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and. welcome to on contact today we discussed the rise of white violent right wing hate groups with. today will we have and will we see is a new. embolden the radical right that feels that they have now the political space and the justification to a liar themselves with this reactionary trope of this ration and to carry out the desires the aspirations of the white race is right the ones to make america great again. with chris hedges. as the country disintegrates white right
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wing vigilantes have formed groups with names such as the fraternal order of all knights oath keepers made up of current and former law enforcement and military veterans and proud voice these groups seek out street confrontations with left wing protesters some of whom have formed counter groups such as the black bloc and the fascists and redneck revolt the right wing vigilantes whose violence and racism is incited by donald trump and a host of proto fascist pundits the news outlets has become emboldened threatening to tear apart civil society archy correspondent on your promp l. looks at the profusion of new white right wing hate groups. the united states has a problem with white supremacy earlier this month that problem reared its ugly head when several white supremacist groups convened on charlottesville virginia to protest the removal of a statue commemorating confederate general robert e. lee on saturday august twelfth
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a white supremacist named james alex fields charged his car into a crowd of anti-fascist counter protesters killing thirty two year old charlottesville native heather higher the southern poverty law center claims that tracked nine hundred seventeen hate groups in the country ranging from the. classic the ku klux klan to neo nazis it to the modern phenomenon of the so-called all right the first inception of the k.k.k. was founded in eight hundred sixty five and the s.p.l. see estimates it currently has up to eight thousand members nationally a google trends topic search for kook klux klan reveals a moment of renewed interest in the k.k.k. as reported by the washington post google searches spiked in two thousand and eight after the election of barack obama the first black president then interest spiked again in march last year when donald trump was slow to renounce an endorsement from former klan leader david duke it peaked again around election day in november and following the events in charlottesville more people are searching for the k.k.k.
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the group in charlottesville also included neo nazis and members of the so-called all right movement which praised for his response to the tragedy which unfolded the president blamed on both sides of the protests you had a group on the other they came charging in without a permit and they were very very violent i've condemned many different groups there was a group on this you can call of the lift you've just called them the left that came violently attacking the other group i think there's blame on both sides but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. as divisions grow in the streets even as can better at monuments come down it seems white supremacy in the united states isn't going anywhere. thank you anya i'm joined today by a drama baracoa he was the green party's nominee for vice president in the two thousand and sixteen election he served as the founding executive director of the
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u.s. human rights network and is currently an associate fellow at the institute for policy studies in washington d.c. we've seen a rise of what has been part of the d.n.a. of american white society for a long time these white vigilante groups all right groups that are now walking into the streets looking for. physical confrontations with any fascists and black lives matter activists and others how do you assess this phenomenon as well as you indicated in your question your comment it is part of the history of this country that violence has always been at the center of this settler colonial experience of violence both official and unofficial it was the militias that were part of the process of clearing the land of the indigenous it was militias and various paramilitary forces interrupt you there there's
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a lot of people don't know that that some of the worst massacres of indigenous communities you know were not carried out by the cavalry or they didn't shy away from genocide you know but you're right from private militias raised out of denver who then wiped out entire indian encampment those kind of private militias but also just local. initiatives by settlers to get rid of the local indigenous problem so that's been part of the the us experience of the paramilitary forces that were part of enforcing the racial colds. and the configurations of power in the south that became the set. the piece of the totalitarian experience for african-americans that is always been the as you say the d.n.a. that's been this is characterize a race relations here in this country so today we have it will be see is a new. embolden radical right that feels that they have now the
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political space and the justification to ally themselves with this reactionary donald trump administration and to carry out the desires the aspirations of the white race this right that wants to make america great again great again for home for themselves yes because they see the u.s. always as part of their of their nation or you had to do was get rid of those pesky indigenous people and to marginalize black folks and to terrorize immigrants this is seen as a white nation what period in history we have to go back a few decades to see at the highest levels of government including withdrawn this stuff is being not only lauded but incited and we have so called media outlets from fox news to breitbart. that function as propagandists for white supremacy.
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they really do you know but there's been this collaboration even with the democrats i mean for example in two thousand and nine there was a very important report that was produced by the department of homeland security that talked about the rise of the right. den of five the right as really the the most important threat to national security in this country but that report eventually ended up being suppressed by the obama administration because the republicans in this weird strange position said that this was an attack on them and therefore they they buried the report now the issue was this chris if that report would have been properly disseminated and people would have been alerted to the fact that you had this radical violent right wing developing in this country perhaps when. i walked into that church maybe the.
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parishioners would have been more on guard. but that's what we have in this country that basically we are expendable and so for political expediency the obama administration suppressed that report and we were put on alert to this rising neil fascist movement how dangerous do you think it is. i think it's very dangerous but in some ways it's actually less dangerous then the solve right wing as our call them that is the the inability or the reluctance on the part of most people in this country to deal with the underlying it is a logical justification for this violence the the you normalization of white supremacy this notion that this in fact is a white nation. and that it has the right and responsibility to not only keep people of color in check in the u.s. but around the world how do you explain the fact that you can have the trump
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administration deciding themselves that they can't punish the assad government because of the alleged violations of some of international law and get away with it would almost no opposition so this whole white father this part of this just this racist idiology this this american exceptionalism exceptionalism if you will that's been part of the american idiology and has been normalized and accepted by all richard hofstadter in his last book on violence writes that these white vigilante groups whether they were the slave patrols of the klan or the gun thugs that broke the labor movement the pinkertons the felts have essentially tacitly serve the interests of the ruling elites although they're not official organs of government and that gives the ruling elites a kind of deniability and yet they are of vital instrument for control in times of
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radical firm is that what we're seeing i think we seeing some of that but one of the things that we need to be soo point out is that the consolidation of the of the right as a movement connected to the trump phenomenon has a really congealed yet even though. they are playing they're almost playing an independent role if you will. but i don't see the real consolidation of a movement yet but we do see with some of the activity i think the the what could in fact develop into something really really dangerous where you see groups like oath keepers most keepers is made up of former law enforcement current law enforcement and military veterans a kind of american fry core group that. and they may not be related but they're certainly related to the internal organs of oppression. most definitely but
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if the if they had if they that if they are if they have an ability to really get out of they themselves into a political force then there's still the possibility that they can be somewhat contained but i don't want to downplay the potential danger of these groups and the very fact that they have they have a strategy to if a trait and to expand within the repressive apparatus of the police forces and the military it does make them a formidable force have to be watched very closely what's the response how should we begin to respond well we have to. continue to educate people on this threat but i think we have to also go to the core of the the justifications and how they explain their existence we have to point out the similarities between the wanted to make america great and the. posture of the democrats who talk about
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american exceptionalism i meet two sides of the same white supremacist calling so this this battle over ideals is a battle of consciousness has to be front and center in the current struggles because these folks feel justified in their activities. and the only way that we're going to be able to counter that is to go right to the heart of how they explain themselves to themselves and to the world right when we come back we'll continue our conversation with iraq. and. i'm tom hartman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture. a
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little bit and when you question more find what you're looking for this. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. level walks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. for new socks credit tell you that celebrity gossip and tabloid lifestyles of the most important news today. the cost of advertising think you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along. with one. the mission of news with it is to go to the people tell their side of the story our
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stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i think average viewer knows that our t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of our t.v. america. we give both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not getting anything get a new way to bring it home to the american people. on larry king and you're watching our t.v. america questions more. i'm
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a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of the. corporate media everything uses to talk about losing. money i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing to look forward conduct is big money these are stories that you know in no uncertain terms my pepto in your post to the american. question. with chris hedges welcome back to on contact let's get back to our conversation with barack of who was the green party nominee for vice president in the two thousand and sixteen election and is an associate fellow at the institute for policy studies. you've made the point which i think is correct that we should just focus on the. whites of violent white supremacy groups but look at the condition. in many ways
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implanted by the democratic party establishment that gave rise to the dress that well you know it's been historically has been a bipartisan. effort to control it to contain. the populations of people color here in this country specifically black folks and in particular when there's been political motion on the part of black folks when you look at for example the the counter insurgency that was directed at the black liberation movement about cointelpro cointelpro this was a a bipartisan effort to basically undermine the black liberation movement by using every dirty trick and type take one kid could imagine including assassination and it was fully justified in terms of the defense of the state and the nation so this this no this is the attempt to say to protect the white supremacy the state is
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something is at the heart of the it is logical justification for this this country and it's something this shared by both parties so you know we could look at an addendum and confront these more obvious examples of white supremacy of violence but you know i'm concerned also about the violence of the state the justifications for for supporting white supremacy the ability of the state to be able to. project its power globally and with sufficient and overwhelming support from the american people so we don't begin to confront those notions we can't explain why we can have a unanimous support for the slaughter in gaza. the israelis flew gaza including bernie sanders is actually then we can understand what is in play here in this country it is logically how do you look at the difference between
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a figure. like hillary clinton and donald trump. well i see see the the hard right and the software as i called it. the crude hard right of donald trump and the consistent soft right of the of the neo liberal hillary clinton but is there really much of a difference in terms of policy well there's some differences in terms of the trump forces the social base of the trunk the ministration by having some elements that really are concerned with america first of those midsize and large economic interests who's more concerned about the u.s. economy than the global economy so that's a direct contradiction to the trans national agenda that hillary clinton represents so there are some differences what about for let's say oppressed people in
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particular african-american people or is there a difference the only difference is that we have the more crude expressions of white supremacy under donald trump than we do under hillary clinton and is some ways a more dangerous element with if hillary clinton would have won because we would have the continuation of policies that would have continued with the with constraining black economic aspirations it would have provided cover to the continuous suffering of black working class and poor people in this country without the corresponding opposition so in some ways the neo liberal agenda with the face of a barack obama or hillary clinton is more dangerous than the policies and the face of donald trump you're watching the empire. disintegrate but what we're doing is not sustainable militarily or economically and when societies just send a great they cough up these mutations where do you see us going.
