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theme. taken by the parent who joined in stranded. russia. to help save. yemen fourteen civilians including children reported killed in a saudi led coalition strike in the capital. and. is accused of spreading hate speech against religious groups and nationalities while receiving.
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things from international first couple of hours ago russian speaking children left stranded at an orphanage in the iraqi capital have returned home it's believed their parents fled to the country with them to join islamic state. well that's all in the past couple of hours watching a cross at r.t.c. goes down of a go of a horrible experience for these youngsters but they're the lucky ones indeed they're the ones who we've managed to find their parents they're not their parents
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already but more like their relatives and they have been brought to russia to the city of grozny in the russian republic of chechnya and from what we understand they're about to meet their loved ones now this whole story really has been an emotional roller coaster for everybody involved pretty much back earlier this month when we just launched the campaign when we went and went and filmed those forty eight children in iraq in shelters we could only hope that someone may recognize them and some of the accounts that we have that we recorded back then they will really soul crushing. to one is still a don't void don't we. don't. you know one. going you'll see little english or a facsimile just get what's it does just that but.
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i mean the list. i need to. know on i know more. than you know. it all meals. on wheels. well. but in a school just. hearing more described in such young voices this is just truly heartbreaking what we know about any of these children who have come back to russia well we've seen we've just seen some of them like for example the boy his name and his aunt was in fact among
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the first people to contact us she recognized her nephew a similar story with another kid called the soon to assault on more it but the truly remarkable story is the story of these two sisters had dejan thought you've seen them in the clip now they look like what like about five the eldest sister looks about five maybe seven years old and their seven year old neighbor actually recognized them recognized her playmates after seeing our video and she showed that video to their grandparents and so that's basically that's how they got in touch with us and so like imagine being this five maybe seven year old tops girl who was taken to another country to a war zone in spent almost half of her life there so just recognizing your form of pass your form of peaceful past is remarkable in itself and so when they were
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thousands of miles apart their grandparents and the two sisters we would go show some of the videos like the ones that we filmed of the sisters and the ones that were filmed of the grandparents his little compilation. you know they were very. they were losing you. further there if you're the sort of school for. girls quickly i too might get discouraged. he. tried to. go in the factory are nice. to getting. at your. mom of course it could mean. the school the mom or were they just so.
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this was a mom when you only have a mom or dad each. and then there's a. new person you. just don't do. well this is one of the happiest stories rather unlike unfortunately for many other children left in iraq but but for all of them psychological damage must be irreparable you'd you'd imagine wouldn't you and some of them that we met were in a very bad way but it's not just psychological some of them like for example take this girl marry him she was very badly wounded in the battle of mosul in fact when she was just brought to the orphanage she was in such distress she couldn't say her name she could barely see her name really she she was really she was in a poor state but this is this is her story. this. sniper just didn't do that it would.
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look it over no matter less just to go the governor chill out and that. will. kill you but i could go for cooling. well she's in russia now as well but i mean it's still many many russian speaking children they still remain in orphanages in iraq and this ordeal is far from over for them ok hugo thanks very much for that. meanwhile back in the city of mosul where those orphans we just saw managed to escape the u.s. led operation to liberated from my soul has been declared a success despite the inconceivable human cost it was once home to around two million people were aghast i was in mosul to witness the aftermath please be warned that you might find some of the content in his report upsetting to watch. they kept this up for
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a needy ten months for the. u.s. led coalition and the iraqis one but you can still smell the ashes this probably won't shock you the destruction in mosul a city in ruins it's already been shown you've probably also heard about the thousands killed the civilian suffering what you will likely haven't heard of is the smell it's noisy eating repulsive and it's everywhere the sort of smell that makes us in stink these sick the smell of rotting bodies. the sickly odor permeates near the entirety of the old city under the rubble hundreds and hundreds of corpses jihad ists as well as civilians families
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this is what rescuers have collected just this morning three suspected isis fighters two women and two children this is again just the first few hours of this warning from buildings right around us and they're still not done alone most of them are women and children they called this a victory you would never think the smell of victory would make you rich. twenty. five. ivy. covered the market even the collection think that what was. it describable this is what they do day long day route i did you see it was not the time. it's hard. work in move ways than one there are booby traps and exploded jet bombs
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rockets shells and munitions and the bodies decomposing in the sweltering heat. there was no precision here these was carpet bombing annihilation hundreds buried under rubble hundreds blocked in basements starving or choking to death it will take months to dig up all the bodies months more of trauma. what i see here makes me cry you can bring anyone here and they will break down in tears because we are all human beings. was in june there are some things he couldn't sail camera like the fact that he and many rescuers have trouble sleeping after all the scene and no wonder it is after all
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a city of corpses of from mosul iraq. a libyan m. and switzerland is causing outrage over reports that he's preaching messages of hate against the society that's taken him in a moment also been providing him with welfare benefits including unemployment payments i spoke to the editor of a swiss primetime current affairs t.v. show which obtained audio of the allegedly calling to destroy so-called nonbelievers. we found out that the man who calls himself up with i'm not on originally from libya is preaching hate in a mosque in the city of b. you have the audio recording he sings several bad things for example they are ask you to destroy them all and get back to his glory also found out that he's telling several times to syria to preach in a private islam is a t.v. station and he's telling also to saudi arabia we are he is a tour guide for believers in mecca we checked the documents on several levels before publishing we had to be very very sure at the moment is. put on not only
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still one of the main subject of the public discussion it is a problem of course that diversity to freedom of speech and the more critique rules or the strongest of an open society of course and hate speech ing is bringing it in danger of course our calling to that audiobook or obtained by the swiss t.v. channel the preacher is called for the enemies of islam to be punished including jews christians hindus muslims and russians and he also believes that those who befriend nonbelievers are coerced let's take a closer look at who this actually is he's called robert downey came to switzerland via italy and mull to ten years ago when he was given political asylum explaining that he'd been pursued by libyan authorities now after being given residency status he's since received around six hundred thousand dollars in social benefits your house again says that it's outrageous for the m.r.
