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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 27, 2017 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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neighbor to the south. well peter let's not forget the north korean issue was largely issue resulted from the cold war i mean the cold war largely waged by president harry truman based on an i c sixty eight document largely about the perception of soviet fear rather than factual assertions about soviet fear and then of course the invaded the north korea the korean peninsula which was one country throughout much of history up until the second world war it was one country one people one culture and then unfortunately the war happened and twenty percent of the north korean population were wiped out of this earth thanks largely due to the us invasion so the memory of history is still fresh and currently the north koreans have. i'm not defending the north koreans but they do have legitimate security concerns you know one hundred and sixty thousand u.s. troops stationed across western pacific the cold war architecture for deployment
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remaining largely intact and also around military exercises between south korea and the u.s. so the regime of course thinking about its survival and is also feeling threatened both in memory of history and recent developments by the u.s. industrial military industrial complex ok poland in boston you know one of the remarkable things here is we we every few years we go through this you know this that north korea mania that i call it ok and it of course actions and reactions things that north korea does and reactions to in south korea in the united states and the actions of the south koreans and the americans because of the north korea ok but one of the interesting things here is that why doesn't if there's such great tension in this inevitability of conflict why don't the two sides to sit down and talk because the americans refused to do that why not go ahead paul. well the united states have to go back to why the united states wants to be in asia at all
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ok why does the united states intervene ten thousand miles from mature and to answer that question you have to go back to the open door policy sounds boring but the bedrock foreign policy of the united states is the open door policy and when china closed the door after world war two initially the united states wanted to set up a client regime in china but that failed the communists took over and closed the open door and so the united states decided that career would be its first bastin against the encroachment of china and the closing of asia to american economic penetration ok but i mean let's talk about this need to make this new killer thread i mean why don't they want to talk about that that's very important and that's pressing right now can you answer that for us go ahead home well you know the the real the real threat for the united states from the beginning was always china and you know we
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talk about one hundred sixty thousand troops stationed across the. western pacific but there are also nuclear weapons surrounding china china is aware of that and you know the united states uses south korea as its primary base to you know basically send messages to china that are going to want to know the united states is talking about a possible war a nuclear war with north korea because of china well that i don't know that that doesn't seem what. we well what what i'm saying is that you know that there are the chinese they have an angle in all of this the let me go to andriy in beirut i mean the chinese are not there to settle all scores in that part of the world because the united states has such a huge military footprint there the chinese have made it very clear that they want to go she asians they have a limited ability to push the north. marine regime and they've offered a number of things solution a diplomacy a freeze on freezer and there's
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a lot of the diplomatic talk coming out of beijing so i think you know it's really incumbent on the united states to react to that go ahead andre in beirut. yes of course actually china. is acting extremely peaceful in its own region and in the asia pacific it is being constantly provoked on several fronts and companies that are. trying to reach peace agreements like the philippines are being contaminated and even at the overthrow their governments there are of course north korea is sitting. between i mean there is a border with china and for russia and just imagine what interests of the west are if there is a so-called reunification of korea hostile the unification if there is a war and let's say north korea is going to collapse then the rest of the regime is
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going to or western the empire is going to expand to the border with both russia and especially with china so this took on the sort of big snow on the hitlist sort of being intimidated by the worst both china and russia the two allies and. the north korea would actually be. a new. hostile power because it would become one of its kind of understood that if there is a unification of korea it would be like germany it would basically. it's of the principle stand and we saw alliances and we saw that happen with nato expansion here when let me go back to you in in washington i mean this is really the crux of it all is that you know the united states is making demands for its client state south korea but you know the united states could make a major move a good. gesture i would even say of taking out its troops what are those troops
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over there for i mean south korea is a very affluent country it's twice the population of the north it has it's more than able to defend itself here that would be one step in the right direction i mean the united states is tying itself to an alliance that is a really a no win win for all korea and china and russia but you know if there's a war there i don't think people in memphis are going to be worried about it ok and i think that's a very cynical go ahead in washington peter i think partly it is etiology and also it is about like i said military industrial complex wars or the prospect of wars are good business let's not forget ten percent of the u.s. manufacturing sector are weapons manufacturing so largest weapons manufacturer in the world also i'd like to respond very quickly to china to make some clarifications because president trump recently tweeted about china quote unquote doing nothing about north korea could do everything to solve the problem and he