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unfortunately i see it getting worse before it gets better but i do have hope. but we have to be prepared for for the war that we are involved in a week those of us in the in the black community we have net confuse. by what is happening and that's why we are desperately attempting to try to reorganize ourselves because we know that we are in a war and we have to have the ability to be able to defend ourselves as we tried to build a more effective opposition. what we need to do though is to help is for for our allies to understand the terms of this war and to confront directly the ideological justifications for white supremacy because if net then it will be it won't just be donald trump building this. new white united front but we see and we have seeing the same kind of sentiments cropping up in the
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democratic party where you have democrats including people like bernie sanders who say who told us that the reason that hillary clinton lulls was because of identity politics and that resonates the way it did when people began to look at the fact that maybe the democratic party was too concerned about black folks and women but of course the that's a lie because look at two thousand and eight. group of americans who have suffered the most economically are african-americans so that's completely a false narrative but that narrative has been effective and has been a narrative strangely enough has been embraced by elements of the so-called left in this country so until we began to really seriously confront this issue of white supremacy and all of its manifestations then we are going to be will be very difficult to build the kind of oppositional move that we have to build in this country now we are going to end up going through
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a neo fascist phase i think but if we can survive that i think we will i think that. my sons and my daughters in their lifetime they're going to see some real fundamental change because this thing this unsustainable it doesn't have forty more years. is jackson mississippi a kind of model for you should explain what's going on in jackson what jackson mississippi is a model in the sense of how we can use the electoral arena. to two was one aspect of the strategy plain about how to do the basic the right now we have an election where. the son of a little boy who won the marriage ship four years ago but who died after eight months in office we have another opportunity now to seize a local local power if you will to experiment or how we can use their space to in fact shift power to the people and he does some amazing talk
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a little bit about transforming locally because i don't know if you agree but i think that radical change is going to. a place like jackson it's not going to come from a green party candidate running for president i think you have silly right to be on the board of directors of cooperation jackson which is the the nonprofit arm of that of that activity building cooperatives organizing and building people's assemblies having an independent social base that is. committed to building independent political power with running the as one aspect of that broader struggle but is all about building power is all about building a new kind of could not economy is about building dual power why we also struggle for radical transformation and you're right those are the models we have to look at that is the route that we have to go in this country in building a real radical movement and that that's what scares the state they can and that's
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why we have these efforts that are preempting these democratic experience this where the states are going directly into these local governments and taken over passing laws to make it very difficult for local governments to pass progressive legislation they are they fear democracy that's why we have to push for real. popular democracy and that's what jackson is really all about. and do you see this as a network that spreading i mean jackson is probably the highest profile but you seen this. spreading across the country many people many organizations are looking at this model and because of the fact that one can that criticize the jackson experiment as being some deviation we have more and more people in the black community for example who are looking at the electoral arena in
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a different way as a space they can be contested as part of a broader strategy of building power and you have other progressive people looking at jackson so this model is has the potential of being replicated in various parts of the country but we see jackson is really critical because it is location in the south and this stuff is still a key region. to organize if we're going to have real transformation here in this country and that's why this issue of violence is so important too because the south is also a key base for this kind of white vigilante military violence and so we we expect have seen an uptick of that also in the south and we are preparing for that . possibility what is that preparation. is making people first aware and it is. engaging in conversations around in the for us to be prepared to defend
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ourselves. politically and otherwise. have you seen an attempt to on the part of. the white supremacy state to roll back the games in jackson there was an attempt already there was made last year to take back to the state one of the most important. economic elements and that is the airport this attaches to the jackson city government and the state made a move to in fact take that back but that was beaten back temporarily so the audio that we think is going to be pursued by the state of mississippi is to try to. dismiss any gates from the jackson city government those very valuable economic assets. as a city goddamn and i mean every word of it is that going well that's where it's
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going to happen really is it really is but you know this issue of violence this issue of the connection between these paramilitary forces and the state is something that we've got to talk more about because it is a model for the other side also and we've got to be really prepared for that development taken place here in this country thanks that was associate fellow at the institute for policy studies. vigilante bands of white races throughout american history have served and continue to serve the interests of the capitalist state they're used to make sure the dispossessed and marginalized remain dispossessed and marginalized vigilante groups in america do not trade violence for violence they murder anyone who defies the structures of capitalism even if the victims are unarmed the vigilantes often working with the approval and sometimes the collusion of the state and law enforcement agencies are rarely held accountable
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there are capitalisms shock troops it's illogical vanguard used to break populist movements and. terrorize minorities they revel in a demented hyper masculinity they champion a racist nationalism that is fused with the iconography language and rituals of the christian religion and they have huge megaphones on the airwaves funded by the most retrograde forces in american capitalism to spread their message they are the bedrock of a new american fascism. thank you for watching you can find us on our t. dot com slash on contact see you next week.
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called the food we don't need. everyone in the world should exclude. according. to. our going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture looking to blame anyone for
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the election of donald trump a lame white people recent why with scholar michael eric dyson just a moment ever publicans of supposedly come up with an obamacare replacement bill why i think keeping it secret is conservative ron phillips of progressive valerie irvin into nights rumble later on in the program. at this time eight years ago people in the media were seriously talking about how the united states of america had finally become a post racial nation barack obama had just been elected our first black president and there was a general sense among some people that the nation was finally turning a corner away from our brutal apartheid past flash forward now and we have a k.k.k. sympathisers attorney general neo nazis are on the march all over the country and donald trump the king of the birth is our president how did this happen it happened
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my next guest argues because white people have never come to grips with the myths they've created about themselves the country they live in where the people of color with whom they share this country with me now is michael eric. professor of sociology at georgetown university contributing writer to the new york times and author of the absolute must read new book tears we cannot stop a sermon to white america michael eric dyson it is such an honor and a pleasure to have it with you that i could be your my friend this is i could not put this book down i'd just and i mean i'm familiar with the content of your i that i regularly do rants that i get the content of this and yet you know i grew up a white kid in a whites you know kind of lower middle class working class blue collar suburb of lansing michigan and never you and i have very different experiences growing up and throughout our lives and and it was so personal it was so powerful i just i just have to say to everybody watching you know particularly if you're white this is a service you know you need to buy this book so forgive the and then give the ad
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there but the company thinks. so one of the principle concepts in the book that has not. been discussed that hasn't gotten the kind of discussion i think it needs particularly in the in the so-called mainstream press which is another way of saying largely white prose i would argue is this concept of whiteness defining what . can you please refund that for a minute yeah you know that's a great point and you know i think white brothers and sisters are not used to thinking of whiteness as one among a family of identifications racially like black brown yellow when we say race we think of those but we don't think whiteness like men think gender or women we never think mynd masculinity so whiteness is as i've tried to argue this book and invention of fiction something created it so that people could make sense of ethnic identities from europe whether it's polish irish italian jewish and the like and
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when they come to america in the in the if you will crucible of race polarizing ethnic particularity and remaking it is something that is a fiction called white. yes people are not born white they're born as human beings they're born with a different characteristics and yet whiteness as james baldwin understood it was a political identity it's a description of a certain set of ideas superiority versus inferiority smarter versus dumber better in purer versus those which are more mixed so when whiteness comes into being it comes into being as a result of trying to justify and legitimate a certain relationship of power to subordinate peoples and to alternative countries and lifestyles outside of the mainstream of what was then you know became known as the united states of america before that in part of this broader hemisphere so whiteness is an invention it's a fiction it's a mythology trying to justify and legitimate a certain place white people in the order of the universe thinking that things
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center around whiteness and that whiteness is an inherent identity that is inherently that is an inherently good and what's what happens is that many white people don't understand that whiteness gets rendered invisible because if you think you're american you know a lot of white people say why can't you people just get over race why can't you just talk about being human because they see themselves as human they don't think that they are quote race they don't see that you know whiteness becomes invisible which becomes universal which becomes normative which means that you're just human but all of that stuff that's caught up in there is really spoken about go and that also implies that anything other than whiteness is not really. and this is you know i mention my own growing up because. growing up as a kid i never thought about race frankly i mean you know outside of looking on t.v. and saying oh yeah there's the marching going on or you know. and and it wasn't until i was in high school that i started interacting with people of color and
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discovering that they were talking about race all the time and i had never talked about race. and that it. he was forty or fifty years old before it dawned on me that that was the most powerful part of white privilege was that i never had to think about race and i never had no wonder what impact my race was going to have and i walked into a restaurant if i tried to get a job and go into a store or get followed around in a retail store and wondering if you have enough money to pay or to please stop you wondering if you're going to live it is it is one of the marks of a of a privilege not to have to understand it not to have to grapple with it not to understand it as a privilege you know many white people say to me look you're richer than me you're a professor at georgetown what the hell are you talking about and yet that privilege of in the countering a law enforcement officer and not dying is one of the greatest privileges ever and it has nothing to do with money at that level it's a presumption of humanity i was outside of a eatery in washington d.c.