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to threaten the society that he's living in like this. never learned to truman or french so it was not possible to integrate him in the top market so it was not possible that he has got to work so he got this social welfare of course the views are not excluding him it is from the social welfare but he got the money extracted from to society he is preaching against already before the investigation to all federal authorities who are excluding. from the start towards next steps are in discussion belgian police have launched investigations into one hundred eighty nine terror related incidents since the beginning of twenty seventeen alone that's according to the country's federal prosecutor that average of twenty cases have been opened every month with more details here's our europe correspondent peter all of. the focus has switched away from trying to look at boats that perhaps could trying come from europe to go to turkey to cross the border to become what was
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known as foreign fighters in syria that shifted away now following the most recent terror attacks that we've seen if we look at manchester if we look at what happened recently in all salone are these were all done in-house as it were they were done in country and that's why the belgian police have switched their focus particularly if we look at abbas alone a terrorist cell that was uncovered in to the north of the catalan capital there abdel barky s.r.t. was named as the the ringleader the ringmaster the radicalized that within a community that was well pretty well integrated and that's why what the authorities are wanting to see is a register of just who comes and gives speeches now the reason for this is of course that a saturday himself had actually been in belgium just before the attacks took place the bombings at the airport and at the and the metro system in brussels what the
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belgian prosecutors are putting forward is that they want to see a register of just which foreign in a coming into their country and giving speeches i will ask the muslim executive to tell every mosque in belgium who the record most remote to report but. ultimately though this is well it's the belgian authorities looking at the threat that exists and how that threat is changed and looking at how they can adapt and develop their tactics to stop further possible terror attacks more news on the way there's been an air strike in yemen it's thought to have been from the saudi led coalition and there have been casualties the details next.
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it's called the feeling of freedom in. every in the world should experience phillida and you get it on the open road. the old according to just. welcome to my world come along for the ride. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand out on the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions there.
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welcome back to civilians have been killed in a suspected saudi led coalition air strike on yemen's capital medics say that at least fourteen people including children died in the bombing in sanaa on friday morning we should warn you that some of the pictures we're about to show you are upsetting to watch. with more on the latest deadly bombing in sanaa here's our middle east correspondent paula sleep. this follows a suspected saudi led air strike overnight thursday into the early hours of friday morning now rescuers say that they continuing to pull bodies to residential
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buildings this happened in the southern neighborhoods of the yemenite capital of sana'a in what is distinctly ways eventually area there are no military installations they have whatsoever most of the people that say they are pulling are women and children. they targeted this house in the middle of the night so why would they do that there were no soldiers or officials there only civilians. there were families in this house women children why bomb women and children now this comes after the united nations launched a probe into another suspected saudi led coalition bombing earlier in the week that happened on a hotel in the capital and in that incident some forty one people were killed many of them also women and children our office in yemen has been gathering more information about their strike by coalition forces hotel in some governor on wednesday the twenty third of august in all these cases in which civilians were
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killed and injured witnesses told the yemen team there had been no warnings that in the attack was imminent it comes against the backdrop of a diet humanitarian situation that has really just been getting worse since the coalition began its strikes back in two thousand and fifteen there are thousands of people who have been killed there are millions of people who are starving without access to basic necessities and one of this has led to an outbreak of cholera we are hearing from the world health organization that they have some hoth a million suspected cases of people suffering from cholera that they are aware of we are also hearing from the red cross which says that some fifty seven percent of people don't have access to clean water and roughly the same number of people are suffering from famine so certainly a diet humanitarian situation in yemen as we witness yet again for a. it strikes. well it hasn't been established whether riyadh was actually behind friday's strike but the saudi coalition's campaign has been largely criticized
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since its intervention began in twenty fifty despite the gulf monarchy still enjoys the support of many western countries i spoke to yemeni journalist who say to you who believes that the conflict won't end until the west stops arming the coalition . de villiers has been killed by the saudi. when they have bombed dozens of markets. that are whole within the whole i think the main target is to buy. today this is one of the goal of the world for the united states but it in and that's why we see the. government keep silent while he did this all with the included ban. mainly used only as if indians area along the is getting a full support from the united states as long. as. jet fuel in the saudi fighter jet over to yemen to continue their water as long as they keep said
