using the product again toxicologist alex the hey of the dangers of this chemical could have the do you think there is obviously an element of double standards here very similar to sales of all it's really. you know something so i'm not allowed to be used in the u.k.
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that talks sold to all the countries well clearly the company has a commercial interest in making this sale i think you know what's the company will plead well you know this is just a sale we are selling something that somebody wants to buy and it's not a problem i think you also have to. manufacture it's about what the consequences are of what you sell but ultimately i think it is for the government to make a decision about this. but so these are up so far follow some facebook twitter you tube a named kevin zero in this international live from moscow programs continue after the break and don't forget to check it out t. don't call. it's live. live
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. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turns some countries into pigs these are the countries with we can recall them is that needed austerity policy is if you are in a situation of flow bloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost
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a decade how good are the results she saw all of these were pulled by the people out of interest to walk to get people to see what are. people who she was i mean they for legal. challenge must. think it's essential they're not getting paid while the same mission is still in place who want the consequence who's to weaken bluebirds. will first. this is the truth the consumer is the consequences or record acceptable to the decision.
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and you can go both of them on. movie will because i mean funny and it. would be a job that would you rank ways to view but i miss i mean you know we advocate go to the bush call up they police a key key support i would only the good that she would admit i have said to me i put the made the my is oh gosh to morta again you could visit him add your own pushed up what is that key condition. such can you buy to fit cash might they get latham and if he comes we are seeing the new bill if it's
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really true or is this with the history. in this it star should we expect him to be on. the list issue soon to. be undiminished with the real. i don't want to get shot you physically get shot you go or it's shots. oh my name is and tell you how mellow but everybody calls me and you i've been fielding files for her eighteen years they trust me. i feel like i hold here you guys i was trained is what i i want to hear like a local. and i feel worried about them but i don't feel very scared because you know in my life i also face violence because i've been able to come fellas you know it's like.
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you can't get a. the bella. palace are dangerous all because of people who live in the palace because everything that's happening they. don't do is out there the police are there there is a war. you need someone who will knows the area and i have contacts on a lot of fun palace. and you know when i see the cow the cute thing would please him and let me have a free us you can look a solo because they want i cannot avail you so whole can go to the same place i mean i walk you tell me a whole lot of the mill pie here knowing stuff and she and she will not jewels and will i handle will have this missing the skin of a budget poke out a kind of infamy he is not porridge the humor will kill there give us a fish course the beauty of the.


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