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and a young kid was arguing with the police cussing them out and i said the most of oh my god they're going to shoot him and then i said well no they're not really going to shoot him he's a young white kid and the police say the following son it's clear that you're in need you need to go home and sleep it all was like wow can we get that can we get that presumption of humanity and many white people don't understand that that is a kind of presumptuousness presumption about humanity a presumption about you're not out to hurt me you could be my kid you could be my cousin you could be my uncle that we don't get extended to us as people of color and that kind of privilege is deeply ingrained entrenched you know they say somebody was born on third base and thinks he had a double triple you know donald trump like so the reality is is that i think we're not asked to think about it in your point is poignant earlier many white brothers and sisters don't have to think about race their lives don't depend on it you know fannie lou hamer the civil rights leader said you know the mistake white people made is that they put us behind them and therefore for our survival sake we have to
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understand what whiteness was about it when white people are mad or not mad when they give us a raise or not are they going to be means our children and that we have to master the mechanics of. whiteness in relationship to our culture but many white brothers and sisters have had not to have not had to do the same thing in reverse like your your survival doesn't depend upon knowing us your livelihood is not contingent on knowing black people or brown or regular people so as a result of that there is a kind of privilege that blinds people or that makes them less sensitive to the kinds of issues that black people in other people of color take for granted every day and one of the it is a clip from a remarkable collection of stories in your book in particular the stories of your first encounter with the police several of your children's encounters with the police i was impressed struck i'm not sure what the right word i mean by how visceral how real you know the brilliance of your storytelling i mean you're
10:39 pm
genuinely brilliant writer but but also the experience of just you do want to speak to that i again it's a sermon to what america would you say to white america about the experience in your own life yes of color colliding with police yes no that's that's a great point i've had that from the very beginning as a youth first encountering the police on the streets of detroit as a young person one of the stories i tell is that me and my brother and another friend were driving our father's car and it had been stolen one point but it had been retrieved but i don't think it was announced and therefore it wasn't taken off the list so i can understand the police stopping us but when i tried to extract my driver's license and registration from my pocket to prove to the policeman look this is really not a stolen car and let me show you brought the butt of his gun down on my back knocked me on the ground and said. move again i'll put fill you full of lead i'll
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shoot you and it was intimidating and if i had that experience one time i've had quite a few times and many other people of color the same story my son. my daughter you know it's it's it's terrorizing you know in the book i talk about the fact that what many white brothers and sisters think about al-qaeda or isis is what black and brown people think about the police you know that great line from jay z. he said back then back when the police were a black man i mean people think oh how hyperbolic is that how dare you make that comparison but if you're terrorized arbitrary forms of authority brought down on your head for no other reason than that you are black or that you look suspicious or that you engender skepticism it's difficult for people to understand just how thoroughly degrading and humiliating that is and how it it alienates you from yourself you know marx talks about you know work and how you're alienated from your work and therefore your labor is foreign to you i think that
10:41 pm
a lot of people are foreign to their sense of you know race and identity and foreign so their sense of humanity and we are as we are split off i talk about in the book making us a schizophrenia on the one hand you know we're we're a dog doppelganger i think of our own former selves we want to be sharp and intelligent and we want to be lucid and articulate but we feel that we have to cower in the face of you know white police authority or police authority in general and it humiliates us to ourselves and the knowledge of that is even more stinging and those are the kinds of encounters that are characteristic of many people of color and the police do you do you think that. assuming that you think. most people of color in this country have some sort of extended p.t.s.d. as a result of a lifetime of trauma and if so or if there's a more accurate characterization of what what can be done you know it's a great point very sensitive point i think so i think there is
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a kind of extended p.t.s.d. there's a kind of traumatizing of black and brown people black people who feel that the moment they see the police they're scared they're afraid my my. grandchildren now when they were with their father witnessing the police and the tyranny of that potential terror are afraid when they hear hear the police sounds now and the sirens and see the police approaching and to see that so deeply ingrained in my my grandchildren it's dispiriting it's discouraging it's disconcerting and it is important for us to acknowledge that these kinds of legal practice is are something we can do something about but we have to be conscious of them first we have to acknowledge them and so many people are bent upon denying the legitimacy of the experience of so many african-american people you know i'm reminded of president obama when he was in office he kept saying you know black people are not just making this up and the reason he kept saying that is because so many people were thinking especially white people that it can't be like that it can't be that bad it
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can't be true you must be doing something you must have spoken you know harshly to the police or something they just can't believe that this kind of brutalizing ritualized terror would be brought down so yes there is a kind of psychic distortion and trauma that is endured by by people of color you know and i was reading an article over the weekend and it up reading michael brown and sandra bland's we kapiti pages they've been rewritten so that the first three or four paragraphs are all casting them as as demons essentially we have about thirty seconds left the demonization of black america is that it's a real i mean it's one of the most devastating consequences of an unconscious whiteness and a privilege it takes not to hurt or harm and so or demonize itself but to cast aspersions on the the character of people of color especially black people is an extension of a certain logic of whiteness that really has to be unmasked you know and dealt with as a real way michael eric dyson for his honor to have thank you sort of how you can see
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you. mike pence apparently used a private e-mail when he was governor of indiana and was hacked as well whereas all the republican our age ron phillips and valerie irvin in tonight's womble right after the break. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media really uses to talk about the car news company i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cold blood corporate conduct is because mom these are stories that you know in no uncertain terms my pepto your post to the american. question.
