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tv   Headline News  RT  August 26, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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i will build a great great lawn was the last. thing that was. off the bat. this is r.t. headlining right now u.k. police now investigating a terror incident after a man shouting god is great in arabic into three officers with a sword near buckingham palace. stranded all from the reunited with their relatives in russia after their parents took them to iraq when they joined islamic state. in running a campaign to help with their safe return. germany shuts down a radical left wing web site blamed for inciting violent protests at this year's g.
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twenty summit police found weapons during raids on members home. life global news from the studios of r.t. . welcome to the program and south and saturday first some breaking news from london where police say they're now investigating friday's attempted sort of attack near buckingham palace as an act of terrorism and attack drove his car at a police van in a restricted area and when officers approached he reached for a metre long sword police say he shouted god is greatest in arabic wall attempting to stab the policeman three of them sustained minor injuries a twenty six year old man previously known to police was arrested at the scene. london police have been on high alert since the beginning of this year of course twenty seventeen seen the capital hit by several major attacks and another in the
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northern city of manchester. well we could talk now to david lowe who's terrorism expert welcome to the program so police now investigating what happened at buckingham palace as a potential act of terrorism but this is some eighteen hours on and the details were pretty clear from the outset why do you think the delay i think you'd be talking to confirm whether this was a terrorist incident because we have to make sure about these issues are very taking in terms of the way occasions where people carry arcs of points. over reasons to start with but wants to ensure confirm this from what has been released
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so far it is looking as though this has been a terrorist incident it's very similar to ones we saw in paris were police and military people start by individuals inspired by elizabeth though it's. varying degrees of attacks over the past few weeks or so not only was london of course with boston known and brussels as well is there any indication then that these might be linked in any way. i don't leave because say this directly do i think also some of these attacks again it be hard to prove that it was a direct command given by i mean i am guessing here that the group. or islamic state was always go. by the house group but what was clearly seeing is something that we have been coming out from you came in like so low they haven't for one of my five direct spending fronts these are the times of the times where we
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were likely to expect in the full coming years and it looks as though of it is this group has inspired many individuals and when you compare this to spain where clearly there was you know around ten or so people working together be interested to see what will come out from this one aside book impossible at least in the secret to working on their own or do they have some form of assistance this is what leads to the police will be oppressed the gates of no. you know as well as the individual cells and to see what further evidence they can get once in spite of the area around the palace is an intensely secure area anyway the police did act really swiftly at all to be able to i can tell you what may have been a terrible incident of course is there a thought though that anyone who's maybe acting alone and homegrown terrorist for want of a better phrase that these are just almost too difficult to completely stop. while it is very difficult i mean this is not the fault of the kuwait and certainly if if
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police officers are going to be targets which clearly they appear to be them on this occasion of course in the u.k. ninety three percent of the police officers are. only on this is what we saw yesterday evening these are of the offices so again the maybe of other issue to look at do we need to be increased the number of our own officers in locations like the area around booking possible cations jaw dropping identified as a as a high risk about. it's in the words of the note. to be thinking of because just from over the way you have to train the offices. you know and. think you know there was a trick your friend learned as well last week over suspected to be a terrorist instead of a mean looking a fill of the main one people ask your wife to be rude or ask you why specially. if you look of a group. they have they don't recognise any geographical boundaries if you know
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with the you're against them because their philosophy. of you're a christian or a muslim or jew doesn't matter which or in this regard nationalism if you look within you're against them and i think this is what we're starting to see there but in light of the attacks that we've seen and the attacks that have been thwarted not just in britain but in europe you see the police forces getting rightly praised but each time police forces the u.k. and as we're reporting today in front saying we just don't have enough offices and given that this has been going on for months is and people are saying expect more attacks why isn't more being done to secure europe. i think what we're here uses sharing intelligence this is really come home to roost not just the. last eighteen months two years and of course one of the issues it's ok so there are individuals who are own systems but you know her view is
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a very covert you've got to look at the resources you've got to put resources where the greatest risk is be that identified that it's very very difficult where you've got an individual who if they are working with the carrier it's time. and of course you know it's easy to say why don't we have a twenty four hour surveillance if you're looking a lot of the offices would have to be in case everybody in the system is physically impossible but i think this is so say for example in the u.k. there's the ping the terrorism hotline now that was sort of. looked at was especially given the you know what it was announced but certainly since the attacks . the number of khowst of her increased by one hundred percent because i think people realize crossing informational any forward from asia can be abused it doesn't matter if it's wrong if it's wrong so be it believe them a piece of information or birds and individually could be on the periphery but raise the attention of the place and maybe look at the problem so it's about all of
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us working together not just the security services the police it's all of us being over it it's all of us if we're happy with something crossing the so i think this is one way that we can move forward sure because nobody really wants to cross that line between phoenix syphon ending up in a police state i really appreciate you sharing your expertise with us david low end of all thank you. next five russian speaking children who were stranded in war ravaged iraq have now been reunited with their families it's believed that the youngsters were taken to iraq by their parents who joined i still are to film them in a baghdad orphanage where they were taken after the liberation of mosul we've also been trying to help find the children to relatives in russia. it's worth.