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and why. you will not do anything then they will keep it is even and nothing will be done unless they will stop sit and watch because. the media is busy trying to find out who's inspiring the divided sides in american society these days now an article in the washington post suggests that the far right is being guided by a russian influence jacqueline who guides the story russia is used to being blamed for all things sinister in this world if it's not hacking someone that it's being labeled offer tarion or just flat out criminals but if you have stooped to suggest russia backs nazis until now the washington post claiming the nation that lost more than twenty seven million people fighting fascist germany with every family losing loved ones is the source of inspiration for america's neo nazis now you'd hope such offensive claims would be backed up by undeniable facts. but sadly you'd be wrong the article kicks off with a couple of flashy quotes one from a former k.k.k. imperial wizard who calls moscow a key to white survival and then
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a white supremacist richard spencer for whom the kremlin stands as the most powerful white power in the world which yes sounds bad but these men will use anything to promote their agenda so how is that russia's fault when white nationalists claim inspiration in america's founding fathers as they do does that suddenly make george washington a nazi sympathizer and what about souter after all he's white and powerful too and we're spencer they found a way to drag our team into it as well spencer and his wife welcomed this geo political analysts on kremlin funded outposts so just see and sputnik and while spencer yes did appear on r t the post gives the fact that after his hail trump salute he became persona non grata here and was never invited again unlike the us media. and that's not all wait until you hear what other nazi crimes russia has committed in twenty fifteen some petersburg hosted one of
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the most outspoken gatherings of idealogues europe has seen in years now it seems a shame to ruin the papers theories but the event was not state sponsored it was organized by one party not even the russian parliament with white nationalist gathering in charlottesville just a few weeks ago does that suddenly make the state of virginia a safe haven for nazis no war but sure one right wing form in the country obviously mean russian evil knows no bounds and after all no one else's house at such an event. we love. our motivation comes from the heart. say an american black walked into this room that person really more to all of us than any of us is to each other well we're in the dark now so let's keep digging what else you've got washington post kremlin mouthpieces of infuse yes tickly promoted the views of america neo nazis and white nationalists what is that even based on what
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listen to the actual words spoken by the russian president on the issue but not so many of them if nationalism is understood as intolerance can show even ism to other people it is going to destroy our country which we developed as a multinational multi confessional country it not only leads to a dead end which but down a path of self-destruction russia will do everything not to allow that to sound like a nazi leader to you and i save the best for last the article even ties in the recent tragic events in charlottesville none of this is to say that the calm in show let's feel is directly attributable to moscow we have not yet learned of evidence the mystic terrorist is spelled prove true kremlin views so why stop there if actual proof is unnecessary you also don't have evidence that he likes to watch this in the cartoons but he probably does and most of the heroes are white but really who needs proof when it comes to blindly attacking russia these days. r.t.
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washington d.c. other media outlets go even further suggesting that russian intelligence is using hate groups to escalate the situation and that however the original article admits that there is no evidence that russia is supporting the extreme like groups at the us earlier we spoke to independent political analyst go but doctorow he believes the mainstream media is dominated by anti abortion editorial rhetoric. the journalist responsible for this article was giving his editors the finger because the implication of the of the headline is that russia is justly seen as a center of white supremacy by american neo nazis the in the middle of the article . it's a paragraph which undermines totally such a fabricated view of russia and of mr putin he the author went out of her way to stress that russia that moscow has the biggest mosque in europe that russia is the second most important country for migrants that have to rise to its in the
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world and so forth but on the russia of course is a multinational country with many different. ethnic and religious groups who live in peace this was unnecessary to say but it tells you what goes on in journalism even in mainstream journalism which is closely controlled by rabidly and russian editorial boards like the washington post and of the new york times journalists are not necessarily in sync with the editorial opinions that dictate what they're supposed to write and if they're clever they do the kind of subversive material that they are headed with a journalist of this article has done. more of you watching thanks for choosing our see this friday don't forget take us with you on the move download the all to both of us on facebook on twitter and get news alerts as they happen i'll be back and i'll find out what they have again c.n.n. .
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but. did the relationship between kids it was just to prove and a fairly strong one there were two thousand. in this study it's a very extensive study done by a well respected scientists. do chemicals that the advertising. really increase the risk of cancer. known to.
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skepticism. that this is true by independent scientists so did the industry. compensation for my time as well as you know others why is that in the meta lobby definitely. doing if you want to learn more. about floating around. back then. this is big business against health. this is starting to show. time when the francis is being bossed broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the highest court in the land ruled that every citizen of india has
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a right to privacy and it's putting pressure on the government to scrap the universal. but biometric data also women and wages the gap between the genders is still here but the numbers are shifting and it's time to take a look also jobless claims are up but unemployment is at a historic low so why are americans across the board settling for smaller and smaller salaries and for my guests explain stand by right. privacy is a citizens' fundamental rights as a supreme court of india the ruling could put a snag an idea. too.


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