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the mission of newsworthy is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i think average viewer knows that our to america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of our t.v. america. we give both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not getting anything get in your way to bring it home to the american people. you
10:46 pm
guys i made a perfect. powerpoint to show you how artsy america it's good for the greater media landscape is not all right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar graph skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go . look out world is in the spotlight now every really i have no idea how to classify as it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. welcome back to the big picture if the republican party ever had any sense of shame in those days vanished a long long time ago according to a report out this week in the indy star vice president mike pence used you guessed it a private email account when he was governor of indiana as a star explains pence communicated via his personal a.o.l. account with top advisors on topics ranging from security gates at the governor's
10:47 pm
residence to the state's response to terror attacks across the globe in one e-mail pence's top state homeland security adviser related update from the f.b.i. regarding the arrests of several men on federal terror terror related charges oh yeah if all that wasn't bad enough pencils account was also act that's right at this is literally what republicans thought hillary clinton should be thrown in prison for and her email wasn't even hacked the utter hypocrisy of republicans would be shocking if it weren't so damn predictable what's wrong though. with a friend that i had trouble around philip's republican strategist to gather all resources to valerie irvin senior advisor for the working party's family thank you for both for being here could i mispronounce the name your company dad gavel as and i have a lot to thank you ron and great to have you with us for joining us so here's a clip of mike pence talking about the hillary clinton e-mail case back in october
10:48 pm
here again double standard where the american people believe that there's a there's a different standard for hillary clinton and for the clintons then there is for the rest of us. so you know apparently that double standard i mean should should we be locking up my pants so you know. they're actually you know they're there people are chanting that it seems you know with both sessions and and well tom and tom price for that matter lied about his you know lied to congress as well shocking politicians lying but in a way i think there's a there's a significant difference between the governor of indiana and the secretary of state especially when you're dealing with the type of e-mail traffic that was going by coincidence of a server sitting in his bathroom and some know he ran it through a well were any a.o.l. employee could look at his e-mail actually know what it was having a good sense to lock it down and know it then unknown it no void the entire experience that shouldn't be surprised she said she submitted everything there the
10:49 pm
clinton when you're the secretary of state you're dealing with a much higher level of intelligence and you are the governor of indiana so i think we're comparing apples and oranges but that's ok it makes great television but when you're talking about the quantity and the quality and the product of what each of those e-mails and what they were disclosing i think get a little bit bigger scope to a smaller scale so you're just fine with mike pence being a hypocrite. for doing what he was doing and i don't know he did a poorly i think all got hacked no i think i think there's a difference there is a huge difference between somebody who everybody has a private e-mail account i think what the thing is when we're talking about during secretary clinton's time there was not only the fact that you were voiding as the second you know you know state dance and all around the live here is the you're fine with the it's now hypocrisy i don't see that you're fine with it whatever it out are your thoughts on this i mean i think it's pretty extraordinary it's
10:50 pm
complete and utter hypocrisy for mike pence and his friends in the republican party to go after hillary and basically start this whole thing about. lock her up when we're saying a lot of hypocrisy among republicans right now on the hill everyone from the president of the united states to the attorney general and a whole lot of other people it's really pretty extraordinary for people to watch the television and get a little confused about like what's real what's not real what's true what's not true it's ok for you but not for hillary i mean this is outrageous well away but wait what i mean if you're going to talk about you know how about locker up let's what it was all about e-mails we're talking about clinton donations that are tied directly to official actions of the state department we're talking about all i got about the right only that not but we're going to not let me say there are good only that he know his dad has a great turns i mean look at your return i said i don't know if it's not about its
10:51 pm
rhetoric or is it well you know what i would love it if you know just let me get this right you're upset the hillary clinton might have gotten paid to give speeches that money came in the clinton foundation and you think that there was a connection between that i absolutely know i know you're totally right connection but it was as i just areas say there was never an investigation here actually it was there was a recession about grandchildren though there are sensors there is it was there is never an event that was the site it was not allowed by talk to the russian ambassador but it is are well there is a lot into the morning to say i think it's about a just ongoing criminal investigation run your city you know it's just fine or you're excuse me you're condemning hillary clinton for taking money from special interests at the same time that the sitting president has dates on the hotel down the street that has a lease that says it's illegal for him to own and i'm condemning hillary clinton for the fact that we have no why would you. condemn donald trump it's not his hotel he used to vested him so to his you know how it is the family i'm sorry the social
10:52 pm
security number that is still associate with that hotel is donald trump's personal social security number he has not goes to that hotel or anything at all. but they are moving along republicans apparently have some kind of obamacare replacement bill the only problem is they're not letting anyone see it even a veritable capitol hill treasure hunt led by democratic house minority whip stanny oyur failed to come up with the goods on thursday hoyer and a group of democratic congressman were finally given permission to view the bill in a special room in the capitol but when they got there we couldn't find the bill even republicans like kentucky senator rand paul have called out the republican party for its secrecy paul put out a series of joke tweets this morning asking republicans in congress to show me the bell this bill is going to affect the lives of millions shouldn't we see it this was the big republican complaint about obamacare if i remember right that it was done in secret now tom you know that you have the policy of the democratic party on capitol hill if you have to pass overhaul the health care legislation first before
10:53 pm
you know what that was nancy pelosi telling the fact that matter is it was it was litigated in public in committee everybody knew it was exactly when we got on the air force nobody knows what's in the republicans why are you guys fighting it we're not it's not a matter of how do you have to finish the bill you have to show bill we're trying to untangle some we don't ask you don't want to transparent process democratic party had seven years to destroy the health care system i'm going to give us thirty day i think what we're going to hear in thirty days is that the republicans are starting to change their mind about repeal of obamacare when they're finding out that millions and millions of people across this country are basically up in arms about losing their their obamacare which they did know a lot of people didn't know the cia was obamacare more than half of republican voters did the real one more than that but their vote is absolutely so i think they're like hiding this bill because i think what's going to come out it's going to be obamacare called something else it's going to call you know what is right
10:54 pm
we're going to do rather than they're going to tweak around the edges they don't want to. you know mobile and get out of a hose to health care we support medicaid we support. medicare oh he supports social security is just got to be economically feasible so yeah you know i mean privatizing social security medicare you baby lockley medical created i mean the head of the entire system the huge set up the democratic party set up i don't blame you two i think you probably could have done a better job what they did on capitol hill is collapsing you're talking about here this is the republicans wrote really calamitous is the republican concern there i mean they wanted a place in massachusetts the heritage foundation came out with an eight one nine hundred eighty six richard nixon proposed it in one nine hundred seventy two we've got this it is we've got all they are it is the republican solution that's why i think that's probably where it is there is to put a sticker over the original olive and so i think there is what you could argue are credit auction and democratic option is single payer please we can receive. you get
10:55 pm
a seven year start on destroying the health care industry we're going to take more than about thirty to sixty days words to fix if it's been destroyed why are the profits and the stock prices of health insurance companies higher than they have ever been in the history of the united states is pretty sure it would because you're talking to the middle america who actually has to support the funding of this bill in this car so let's get it saying students are college i want a business let's get the bank stars out of the business let's take that five hundred eighty billion dollars a year that we spend on administrative expenses in our doctors' offices hospitals and profits for the for the these banks the call themselves health insurance companies and get rid of it we can use that five hundred eight billion dollars that's almost the cost of the pentagon tonight and i'm not only that i mean let's talk about medicaid because you just said something a little while ago republicans did not support medicaid if we were able to expand medicaid in all fifty states it would cover more than half of the people who don't have health insurance coverage right now and the fact that was republicans i was mighty responsible were there not were not so dollars overhaul because i know that
10:56 pm
kind of goes against applause for the democratic party there is nothing there is a responsible somebody on there i mean somebody has to say the bill with the end of the day and that's the problem with obamacare it's all those ones paying the bill. and the ones over pay so you're destroying the industry you're destroying mom and pop organizations and businesses across the country that's why you run so. if you are into that he takes team was no mustering does that are worried are you going to try admitting you were your argument so if republicans are basically responsible why isn't that medicare part d. does not allow medicaid to medicare to negotiate drug prices why is that you guys are you know want a five hundred eight billion dollar subsidy the health insurance industry why do you want a three hundred billion dollars a year subsidy to the fossil fuel industry why why would the republicans all i see is crony capitalism i disagree and so on what i mean any capital i know you and your there's no there's no question there is crony capitalism washing d.c. and it has to be fix but the problem is we are going to be affected by republican
10:57 pm
we can't fix eight years of destruction. and so so are you ready to say no more crony capitalism will get rid of it will it work we will allow medicine that i know you're going into the defense budget and totally vamping the entire procurement system you want to try to four billion dollars it returns on tractors you're going to get bread or donations to the trauma care how does it try to do our job i want to know how it is draining the swamp you're creating more layers of government the way that i don't think negotiating the price of airplanes when you have the president is states is backing down multi that was not a marriage if you don't want that was not a negotiation that was a favor let's you know it's time we got it we've got to run valerie great had with us thank you very much they're going to have you both and now the big picture fact of the day we were officially passed another climate tipping point researchers with the world meteorological organization and now confirm that temperatures in some parts of and arctic reached as high as sixty three degrees in two thousand and
10:58 pm
fifteen last year for which we have numbers welcome to the new normal and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active to. your to. watch the hawks founded by three young americans who love their country but we have to costly question our government watching the hawks brings the stories the give voice to the voice. we dig a little deeper we get the stories that the average one else is afraid to touch is afraid to talk about because they don't want to upset their corporate sponsors or
10:59 pm
interrupt their government access now is the time more than ever but we may need to question more. we're in this post truth world world we're going to have to matter again it's about educating people and giving them contacts instead of telling them what to make dialogue is far more valuable than debate. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand down to lose business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. questions.
11:00 pm
on the tonight hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm but rains continue to follow prost southern texas and louisiana and a levee break that columbia lakes in brazoria county south of houston while a major reservoir west of the city overflows and unicef says nigeria terrorist group boko haram has used eighty three child suicide bombers since the beginning of twenty seventeen i'm an english and think here in washington d.c. you're watching our team america.