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it to you got that motorola was the. question. was it worth the menu but nonetheless it worth. the work. both at the. g.o.p. . if it. were good that is good order to do it that they're going to. get it on my face.
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such as the christmas saying nasty to say. well the children are back home and can now i hope for a return to normal life with their families so they're safe now some have heartbreaking stories of that time in war torn iraq with more on that his emotional . this is a second short of a childhood for these lucky youngsters some of them like this boy are too young to remember anything but war and the stream missed world that surrounded them so to nerds parents decided to join i saw and took him to iraq he was just two at the
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time distant to remain an orphan stranded alone in baghdad he's aren't recognized them in an arty complain to help the children. his story is similar to the rest of the children take ali he's mother took selfies with eisel flags and sent them to their family in russia ali's dad died right before his eyes only at. work. but his aunt was among the first relatives to get in touch with us. tonight. now he's going to live with me and my children i want him to understand that he's still
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a child there from now on everything will be calm and peaceful of course he's going to visit his grandma but now right now for now i won't let him go anywhere i want him to forget everything one of the most remarkable stories is that of a deja and fatima a former neighbor and friend in dagestan just seven years old recognized the sisters she took our video to the sister's grandparents we filmed the grandmother and father to find out whether the girls would recognize them despite having spent almost half of their lives thousands of miles from home in a war zone they hadn't forgotten ective dad got a phone call can i tell my good escape. i've tried to see. mom approach it cleaned. up again mom that's good mom allegedly just so. this was a mom i know never mom or dad each day. and then there's
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a. new person. to go. to stoop to. marry him she was scarred by the war both physically and psychologically. they teach a buddhist so this that they just don't need to do that it would do. it over no matter not just they like to kill the governor chill but in that. if the quaver. of. a school kill you. i. could post a picture because. they are the lucky ones all of them now home with family again
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but for so many orphans back in iraq this ordeal is far from over. eager donna r. t. . french police say that di a working conditions are making it increasingly difficult for them to do their jobs properly one police associations even held a photo competition to draw attention to the problem. from rats and cockroaches leaky pipes and damaged equipment the photos show the shocking state of police stations across france in many cases it's apparent that even basic equipment has become unfit for use more than one hundred fifty photos have already been submitted by officers who say their job now lacks dignity. i didn't expect to see such could destroy it voters from across france i was aware that working conditions needed improvement but i honestly did not expect to see a car which had done five hundred thousand kilometers or loggers flooded with water
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that happened in toulouse vehicles are no longer adapted for what we now regard is antiterrorist measures there is a police station which is literally falling into the ground the soil is crumbling beneath it no i didn't expect to see such things french police are also worried that they may not be able to cope with a day of strike action and marches over labor reforms which is shuttled for next month. god i. was. with what you laid out would like to draw the interior minister's attention
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or the deteriorating working conditions of the french police would also like to inform i was citizens that we cannot carry out our public mission correctly given the fact that we are in the state of emergency now and facing a terrorist threat over the last fifteen years instead of organizing large scale negotiations on security issues our government has limited its budget and implemented small measures the police force in france has been sick for dozens of years and we're not being given any means to change that since the beginning of twenty seventeen two of my colleagues have been burnt alive these tragedies haven't stopped some of my colleagues have been shot by terrorists every day we face violence you're watching the weekend news from r.t. coming up as racial division in the united states deepens we look at the potential role the media might be playing in provoking hatred it's up next. thing.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be preached. to the right to be crossed it's like. three of them or people that. interested always in the logs it. seems wrong. just don't call. to say proud. and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. all over again the german government banned a radical left wing web site blame for inciting violence during the g twenty protests in hamburg this year a raid on the homes of activists behind the site uncovered knives and batons our europe correspondent peter all of us has the details. last month's g twenty and how violent unexpected and ferocious scale for the times seemed to catch german security services by surprise. that.