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said they will not allow this to continue well it's really a myth because for one thing how can he or washington expect china to do everything inter in terms of security for the united states washington sells arms to taiwan patrolling south china sea regularly and kept much of the cold war for it employment intact and secondly china did do quite a lot quite a bit actually under as a member of the security council imports from north korea down thirteen percent imports of coal from north korea down seventy five percent western headlines focused largely on the overall trade volume increasing but that happened largely before the un sanctions kicked in finally present argument was that you know how can china why didn't china stop trading with the north koreans not using leverage against north korea well that's it is a logical argument if china did all trade with north korea. how could beijing's leverage your opinions come from of course of course you know paul can you weigh in
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on that there because the united states doesn't recognize that north korea respective how you feel about the regime in north korea it does have security interests the united states doesn't recognize that it has north korea as a sovereign country a member of the united nations and has a right to protect itself but it doesn't recognize it particularly if you look at the mainstream media go ahead in boston well the american government clearly recognizes that they have legitimate security interests the american public that doesn't seem to understand that because we don't have a sense of history in our country the united states intervened in a civil war in korea in one nine hundred fifty and turned it into a major conflagration in which millions of koreans on both sides of the border died where millions more of orphans and widows and the maimed were created. and you know the north korean regime doesn't want to see that happen again and uses the south but if there's another war it is
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a korean war true there will be an absolute apocalyptic collapse catastrophe in east asia. north korea has i'm to itself with the deepest sense of security that it thinks it needs to protect itself against another onslaught by the united states it's very simple. and the north koreans are not going to preemptively launch their nuclear missiles against the united states although they can't do it right now. the only time they will you they're not suicidal the only time they'll use them is if they believe the united states is about to take them out. so essentially it is it is to preserve the regime in the in the current political order there but seems quite reasonable here in the i'm glad you mention it calling the north korean regime in saying on balance and all that it does not help whatsoever it's very rational to protect yourself or a gentlemen to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on north korea stay with our king.
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in case you're new to this is how it works my economy is built around. for a shift from washington to washington the media the media. is like. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. our.
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last time we. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. forced offense to. lose their lives just the words for it. is the very we are all mortal men they the boy they have this is the this is for me. ok. it will be i don't is there for no baby don't. make or. i walk down a great. crowd what. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you were yourself in taking your last
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wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different. speech because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into paid these are the
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countries with we can recall them is that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of flow bloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results in new york city's welcome by the people gathered in greece to watch the world get people to see what do i do enjoy. the beautiful blue she was i mean if a legal. challenge was this she was always think if they see something on you. why are the same measures still in place to one of the consequences is to weaken bluebirds. will first one of this is the truth the consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision making.
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welcome back across like we're all things to consider. discussing north korea. ok let me go back to beirut under one of the things i find quite terrifying is how koulis the mainstream media talks about the situation in the in the korean korean peninsula because you know what we've heard from paul and weighing is this would be a crowded catastrophic. event in and very destructive here i mean soul is what twenty miles away from the d.m.z. in of course in any kind of military assault north korea would be would be turned into a moonscape like they did during the americans did during the korean war i mean by
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the end of the person who they were there were no targets to hit but for aircraft by the end of the first year not the third year. how do you tell how do you explain this i mean that big callously talking about we've run out of time we do we have no more patience so we don't want to talk about resolutions here it sounds so exactly like they're going on a war footing there and how why do why would you expect the north koreans to defend themselves again not defending the regime but in the biz the international order of sovereign states that's what i'm talking about go ahead andre in beirut well first of all if you listen to north koreans listen to them a lot. of their governments are of that artist of their people when over three years ago a sponsor of the delegation of france a clarke former us attorney general so if you talk to the north koreans that actually they have very legitimate concerns the they suffered tremendously during the korean war well let's remember that the media coverage of vestal media western
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media coverage of the korean peninsula was always extremely biased and scandalous one of the greatest journalists of all time of the twentieth century. and australian journalist who actually went to the war and he who covered the conflict . wrote think about the thousands of tens of thousands of north koreans being literally destroyed murdered in the tunnels brought to life in the tunnels he even lost australian citizenship for this coverage and he was declared an enemy awful strelley and stayed very good friends of his son and all of this with our lives so i know the entire story it was always biased the let's go back. history also and see why it's north korea so much hate it it's not all that because of the standoff between north and south korea let's remember that north korea together with cuba almost singlehandedly liberate its african continent from the colonialism so