11:01 pm
good evening we begin again tonight with hurricane harvey and the devastation it is inflicted all across southern texas and louisiana officials have downgraded the hurricane to a tropical storm but rain continues to pour rescue operations continue across both states houston police chief art acevedo spoke to the situation that houston texas are facing with hurricane harvey and please know one of the delays is being this is a catastrophic event that i don't think we see when the weather channel starts creating a new color. for rainfall they're used before there's a reason they've used it and the monday morning quarterbacking out there you can. talk about hindsight because there is no hindsight in terms of an event that never occurred trying to be chavez has been following this killer storm and has the latest details of this disaster is unfolding on an epic scale today marks the six consecutive day that hurricane harvey has just. east texas just moments ago the
11:02 pm
american firm about the death of a police officer who was trapped in his flooded patrol car raising the death toll now to at least ten people with dozens more injured this deadly storm is of historic proportions there has been over nine trillion gallons gallons of rain that has fallen with rain reaching over forty nine inches in an area outside of houston the national weather service says that this is a new u.s. record and this storm can still dump up to fifteen more inches of rain this week already hundreds of roads in houston have been completely turned into rivers at least two hundred seventy six of them have been declared high water locations the water is said to be thick and deep as deep as your neck and some areas are completely immerse the cars you can't even see them city officials are urging residents not to go outside meanwhile around one hundred thousand people are left without electricity the houston police department reported today that well over
11:03 pm
thirty five hundred people have been rescued thousand of them are water rescues and the search and rescues continue here's what the houston police department had to say. we will not be reducing our posture officers continue to sleep in the station and they will be continuously. throughout the response for these we are doing the response for these and we probably will not be moving towards recovery for a matter of a couple more days he will not be going home. right now an estimated ten thousand people are still trapped in their homes authorities are urging stranded people to make their way to high ground and to hang sheets or towels from their homes so it's easier for rescuers to find them city officials said today that more than seventeen thousand people are seeking refuge in texas shelters and with the search and rescues continuing that number is likely to grow houston mayor sylvester turner said that this city is not turning anyone away and he said that he has asked for additional help from fema and let's take
11:04 pm
a listen to that the reality is that not only are we providing shelter for houstonians but we're also providing shelters for people who are coming out of the city of houston who have been directly impacted by the storm but not turning anyone away but it does mean that we need to expand the capabilities and our capacity in that regard and we've certainly made the official request to fema we need additional assistance and so we have been asked them to provide supply. food for an additional ten thousand individuals. shelters have also opened as far inland as san antonio austin and dallas but emergency management officials warn some shelters are already filling up. and our reservoir just west of houston overflowed earlier today increasing the flooding in nearby neighborhoods the addicks reservoir is located about ninety miles west of houston and has eight
11:05 pm
hundred eight foot high spillway meanwhile a levee at columbia lakes in brazoria county just south of houston was also breached residents were urged to leave the area immediately the city has opened more mega shelters to house families meanwhile experts believe houston has ignored rising concerns over climate change houston is the largest city in the united states without any zoning laws many homes have actually been built directly on swamps and water lands so for more on all of this we're being joined now by our political panel for the evening we have holland cookies a media consultant at survival speech dot com and of course ms heidi harris conservative talker thank you both for being here today ok glad to be here a little glad to be with my buddy who not only are you. all right guys harvey really flips talk about this texas is still being pummeled and today senator ted cruz is being criticized for voting against the two thousand and thirteen hurricane sandy relief package when now that his own home state is suffering he's
11:06 pm
pushing for relief funding heidi over to you first is this fair to remind the senator of his previous stance on disaster relief. it's always fair to remind anybody that you've ever done you know bought of light is there was a lot of pork in that bill edwards money for fisheries in alaska and all kinds of other things so that's what ted cruz was complaining about at the time and i'm sure that whatever they vote for now with harvey is going to have pork in it because there's just no way you can keep track of all the money legitimately so you know it's legitimate to bring it out but you know ted's got a different attitude now it's texas holland your take on this. i think the pork thing is a bum rap because the congressional research service has a lot of that there were some questionable items that. forward it's not all spent yet five years later some of the spending went out to twenty seven team and as
11:07 pm
a result of that they're going to spend three billion dollars less because they hit seaquest ration and what they have been bickering about one hundred million for a head start well that was to rebuild headstart facilities that were storm ravaged in new york and new jersey there was criticism about beefing up noah and after superstorm sandy i think what we ought to do is invest in the very best weather forecasting there could be at the time all of the texas republicans voted against it ted cruz was the loudest among them possibly figuring this was going to be twenty sixteen hobbyhorse heidi is it possible at all to just get relief funding put through to help all these people in need without adding all of this pork. well it would be nice to be able to do that but the problem is when you're trying to do something in a very big hurry there are things that get slid into the legislation at the last minute and people are so anxious for relief very quickly that
11:08 pm
a lot of times things just slip in and you've got to be paying very close attention to right now the nation's attention is focused on houston everybody wants to do what they can to help the folks so there's going to be pork in this one no matter what you do i'm sure now our folks amid the the houston disaster joe arpaio is pardoned in arizona and now fears among the immigrant community that are that are suffering in houston right now in the in the disaster shelters there writhing their fears that ice might actually come in and check for papers holland what's your read on this and a greater feeling about the trump administration towards immigration. this is proof that anything can be politicized talk about an act of god the statistic we heard a moment ago is sobering this is the biggest rainfall ever ever in the usa and i think what mayor turner has done assuring people that there will be room where ever they can find them shelter is the right thing to do if you want to argue
11:09 pm
about this later we can do that but the images we're seeing on t.v. are just heartbreaking. and what ago we heard about the first responders sleeping on the floor at the police station and i think we owe a tip of the hat to our colleagues the first informers because all of america is seeing and hearing this story reported by the local houston radio and t.v. broadcasters and they are the first informers that are bringing this sad story home to us i think it is just so as the president says epic that if you want to argue about this let's do it later but we've got to come to the aid of these poor texans how do your thoughts on this should should the immigrants that are suffering have to even worry about this. no nobody should have to worry about this this is america anybody in need right now is being plucked out of a boat plucked off a roof and nobody's asking for their papers nobody's going to ask for their papers everybody to try to stop this fear in immigrants is totally unfair like collins
11:10 pm
says we'll talk about this later but now is not the time notice how there are no police protests right now nobody's complaining about the police showing up all of a sudden are they these are all things we need to put aside in the time of crisis we can always argue later you know and tonight is evidence of that as well the left and the right of both a consensus agreeing that we need to do something for the folks in texas thank you both heidi harris holland cook. thanks manilla great to talk to you great to see both on you. a man wanted in charlottesville for an august twelfth assault on the andrea harris has just turned himself in michael alex ramos appeared at the monroe county sheriff's office monday night a warrant was previously issued for ramos for malicious wounding in relation to an aggravated assault during a protest in charlottesville earlier this month down to harris has organized a go fund me page to pay for reconstructive surgery for head injuries he sustained
11:11 pm
in those rallies. and the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing in a crowded district in kabul the attack occurred near a major banking area of downtown kabul not far from the american embassy at least five people were killed in the attack and nine more wounded the number of casualties is expected to climb meanwhile thirteen civilians were killed during an overnight air strike by the afghan air forces at taliban positions in the country's herit province. and u.s. led coalition forces in syria have fired on the free syrian army near the city of men in the north of the country u.s. forces were responding to fire by the turkish backed syrian rebel group coalition commanders have informed turkey of the incident and stated the attacks on their forces are unacceptable and must be disk. immediately u.s. coalition forces are supporting local syrian democratic forces comprised of kurdish and arab fighters against the islamic state the coalition forces are currently not
11:12 pm
observing the four deescalation zones a stablished by russia iran and turkey earlier this year and also welcomed by the un artie's jacqueline has the details it's a very complicated situation of course in northern syria and the coalition spokesperson actually confirmed today that u.s. backed forces have clashed with pro turkish troops not once but multiple times in recent weeks over patrols that have been conducting patrols in their area to keep tensions down received multiple times over the course of the last two weeks that the u.s. has already responded warning turkey that to pull its rebels that they support in the area back into line saying that attacking u.s. forces of is of course not acceptable the spokesperson added that patrols will continue however and that u.s. backed troops are ready if need be to defend themselves and this is also of course not the kind of dialogue that you would expect between close friends and allies but
11:13 pm