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far as i can tell and i'm from and. i've never seen. the autopsy and why those violent scenes were able to happen so the interior minister here in germany decided to close the web site links saying it had been instrumental in organizing the violent scenes that marred the g twenty summit it's . first of all it is about a ban of the associations not a news outlet and from now on the operation of the site is with immediate effect a crime even continues its operation then there will be reason to press charges that will surely follow starting from today. the web site was used to walk in ice attacks on security services as world leaders mixed at the big get together but
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finding out just where the website was based has proved harder that it may first seem we understand that some two hundred fifty officers were involved in searching five properties in the area around the city of freiburg as they try to find out the source of where the website was coming from the operation uncovered numerous weapons raging from. tons to pursue slingshots all things that could be used to cause real damage if in the wrong hands. question is this now with the new normal. politically active group such as far involved should we expect the violent scenes we saw in how to follow closely behind peter all of a gemini. un committee's warning that a deep racial conflict is brewing in the united states it follows the clashes in
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charlottesville and the widespread protests that followed but while reporting on the social rift between the left the right the mainstream media in america might be guilty of a bit of exaggeration as kind of opens been finding out. every day you can hear from politicians and mainstream media that the usa is now a battlefield between the left and the right unusual intense polarization among the population and in the political arena. oh dear you quote from supporters racists are have to stand up here in the south and nazis shows that you are racists on. the ground with rory what about the all left do they have any semblance of guilt the emerging racist ideology known as the all to write hysteria and the absurdity of some of the claims on the left and you look at how both camps look at most major political themes you'll see that
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there's not much of a division there. my position and i think it coincides with the basic broad. left position real really left position in the united states is that all u.s. intervention abroad is wrong. we should focus on our home front. there's clearly an agenda by the military industrial complex which is operating soley for profit with a giant profit motive to in my opinion destabilize this part of the world when it comes to ties between big business and us politics both sides find it just as troubling.
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to have suggested that politicians should walk around like nascar drivers and have all their sponsors pasted on their suits is a great one because if they did that they'd just be multi-colored people with all the emblems of these corporations that bought them most of the members of congress are millionaires and they didn't millionaires when they were elected which tells you a lot money talks in america and frankly we need to strip money i think out of the political system completely and allow the average person to run and give them an equal chance the so-called left and right both have a distaste for the international monetary fund the world bank and treaties which have hurt the us economy. what about mainstream voices this tepee piece says the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent fair trade t p p this twelve pacific
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nations that's forty percent of the world's g.d.p. so we need to get in and write the standards so that we are writing the rule book for the global economy for the twenty first century looks like the real gap these days isn't really between the left in the right but between a stablish with voices and mainstream media and those who challenge their narrative there's been leftist commentary that's come out from. organizations like the huffington post were suggesting we'll you know rome used to remove statues and they desecrate the statues remove them build new ones remove them build new ones remove them build new ones we'll guess one. lapse it's a totally corrupted system at this point. it's because we have this. supreme court. rich people can spend as much money as they want to buy the elections and that's exactly what they're doing. just a reminder of breaking news from london this. now say they're investigating friday
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evenings attempt to sort attack. on acts of terrorism and attack drove his car at a police van and a restricted area on friday evening at about time when officers approached he reached for a long sword which was inside the vehicle police say that he then shouted. attempting to stop the policeman three officers sustained minor injuries twenty six year old man previously in police was arrested at the scene. were across developments there if the police say anything else will be right back on that story i'll be here to update you again on a national in about an hour. but .
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really the risk of. this is. this is is true by independent scientists need. this. confrontation for my time as well as the others why is that i me to lobby. do like what we've been doing if you want to learn more you'll get a. flood. back. big business against. all.
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in safety. welcome guys are. looking forward to. this is what happens to pensions in britain don't you watch kaiser report. time when the francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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tonight in an executive order signed by president from venezuela has been sanctioned by the united states and its resources president nicolas maduro is a battle the government and trade between the united states and china the tensions are ratcheting up there as well now could it mean a future trade war i've got an expert to fill us in on that also it's time to talk about the u.s. debt ceiling and a looming government shutdown my guest former u.s. trading commission joins me for that. start right now. that is why i now faces massive financial sanctions placed on it by an executive order signed by president trump take a listen to treasury secretary steve. u.s.
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persons are prohibited from engaging in specified dealings involving the government of venezuela and its instrumentalities this includes state owned oil company paid if. these prohibitions extend to transactions road to bodies occurring in the united states. and the instruments the oil companies us subsidiary sicko is prevented from sending dividends. to venezuela this ratchets up tensions between the two countries and makes it harder for embattled president nicolas maduro to raise badly needed funds to prevent a debt default. at an annual conference of central bankers in jackson hole wyoming federal reserve chair janet yellen says the web of regulations the fed helped enact after the two thousand and eight financial crisis helped restore the banking systems health she did point out that the fed is prepared to adjust the regular.


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