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or north korean troops and i lifted africa for many years and i will say i think about it a lot the fault in the movie the fault in the goal of the fourth against south african authorities even through mix egyptian makes against israel during the war of the teachers the. doctors were in too many african countries even to now rich going through. to help to build that acacia system this is not discussed but this is one of the reasons the first never forgave north korea for wrestling the call on it's ok a little bit legless let's talk let's play with let's stay with the current tensions here on the peninsula here when let me go back to you here and i'm so happy to have you on the program to give a very clear. presentation to our viewers about how china thinks about this i mean china does not want to see the north korean regime collapse you would have
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a refugee problem that would create a security problem and of course as it's already been mentioned on this program is that you would have american military personnel in material going all the way up to the chinese border china has no interest in seeing that happen and it does have an interest in seeing it negotiated again china has come out with some good talking points to start negotiations is i mean has the chinese given up on it and just rolling their shoulders thinking what the americans are going to do next i mean we saw donald trump you know just attack syria based on no imperial evidence at least it was never presented to the public i mean it was a gross violation of sovereignty and even a war crime i would say so weighing again you know kind of explain to us how the chinese see all this saber rattling. well peter we need to remember that if the u.s. has one southern border to secure china has thirteen borders to secure and many of them are current or former nuclear powers and north korea is just one of them if there were to be a regime collapse in north korea the refugees would be
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a great burden to their northeast eastern chinese provinces three of them currently under economic duress from the economic transformation huge problems for local population and local economy and also i do not think that the us can wage a war easily because if history is of any reminder look at the countries they invaded afghanistan and iraq recently knob the new countries well they didn't they didn't do very well and i go back in there well they didn't equip themselves very well in the korean war ok by the way go ahead go ahead keep going right. grenada and panama back in the eighty's non of them have the w. and d. or cuba like you said and north korea back in the fifty's and sixty's the beginning year decade of the cold war none of them or nuclear powered countries so i did not think that pentagon would easily go to war with the united states an estimate of how much casualty it would there be was provided by bill clinton aide back in the
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ninety ninety four period when he told bill clinton who was seriously considering a war with north korea he said there could be one million casualties on top of that one billion one trillion naturally economic losses so i'm not sure if the united states wants to go to war with a nuclear power have never done so ok but here it's well you know about that and that is one of the reasons why people say that north korea develop nuclear weapons or a program in the first place because they saw iraq they saw libya they don't want to be the next victim here you know paul. can you explain to me i mean why do we have this kind of rhetoric coming from the president from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations i mean really it sounds like they're trying to put the public on a war footing they are. we're talking about you know with their patients is gone would. this. diplomatic approach patients from clinton through obama because that's been exhausted i mean what is the next step here are they do you think in your mind they're contemplating
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a real military conflict against north korea or is it just talking points and intimidation go ahead well if they were to launch a nuclear or an assault on north korea that would inevitably lead to nuclear war. the north koreans have short range missiles capable of carrying nukes as far as japan from everything i've heard. why would the united states want to ramp up the tension on this. i don't know it's too dangerous. it just boggles the mind you know i'm always telling my students that. allowing nuclear weapons to exist on planet earth is like leaving a loaded gun in a kindergarten you know soon sooner or later you know we don't abolish these weapons they will abolish us and yet you know we continue to put them at the front of our. of our ability to threaten well they say oh it's very interesting that
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you're saying that it's very interesting that you're saying that it's because there's only one country in the world that has ever used nucular weapons against the civilian population under me let me go to you in beirut i want to ask and i want to stick to right and they should not repeat that same mistake on their i want to ask you and then my other guest the same question now here why doesn't the world accepted north korea will be a nuclear power. the soviet union than russia was china adversaries why can't we live without and mitigate its negative potential ok recognize the country as a nuclear power and go from there i mean i think that is one of the only ways out it's not the best solution i don't see any good solutions to this but the worst solution would be war ok go ahead on three. i actually think that the walt is accepting the fact that the north korea is a nuclear power not except to the us were authority in the us and in the west north korea we keep talking about the north korean regime and how
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dangerous it is i don't see it as dangerous and i don't really think if you talk to people here in the middle east if you talk to people in latin america or if you talk to even people in asia they see it as something but it dangerous again it's something that this it's a big hype that. chicago or in los angeles or far away from north korea anyway and you know you see this look i know people walk all over or indonesia philippines. you know thailand based in thailand partially nobody even think about this issue it's absolutely no issue so it's again some kind of and never will be an issue on this north korea provoked or attack north korea is still going to do anything to do this through southeast asia so i'm going to do and i think most likely do to attack japan unless the attack against north korea will come for a walk you know about from the u.s. basis and then of course the big delegation will not be against the u.s.