the fact is the situation is extremely tangled the u.s. is fighting eisel with the support of kurdish fighters who of course do not get along with turkey and the rebels that they back to say the least turkey in fact considers the kurds to be terrorists and the u.s. troops are sort of caught in the crossfire it seems up till now america has managed to navigate the murky waters between its allies to keep them both happy but conflicts like this one however really been a long time coming if my b.g. units and then american military advisors go. oh a fool would not kill american the well carries out the will of assad by accident if you look it's going now the u.s. of course was never officially invited into the region and it seems that they may have blindly rushed him without fully understanding the lay. the land. north korea has fired its thirteenth ballistic missile this year monday's missile flew just over northern japan and north korea's longest ever test now the north claims the
11:14 pm
missile it fired is the same one it threatened with artie's actually banks has the details u.s. officials call this the latest north korean missile launch aggressive due to the path in which the missile traveled for the first time shot a missile over japan a close u.s. ally so is the joint chiefs of staff said the ballistic missile traveled close to one thousand six hundred seventy seven miles and reached a height of three hundred forty one miles making this north korea's longest missile test ever u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley responded to the latest missile launch the united states along with japan and south korea have called for an emergency security council meeting this afternoon we are going to. talk about what else is left to do to north korea you know country should have missiles flying over them like those hundred thirty million people in japan it's unacceptable they have violated every single u.n. security council resolution that we've had and so i think something serious has to
11:15 pm
happen. japan's prime minister shinzo our base said quote we will do our utmost to protect people's lives this reckless act of launching a missile that flies over our country is an unprecedented serious and important threat sergey lavrov minister of foreign affairs of russia chimed in we insist the north korean neighbors food bowl the u.n. security council resolutions this is the position that was stick to the u.n. security council meetings and will do so of the meeting that is now being suggested also the recent by north korea. and the nigerian terrorist network boko haram has used four times as many child suicide bombers already this year than it did in the whole of two thousand and sixteen eighty three children have been used as human bombs since the beginning of the year that's according to unicef fifty five of them were girls twenty seven were boys and one girl had
11:16 pm
a baby strapped to her during the explosion boko haram has been active since two thousand and two primarily in northeastern nigeria the group gain notoriety back in twenty fourteen for the kidnapping of almost three hundred schoolgirls in nigeria borno state for more on boko haram influence in nigeria and west africa we're being joined now by michael maloof he's a former pentagon official mike thanks for being here so nigerian officials are making it seem like they've got this handle on on boko haram do they really know shorthand for you know they have undertaken a somewhat of an aggressive approach toward boko haram in the urban areas but certainly not in the rural areas where boko haram is really reaching out to various villages taking hostages killing people indiscriminately. the government itself has a problem in that it's corrupt and that it's. and some folks suggest that maybe the quietly working with. they're actually luzhin in collusion that is one church
11:17 pm
i haven't seen the proof yet however the fact that they're not going out into the hinterlands and tracking them down and chasing them is a testament to the fact that they're not being very aggressive beyond the city limits in effect and this and this is a problem so yesterday the pentagon notified congress then they would be selling them five hundred ninety three million dollars worth of military equipment selling it to nigeria in fact take a take a look here on look at this tweet the vice president of nigeria tweeted saying quote we are thankful to the u.s. . ever met for its decision to sell super to condo aircraft to nigeria to aid its fight against insurgency in the north east first of all do you think that's true and secondly what impact do you think this type of sale to the nigerians will have in defeating boko haram if they are indeed that corrupt. there is an operation
11:18 pm
underway where the united states has agreed to give them some counterterrorism counterinsurgency assistance converses congress is probably giving them some some additional assistance but it's not the the to the extent that we would like to see in a four full robust effort given the fact that boko haram is a major threat not only to northeastern nigeria but also to. chad and also cameroon and that is a very intriguing location because that suggests that book iran which is affiliated with isis could link up with al qaeda in the islamic magreb and you're going to see and given that isis has moved down in from from libya which is just north this you can see a strategy emerging by this and the other. as you have this groups to basically control after north africa if not all of africa well what's the u.s.
11:19 pm
what they're from the d.o.d. do we have one working with nigeria we have we have a slight one but it's only intelligence assistance some assistance as you pointed out a little earlier we need a much more robust approach we have more in djibouti that's where the main character out of africa we have located in some thirty four african countries little bunkers here and there for special ops but it's nothing robust nothing that goes after and now we go after we did look for a boko haram a number of a few years ago and one of the obama administration for the missing two hundred girls or was it the. school girls and and were soon. doing this all over again now that they're kidnapping their kid in the schools the shutting down anything that's christian even muslims so their idea is to terrorize to kill and in this by terrorizing like that they're fulfilling their out their desire to gain territory and influence what's the end goal for them to to take over territory and that gives
11:20 pm
them the prescription to belong to isis as a consequence because they control of certain amount of territory it's conceivable that isis is looking to africa to be in the new caliphate and vocal rahm is as you just heard accused of using almost one hundred children this year as human bombs where is the humanitarian outcry where's the u.n. where's the rest of the american mainstream media talking about this i mean when the schoolgirls were kidnapped and that's just kidnapping we heard from the white house they can poke out on it michelle obama had her her whole. program set up sure to help them sure but now we're not hearing anything and this is not the first year u.n. has been reporting on this and really it's just getting worse they're going primarily after little girls girls are expendable in the eyes of the jihadists and
11:21 pm
and fewer boys but but they're going after children primarily because no one suspects children however the word getting out because they're the ones who are carrying the suicide bombs some of unknowingly some many of them unknowingly and then they're detonated so children children are just fodder for the book because there are so many kids around and we're talking hundreds of thousands whereas the world outcry there is no uk there is none it's not focus that's not the that's not of primary. national security interest to the united states right now we're worried more about north korea we're worried about other things we've got flooding. going on that's been the focus primarily attention is elsewhere it's almost like when rwanda happened nobody focused on it during the clinton administration until the genocide occurred right only then did we have any kind of attention focused on it and that's pathetic to see that happening here potentially that is
11:22 pm
a grim grim future and looks like there is so much for sharing your expertise for that's michael maloof. germany has banned a far left protest website following the g. twenty protests the country's interior minister has declared it a crime to use the site link sinton dot indymedia police seized computers and even weapons from activists associated with the site in one of germany's southern states meanwhile german security services say they foiled a right wing plot to kill leftist politicians r.t. as peter oliver has the details police have uncovered what they describe as potential kill ists a hit lists all containing the names of left wing politicians and political activists here in germany they also uncovered a stockpile of weapons as well from two properties that were searched in the northeast in state of mecklenburg war palmer and. now the two men that were
11:23 pm
arrested they are believed to have connections to an extreme far right group one of them is a serving police officer in the region now when this statement from the prosecutor general here in germany he said that they investigated and proceeded with this these raids after they found web chat room chats between the two men and which they talked about angler merkel's as they put it failed refugee in migration policy that they also talked about how they feared for an economic collapse across the country and that they were scared of an increase in terror. attacks that they put down to the policies of the german chancellor the two were apparently prepared for the collapse of the state. stockpiled food ammunition for their weapons as well but what we do see is two people two men here that had raged against one particular policy and that particular policy is so tied to the german chancellor angela merkel
11:24 pm
that back in twenty fifteen when she said that all refugees and migrants were welcome to come here to germany now she's just been speaking on tuesday to the collective press as part of her summer address and the german chancellor said that she stands by the decisions she made in twenty fifteen. it's a decision we made back then in that exceptional situation to take in those people was important and right. but this is quite a different statement than we've heard from the chancellor in the very recent past . the sentence we can do this in spite of my political work but so much has been read into this every day expression it has become a simple motto in the discussion around it has turned into an unproductive and list loop we didn't embrace the problem in an appropriate we currently the chancellor leads sixteen to seventeen points from her nearest rivals ahead of next month's
11:25 pm
general election and looks almost certain to be returned as chancellor so she doesn't need to question her own legacy her own policy decisions that she's made however as this ongoing investigation shows of two men arrested for potentially plotting to carry out murders and what has been called a terrorist attack by plenty of potential terrorist attack by investigators it does show that her policies still remain controversial to this day. and a new study suggests sugar may be as addictive as cocaine sugar consumption has been linked to binge eating controlled uncontrolled cravings rather and withdraw all the latest findings are getting strong reaction in the medical community are things pretty to santos has more. is sugar addiction real that's the question a team of us health researchers have set out to answer in their latest study the paper published in the british journal of sports medicine outlines how sugar
11:26 pm
consumption produces symptoms that are similar to other addictive substances like cocaine according to the authors it can alter moods possibly through its ability to induce reward and pleasure leading to the seeking out of sugar in animal experiments sugar has even been found to be more addictive than cocaine with heart disease obesity and diabetes on the rise researchers say that sugar should be classified as an addictive substance however responses from the medical community are mixed some people. agree with these findings arguing that sugar is not addictive to humans while others agree based on the metabolic and he donek properties of sugar only they do not consider sugar to be as powerful of a drug as heroin instead they compare it to weaker substances of abuse like nicotine dr james dean a colon tonio a research scientist at st luke's mid america heart institute who coauthored this study told me in an email talk to anyone included diction anonymous or sugar
11:27 pm
addiction anonymous look them in the face and tell them they aren't addicted to sugar. he also says there's a tremendous release of opioids and dopamine when we consume sugar if we eat enough of it eventually it causes periods of dopamine deficiency in the brain this can lead to withdraw or other states similar to those found in patients with depression whether sugar is addictive or not it's in everything from candy and soda to pasta sauce and baby food and there's no denying that it's wreaking havoc on human health in los angeles but she does santos r t. all right that is the news tonight that does it for me you can follow me on twitter ave a chance right there at the bottom of your screen i am going to chance sitting in for as shelf this week reporting out of washington we'll see you back here tomorrow . i made a professional is our point show you how artsy america it's been to the greater media landscape is not all right but we are
11:28 pm
a solid alternative to the we don't skew liberal or conservative and as you can see from this bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking you have lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all so look out world is in the spotlight now every really on a no idea how to classify and it actually took me way more time than i care to admit. a former cia operative launches a fund raising campaign aimed at getting donald trump twitter. and she's here to talk about it valerie plame on this edition of. your politicking on larry king valerie plame wilson is
11:29 pm
a former cia operative whose covert status was blown when members of the george w. bush administration who were motivated by political retaliation against her husband leaked her classified identity to the press that was back in two thousand and three since then she's become a bestselling author of several books including the memoir fair game my life as a spy in my betrayal by the white house and spy novels blowback and burned she's also become an activist for nuclear weapons free world her latest project is a crowdfunding campaign designed to buy a major stake in twitter and then using that position to pressure the company to kick president donald trump off the social media platform she says that mr trump has weaponized twitter she worries that his tweets could play a part in leading the world into a nuclear war let's talk to her about that valerie plame wilson joins me from santa
11:30 pm
fe new mexico tell me about this campaign and how did the idea come about. hi larry thank you for having me the idea came about when his tweets just became increasingly reckless impulsive and of course from my previous life with the cia what i focused on was nuclear chemical or for ration so this is a passion of mine something i care about deeply and i'm working with global zero we set up this go fund me site the idea being to buy majority stake in twitter and have the twitter executives in force their own rules which explicitly prohibit hate speech or inciting violence and particularly with north korea i would say he's making a bad situation worse and that's what we're hoping to do and. we're
11:31 pm
already off to a great start how do people get involved how to people send you fun as. they go to the go fund me site and it's the by twitter one and then they just walk through it i want to make absolutely clear to your viewers that i am not benefiting financially at all from this if we do not reach our goal admittedly a billion dollars is very ambitious all that money will go to global zero which is leading the resistance against nuclear war and hopefully looming us toward a world without nuclear weapons. you say that some streets are dangerous dangerous hall. they make a bad situation that much worse as we know the leader of north korea kim jong un is
11:32 pm
. not stable and to have this escalating twitter war between president trump and the conjunction of north korea it i don't want to see a stumble into a conflict that could go nuclear it would be truly catastrophic public opinion so a majority of americans are critical of trump's use of twitter tom says that his use of it is modern day presidential going right to the public what's wrong with that. woud agree with modern day i'm not sure it's presidential i find many of his tweets personally to be offensive. and he has managed to offend many in his own party women private individuals people with jewish backgrounds people of color but that's what not what we're focusing on we're
11:33 pm
focusing on the most dangerous of all of them to my mind which is existential which is potential nuclear catastrophe the thing is no matter what you care about whether you think every single confederate statue should remain in the public square or you want obamacare care repealed and replaced whatever it is gun control doesn't matter if you don't get the nuclear question right none of the other ones matter. you're a veteran of the cia you know world people you know it's political figures and public figures what sane person would start a nuclear war. hopefully no one the the fact is we're no longer in a bipolar world we no longer have the soviet union on one side the united states
11:34 pm
and the other for many years for decades what kept nuclear war from happening was the mad doctrine mutually assured destruction you were to your point exactly they figured no one's going to be insane enough to start a nuclear war because we will be annihilated moments later but with the politicization of new nuclear weapons and of course terrorists seeking nuclear capability all bets are off we have come close dozens of times in accidental nuclear incidents i think we've just gotten lucky thus far. the time has come where nuclear weapons are no longer keeping us safe that that old paradigm of mad no longer applies and that's what global zero i'm also on the board of the ploughshares fund that's what we're trying to do ratchet back. our nuclear arsenal across the board not unilaterally this is not
11:35 pm
something that's going to happen on tuesday but it can happen over time these weapons have to become absolutely taboo because of the destruction we are little human minds can't even begin to understand what they would do in an email statement to the l.a. times white house press secretary sarah hughley sanders called your campaign in the temp to shut down the president's first amendment rights an expression of hate and intolerance how you react. i respectfully disagree with this sarah huckabee sanders along with sarah other republican operatives like roger stone have said the same thing again this has nothing to do with the first amendment the first amendment protects people from their government and not
11:36 pm
all speech is protected when you are ratcheting up in an already very dicey incendiary potentially incendiary situation. i think twitter has an obligation to step in and say to president trump what you need to buy abide by the same rules as everybody else no inciting violence and no hate speech. you do agree that ari that you're gambling. with a lot of torrey. is a long shot i would agree it's a long shot a billion dollars is a whole bunch of money i totally get that the idea is to shine a spotlight on how dangerous donald trump's tweets are and it undermines our national security. thanks to people like you we've gotten a lot of attention and i do hope people are thinking. you know maybe it doesn't
11:37 pm
have to be like this i want people to fear or feel that they can actually do something they don't just have to sit by while we are moving ever closer toward a nuclear catastrophe what scares you more trouble on twitter. or trouble having the new clue colds. i would say the latter and here's why the way this is a volved since the first time the first atomic bomb was exploded not too far from where i'm sitting in the new mexico desert. it is a volved to the point where we have given one individual and one individual alone this awesome destructive power i think many americans believe that the supreme court has to weigh in or the secretary of defense or congress that is not the case at all it is one human being and i would add that if the president is
11:38 pm
warned that we are potentially under nuclear attack the president has between eight and ten minutes to decide how to respond we have all seen these so-called nuclear football the nuclear foot briefcase the person from one of the arms for services following the president around at all times. just in such an emergency and it is time to rethink our policy on this we have many of our weapons on hair trigger alert we also have something called a first you know first use policy or was what we should move to meaning that we would not use nuclear weapons in the first instance we have now launch on warning which is a policy where we say if we believe that we're under attack that we will respond
11:39 pm
these are all policies that incredibly high in the tension and the potential for disaster in south come. how do you assess the risk of nuclear conflict is this the heart as you've experienced or do you remember a period where was higher i think this is probably the highest since the cuban missile crisis which we now know from historians how very close we came to nuclear conflict with the soviet union. north korea is essentially a cult masquerading as a state their number one. their number one priority is regime survival and they believe that they can do that by threatening their nukes threatening the united states with their nuclear weapons i totally agree with my
11:40 pm
friend and hero former secretary of defense william perry who says look we cannot rely upon china to do all the heavy lifting on this sanctions alone are not going to do it no military option is a good one. the only way ahead is serious direct talks including of course with south korea china and japan secretary perry was here last week he makes quite a case what do you make of that. is valueless what do you make of the term those yeah. making headlines again who. yes and dave the m i six officer christopher steele. more more information comes out daily it's hard to absorb all of it and make sense of it what i would say is this as
11:41 pm
a former cia officer what i find really odd and very concerning is that in the period before donald trump was even a candidate much less elected there was an incredible amount of. cooperation conversations contacts with russian officials i find that really odd you would think that a presidential candidate would be busy thinking about how what pre-sentencing needs to bring up to where a needs to deploy his resources instead what we're seeing is really unusual contacts with various people that all seem to have associations to putin the latest was i believe some emails have surface to surface that. that someone was making a promise that if the trump tower got built in moscow. you know putin would help
11:42 pm
a left donald trump president whether that has any basis in reality or not it's just one in a really long line you look for patterns and the pattern is concerning and i just hope like most americans that robert mueller the special prosecutor is working really hard with his crackerjack team and get to the bottom of this quickly more with valerie plame after the break. about her sudden passing i've only just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got my chance to. i remember when we first met my life turned on each parent. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question or are.