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but against okinawa exactly exactly that's the thing about if you're in but if you're in most of the parts of the world north korea is not a threat it's not seen as when one of the things this brings up you know and something i've been very critical of over the years is this in tangle ing. treaties and alliances the united states gets itself into because it ends up being wag the dog you have them with the south koreans who depending on what regime is there at the time would political flavor is that the time they can use the united states is low bridge for what it wants in its security and the japanese do the same thing i mean another alternative and i know that this is again one very bad solution is that you know then south korea and japan. and should have their nuclear programs there do you think north korea is going to like that maybe that's going to make them think twice and is thinking out of the box here because what we've been doing the same it's this the same treadmill round and round every few years we know my goodness north korea is going to destroy the world ok i mean we need new thinking
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like that when going to the last minute of the program go ahead of course the united states argues that it is a force for good but look at the what happened after world war two the restructure reconstruction of asia pacific the prosperity of japan and korea but they should also bear in mind that at the same time when it takes sides complicated the situation and created more conflicts look at territorial disputes between russia and japan the washington always stand on the side of their allies and when there is a south china sea dispute washington stand stood on the side of the philippines and when there is the east china sea island dispute standing on the side of the japanese again so without regarding the historical issues of comfort women issue with the korean war issue those issues were largely forgotten but they should bear in mind those historical perspectives to truly understand the realities of today and if they did that maybe western audience would think differently about this what
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i would say is manufactured crisis that we see every couple of years and i want to thank my guests in washington boston and in beirut and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember rules. would hope to do you should. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so would you want to be the person you. want to be. they have to go right to be for us to see what will befall three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the waters and. there should.
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be coins falls for trust it's a mathematical formula that solves for trust think about all the institutions in your life that require trust you trust people on the road are going to be not crashing into you you trust to be a doctor is professional you trust the hospital is working in a trust third parties all day long but point is the first trust international currency that doesn't require trust it just requires consensus to buy into every ten minutes the protocol and why would you not be buying into the protocol if you're getting fabulously wealthy or watching central banks collapse i like about it i mean wealth comes and goes but watching central banks crawl into their desk and pee themselves and cry that's why i like. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into pigs these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of flow bloat even the recession oh steadies
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a very bad idea it doesn't work it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline to home as the decade how good of the results. of these will by the few gathered in which to watch it will be able to see what you are doing. i mean to for legal. challenge must. see it she somehow they are not getting paid while the same mission is still in place who one of the consequences who's to blame for. who will first. this is. the. welcome to our already rumors that we're going to look at.
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her. her. wow wow. wow wow i. thought it was supposed. to split up. last time we chased. each one of the twenty kilos
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of drugs. that they just. think. they have. i don't know maybe they don't. want to shop. around more.
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so everything but she says her parents are and. why would i tell her of the wise policy business two young sisters who have been reunited with their family in russia today radicalized parents took them to iraq. a small rightwing ronnie in but california is swamped by much longer counter-demonstration. and in the top stories of the week they are wrong the only recount just one of the last strongholds but the big three come.


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