11:43 pm
secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave the funeral in the same as one enters mind it's consumed with this one to. speak as there were no one there to. same that mainstream media has not its maker. i'm tom hartman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't so it's big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america fits into the greater media landscape. not all right but we are a solid alternative to the we don't skew liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar graph we'll it skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at
11:44 pm
righties oh there you go above it all look at world r.t. america is in the spotlight now every leader no i get to classify is actually took me way more time than i care to admit. get back with valerie plame wilson for covert status was rolled my members of the bush administration she's off the books like fair game my life is a spy my betrayal by the white house and spy novels roll back and burned and that davis against nuclear weapons and she's joining us from santa fe new mexico well john le carré the great spy novel stew was in the british. said that putin was k.g.b. once a small always a spy are you still in your heart a spy. i would say in my heart yeah i'm still
11:45 pm
incredibly curious about people and that is what makes this successful operations officer among other skills but you have to really care everyone has a story everyone you just have to ask what it is and that is the heart of human intelligence i was proud of my career i love that i serve my country i love that i focused on nuclear issues but it ended rather abruptly do you think that. having the spy in and lead was involved in the election is still involved in the running of the government has something on trump this is your gut feeling do you think that my gut feeling tells me there's something there there's just too much smoke for there not to be something there hooten you're right comes out of the k.g.b. you don't forget that you don't forget that training how to manipulate people what's your leverage and he's got that all going on inside of his head i
11:46 pm
can't imagine that i i don't know that putin thought for sure that trump would be elected but it's a classic what we would call influence operation why not you spread it out you put as many different contacts in toward your target in this case a potential president and see what you get and as it turns out a lot of the people around trump are either not too smart inept or greedy and so those are all great characteristics to work with when you're trying to do something so you comfortable with the number of military people around the president. no and i come from a military family my father was an air force officer he served in world war two my brother was a marine who was wounded in vietnam so i grew up in the military but we have a longstanding tradition in this democracy that the military is subservient to
11:47 pm
civilian control and when i see so many stars and bars sitting around his other the situation table in the cabinet room it makes me a little nervous no but in this case it is your idea and add i was good. i just wanted to add that i don't mean in any way to take away from their service to country it's just that this. this foundation that we have that we have civilian control over our democracy this is one of the bedrocks of this country valerie thanks so much stang's for your time today. thank you larry thank you for having me joining me now is bill press store grade you host a progressive commentator and an old friend he's host of the bill burns show on the young turks network he joins me from washington ok but what do you think of trump's
11:48 pm
use of twitter does this help his presidency or heard it. hi larry good to see you first of all same here no i think i think it hurts his presidency i think it's an embarrassment i also tell you as a journalist who follows the donald trump tweets because i have to him part of the white house press corps you know it's a pain in the us because. he tweets nonstop first thing i see on my phone when i got up in the morning or tweets from donald trump you know i don't know whether ever sleeps but seriously i think there are i think there are problems for a couple reasons one i think there embarrassing to the american public too i really do think they demean the president the office of the presidency of the united states i mean you know he sounds like a. egotistical teenager right is just so happy to see his name out there that he keeps tweeting mostly about himself and thirdly you know he said he has said the
11:49 pm
tweets are official presidential statements which means that he sees his tweets as having at least having some power and i think people around the world see it god knows what north korea things when he attacks the leader of north korea or any other country or members of the republican senate or says that there are no transgender americans should be allowed to serve in the in the military so i don't what valerie plame is trying to do and i'm all for how about. let's take the other side for a minute how above here's a president directly communicating with people every day what's wrong with that. because he's telling lies for the most part. and again. i don't you know you i don't think you can trust anything that comes out of this white house from anybody certainly not from the president so he is spreading fake news his breading false hoods around around the world and again i think we expect the
11:50 pm
president of the united states and larry i say this is republican or democrat right you know george bush had a certain i disagreed with him on his policy but he respected the office of the of the presidency he did he maintained a great respect and dignity in the office so did his father so did everybody else donald trump he treats it like a place that. he's been treating a lot about hurricane harvey how do you assess thus far his handling of this. you know i think it's mixed frankly first of all i think the fema has been on the job from the response that i've seen with the governor abbott with the fema director bruce lock with. representing the president of course with the local mayors i think the agencies have been cooperating and doing as much as they can to help people down in that area trump's tweets i find it very strange first of all he's obviously fascinated by this hurricane and he if you read the tweets he brags about how big
11:51 pm
it is it's almost like he sees it as an accomplishment of the trump white house that we have the biggest storm ever to hit in the last twenty years it's like he bragged about this the size of the inauguration instead of focusing on the poor people down there who need help and i mean there's something else he talks about the size the fact that this is a bigger storm than we've ever seen before never makes a connection to climate change of course we're seeing bigger and worse storms a largely meteorologist all say this because of climate change as hurricane harvey bore down on texas friday he announces a ban on transgender people serving in the military he pardons sheriff arpaio and he tarred swayze was. what do you make of those three things on that friday night. well you would i for a long time has seen the friday night dump. larry i don't think we've ever seen so
11:52 pm
much dumped on. and i don't think we've ever seen anybody use a national or natural disaster hurricane to get this bad news out there. that would reflect badly on him but i think all three of those moves to other the three certainly are a disaster and by the way it was not an accident that he put those out at the time he we knew was going to pardon a pio we knew he was going to follow through on the drip transgender thing we thought that corker was on thin ice and he just chose a time when he thought that rightly that the networks and cable news would not be paid and would not pay as much attention to it bill when did transgender in the military become a big problem. i don't remember it being a problem. i think if you ask anybody and i have anybody in the military
11:53 pm
and i've talked to some generals about it too they don't see it as a problem i mean we're talking larry what may be point zero zero one percent right if that and these are men and women who are serving today in uniform proudly serving the united states of america we ought to be grateful to them rather than throwing them out of the military they're in iraq they're in afghanistan they're in game and they're across across the globe i'm sure some in south korea. and you know i say the same thing about them as the. americans. are all l.g.b. americans with if they want to put on the uniform and volunteer to serve this country then god bless you and thank you for your service i think this this is this is nothing but pure discrimination i remember evolved to trump donald trump promise he was going to be the most gay friendly president ever and he vowed to trump said she was going to hold her father to that promise both of them being made on that promise and the joe pio part. i got to tell you from
11:54 pm
all the outrage is that that we've seen and heard from donald trump from accusing barack obama for wiretapping you know trump tower which he didn't firing james comey whatever you name it i think this pardon of joe arpaio is the worst. because the message it sends is you can defy the law you can defy the constitution of the united states you can be an out right racist and that's ok as long as you're a friend of the president of the united states now you know clearly donald trump has the authority under the constitution to pardon anybody who wants which is something we maybe ought to revisit for any president but this is the first time a president has used his constitutional power to reward somebody for violating the
11:55 pm
constitution if that doesn't turn things upside down. or what does racial profiling discover we're totally over the i mean. i was just going to say remember what arpaio was was found guilty of that the judge said no what you're doing is deliberately racially profiling latino's and stopping people just because they have brown skin they've committed no crime and demanding to see their papers and arpaio said i don't care what you say i'm going to continue to do it and donald trump is saying ok with me the other thing is larry i think and other people have made this point because i think what donald trump is saying he's this is the message to michael flynn and to paul maddow forte and to roger stone and to carter page and maybe to jared kirshner don't worry about robert mueller if you get indicted a pardon. over the weekend said jerry state rex tillerson said the president speaks
11:56 pm
for himself when it comes to values what do you make of that. my question is so why is rex tillerson still on the job why doesn't he quit i thought it was stunning and and he said that on fox news sunday as we know to chris wallace. and what we're tillerson in the context right of chris wallace asked the secretary of state told us and whether people around the world might be concerned for after what happened in charlottesville until august and said i don't think i'm paraphrasing but very close to this i don't think there's any doubt that people around the world know what america's values are and that all americans share those values and chris wallace follow up and said all americans even the president and for tillerson he could have said of course the president is right of course i speak for the present and said he said no donald trump speaks for himself. but i don't remember
11:57 pm
ever seeing a cabinet member break with a president that way they'll always great talking to you i hope to see in washington soon we'll see at the palm bay we just got started are a lot ari i think you know the other day for us great guy we thank him for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day.
11:58 pm
but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one. i speak to now because there were no other takers. blame that mainstream media has met its maker. the. people of got to know whether or not fair present or supply working people deserve to neuer difference at this point does it may must guard against the military industrial war like we shall never know goal.
11:59 pm
or older. by attrition yet we do what we want a. future doesn't take her. all the world's us did. no the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are into america marty america offers more. personal. in many ways the use landscape just like the few real new big new state actors that act and in the end you could never you're on. so much parking for all the world's a stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are definitely apply.
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to the. u.s. led coalition forces exchanged fire with turkish backed rebels in northern syria as the proximity of various campaigns in the region begins to overlap. or is heckled at a campaign rally off to saying diversity makes germany more colorful. yet again defended open door moderate policy. and spain's interior minister admits that a security failure may have allowed a terrorist cell to launch attacks and. this month. will be back here next with a full program.


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